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Ingo Rademacher Returns To General Hospital This Summer!



Fan favorite Ingo Rademacher is bringing his debonaire Jasper Jacks, known to all as “Jax” to ABC’s General Hospital this summer.

According to a rep for the ABC daytime drama series, the actor will return on July 29th for a major story.  And as fans know it looks to be tied to the mystery surrounding whose kidney did his daughter (with Carly), Josslyn Jacks, actually receive! As it turned out that believed donor was little Jake upon his death.  But since the child was revealed to be alive, clearly something else happened, and someone else was the donor that saved Jax and Carly’s (Laura Wright) daughter’s life.

Ingo is back on a recurring basis this time out.

Are you excited to see Ingo back on GH?  What do you think wil happen when he returns? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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95 Comments on "Ingo Rademacher Returns To General Hospital This Summer!"

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James R. Poissant

I like this—now all we need is for Brenda to come back.


I agree James, come on GH call Vanessa Marci. Brenda Barrett needs to come back.


I meant Vanessa Marcil.


You mean Vanessa Marcil right?




and Jagger!


Haven’t watched GH in months, but I would tune in for Jax and Brenda …

nancy dillingham



Never really like him. He will be another body Sonny can bully. [“Candy Boy”] He and Carly will be shoulder to shoulder with this kidney story so that will set Sonny off and it will be the same thing as usual!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Wasnt much of a fan myself but ok with his return-i think!!!


Its good to see a legacy character. So, that is the good news. The bad, like you said, we’ll see.


Oh I like him and he makes Sonny look like the small and ridiculous man that he is–which is possibly why MB does not want him to be around.
Moreover, Carly was always at her all time best when coupled with Jax.
I remember when Morgan looked up to Jax as a role model. He is five hundred times the better father, husband and man that Sonny is.


Well he has gorgeous blue eyes and you can understand him when he speaks he needs to come back and take his daughter off the screen since they aged her to be older then all the other brats ! I think this show is struggling and I see them maybe tying up loose ends before they have us cooking with Caitlyn Jenner! Lol


Beautiful eyes but f’d up hair! My problem is he never stands up to Sonny. Then he takes Sonny’s Brenda and then Carly and now who knows what he is doing or who! I wish he would come back and be strong and knock the grease out of Sonny’s hair! But, he wont.

PS: Prayers for your sister, it has to be tough. Stay strong k.


Wait, Timm–Jax stood up to Sonny time and time again. But it was against all odds because the writing afforded to these two nemesis was always slanted in Sonny’s favor. Sonny is the Victor Newman of GH–he always has to win.
Any man who flies into Sunny’s orbit (word play intended) is doomed to either fail or become his faithful sidekick.
Jax is in the AJ club and should be wearing a T shirt which reads,”I Fought Sonny and all I Got was this Stupid T Shirt.”


Agreed, Timm, not a big fan either. Jax always seems to be judging everyone as if he, and his precious Brenda, were SOOOO perfect. Yet another cue ball, Marines-ready haircut besides. Why do they keep chopping off all the male actors’ hair on this show? Nikolas just looks pudgy with his “too short for his face ” hair, and I read another post with the same complaint about Griffin. And of course it should be a crime to keep cutting Billy Miller’s hair so often. Maybe it’s just me..I like old Hollywood glamor on the women AND the men.


Oh I agree, Soaphound! I LOVE long hair on guys. I was very disappointed when Matt Cohen cut his hair; beautiful face but I preferred him with his longer, silky locks. Ingo I believe still lives in Hawaii and does a lot of surfing so he might just like to keep it short when he’s skimming the waves. Nicolas? Also very nice-looking but I don’t think his haircut makes him look pudgy…he’s just put on weight.


I wouldnt be surprised if ABC ordered ALL male actors to get crew cuts for budgetary reasons!


Soaphound, you sound like Carly with the Jax/Brenda comment…lol. I personally would prefer more Jax/Brenda over the usual Carly/Sonny crap.


completely disagree, love Jax , loved Carly with Jax. I am so excited for his return. We need a good guy on the scene and Jax’s is the perfect man for the job.


just to clarify my response. I love Jax! I agreed with Soaphound only regarding guys and long hair!


