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Days Of Our Lives

Kate Mansi Makes Statement Confirming Her Exit From Days of our Lives!

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While all the rumors and reports have been circulating for months, Kate Mansi finally broke her silence via her Instagram account on Wednesday making her official statement on her status with NBC’s Days of our Lives.  Mansi has confirmed that she is indeed exiting her role as Abigail Deveraux.

Mansi related:  “I’ve kept quiet as long as I could, but since it seems news has leaked, I feel I owe it to you all to set the record straight. Alright… here it is:   After much thought, I’ve decided the timing was right for me to set sail from Salem. I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every single beautiful and messy moment of being Abigail, and will always treasure our time together. I want to be very clear in saying that this was not a decision I took lightly. It was important for me to see Abigail through the most recent storyline, as well as through the show’s historic 50th anniversary celebration. I can confidently say that I poured everything I had into Abigail, especially this last year, and cannot wait for you to see what’s coming! I also want to express how very proud I am to have had the privilege of being a part of this incredibly hard-working daytime community for the past five years. I am grateful beyond measure to the DOOL family, which I feel extends beyond our set, to you, the amazing, and unwavering fans. I thank you for all the support and love you’ve shown Abigail and me.   Oh​,​ and one more thing… STA​Y TUNED!​​ I PROMISE you, you won’t want to miss what’s coming​!​ XO KM”

So, now that you have heard it from Kate, what do you think about her decision to exit the series?  Will you miss her performances?  Now that the role will most likely be recast, who do you think should play the part? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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I love Kate Mansi, I am going to miss her. She is a wonderful actress. Kate will air, until end of May. Brittany Underwood call her right away. She would be terrific as the new Abigail. Kristen Alderson sorry she is not right for the role.


Kristen Alderson would be great in this role she reminds me of sammy


Oh no! I too love love love Kate as Abigail, she’s such a great talent, and I’m a bit shocked at her departure, her chemistry with Billy Flynn (CHAD), is off the charts. She delivered such excellent scenes with Rob (ex-Ben), she is a gem, and I am definitely surprised she is leaving DAYS. Chat & Abby are the IT couple. IF they show is going to recast, for me, I’d love to see the uber brilliant girl from OLTL KELLEY MISSEL. IF DAYS could lure her from the East Coast that would be Amazing.
I’ll definitely miss Kate Mansi as Abigail. She’s a very thorough and decisive actress.


Abs has become a central character… in order to keep storyline generating… they need a surefire hit… to not miss a beat… I’ve wanted Kelly Missel for the longest time.

I sincerely and truly congratulate… Kate Mansi… for stepping up to the plate… she more than carried DAYS through the transition… of new production… and elevated the nu Writing Team scripts…

Chad and Abs… for new story… more than took the audience … they are .. as you said… the new IT couple.

so.. I am hoping … DAYS takes extra caution… and hire a solid actress… to play Abs… because.. as much as i’m liking… – very much – Martha Madison portrayal of Belle Black… like when Kate Mansi first started… this story line is vital to the canvas… and MM needs to stretch her wings… before DAYS decides they are the new it couple.

I don’t want Billy Flynn character… to languish with Belle… if they are not working… hopefully… he’ll start commanding DiMera Enterprises… till DAYS makes the correct call in recasting… a high end high yield on returns… to continue on… with his megawatt turn… as a solid new leading man.

I TIP MY HAT to Ms. Mansi… for … per her words… she gave it her all… and I know she has… every since , the start date of takeover… August 17, 2015… Kate Mansi… is finishing solidly her 5 year run… and I wish her the best!

oy! I hope this doesn’t hurt the canvas… I’m so excited by all the turns… except for the firing of Kassie DePaiva.

Kate Mansi… you solidified your turn. WELL DONE!


There is a soap God!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Abigail will mysteriously disappear and Andre will be behind it…ok, im kidding…just recast…good luck to KM in wherever she goes!

