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Justin Hartley Confirms His Departure From The Young and the Restless Via Heartfelt 'Thank You' Message!

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Fans of the top-rated The Young and the Restless have been wondering just what will happen to the character of Adam Newman as played by Justin Hartley, following Hartley’s primetime series This Is Us getting greenlit by NBC.  Many were hoping Justin would be able to appear on both shows.  But As viewers witnessed this week on Y&R’s 11,000th episode, Adam, following an explosion, and a vengeful Chloe’s (Elizabeth Hendrickson) machinations,  is believed to be dead.  Thus, allowing for the character, and Hartley, to make his grand exit from the show spelling the end of his fantastic run.

Late Friday night, Hartley to took his official facebook page to confirm his exit from Y&R, and delivered a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the fans of the daytime drama, but also relating his hope and excitement for his much-talked-about new fall series to kick-off.  Here’s what Justin shared below:

Justin on his exit: “To the wonderful fans of Y&R, after many weeks of having to keep quiet in order not to spoil storylines for all of you, the time has finally come that I’m able to write you this letter. Although I am saying goodbye to Y&R, this is not a goodbye letter. I felt it was more important to write a thank you note. Each and every one of you helped make my time on the show enjoyable. I always loved hearing about how excited all of you were for certain characters, how disgusted you were with others, at times even mine, or how we were able to help you escape from a hectic day. You are some of the most loyal and dedicated fans I’ve ever encountered. You are truly the heart of the show. It simply does not work without you. I wanted to thank you for that. Thank you for tuning in; thank you for letting me entertain you; thanks for entertaining me, and thank you for caring.

Although I’m leaving the show, you haven’t gotten rid of me. Hahaha…not so fast. I’m beyond thrilled and proud of my new series, This Is Us. We have a sensational cast and crew, wonderful writing and I would be honored to have you all tune in and watch. Here is a preview of what’s to come on This Is Us, premiering September 20th on NBC.  I’ll see you beauties in a couple of weeks!  Justin”

Through Hartley’s run as Adam, he continually delivered emotional and nuanced performances, and as we all know Justin possesses that “It” factor star quality that has brought him success in both primetime and daytime roles.  Hartley earned a Daytime Emmy nomination for Lead Actor this year for his performance of Adam, and we wouldn’t be surprised if his name will be in the hat for next year, too.

Share your thoughts on Justin’s departure from Y&R … and his “thank you” to you, the fans, of the show for all your support, as he begins his exciting new journey on This Is Us premiering on September 20th in the comment section below!  But first take a look at the promo, once again, from This Is Us.

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162 Comments on "Justin Hartley Confirms His Departure From The Young and the Restless Via Heartfelt 'Thank You' Message!"

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He was destined for better things than Pratt’s horrible writing!

Lynda Westlake

Totally agree


Totally agree! I’ve watched Y&R since the 80s. I love Justin Hartley playing the role of Adam Newman but that role was beginning to get boring. As a matter of fact I’m sick of the writing where all the adult Newman kids are still vying for daddy Victor’s lov, loyalty& approval. Y&R should do as the Guiding Light and leave daytime tv gracefully with all their Emmys. The story lines are no longer interesting or revelant.Good for Sexy Justin Hartley and continued success in prime time!


Time for the Y & R and BB to retire everyone. Retire the shows. Same old stuff different day. Getting very old. Watch only about once every 2 weeks now. Nothing changes.


Suzzane, just because you’re tired of these shows does not mean every one else is.
Your wish that these two shows will be canceled is just mean and selfish on your part when they still attract millions of fans who will all be very despondent if this happens. We have seen this happen with the cancellation of AMC, OLTL and AW and it was heartbreaking for many. Moreover, your wishing the cancellation of these two soap operas is you wishing countless actors and crew members to be on the unemployment line. And by the way, Y&R has suddenly become very interesting as of late. I do not watch B&B but I have hear good things.


Well said, Harry!


I agree. Hate to see him go, but he was being wasted on Y&R.


completely agree. his storyline in recent months has been terrible. he deserves better than Pratt’s bad writing

Mark Y

Wasted? What do you mean? He was front and center most of the time.


@ Mika – I more than agree. I don’t think Pratt has any sense of the history concerning Adam, Chelsea, Victor, Niki, Nicholas etc.


Hi, Susan,
Yeah, everyone’s frustration abounds. But, I hope for better things to come. Revolutionize all soaps; LOL.
But to further reply to you comment…..
Well…..considering Chelsea is relatively new….there isn’t that much history to tell; except that she’s a product of the gutter….Definitely not anyone attached to a vet.
That reason alone, among many, makes me question the present regime. Chelsea’s transformation, acting as the holier-than-thou false aura, just does not jive for me. I knew her as a little sneaky manipulator. I am yet to dismiss that image from my head, albeit I appreciate Melissa’s acting, lately.
Nonetheless, I will watch until the end.
Furthermore, the only reason Adam does have history is because he’s Victor’s and Hope’s son.


I will miss him alot but congrats on his new movie wish you all the best. Hope they bring in a new adam so he can make chloe pay big time. Hope Justin returns in the future.


I’m so happy for Justin. I hope that his new show is a big success. I absolutely loved him as Adam. He and Chelsea were the best thing about this awful show. The man is just a brilliant actor. I still don’t understand why Pratt is still allowed to destroy this show like he has.


