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Is Y&R's Nick Hiding The Fact That Jack Is Really Summer's Bio-Dad?

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On The Young and the Restless viewers have noticed Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) looking at a particular envelope! And it isn’t just any envelope, but the one that most likely contains the paternity of Summer Newman (Hunter King)!

CBS Soaps in Depth wrote up the back-story in case newer viewers don’t know the major bombshell that could finally come out that Jack (Peter Bergman) is actually Summer’s bio-dad! 

SID stated, “Years ago, Nick was devastated when his adopted daughter, Cassie, died after a tragic automobile accident. With his life and marriage to Sharon spinning out of control, Nick had a torrid affair with Phyllis (Michelle Stafford). Of course, Nick wasn’t the only one cheating — Phyllis was also stepping out on her man, Jack.   Just when the couple’s affair was exposed, Phyllis discovered that she was pregnant. Unfortunately, she wasn’t entirely certain if Nick or Jack was the babydaddy! A paternity test was done, and when the results were mailed back, Nick picked up the envelope, viewed the contents, and then announced that he was the father of Phyllis’ child!”

However, a very key story point had Jack delivering Summer when Phyllis went into labor while the duo were stuck in an elevator during a ice storm.   Recently, Nick has been coming unglued with Summer’s attraction to Jack’s son, Kyle (Hartley Sawyer).  Could it be the show is about to blow this long buried story wide open?

So, would you like Jack to be revealed as Summer’s father? Will you forgive Nick for lying about it all these years, if its all proven true?  Let us know your thoughts!


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I hope it’s true! Never liked Phillys and Nick together knowing how they got together – he lost his memory about Cassie’s death too, remember? Plus, we know Jill’s DNA test was botched (saying she was Katherine’s daughter, then another one done saying she wasn’t), so you never know if this is another lab screw up.

Lew S


ChinaDoll of The Platters
ChinaDoll of The Platters

Yes…let Jack be the father and have to start worrying about that HOT TAILED SUMMER! Yes, Nick of course will be forgiven…why not? Jack is Nick’s ex-stepfather (was with Nikki), Now Jack is back with Phillis who will always be a mess and a riot (funny person) and he still has Faith by Sharon (who has slept her way around the world when she was married to Nick) and hopefully she will then understand why she cannot be with Kyle and hopefully she then won’t go after Noah since he will no longer be her BLOOD BROTHER. She needs to stay away from FEN because that young man has a screw loose…just like Kevin and Michael (who has reigned his demons in for now)…and now Summer will have Traci to help her SLOW DOWN!! Because we all know that Phyllis is no kind of a mother…she is way too wrapped up in herself to take the time out to concern herself with her children…unfortunately or she would have never moved her infatuated impressionable daughter into the same house with a man that she was found in the office with in a compromising look of a situation.



Alley Oop

True that! I hope they do let Summer be Jack’s daughter. Kyle is too d*mn old for her and I don’t feel them as a couple. Fen needs to stop associating with her. She’s letting him take the fall instead of saying that it was a “dare” game. I’m really sick of that little girl.


Nick is no better than Adam. Worse he was married to Sharon. To do this to Sharon his wife who lost her child and to Jack his step father. Oh shame shame! No excuses for NICK! He kidnapped that baby with the info he knew from Jack! That is horrific! Sharon lost double! Her Cassie then her husband then to find out he fathered a child that he really did not. Nick is real bad. Nick goes around blaming Adam that he can’t be with Faith. Im pretty sure Nick needs to go to jail

ChinaDoll of The Platters
ChinaDoll of The Platters

Waiting for that scene….Summer to Nick: YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO…YOU’RE NO “NOT” MY FATHER!!! LOL


I would prefer Faith, Nick and Sharon’s daughter to be revealed as Billy’s Daughter. They have already played the wrong dad with Phyllis. Please stop making Phyllis as a villain and Sharon as a saint when she has slept with Nick’s brother, brother inlaw, step dad, Step dad’s brother, and worse of all his Dad!
and any other who will give her the time of day. I can not see why they would entertain Nick getting back with that slut. Is Y&R making young women think that to get a decent husband you have to sleep around with everyone. Please give me a break


