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Kim Delaney To Be "Killed-Off" Of Army Wives As Series Has A Reboot!



Well, Kim Delaney is not coming back to Army Wives, like, ever! The former All My Children alum, who had been the lead in the Lifetime series for the past six seasons, will be killed-0ff as Army Wives goes through its own rebirth or reboot for the 2013 season!

According to TV Line, here are the details:  “Leading lady Kim Delaney, who has played Claudia Joy Holden will not be returning. Executive producer Jeff Melvoin confirms that her character (who is currently traveling overseas) will be killed off in the season premiere — a tragedy that will serve as a launching pad for an almost rebooted program.”

“The first two episodes will be very emotional, and it will confirm that Claudia Joy is no longer among the living,” he says. “It’s been very wrenching for us to write, and I think it will be very wrenching for the audience to go through. “Kim and Claudia Joy have been the rock upon which we based the show,” the EP continues. “But we have to continue to move forward and keep the show fresh and unpredictable.”

Melvoin goes on to say, “We’re trying to return to the show’s roots. The central conceit of the show is friendship that transcends rank featuring women from different walks of life and with very different outlooks. But it’s not going to be like you just flip the page and suddenly you’re looking at a different show… It’s the same show with some fresh new colors.”

So why do you really think the show decided to have the ax fall on Delaney?  Story-dictated?  Delaney issues? Reboot?  Will you miss Kim from this wives club?  Weigh-in!


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Wonder if it is about $?

L Fleenor

I was full of tears watching the first part how will I get through the second one? I have loved this show from the begining. I am unsure of how the future will carry on. I wish it would stay to true to the experience of being a military spouse and a tribute to the ones who serve. Goodbye Claudia Joy. You will be missed!


When a series does this, I wonder if it may be time for the series to end. I know other serieshave had major changes and go on but Delaney was such a core character. Once upon a time, a series did not do this but in recent seasons, surprising departures and cutting major players is commonplace.


Delaney issues would be my guess.


sadly, I believe you are right.


I gave up on the show during the last season, and it looks like I jumped ship at the right time. It’s time for Lifetime to put it out of its misery.


Well just because one woman leaves doesn’t mean that the show is in the crapper. I think at times they were overplaying her Diabetes and such, although it was good to put that in – she was a bit dramatic about it all. There are other strong personalities on the show also – like Denise and especially Roxy! They should bring her back from maternity leave ASAP and Pamela also needs to be back!


i agree.. like CSI for example.. lost many key characters and it stayed strong.. its up to the show to make sure that whoever they bring in can capture the fans attention the way the original characters did. But she was whiney and annoying at times with her “im perfect”attitude could get kind of annoying.. She was probaly my lest favorite person on the show to be honest. I do think bringing ashanti in is a big mistake… However she may be able to pull it off.


i am thinking delany issues also……………


It is most likely issues with Kim.

I think the show can go on…she wasn’t on the show for almost the entire second half of last season and it went on OK. Time will tell though…

If it fails, it will be because too many of the original characters have left the show, not just because Kim left.

Scott (ATWT Fan)


I loved Claudia Joy! I thought she was a strong character!!! I hope that they can bring Roxy (Sally Pressman) and Pamela (Brigid Brannagh) back to the show! I would miss them more if they didn’t return! I hope that S7 isn’t the final season, this is one of Lifetime’s best series.

Scott (ATWT Fan)

I’m also happy that they’re returning to the show’s roots, they’ve needed it. It’s going to be more about ARMY than anything else!

lori acierto

WRONG, WRONG !!!! Wrong character to kill off IF you TRULY want to get back to the original basis of the show!!!!
Kill off Jackie & Kevin, Joan or Frank Sherwood but NOT Claudia!!!
You WILL lose a LOT of viewers, possibly even me, if you do!!
I have watched Kim Delaney since she was on All My Children – SHE is the reason I even watched the the show in the 1st place!! You writers are NUTS & will killl the show if you do this! Not that fans’ opinions matter to you !!!!!!

Julie Marks

I agree totally. Kim was great, and we don’t need Jackie and Kevin, etc.


I heard Kim was at some function honoring Army Wives, and got up on stage drunk, very drunk. That is why they are letting her go. She dishonored Army Wives.
That is what I heard. I am sad she is leaving, but will give the show a chance to redeem itself. Though I don’t understand how Gloria can still be a part of it. She is not a Army wife. She should not be able to get on the base now.


this is so worng killing her off


Army Wives was my favorite show until season six — parts one and two.