TO Justin: You will be missed but we will be happy to see you on primetime and I’m sure pretty soon the movies on the big screen! If anybody was to be chosen to replace Adam I think they did an absolutely wonderful job picking you. Those were extremely hard shoes to fill. Michael Muhney was an amazing amazing amazing amazing Adam. You did a fabulous terrific job Justin. Especially with the writing being as it was pretty horrific. The writing in the 1990s for the show was so off the chain AMAZING! Bill Bell really listen to his fan base when the new head producer/headWritet did not care or listen to what the fans wanted after his passing .JFP and Chuck Pratt really insulted fans especially in their articles saying that they knew best that the fans didn’t . Most of us would run home or play hooky from school just to watch the show. The Young and the Restless has fallen very very low and ratings but that was not your fault at all I think in fact you kept it afloat. Personally for me after watching the show for 25 years I had to stop watching the show as of December 2015 because the writing of the personality and storylines for the characters was so un true to the way the show always used to be. I had hoped and hoped and hoped they were going to do the right thing because the character of Adam could not live without his Sharon. These writers choose unfortunately the show to go in a direction completely ignoring the very very long history of the love tight frienship triumph and tribulations of the romance of Sharon and Adam. #Shadam. Sad to say it turned off a lot of die-hard fans. Many of the other veteran actors also were given storylines that were very unlike their character’s we’ve seen all through the years and that a letter from the head producer and head writer was a complete hurtful outrageous disappointing rude letter to fans saying they were going to do what they wanted not what the fans wanted. Bill Bell did quite the opposite, he loved his fan base and cared what the fans thought. Personally I loved you on Revenge. I always thought you were too good for daytime TV. Good luck in the future Justin, I know you’re going to rock any roll, you always do!


Chrissy, thank you for your reply above! Considering that as well as your remarks here, you have done an outstanding job critiquing Y&R!

First, everyone knows that JFP played favorites (e.g., Steve Burton). Her dismissive attitude toward the fans was appalling. You are also right about the downturn in writing.

I’m with you on the great job that Justin Hartley did, but Michael Muhney was truly amazing in the role. I know there was controversy surrounding his exit — and I’d hate to think the worst of Muhney. So who knows… But he was truly a phenomenal and popular actor. (You can’t take that away from him.) I, too, thoroughly enjoyed the love story of Adam and Sharon, my two favorite characters on the show! My hope is that Muhney will be brought back at some point to reprise his role. Take care, Friend!


Hi Chrissy: really nice write-up

both actors were just so right on and sublime… and each brought their A-game ON.

Y&R is going to be without their top leading man… can’t argue

LOVE your point : “… had hoped and hoped and hoped they were going to do the right thing because the character of Adam could not live without his Sharon. ”

BAM ! this was my reason for leaving this show… went to GH.

I don’t know.. this leaves a gaping hole in the #1 show.

I can’t help but want… Michael Muhney back


I also agree completely with all your “spot on” comments regarding the storylines & characters on Y&R. I will miss Justin tremendously, but look forward to watching him on prime time.

What a blessing it would be to see Michael Muhney & the character of Adam return to Y&R.

In regards to Justin’s Thank You note, it just proves what a classy gentleman he is & it is greatly appreciated.

Geoffrey-Martin Cyr

Perfectly put, Mika!! Justin is destined for great opportunities, and we were all just lucky to have gotten him for the time we did on #YR!!

Lynda Westlake

Wishing Justin all the success on This is Us. Hope the character of Adam is not gone from the canvas though.

Michael A Finney

Sad to see Justin go but knew that it was inevitable. As for bringing the character of Adam back, I’d say leave the character dead and give the Newman family much more dramatic material to work with for months to come! I’d really love to see what will happen with Nick and Chelsea now and I can definitely see that pairing happening big time, especially with the Christian/Sully reveal happening likely in November.


I so agree Michael. We have had two great Adam’s now let him die off the show for good.


Agree. Let Adam be DEAD.

I will literally stop watching the show (after 36 years) if they bring back that loathsome Michael Muhney.


The Adam carousel continues. Hard to get invested in his storylines. Btw Y&R has been a bore lately.


Justin Hartley (Adam Newman) you will be missed by all your fans. I am sad you had to move on to other shows, again you deserve. Take care Justin and we’ll be looking forward to watching you on “This is us”. You did a tremendous acting on Y&R. Thank you so very much for all the great work you have shown and done on Y&R. We love and miss you!!


Justin we be missed on Y&R, the best of luck to him on his new show. Justin is a talented actor and eye candy too lol.


Bring back Michael Muhney


Yes Amen to that, I have a gut feeling Michael Muhney is coming back to Y&R.☺


Totally agree but it’s extremely doubtful. I hate to see the character killed off. Who knows though since in soapland nothing is ever permanent even death.


I second that, Marq! A character can come back from the dead more than once — it’s daytime!


Of course, James. That’s the first thing I said…..Adam is not dead. LOL.
I just cannot come to grips with the fact that Adam could be dead; and ‘stay’ dead. He is such a sought-after character. We are so accustomed to seeing him, Y&R won’t be the same.
Adam will resurface. But, by that time, Chelsea and Nick will be a couple and Connor will be sorased only recognizing Nick as his father.
And so the story goes. And, let’s not forget that the Sully/Christian dilemma has to be resolved sooner or later.
Later, my friend.


James…very, very true, Brother!!!!! Oh…as far as I’m concerned, when it comes to ‘bringing characters back from the dead more than once’, DOOL is the WORST offender…PERIOD!!!!!

Just saying……….

Later, Brother.


We need Sharon Case and Michael Muhney back together like the show was supposed to do at least put Adam and Sharon back together. It was so bizarre that the show’s writers didn’t show how much Adam love Sharon so much all those years that he said he couldn’t live without her. I don’t know what happened to the writing but I had to stop watching the show but maybe now if they can possibly get rid of the head writer finally and bring back Michael and and right Sharon and Adam back together they can raise this baby together


I sure hope that they will bring Adam back from the dead one day! He is a key and great character.


cbs / Y&R / sony need to get behind their product and “bite” the bullet

whatever transpired … needs to be let go

Michael Muhney is quality


It would bring the ratings back if they brought Michael back in the role of Adam.


I agree with you, Patrick. Michael Muhney is an incredibly nuanced and compelling actor who really fleshed out Adam’s complexities.
But I do not see his return as Adam happening because 1. Whatever may or may not have transpired there is bad blood between MM and EB as well as many others cast members and 2. How to explain how Adam got his old face back after extensive reconstructive surgery? I guess the second reason could be glossed over by simply ignoring the fact that he has his old face back. If they do recast, they best not explain his new face and just ignore it like they do with other recasts.

Daisy Day


Meg Reddekopp





Yes, yes,yes.


