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Kelly Ripa Returns To "Live!" Tuesday After Issuing Statement; Source Says Michael Strahan "Never Wanted Any Of This To Happen"



Will these two be laughing and smiling together? That is the question after the drama behind the scenes at Live with Kelly and Michael as it continued on Friday and through this weekend.

First came the news from Kelly Ripa herself that she will be returning to the main host chair on Tuesday’s episode of the ABC/Disney syndicated talker, explaining her sudden disappearance last week.

Ripa did not show up for work and had several guest co-host fill-ins, after Strahan announced to the “Live!” staff that he was departing come September for his new full-time gig on Good Morning America, leaving Ripa without a co-host once again.  Kelly started her career on the series with Regis Philbin as the series co-host.

In a statement to the “Live!” staff late Friday, Ripa related: “Sorry for this late Friday night email. I wanted to thank you all for giving me the time to process this new information.  Your kindness, support and love has overwhelmed me. We are a family and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday morning. Love, Kelly.” ”

Meanwhile a source told that Strahan is “looking forward to having Kelly Ripa back on “Live!” and that he never wanted any of this to happen, and he got why she was mad but it was out of his control.  He spent the last few days reaching out because he wanted her to come back.”  The source added that Strahan was “prepared to go on by himself if he had to, but he is relieved that it all worked out.”

So, will you be tuning into see how Kelly and Michael will interact with each other on Tuesday’s episode of “Live!”?  What do you think about Kelly’s departure and statement and Strahan’s latest apparent remarks?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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51 Comments on "Kelly Ripa Returns To "Live!" Tuesday After Issuing Statement; Source Says Michael Strahan "Never Wanted Any Of This To Happen""

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clearly a big misunderstanding , I know she wanted to be in the know, clearly the higher ups messed up here, and now Michael strahan is being made look like he was insensitive but I’ve been in meetings were your told do not discuss what’s going on so he was put in a rock n a hard place and he probly thought the higher ups would tell in way in advance so shame on abc.


i’m glad they worked out everything.


She makes 10 million a year for working 1 hour a day,, She needs to get over herself already. Michael was told not say anything and he followed the orders.


Agreed; and cancel the show…please!




Kelly Ripa: KNEW… KNEW from the beginning… what was going on… a FREE Ride

Regis Philbin lined her purse with CASHOLA

she rode that wave that much more… made easier… with Regis STAR

TPTB worked… to FIND Ms. Ripa a co-host…. Michael Strahan… imploded the show… and ratings soared year in and year out

once again… Ms. Ripa… nested .. smelling millions of dollars… doing nothing

she has no sense of humor… sense of timing… shes a fish outa water…

i’ll take some relish see flounder and lights out


Since we do not know all the facts Weather Micheal went looking or ABC went looking for him Kelly should have been told. It was pretty gutless of ABC to not inform Kelly of what was happening. The whole situation should have been handled better by Network.

And has any confirmation that ABC is expanding GMA to another thus cancelling Live altogether?


” Live” is not just on ABC stations. It is syndicated to any and all stations. In the New Orleans market, it’s on the CBS station. So, I doubt that it will be canceled.


I’m sure she works more than an hour a day on Live.

Tim S.

I agree… Makes great money and has talent and does a good job at what she does, but ….. does she really work that much… Show up for work for that one hour and suck it up…

Tomas Torquemada

Agree. Agree. Agree.

How does his getting a promotion translate in to psycho drama from her?

$5 sez she has no gig this time next year. As someone he actually hires and dismisses people(never a task I take lightly nor enjoy) the folks who need to leave our company announce themselves. She made herself easy to fire.


It’s interesting reading your take on this on this page based on your firing and hiring background. You’re probably right in some regards…sad. All the more reason to have let Kelly put some humanity into it…whether you like her or not, how much she gets paid, or “she wasn’t professional enough,” had a melt down, etc. It just gets sickening to us regular folk how business can be conducted, and the the geniuses behind it.


It will help a lot if they can squash it right away on Tuesday and both own up instead of playing it off like nothing happened. Because if they do the latter it would be a PR nightmare.

I’m sure Kelly feels better now after taking a week off, blowing off steam and being assured that Live is not going anywhere.

Rebecca Zertuche

Kelly was suckerpunched. Whether it was by Michael or the higher ups is beside the point. She needed some time, as she says, to process.

