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Is Kirsten Storms Finally On Her Way Back to General Hospital?

Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

According to the new issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, the hottest buzz in soapland is that several sources have reported to the publication that a deal is being worked out to bring Kirsten Storms back to General Hospital as Maxie Jones!  The item indicates that details are being hammered out which would return the popular actress to her role,  after she was taken ill and had to vacate it.  In her place, Jen Lilley has stepped in and has been doing a fantastic job in the role of Maxie ever since.

If you recall, Storms was set to return to GH in January 2012 and then at the last moment it was announced that Storms would not be coming back and Jen Lilley would be staying on.  If you listen to the new On-Air On-Soaps Podcast you can hear our interview with Jen Lilley discussing the events of January and how she never knew from day to day if she was coming or going!

So, what do you think of the news if indeed this time Kirsten is coming back to GH?  Have you gotten use to Jen Lilley as Maxie at this point?  Let us know your thoughts!

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101 Comments on "Is Kirsten Storms Finally On Her Way Back to General Hospital?"

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I don’t care either way, JL has been fantastic in the role and I like her portrayal of Maxie. Didn’t watch the show much before she assumed the role. Wish her the best no matter the outcome.


I think they are both fantastic. It really doesn’t matter to me, they both have the Maxie “gene”.

kara anderson

Don’t care


I like Jen Lilley and she plays the role very well.

But Kristen Storms is Maxie Jones.

kara anderson

that is right


Couldn’t be happier! I think Jen has done a great job, but I never felt like she was Maxie Jones. I look forward to the real Maxie coming back and Spixie reuniting. Perhaps Jen can stay on as a new character…like Maxie’s half sister? 😉

kara anderson

no I whated kirsten storms back spinelli had a girlfriend elli


I like Jen Lilley. Let’s keep her.

barbara t

I like her to.


I would like to have Jen stay on…give Kirsten another role. Maybe Liz sister Sarah. Or perhaps a love interest for Spinelli that would be sort fo fun. the two Maxies

barbara t

That’s how I feel to, I don’t want her to leave, keep both of them.

kara anderson

no jen she is gone kirsen storms is back


Loved Kirsten in the role but have gotten use to Jen. Was kind of hoping at this point that Kirsten would show back up at Days as Belle! Either actress can do a great job as Maxie. Jen did such a great job I hope that she lands an awesome role somewhere if Kirsten is in fact coming back. But with Jason Cook gone… kind of makes you wish they would turn up again together at Days.


let’s hope she comes back before her hubby on the show is gone they used to be on dool together

barbara t

I believe he is gone already.


sad , they were good on both shows together!


I would love for Kirsten to return. I think Jen has done a great job but Kirsten will always be Maxie to me.


Exciting to think of Kirsten returning. I have missed her version of Maxie, but Jen Lilley has been very good too. Jen hasn’t played Maxie long enough that I won’t have any difficulty adjusting to the return of Kirsten. I still miss Georgie and wish Lindze Letherman would return.

barbara t

If this is true and kirsten storms is coming back, I would like for General hospital to find another character for Jen Lilley, if she want’s to stay, I thought she did a brilliant job in taking over for k.s. as Maxi, And I will miss her she is so sweet. I felt so bad the way she was treated for taking over the Maxi role, but she stuck with it, Several times I went to her face book page and told her I loved her version of Maxi, and a few times she said a lot of nice words back to me. It would be nice if Georgie could come back another missed character that never should have been killed off. I still think Dr. David Hayward should come to port charles and bring a few people back from the dead, So many good characters were killed off to have room for the gangsters, The Sonny show.


I 100% aggree


If they can kill off Stefano on Days for a while, why not let Sonny take a vacation too? However, after seeing the young people on GH today (Starr, Michael, Kristina, male producer), they couldn’t have been more boring that they made Sonny look fascinating.


OMGoodness….I hope it is true. Missed Kirsten terribly!!! Just doesn’t seem right or normal for someone else to be playing Maxie even though Jen has done a great job…it still isn’t the same. Love Kirsten…..please bring her back!!! :-))

Kait Brannen

I’ve missed Kirsten desperately as Maxie…but Jen has grown on me. I agree with the above comment that maybe they could find another role for her. But in my mind there’s only one Maxie!

carol wilson

We want kirsten back Jen is ok but she is not maxie. Some times you can get away with a recast but then other times no. I mean the new Kristina is ok because the charcter needed to look older and now she looks more grownup. But there is only one maxie. That is Kirsten.


