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John-Paul Lavoisier Joins The Cast Of Days of our Lives As Phillip Kiriakis!

Photo Credit:: Peter Randolph Photography

Photo Credit:: Peter Randolph Photography

Fantastic news and brilliant casting! One Life to Live favorite John-Paul Lavoisier (Ex-Rex Balsom) has been cast as Salem’s new Phillip Kiriakis on NBC’s Days of our Lives!

The actor has already begun taping scenes and will be first seen on the canvas in early December, according to Soap Opera Digest who broke the news.

JP is also set to co-star in the upcoming web series Winterthorne which debuts on August 27th. along with Martha Madison who is also back at DAYS reprising her role of Belle!

Lavoisier follows in the footsteps of Jay Kenneth Johnson and Kyle Brandt who played the role.

What do you think about the casting of JP as the new Phillip Kiriakis? Excited to hear he will be back on the daytime soaps?  Share your thoughts below!

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66 Comments on "John-Paul Lavoisier Joins The Cast Of Days of our Lives As Phillip Kiriakis!"

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Lou Piikes

Philip Kiriakis is a serious character and J.P.L. comes off very comedic at times. I wish him good luck with the role.


Not everybody that watched “One Life to Live” was a fan. His schtick got really old after about four or five years.


I agree.

And teaming him up with Gigi was atrocious. Every time that couple faced a threat from outside sources, I was always rooting for the villain in the equation.

Mary SF

Although I usually prefer to see the person who originated the role to play the character when they come back, yet if they have to and or are going to recast Philip then he is an excellent choice and I am willing to give him a shot.


This is awesome news, JPL will be an awesome Philip. JPL is greatly missed from daytime, so this is fantastic that DAYS secured John-Paul. I’m assuming he’s got a contract.


My first thought is he’s too old, but I guess I’m still thinking of Philip when he was younger. I’m glad to see the character back on the show. I enjoyed both Jay and Kyle as Philip.

4ever DAYS

When the news of Jason Cook’s return was announced by Michael Fairman I stated that Martha Madison should return as Belle and the return of Jay Kenneth Johnson as Philip would be gold.

The return of Martha as Belle has since been announced and now Philip is returning, but with someone else other than Jay. I think the recast Philip is at least silver and could turn to gold! I just hope Jay Kenneth Johnson was asked back.

DAYS means business!!!!!


Thank you Days’ gods. Finally! I wish it did not have to be as Philip K, but I will take him any way I can.

4ever DAYS

CeeCee, we both posted at the same time!

I’m in the dark about this actor. From what show do you know him?

I’m just happy Philip is returning!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

If they had to recast, they found the perfect actor!…im getting back more into the show now!!!


John-Paul Lavoisier is from OLTL. He played Rex Balsom, and his mother was played by Ilene Kristen (Roxy; Delia, GH).
4ever, you will not be disappointed by this actor. You won’t be able to help falling for his allure and charisma. Trust me…great actor, too…LOL.


Hi, 4ever,
I mis wrote earlier, John-Paul and Farah are no longer together.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

I believe he will make a fine Philip…now had Melissa Archer had been cast as Sarah, Maggie’s daughter, they wouldve been working together again!!!

4ever DAYS

You’re right, Jimh! It’s a missed opportunity, but I have a feeling that we will see a lot of good outweighing the bad!!!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

I also thought he’d made a good Dillion on GH…

4ever DAYS

Thanks CeeCee!

I’m thrilled to know you think of him as a credible actor. I would hate to think you only care about his looks. lol


Lol, 4ever. Looks count, of course. Who doesn’t appreciate beauty? …….but, great acting trumps one’s looks each and every time.


Wonderful news. JP did a terrific job creating Rex Balsom. I hope TPTB don’t give him a snail’s pace, convoluted story line like they gave his former on screen sister, Melissa Archer.


??? of all the returns -recasts : this is the most questionable

ie: Jay Kenneth Johnson was perfect with mom Kate and dad Victor

Debbie Harris

As a OLTL fan for many many years, I am always happy to see the actors from my show back on TV. I would have preferred that JP resurface on GH, but I am happy for him and for Days. JP was always a fan favorite on OLTL and sure he will be on Days as well! I just might have to start watching to see him and Kassie DePaiva!