Mary SF

Torn– was never a huge fan of her portrayal of Abigail, but the last few months she won me over and her chemistry with the actor who plays Chad is great, so the timing sucks for me because I was just starting to like this couple and invest in them long term– now there is going either be a break up or recast which never works as well. Abigail and Chad was the last bit of light on the show– even Hope has turned dark. Well good luck to her, lets pray they don’t kill the character off.


I feel exactly the same way, Mary. Abby was at the bottom of the barrel for me months ago….the dregs of it. But, she has proven herself….her acting ability obscured any resentment I had for the character’s past peccadillos. I do believe there will be a recast. It may work….Kate is still green and not so entrenched in the soap for us not to accept a newcomer. I suppose it all depends on whom it is and her new storyline. Also, I would think it also depends how her personality will fare with Billy Flynn’s…what a man, what a man!!!! Yum!!


I have watched DOOL for years, especially the last 5 years. Kate has done a wonderful job as being Abigail. I am happy to see that her and Chad are together once again. Wishing her nothing but the best in her future.


I hope they will recast the role.


Cindy sousa

I’m going to miss Kate. She is a terrific actress.I wish her all the best.and I hope one day she will be back


I willl miss Kate Mansi as Abby. Ms. Mansi made me love the Abby character and I wish she was staying but I understand she wants to spread her wings and do something different. I wish her the best. Hopefully some of these nut jobs who tweet the actress horrible things because of the character having an affair with EJ, will finally get a life and realize she was only doing her job. Some fans can be such lunatics.


Yes, deb, some “fans” can be such lunatics. Some cannot separate actor from character as judged by the comments on the Michael Weatherly news page, not to mention other columns in the past.

It really makes me wonder just how SICK the citizens of the world are. Mental health is definitely a blessing.


As always, when there is the opportunity for a young female recast, my first choice is Kelley Missal. She is an impressive protagonist….rebellious child, sensitive sister and dependable friend. Kelley is just glorious in my eyes; able to handle any challenge.
The runner-up would be Lyndsy Fonseca (original Colleen-Y&R). ….not only is this girl gorgeous; she is one noteworthy talent.
Good luck, Kate……tante belle cose e buona fortuna !!!!!!!


Really sad to see Kate go. In my opinion, she is one of the best actresses on the show! I can understand why she wants to move on & try other roles… but it is our loss! 🙁 I do hope they find the right recast for her!! Best wishes to Kate. Dani from OLTL would be a consideration but I think she’s too young.

Bil Thompson

She most certainly IS one of the best actresses on this show – as inane as it often is, with this nonsense right now about the heart transplant – comical really –
but she makes Abigail seem very real despite some of the ridiculous dialogue these poor actors are forced to read.
I will really MISS her in the role and if they re-cast Abigail, which seems likely, she will have to do a really great job because Miss Mansi had some great scenes with the actor who portrayed Ben as well as the current Chad. I know, I know, actors move on, she’s young, and I don’t blame her for opting to leave. I kind of suspected she was going to vacate the role. They need to maybe have her (Abigail) go out of town for a while and then do the recast so it’s not so terribly
startling….but no, they probably won’t. Sometimes recasting the role works and sometimes it just doesn’t.
Good luck to Kate Mansi she has done a great job.


Kate has been terrific, and her work has woven her deeply into the Days canvas.

Please don’t kill Abigail.

They are going to kill her off! Makes sense the way Days is going. DAYS IS DEAD!!!!!


I hope they give the character a long rest or even better, kill her. I’m so tired of the hypocrisy exhibited by Abigail, the town mattress.

However, good luck to Kate in her future endeavors.


I am so sorry to hear this confirmation. Kate Mansi has done outstanding work in this role. I will miss her so very much. She is a wonderful actress and I wish her the very best in her future career.

I hope TPTB aren’t going to send Abigail and baby Thomas off into the sunset. I agree with Lorenzo. Brittany Underwood would do very well as Abigail.

tim S

OUCH!!! I get a little frustrating with some of these actors/actresses that don’t know what a good job/deal they have. How many actors have left and end up coming back. The grass is not greener in the other acting studio.. I can understand if the writing was poor, but wow.. my gut says she should stay for a few more years and take advantage of the work…. try to find some other jobs out there and ask for a leave….