No! lol – I cannot stand that guy!


Huge problem with bringing back Michael Muhney. He was fired in 2014 because of his alleged inappropriate and unsolicited conduct with co-star Hunter King – who is 18 years his junior. Apparently Hunter complained to the network bosses after the 38-year-old groped her breasts on two separate occasions. So bringing Michael back may not be easy especially Hunter King is still on the show.


Exactly. His issue didn’t magically disappear with the passage of time. It’s time to shed light on those who treat women incorrectly.


Susan, you are repeating an internet smear against this man. You use the words “alleged” and “Apparently”, which is nothing but hearsay. Nobody with the show, network, or studio ever confirmed this lie, but people like you continue to post it like it is fact. Mr. Muhney has publicly denied this garbage and labeled it as an internet rumor. Why do you persist on trying to damage Michael Muhney? Knock it off unless you have proof.


As far as I know that was an unsubstantiated rumor. I never heard Hunter King confirm it not anyone else, so “thanks” for repeating gossip.


Frankie, Susan is merely reporting what has been reported by soap journalists including Michael Fairman and the fact that she used the word “allegedly: and “apparently” means she is not claiming to know or spreading a rumor.


@ Frankie, you are not the PC police! So YOU DO NOT get to tell me to knock anything off. Please remember that. As for Michael’s behavior, the FACT IS that Michael Muhney was FIRED by Young and the Restless. Just a very large hint, just because the show, the network and/or studio has never confirmed what happened does not mean it is not true. Young and the Restless, like any other organization, is very good at covering their bases. It’s what the experts in PR are paid for. I learned long ago not only to listen to what is being said but also to listen to what is NOT being said.


Susan, you’re spreading lies. How’d you like it if it were done to you or someone you cared about? BTW, no soap journalist ever said this happened. They repeated the same smear siting TMZ as a source….LOL. Now great to source a story from the bottom of the bird cage, but it was a feeding frenzy at the time and scandal sells and brings eyes to web sites so they can make money. Maybe if you’d like to say it happened, Muhney’s lawyers could slap you with a suit to shut you down.


Hi, Betty,
I could not agree with you more. And, I have stated this since the onset. Women, should be respected, in all ways…..However, there needs to be proof. How? One does not just sit by and allow the perpetrator to get away with it. Thus, that is the crux of the matter. What kind of girl, and the people around her, who are supposedly adults and professional, sweep something so horrendous under the rug? Why was it all hush-hush?
Something very similarvhappened to me at the age of seventeen; which was only about twelve years ago. A lascivious comment was made about my ‘endowmentS’ by an older man. I was so self-conscious aterbthat….I started wearing loose tops. My mother took not and I had to explain, because her mind went somewhere else????? LOL.
My parents are both attorneys. I had witnesses. Do you think they let it slide?
Not only should these men be prosecuted and castrated because of one incident……if not stopped in the bud; it will keep happening. And, Lord only knows where it would eventually lead.
Nonetheless, as I have said for the umpteenth time ( now I am blue in the face, LOL), we were not there.
Furthermore, if no one spoke up and brought charges upon MM’s head, all everyone can do is speculate, NOT point an accusatory finger. That, then, becomes slander; which is an offence in itself.
And, yes, ma’am….you said the magic words, “…….scandal sells……”.
So, as far as I’m conserned it is all sensationalism. Not to minimize such a lecherous act, but, let’s have the facts…..
Later, Betty.


As long as their are actresses under 21 years of age on Y&R, Michael Muhney will never be back.


I’m really sad to see Justin go as he was great as Adam. He had fantastic chemistry with Melissa. But as Y&R was able to successfully recast the character several times, I am hopeful they will be able to do so again.


we all knew this was coming. big blow to Y&R. he was one of the reasons to tune in. because of how bad the writing has gotten,theirs not a lot to tune into now with Hartley gone


I can’t believe they kept it a secret and I am so sad to hear this news!!! I was one of the fans absolutely in love with #michaelmuhney and I didn’t want to see anyone else in the role.. EVER! But being a #justinhartley fan for many years, I was able to finally accept it. He really did an amazing job and I can’t believe he’s gone! I will be following him to “This is Us” but still, wish he wasn’t leaving. BUT… If he must, and considering that we have a new Exec Prod with #malyoung I am PRAYING that he is smart enough to bring back the most exceptional, passionate and awe inspiring Adam played by #MICHAELMUHNEY! This is THE perfect opportunity and I hope they take it. That’s the only way I could get over yet, another Adam recast. Please #YR don’t blow it!


I think it is very possible that Michael Muhney could back. I thought that Hunter King was being moved to recurring because she also got another job. Justin did a fabulous job as Adam. I wish him the best of success. I think Y & R will keep Adam dead for awhile. Justin’s new primetime show may not last. I really like Nick and Chelsea together. I wonder what will happen when the Sully/Sharon story is revealed.


Justin Hartley – is – the show

he is far and away all that by comparison… the energy he generates

Y&R – needs – to bring back John Driscoll and Jeff Branson… THEY act

Michael A Finney

Only problem with John Driscoll is that he is now serving in the US military and thus will not be acting anymore. As for Jeff Branson, I think he’s faded into doing other stuff besides acting. I haven’t seen or heard him doing any gigs since he left #YR several years ago.


Jeff Branson has been on some shows on the CW this past year. He’s still active. You can check on IMDb. The new part called “Dean” is actually a re-cast of Chance, who was originally played by John Driscoll.


Bite your tongue. The only thing I remember about Jeff Branson on Y&R is how much he mumbled his dialogue. It was like he was talking with food in his mouth every time he spoke.


He’s the best thing to happen to that show in a long time. I wonder whatever happened to Michael muhney?


Same thing that happened to Roman Polanski.


He’s been a prime times star for over a decade (Smallville). When he joined YR I knew it wouldn’t be longs before prime time snatched him back up. This is Us looks amazing, can’t wait to watch.




NO! “Please don’t go! We’ll eat you up, we love you so.”


Dr. Seuss or Dr. Harry?


