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Jamie Lyn Bauer, Janice Lynde, Meg Bennett Reprise Their Y&R Roles For Its 45th Anniversary!

Photo: Facebook/JLBauer

Fantastic news for longtime fans of The Young and the Restless.

Three former leading ladies are returning to the series to help celebrate the top-rated daytime drama’s 45th Anniversary the week of March 26th.

Photo Credit: reports that Jamie Lyn Bauer (Ex-Lorie Brooks), Janice Lynde (Ex-Leslie Brooks) and Meg Bennett (Ex-Julia Newman) are returning for the celebration and in story.  They are taping their episodes beginning today on Wednesday.

Bauer who has also played Laura Horton on DAYS, was front and center on Y&R from 1973 to 1982. She returned to Genoa City for visits in 1984 and 2002.


Lynde, who originated the role of Leslie from 1973 to 1977 and Bennett first came on to the scene in 1980, and played the role of Julia for six years on and off, and returned once on-screen in 2002.

It is said that Bennett impressed Bill Bell (Crestor, Y&R) with her script skills, that she also became a script writer for Y&R in the 80’s, and later writing for Sunset Beach, Santa Barbara, General Hospital, GH: Night Shift, Generations and The Bold and the Beautiful.

So, what do you think of the returns of Bauer, Lynde, and Bennett to the canvas for Y&R 45? Comment below.

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76 Comments on "Jamie Lyn Bauer, Janice Lynde, Meg Bennett Reprise Their Y&R Roles For Its 45th Anniversary!"

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Looking forward to it.


The song I’ve been singing for years is finally coming to life! I cannot wait to see at least two of the Brookes’ sisters back in town! I would love to hear if they’ll actually be involved in a story. A great author and a great pianist– oh, those were the days! Hope there are some flashbacks to the earliest years, also.


Yes, those were the days!!! I named my 37 year old daughter after the character of Julia!!


Not to short-change, Julia Newman– it would be great for her to give Victor a cup of humility!

Mark Y

What is the occasion for their return? I didn’t watch back then. Which characters still in Genoa City are the likely to interact with?

Michael Kulla

So excited to read this! Leslie/Lorie was sibling rivalry at its best. Will Nikki give Lorie a pass to make a play for Victor? Julia too? Will Lance Prentiss nka Eric Forrester visit as well??? Hey, Lauren could usea new storyline #Sheila


Lance! And his brother Lucas… what a quadrangle arched storyline that was! And their conniving mother, Vanessa– when she set up her own death to make it look like Lorie did it– that was classic Y and R! And yes, as other posts note: the music really intensified those scenes… day in and day out.


The Brooks sisters know Victor and Jill best. Jill dated the Brooks sister’s father, and her mother Liz was married to him for awhile. The Abbott family started to appear as the Brooks were leaving.

I don’t know if Mal will bring JiIl back for it though. He didn’t include Jill in on any of the Marla story even though they were longtime rivals. I don’t know what his problem is with Jill, but whatever it is ruins the show.


Very true. I was quite miffed when the writers killed off Liz Foster, Jill’s “mother” and that deathbed story of Liz not really being Jill’s mother. I loved the “humanness” of the Liz Foster character… miss that kind of feeling now.

Miss the whole Brookes family, too.


I believe Jess Walton lives out off state. I think Oregon. I know she has grand children and enjoys spending time with them.

Violet Lemm

Funny, I don’t remember Jill dating Mr. Brooks, just her mom, Liz, before they were married. Have not cared for Ms. Walton, and much preferred Debra Adair. Anyone remember her? She was on nighttime shows too.
Would like to see Gina, and brother Danny too. I loved the cult SL with the teen Nicki , Paul, etc.caught in the midst. Exciting times!

Kevin C

Hi Ron, so loved Lorie, Lance, Leslie and Lucas and Vanessa’s setup of her own death which was one of the best storylines ever…miss those days so much.

Lisa Wells

Jill is the only one that was on the soap back then. It was the Fosters (Jill and Family) the Chancellor’s and the Brooks Leslie, Laurie and the rest of their family. The man that places Eric Forrester was Leslie’s husband Lance on Y&R.

Lew S

Great to have the Brooks sisters back!


Exciting news. I’ve watched this series since day one. Always “wondered” what happened to those Brooks girls.