I think you are forgetting that Nick cheated on Sharon SEVERAL times since they were married. Phyllis was not the first woman. She always went back to him. Phyllis was the first time that he may have possibly fathered a child. They were childhood sweethearts. No one is condoning any person being promiscuous. I would say though that Sharon changed after Phyllis and Nick started the affair and she became this person. Obviously, that was more than she could take. They had an affair while she was grieving Cassie. That is rotten.

Wanda Pearce

That would be a great new story line and of course I would forgive Nick.


I hope if it is Jack it finally comes out.I see why Nick has been on pins and needles.that make them brothers and sisters.this will be heartbreaking for poor Summer MAYBE Fen will have a chance after all.

Daisy Day

No! Jack is a terrible father! I’m hoping Nick is her father….maybe Nick didn’t actually read the results – was afraid it wasn’t his daughter. Let Nick be the father!!!


Hope that Jack is Simmer’s father. That would be a great story and would change the lives of many characters.

Kathy G

I always felt that summer was really Jack’s child. Nick knew that if it came out,Phylis would go back to Jack. I really like Jack and Phylis together. I want Nick with Sharon.


I want Nick and Avery( she is so confused) Adam is so lost without Chelsea the writers are going round and round with these storylines.I want to know about Gus secret who the hell was Rose?I can’t wait til the summer to find out.


Omg! That is one sick story. If Jack is the daddy it better come soon cuz that horny Summer is going to sleep with her half brother. Just gross.

Eileen Hargis

We ALL know that Jack is Summer’s bio dad. It will come out to prevent her being with Kyle, her halfbrother.


Please and thank you! I always considered Summer as Jack’s.

Alley Oop

Let Jack win this one! He lost out to Nick twice with Summer and then Faith. Make that brat be his daughter.


I never was a Nick fan.. He is whiny spoiled self-righteous brat ..
I hope Summer is Jacks..
As of now, I think she is Jack’s daughter ,,

Joyce Peters

I am all for this because jack wanted to be the father great story line.yes I would forgive Nick.


I saw the episode and it was quite obvious to me that Jack was the father and not Nick. I think Nick wanted a connection to Phyllis and he saw his chance with a child he claimed to be his.
I also want Nick to suffer for his actions just like Adam has suffered for Faiths paternity. At least Faith was only denied her parents for six months, unfortunately Nick has kept Summer from Jack for 18 years. Quite a big difference.
It would be nice to see Adam and Nick bond over this and try to understand why each brother acted upon their actions at the time.
I know everyone does not want to hear this, but i also watched when Nick was born and I have a feeling he does not belong to Victor but he also belongs to Jack. Therefore, Nick is related to Summer, but not her father but her half brother. They are both Abbotts.
Yes, Nick will be forgiven because he is Nick. I do not want him with Sharon I want him with someone completely new. Adam and Sharon belong together. Shadam must prevail. The best sexy, soapy couple ever on daytime.
I really like Nick also. Young and Restless would not be Young and Restless without Nick Newman, Phyllis Newman, Adam Newman, Sharon Newman, Billy Abbott, Vick Newman Abbott, and of course Jack Abbott. These are my favorites on the show. I could watch them all day long, every day. When I turn on my t.v. I want to see the Newmans and the Abbotts. The best of the best.
I think paternity of Summer Newman will make an excellent story line if done right. All involved characters are fantastic actors and actresses. So ready for this to come out in the opened. Just hope Adam finds out about his child and we do not have to wait 18 years for him to discover he and Chelsea had a child together. Never know in a soap what they have in mind for us devoted fans. We want one thing and get another every time. I still stayed glued to my t.v. set when Y&R is on. Very entertaining show and has the best multi-talented cast of all the soaps and always has had. We just need the writers to do a little better for them, however much improved over the Marie Bell Days.


