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Jessica Collins Says Farewell To The Cast and Crew Of Y&R On Her Final Tape Day! Shares With Fans: "One Of The Happiest Times In My Life Playing This Role"



It was a bittersweet day for Jessica Collins and her fans as the talented actress wrapped-up her run as Avery Bailey Clark on The Young and the Restless taping her final episode on Tuesday.

Collins who decided to depart the series gave the cast and crew a fabulous lunchtime food truck at the CBS studios as a thank you and to show appreciation for her co-workers.

Later, when Collins finished up her day on the set, surrounded by cast and crew, Christian LeBlanc tweeted: @JessicaCollins knocks it out of the park on her last #YR day!!!”

Meanwhile, Jessica who has had such loyal Avery fans during her Genoa City run which began in 2011 thanked them with a heartfelt message on Twitter relating: “One of the happiest times of my life playing this role. Thank you all for your love and support. xoJ #LastDay #YR

Share your thoughts on knowing Jessica has left the building and the cast of The Young and the Restless. Will you miss Avery? Comment below.

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186 Comments on "Jessica Collins Says Farewell To The Cast and Crew Of Y&R On Her Final Tape Day! Shares With Fans: "One Of The Happiest Times In My Life Playing This Role""

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I’m really sadden to see her leave Y&R. I thought she played Avery beautifully. She had away of making you feel the way Avery was feeling in her scenes. I wish her lots of luck in her next career move. I will definitely be rooting for her.


I agree, Denise.
I also think she would be perfect to play the role of Sarah Weber, Lizzy’s big sister on GH.


Too old.


Ya think? I dunno–Jessica is kind of ageless. Rebecca Herbst (Lizzy) is about thirty nine and Jessica is about 43. As Lizzy’s big sister, she could work.
Lizzy could use a moral compass right now after selling her soul to the Devil in order to keep Jason all to herself.

Mary Campbell

I am shocked and very sad to hear that Jessica Collins is leaving Y&R. This is very bad news. 🙁

Maryellen gentile

Jessica never had a strong script. She is capable of do ing much more. no chemistry with Steve B. The Sharon pairing was good for Steve. She should go to GH and have a romance with Maurice .
she was probably bored at work.


I have just one question…………Why does she have to go!!!!! She is one of the best actresses on the show!!!!

Liz Lav

What career is she pursuing?

i will miss her!


I agree! I love her character. The writers screwed up again. I do not like Sharon and Dylan together. Yuk! When is cbs going to wake up and get a new writer. Y&R is not the show it once was.

y&r is getting boring
y&r is getting boring

I disagree. I really like Sharon & Dylan together!!


So sad.
Will miss her a lot.


Jessica was so much better than most the women on Y&R, I will miss her..
The only time she irritated me was when she baking cupcakes (ya’ll know what I’m saying..

((I wish it would have been Sharon and Hunter that left never to return..
Sad, when you can’t get what you want lol 🙂

I wish Jessica the best,, I’m sure she will do well..


I was thinking the same thing – so many others I would have been happy
to see leave instead of Avery! Sharon and Summer are at the top of my list,
too. Have no use for either of those dumbos.


Nanci, I agree with you about Summer. Yesterday she was whining to everyone how she didn’t want to be in the middle of the Abbott/Newman war. And yet she put her nose in it asking very nosy questions, interrogating Kyle, spying on the Abbotts and then reporting to Grandpa Mustache about what she learned.
She doesn’t want to be in the middle and yet she does everything she can to put herself in the middle.
Sharon? Love her. She’s the perfect soap vixen.


Yes Summer not Avery. I am so tired of Summer’s horrible acting. Really why did you need to know about the Abbot business.


Harry, I agree with you with your Sharon comment

Liz Lav

sharon stays summer leaves she does whines a lot!


I am so sorry to see her go, She is an excellent actress but when they broke her and Dylan up she had no where to go. Wish her much success. .


Definitely summer she is beyond annoying and has no place on the show.