Kim, I like Ingo, my problem is he is always Sonny’s doormat. I wish Jax would show up and break down Sonny’s door and announce, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! He won’t, though. Then Jax always gets raked in with his idiotic brother Jerry! Ugg!

nancy dillingham

Always liked him! Come on home, but not just for a cameo.


@Timmm thank you and yes Ingo has had some lousy haircuts handsome devil though ! God do I sound shallow? Answer yes! Thanks for the thoughts on my sister to watch someone you live who was really brilliant in teaching speech drama can’t even operate a DVD is devasring so all I have to say to the soaps please don’t write stories for mental illness or disease just can’t take it I have another sis who is bi polar you have no idea what that is like until you luve it! A mockery of this is not needed stick to everybody screwing everybody lol




@Timmm you have always been very civil to me even when we did not agree! You take care also and Patrick and Harry and all the rest best to all of you!!!


Kay, I have family members who suffer from bipolar disease too.
Yes, I agree–if you cannot tackle this devastating disorder while paying consistent
fidelity to reality, then please do not tackle it at all.

Mister Media

He’s always a welcome addition to the canvas. Hopefully the writers will make it compelling and avoid all the cliche interactions of which loyal viewers have grown so weary. Long live GH!

nancy dillingham

I agree!




I don’t want him back because it takes opportunities away from others.


Get rid of all the newbies and give the airtime to Jax. He is my favorite GH character ever.


Love Jax. And Jerry. Whiny Brenda, not so much. CarSon forever! I’m really enjoying them back together.

Mrs. Brown


nancy dillingham

Agree again!


Ingo is a GH vet! He deserves the airtime more then a lot of these newbies do. He is connected all around. Alexis and Ned are his BFF, Joss is his daughter, he practically raised Morgan, Liz carried his surrogate for him until she lost the baby. And the love triangle back in the day of Sonny, Brenda Jax was the best triangle ever…


Loved him with Carly not Brenda. Very happy to see him return. Now who would be a good match for him?


Please, NO ONE should be subjected to Carly other than Sonny! I doubt Ingo is staying, but if he was he deserves a woman of substance.


I always loved his chemistry with Becky Herbst ( Liz).


Hi Elizabeth ( is your “name” for GH Liz?). Yes, they had good chemistry when she was carrying his child. They’d make a great couple!


Can’t wait!


YES! Woot! Woot! Can’t wait!


Wonder is the kidney came from Jerry Jax? Then Carly would owe her daughter’s life to a man her husband dispises.


Now all we need for him is to have the beautiful Brenda Barrett Corinthos Jacks in tow!!!! This is awesome news!!!


Jax and Carly is LW best pairing along with Todd and Carly
all I need now is my boo Brenda Barrett to return


I am thrilled with this news! I always liked Jax. Hearing Brenda is alive … there are also rumors Liz will get a new love interest that will not be Franco and a Jax pairing would totally shock me in a good way. (Please do not be Franco). While I always loved Jax and Brenda together, I kind of like the idea of a romance with Liz as Jax has always treated his women with respect – something Liz needs but I digress. I’d also like to see Brenda and Liz be friends so … there goes that thought.

Finally, a man on screen that won’t bow down to Sonny! Jax has always held his ground with Sonny. I am over the Sonny Carly Jason and Sam show.

Whatever they have in store for the character of Jax, I am looking forward to it! It makes sense for him to return being that he is Joss’s daddy!


such… a FUN… heart swell of a post

the idea of a romance… WITH

Jax and Liz


go their… GH


PLUS! I love your 2nd para best

when Ingo Rademacher is ON screen… his presence is magnetic


Patrick…I know you have a crush on Liz for reasons I will never fathom. But recently after the Jason/Jake lie, and currently the snitch-bit*h, holier-than-thou attitude re:Hayden to add to her other bad behaviours over the years…NO to Jax. If anything I’d rather he sweep in and be there for his one time ex, Alexis. And no Brenda either.


