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Jeff Branson Returns to The Young and the Restless!



Daytime Emmy winner, Jeff Branson is on his way back to The Young and the Restless to  reprise the role of Ronan Malloy!

According to Soap Opera Digest, “The actor, who made his Y&R debut in June 2010, was last seen in February, when Ronan left town on a secret assignment.  The show is not commenting on the duration of his stay, but his first air date is set for June 26.”

We also know that Ronan and Phyllis had some steamy scenes last time in Genoa City! Hmmm! So soapers, what do you think will bring back Ronan Malloy to the Genoa City canvas next month?  And, who would you like to see Ronan romantically link with this time?  Let us know your thoughts!

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50 Comments on "Jeff Branson Returns to The Young and the Restless!"

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What about Chance? We still haven’t had a brother story.

It’s hard to believe that Phillip Chancellor the IV isn’t cast. Over 35 years of Y&R stories revolved around one of the Phillip Chancellors but it’s like they never existed today. I wish the present writers were familiar with the history of the program they are writing for. The past should connect with the present.


I am so happy that Jeff Branson is coming back. Not only do we NEED to see Ronan’s relationship with his family progress but Ronan and Chloe deserve a chance to finally be together. Jeff Branson and Elizabeth Hendrickson have unbeatable chemistry and Chlonan were a real romance that many want to see!

It’s time Y&R finally gave Ronan and Chloe a shot. They’re a powerhouse together!


I agree. I love Chloe and Ronan together and they have GREAT chemistry. I would love for the show to explore them and they will make a hot couple. However I have this sinking feeling that the baby that Phyllis is carrying may be Ronan’s and not Nick’s. I hope not because I love Phick as a couple


The months do not add up for Ronan to be the father


I know I won’t get Phyllis and Ronan again because Phyllis is pregnant by Nick, blah blah but that will be such a waste if they don’t at least get to see each other. Ronan and Phyllis were clearly falling in love, they had fallen in love and were such a steamy pair. They had it all. Phyllis is the only woman I enjoyed Ronan with. I think Jeff Branson is a superb actor. I’m surprised he’s coming back this soon. I had heard he stated he was done with Y&R. So this is a very welcome surprise but only if his return is done properly. I hope he’s not put with that boring, sexless Chloe. There was never anything really there between them, and Ronan hadn’t given her a second thought for the bulk of his last stint. He was totally into Phyllis. All I want is some Phonan scenes. LOL.


i feel u!!!!!!!!!


that’s great that he is coming back and I think Heather should come back they had great chemistry together.


they have already recast heather – her name is jennifer landon (daughter of michael landon) – she was an atwt vet………..

Robin Fletcher

What Shasha said.


Ronan Malloy it’s about Time Nina will be happy 🙂 when Ronan Malloy Left yea can see it his eyes he was Crying he didn’t wan’t to go 🙂 Shall we Play the CLIP back Rolle’m 🙂


I`m tired of Ninas whinning. It gets old. As far as Ronan i hope He never gets with Heather. This latest part with Victor and Sharon.. Discusting and so is Nikki. I love Y & R but its needs a big overhaul.


I think ronan come back is going to be great it will keep nick on his feet and to see phyllis talk to ronan or ronan might be come back if someone was murder and they need his help and plus I love to see ronan open up to phyllis and he was a good friend to her.


the actress that plays daisy has been let go so maybe she gets killed by ricky and ronan comes to solve the crime………….


I sure hope so. That story line is just plain dumb.


Awesome! I’m so glad that he’s coming back! With Ronan’s bonding with Nina the last time, I’m looking forward to them moving forward in a more profound way. Most of all though, I’m SO looking forward to some Chloe/Ronan scenes! Chloe is stuck with Kevin in a boring relationship – she needs some Ronan to fix it! Bring on #Chlonan!!!

Eileen Hargis

Its always a pleasure to see Jeff onscreen because he is such a great actor.


I’m so thrilled that Ronan is back! I definitely want to see him paired with Chloe. Ronan & Chloe have such amazing chemistry together. They bring out the best in each other and Chloe lights up when she is around him. They’ve never been given a real chance so I’m hoping that this time around they will! ChlonanFTW!


hey 😀 im so excited,like u have no idea!ive been tweeting YR nonstop,for months now,telling them,how much i missed ronan and so happy man!i want ronan back with chloe!chlonan rocked big time! jeff and liz’s chemistry was off the charts,always brought so much heat on my screen!!!i have a high chlonan fever and it wont go away till i see chlonan back together <3


Great news!!!!!! I would like to see him with Heather now that Jennifer Landon will be playing the role.

Kristen Taylor

Oops! Phyllis may just THINK she’s carrying Nick’s baby…

Debbie Admussen

Ronan and Phyllis were hot!! How about Ronan and Avery!!! Nice.


I’m so excited that he is coming back…. I liked him with Chloe. But Phyllis is probably carrying ronan’s baby not nicholas. Interesting… Can’t wait to see him.