Between the reuse of previous storylines from past seasons (Claudia Joy’s dislike of Jackie and Denise “seeing” Jeremy), to the way the character of Jackie was literally pushed in our faces and the basic lack of originality from the writers had me questioning why I was still watching this show and wondering if the show would have been better off ending after season five, like originally planned.

Now I read that my favorite character, Claudia Joy is being killed off ….. and my decision has been made. Kim Delaney was the reason I started watching Army Wives in first place and her character being killed off will be the reason I no longer watch.


I agree that Claudia Joy was the wrong character to kill off. I have watched the show and there are two many new people coming on at one time. I am torn as to whether I want to continue watching this show. The only reason I look at is ois because of Denise and Frank. If they leave, I am done.


ok, is her slurred speech at that military event last season the reason for her getting the ax? come on.

Julie Marks

I bet it was, and that is lame.


So very sad to hear that Kim Delaney will not be returning to Army Wives. I’ve been a fan of the show since the beginning and have always felt she was the heart and soul of the show. Kim aka Claudia Joy will be very sorely missed. With a show “reboot” or overhaul, why kill off a crucial character?!!!! Very bad decision from this fans’ viewpoint.


So wrong to kill her off! I know she has had some personal problems,but the show won’t be the same without her! I may not watch anymore.


It was obvious that KD wasn’t coming back. AW was one of my favorite shows until last season which is when it became like a soap opera. I’ll watch it this season to see if it gets better. If it doesn’t, I’ll be watching The Good Wife instead of using the DVR to record it.

Jean Childers

Kim Delaney was a very importment part of Army wives. I will probably not watch this show with Delaney gone.

Diana D

Just watched the season opener….real tear-jerker. I know it is just a show but you get so drawn in you honestly feel like I just lost my own family….I know I will continue to watch this show but will definitely be different with Claudia Joy gone.




if they kill off Denice. the show will be over. I hate they took off Roxy and killed off Claudia Joy. Could they not just lefted her over seas for a long time and then bring her back. thet still can bring her back. they can make it where someone was having a really really bad dream. then they wroke up and everyone is back.. please do that. I love whatching Army Wife with Claudia Joy, Denice, Roxy, and Pam.


I started watching Army Wives due to Kim Delaney. My watching will be limited this season without Delaney. Bring Roxy and Pamela back & get rid of Jackie, her character is boring. What a dumb move killing Claudia Joy.


Agreed, I still like the show but what is happening? Pamela, Roxy and now Claudia? I see Brooke Shields is coming on. Really? Plus Ahanti? When did she start acting. I love the shoe but am disappointed in the direction it is going.


Ashanti has been acting and been in several movies.


Just because a person has been in “several” movies doesn’t make them good actors !


I do not believe the show will make it to another series. Without Claudia joy there is no show. That’s who we all loved. If anyone thinks Brooke shields can replace her then think again. This show is over


I do not believe the show will make it to another series. Without Claudia joy there is no show. That’s who we all loved. If anyone thinks Brooke shields can replace her then think again. This show is over
. The ones who made the show a hit are being taken off so what do you expect?

sherry faust

I hate the fact you have taken Claudia Joy Holden off of the show. It won’t be the same. I will also miss Roxie and Trevor. I really missed Pam last season. You can keep the original cast and still add new people to the story. My favorite show but not sure if it will be the same and I can’t promise I will still be a huge fan.

sherry faust

I hate the fact you have taken Claudia Joy Holden off of the show. It won’t be the same. I will also miss Roxie and Trevor. I really missed Pam last season. You can keep the original cast and still add new people to the story. My favorite show but not sure if it will be the same and I can’t promise I will still be a huge fan. Really disappointed in the direction the show is going. Really might want to rethink all this.


The show will not be the same without Kim. Watching the premiere knowing she is not returning makes me want to stop watching the show.

H. wells

The show will never be the same without Kim Delaney. Bad move on your part, she was the heart of the show. Now will be boring……


Good riddance to KD. She canNOT act. She embarrassed herself and the show last year with her slurred and nonsensical speech. It’s fine that she goes. Catherine Bell can easily fill the role of ‘lead’ army wife. Army bases are usually highly transitional places anyway. It makes sense to me. I will miss Roxy and Trevor, but I think the new characters and story lines will manage fine. Brian McNamara did an outstanding job of acting the grieving widower tonight. Truly impressed with his gut wrenching performance.