Rose, Lizzy is ethereally beautiful and I love her feisty spirit. I get why Patrick has a crush on her.
Hayden deserves the wrath of Miss Lizzy and then some. I have no use for Hayden.

Mrs. Brown

Jax is way too good for Elizabeth. NO WAY!


I just mentioned this Liz with Jax would be great!


Ingo is back !! this I like! this I like! this I like !


Me too!

nancy dillingham

We agree again, su0000!


Hope Ava brings him back to town to stir up trouble for Carly. Lol!


GREAT idea !

course I can’t see Jax… being any where near malicious

even Carly gets a break… as the mother of his daughter

dang it! just when we need the last Josslyn… it’d be great to see father / daughter scenes… with the last actress, Hannah Nordberg


If they don’t sacrifice Jax’s manhood on the altar of the almighty Sonny, this could be great. I really liked him with Carly.


yeah! big yeah

this would be like spit on ones face… if they go there: alter jax’s manhood

i’ll take Ingo… any way we can… for so much story potential …

and yes… having him back… could bring Carly back to life


Love him. Glad he’s coming back. Only wish it were permanent.


Ingo Rademacher…. is thee…. Man !

GH has never been the same… since he left…

WHICH… was May, 2011.

AND… I know…. this for fact

Laura Wright’ Carly… has never been the same… since he left

SHE – won – best lead actress in June, 2011.. of that year

I’m certain she has… only Ingo Rademacher to thank for that

I am so sick of Sonny and Carly… already…
hasn’t taken long to realize the flight plan…. Frank Valentini, Maurice Benard, and Laura Wright have ; TAKEN… from the fans

any way : my point is

I wonder if GH writers will write for Carly… as a woman; as a real woman; with feelings

she’s been so …. best word used by most… ANNOYING !

lets see proof that some one… an actual character… who actually sought her out.. and she responded like a woman with feelings

she’s never been the same since


Heartily agree with your post. Thank you!



GH… “needs”

is the return of the lovely… Robin Christopher… Skye Quartermaine


Skye and Jax….

just what the audience needs to complete distraction – because they are too HOT

see ya later Sonny and Carly; Jason and Sam…. you just don’t register


Robin Christopher. AGREE. Love her.
CarSon & JaySam DISAGREE Love them together.


I miss Skye as well (has to be Robin no substitute will do) … and Emily when she isn’t being a busy body – loved her just before they killed her off.

Sonny/Carly, Jason/Sam is what turns off my T.V.

GH has too many new characters, all plot points, oh heck I could type for hours LOL


You said it best Patrick!!

Please bring Robin Christopher’s Skye back..Such a layered and great character played by the amazing Robin, in GH, AMC AND OLTL.

Ingo is a great and underrated actor..So happy Jax is back!! And I agree with you also, that Laura Wright’s Carly was at her best with Jax..Sonny/Carly are a good fit in paper but they have become too 1 dimensional since they have been back together..Not like in the old days.


Im very happy when familiar faces come home!! Always love jax!♡


love it…him! He certainly would have given Nathan and Griff a run for the money when he was on his younger years, though he’s still gorgeous. He was drop dead…but I digress.:) Love that he’s back, just in time for Alexis too. She’s going to need him…


It makes sense if it’s for the story involving his daughter’s kidney. Glad it’s only recurring; not because of the actor, but because the cast is too big.

Janet Byrnes

how long before the kidney bs becomes its all Jax’s fault, and he bows down for Scummy ?


This is the best piece of casting news GH has made in a long time. If the show were smart, they would sign Ingo to contract and also bring back Brenda. She and Jax are two characters that were once very important to the show and should definitely still be part of the cast.

Victoria Okorn

Thrilled to see Ingo again! Jax is a great character and should be a part of Carly and Josslyn’s life and the organ donation mystery. Yay!!!


“The actor will return July 29th for a major story.”

Translation: Ingo Rademacher will sit on the sidelines with Genie Francis and the rest of the cast as Sonny, Carly, Jason, and Sam suck up all the screen time with their latest major storyline.

nancy dillingham

“Major story,’ eh? Does sound promising yet . . . they’ve fooled us before–think “Scorpio” Tristan Rogers (sigh!).