Of course I know nothing about her situation.. She is a great actress and really as happy with her work lately.. Good luck!! She will be missed…


tim S, maybe Kate knows something we do not. There still has not been word of a renewal from Sony and NBC. In the end it is her life to live as she wants to.



If only Lindsay Hartley wasn’t too old…even Kim Matula would be good

nancy dillingham

I wish Kate well–but I surely will miss her presence. Abby and Chad have a great love story, the kind fans just love, filled with sturm and drang. Hope Days will “do it up right for the fans; I feel that they will, based on their work so far and on what Kate says in her farewell statement to fans. Bon Voyage!


Who is left on the cast!!!?? Everyone is leaving or fired..All core and important characters..It seems this show will not be renew and ending a historic run..So sad..I just been very gloom and doom lately, no major upgrade from the last writing regime..Ratings were up due to 50th and return of fan faves..I hope I am wrong and will continue to watch even if the show is so subpar.

Scott (ATWT Fan)

I absolutely love Kate Mansi and have thoroughly enjoyed her portrayal of Abigail over the past four years, and I cannot wait to see what it is she does next. Had a feeling she’d be leaving, due to her returning to being a brunette and that in Soap Opera Digest she mentioned her deal with the soap was coming to an end, and was unsure if she’d re-sign. I wish her the best, and while I wouldn’t want it, I hope the show does recast so we can continue the stories that Abigail is bound for!


She looks so much more appealing with her brunette hair. I started liking the character a little bit more when she went back to her darker hair. Then with the ordeal Abigail suffered with Ben and how Chad never gave up on her, she won me over.


Oh no! Hands down age I’d one of the Best actresses on daytime . I really hope she has a good agent because she is a true talent. I’ll miss her portrayal of Abigail but I plan to follow her career


I really liked her as Abby, but I hope we get a great recast with her.


Kim Matula would be an awesome Abby, but I want her back in LA with Liam and battling Steffy. Kelly Missal from OLTL would be perfect. Gorgeous ans she can act!!!!


considering there’s not alot of work for actors these days due to reality tv, I was surprised that KM decided to leave. She’s a good actress and I wish her well. You’d better re-cast well, Days, Abby is an important character.

stevie g

Have loved Kate Mansi’s work as Abigail over the last couple of years. Last year with EJ and Sammi and this year with Chad and Ben. The poor girl is probably exhausted after everything the writers have put her through recently. On my wish list now is to bring back the young lady who played Abbey as a teenager. ASHLEY BENSON, if she is available. I heard her night time show is finishing up. Hope she is asked back and would like to return to day time.


They do not need kill off character , recast the charactewith either Kristen Alderson ( Ex- Starr and Kiki or Kimberly Matlua ( ex- Hope) B&B


So sad she played Abigail so good gonna miss her smile good luck in your future

Please neither of those actresses never cared for either of them on any soap. And why re-cast when there will be no soap (DAYS) for her to go too!


Well aren’t we negative and counting your eggs before they hatch. There no word yet of Days will be renew or cancel.


Bring in Kristen. Is Bree Williamson too old?


God bless you hun! You will be missed as well it is always hard to replace the current actor, I know DOOL will do the best. .always hard getting use to a replacement but in time it will all work itself out. .The best of luck to you hun!
Hugs n love ♡


Like many others I have grown to appreciate the talent of Ms. Mansi. I wish her nothing but the best. I’ve enjoyed DOOL from day one!! Would hate to see it go ~~ however, maybe the time has come.


Kelly Thiebaud (Britt, GH) I’m sure she will have great chemistry with Chad

Andrea Meyer dembski

Today I felt like I lost a part of me when you left. You are an AMAZING actress Kate, I honestly can’t fathom the idea of you not being “Abby ” Anymore, but I know you’re on to bigger things. Take care and know you have tons of followers that love you!

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