Oh it’s from a book I used to read to my sons when they were little called, “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak. I do not care how old you are, that book will always resonate with you.

Sally Fields Forever

I agree. Keep Adam dead or bring back Michael Muhney.

Mary SF

I didn’t believe anyone could make Adam come alive as well as Michael Muhney, but JH came pretty darn close— although I thought his Adam was tad too nice and too Chelsea centric– I never thought of that character being the love of Adam’s life– to me Sharon was “his lobster” (Friends reference)– overall I believed he was Adam.

And although my biggest hope that one day we would find out his Adam was really Gabe who tried to take over Adam’s life to pay back Victor for destroying his father are over and the hope of seeing MM Adam’s confront JH Adam for stealing his identity are now dashed– I am glad his new show seems like a winner before airing, so let’s hope it lives up to the hype, because hype doesn’t always translate into ratings

The last time Adam was presumed dead after the car explosion, it took a long time to recast the role, so I am not certain the show should go that route again. I hate to see the character go, but at this point, the whole Victor and Adam relationship has been done to death— and they watered down the character so much– made him more the hero than the antihero he was—so I am okay if the character if is dead, but a soap, the chances that Adam is gone forever is highly unlikely.


Bring Michael Muhney back and pair him with Sharon. That works !!!


Sad. Had hoped he could do both shows, at least for
awhile. After becoming used to his portrayal of Adam
with Chelsea, after loving MM, not sure how I will feel
with yet another Adam recast.
But, very happy for Justin’s success!


He’ll be back. I don’t give that new show more than 3 episodes over at NBC. I think they’ll cancel it (they have a terrible track record with pilots to series) by that time. Justin did a great job!


So you’re basing this on what? You haven’t even seen this show. I never can understand how some can wish an actor to fail because they’ll miss him in a role he chose to leave.


I actually have seen the pilot and the first three episodes as I work in the industry. So you might want to consider that the next time you ramble on about people commenting about a show and assuming that they’ve done so before seeing it. As I said, I think he did a great job on Y&R and have wished him success on all of his projects.


Boy, folks can become testy about the darndest things!

Travis Thomas

I work in the industry as well, and I think its ironic that you say no show last more than 3 eps, when you have The Blacklist, Blindspot, Shades of Blue, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, & Chicago Med (Ironically all Chicago Shows 3 do very well), and Superstore all returning. Hmmm all those lasted more than 3 eps, and with the return of Grimm, SVU, & The Voice, NBC actually doesnt have that many spots open in there lineup and they really dont have as much to lose like Fox or ABC. And to be honest I have no idea where they will even fit there Mid Season shows into there lineup. And btw This Is Us is Sandwiched between Blindspot and Chicago Fire. So it actually has a huge chance of Survival.


I didn’t say that NO show goes past 3 episodes at NBC, I said that they have a terrible track record. Unless you forgot about shows like Bionic Woman, Knight Rider, Undateable, TeleNovela and a host of others that were cancelled by the 3rd ep. As I followed up with, I’ve seen the first couple of eps for this series and I’m not feeling the series. Many didn’t care for it at the upfronts either. I can see why they’d choose to sandwich it between two higher rated shows. Working in the industry, I’m sure you know that they are hoping to leech viewers from either show to better ratings. Which in itself is an indicator that the upfront feel for the show wasn’t there from the get go and the network views it as a weaker show.

Daisy Day

I will miss him. When Justin took over the role of Adam I fell in love with the character
– I don’t think a recast will work – Justin is that good. One of my favorite couples,
Adam and Chelsea, can’t be replicated. It looks like she will move on with Nick.

Mark Y

But Justin was a recast. Why can’t it work again?


Well, clearly, after watching today’s show, Adam is alive.
The question is–who will play him?


Robin Strasser!


Thank Goodness you did not say, Gary Busey, Rebecca.


I considered him Harry, but then Strasser just came to me in a vision and I knew…


I love the cast of ”this Is Us” .. a great cast..
It is the best move Justin Hartley ever made to leave a daytime soap and move on into a great primetime & big screen future..

Adam Newman is a prime needed Newman and will be recat,
I hope not not for at least a year, to give time to accept a new Adam.
Adam Newman will return, without doubt, he is Victor Jr.


Travis Crawford / Michael Roark.
He will be the standin for Justin/Adams character, with Victor..
Travis will become Victors challenger and that will fill in the Adam void until Adam is recast, about a year from now.

I like Travis and am looking forward to more of him.. He is a bit of a mystery as to what and who he is and can become..


For sure, SuzieQ. The redeemed Adam is very much like Travis, as I see it. The difference, of course, between him and Travis is twofold….Travis is not Victor’s son, nor is he as devious as the ‘old’ Adam.
I think Adam learned from his mistakes. Victor never will.


Victor will eat Travis ALIVE!


I don’t care for the Travis. I personally don’t see his appeal? He can’t hold a candle to Michael Muhney, Justin Hartley or Billy Miller.


Yup, su…. Victor, the super- stud; the super he-man needs to throw down his gauntlet at someone.
Travis will give him a run for his money. I trust his integrity.


Right CC..
Travis will indeed give Victor a run for the golden ring..
and, it will fill in for Adam..
I can see Travis being written much like Adam..


Hello, Friend! I agree with your thoughts on the character of Adam being so vital to Y&R that he can’t be dead. Your future projections for Chelsea, Nick, and Connor are intriguing and would make for an exciting storyline! Also, I like what you and su0000 have to say about Travis and Victor. Take care.


Celia…to me, Victor was N-O-T that much of a ‘stud’ to begin with. BLECH!!!!! Oh…and BTW, back then, that DRIED-UP LUSH Nikki was N-O-T ‘heroine-material’…and NEVER will be!!!!!

Just saying……….

Later, my friend.


LOL, Jay…. I have never considered Victor stud-material either. I was being sarcastic…..but, how right you are.
And, I agree about Nikki, as well. Too much of feeble determination to be any kind of heroine.
I do think that the writers are purposely showing how effectively Victor (and his ilk) is able to wield so much power on one and all.
‘Nite, my friend.


