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Hunter King Made Series Regular On CBS Comedy LIFE IN PIECES, Will Go Recurring On Y&R!

Photo Credit: Edward McGowan/PlainJoe Studios

Photo Credit: Edward McGowan/PlainJoe Studios

The Young and the Restless Hunter King (Summer Newman) will be pulling double duty, and will be heavily featured in the upcoming second season of the CBS comedy series, Life In Pieces!  If you watch the comedy you know that in the season one finale, King’s role of Clementine eloped with Niall Cunningham’s, Tyler!

According to Deadline, King now had been upped to series regular and joins a cast that also stars: Dianne Wiest, James Brolin, Zoe Lister-Jones, Colin Hanks, Angelique Cabral, Thomas Sadoski, Betsy Brandt, Dan Bakkedahl, Holly J. Barrett and Giselle Eisenberg.

While King will be taping new episodes of Life In Pieces, she will go on recurring status with The Young and the Restless, where she has earned four Daytime Emmy nominations and two victories.  Life In Pieces creator/executive producer Justin Adler said of King’s talents:  “To have a dramatic actress who excels at comedy is a rare find. From her first day on set, Hunter has felt like a member of our family, and we couldn’t be more excited to make it official.”

King is the second Y&R cast member to land a leading role on a primetime series for the upcoming fall season, with Justin Hartley (Adam Newman) becoming the first with his new series, This Is Us on NBC.

So, what do you think of Hunter’s new primetime gig?  Do you think this means Y&R’s Luca (Miles Gaston Villenueva) and Summer will fizzle as duo ? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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68 Comments on "Hunter King Made Series Regular On CBS Comedy LIFE IN PIECES, Will Go Recurring On Y&R!"

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Love Hunter!


Me too Mark,. Hunter King is a wonderful actress. She deserves all the success. Hunter has won 2 DayTime Emmys, and she is only 23 years old. Good for her. The haters out there always pick on Hunter King. The haters will always hate, they are never happy.


Okay, here are two fans of Hunter’s. I stand corrected.


I agree Fred, Hunter is a wonderful actress. Hunter deserves her Daytime emmys.


Hunter is a very talented actress, and very pretty lady


Hunter is a classy, sassy lady. Her acting is terrific.


I’m so giddy that Hunter King is going recurring… why bother… she’s so uninteresting


Oops MCE


Sorry I loved case and Muhney together !!

4ever DAYS

I thought her role on Y&R was supposed to be comedic.


Bwa! Unfortunately the show doesn’t realize that its writing Summer as the ultimate “dumb blond”.


Same space she is gone please!!!!


Ok she is not in the same league as the original Colleen please go


Thank you! Not even in Colleen #2 or 3 league..


Ok here we go and please do not take this as an insult to the actress please get off that train!!! LF the original Colleen and TB had off the wall chemistry then an idiot wrote her out we lost her she would not come back ! Every once in a while you get actors that shoot chemistry off to he screen they simply look k at each other and it just flows it is very seldom Hunter has not captured that presence with an actor does not make her a bad actress she just never got it with anyone!i wish her nothing’s not but the best but time to go


Thad luckinball their lobe story was off the charts!




And by the way the guy who plays Travis should have been the new Billy h screams playboy sexuality Che,is try with AH someone screwed up


Hunter King is a wonderful actress, way better than the original Colleen. Hunter has won 2 daytime emmys.



“…Hunter has not captured that presence with an actor ”

who does she have chemistry with?

this is a perfect example of plot driven to showcase… for no other reason… because she’s a character from a dullard Newman.

who does she chemistry with?

who cares about her?

what a waste of time


colleen and j.t !!!
loved them as a couple…. colleens death was so unnecessary and victors continued his evil ways even thou he has her heart
j.t s story with mac moving to washington was lame
still waiting for a writer with balls to bring colleen back and rewrite that horrible death!!!


So agree with you, damien.


Good for her and Y&R! Her and Luca are boring as a couple! Hopefully he leaves too!


William Yes she won twice in a row. She is J.F.P. favorite. She keeps getting front burner stories and those Emmys are so fixed there not worth watching. Take a look at the scenes she put in and won them for. Its a joke.


You go, girl!!!!!
Always on point, Nikki.