I think she might have realized she was pregnant long before now if that were the case.


This is good news but I hope they use him strong and give him solid storyline. I love Tricia Cast and would like to see more of her Nina. Viewers seem to respond well to Nina, Ronan, Chance, and Philip. A solid confident gay character would be welcome in Genoa City. And Philip the artist and Nina the writer could provide a solid friendship and cultural touchpoint to Genoa City life. Galleries, publishing… yes? Chance and Ronan really learning to be brothers. More interesting that the tired Nick and Adam roundabouts and their father Victor trying to compete or quash them at every turn.


I am so glad Jeff is coming back – he is a terrific addition to Y&R.
I hope he sticks around for a bit and they give him a really good story.
Hope he has a little more contact with Nina this time.
Would also love to see Chance back too , played again by John Driscoll.


I am very happy that Jeff Branson is coming back. I hope that means he will share scenes with Tricia Cast (Nina). I miss her. Their last scenes together had me in tears.

While I admit he has great chemistry with Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe), the character just got married to Kevin and they have some chemistry too.

They are wasting good looking Carmine. He should have had more interaction with Abby by now. If that does not pick up then let Abby and Ronan have a shot. Marcy Rylan and Branson both worked on Guiding Light.

Susan M.

I remember him on AMC…Didn’t like the part he played…..A waco… He wasn’t one of my favorites…………………………….. Didn’t really care for him on AMC……………..


Funny-I could not stand him on AMC but really liked him as Ronan. My first thought when Phyllis turned up preg. was Ronan but I don’t know. Not that time matters on a soap, ha. But really, another kid for Phick? What’s the point?


Glad to to hear JB is returrning to Y&R,just please writers keep him out of Phyliss’s orbit. I like him with Chloe better,they deserve a chance. Also we need a connection with Nina. Some incite into his background will be great. I wouldn’t be agaist a pairing with Avery. NO PHYLISS this time. Weelcome Back Jeff. love ya.


AWESOME news! Jeff had off the chart chemistry with most of the characters he was featured with; particularly The Stafford! I think he’s coming back as part of a special unit to prosecute Phyllis for the decades old hit and run with Cricket and Paul; then find out that the baby she is carrying is his! Can’t wait for this Summer’s storylines to unfold!!!


So so Thrilled Ronan is back! He is such a brilliant actor!! And sexy as *#@*.
I think he is coming back to solve the Phyliss/Christine/Danny story with the hit n’ run or something to do with Ricky.

He would look amazing with Sharon!! Definatley Sharon Newman! Hot Scenes!!!


Please I want him paired with Chloe! There’s too much potential between chlonan they have been dropped twice now. I want them to be given a proper chance this time around. Give US CHLONAN!!!


I totallly agree with you,they ripped apart before they had a chance. If they can’t put them together at least don’t put him back with Granny Red, they sucked big time.


Oooh, Granny Red-FUNNY!

David Larsson

Unless he takes his shirt off, I’m not interested.


You’re kinder than I. Unless they take his HEAD off his body, I’m not interested. The character is one note at best, and frankly, I don’t see any difference between
Ronan and the character he played on AMC. Somehow he manages to combine loathesome and boring. I guess that’s an accomplishment of sorts.

On a larger note, why is Y&R all over the place, all the time, these days? TPTB seem unable to finish a storyline without starting another one. They have a huge cast, largely under-utilized, and the last thing this show needs is another fly-over by Jeff Branson.


Great news! Would be good to see Chance!!


Phyllis & Ronan – PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!


i agree


I am so tired of these whose the daddy story lines. I am crossing my fingers for no more Ronan and Phyliss pairing, they only were together for sex , I can’t stand Phyliss at all,
Ronan needs to connect with his birth mother first and foremost. PLEASE PLEASE No more Ronan and phyliss. I wouldn’t sant him with Heather again. Like him with Chloe,but even Avery would be nice.


Yay! I love Jeff Branson and the character of Ronan. Would like to see more interaction with his mom,Nina, and perhaps a romance with either Heather, Avery, or Sharon. Mostly, I’m hoping he’s returned to Genoa City because Ricky has murdered Daisy, and those two psychos will be gone! Lol!


Chloe please!!!! These two are not only smokin hot in every scene together but their characters and personalities fit together so well, there is so much storytelling potential for them. Love the mother son dynamic between Nina and Ronan, and enjoy Chance and Ronan as brothers. I hope John Driscoll comes back as Chance. Chloe has always cared about Ronan forming a relationship with his mom. She’s always had his best interest at heart. She always knew how to read him,open him up and make him smile. As well Ronan seems to be the perfect guy for Chloe as he seems to love all sides of her personality. I think these two naturally fit together. They would heat up the screen this summer for sure with their smoking hot chemistry. Go Chlonan!


Why? We need people to leave Y&R. The cast is bloated and there are too many stories.


You are so right. They could cut 1/2 the cast & still have plenty of characters & storylines!


