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Investigation Discovery to Launch "Days of Our Knives" Programming Block to Lure Soap Fans!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Investigation Discovery, the same cable channel that is set to debut the new primetime series Deadly Affairs, hosted by Susan Lucci on September 8th (10/9C) is about to also premiere a new daytime programming block aimed at soap viewers featuring some of your favorite daytime stars!

So according to TV Guide, on Aug. 20, ID will launch Days of Our Knives, a daily three-hour block (1:00 to 4:00pm, ET/PT) of themed programming hosted by the likes of Guiding Light’s Reva and Josh, Kim Zimmer and Robert Newman, Days of our Lives, Drake Hogestyn and Kristian Alfonso, and La Lucci too!  Lucci is set to appear on a special Days of our Knives September 3rd for a sneak peek first look at that show!

“After the cancellation of All My Children and One Life to Live we saw an opening in the marketplace for some of our most popular series,” says ID president and general manager Henry Schleiff. “Our tagline at ID is ‘Your Guilty Pleasure’ and that’s a perfect fit for soap viewers, too. Our show titles even sound like they come from soaps — Happily Never After, Dates From Hell, Deadly Women, Wicked Attraction, Who the Bleep Did I Marry?” We can’t replace the great soaps like All My Children but we are trying to say with a wink that we understand the addictive pleasure they have provided to a large and loyal audience,” says Schleiff, who will add even more soap-star hosts as the block continues this fall. Notes the exec: “There are a lot of popular people over the years who have passed through those halls…and bedrooms! We can’t wait to welcome them to ID.”

ID will repackage replays of those shows and some of its other series (Scorned, Stalked, Blood Relatives) into theme weeks, each hosted by soapsters from the past and present. Here’s the rundown:

Tainted Love Week (Aug. 20-24) Hosted by Robert Newman (Josh Lewis, Guiding Light) and Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne, Guiding Light)

Wicked Women Week (Aug. 27-31) Hosted by Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe, General Hospital), Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie Spencer, General Hospital), and Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis, Days of our Lives)

Revenge Week (Sept. 3-7) Hosted by Drake Hogestyn (John Black, Days of Our Lives) and Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady, Days of Our Lives)

Bad Boys Week (Sept. 10-14) Hosted by Matt Ashford (Jack Deveraux, Days of Our Lives) and Kin Shriner(Scotty Baldwin, General Hospital)

Double Lives (Sept. 17-21) Hosted by Laurence Lau (Greg Nelson, All My Children) and Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart, All My Children)

Family Secrets (Sept. 24-27) Hosted by Austin Peck and Terri Conn (Brad and Katie Snyder, As the World Turns), who are married in real life.

So soapers, what do you think of the concept?  Could Investigation Discovery soon become the promised land for beleagured soap fans?  Let us know your thoughts!  And now after the jump watch the promo for the series featuring many favorites from daytime!


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43 Comments on "Investigation Discovery to Launch "Days of Our Knives" Programming Block to Lure Soap Fans!"

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Sounds interesting but honestly no one is hosting that I care to tune into see, now give me Erika Slezak and Jerry verDorn and I’m there.


ITA about needing Erika and Jerry. Although I might watch the week with Drake Hogestyn LOL.

Chenise Kobalowsky

Erika and Jerry – absolutely! If that were the case, I’d be glued to the tube. Where are they doing these days anyway? I’m surprised another soap hasn’t smartened up and brought them on board. They’d be a great addition to the city of Port Charles…

susan M.

Looks like something I wouldn’t be interested in watching at all… Don’t like it at all…Erika & Jerry would be a great addition on GH………..


I’m all for anything that promotes the genre in a positive way! And some of my favorites are involved, so I’ll tune in to see them.


Well, it’s something anyway! Glad some web execs see the value of daytime. I have been missing so many of the cancelled shows and have been enjoying YouTube and Wikipedia to remind myself of the days when as many as 18 programs graced television in daytime.


That sounds like a great idea! I will definitely give them a look…


AMAZING! To be clear, I still have no idea what the show is about (by the title I thought cooking….? lol…I’ll look it up) but love the use of so many familiar faces. Not sure if we get ID in Canada, but maybe some station will carry the series. And if not, thank G-d for youtube 😉


I say this sounds excited im a huge Days of our lives fan, I’m liking this idea.