Julie Marks

Sorry, but Kim CAN act!


killing off claudia joy was a mistake. and bringing in brooke shields is a BIG mistake. can’t stand her. not sure if i will continue to watch as can’t stand brooke & will miss pamela, roxy & roland will not be on much. writers should have rethought this. glad to see they kept gloria though.


i saw the show and i believe it just did like the titanic it is going to sink. to many cast changes to fast. should have left well enough alone as for kim delany being fired that is where they really screwed up as for being fired from other shows shes ever been on for alcohol abuse she needs help because she is a good actress. she made that show so did sally pressman and bridigid b. i doubt i will continue to watch any more of army wives with the new cast because i saw previews of upcoming episodes and your going to need a more powerful cast than brook shields to make it as good as it was i say they should have left well enough alone. i predict this will be its final sesson.


Pamela, Roxy are gone…. now killing off Claudia Joy was a was a big mistake. Should have killed off Jackie Clarke. What were the writers thinking. Brook Shields very boring. Very disappointed. Time to find a new series.

Joyce Michael

I think this is the biggest mistake a series can make. Almost every show that does this – kill off a main character and bring in multiple newbies very seldom works. People don’t accept new people thrown into the mix. I began to lose interest when you moved some away.

Lisa Leonard

Well, I’m gonna get a lot of bad publicity for this but…killing off a main character is NOT going to stop me from watching Army Wives. It is about military and changes and losses so to continue to be believable, changes and losses have to happen. I’m not completely happy with the choice but I’m still gonna watch and see how the new season unfolds. I hope it continues to have success despite all the hurt feelings of losing an important character. I just hope the writers don’t let us down. As for Kim Delaney, if the reason she was killed off is due to personal addictions, I hope someone assists her in getting the help she needs. We’ve already lost a lot of special people from addictions and accidental over doses. This is a serious claim on Ms. Delaney and should be treated as more than the loss of a main character.


I was afraid they would fire her after the problem last year with her speech, they fired her from CSI Miami too, please get help, I have been watching you since you were jenny on all my children.. Best wishes to you


I agree, I will miss Claudia Joy’s character. At first I thought may-be she was actually dead, or seriously ill. If you remember, when they started with her diabetes and then the Kidney transplant, I started to notice she truly was looking tiered and sickly looking. It wasn’t make up either, it was showing all over her face. If, and I’m saying if ,she has a problem with alcohol, it would definitely reflect in that way on screen. That tiered, drawn, sick look. If it is the case, I hope she gets help. It may be too late for the show, but not too late for her. She was a wonderful character on the show, and again will be missed.
On with other characters, that they have seemed to be pushing off the show. I hope they will find a way to bring Roxy and Trevor back. I never cared that much for the Jackie and Kevin characters, actually I thought they felt, they made a mistake too. When Kevin was injured, I thought they were rethinking the addition, and were going to find a way to write them out. They could easily bring Roxy and Trevor back, by Trevor being reassigned back to their base. As for Pamela, that might be harder, because of her husband chase, leaving the army for an outside job. I just hope they don’t get anymore drastic with character elimination, it could ruin the show, if it hasn’t already. Time will tell. They may have already gone too far, with Pamela, chase, Roxy, Trevor, and now Claudia Joy gone, and all the new characters, it’s sure not going to be easy after 6 years, to hold the interest of the viewers, with all the changes so suddenly. I hope they have a truly strong writing staff, their going to need it. I will reserve my judgement on the new characters, played by Brooke Shields and Ashanti.

Mary Anderson

I was in tears the entire show. I will miss Claudia Joy. I hope the show can continue. Roxy’s gone, Pamela’s gone, who next. I think they could have chose someone else to write off. Leave the main characters alone, they are the ones that make the show.

Yami g

I was in tears to see such a great character killed off. Claudia Joy was the one character in the show who bonded everyone together. I doubt Brooke Shields can fill those shoes. I cannot foresee whether I will continue being a true fan or not, only time will tell. But I must agree, this was a poor decision made by the production. God speed Army Wives!


I will miss Ms Delaney I have been a fan of hers since AMC. I hope she gets the help that she needs, please keep Roxy and. Trevor we need them.I hope the show goes on.


Really sorry that the writers couldn’t come up with a better solution for “Claudia Joy”. She was the heart and soul of Army Wives. Anyone with a pulse knows that Kim Delaney has a drinking problem. So why not try (again) to help her and not kick her to the curb. And losing “Roxie” and “Pamela” at the same time is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Good luck with your rebooted show. I won’t be watching.


