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Jordi Vilasuso Shares Heartfelt Message On His Exit From DAYS

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Days of our Lives has made the decision to let-go of Jordi Vilasuso, who has played Dario Hernandez on the NBC daytime drama series.

In a heartfelt message to his followers, fans, DAYS colleagues and co-stars, Jordi posted: “Yes, it’s true- my Days are numbered. I’ve been wanting to speak on this for awhile but out of respect and love for the show I’ve stayed quiet. @nbcdays has brought me so much joy! NBC, Sony, Ken Corday @gregmeng , Albert Alarr, and the entire crew who make this show possible have all been such pleasure to work for and with.

Although I wish Dario would have gone in a different direction, being a part of the Hernandez family was one of the best parts of the gig thanks to @abonemartinez , @ggering, and @camilabanus. Mi familia always took me on a rollercoaster of belly hurting laughter and tears that I would look forward to whenever I got the opportunity to mix it up with them.

I’m grateful to the women that escaped Dario’s grasp as well.. 😉 @ari8675@ximenaduque, and @_marcimiller_ are such beautiful actors both inside and out and always inspired me to work at a higher level.

Lastly, the fans! You are the ones who keep this show going. I’ve gotten to know some of you personally and your passion for the stories and characters is infectious. Your opinions of Dario were hilarious and often mutually shared! Ha!

So here’s to @nbcdays ! May you have many more years to come! It’s been a hell of a ride! #dool #nextchapter#lookingforward

Jordi will last be seen on-air through the end of this month.

So, sad to know Jordi is exiting DAYS?  What did you think of the character of Dario Hernandez? Comment below.

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30 Comments on "Jordi Vilasuso Shares Heartfelt Message On His Exit From DAYS"

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Karen R

Go over to Y&R there are so many possibilities, Ashley, Mariah, Abby, Victoria, Lily


Yet another example of DAYS hiring a great actor who can do wonders with any role, and then saddling them with terrible material and poor character development. Same thing happened with Vincent Irizzary, John-Paul Lavoisier and even A Martinez. Not to mention Sarah Brown as Madison James and Tamara Braun as Taylor Walker. And when they made the smart move to bring TB back as Ava Vitali, they went and killed her off. What a terrible mistake, she could have been a great villainess – imagine Ava joining forces with Andre to reek havoc on Salem. But instead, her return was wasted.

It’s a shame when DAYS does things like this, because all of these actors could have brought something really special to the show if given the chance. Hopefully Jordi finds better luck somewhere else. As for Dario, he never really fit into the canvas anyway so there’s no real loss there.


I’ll add Melissa Archer to your list. Her character, Serena, was painted into a corner with that never ending elephant statue story.


All shows do this! Look at that list you named! All were Emmy winners or at least nominees. These shows grab the best talent from the past but have no roles prepared for them…so they make it up as they go. Why not Vincent as Mike Horton? Why not ANY female as Sarah Horton or Meliss?? We don’t need more test tube or fake kids from Maggie….she has kids!!! Many viewers have never cared about Rafe since his introduction almost a decade ago. Why would we care about his long lost family?? And any writer/show that can waste the charm and talent of JPL is just botched!! Writers, or lack thereof, is what is killing soaps.


I really MISS… Tamara Braun… as Ava Vitali. Man.. she was HOT intriguing and the heat… dare I say… generated.

this trio : Kayla / Steve / Ava… could have generated YEARS of story

I’d like to prop : Ava and Steve ( Patch ) SON. he’s a GOOD ACTor. @DAYS !

he’s a keeper. Lucas Adams as Tripp Dalton. END this lame story of exacting revenge for “who murdered” his mother.

it’s rather affecting to watch Tripp WITH his “step-mother” Kayla ! that’s the joy of watching Kayla as well… reacting and being a mother to a good actor.

WOW… oy! it would be something huge and tantamount to the biggest return… if Sarah Brown COULD RETURN as Maggie’s daughter .