Tomas Torquemada

A $10million annual salary means you’re time to process is zero. The first words out of her mouth needed to be ‘Ve wonderful for you.’ When the network says a coworker is promoted, tuck it in.

Jay Keaveny

This may end up making the Bruce Willis/Cybill Shepard relationship look benign.


But that saga was REAL this is fake, fake, fake. I see the evidence everywhere!

Someone pointed out that Michael waited until “the end” of the show to address Kelly’s absence to the audience. Really? The end? Why make your loyal audience plus the looky loos tuning in for a good piece of gossip wait until the end? Oh, because you want people to watch the whole show in expectation of an explanation. I see. What a magnificent ratings ploy!

Mary SF

Her biggest mistake was right there in her email– we are family– uh no, they are your co-workers, you are an employee–no one should mistake the work place for family- work is business, no matter how long you have been there, no matter how well like, business will always come first– look at a relative of mine who was downsized out of a job after 26 years- just came to work one day and was told he no longer had a job and escorted off the premises-no time to say farewell to co-workers, no goodbye party, no cake, no nothing– not even a thank you for years of service–so Kelly should live in the real world– and be grateful she has a job because that show could be cancelled in a heartbeat if it suits ABC’s bottom line– they are not your family, so stop expecting them to treat you like you were.

Tomas Torquemada



Kelly Ripa is a wonderful lady, I adore her so much.


Her best bet would have been to hash it out on air but the higher ups probably told her to take time off so nothing rash would be said on air… Making her look bad in the process and themselves absolved..
Who knows.. Anyhow.. AWKWARDDDD



she doesn’t have the chutzpah to move


did she put star behind her tail

H Parson

IMO – this has “PUBLICITY STUNT ” – written all over it.


of course.. it’s a stunt

why else… envelope.. all that Michael Strahan did… whilst Ripa coasted

isn’t bambi real


Yes! Yes! Yes! A thousand times YES! People forget that Kelly is an ACTRESS. This was all planned. They already have her co-host on contract, I bet my life on it. They will do the dog and pony show this summer (for ratings) and trot out all the potential prospects to “audition” but the new person has already signed on the dotted line and is just chilling and enjoying the time off LIVE until he/she has to report to work.

This is nothing but a ratings grab and absolute baloney! One thing I have learned over the years is that when a network is talking, they are speaking out of both sides of their mouth. Heed the X-Files, “trust no one.” They lie, lie, lie. Why do they spend so much money bringing a show from pilot to series only to cancel it after one episode? It’s because of ratings and they will beg, borrow, and steal to get ratings.

I’m sorry I initially fell for it when Michael Fairman’s first article came out, but I don’t watch this kind of fluff, I was interested because I used to watch this show and this show never offended me unlike THE VIEW so I took the time to read what was going on. Boy did I feel foolish, but then my brain started working and I saw this for what it is … ABC’s number one drama on television! Ha!


This is all on Disney. They show no respect to Kelly They should have told her earlier in the week. I feel for Michael he is caught in the middle. Hope they talk it out way before the show on Tuesday. I will be watching for sure. Will be interesting to see the interaction between them. Wish them the best.


Kelly makes more money in a year than most people make in a Lifetime. I understand she was upset but Please… BE AN ADULT instead of running off like a Spoiled little child


if she had a sense of humor… to command 15 MILLION DOLLARS a year

is she in the same realm and tour de force as Johnny Carson



Kelly is, has been and always will be the reason to watch that show


which is why I do not watch, Mark.
Honestly, does anyone? Who really cares about all of this?

Lori Simmons

I think Kelly has every right to be pissed off and the people at the top of ABC/Disney are like any other company trying to win the ratings game. People are cattle to them, who cares which cow gets slayed. Incredible, did they even stop to think that we might be watching that show because Michael is on there? Idiots.


You know what? Kelly might be pissed because Michael got the job and not her. Just sayin…


I think it is all fake and set up to help the ratings of a struggling show. Yes, I am aloud my opinion.


Personally I think if GMA wanted Strahan so badly he probably had enough clout to ask that Kelly be told before it was announced. I’ll definitely be taping Tuesday’s episode — the backstage drama at that show is the most interesting thing in daytime this past week…


” I’ll definitely be taping Tuesday’s episode — the backstage drama at that show is the most interesting thing in daytime this past week…”

ABC Brass: Reel him in, boys! We got another one! Ka-ching!