Wow why should anyone lose their job, i really dont understand how people can wish that on anyone! Sharon Case is a 20+ year vet and Hunter is a ypung girl and growing every day. Its sad Jessica lost her job as its never easy for anyone. I wish her all the success on her new ventures and really think they dropped the ball on letting her go its truly our loss.


Sharon and Summer are poorly written.

Sharon can’t stand on her own 2 feet without
a guy around, and Summer is forever whiny.

Jessica, in my opinion,just outshines some others
on the soap with her acting chops, too.

Eileen Hargis

Jessica didnt lose her job, she chose not to continue in it. Her choice.


Suooo, I have no idea what you’re talking about–cupcakes?
In any case, I will miss Betty Crocker, attorney at law.
She has been really demonstrating her acting prowess as of late showing us viewers how damn good and compelling she could be. It makes me a bit angry that they did not give her better material all this time. Initially she was posed to play second fiddle as Phyllis’s little sister and later she was forced into a relationship with Dylan despite the fact that she had no chemistry with Steve Burton.
She’s a good actress and I get the feeling she is a sweetheart in real life. I am sorry to see her go.


I get that feeling, too…that she is a sweetheart in real life.


Does anyone have chemistry with Steve Burton? Anyone? The guy does a spot-on impersonation of a brick. I always found the ‘ stone cold ‘ moniker too apt.

Dude has no sizzle, which is amazing given the number of truly talented and beautiful actresses he’s been paired with.

Avery had zero storylines of interest. So sad.


Sharon stays Summer goes!

Eileen Hargis

You dont think Steve had chemistry with Kelly Monaco as Sam? Are u serious???


I agree with Eileen Hargis. That chemistry was amazing. One of my favvv tv couples!!!!!


I am also tired of the character Sharon. Wrong actress left Y&R. A real shame and another sad loss for Y&R.


never got into the character of avery…she allways seemed so poorly written and teamed with guys that had little chemistry with her,,the only one she seemed to have a real connection with was michelle stafford,,,gina and her had no spark together what so ever,,,i did like her in scenes with peter bergman, and i think the writers totally missed the boat on that one ,,phylis wakes up comes home to avery engaged to jack,,,all the best to jessica in her new adventures,,,i think shes the smart one gettin off a sinking ship


Avery wasn’t engaged to Jack, that was Kelly. Avery was married to Joe then divorced and engaged to Dylan (who is now with Sharon)


What Randy is saying is that the writers missed the chance to pair Jack and Avery together, and have Phyllis wake up from her coma to find them engaged. So instead of Jack and Kelly together, it would (and should) have been Avery and Jack together.


She was saying that would of been much better that y&r missed the boat on that one..


yes rebecca i know that,,i was simply stateing the writrers missed the boat on what could have ben a great story with the pairing of avery and jack

Eileen Hargis

Randy was referring to what could have been written and I agree. It would have been really good watching her fight her sister for Jack.


Ughh read that wrong… sorry!


no worries all


It is a sinking ship.


jessica was beautiful and talented, especially her last story being torn between dylan and joe and ultimately agonizing over joe s abuse!
going to miss her no nonsense intelligent portrayal of the very few smart people in genoa city now that pratts writing everyone like a moron with no feelings or morals!
hope she returns when a real head writer returns to write y n r!


I wish her the best. Y&R wasted her over the last 2 years in a horrible Dylan coupling,the one person she had no chemistry with. They definitely dropped the ball with her. I saw a spark with Peter Bergman,missed opportunity. The exit storyline has been awful.


Loved Avery and loved the potential for her and Joe before poor Joe got thrown under the writers bus. Will miss this character terribly…but the show must go on and I will continue to watch. Maybe one day Avery will be back! Keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck to Jessica!


Jessica Collins: I had never seen your work prior


you sizzled when you started

your crimped hair… w/glasses… your legalese… sizzled.. you were commando

how your character spiraled… but, then… so did Y&R

an empty product… does not give

I feel the same way about Cady McClain

another headline…. will fake Peter Bergman… who is spiraling… with

Jack Abbott… is in need of help
Is Elieen Davidson ready?