This is fabulous! I loved all three when they were on. Especially Janice Lynde. Bringing back two members of the Brooks family. As a viewer from the very early days, I love it. I remember when Julia and Victor first came on. Didn’t he hold her as a prisoner someplace? Please let us know when the episodes air.


I had gradeschool crushes on all 4 of the Brookes’ sisters!


Max…if I remember correctly, Michael Scott was the one that Victor kept as a prisoner. You see, back in the day, Julia and Michael were having an affair. And…when Victor found out about their affair, Victor, uh, reacted by locking Michael up in a well-hidden and creepy-looking DUNGEON!!!!! Victor being Victor…LOL!!!!! Yep.

Have a good one, Max.


Oh Lorie Brooks and sister Leslie contain rivalry Julia / Victors first wife victim had a miscarriage fed her lover rats what a great guy !


Nice to see Julia again, if only to remind us that Victor actually existed before the blonde stripper ever entered the picture.

Kevin C

OK, my days of no longer watching is short lived, I am ecstatic that Jaime Lyn, Janice and Meg are headed back to Y&R, I cannot wait…THANK YOU Mal Young for hiring these ladies back for the 45th anniversary…Jaime Lyn has always been my favorite and I am sorry folks to say it again I will keep on saying it as long and Y&R is still on TV, if we can only have the classic background music back…


Kevin, I am standing right there beside you in your sentiments! The original background music still comes to play in the ‘cassette tape of my mind’ from time to time! I even own the original sound track vinyl album from the programme that contains many of the classic sounds, but not all, unfortunately…
I have also always loved the entire Brooks family as well as Julia and am looking forward to seeing them again! I have always wished that Snapper and Chris would have visited from London along with Jill’s niece, Jennifer Elizabeth Foster! Peggy Brooks was another of my favourites! What a wonderful family!
I would also love to see Paul’s brother, Steve, return. He was last working in Washington and had gotten together with Peggy at the time…I just adored the original classic cast and stories!!! X

Kevin C

Krystle, I appreciate you…a lot going on now so I will reply sometime next week…I wanted to say I agree with you on everything you said…

Kevin C

Hello Krystle again…I also loved all the Brook’s family and would also like to see Paul’s brother Steve back on the show…I loved the show from the beginning up till 2006 when they let Kay Alden and a lot of the background staff go…


Oh krystle, how you echoed my sentiments. I started watching in 1973 while on split schedule in high school (freshmen & sophomores in the afternoon only) and can’t wait to see these familiar faces. This show had a special mystique even then, and the music was a big part of it. What memories!


To Soaphound…Welcome to the party!
I am over the moon about the return of those familiar faces! Just wish it could be done more often for those of us who are fan ‘veterans’ of the programme!
Cheers! X


And I’m right at both of your sides. Even though there’s an album of the music, it doesn’t contain much of the original background pieces played. From what I found it, the music was “common use” rights for CBS and that’s what Y and R used. I’d still like to know why the music producers (or whatever they’re called) haven’t honored the pleas of so many longtime fans and play the dang stuff for us! What I’d give for someone like Jill to walk alone into the Chancellor estate and hear “Katherine’s theme” play… so haunting and so effective.


Glad to have you at our sides, Ron!
I know what you mean about the album not having much of the original pieces. There are still so many pieces I can still remember vividly…and some times, even some of the scenes where they were played! My favourite has always been one that…bear with me here…has a bit of a dramatic swirl of music followed by very low guitar strums that was played during some of the best cliffhangers and dramatic endings of a scene. I specifically remember it during a Vanessa Prentiss scene (one of my favourite characters; I LOVED her veils!) where she was planning to shoot Lorie and ended up shooting her own son, Lance! The build up to that final scene of the shooting on that week’s Friday episode was BRILLIANT!!! Those were definitely THE DAYS! X


I’m going to see if I can find this online. Whatever I find will be worlds better than what’s taking place on the show right now. Can you imagine the difference some of these currents scenes would make with the music of the 70s and 80s?!!! WOW.