Ah, James. Always a pleasure to see your posts.
Thank you for ‘understanding’ my thoughts. Yes, su is never far from deciphering/determining a character’s stand on these boards.
I must admit that the idea of Chelsea and Nick is not really mine. I cannot remember who said it first. I just elaborated on the idea a bit. It makes sense.
Yes, I did say that eventually Adam will return, and all hell ( sorry) will break lose.
‘Nite, my friend.


Victor was a great character in the days before MAB decided to make him go after his daughter in law Sharon who he had lived as his daughter harmful to the character it started all this crap off stage between he and SC and MM ruined relationships on and off screen ! Blame her for the mess


Don’t throw tomatoes–I still love and hate Victor.
I do not fast forward through his scenes. I do, however, fast forward through his scenes when Nikki is in them.
Today, at Adam’s funeral and while Chelsea was giving her touching eulogy, Nikki was sitting there with her arms crossed and with a hostile expression on her face while her husband, Jack and even Jill, had tears streaming down their cheeks.
Nikki’s reaction was totally incongruous to the scene at hand.


LOL, my darling, Harry. I NEVER FF Victor’s scenes. He delivers potent stuff, albeit I do mot like him or what he says. Nikki? You are right!!!!


I know I’m late to this show but Victor is quite the good-looking man…what is he…almost 80? Pretty impressive.


Oh, my Timmmy. Victor is an old man. Travis is young, yes; but, do not underestimate him. Watch out for the quiet, unassuming ones.
Unlike Billy and to a certain point, Adam, Travis uses his brain….he does not plough through life or affairs ( not love affairs, albeit those may come into play, as well), but he strides with aplomb. A walk in the park; a piece of cake….you know, all the usual clichés, LOL.
It will be Victor who will regurgitate that bitter bile in his lying mouth.This time the spoils will not go the ‘victor’, but to the fox who outsmarted the wolf.
Go Travis!!!!!
‘Nite, Timmmbo.


I have never found ‘Victor handsome; good looking or having any sex appeal. Even in youth ( he was in a few films and Primetime TV…looked him up).
This has nothing to do with age because I find Sean Connery sexy and gorgeous still.


Bec and Celia, I agree. Victor is still a vibrant, compelling and handsome man and he still can rock a pair of Levis. Moreover, I think Eric is an excellent actor.
But damn, Nikki enters the room and too much oxygen is released into the hemisphere. No, this is not about her being of a certain age.
It is about her manner of whispering, of sighing and exhaling. Can you imagine if Finola Hughes was coupled up with Victor?


Yeah, Harry. Indeed, who will play Adam? He has to be a perfect fit, otherwise the merry-go-round of ‘cycling’ actors will start. I am still smarting over both Billies, after BM.
Meanwhile, we are stuck with hands-in-gloves Newman. Who knows, this time, maybe it will be Feet Newman.


@Betty: corrections: something similar happened…
Self-conscious after that
My mother took note


Adam Newman is already missed ,I really hate seeing the character go .Hopefully and miraculously you came back before so ! Justin thank you so much so much.

K. Ross

Justin going from nighttime to daytime was a coo for Y&R, he was always destined for great things.
Bring back Michale Muhney or leave the character dead.
Chelsea with Nick is good option.
Justin will be missed, he was an excellent replacement for MM.
Sorry to see him go, looking forward to his new nighttime show.


I mean, come on! We already lost two Adams, now we’re losing Justin too? Great! At least we got This Is Us to look forward to. In the meantime, they should focus on recasting the role of Adam! I suggest John Paul Lavosier(current days Phillip, OLTL’s Rex) in the role! He looks like Justin, and they could still keep his Gabriel Bingham face. If not, then I’ll also accept Trevor St John in the role, due to the fact he looks like Michael Muhney. It could be a mariacle if Y&R somehow rehired Muhney in the role again!


Are you serious about JH and JPL looking alike?????? Get glasses please and jpl’s acting is not even close to that of JH. I cannot believe you believe that.


Yes, I do not see the resemblance either, Gram.
I did, however, see a resemblance between John Paul and the old Dillon from GH.
I thought he would have made a great Dillon recast.


I Think John Paul looks like Michael Roarke/Travis.


What about Nick Stabile? He looks like Justin, and he temporally replaced Justin during run as Fox Crane on Passions!


Nick Stabile would be worth a test run for sure.


Except he is 6 years older than JH.


I would love Nick Stabile as Adam….and, yes, I do remember him replacing Hartley and Cameron as Fox Crane.
But, Sheila has a point; Nick Stabile looks his 46 years.
Also, I don’t think John Paul looks anything like Justin, albeit I am very partial to JPL….love him.
Nonetheless, I am not sure if he would suit the role.
I suggest Ryan McPartlin…….right age, and he has the look . I would love to see Victor Alfieri…sooo hot and sexy. LOL. But, as Nick Stabile, he is in his mid forties. I don’t know if age really matters on soaps.


Oh please, JPL looks nothing like JH, and his (ill) acting is abysmal ( to be kind).


I hate to see justin leave he was a great actor good luck on your new venture, but i would have rather you stayed on young and restless.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

What if the series isnt a hit and cancelled…just a thought!!!!


Jimh…If anything I was surprised when Justin came to Y&R, not at all that he was leaving. I had really liked him on Smallville and saw his talent and charisma then. But Y&R gave him a chance to work and show his stuff while waiting for another primetime or movie role. As it has for other very good actors.

Even without this new show, I would think he or many other actors would get tired of saying the same kind of lines, to the same old stories almost everyday (it takes a special kind of actor to do these kinds of roles year after year), kissing Chelsea a lot, and then ending up acting out of a jail for weeks.

When you look back at his goodbye scene with Victor, in retrospect it makes you realize this could have been a more personal goodbye to Eric. And it was done beautifully.


What if the series is a big hit and renewed ….just a thought.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

we know the answer to that…justin will stay,,,my saying what if its not a hit…would justin return to the soap or not-just a thought-lol

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

At first thought that one guy was Jeffry Vncent Praise GHs Carlos/Joe…


Same here…..