JPL is awesome! Days is lucky to have him. Great news.


Happy news! I really enjoyed both Jay and Kyle as Philip, but I think JPL will be great in the role.

Scott (ATWT Fan)

John-Paul Lavoisier is a fantastic choice of recast for Phillip Kiriakis. Jay Kenneth Johnson was someone whose acting I hated watching, and Kyle Brandt was fantastic in the role, but I just don’t see him coming back. JP is perfect for the role, and this is leading me to believe a re-visit of the Belle and Phillip storyline is coming. More returns and excellent recasts like this are truly going to make Days of Our Lives a soap opera that is not to be missed right now!


My thoughts, too. a return of the Shawn-D/Belle/Phillip love triangle.
I’m excited for John-Paul’s ride on DAYS as Phillip, excellent choice, and with Lucas around, the two half brothers will have scenes together, no doubt. DAYS is certainly shaping up!!! It’s my #1 favorite soap, and it seems it will stay that way for a long while. DAYS is the little soap that COULD. Big changes, big stories, bigger and better cast members, DAYS is alive and well!

Eileen Hargis

Dont know why they thought the show needed Philip back.


I wondered that also. I would love it if Philip and Theresa get together….anything to for Brady to have egg on his face….his superiority attitude really turns me off. John-Paul’s jocular personality will serve as a perfect weapon for Philip to bring Brady down a peg or two.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Yes…Philip and Theresa as a couple could bring on some juicy drama in the K mansion…i used to like Brady but i can barely tolerate him lately….i can see them at the dinner table…Philip and Theresa in love eyeing each other, giggling and playing footsies underneath the dining table…a jealous Brady storming off…an annoyed but barely tolerant Maggie asking if anybody is ready for dessert…a disgusted Victor says ‘Ive lost my appetite for obvious(glancing Theresa’s way) reasons!’ then hurriedly exits the room only to go upstairs to find his nephew Justin in bed with Victors ex Kate-Couger-Roberts!!!…i would love this!!! Kind of like the fun stuff they used to write for GH’s Q family!!!


Oh, my gosh and WOW. I just love that very vivid picture you paint of the family’s dinner. Quite a succulent treat…LOL.
Justin and Kate, hey? I like that too. Then again, I love Kate. I know most people don’t, but she is a character, isn’t she? Her style is fantastic…her clothes, FAROUT. I just think she is unbelievably talented. I enjoy her quirkiness. Later.


excellent casting, John-P is perfect! this a five gold star rating for Days Casting…




I m excited so see him back on daytime again. I think he will be a great phillip and can’t wait to see the chemistry between the other charachters.


This is an absolute home run!!!!!!! He was fantastic on OLTL and I know he will bring spice to DAYS!!! I forsee a Shawn/Belle/Phillip triangle being revisited!!!!! Days is pulling out ALL the stops!!!! I hope they don’t repair him with Chloe!!! I would rather them bring MiMi back or even Cassie!!!! Although Cassie couldn’t date Shawn or Phillip, as she is a Brady/Roberts, so there goes that!!! Cassie was a feisty mess and I miss her!!!!! Looking forward to JPL on Days!!!!!!!


If only they would bring Vivienne back they wasted her they last go around but with the new writing regime a take over of Titian to get back at Kate and be the powerful business woman she is would be great.


This is awesome casting news!! I have been waiting for some soap to pick him up! What would be really cool is if him and Farrah Fath could reunite, this time as Phillip and Mimi. One thing to nitpick about….Parker should have stayed Phillip’s! The hasty rewrite to make Daniel the father never made sense, and was just one of many moves made to further cement his place on the canvas. JPL could have played either of Kate’s MIA sons, Rex or Phillip. I liked Jay Kenneth on his first go round as an easy going kid, bUT his return fell completely flat for me, mostly due to the writing, and him not knowing what they wanted from the character on a day to day basis. All in all, this is good news. I just hope they dont make Phillip charmless and bitter. I hope they play to JPL ‘s natural comedic skills!!