This seemed like a big story until Prince died. Now, I say, WHO THE HELL CARES! They are both millionaires! Life goes on for both of them and their tea toddling ways. SOMEONE will be with Strahan this week. Either way, I wouldnt tune in regardless, he is a pompous ass! If it were up to me, LIVE would reboot in the Fall with Erin Andrews and Anderson Cooper!

James R. Poissant

I think anything we see on the screen will be fake and phony—Kelly will rightfully always be pissed no matter what and who could blame her?


rightfully pissed

shes floundering for a sense of place.. humor… angst

she’s the definition of sinkhole


I do sympathize with Ripa in all this, and I feel that Strahan is the villain in the current scenario.

That being said, I suspect that Tuesday’s episode will be a chance for Ripa to show off her acting chops…


James…at this point, I think that Strahan is somehow letting his success (or whatever) go to his head. Just saying……….

As always, peace, Brother.


This incident makes her appear to be completely unprofessional, IMO.

Tomas Torquemada

I bet her employers at ABC feel the same way…..


ABC cares nothing for there employees! They took 2 Soaps off without notice,Endless employees there! Even relocating them! None of this was a miss understanding. He will be making more money. For someone not to show up while making that type of money?? You don’t deserve the position your in!!! Just saying.…


I mean … “really”

look at that pic above

Michael Strahan is laughing fullout joyously and enjoying his gig

Kelly Ripa… is still “posing” schmucking for the camera without PERSON’ality.. and sense of self

go figure


I don’t think you can judge anything by that pic. You don’t know the context in which it was taken.


It is time to cancel the show. Ripa needs to grow up and act like an adult not a spoiled rich kid!


I get she’s upset. Glad she’s coming back because it does not make her look good to have staged a sick-out. Especially considering her job and salary.

Barbara from Atlanta
I am certainly not president of the Kelly Ripa fan club. That being said, I think the woman (and the executive producer “Gelman,” who has remained very quiet about all of this) should have been informed about the move much earlier than is being reported. Only four years ago, Regis Philbin retired from the show —– basically leaving Gelman and Ripa to work to keep the show going as Regis really was its “star.” Michael is hired for the position and everything seemed to have worked out. I certainly have never read the show has suffered from poor ratings in the past four years. After weathering the loss of Regis and righting the ship with Michael, ABC suddenly picks him up full time and he is to leave Live. Without questioning whether ABC should have done this, it still should have informed the Live folks as early as possible. It is the only “right” thing to do —- especially when these folks appear to have worked to keep the show going without Regis. The news reports that, like NBC and its “Today” show, ABC may be eyeing expanding “GMC” to 3 hours (7am – 10am) and that Michael is part of the plan to do just that. Since Live airs from 9am – 10am, where exactly would Live go in light of such an expansion — either cancelled or moved from the time period it has had for almost 30 years. A perfectly reasonable take on all of this is that ABC is hiring Michael and viewing Live as not important to its daytime schedule. At a minimum, ABC appears to have taken Live for granted. Again, I’m not a huge fan of Ripa but anyone in her position reasonably would be irked by all of this. All of ABC’s motivations may be justified; however, NOT telling the Live folks as early as possible is unforgiveable. Michael is suppose to remain on Live until the fall. Frankly, I don’t see how that is possible. Ripa’s absence has received a LOT of media coverage. (Probably wise of her to step away to “cool” down, given the show is not taped). Once Ripa returns, the hosts have to address this issue on the air if it is reasonably expected they would work together for the next 3-4 months. However, even then, there is a risk that ‘we love each” chat could strike viewers as phony. Personally, I’d find a way to get Michael OFF of Live ASAP so Kelly could return and immediately start to try out potential co-hosts. A “mutual decision” could be reached that AMC felt it needed Michael now (conveniently giving him some type of “lighter” news subject that he could cover for weeks on end) and Live, while “hating to seem him go, wished him all the luck in his new job at the ‘sister” show”. I really cannot fathom how Kelly and Michael will be able to spend 3-4 months together and the viewers believing their amiable,… Read more »

I may be totally off-base by saying this, but I wouldn’t have put it past ABC to purposely hire Strahan for Live with the sole purpose of knowing they wanted to eventually cancel the show in order to lengthen GMA. So, they slowly incorporated him into the GMA fabric only to eventually move him over permanently while Live implodes.


Recommendation on replacement, either go it alone or get another Soap Alum to do the job. Cameron Mathison is great on ET, there are so many wonderful Soap Stars, you could rotate them and give them the work they deserve!


This was definitely a pass over weekend.

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