Still not sure what this is supposed to be about. I might give it a look depending upon the time slot. If it’s on during one of the more recently cancelled soaps’ or, (worse yet), one of the current soaps’ time slots, I absolutely WILL NOT watch. Hope it features lots of our favorites and soap clips, otherwise, I won’t care.


I’m not sure. While I certainly appreciate the effort and recognition of the soaps and the fact that some of these out of work actors will have employment, the fans want the soaps. There’s no getting around that. They want their beloved shows BACK. The entertainment industry is killing off the genre and people are angry and frustrated at the complete indifference being shown to the viewers. I really don’t think this is going to pacify them at all. That doesn’t mean they won’t tune in to show support for some of the actors but I’m not sure it will be enough to satisfy ID. Bring back the soaps and you’ll have a HUGE audience.


give me “the second lfe worth living” and i’ll watch. lol


I’ll give it a look.

Maybe it’ll be interesting.

Robert Coplin

If they could get the broadcast rights to All My Children and One Life To Live i would watch it otherwise forget about it.

Llan fan

I’ll take seeing soap stars anyway I can even though I don’t have ID. Still waiting for the day that some SOAPNET type of channell will come along and begin to show soaps from the 80s and 90s. A girl can dream

Gerardo Ramirez

It sounds like a good idea.Please don’t air at the same time as the 4 remaining soaps,but air during the drivel time of THE SPEW,THE SQAWK,etc.

susan M.

I don’t like it & the time it is on foget about it..I will continue to watch GH not this goofy show..This will not appeal to soap fans at all..Soap fans will be watching GH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m confused. so these are not soap operas but shows about crimes, hosted by former soap stars. well, nice they want to give them a job, but I want dramas Starring the stars.

i’ve never heard of that station, nor do I get it – could only watch it online – but not at my house!

So unless it’s a soap opera on one of the regular channels, i I can’t watch it.


the show titles may sound like soaps (on Carole Burnett maybe!) but they’re not soaps. so I just read about the channel and shows – it’s just what I figuredi it was – re-enactment of crimes – kinda like that Robert Stack show where he told you about crimes and other people re-enacted what happened and some survivors or law enforcement involved would talk about the crime/person too. You can read about the majority of the shows on — although I can’t figure out why 20/20 and 48 Hours are listed as ID shows, unless they made them way back when.

susan M.

I won’t watch it no matter what …


Too bad ID WASN’T interested in “saving” the canceled soaps, but they’re okay with cashing in on their memories and taking away viewing from the remaining soaps. This is NOT good news. It’s exploiting the feelings of soap fans (esp those of us who lost our favorite soaps). I won’t be watching because I want to watch soaps NOT more reality TV crud — and that’s ALL ID is really offering soap fans. JMHO


Very good point. I hope the four remaing show do not lose viewer to this show.

susan M.

I agree…………….Everyone keep watching GH and not this pathectic show…I am loyal to GH now since OLTL is no longer with us…


Days of Our Knives makes zero sense, it’s a terrible title, but the worst thing about this whole announcement is: If this reality TV programming succeeds to garner decent ratings, it could mean bad news for GH and Days. If the networks see that they can produce more cheap reality programming like this to replace the remaining soaps, what do viewers expect? These shows aren’t that much different than The Chew or The Talk, cheap to produce and taking viewers away from soaps, yet potential viewers seem ready to accept these “soap” replacements (and that’s what ID is really offering!) Again, my OP, but I’m beginning to see why soaps are dying: If viewers will watch these cheap-to-produce programs, then mission accomplished. BTW I didn’t see ID doing cartwheels to save AMC, OLTL, ATWT or GL! I’ll be supoorting the remaining soaps myself…

susan M.

It is such a stupid name & concept…I will continue to support GH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish Sony and NBC would issue a smackdown to ID/Discovery Channel for the obvious ripoff of Days of Our Lives in the ridiculous title. I hate that soap writers are encouraging soap viewers to watch these cheap realty soap replacements, whose side are these writers on? Shouldn’t they be championing the remaining soaps instead of encouraging viewers to spend the afternoon on a cable channel watching anything but the soaps?! While I personally don’t think soaps are a laughing matter, in my opinion the whole premise seems to be making fun of soaps. But if these soap killers succeed, the TV execs may be laughing but at soap viewers’ and the remaining soaps’ expense. My OP, but I CANNOT believe some of the crap I read on these (pro?) soap websites!