Kevin & Ron…It is brilliant having some one to natter with about those classic days of wonderful stories and beautiful back ground music in our beloved Genoa City! It makes me sad to see what the programme has become over the years! I would give any thing to be able to watch it from the beginning again and relive those wonderful moments. To this day, I can even remember marriage dates and anniversaries of characters…because they became like ‘family’. These days, there aren’t many that I would even want to live next door to, let alone be mates with! Hope to hear back from you both soon as! Cheers! XX

Kevin C

Hi Krystle, I would LOVE to see Y&R from the beginning…so wish they could come up with a channel to do that…Yes Krystle, it’s very sad about what has happened to this once classic show and so miss those days and THANK GOODNESS for our memories and my memory is not like it use to be…Krystle, do you still watch Y&R, forgive me for I don’t remember if you do or don’t…Have a great rest of the week…


Hiya, Kevin! Yes, I do still watch every day all though I left for about a year and a half when ‘Splat Pratt’ was in charge. I got disgusted on 7 September 2012 when at the end of the programme, Neil reveled he had Hillary after her fall from some hill top. So, I missed the Ian and Nikki wrap up once he came back, and also missed seeing Michael E Knight’s story line when he joined the cast. I did read about what was going on and keep up that way, but I was just so hurt and angry about the way our beloved soap had been destroyed that I just could not make myself watch it implode.
I had actually started becoming a bit detached when Victoria was hit by a piece of ‘stone’ during the explosion at the car park during Lynn Latham’s tenure. I found myself shaking my head in disbelief at the ‘stone’ which was so obviously a piece of foam that seemed to bouce off of Victoria’s head at the impact, but I carried on at the time…Obviously, I know they do not use real stone for scenes such as these, but I just felt it could have been a bit more realistic! Don’t even get me started on ‘Splat Pratt’s’ “aeroplane crash in the snow a few years ago…
Kevin, ta so much for your notes. It is brilliant to have some one to natter with about The Young and The Restless!

PS…I have been watching since day one, so obviously, I am about 150 years of age…0;-)



Hi Kevin and Krystle,

I thought I read last year that Mal Young was involved in reviewing all the Y and R stories from its inception– by script and/or video, I don’t know. I do know that “back in the day” Y and R taped over already-aired episodes; it was cost effective. 45 years of Y and R to rewatch? WOW. A daunting task but I’m game!


Hiya, Ron!
I’ m definitely up for that as well! You, Kevin and I could have a great Young & Restless ‘binge session’ for sure! Hey, I own the entire DARK SHADOWS series and have poured through it twice as well as the 1978 Australian soap PRISONER (Cell Block H) which I also own in it’s entirety. It contains 40 dvds with 692 one hour long episodes.
One nod to the past that disappointed me a bit was a couple of years ago when Phyliss escaped from hospital after waking up from her coma. They re-enacted the very first scene of the programme when it began with the original Brad Elliot character being the lorry driver this time around that picked up Phyliss and dropped her off in Genoa City. Same script and all! My disappointment was due only to the fact that they did not incorporate the original background music to the scene, as well as not having it air on 26 March of that year. I am obviously quite a fan of the programme!! X



I received a 50th anniversary DVD of Dark Shadows for Christmas– fun episodes.

As for the Y and R episode that replicated the very first ever Y and R (Brad on the highway), I remember watching it a couple of years ago (the Phyllis scenes.) It was a so-so idea because I know Bill Bell would have NEVER used the actor who played Brad Elliot as a different character.

I don’t remember how Brad exited Y and R. Do you? I just know that Leslie later got involved in that super quad love story with the Prentis brothers and her sister Laurie.

Anyhow, I am ready to find a specific address for Mal Young and write a rather long request for the program’s original music. Bill Bell demanded music in all scenes to enhance the emotional power of its events. I hate that so many scenes each day now are without any music, or for what passes as “music.” Music has been the essence of Y and R from the beginning.

Kevin C

Ron and Krystle, I so appreciate both of you…our passion for our background music for our beloved Y&R…Ron, I know the address for Y&R at CBS is 7800 Beverly Blvd…Los Angeles, Ca 90036 and I don’t have a suite number…I have called the show many times and they have a viewer request line and I left a message…I don’t think Mal Young along with CBS/Sony cares and he’s going to do what he wants.


Ohhhh…and you have a great rest of your week and all, Kevin! X


Sadly, this show has no direction or stories to plug these characters into. And I am still baffled by the one episode equals one day format Mal Young has introduced — if you have no stories in place to tell, what are you rushing to get to? And why is so much happening off screen and being revealed in expository dialogue? Serialized drama has the luxury of telling a story in real time and playing all the emotional beats along the way; the current Y&R just careens from random scene to random scene with nothing resembling a story, heart, or endgame in sight.