I only tune into this show occasionally…but may just have to start watching…I love John-Paul. But as much as I loved him and Farah as Rex and Gigi….loved them…I’ve seen several of her Twitter posts since. Let’s just say I’m no longer a fan of hers…and…the two broke up in real life. I had I not read her “real” self, I would have agreed with you, Aden. They were soap magic together…


Correction…should read, “Had”I not read her real self…


I can’t see John-Paul as a resentful, bitter character. This type of representation would not do him justice…and it would be folly if the writers attempted to write him thus. As yourself, I have faith in JP and I will rely on his effervescent personality.
By the by, Aden? I agree, Parker should have remained as Philip’s son. The only positive aspect is that Parker looks so much like Daniel, it’s almost eerie.


Would’ve rather seen him as the new Dillon Quartermiane on GH…


I agree he would have made an excellent choice as Dillon Quartermaine, though I think the current actor is very good in the part.


Oh my gosh, they need to bring back Mimi now!!! Aww, I LOVE jpl!! Good job days!


I wish, SW. I would love to have Farah back. But, I doubt that would work. From what I had heard, she and JP did not part in good terms. Then again, one never knows…or, Mimi may be recast.


I am so glad that days of our lives is bring back philip kiriakis because he is so need in salem.


cant wait for some shawn d / belle/ phillip sorridness!!!!
now clean up the canvas and get rid of fake chad, useless ben and get abigail into the mix with phillip!
too bad the gorgeous jay kenneth is not returning as phillip but i guess im being greedy! lol, im good enough with jason cook! favorite couple .. shawn d and belle!!!
days is going to kill it this fall!!!! thank you powers that be!!!


I have never seen him before so really don’t know. But I liked the previous Philip, especially with Chloie


I’m glad that John Paul is back, too.


This can go either way. He often went over-the-top while playing Rex. I hope he doesn’t do the same schtick playing Phillip. The last thing we need is another Roger Howarth playing Roger Howarth in every role he plays.


I would prefer Jay Kenneth Johnson as Philip.


He would fit better as a recast of Rex Brady. I always thought he would’ve made a good Rex recast.


With Belle, Shawn and Claire back I guess it was only a matter of time Phillip came back. All we need is Chloe, Mimi and Jan returning and the entire Scooby gang would be in place. Bringing back all of these characters would allow for a great wrong to be righted though. Phillip’s son Pocket was given inexplicably up for adoption. No way would Victor or Kate i written correctly ever have allowed that in a million years. I know Victor got that kid back some kind of way. Pocket is related to both Ciara and Claire so unless its an unwittingly falling in love with your cousin but can’t marry due to DNA issues, they will have to bring someone out of the core families to date him. Which isn’t a bad idea either in this small closely related town.


Thank God someone snapped this talented guy up, although he would’ve made a kick-ass Billy Abbott.
but at least now Phillip will have some personality.


This sucks I want Jay K Johnson back
as Philip.I’d rather see a familiar face
plus have been wanting to see Jay & Jason
& Martha,and even Nadia who played
Chloe reunite.
I’m not excited about this guy


I’m with you on that!


Fa b ulous. His mom and dad are thrilled for him and Bambi is the mom!!!!! I miss not seeing him every day. His grammy would be so proud. She is no longer with us but always called OLTL “John -Paul’s show”!!!


I really liked Jay Johnson playing Phlip. Sometimes I wish they would bring back original people who portrayed the characters we loved. Then sometimes we need to see what the new people bring to the show. Like the new now deceased Will Horton, didn’t like the new one but loved the old.


He looks so much like another character who used to be on the show years ago, Scott Reeves.


He’s way to old to be Phillip. Bad casting 🙁

Donna carlisle

They age people in soaps all the time.


Speaking of aging characters…as much as they aged Chase and Ciera, Parker did not age much at all. Crazy….

Donna carlisle

I think he will do great. Loved him on one life.


This new Phillip is not Phillip. I’ve watched Days for 23 years. This guy is less than thrilling in the role of Phillip.


So far, not impressed. Plz, do something with his hair.


Ha ha! Yes u are right – he could have pulled off Billy Abbott!


Very disappointed with the recast. Bring back Jay please!!! At least do something with his hair. It’s terrible


This picture is not what he looks like on the show~ not happy with him as philip


Right! Fix his hair! Awful!


Too old bring back the last philip and remember no leg

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