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Hunter Tylo Returning To The Bold and the Beautiful For May Sweeps!

Photo Credit:Gilles Toucas

Great news Taylor Hayes fans!  Hunter Tylo is returning to The Bold and the Beautiful for a May Sweeps storyline arc! The news broke over the weekend through Hunter’s fan pages, but now has been confirmed by a show rep via Soap Opera Digest.

According to reports, Hunter will be returning for around three weeks of story that begins to play out on-air on April 25th and goes through part of May.

What brings Taylor back to the B&B fold? Perhaps, the continuation of the storyline with Aly Forrester (Ashlyn Pearce) who is struggling to come to terms with the death of her mother Darla (Schae Harrison) who was in fact, struck down and killed by a then drunken Taylor!

So, glad to hear there is more Hunter on B&B?  What will happen when Taylor returns this time?  Comment below!

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Well it would be nice to see her back of course but why at such a crucial time is it a bait for the fans to help with ratings???
Why not give her a credible good storyline too she can do it

Serial Lurker

Great news; so happy to see her return. I am looking forward to seeing the focus taken off all the Logans for a change.


I would love to see Hunter back as Taylor, however, NOT if histroy is going to be re-written once again by Bell,Jr. FYI, Taylor was not drunk the night Darla was killed. The proof is in the video as well as the transcripts from 2006 (July).

B&B Fan

Taylor was too drunk she even admitted to drinking 2 to 3 glasses of wine. That’s is the transcripts as well.


Taylor NEVER admitted to being drunk. She admitting she had been drinking (BIG difference) ON-SCREEN it showed her drinking one glass of wine and pouring the rest of the bottle out. This was hours before Phoebe called. I just completed 4 articles recently for BBUNIVERSE from the transcripts, video and archives, so all of this is fresh in my memomry

Maria K

She was DRUNK during her Nick scenes on the boat. That was DRUNK!
Having 1-3 drinks of wine for someone who has a tolerance is much different than being slobbering drunk like Brooke recently was. Taylor had all her faculties in tact, had no slurred speech, she took control, had Phoebe call 911, assessed Darla for shock and accurately performed CPR. Someone DRUNK would have sat there, drool and go ?Duh?
More accurately, she was under the influence which is quite distinct from DRUNK.
Many of us won’t overlook the fact that Darla, dressed in black, DID fly directly into the path of Taylor’s car. Taylor was not weaving like some claim, she was driving in her lane where she should have been on that dark foggy night.


Thank you so much! I hope HT does not agree to come back for Brad Bell to bring her down just to prop up KKL. Enough! I know HT she is a lovely person and never once has she bad mouthed Brad Bell. Watching Katie & Fake Ridge carry on in the house he bought for Taylor makes me sick. I hope she mops the floor with that nut case Ally. Darla literally changed a tire and threw herself out into the Highway she was not called Einstein for no reason. Please do not rewrite story it was a tragic accident. By the way was Rick not responsible for Phoebe’s death? You know the daughter we all forget about!

Brett Bradley-Howarth
Brett Bradley-Howarth

I sincerely hope it’s better than her last appearance, that was pointless




I love seeing Hunter on my screen, but I have my doubts bout watching this incest garbage. Bell has spit at loyal viewers once to many times.

Hunter Fan 101

Her fans want to see her back where she belongs ON CONTRACT AND ON FRONT BURNER. Nothing less than that.


I will watch for Hunter but when she goes I go again. I suspect Brad is only bringing her back to completely destroy her character once and for all but I will tune in and see how it goes. I will always love and support Hunter but I will not watch the character I have loved for 25 years rewritten and destroyed and then booted to the curb again. Bell has pulled the rug from underneath this viewer one too many times.


He’ll really lose sleep over that!


I hope Taylor and Ridge have scenes together and he starts to remember when he, you know, had children not named “R.J.” It’s as if all of his history before Thorsten Kaye took over was tossed in a garbage pail. I hate it.


I love the new Ridge. The last one (Ron Moss) was to much like a female for my taste. This one is manly. I don’t like the way Katie is acting lately. She went from a spoiled cry baby to acting like a bully. She keeps saying Brook took her husband but she seems to forget plotting them together every time. Sending them on a wild goose chase,now crying its because she was sick. In the long run he’ll only hurt Brook again but he wont stay with that cry-baby for long. I think Ridge is going to pretend to want Brook back just in order to get the President job from Eric, then he’ll fire Rick and a few others along with the end of Hope for the future, he’ll try to bring Katie back once he has the company & he’s already designed her a dress. He designed a wedding gown for Brook how many times? He also designed a dress for Brook, Caroline and Taylor now Katie hopefully they put it on display with the others. He called it Katie it could stand in there store beside the other 3!!