I love Jen Lilley! She has made Maxie likeable. I never liked the character before Jen started playing her, and if Kirsten Storms comes back, I hate to say it but that will probably be it for me. Jen Lilley is the one actress who keeps me tuning in. Please, GH, KEEP JEN LILLEY!

Bari Gamble

I really hope it’s true. I really miss Kirsten as Maxie, she knew her character so well it is so hard watching someone else play her. In my eyes it was Kirsten who made Maxie. Yes Jen has been doing an okay job but its just not the same. Every time I watch a scene I can’t help wonder how Kirsten would have persieved it and if she would have done the scene differently. I am also hoping for a Spixie reunion and the only Maxie I want for that is Kirsten’s version. They belong together on the show. Please Please Please let this be true!! 🙂


@jen_lilley has taken the role of Maxie Jones to another level I’ll miss Jen if indeed this rumor is true. She has been exceptional.

Jim Barnes

I do miss Kirsten, but I have adored Jen from when she first took over in a very difficult situation as a temporary recast back in September. In January when she thought she was done as Maxie, there was a rumor that she would stay on GH in another role, possibly as a long lost daughter of Kate Howard’s, because of her resemblance to Kelly Sullivan (though they are only about 6 years apart in age) or possibly the role of Sarah Webber. Since January she has really set her mark and has made Maxie her very own, plus she reminds me more of when Robyn Richards was Maxie for 11 years. Jen is so fan friendly and she is such a sweetheart. Jen Lilley has becaome one of my favorite actresses and I hope she stays on as Maxie!


oh my gosh…I never noticed it before, but you’re right – Jen does remind me of Robyn Richards (who I adored!).


while I have become a fan of Jen Lilley, I have to admit I would love to have Kristen Storms back. I know Jen is going to be fine and get snagged up real quick.


Really hope this happens! No one can play Maxie like Kirsten Storms can. I haven’t been able to connect to the character under Jen Lilley like I was under Kirsten.


Jen Lilly has done an amazing job and is a great actress. No disrespect to her, but Kirsten will always be Maxie to me. Kirsten shows a vulnerability and somehow makes you like her even when Maxie is being self-centered and shallow (which is pretty much always!) Kirsten turned the character from just annoying to a multi-layered young woman. I will be happy to see her back

David Connor

Dye Jen Liley’s hair dark and cast her as Kristina!


Oh, I was thinking the EXACT same thing! 🙂


That is so funny! And Jen Lilley would likely be a better Kristina than the existing Kristina. Or, have Jen come back as Georgie, but she might need to gain a little weight and lower her voice.


I agree that Jen Lilley would make a perfect Kristina. The Kristina now is too old.


Love Jen Lilley. She is a fabulous actress and at this point I would prefer to see her stay in the role.


Jen has done a fabulous job and I like her as Maxie but can’t help missing Kirsten. She will always be the true Maxie to me and I can’t wait to have her back. Hope she’s fully recovered and able to take her shoes back. All the best to Jen in whatever she choses to do. She has been fantastic and has grown so much with this opportunity.


WooHoo!!! I am so happy if it is true! Bring on Spixie! They are two of my faves on that show! I think Jen Lilley has been doing a fabulous job but… Kirsten will always be the definitive Maxie! Can’t wait… hope this isn’t more hype! Please let us know for sure Michael! Loved the podcast!


good news, Jen makes Maxie too much of a whiner


If this is true I’m super happy. I disliked Jen from the start, but I warmed up to her, but never the idea that she’d be Maxie full time. Kirsten to me has been Maxie 100% and I can’t wait to see her on screen again.


Jen Lilly has made the role her own. Maybe KS could return to Salem as Belle.


Jen Lilley has done a fantastic job but she is not Maxie!!Kirsten is. I especially missed her during the Robin scenes. I wish Jen well but bring Kirsten’s Maxie back,please!!!


As much as i love KS the role is Jen’s now


I agree!