I didn’t expect to see Hattie today! I have some misgivings… I hope she doesn’t get all kooky for too long. and WOW again… John Black is handsome as EVER!

come on DAYS… let’s go

for, “ALL” – intent – AND – Purpose –   ie:  from TPTB to ep to writing to thee best cast in daytime… Days of OUR Lives I don’t know… if you have the best cast and that’s not inspiration enough Eileen Davidson Kassie DePaiva Ali Sweeney Chandler Massey he’s promising a Lucas story !    this is big… My man Lucas is up and running. Judy Evans is doing double duty… like no other.. she’s top of the line count on and surpasses with her natural ability … Bonnie and Adrienne… two Judys’ YES if DAYS keeps Tripp; then its more mother/ stepson acts WITH Kayla!  warmth ANY thing… for more Greg Vaughan.   PLEASE WRITE HIM.  just not w/ Jenny make up your mind already… with Chad and Gabs or Abs.  lost time and focus.  I’m still holding on with Marci Miller.  I saw some determination w/Dario.  she’s still untapped potential.   I haven’t wavered on my opinion.. I liked her immediately. DAYS seriously needs to bring more focus on Abes family.  all you need is good writing and Abe piece of the pie.. will do every thing else.   GOOD STUFF to be had from Abe / Valerie /Lani / Theo / Eli / heck let’s add Julie.      Maggie and Victor – pronto… if the rumour mill is true that John Anniston is looking to retire… work this couple…. PLEASE.  they are the true old soul romantics with the steady gait and quick wit.. with all the love between them .  Please I need the love and romance. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kate and Andre together… this is where the FUN happens.  BIG PROPS to Thaoo Penghlis.   whatever his mindset… he immerses himself and puts on his own show.   Kate … god , i’ll say it again… is all woman… if ever I wanted to be or like… it’d be Kate… she needs for nothing… except a lover.. and boy was she at her best when it was with RAFE !   SEX .   OK PASSION.   anyway… I do not feel sorry at all for Melody Thomas Scott @ Y&R .  her character is at deaths door… Kate is how I wish Nikki LIVED.   sigh!  oh well she’s with old crusty humorless moneybags victor nuMAN.   Kate is a woman. I hope Valentini ends this charade of Sonny all corporate he man .   it’s not working… he’s still a pup… and is stud… he looks a fish out of water.. and it’s time to right the small fry.   besides.. it’s time for Paul and Will. all I need right now… is some serious write for JJ. he held the Horton women together.. and Abs stepped up to the plate and delivered. it’s time to take him serious. can’t wait to see interactions with Eve. just saying… that was big time chops WISH WISH WISH – Peter Blake as played by : Jason Brooks / Rick Lansing / William DeVry. WISH WISH WISH – that Eve and Kristen are fast friends… and that Justin… Read more »

all i’m asking for… is just a little bitsy BREAK of Hope ! argh! PLEASE. I will never get Hope and Rafe. Rafe is wasted. bring back the original Lauren Boles to flesh out and make Hope bearable…. because the forced romance with Rafe is NOT GOING TO BE. so let Hope adopt “Cierra Alice”… and that’s how Lauren Boles returns. with a new name of course…

are they recasting Cierra Alice ? I read a post that wants Cierra and Tripp as the new supercouple… I LIKE THIS IDEA

ENOUGH with the overload and stuffed to the gills of TOO MUCH HOPE


I agree with your assessment, Jimmy (coincidentally my real name!). DAYS has been oddly unable to sustain the great talent it attracted with strong fan expectation and media fanfare. I went to DAYS after ATWT was cancelled and have had mixed satisfaction. Hoping RC can right the ship with some cast pruning and focus on solid stories but… please do not get too “out there” with the plotting and drama. Right off we will have some sort of resurrection (to explain Chandler Massey’s return) but I hope we can enjoy the solid family lives DAYS an be so good at.

Mr. Vilasuso is a class act regarding his departure from Salem. yes, Y&R, pick him up. Now he is someone who will bring some genuine life to the executive ranks and Brash & Sassy!

Tomas Torquemada

Spot. On.

Agree about Melissa Archer as well.

No matter how good the actor is, bad writing will drag you down. DAYS has had a surfeit of bad writing for several years now. Even veterans (Hope, Nicole, Jennifer etc) were given horrible material that no one could spin in to gold.