Kevin C

Again Alan I agree with you 100% and very well said… I will watch when Jaime, Janice and Meg are on just to see how how Mal write’s for these 3 beautiful ladies…Y&R no longer keeps me interested due to the writing skills of Mal Young and his one day episodes, DO NOT like it at all and it’s sad that CBS/Sony has allowed Mal to do this to this one classic show…


I do not like the one episode=one day. And it was so confusing the other day when we changed days in the episode. It was very jarring.

Scott (ATWT Fan)

You must be watching a different soap, because, right now, Y&R is a delight to watch on a daily basis.


I, too, agree with you again, Alan… all those “expositional” moments seem to be a cover-up for poorly outlined stories. Bill Bell mapped out a story a full year in advance and he and Kay Alden followed it religiously, rarely drifting from it and always prepared for the unexpected with their actors (like a pregnacy or long-term illness.) Hate to think it, but I doubt Y and R will be the Y and R we knew.

Kevin C

Ron, sadly to say I agree with you in regards to: that doubting Y&R will be the Y and R we knew which is devastating for us long time viewers who know what this show was and should be…


Absobloodylutely Ron and Kevin!

Barbara from Atlanta

This is good news. I am surprised.

I can’t fathom why these three characters would be returning at the same time. If it didn’t include “Leslie,” I would guess the reason would be Victor as Lori and Julia were both involved with him. I vaguely recall that Leslie (played by the second actress) returned in the early 80s for Victor’s first wedding to Nikki but can’t why she came back for that — Did Leslie even know Victor??

It is very wishful thinking but I won’t mind seeing Lori and/or Julia stick around a while (like JT, now) and have a more significant role than just trot through the show for an episode or two.

While I appreciate the effort to bring these characters back, I really wish the writers would focus on crafting a compelling plot (something we have rarely seen in a decade of Y&R). The way things have been going the past 2 months, these writes (inanely) will have at least of these women blown away by the “charm and talents” of the “ever popular” Cane and will spend the majority of them time yukking it up with this fraud .


Bill Bell wanted to appease his loyal followers and bring closure (sort of) to all the original cast members who were written out when Y and R transitioned to 60 minutes, so he welcomed back all who would come back and wrote that wonderful Colonnade Room episode.

I’m still eager to see some of the originals returns… don’t know how many are actually alive anymore.

Kevin C

Ron, I so remember the Colonnade Room episode, CLASSIC…such memories.


It’s great to see them all back, the characters they all played was great storytelling and great performances however I was never too fond of Janice’s portrayal of Leslie Brooks but Unfortunately Victoria Mallory who is the last and best actress to play Leslie Brooks passed away in 2014. When they were all on that was The and The Restless at its best!


Absobloodylutely, Ric! x


Jamie Lyn Bauer – LOVE LOVE LOVE this fine lady.

she has an acting skill … where does she pull it from

I ached for her @DAYS

@Ron Carlivati… whenever the budget and / or time to treat the audience

this lady goes their


I hear you, Patrick! Jamie Lyn’s Lorie was such an exquisite creature…the ultimate sophisticate! She was always my favorite of the Brooks sisters…although I never saw Janice Lynde’s Leslie, just the recast in her role.


Didn’t watch when they were on.

I guess it will nice for them to return as long as there is actual story and it’s not just a stunt.

Scott (ATWT Fan)

Now this is how you celebrate an anniversary. I look forward to seeing all three of these characters returning to Genoa City for a visit!


True– but wish ALL who are still alive and were part of the original cast were written back, if only briefly. Hope it’s a good storyline that brings them back.


It’s a thought here– if they can’t lure Jess Walton back, would vampy Brenda Dickson (the original) return? There’s some scathing history and innuendo about how and why she was fired in the first place. Hmm.


Jess Walton would be on the show full time if Y&R wanted her. Mal Young is the problem, he has no interest in Jill or anything Chancellor.


I live in Central Oregon close to JW, it’s my understanding she is due back in GC soon (for how long I am not certain.)