Maria K

Try as hard as they want to convince some of us otherwise, the character is once again being used to lure the viewers that have left since ‘Taylor’ was #notworthy enough of a contract.
Why not have the wanna-be Forrester ‘matriarch’ help with Aly’s healing? Isn’t she capable? Didn’t Brooke herself admit she was responsible for the deaths of Macy and a truckdriver while SOBER? It might be something different for Brooke, seeing it’s likely that she won’t hop into bed with Aly to accomplish that.
It’s been well established to the viewers that there’s NO ROOM for Taylor or any of her family on this show. The Logans from the Valley are the only important ones now.
This former viewer got the message loud and clear and I won’t be back to watch Taylor being used as a prop again; nor will I be biting any ratings carrots, either.
Taylor’s guest 2 min. of screen time last time wasn’t worth it.
I accurately remember how the SL went down in 2006 and certainly don’t need to watch it be rewritten.


Maybe Hunter does not want a contract! I love Steffy but she does not want a contract right now either. I would like to see more of Donna. I’m also tired of seeing Liam hanging around like a sad sack.


So glad to hear Hunter’s coming back! I stopped watching a while ago as the show became all about Logans and ‘youngins’. FINALLY an actress is coming back to the canvas and let’s hope Brad Bell can write for her. Taylor was and will always be the decent, reasonable character on this show. Currently, there aren’t ANY!

Nancy elizabethkeislingMiller
Nancy elizabethkeislingMiller

welcome back FINALLY ,


I for one, CANNOT wait!!!!! I hope there are some Brooke/Taylor scenes, bc Brooke never got to beat her down for that disaster of a bday party!!! The feud is one of the best in daytime and they need to milk it while they can!!! She also needs to have scenes with Ridge, although I wish it was the old Ridge….Kridge is a complete joke and disgusting. I am friends with Winsor Harmon and he filled me in and told me about some MAJOR Taylor/Aly Scenes ahead. And for ppl who call it the Logan Show…..JMW chose to leave and explore other options, so u can’t blame Brad Bell for that. And the charter of Thomas has never been written effectively. They totally forgot about Amber claiming his virginity back in the day and they had a missed opportunity last time amber Moore was in town. But to have HT back on full-time would be awesome. She could give Quinn some counseling!! Haha!!!


I will be watching for a change! At last.


It’s not surprising that HT fans always so quick to blame KKL for HT not being offered a contract.. As I recalled when her departure was announced last year they said she was better off leaving .. But the show is doing just find without HT one liner .. I think Rena Sofer was a good replacement for HT.. A lot more entertaining!


Well of course you do in pure Brooke lover fashion. Hunter has a huge fanbase. The show has not done well without her or JMW! That is why Bell has to keep bringing her back. I like Rena but she is hardly a replacement for Hunter Tylo and the character of Taylor. You have to have someone on this show who is not a complete tramp or sleeping with relatives.


I see your point but Hunter is so boring I would like to see someone different be the good guy. Someone with a little spunk & excitement.


Let me hurry up and set my DVR to record another eppy of “The Logan Show”, where the talented, classy and stunning Taylor is brought back for just enough eppys, to rewrite history, in another lame attempt, to diminish Brooke’s latest familial sexual affair.

Apparently Bell Jr. is under the impression that we are all senile if we can’t remember what occurred in that storyline 8 years ago.

What I want to know is when the truck driver’s kids, are going to come back and try to shank Brooke for causing their mother’s death….or will there be a rewrite on that too….in Brooke’s favor, of course?


That is just a bait. I will be back watching when Hunter Tylo and hopefully JMW or any other good actor is back. A storyline which does not declare the viewers as idiots would also help. TK , HT and Scott are good, the rest is more than mediocre.


I’m glad to see Hunter back worried that Bell is only bringing her back for another terrible storyline. Like others here, I’m reasonably sure we are in for a re-writing of history where Bell will declare Taylor as a falling down drunk the night of the accident. He hopes the audience has forgotten that on screen through out the months following the accident and the entire trial the accident was NEVER portrayed that way. Thank goodness for us long time viewers with good memories and Youtube videos—the truth of that storyline will never be compromised for us!