Can someone say, Murder Mystery? Lets hope it isnt as horribly written as Diane’s!

if you have Been following the Y&R you would of Known NINA Lost her 2 Boys But got Only Breif Moments with them Or One was always leaveing She even wrote a Book about which she gave a Copy to Ronan Nina’s Son Nikie Needs to Finnal Happy With Some That Love’s her for Niki Now Always VICTOR sweet talking then tearing her apart with lies after lies after Lies there needs to be a Line Drawn and Finnly give NIKI the Happyness She Deservies I agree With Katharne JACK Treats Nicki well it’s not always About Money Bag’s VICTOR …..NICIE & JAK should be Together Yes Good For KATHERANE “CUT -THE=CRAP= +VICTOR- And let Niki go she’s made her peice with Victor So Many Times and it’s about Time that Old Romace Story Be Put To Rest And I Been A Y&R Fan for 40 years Now And Thease Writens need to Finnaly Listen to The Fans This real Life here And the stories Jump from one sceen to Another SOAP WRTER’ s “CUT THE CRAP OK Enough’s Enough. It’s Good To Danny Romolotti Back Now Wear’s GINA yea sure thought shed Be Mentioned in It they all You’s go to GINA’s Now It’s This GLOW WORM, And Where The Callinade Room Now it’s The “CLUB” and GENOWA CITYS ATHETICS CLUB And wear Pauls Mother On All This Take On Rickies Behavour and They Only Had Pauls Brother The Priest in it a few times. Bring Back NINA’S Both Sons . And What’s With This Older Kiyle @ Chrit mas He was still A Young Teen and a few Montn’s he’s n Collage comming Back way to Fast Slow that story not ment to be heard yet Mosis is still a baby To many story Plot’s some of thease New Writers from other Sopas stop it ok your The Other soaps Don’t make this to Phony Like some of the other’s And Yes Keep Ashley in Her a Tucker can work out there problems he does really Love Her Billy your Right Tukker and Ashely Need to work thing’s out and Listen to Both Sides there are 2 Sides to Every Story. Ashley Don’t Give Up On Tucker. HARMONEY You Need toK eep trying with Devon and Devon Smarten Up Your Mom Never ever stopped Loveing you and what her and Tucker did is between them your and Adult Now get Over it. and charish the time your Mother Harmoney Is Tryin gto make the mend’s meet her half way never push her away after all she’s still your Mother faults and all your Not perfect Man eaither. Katharene Forgave her cause now she knows the whole Story you give her the Benifit for the Doughbt And Nick well he’s tryin to make His peice he doesn’t wan’t to make the same Mistakes that his Fathers making so he wan’ts to be With Phylis So be Grow the Frack up people it’s 2012 Now not the 19-50′s and 60′s… Read more »

WOW, what a hard to read post.


I am definitely seeing maybe Ronan being involved with Avery…so that she can piss off her sister once again.


So right, both Avery and Ronan were used by Nick and Granny Red, was so happy when they broke off those sick relationships. At least Avery and Ronan well have something in common. Nina deserves to connect him also. Love JB. No more Heather or Granny Red.


i think ronan should be with phyllis and i hope he is the father of her baby!!!!!!!!


Hunter King Returns To Y&R On Contract

It’s going to be a long hot summer when Hunter King reprises her role of Summer Newman on CBS’ The Young and the Restless.

 The actress, whose primetime comedy series Life in Pieces has been renewed by CBS, is now set for double duty. She will return to her daytime beginnings when she first airs on Monday, June 4th. The news was first reported by TV line. King is a two-time Daytime Emmy winner.

When we last saw King in 2016, the character of Summer took a break from her college studies to travel the world. When she returns, she will waste no time digging in her heels and getting into all sorts of trouble. What will happen when her mother Phyllis, played by Gina Tognoni, finds out Summer is back in Genoa City? Stay tuned.

So, are you excited to hear that King is on her way back to Y&R? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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When Maxie finds out she had a boy to carry on the legacy of her beloved husband, she is overcome.

Ryan Paevey (Ex-Nathan), who left the series earlier this year, took to Twitter upon seeing the episode and the image of the little baby that is his on-screen offspring.

He expressed: “Welcome to the world, little one …. it’s a scary place sometimes, and i so wish i could have been there to show you all the good stuff. Your mother loves you,and will take care of you and teach you …. watch out for her her for me will ya?”

Aaawww.  So many GH fans have been touched by the gesture, and how nice it is that it makes the whole journey and end of Nathan’s West story heartbreaking and bittersweet.

Were you touched by Ryan’s tweet?  Missing him on GH? Comment below

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The single-camera sitcom set aboard the fictional Jackpot Airlines weekend flights to Sin City and Tinseltown, first season averaged 2.3 million viewers, and a 0.73 rating share in the 18-49 demo.

Kim Matula took to her Instagram following the news of the end of “LA to Vegas” stating:  Well, this one hurts. Thank you to our dedicated, appreciative, complimentary, and all together incredible fans. You all helped make our show what it was and let me tell you, we had an absolute blast.” (more…)

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