Had totally forgotten this, but I too, did also watch this. I recall this storyline used numerous times


It would be KILLER if Nick was Jack’s! I had totally forgotten the circumstances around Nick’s birth (forgive me, I was a little kid!). Nick has always so different than Victor & Victoria.


it would be the one final act… i’d applaud… say farewell…

if this would happen..

1… for Nikki.

to give Victor his comeupance.

Nikki deserves to be triumphant over Men.

Carrie Gaskill

It would make for an interesting storyline. Not sure which way I am leaning. I am curious about Jack’s first son, Keemo. Whatever became of him years ago?


He disappeared PB wants nothing to do with that storyline this storyline is so off the wall Bill Bell use to love these they also did one with Scott & Cricket/Christine and I think their was one with one of the Brooks sisters. First of all no one cares about Kyle & Summer they keep changing the actors and Summer sure aged 12 yrs. when Nick is barely 40? Stupid! After they do the tribute for JC I am done with this show you win JFP you made it the Steve Burton show. You and the Golden Boy literally make me sick.


Of course… they will have Jack be her bio dad!!! I am liking the notion above that maybe Nick never looked at the results and just said he was her father. However even if that were the case… it is looking like Jack will be the bio dad. I am hoping for Summer that her world is not going to shatter and that her dad is Nick… because she is too precarious at the moment and it will be devastating for her. Jack would be a great dad to her now and it would go a long way to help Jack and Phyllis’s realtionship… especially with Jack’s family but Summer needs her dad right now!

Mary SF

I am not sure– I wouldn’t put it pass Nick to say he lied that he was her father, just to stop her from hooking up with a guy he doesn’t approve of. She can’t sleep with Kyle if she’s his half sister. But then I think would he really blow up his relationship with Summer just to prevent her from a relationship with Kyle?
It makes more sense to have her be Jack’s daughter– but this is soap, so they can change their minds later– Mac and Billy thought they were siblings, but then they weren’t. Victoria and Cole thought they were siblings, and then they weren’t– so I will say for now Nick will say he lied- but weather or not — he lied then, or is lying now, will depend on whether the show wants Kyle and Summer to be a couple or not.


I always thought that Jack was Summer’s father.. Nick needs to go back to Sharon where he belongs. Shadam sucks and should never happened. Nick and Sharon have children together and it needs to stop there. Shick children only between them not others. Break the tie with Summer and reunite Shick!


I have always thought that Summer was Jack;s. As soon as I saw that envelope today, I knew the results were in it. It just makes perfect sense that it comes out now. I will forgive Nick but will really feel for Summer if it comes out. She is going to need help from her family, but which family? How will Victor react? Should be very interesting. Whoever said that Nick is Jack’s is way off I think. Cant wait to see all of this play out.

Linda Z

Who remembers when Victoria married her possible half brother?? Nothing new under the Genoa City sun, I guess! I do hope Summer is Jack’s kid. On another note, I am so happy they will not be recasting Katherine Chancellor.


From a story line point I think it would be very interesting to play that out – that Jack is actually Summer’s dad.
I’ve long suspected that in fact.


This has been a story YEARS in the making!! It is about time…and classiic in the Bell tradition of stories taking YEARS to come to fruition. It is also a very organic way for the Newman/Abbott feud to continue and NOT be about business. Jack has missed out on all of his children‘s upbringings. It does not make Nick a monster…he could have suffered a nervous breakdown after Cassie‘s death. It also paves the way for Nick and Sharon to reunite after all the tragedy they have gone through. I am thrilled and love the fact that Jack and Phyllis may get their long awaited family!


Phyllis is leaving the show.


I think that Nick thinks that Jack is Summer’s father because that’s what the results said. However, it’s a soap, so the test results were probably doctored and Nick is probably Summer’s father after all. I like Summer and Kyle together, I hope they’re not siblings!


That’s a good idea.