Eric Braedon… simply has to leave

rid the waste

Victor simply has to go… so many ventures, avenues, and outlets.. will transpire

a ready mix of coop de ta will find their mark

Eileen Hargis

I was agreeing with you till Eric. Just another moronic comment.




“Collins who decided to depart the series…”
Are you serious? She decided to leave the show? I thought she was more or less forced out.

Alright. Alright. If she decided to leave, then I wish her the best in all her endeavors. Just as long as she doesn’t suddenly show up at General Hospital like all the other actors that have left.

Eileen Hargis

Her decision not to renew.


Avery was just window dressing for Phyllis. She was a nice character but didn’t have any real spark. The writing was on the wall for her once Michelle Stafford chose to leave-She lasted longer than I thought. She is a decent actress (not a powerhouse), I remember her from her days on Loving way back when. I am sure she will land on her feet. There was nowhere else for her to go on Y & R and I think she will be glad she is leaving. The show is a mess right now and a lot of it is NOT watchable.


I wish her well. I actually liked her character. I thought she was best with Nick BUT her best scene partner was Michael. When those to sat at Crimson and had coffee together and had a conversation it didnt appear as if they were acting, just hanging out as colleagues. I will assume that they are killing her off but I had hoped when she disappeared that she had just left town, giving her an option to return. I wish many other different actors would go before Jessica. But, as in life, the people you hate at work the most NEVER leave!


Timm, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I loved Avery’s friendship with Adam. As you stated, it really felt like two friends sitting down to talk and there was a sense of mutual respect.
Adam was protective of Avery in a big brother kind of way and he wanted nothing in return from her except for her friendship. She brought out the best in Adam.


So glad to see Avery go. I never liked her. I also don’t think the actress vibed with the character or something. She didn’t have chemistry with anyone.


Her and Michael had Chemistry.


Jessica is a great actress, no doubt! I didn’t care much for her character because she was saddled much of the time with a “dead wood” acting partner, Steve Burton.


Steve Burton seems like a nice guy. I loved him as ROBOJASON. On Y&R, he is a bust! Sorry Steve.


Timmm, I agree with you about the Y&R bust. I’m not a fan of his GH work either, but I know I am in the minority on this that. I thus won’t be knocking him anymore here. Take care.

linda cannon

R they gonna recast her love r as Avery every time they have someone good they get rid of them sad.

Gloria Zimmerman

jessica will be missed :(. …….. Wish her well with her career .


I wish her well and hope she will tell us what she will be doing in the future. She was invested with her script but lacked passion with her on-screen men. Wonder if her role with be recasted?


While I didn’t really like her at first, she quickly became a favorite of mine.

theres a warmth to her that translated to the character.

Hope she finds further success.

Another good actor jumping off the Daytime Titanic.


The character went downhill when Phelps came aboard and paired her with Dylan, otherwise I enjoyed the character and have always liked the actress.

Did she quit or was she written out? I can’t find the exact wording anywhere.

The Substitute

I believe she chose not to resign and I agree Phelps is bound and determined to make Burton the star of the show. I never felt she and Dylan were a romantic type pairing viewers need to see a romance grow on camera not off. Everybody has to remember Pratt only knows one way to write women and that is crazy or a slut so JC left. The best chemistry male wise that she had on the show was with the character Michael I would have been up for a story with Michael leaning on Avery during his cancer story. Missed opportunities everywhere you turn with this team!

linda dawson

Jessica, I am so sad that you are leaving Y&R. You are a very talented acctress and you played your character so well. I wish you all the best in your future. You will be sorely missed. Linda Dawson


I will miss Miss Collins. Very watchable. Very engaging. She brought a certain character to Genoa City that was not there and now will not be. I am hoping we will see Miss Collins in primetime soon. Or maybe on stage?


So sorry to see her leave, but it is Y&R’s loss. I would love to see her in Port Charles on GH!


That would be nice but she has to be written for. Look at Michelle Stafford, she went to GH and they dont know what to do with her!

Barbara from Atlanta

Being the younger sister of Phyllis, the character had a LOT of potential. None of the writers really followed through on that potential or seemed to have any idea what they wanted to do with this character.