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

they sure look like the same guy…


Justin so sad to see you go however I will be watching your new show.You Justin have a lot of class.Just know we (I love you ) Young and the Restless won’t be the same without you,To tell you the truth Justin was the only reason I started watching the show.I loved him on Passions and I will support him no matter what he chooses to do.God Bless and I wish you well.Man are you hot.


Not surprising. Justin was always much better than the material he was given and was never given the chance to stretch his acting muscles and really show what he’s capable of.

(And there’s no way Adam is dead — Chloe had him moved to a remote location where she will keep him drugged and away from Chelsea until sweeps.)


I have to admit that I had only heard of Hartley from the brief, unpleasant experience on “Revenge” so I wasn’t looking forward to his entry. But it just goes to show that prejudging is never wise. He handled Adam extremely well considering the shoes he had to fill. And losing him just takes me one more step closer to leaving a show finally after watching it daily for decades. Best Of Luck, Justin Hartley! You will be missed.


There is always one comment sheesh. I have loved every ep Justin was in. I watched him on Mistresses and revenge so I was not shocked. JT is an actor who can be whomever he is cast to portray. The only surprise is that we had him this long. I vote for no Adam for a good length of time……no looking for him……no “hand” scenes no nothing. Keep him gone and develop new storylines.


Sad as it was, because I thought Justin Hartley was an excellent recast, I think the Adam/Victor story should be put to rest. They said their goodbyes when Victor “kidnapped”him. To bring him back would be totally ridiculous. I say just let it rest and move on. Real life is about change and moving forward. MM was also excellent in the role as well, but like I said that ship has sailed. Time to move on. Thank you Justin Hartley for bringing us your wonderful talent everyday and good luck with all your future endeavors!!!!!


So happy for Justin Hartley. He is a star. I wish him all the best.


Best wishes to the talanted Justin Hartley. NBC’s #ThisisUS looks like a solid series. I hope it is a great success. NBC has had some talented and committed team players like Eric Matrsolf, too. Perhaps, if this series is a hit – they will add a role for Martsolf. He deserves it very much..

Justin deserves this oppty. He is talented. I hope YR does not recast Adam Newman. The show is heavy on leading men.

Joshua Morrow needs and deserves much better than he has received as of late. Hope they write more for Nick.

Guess we will see soon if Chuck Pratt will remain at YR. Isnt his contract up soon ?


I completely agree. I think they will be wasting his talent, if they are going to h a ve him spending hi time babysitting Connor and Chelsea for the next few months. I, like everyone else out there I’m sure is wondering how much longer they are going to drag the Sully incident on for. Connef will have a half brother, and Nick and Chelsea will bond while letting the brothers get to know each other. That is if Nick has any respect for Chelsea after he finds out she was keeping Sully’s identity from him. But guilt will have Nick bonding with Connor so ad not to break his promise to Adam.


There is an online poll-
To or not to- bring back Michael Muhney !!

87.71 … Yes
12.29 .. No

Many would rather Summer go and MM back in ..

Also.. Justin leaving is trending on twitter..


Su- thanks for sharing! 🙂


The 12.29 who said no were all votes from Glummer and her grandpa!


Well hopefully we won’t have to watch “Hands Newman” for months again. Maybe Adam Newman is a cursed character and he should stay burnt this time. 🙁 I would love to have MM back, but that is wishful thinking. Sigh..


Hmm, I have to wonder if he was denied being able to do both shows but then I guess he did both lol. Prob a lot of work to do both. Will miss him a lot. Tired of Chelsea as lead actress on show. Just too much of her for me. Not sure I want to watch anymore with lousy writing. I know it’s not popular to say but I did not like MM’s Adam. He was very smarmy. But I did think MM’s chemistry with Sharon Case was electrifying!


I didn’t like MM as Adam either but I loved the chemistry he had with Melissa Clair Egan. I loved he marriage proposal scene in the rain, and their whole courtship lewding up to the proposal


I just hope they don’t screw this up like they did with Billy Abbott! They HAD to have Billy on canvas and they STILL don’t have it right! Leave Adam in the ashes until either “King Braeden” approves of rehiring Muhney, Hartley is available or they find the perfect recast, AGAIN! In the meantime , CHICK is born and the three of them are a happy family UNTIL Adam returns. AND you know Adam from afar will see how happy HELLsea, Connor and Nick are together and contemplate staying “Dead!”


I say leave well enough alone. The character will loose his stamina and his purpose if they turn him into a revolving door. The character of Billy is a prime example


Yes. I cannot even get invested in the character of Billy anymore. They watered him down!


Justin Hartley did the best he could with horrible scripts written by Chuck Pratt and his team of hired monkeys. The character of Adam Newman degenerated into a person that wasn’t even similar to the one played by Michael Muhney. Hartley’s Adam was henpecked, soft-headed, wimpy, weak-willed, and just plain dumb. The old inner-conflicts were thrown out and Adam was dumbed down. Hartley could see this and wisely pursued other roles, which resulted in his landing the Primetime gig on NBC. Good for him. Y&R needs to clean out the writers’ room. Mal Young can make the show look good, but the content of the show continues to suffer at the hands of Chuck Pratt.



Tani Sterling

Thank you to Justin for so successfully fulfilling the role of Adam, and kudos for his recreation of the character which was badly needed. Justin’s Adam was portrayed more as a gentleman with some depth rather than an evil, crazed persona. It worked! Writers take note. Of course his talent had much to do with it.

The very best always. Right now I can’t foresee a replacement. Another man, named Adam, could possibly appear.

paul connolly

WOW…. once I heard him comment that he was not sure how to manage both daytime and primetime I knew it would be a GOOD BYE to the actor. I said over on DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL that i predict this will open the door for Nick and Chelsea to develop a relationship. I am for that type of partnership but do hope that its a slow buildup for two characters that have lost loved ones.

As for the character of Adam, this will be the second (maybe third) “death”. Let’s hope that the writers write it as Adam disappearing to give a proper life to Chelsea. THat maybe Chloe, before the explosion, said to Adam “decide which is better for the family you say you love – to be on the run always looking over their shoulders OR to be rid of you to move on and find happiness. You decide Adam. But know this, I will never forgive you for taking MY CHILD FROM ME and will make it my life’s mission to make sure happiness is not there for you.”