Thats funny Alan!

lm cee

I am thrilled to have him back. I just wish GH would get back to basics. Write stories for the characters that we love & get rid of the over bloated cast that we don’t. So tired of the stories where most of the beats are shown off screen. I could care less about half of the characters. I only watch for JASAM now. If they wrote for the vets I would tune in daily. I don’t care about Nathan, Dr. O, Finn, Nina, Kiki, Nurse Amy, Oliva and the list goes on. I won’t stories for the Quartermines all of them. I want stories for the characters I grew up on & that are still on this show.


I only watch for Sonny and Carly. Not looking forward to Jax’s return. Another useless character to add to an already over inflated cast. I don’t care what he does as long as SONNY ANDROID CARLY STAY TOGETHER. It’s a deal breaker for me.

Dan S

Awesome. I can think of about ten characters I wouldn’t mind leaving Port Charles to have more familiar faces back on GH. Give him a contract. Give BA a contract. The show could use Lynn Herring full time too. And now that Laura’s back how about some scenes with Denise Alexander. They could just sit there and talk and I would enjoy it more than the constant glorification of Sonny!


I am soooooooooooooo happy. Love him, have been tweeting and messaging to bring him back for what seems like years. I am so excited!!!!




Well if the writers haven’t decided to castrate Jax, at least there will be someone in PC to stand up to Sonny the runt!

Kevin O.

Finally, some good news about “GH.”

Mrs. Brown

My Mommy would be so happy. She’s been gone almost 14 years now but she always called Jax her boyfriend. Love Ingo!


BRING BRENDA BACK! Yeah, I hear you but you need a story. What I would do is have Jax call Brenda, have her work for him, seduce Sonny, Jax swoops in for Carly and then Brenda says to Sonny, “See you later Sucker!”

Becky Zertuche

Always love to see Jacks, just please don’t let Brenda come with him. I know that he walked out on her, but whenever he, Carly and Sonny are in Port Charles, she “pops” in to cause trouble.


This Carly will be a better match physically for Jax than for Sonny – she over shadows him. He looks like one of her kids.


Just because Sonny slept in Morgan’s toddler trundle bed and borrowed his clothes all those years ago doesn’t make Sonny a little guy.
PS. Don’t you remember when Laura Wright’s Carly was married to Jax? They did look good together and Carly actually started to grow up…..finally.
I still remember their yellow decor and the bowl of lemons they had on their coffee table.


Omg great news!! Please oh please don’t be second fiddle to Sonny!! Jax is he epitome of a daytime hunk, and IG is a fantastic actor. Wahoooo!!! Can’t wait!

Krista M. Ramirez

I agree. I also think Jerry was the kidney donor. I would love to see him back on the canvas as well!


I always hated Jax. Still do. I’ll only be watching if Sonny and Carly stay together. Sonny and Carly belong together. She even admitted there was no point in either of them being involved with anyone else, (specifically citing Jaxass) and that Sonny and Carly would always get back together no matter what. Please, please let marriage #5 be their happily ever after. You can put them through all the drama you want, as long as, at the end of the day, Sonny and Carly stay together and happy. If you break CarSon up, all you’re doing is paving the way to another reconciliation, and (next time) marriage #6. Sonny and Carly have gone through so much together for the better part of 20 years, and they deserve a happy ending.


The best reason for Carly snd Sonny to stay together is so no one else would have to be subjected to either one of them.

Krista M. Ramirez

Thats mean. LOL.


I have always been a big fan of Jax. He and Carly were magic together.

I agree with the posters asking for Brenda to return as well. I love her too!

Max Daddee

I like Jax, he’s a strong guy with character. I think some see him like a Ryan Lavery type, the role Cameron Mathison played on AMC. Ryan’s character always seemed to lack depth, never got below the surface much. Not so with Jax and his past storylines. Look forward to his return!



Krista M. Ramirez

I would like to see Jax and Alexis together!!

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