Collins is very attractive and a competent actress. Personally, I don’t think she has a lot of screen “presence” but admit that I have not seen her in another role. I liked Collins but, when there was some effort to make her Avery a “lead” character (using her to introduce new characters), I viewed this as a mistake.

Maybe in a couple of years, someone will have a better handle on what to do with Avery and bring her back. I’d like to see the character have a little more “edge” than has presently been shown as she is Phyllis’ sister!


Very sad she is,leaving the show she made it more real and is a,good actress. Yr is nuts for letting her go. One of my favorite characters


I thought she was let go. Do we know why she left? I liked seeing her flip out on Joe. I wish she had more scenes like that in all the time she was on the show.

Mary SF

Sometimes when there is a conflict in the behind the scenes relationship between an actor and management, management will give the actor the option of saying they wanted to leave instead of saying they were being fired. Or they make life hell for the actor until they feel they have no option but to resign and the show doesn’t get the rap for firing them.

Eileen Hargis

She chose not to renew her contract. Her choice to leave and not renew. Interesting that good actresses dont seem to stay under Jill Farren Phelps, isnt it?

Betty Dean

I hate to see her go. She came in with so much promise as a great lawer. Loved her with Nick, never liked Dylan. He is still on low scale with me. Don’t like him with Sharon either.I hope that Jessica is hap.


Too bad she had to leave Y&R but who can blame her with the crap that is on there these days. She’s jumping the sinking ship.


So sad she was great are y’all replacing her or are y’all gone send her to jail for Joe accident….

Betty Dean

please get rid of Hunter King and all that bunch.


Will miss u so much


Hoping she goes to Gh… I know they have a big cast but she would actually make a great addition..

Regina robinson

Yes I will miss u Jessica u are a.good actress.


Jessica Collins will be sorely missed. I enjoyed her acting and her character Avery! Best of luck Jessica!!!


So sad that Jessica has left Y&R. She played the character of Avery so well with all she had in her from her heart❤️. I wish that Y&R had her & Dylan get married. I do not Ike the Joe character for her at all. That was not a good direction to go. I just loved watching Jessica and she always showed her beautiful smile. I wish her all the best of luck in her future. Hope she keeps tweeting the gans

Diane Dickinson-Watkins
Diane Dickinson-Watkins

It’s a sad day on the set of Yand R, there have been so many changes, in a very short
time frame. It’s hard to keepup with all of the new cast members. I would like to wish Jessica all of the best in whatever path her career takes her.

nancy miller

I hate she’s leaving…Avery is one of my favorite characters…so sad…


I will miss Jessica, she is a very good actress and it was always nice to see her. At times, Avery was a dull character, but she was great when paired with Nick, and her scenes with Christian LeBlanc were always great. I always hoped that, if the writers wanted to break up Michael and Lauren, they could try a Michael and Avery pairing. Anyhow, Jessica is a great actress and I’m sorry to see her go, but she will find new work elsewhere soon.

However, I wasn’t terribly surprised to hear she was leaving. The last few years have been a waste for her, being paired with Steve Burton (who has very little chemistry with almost everyone on the show) and that awful cooking show story. When Joe came to town, things got a little interesting, but even that story was dull. I agree with previous posts that a huge missed opportunity for Avery was to pair her with Jack, and have Phyllis wake up to find them together. That would have been interesting to see, instead of sending Kelly on the crazy train and creating a rivalry with Phyllis.

The real problem here is how Pratt is writing the show, seemingly as if he can’t have a strong female character within the middle-aged age range.
– Sharon is so reliant on men saving her, which is nothing new, but Pratt could have changed her back into a strong character;
– Phyllis, who has always been written as strong and sharp, is being duped by an imposter and written as a total moron;
– Chelsea doesn’t realize after MONTHS that she’s talking to, befriending, sleeping with and allowing her son near Adam;
– Sage allowed herself to be bullied by Adam and is now relying on Nick;
– Kelly was spun down to Psycho-ville and then murdered;
– Victoria is not involved in any real major story of her own;
– and Ashley is now battling illness…

It really shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Jessica decided to leave, because what would Avery become if she continued on the show? Avery has always been a smart, determined, no-nonsense type of character, but that no doubt would have changed drastically.