One good thing that came from Chloe returning is that she brought the emotional part of Delia’s death back. I am rooting for Chloe in the story. I am excited to see how the stories are written and hope Chloe’s connection to the story is forgotten until Adam is recast in a year or so. When the nuAdam returns he will have Victor to contend with, Nick’s blossoming relationship with Chelsea and Chloe’s revenge. All would make for an amazing and dramatic return when all feel their lives are back together.

PLUS the show has too many characters.

Also, I enjoy Mariah. She speaks her mind and what we are thinking but is sooooo stupid with Kevin. Let’s have her kick him to the curb and get her own apartment and then cast a sexy smart funny guy who works at JABOT or the coffee house or is just a neighbor WHO GENIUNELY LIKES HER, all her honesty.


My understanding is JH always had one foot out the door he always wanted to to do Primetime that is where he came from right I guess he did that Daytime soap Passions years ago . Leave the character DEAD the show will survive they always do no one character makes a show. As for MM how would you explain his old face we are already in the stupid mode on storylines lets don’t go there .


Well k, IF Justin could make an appearance, lets say, next August sweeps, [He would be on hiatus from his new show] and be exposed as a fraud, he really WAS Gabe Bingham and the real Adam [Michael Muhney reappeared] it could work and would be a great summer story. Thats a BIG if! Other than that, yes, you are right, the old face of Adams popping up would be ridiculous!


Timm, that is BRILLIANT!!!


I would be OK with Adam Newman being dead for good now. I have a difficult time feeling empathy for the character despite the excellent portrayals by the actors, especially Justin Hartley. I understand complicated. I appreciate his anger and resentment regarding his life. I think Adam was ruined during that Ashley/Sharon/baby Faith debacle of a story. And to have him be responsible for Delia’s hit-and-run — tho it provided great stories — seemed just one more giant step back for the character ever to develop as someone to care about. May will disagree with me, I know.


Justin’s departure doesn’t surprise me at all. He is too great an actor to be stuck in daytime drama. I bet his mama is proud as a peacock right now. I’m a bit too young to be his mama but if I we’re I would be yelling from the Y & R roof-top YIPPI! I hate too lose him as Adam and if they think they had a hell of a time replacing Muhney just wait until you try to replace this guy. IMPOSSIBLE! Even Muhney won’t cut it now that we had the best so on that note Adam has to die & remain dead. Now as for Justin I can’t wait to see this new show. I know he’ll be great and he won’t stop at that. Great things in store for him. Thank you Adam Newman for entertaining us and we will see you on the next show. Good luck Justin Hartley although you don’t need it.


My favorite Nikki, slow down here! I’m with you on everything you said about Justin BUT Michael Muhney could step right back into the role of Adam and be a different kind of awesome! I like the way Justin softened Adam BUT I have always seen the character of Adam as the next Victor Newman. Muhney would be perfect and was perfect! Hartley is as handsome and warm as you could dream of BUT he was a little too light to be the next Victor! But we will see. I suspect after the Billy Abbott flop that CBS will hold off on a new Adam. But Nikki, I am with you on Justin’s new show. I’ve watched the trailer a couple times and really enjoy it. He just pops off the screen and says “Love Me!”


Oh my Tim your so right. Y&R will not be the same without him but I’m glad their not holding him back. We’ll have to disagree with the Muhney. I can say I liked Muhney better with Sharon than Chelsea but I thought he was over the top with pretending he was gay with the lawyer & sticking something in his eyes to be blind was a bit much for me. Justin made Adam more real and loveable. Now as for the new Billy he just doesn’t cut it for me. I know we can’t replace Billy Miller but if they had brought in Travis as Billy I think in time it would have worked out. I like Travis and he is soooo hot with Victoria, mt T.V. sweats. I don’t like to see anybody lose their job but this guy needs to go back to General Hospital as Patrick where he was loved. Now on the other hand I want somebody to get Chloe. I know every show has a villain but really is that not what Victor is for? Sorry Tim we can’t agree on Muhney.


Nikki, good response. ONE other thing about Muhney. Think of him as the NEXT Victor. Not some hot stud who is going to send you to Best Buy tomorrow to buy a new TV! Muhney is an evil, powerful hunk with money! [I thought girls liked the bad boys?] Thats how I see it, but like I said Justin was great and developed a whole new Adam which I NEVER thought anyone could do. He and HELLsea are good together. Muhney and Sharon were great. We will see. NOW, we do agree on Travis, if he was brought in as Billy from day one, he would have fit the “Miller Mode!” No one will admit it at CBS but I think they see Jason as a flop OR at least a flop with Amelia so they went out and casted a Miller lookalike to fall in love with Vicki. It could work. Patrick has nothing at GH now. If Robin and Emma come back then he would have reason to be there. Right now he wouldnt have a story. Chloe has to be nuts! NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE crosses the Mustache! Chloe is doing a good job and I am getting a kick out of it. We have had all these crazy men, its time again for a crazy women! Later Mrs. Hartley!


Ha Ha Ha you make me laugh Tim. I love the Mrs. Hartley! Later Tim


What I want to happen next is for Chloe to be publicly exposed. I want her to suffer the consequences for all of her actions.


You & me both Mary. Even at the grave site today I felt no pity for her at all. I am so sick and tired of her & her Delia. How she can hug Chelsea, warm up to Kevin giving him hope for the future and do what she did. That doesn’t even come close to the fact that she broke in to the lab at the hospital to steal Billy’s sperm. Where is the justice for her. I thought the fact that she went to the service today was so classless not to mention she looked like a clown with that bobble on top of her head.


I am NOT a fan of women wearing their hair up. You got it, let it down, we like it! However, not being a women, I imagine there are times its a convenient way to go or maybe a classy event. BUT Chloe’s “Up Dew” made Marge Simpson blush!