I do not like nuKyle at all. If they had to recast, why couldn’t they have chosen some better looking? And Mason is not good looking enough IMO to be a model and he and Summer don’t look good together.


I so agree! Bad casting job. I don’t like Fen either. He overacts way too much.


I watched todays episode.

I wanted to see the “fallout” as it were… with Michael and Lauren.

for storyline purposes… aside from emmy worthy…. and this was that… especially for Michael. “how many times did you go back… again and again and again…. i want to know every detail.”

surprised me when Michael was talking with Paul about all this… which was good… this gives me hope for his marriage.

how will Michaels life be affected? This would be so good for Lauren to question her ‘self’. give her moral angst… questioning her choices… she’s always treaded her path. will she relinquish her moral standing… and bad girl it…?

this is good stuff to eschew… act… so long… for these two to feed on.


ie: as for Summer being Jacks daughter…

what with it seeming like Jack and Phyllis are on again….

as for Jack… we’ve never really seen him raise a child… his own….

i don’t know for certain… as i don’t watch Y&R every day…. I don’t know that i like the nuKyle.

two potential stories… that could catch fire…. jacks daughter Summer?
and Michael and Lauren…

did I say… that Carmine is seriously HOTTing it. or the camera just loves him.


I have been waiting years for this story line to unfold. Thank you Josh G & JFP for making it happen.


I love this and this makes good soap opera. I always said Summer was Jack’s daughter. I’ve always been a fan of Phack, never cared for Phick. This will affect so many people on canvas and this is truly Bill Bell’s style of writing. Poor Summer will have a nervous breakdown and Kyle being her big bro could help her to get know Jack. This could have Phyllis out for revenge on Nick now and she’ll see him in a different light. LOVING this so much, now Jack has his own “beauty”!


Nick would always be forgiven and this gives JM a meat & potatoes storyline which he hasn’t really had since Cassie’s death. Other side of story for Nick, he could loose Avery, regardless it’s Summer’s aunt, Adam will relish it, of Victoria will stand tall wNick as VictorNikki but the one person who will immediately understand and be there is Sharon. NickSharon been rather cozy of late which is fine by me.


No. I want Nick to stay her father. It would make her whole life a lie and that would be really painful for her to deal with. Don’t understand her attraction to nuKyle. Could understand it more with the previous actor, but the new actor they got is not good looking at all. Why did they recast?


Thank You!!! The new Kyle I can not get behind. The previous Kyle reminded me of a young John Stewart or that actor who played “Rocko” on B&B’s first episodes. By the way, what happened to Kyle’s crush on Phyllis?


When I first saw nuKyle, I thought, I didn’t know Jay Leno was on Y&R. He has got a chin! I guess Kyle’s crush left with oldKyle. He doesn’t have anyone right now. Maybe he’ll take a turn with Lauren.


Or maybe Nick would say that just to keep them apart. Who knows what goes through his mind?

Then it would make a fox in the hen house so to speak with an Abbot in the Newman family.


To me Summer will always be Nicks. Bio or not. We have seen how the paternity surprises have worked before (Abby, Lilly). All were non eventful and boring. In this case I for one am sick of this s/l. And very angry at the new regime for brining it up again. They have done a lot to destroy a big fan base called Phick. The consistent slap in the face with the Navery story (gosh I hate that character & couple), which has been forced on us almost daily for the last 6 months. The soarsing of Summer (while Reed and Faith remain the same age), the pushing of Phack – which honestly we have been there & done that. all reak of boring, rehashed and biased writing. JG & JFP to me have had little or no respect for this fan base – so this is potentially just one more slap.


Avery and Nick have no chem. I fast forward through their stuff. Yawnsville. I kept hoping Avery was going to leave, but no such luck.


Nick needs to go back to Sharon or bring somebody new on for him. Jack will be Summer’s dad and then hopefully, we can stop seeing all this Summer/Kyle stuff…..they’ ll be step-brother/sister…..he’s way too old for her and they’re just stupid together. Avery and Nick are very boring together. Adam needs to get back with Chelsea….now they have chemistry!