Why would the networks allow their current soap stars to appear on a cable network that is trying to lure away their viewers?! Forget everything I posted. None of this news makes a lick of sense. Much more of this and I’ll be finding an alternative to the remaining soaps! LOL It seems like these days EVERY road leads to crazy town! All aboard!!!


I enjoy watching ID and have always found true crime and human behavior fascinating. The blend of true crime and soap stars sounds great to me. I’m concerned about the show possibly competing with a current soap.

susan M.

I don’t agree with you… I will continue to watch GH . Not days of knives & such a stupid name & concept for a show…Aren’t you a loyal soap fan of GH??? A lot soap fans will disagree with you…


I currently watch all 4 daytime soaps by DVR, SOAPNet or online. Soapnet will soon cease to exist, so I DVR. I will check out this programming, but not if it conflicts with current daytime dramas. My biggest concern is come Sept. GH & DOOL will air at the same time in my market. Currently none of the soaps compete for airtime, so I’m concerned for both GH & DOOL. I typically watch ID at night when my family is asleep because they don’t like true crime shows. Maybe watching the true crime shows is why I can’t sleep at night.


susan M.

I still get soapnet channel..I have brighthouse in fl…….I watch OLTL in the morning..It’s on 6:00am -9:00am….There’s other stuff on soapnet besides the usual ones…Some I never watched…Such as the gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill,Gh,OLTL,Beverly Hills 90210, Veronica Mars,Y&R,Live Big With Ali Vincent, AMC, My Family Recipe Rocks(an indian family)Cooking crap show)..And Mirror/mirror(crappy News/ehtertaiment/local)…I just watch OLTL or if I miss GH one day I watch it hear on soapnet…..


I understand ID seeing the void soap cancellations left in the afternoon, and turning in into a mini-opportunity using familiar soap stars, but its a sad consolation prize to what we all really want…we want our soap stores back!

susan M.

I agree… This show is a rip-off ….I want drama,heart-warming stories..Not this crap…This show is such a bad idea….They should go back to the drawing board with this one..


Great news! One soap reporter actually agreed with me re: my previous posts. These shows are soap killers intended to “condition” soap fans to watch crappy reality programming. ID is attempting to lure soap fans away from the remaining soaps, that is why the networks are allowing some of their current soap stars to participate. It looks like everyone wants OUT of the daytime soap biz! Nice that at least one “sane” soap reporter sees exactly what I’m saying. I will NEVER watch anything intended/designed to HARM the remaining soaps!!! Period.

susan M.

Me Too!!!!!!!!!!

susan M.

They won’t lure me away from the remaining soaps !!!!!!


I am not sure how I feel about this concept. I will check it out but only during the time that The Spew and Katie are on, not during GH at all. I will decide then about it.

susan M.

I wouldn’t give it the time of day….


The knives in “Days of Our Knives” will be in the backs of viewers of the remaining 4 soaps. The success of these reality TV soap opera alternatives will be the death of lower-rated soaps like GH and Days — and later the nails in the coffins of Y&R and B&B. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations! Just because a soap star does the introduction does NOT make it a soap.

susan M.

They don’t fool me…I will NEVER watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If it’s not a soap then I won’t waste my time on it.

susan M.

To loyal soap fans of GH DON”T WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!!!! Don’t watch Days of Our Knives..Don’t give it the time of day… They are trying to take us away from watching GH & other soaps..Don’t let this happen….It comes on around the same time..Don’t stray from GH…..We have to keep watching GH & keep the ratings up…..Don’t be fooled by this amateur Days of Our Knives….This show isn’t like OUR STORIES & don’t be S-ck__ed in no matter what soap star is on it…It is not our stories !!!!!! So don’t EVER WATCH !!!!!!!!!!!! This soap fan WILL NEVER WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It must be a hoax,, due to it did not air on ID at 1pm Aug. 20th. – I have DirecTV, in my area ID is channel 285,, why advertise a show,, then don’t broadcast it. – what a joke!!

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