Barbara from Atlanta

Dickson was always my favorite. While Walton has played the role for 3 decades, I’ve always thought she was a poor choice for the part — IMO, Walton never has been able to portray the “bitchiness” of Jill that Dickson did so well. (Judith Chapman was a temporary replacement for Jill in a few episodes. Imagine what Jill could have been if Chapman, rather than Walton, had played the part for 3 decades. In hind sight, it was a hugely missed opportunity).

That being said, I’d guess there is way too negative history between Dickson and the show for the actress ever to return.


WOW – applause . I was … watching Y&R when Brenda Dickson ROCKED to the core what this show was all about.

yeah, she’s campy, vamp, and went in to over drive… come hither much

to be so fully entrenched with – THEE – Chancellor AND Abbott.. AND be your own show . COME ON .. they don’t make them like this any more.

I just never got in to Jess Walton like everybody else did

gone was all the fully charged Jill… when she left the show.

Brenda Dickson truly depicted that other side of the track and how she intended to hang on to every thing.

MISSED OPP: I haven’t heard – any thing – on this site about Judith Chapman… sadly it sounds like Mal Young dropped the ball on that as well


I also have never cared for Jess Walton as Jill. Sure Brenda Dickson was over the top. But at least Brenda’s Jill took joy in being a bitch. She reveled in it and found a lot of satisfaction and humor in it. Jess’ Jill just finds being a bitch to be a huge burden, and is constantly in a crappy mood.

I always preferred Deborah Adair to either of them. She was scheming, but a little more grounded and realistic.


Yes, Debbie, I also preferrred Adair….she brought a real sense of Beauty and class to the role of the social climbing Jill…and that shower scene with Terry Lester’s Jack was beyond steamy! Having said that, nobody delivered the top-notch trashiness of the character like Brenda Dickson!


“your” post needs to go in the soap annuls of FAN outcry

LOL… hysterics fast

my favorite part – “…and is constantly in a crappy mood. ”

I just so get it.



” …Brenda’s Jill took joy in being a bitch “


I didn’t watch when they were on either except for Meg Bennett. I remember when Julia locked Victor in that cage (is that right???).


Actually, Michael, it was Brad Carlton’s ex wife, Lisa Manning with the long frizzy and curley hair that locked Brad in a cage because she was still in love with him! Victor locked up Julia’s lover, Michael Scott at the ranch in a bomb shelter! The pass code to the shelter was J U L I A! Amazing stories!! X


This is all cute and cuddly but hey, why not just have a 45th anniversary show on a wed or thur, drag out some stars of the past, a champagne toast and then lets get back to the show, good or bad!

Michael Kulla

It seems like the concept of a “storyline bible”, mapping out the next year’s stories, has fallen by the wayside. It would seem the story projection is done more “by the seat of [Mal Young’s] pants.

Kevin C

You got that right Michael, I am sorry folks but Mal Young’s writing IMO is horrible and again it’s sad that CBS/Sony is allowing him to destroy Y&R…


Agree 100%


You mean like with GH???? I’ve said before that they throw post-it notes with storyline ideas at the wall to see which ones stick.

K. Olson

This is wonderful!! I have been watching Y&R since the very first broadcast. Looking forward to seeing them. Especially Jaime Lynn.


I bet you it will be for Dina’s and JT’s funeral.


A double funeral… ouch… but you might be right. I thought the Dina character was about to be killed off sooner (before leaving for Paris)– but they might bring her back. Or her body. That would be reason for the three older characters to return to Genoa City.

as for JT– hate to see him killed off. Maybe he agreed to return for a short-term role. If he is killed off, either by this “mysterious”illness he has, or Victor gets wind of what JT is up to and finds a way to help JT to the grave.

Either case– hate to see two of the better characters off to daytime heaven.


LOVED Janice Lynde!!!


I lve this tread and comments so much. I share all these memories, as a lifelong viewer. I am turning 42, and still remember Vanessa jumping off that balcony and Lori rushing to see. Loved the Colonnade Room scenes over the years. Also love the later stories like everything involving Nina, David Kimble, Paul faking his death to nail Cassandra Rawlins for George’s murder. The twist with Adrian, the dry ice, etc. And yes, the music! The glorious, powerful, emotional music!

Kevin C

Welcome Joey, the memories of the classic Y&R days with it’s classic background music…


Reading all of these wonderful comments is like taking a trip back in time! Thank you everyone for resurrecting precious memories!


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