It’s hard to get used to a new person playing a huge character – but Jen has done a awesome job! I love both Maxie’s – maybe they could keep her on as a twin or something! lol


I absolutely hope this is true! NOBODY can play the roleof Mackenzie like Kirsten!


I think JL is fantastic as Maxie and made me love the character for the first time since Robyn Richards was in the role.

I wish KS all the best, but JL is Maxie now


That would be MAXIE! AUTO-CORRECT on my stupid smartphone!

Joan Faist

Kirsten Storms will always be Maxie. She played this role perfectly. But I did really like her as Belle on DOOL”S Good luck to both actresses.


I’m so torn! I had kinda resigned myself to believing that Kirsten wasn’t coming back and I have thought that Jen has been doing a superb job since the first day, so I’m attached to her now too! Damn you casting directors for finding such a great replacement!!! Haha…


I thought Jen was OK as a temporary replacement for Kristen, but as a permanent Maxie, she just isn’t cutting it. Nothing against Jen…she’s a fair enough actress, but she just ain’t Maxie. She has no chemistry with either Matt or Spinelli, or anyone else on the show actually…that I can think of right now.

I am hoping and praying that Kristen can come back to reclaim her role.

Michael S

Would welcome Kirsten back but agree I’ve warmed to Jen so would love for GH to find a way to keep her onboard too.


i hope she comes back love jen but lilley, but kirsten is Maxie.


I think they should just keep Jen.


As much as I loved Kirsten as Maxie, I’ve come to adore Jen in the role. I say keep Jen!! She has worked very hard and done a fantastic job of making Maxie her own and not a reflection of KS’s interpretation. I love them both and know they will both have great futures no matter what. My vote is with Jen!

m bridges

So glad kirsten is returning!


Jen has been fantastic. Jen is a great actress and i would love for GH to find a way for her to come back. But i could never get used to her being Maxie, IMO there was always a disconnect. I need Kirsten back!


JL has taken over the role, and the role is hers. She has done so much with it. How do we know that KS will be able to stay with the role in the future?


I really have grown to like like Jen in the role and hope she stays. Kristen can go back to DAYS with Jason. With everything that has happened with the character of Maxie recently, it would be very jarring to see Kristen back. Besides, they wouldn’t be able to use all those great flashbacks they’re trending toward on the show of last week’s episodes. (Sorry, that was a bad joke.)


I am so happy to hear Kristen back!!!!! She’s always been one of my favorites! But Jen is doing such a great job & I really hate to see her go!!!!!


Finally! I stopped watching after Ks left. Maxie is HER role not Jens. Jen was just a temp. KS was able to make anything Maxie did fun and u still sided with her even when she was doing something evil. Something Jen simply can’t.

Welcome back Kirsten you have been missed


My vote is for Jen Lilley. She made the role of Maxie her own. I never liked Kristen Storms in that role (love Storms though). Actually, I’d love to see the ORIGINAL MAXIE – Robyn Richards back in that role.


I SO agree! No disrespect to either Kirsten or Jen…but when Kirsten got sick, I wished they had contacted Robyn. I’m sure she is old enough now…


I miss Kristen and the quirkiness she brought to the role of maxie. Jen has done a fantastic job but she is not “maxie”.


Have been waiting for her to come back – Kirsten IS Maxie Jones – I feel bad for the current girl playing it but I just never got used to her in that role…would always watch wanting Kirsten back.


THANK GOD! No offense to JL, but I NEVER saw her as Maxie. Maxie will always be Kirsten’s role, in my eyes, and I really cannot wait for her to be back on my screen. If people really like JL that much, maybe she can come on as a different character.


My preference is absolutely for Jen Lilley who has the ability to make me connect with Maxie on an emotional level I never felt with Kirsten Storms. I am never actually all that crazy about the character of Maxie no matter WHO plays her but if they bring back KS and remove JL, I’ll probably start fast forwarding all her scenes again.


Thank goodness. The chem was just never there between the imposter Maxie and BA. Obviously the relationships with Kelly Monaco and Kimberly McCollough on and off screen was missing too.


I have watched KS since she came on GH day one…and would like her back. JL is still too whiny and over the top….writers fault..I’m sure. But still want KS back. I would just wish JL the best….

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