Well I knw she wont be there for long the Logan fans don’t want her arnd as they seem to ONLY care to see one character… boring .Either way BnB is now Blocked on my Cable feed not tht I care either who wants to see the same women fite over one man anyweys


She has the same name as an actress that appeared on DAYS, but they don’t look alike.

Mary SF

Nope same lady– she had some plastic surgery done on her face, which might explain the change in her looks, but this Hunter is the same Hunter who played Marina Toscano on Days in 89-90.


Hunter Tylo and her character, Taylor, were the reason I watched B&B for over 20 years. They are also the reason I am not watching now because without them, B&B is nothing to me. I would love to see Hunter return as long as it is not done in order to destroy her character. Taylor was drunk when she hit Darla? Who watched those scenes with me? Taylor was in total control while talking to Phoebe, no evidence of even being “high”, much less drunk. Over the years, there were a few scenes in which Taylor was drunk and we got to see those scenes; therefore, it was very easy to be able to determine when she was drunk and when she was not drunk. We did not have to guess and she was definitely not drunk when Darla went flying into the air and hit her car. Also, she and Ally got along just fine the Christmas show of 2008. I guess we did not see that happen either.


Welcome To The New Michael Fairman TV: A Note From Michael Fairman

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By now, many of you have come across and seen that Michael Fairman On Air On Soaps has evolved into the new and exciting platform, Michael Fairman TV.

I hope you take the time to tour the new site, and enjoy its new look, new features, and extended coverage; which will focus on, and include, not only your beloved daytime soap operas, but primetime television drama, a slice of reality programming, as well as popular streaming and digital series.

This site has been a long time in the making, and we’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to make this transition as smooth as possible.  As with any change, we know that it will take some time for all of us, including me, to get used to it, and adjust to it.

I truly appreciate the community that we have built for the last 10 years, and I value each and every one of you.  As with any new launch, there will be small tweaks and revisions along the way that do come up.  Our goal is to make the best user experience for you, and to bring you the news, interviews, and coverage that you expect from the Michael Fairman brand.

I know many of you are already saying you miss the old Michael Fairman Soaps, but this is an upgrade, not a demolition.  That being said, Michael Fairman Soaps was no longer sustainable as is.  The site needed to grow, evolve, change, and modernize with the times. With modernization, part of that is making the site accessible, functional on mobile phones and devices, which we now are.  While some things can’t remain the same forever, we are always interested in your input.

I am very proud and excited for this new chapter.  I hope you will enjoy everything that is to come, and I appreciate all of your loyal support.  So, let’s christen this site together and celebrate turning over a new page.

With gratitude,



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Hunter King Returns To Y&R On Contract

It’s going to be a long hot summer when Hunter King reprises her role of Summer Newman on CBS’ The Young and the Restless.

 The actress, whose primetime comedy series Life in Pieces has been renewed by CBS, is now set for double duty. She will return to her daytime beginnings when she first airs on Monday, June 4th. The news was first reported by TV line. King is a two-time Daytime Emmy winner.

When we last saw King in 2016, the character of Summer took a break from her college studies to travel the world. When she returns, she will waste no time digging in her heels and getting into all sorts of trouble. What will happen when her mother Phyllis, played by Gina Tognoni, finds out Summer is back in Genoa City? Stay tuned.

So, are you excited to hear that King is on her way back to Y&R? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Ryan Paevey Sends Out Touching Tweet On The Birth Of His TV Son On General Hospital!

On yesterday’s GH, viewers saw the tender moment when Maxie (Kirsten Storms) delivered her baby, who is the bio-son of her late husband, Nathan West.

When Maxie finds out she had a boy to carry on the legacy of her beloved husband, she is overcome.

Ryan Paevey (Ex-Nathan), who left the series earlier this year, took to Twitter upon seeing the episode and the image of the little baby that is his on-screen offspring.

He expressed: “Welcome to the world, little one …. it’s a scary place sometimes, and i so wish i could have been there to show you all the good stuff. Your mother loves you,and will take care of you and teach you …. watch out for her her for me will ya?”

Aaawww.  So many GH fans have been touched by the gesture, and how nice it is that it makes the whole journey and end of Nathan’s West story heartbreaking and bittersweet.

Were you touched by Ryan’s tweet?  Missing him on GH? Comment below

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