Your so right Tim. I laughed when I read Marge Simpson because it made me think of the little baby girl on the Flinstones. Who knows maybe she was having an age issue and forgot age appropriate! She could also be playing part of her sickness, as in trying to copy Delia.


“Pebbles” from the Flintstones. Good call.


Mary and Nikki…I TOTALLY AGREE with ya’ll both!!!!! As far as I’m concerned, Chloe is nothing but a FAKE-ASS AIRHEAD!!!!! Also, Chloe even being at Adam’s funeral was such a JOKE!!!!! Most of all, I feel very, very sorry for Esther for having such an EMBARRASSMENT (Chloe) for a daughter!!!!! Truly lame.


Jackie Carrillo

You will be missed on Y and R, but you will be followed by millions more, in This Is Us! I’m so happy that your talent will be shared ! Your acting is stellar in every character you’ve portrayed. I’ve seen everything you’ve done. I’m definitely your biggest fan!


I wish Justin Hartley well with his new series This Is Us. B-u-t…Justin needs to bear this in mind: In recent years, new NBC shows don’t seem to last very long. Examples: Bad Judge, Crowded, Truth Be Told, Undateable and Welcome To The Family very easily come to mind.

Just saying……….


I’ll really miss Justin in the role of Adam, but the story line of him “dying” has got to be the quickest demise of a character off the GC canvas in the history of the show. DNA results back from the scene of an explosion before the first was even out, and a funeral the very next morning!?

Even by soap standards, this was crazy rushed.

Also, why isn’t anyone inquiring about the flight manifest of the plane that took off right before Adam and Dylan arrived at the air strip? Could it be that Adam made it onto the plane? Hmmmmmm….

I’ve heard of suspension of disbelief, but this was all kinds of cray-cray!

Still loving my show, though, and am LOVING the use of outdoor sets now! Finally, someone has heard my cries; placing our favorite characters in REAL outdoor settings gives the show so much more immediacy and connects us with the characters that much more.

Bravo, Y&R, for making these important changes to our favorite show!

PS: Please let Jess Walton stay on the canvas! Her ballsy, take-no-prisoners Jill is exactly what this show needs! What a force of nature that woman is!



“DNA results back from the scene of an explosion before the FIRE was even out.”

Sorry! 🙂


One more correction… meant to say, “before Paul and Dylan arrived!”

I get so excited talking about my show that I forget to read it back before I hit send! 🙂


They should have had the three of them leave happily ever after and be done with it until they found a new Adam. Chelsea is not critical to being on the canvas. BUT, we all know her and Nick are going to fall in love so I see why she is hanging around. BUT, another explosion, burnt to death in a fire, Adam rises once again? WEAK!

Days Of Our Lives

Marci Miller Shares Sentiments On Her Final Tape Day At DAYS

Today was the last day of the incredible journey of Marci Miller as Abigail Deveraux DiMera.  After two years, the actress decided to not renew her contract after receiving a Daytime Emmy nomination and playing the multiple personalities storyline of Abigail, Gabby, and Dr. Laura.

Here, she shared her sentiments via an Instagram post on her final tape day at the NBC studios in Burbank.

“And just like that, 2 very meaningful years have come and gone. I have been loved so well today. I will miss this cast. I will miss these people. I will miss this place. I am both heavy and light at the same time. Much love to all, you have left just the sweetest impression on me. Xx #Days”

What did you think about the sentiments Marci Miller has shared?  Sad to know it’s Marci’s last day in Salem? Comment below.


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All My Children

The Chew Cancelled After 7 Seasons; A Slice Of Justice For All My Children Fans?

Karma is a bitch! ABC announced yesterday that the foodie series The Chew has been axed after seven seasons. 

The Chew lost significant viewers when ABC fired main co-host chef, Mario Batali after reports of alleged sexual harassment over many years. Clinton Kelly, Carla Hall, and Michael Symon have remained the regular series hosts.

In addition, The Chew dropped 17% with women in the 18-49 demo and this has been its least watched season since its debut in 2011.  As ABC Daytime fans know, The Chew replaced iconic soap opera All My Children, when ABC made the decision to cancel the beloved soap and replace it with the food show.

So, let’s take a look at the numbers: All My Children lasted 41 years, while The Chew lasted 7 seasons. Hmm …

ABC noted that The Chew will cease production at the end of this season, but will continue to air until September with all-new episodes in June.  In addition, ABC announced that Good Morning America will expand to three hours.  Thus, switching up the ABC morning line-up.

So, are you glad that The Chew got fried?  Is this justice for All My Children fans who miss their beloved Pine Valley?  Comment below.

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Welcome To The New Michael Fairman TV: A Note From Michael Fairman

Photo Credit: Duff Images

By now, many of you have come across and seen that Michael Fairman On Air On Soaps has evolved into the new and exciting platform, Michael Fairman TV.

I hope you take the time to tour the new site, and enjoy its new look, new features, and extended coverage; which will focus on, and include, not only your beloved daytime soap operas, but primetime television drama, a slice of reality programming, as well as popular streaming and digital series.

This site has been a long time in the making, and we’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to make this transition as smooth as possible.  As with any change, we know that it will take some time for all of us, including me, to get used to it, and adjust to it.

I truly appreciate the community that we have built for the last 10 years, and I value each and every one of you.  As with any new launch, there will be small tweaks and revisions along the way that do come up.  Our goal is to make the best user experience for you, and to bring you the news, interviews, and coverage that you expect from the Michael Fairman brand.

I know many of you are already saying you miss the old Michael Fairman Soaps, but this is an upgrade, not a demolition.  That being said, Michael Fairman Soaps was no longer sustainable as is.  The site needed to grow, evolve, change, and modernize with the times. With modernization, part of that is making the site accessible, functional on mobile phones and devices, which we now are.  While some things can’t remain the same forever, we are always interested in your input.

I am very proud and excited for this new chapter.  I hope you will enjoy everything that is to come, and I appreciate all of your loyal support.  So, let’s christen this site together and celebrate turning over a new page.

With gratitude,



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Video du Jour

The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

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Marci Miller as Abigail

Days of our LIves

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