One more comment. I love Josh Morrow & Michelle Stafford. Love them. I respect Peter Bergman. They continue to shine regardless of the stories they are give to play. True professionals and I will always support them.


It would be a great story if Summer is Jacks. But, I wish they would cast better people, Fen, Summer, & Kyle are really annoying to me. Y&R has a really hard time casting young people.


Love the idea of Jack being Summers father because I couldn’t stomach the idea of her with the new Kyle, his talents would be wasted if paired with the spoiled annoying Summer.


Everyones KNOWS Jack is Summer’s REAL father! The Y&R audience has been waiting YEARS for this storyline. The ground work was set and ever since Nick, and, ONLY Nick, saw the letter with the results and took off, we have been anticipating the truth to come out.

FINALLY this day has come. It’s long overdue!

Summer’s paternity is the ultimate game changer. It’s a wonderfully rich and exciting story that is much anticipated. Already there is tremendous buzz.



Why after all these years it says “inconclusive” and not jacks name if it was going to be brought up again? What would really shock the soap world, get new, old and present viewers tuning is….the “inconclusive” would only appear if there is a genetic issue…hence jack is summers grandfather…nick is jacks son. Forget the boring story that has been over told on soaps…..go there instead…think of the storylines omg!!!! Really…pause and really think about what they could do with this info. I love it. But as usual…probably same olé same olé…..


I have watched this show for years. I believe Summer is Jack’s daughter and if they don’t move this story along, we are going to be faced with an incest problem……please don’t let this happen. Nick needs to be with Avery, Chelsea needs to be with Adam, Michael needs to be with Lauren, Billy needs to be with Victoria, Tyler needs to be with Lily, and Sharon needs to be with Dylan. Carmine needs to disappear. Paul needs to be with someone other than Christine. Phyllis and Jack need to be back together. I would like to see Chole and Kevin disappear! Also get rid of Abby and Chavez…..they make me sick. Kyle needs to leave town and move on….I really liked the other Kyle….not this guy. I have more…..butthat is enough.

Betty Garrison

Nick should be Summer’s dad. Why hurt a troubled 18 year all over again and seriously traumatize her with news like that. Keep Nick as the dad and let Billy be the father of Faith. She’s young and it would be easier for her to adapt.


Nick needs to be Summer’s dad. It will be so weird and freaky if Summer is Jack’s daughter. Please let Summer be Nicks daughter. I don’t think I could ever get over it if Summer is seriously Jack’s daughter. Nick and Summer have what’s called a “special bond” and they can’t get wrecked. Let them still bond in that way and still be father and daughter. Please!

Jaideep Saini

I hope Nick is the father, he has to be, he already lost one of his daughters, it would be too hard on him if he lost the other daughter. So much will change in Summers life if Nick is not the father. At this point summer is a grown woman, she’s 18 years old, just graduated and stuff, Nick has been there her entire life, it would be way too hard on both Nick and Summer, if nick was not the father, it would be an incredibly sad and emotional storyline on the show that would be quite hard to watch. Even if Nick was not the father, I think summer will always be more drawn to Nick, and look at him as a father figure, because Nick raised Summer, and loved her, and took care of her, she would not just turn to Jack like that.


Possibly, but than about Jack being cheated out of being a father because of Nick’s duplicitous actions? Who’s to say Summer won’t turn to Jack because of the confusion? It’s not like he’s a stranger to Summer. This has the making of great soap opera drama in making this is what soaps do best and carries an umbrella story for many characters. If Josh has the balls to be bold and tell the story it would be gripping entertainment and heart pulling story. If Josh & Jill doesn’t go there and Jack being the father than why even bring it up in the first place, it another “thud” story on Josh’s watch.


yes jack summers father
faith is really ashleys
victor noas father and not the grandfather
and the whole truth comes out about victor.
and Adam be the only child Victor has


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