Luca has the personality of a door-knob and the disposition of a snake. Together, this couple is destructive to the viewer. Neither boosts the other’s persona on Y&R.


Celia…’invisible degrees’…TOO FUNNY…LOL!!!!! And, so true. Also, on soaps (in general), you ever notice how soap kids very, very rarely do homework…or very, very rarely attend school??? Beyond dumb.

Later, my friend.


I’m not a fan, so I have little interest.
However; her boob reduction looks really good.
Y&R- I would not mind losing Hunter but would mind losing Justin. He does have a great future in prime time and movies, without a doubt he will go far.

Anyways,, glad for both for getting prime time, wish them both well ..


Good eye Su! Did you read that she had a reduction somewhere or are you surmising that based on her picture above?

I never liked her acting. I found her to be so annoying when she scrunched up her face all of the time.


hi Abruzzfan..
I worked with a plastic surgeon for 8 years..
I can, without hesitation, spot the work done LOL I could write a list.
I noticed her breast reduction after she returned and stood sideways lol..
And, she looks great.


Don’t take Su’s word for ANYTHING!!! He is a miserable man who just posted that HE loves to see rapists on soaps. Ray Gardner and Billy Clyde. Yes, that’s certainly what we need…MORE rape!!! You go Su!!!


Dylan, I missed those posts but I do say I absolutely adored Billy Clyde Tuggell as a quirky villain who made me laugh with his add libbing and dark humor. Ray Gardner was a bone chilling villain. Both characters were very well written and brilliantly acted.
But I do NOT enjoy seeing rapist on the television. I think one of the worst rapist in soap opera history was Michael Cambias from AMC who raped Bianca.


@Su – I agree that she looks great! After you pointed it out, I can now see the difference. I would love to hear more about “the list”? Unfortunately, I am not very good at recognizing what work people have had been done. Do tell! I would love some tips. 🙂

@Harry – I also adored Billy Clyde Tuggell, especially his quirkiness. I also don’t like to see any rape stories either.


Ray Gardner and Billy Clyde did much more villiness things than a rape they went in all directions spreading their matham ,they were by the far the most renowned villains of soap history.. Everybody has heard of them.
who created and wrote them. Agnes? <– the mother of great soaps.

I agree with Harry, Billy Clyde did give a few chuckles, he was over the top loonytunes and as dark as they come. Ray was the worse from what I've seen of them.

I wish I could have seen all their stories, my neighbor introduced me to them by tape, I really enjoyed their time, and youtube etc.
I would go bonkers for either one to be in Port Charles!


“…By far the most renowned villains of soap history”? I would suggest GL’s Roger Thorpe is a contender for that title. And, yes, rape stories can be distasteful, but the Roger-Holly marital rape storyline was groundbreaking for its time and opened a lot of eyes. That story cemented the two characters (and actors) as two of the best in daytime ever.


I must admit the show is one of my new favorites and on this.. She’s good.. So maybe her acting choice on y&r IS to make summer clueless and a bumbling boob.. well done… if that IS the case


i’m tapped out… ‘Life in Pieces” is also a CBS show

so now… all of a sudden… Hunter King is given a reprieve… and showcased as a dumb blond


I posted… and it got lost in the shuffle… that comedic timing… is the most challenging of all the acting profession… I get that

so to see Hunter King… heralded.. that her act on CBS Y&R was all a façade and make believe

OK… that two time emmy winner gets

nothing worth


LOL Patrick..I did say IF and IS..or Dianne Wiest told her…OH NO YOU DON’T…that character may work across the Lot but not on this those acting chops LOL..she did have to impress a lot of people to become a regular sooo…




Congrats to Hunter!
Much deserved.

Starr Manning lives in me
Starr Manning lives in me

They should recast her with Kristen Alderson


Great idea ….however Kristen has moved back to NYC.


and you know this…..and know for a fact she would NOT take this career move??

Mary SF

Although not a fan of the actress, I think the character Summer Newman is important to the show— a soap needs a core family to be the engine and the further away a soap gets from their core characters the more the soap suffers. So many might be happy to see less of Summer on screen, personally I rather see the character recast altogether and given the stories that will ensure the next generation of the core family lives on.