I hope the turn-around is real this time.


HALLELUJAH…Dario’s time is up…Y-A-Y!!!!! BYE BYE BYE!!!!!

Mary SF

ITA– now if they could get rid of Jade and Claire I would do my happy dance.




Claire more than Jade.

Karen Clark

not much. He was written into a corner and had no layers.




What a class act!

Sad to see him go…


Good. Never liked the actor and don’t like Dario with Abby.


I’m with you, Mo.


I am very sorry to hear this news; but, not surprised. I always wondered by his character was there. They never took the time to make Dario a part of the larger community. They never let him connect with other characters other than his family. Even the family connection was shaky. He was friends with Nicole and Marie Wilson’s character. Both friendships died on the vine. Once again, TPTB hire a strong, proven actor and have no idea what to do with him. Don’t they have some plan in mind before they hire these people?

I really like Jordi and wish him much success in the future.


That last sentence — I think it is like my beloved New York Yankees when George Steinbrenner was still alive. They would go out and BUY big names but most of the time they did not have chemistry with the team or the team did not know what to do with them. Oftentimes they had too many big names and nowhere to put them. But I would see this time and again. Instead of developing what they already had, they would have to go after the latest free agent even if they didn’t need him.

I think this is the case with soaps too. They got him, but they didn’t know what to do with him and that is a real shame. He could have been a great leading man instead of played like a love-crazed weasel in the end. Some couples are shoved down our throats day in and day out and just don’t click and then others are not even given a chance.

I just wish they would stop the Chad merry-go-round of Abby-Chad-Gabbi and put him with one permanently already. These characters deserve better as did Dario. 🙁

Tomas Torquemada

DAYS loves an endless, tedious triangle. Sami Carrie Austin. Hope Bo Billie. Sean Belle Phillip.

No one can drag these things out for four five years like DAYS.

James R. Poissant

What the hell? Why this stupid move? For once, I was getting to know Dario because when the character was on before, he had been brought on then was out and he hadn’t even been fleshed out. At least Jordi was able to bring a couple of layers to the character so that we could see who he was and we knew he could be redeemed. Guess we will never know now. Best thing DAYS could do at this point is to leave the character out of sight and out of mind since they feel they don’t know where to go with the character even though all Dario needed was some good writing.


I’m not going to miss Dario, but will miss Jordi. I would love to have him go to another soap and play a non-criminal role. Day really ruined Dario in the end.


I’ve loved and hated Dario so you did a great job! You will be missed. The one thing I know for sure……once apart of Days, you’re always a part of Days! Fans never let you go so watch out! You’ll be Dario for the rest of your days! Thank you and the best always.


I can’t get past the way the executives treated A Martinez. He’d never say it – but they (Meng and Carlivati) treated him horribly and did quite the disservice.

I wish Jordi well. He played it with all his heart even when only given scraps.

The questions remains: Will Ron Carlivati or will Greg Meng be the one to put out their cigarette on the cold studio floor as the last parting shot once this show meets it’s fate in January?


I don’t believe Ron had anything to do with his leaving. Many of the stories were in place when he arrived.

Andrea Hall

I have been watching since 1967. They took the character of Dario and wrote him in to a corner. They left him with no redeeming qualities. They did it to A Martinez as well. The one family member I have NEVER warmed up to is Gabbi. The girl who calls herself Abbey’s best friend and keeps going after her friends husband. Her they can send packing.

So much talent on this show, especially the vets, and they shove characters down our throat that we simply don’t care about. Send Claire to live with her parents please.

Kyler Pettis is fabulous as Theo Carver. What a find. His relationship with Chad and Andre is so different but I love that he went to Chad about Dario and his crooked dealings.

I keep hoping the stories will get better but I do want to know one thing, where is our Maggie?


Agreeeeeeed, Andrea. I have said it in the past how Gabi has been after Chad since forever. I don’t buy the innocence.
Theo!!!! I love him. He is a such a “makes a difference”, class act, young actor, in his own quiet way. He has such presence….and, hot, to boot. What an original.


I agree about Theo and Claire; he’s great and she’s mild.


Bites that he’s let go before Ron C. was able to really write for Dario.

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