Hopefully, when Pratt is removed as head writer and CBS realized they need to regain Y&R’s sanity, Avery will return. I just pray that Pratt doesn’t kill her off. Since he took over, three characters have been killed and it’s only been 6 months.


I could not have said it better Jimmy..CBS had better clean up their act and FIRE these people and LISTEN to the fans ….the storylines just don’t make sense!! Jessica is absolutely right…this was the BEST soap but now it’s at the bottom of the barrel! if things don’t change they won’t have any fans and Y&R will RIP


Why is CJL ALWAYS in every picture on the set of Y&R? Like ants at a picnic!

I think Jessica is beautiful and talented but Avery was a mixed bag. I hope Jess moves on to bigger and better things!

Eileen Hargis

Christian takes most of the selfies of the cast when they are working on set. If he didnt, we would never see all these pictures. If u dont like them, ignore them. I think most fans enjoy them.

Esther Reid

So sorry Jessica is leaving the show. Please let us know where you go next.


I loved Avery since day one, she Will be missed, good lluck on your next adventure .


My best wishes for the actress , Ms. Collins as she departs the show. She brought a different type of lawyer, and as the sister of the Phyllis Newman, their chemistry was simpatico, it simply worked. I would hope that the show’s producers replace her in the next 3 months, and if her character ending has been already on the storyboard, in the next six months, I am still 5 weeks behind in watching the series ,but I have CBS Access, thank you CBS…..I hope it is not some trashy ending that does not work with the history that they have already given us with and about her character history. I am sorry that she is gone, but like the others who have left, the show must go on!!!!


I will miss you, Avory was dynamic I’ve been watching Y&R since it first aired 5/1973 , Katherine Chancellor, John Abbott JR , and everyone there are my second family EXCEPT FOR VICTOR someone should throw a bucket of water on him and watch him melt


I am sorry to hear about Jessica leaving the show. I have enjoyed
Watching her in the role of Avery. The love interest between Dylan and Avery was great.


Jessica’s “story” for the last four years sounds like something from SOAPDISH: a lawyer fighting to clear Sharon of shoving Skye in an active volcano and who just happened to be Phyllis’ never before mentioned sister and the twist was that they were estranged because of some crazy pyramid scheme their father ran but then Avery realized her dad was a real turd and made amends with Phyllis for ten minutes before pissing her off again until by falling in love with uber gorgeous Nicholas who she dumped at the altar (after he gave her an EZ Bake Oven, y’all!) when her never before mentioned lover (who gave her a special rock, y’all!) returned and inspired her to pursue both her love of the law and star in her own internet cooking show while helping him deal with the revelation that he is the local ex-stripper’s sainted secret cult baby and later working to save his coffee house from being leveled as a result of his step father’s warehouse district development plan which was headed up by her creepy ex-husband who she managed to knock over a balcony with one little shove.

Just another example of a talented actress out thanks to writers who continue to introduce characters with no through line or long term story arc in place.

L V Stokes

Jessica ,I will miss you. Best of luck with your career.


Well poop!!! And here I was hoping there’d be a big cat fight between Sharon and Avery…Sharon would get hers and Avery would get Dylan back…again, POOP!!!


Omg I just read about this! I’ve been a loyal fan since I was a teenager I’m so ready to give up on this show this new writer is making a ridiculous show! Soon it will see the same outcome as guiding light it got so silly.. That’s probably why she left she was so beautiful very special look and talent ! Letting billy go and now Avery mistakes I do like the new Adam but he will surely leave if keep up these insane storylines realty Mexican cartel does he think his audience fools!


I hate to see her leave the Show.What is going to happen to Joe? And When The Real Jack. Come Back? And did fake. Jack Kill Mr.Victor,? And is that Nick Baby? Let it be Adam Baby. So Victor, know that Adam is not Dead.. Me and my Mom love the. Show.

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