The fact the producers are willing to let the character take a back seat while Hunter is off doing another show, just proves they play favorites with their cast– if this had happened to an actor JFP didn’t like, they wouldn’t have been given the time off and the role would have been recast– so recast the role of Summer and let Hunter move on to bigger and better things.


Oh my gosh I sooooo agree. Let her go and move on. This time recast a Summer that works well with the Newman’s. I never liked Summer from way back when she first started but the fact that they are letting her have this time off show how they cater to their babies which makes me dislike her more. Didn’t Billy Miller & M. Stafford want to pursue other interest outside of Y & R as well? Where did they go? PLEASE JFP recast Summer and the best really is Kristen Alderson. She would look more the role and suit the part better than H.K.


Mary & Nikki – I completely agree.


Yes, Nikki. As it is, Hunter is a all wrong portraying a business woman. She does not exude that IT factor that is such an integral part of international savoir-faire. Did she go to Business College? Oh, I forgot. Kids on soap all have invisible degrees. LOL
I like Luca even less. Now, is Summer totally naive to the ways of men (she’s been ‘around’) ? Or, she she just dense?
Oh, I can almost taste Kristen in the role of Summer. But, as Fanny pointed out, she does live in New York. But, situations change. I can only wish!!


Glad to see her go, I wish her well in the prime time arena. They should recast the role and not with a FOJ.


Let her go and hire Julie Bergman as the new and improved summer!


Very good idea!!


Maybe 15 years ago, sure!


Yes, Bergman is only a couple of years younger than Gina Tognoni, who plays Phyllis, Summer’s mother.
Moreover, I am still aching for Bergman to come back to GH and reclaim her role as Lulu.






Furthermore Julie Berman is now on Chicago Med on NBC and killing it in primetime.. Of course we all knew she would.. She reminds me of Kathryn Heigl from Gray’s anatomy.. she’s done with daytime at this point in her career.. Not to say she won’t return.. But it will be a good while.. And she’ll be able to negotiate a much better contract when she decides to come back to GH down the road


Shouldn’t TALENT play a part??!?

lou piikes

I thought the actress was already on recurring.


really like her …. not sure why she has nt shared more scenes with her parents who really need her support right now… its all about her with luca, her aunt vic and ol vic
y n r cant hold on to their most promising young female leads thou… the colleens, the second and better lily, original abby


Can MM come back now.


Carol…I don’t think that Michael Muhney would ever come back to Y&R…especially since JFP is still there.

Just saying……….


You’re right, Jay. Too much heavy-duty stuff went down when Muhney was on board. Too many loose strings and tongues left hanging. There is also the matter of a man’s pride.


I am happy for her. I always like seeing our soap stars do well.


Hey…if this means ‘less Summer onscreen’, then I am all for it…LOL!!!!!

Just saying……….


Hopefully this means less of Summer. I really don’t like her character. She comes across as brainless and wears a perpetual pout. No joy there. Good luck to the actress.

Tani Sterling

To me, her acting improved over time; nothing to write home about. The Luca relationship has no “sparks.” The sudden rise to her (Luca’s) strategic insights regarding the oil industry boarders on the ridiculous as does Victoria’s acceptance of her revelations.

Politics exists in all professions. I wish her well but find the prominence emphasized recently befuddling; not that to be befuddled by a soap is unusual.

Wish I could tell when the writer’s are playing with me and I should laugh, which does happen, or when I am justifiably deflated. Too be fair things were starting to pick up and moving somewhat faster. Then something like Victor and the doctor makes me want to stop watching. It had better be a key connector.

I have to remind myself this is a soap and most actors are especially talented in this arena.


Congratulations to her.

I think she is a good actress and has done well on Y&R. I don’t particularly like her storyline right now, but that’s up to the writers. Asking a guy she’s been sleeping with for a few weeks to move in with her is not smart, but then again, she did marry Austin after he kidnapped her aunt so making smart love decisions is not Summer’s forte, but then again, she is Phyllis’ daughter!


My question is this: When my wonderful Billy Miller wanted to persue other projects, the “powers that be” turned him down, thus using a somewhat powerful as revolving door for a host of actors that we, as dedicated viewer’s and fans would get use to only to have that said actor leave and we would have to start over with a new one. Why the special treatment for one and not the other. I’m just saying


Your answer you’ll find on fishwrappers.

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