HATE HATE HATE that she is gone. She was the core of the wives and now what.. they are going to try and replace her w/ Jackie? PLEASE!

One less viewer here.


I think she was the wrong person to kill off also. I just wanted to turn the channel but I’m sure Kim Delaney just wanted to move on to a new experience. What can we do? We also had to say goodbye to her on AMC & Law & Order. My guess is we’ll be seeing her in another show or a movie sometime soon. I’m definetly BORED with the show. I’ve been losing interest since they killed off Jeremy. 🙁

Rod Goraj

I feel the reason they killed of Jeremy is to show how evil war can be,and how difficult it is for parents to bury their children. They are not living in a rose garden,and military families must realize this when your country is at war.

Ann Coker

Do not like the fact that Kim is no longer on the show, and do not like it that Pam and Roxie are also gone. I will not watch the show any longer. You get a good show going that everyone likes and then you change all the characters, which is stupid.

Julie Marks

I agree with everything you just said. The show was the best with the original characters.

Rod Goraj

Did she leave because she wanted more money? Or did she do it for the good of the show. There are plenty of good stars to revolve the show around. I like everyone on the show. Each has there own star qualities, and that is why I think the show is so great. There seems to be a lot of teamwork involved putting this kind of show together.


Unbelievable! I was already upset that Roxy, Trevor and Pamela were barely on anymore and now this! Really??? I really like to know the reason behind why Claudia Joy (Kim) is no longer on the show, her choice or the stupid writers and producers? Everytime there is a great show they always do some stupid change like this and then the show gets cancelled and then they all wonder why. I started watching Army Wives for two reasons, one: KIM DELANEY and two: my hubby was in the Army. My hubby just started watching last season and really became a fan because of the Army factor. It was great watching a show that we both enjoyed. UGH!!! Better get more air time with Roxy, Trevor, Pamela (and her husband) if you do not want to lose ratings.

Diana J

I will definitely miss Kim Delaney’s character (Claudia Joy). I thought she did an outstanding job during the death of her daughter Amanda. She was the glue that kept everyone together but the show will go on. It will be hard because her character became such a part of our television life…all the tears and heartache over Kim’s leaving are proof of that. I will continue to watch the show. The only reason I would stop watching is if the cast of characters and storyline do not meet my expectations. Kim, I wish you all the best. May God Bless you now and always. Thank you for all the seasons you entertained us. You’ll be missed….

Julie Marks

I loved Kim Delaney on the show! She is a great actress, I have enjoyed her in the past on All My Children, and I think she is great. I think it is a mistake to let her go. She is the reason I tuned in the first place.


What a mistake to kill of Claudia Joye and change the format of the great friends we have grown to love. The show will not be the same. It looks like this will be Army Wives last season. I loved this show and I grieve what has been lost.


A whole bunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t say it enough. Can’t imagine how they will carry the show without her!


I really think it stinks, that Claudia joy had to leave the show. She was an important part of Army Wives and I loved her character.


Absolutley not the same without Kim Delaney or Roxie’s character. They are the foundation of the show. All series grow and change, but do not lose their main characters. Do not know if I have an interest in watching the rest of the programs and I really looked forward to this program each week. The dynamic among the main characters was heart-felt and real. Big mistake. Very open to new characters coming on board, but the way these characters have grown and changed it what made this work. Extremely disappointed!

Yashica Tate

Each season someone leaves this show, please let the viewers know what is going on. Claudia Joy was a the main character and now she is gone. The story line is just tragedy after tragedy. How much must one town go through?


Unfortunately I think this is the beginning of the end. The first 2 episodes were so sad it was awful. I like Denise but she is really alone. Would love to know what really happened with Kim Delaney. Even with the new girls the show wont be the same.

Sharon Wiley

pull up on what happened to Kim Delaney. They will tell you all about it. It is sad and I am so heartbroken with the way this show is going. You are right, this is the beginning of the end for this one.


Huge mistake to delete three main character’s parts. Roxie and Pam leaving was bad enough, but now that Claudia Joy has been “killed off”, I am no longer interested in watching. Why would you mess with success, I wonder? Kim Delaney was the glue that held everything together. Bad move, Lifetime! Adios.

Sharon Wiley

OMG when I first tuned on this year, I have never cried as hard in my life. My husband was worried about me at first. Claudia Joy, Roxie, Pam and Roland. I can not take this all at once. Please reconsider bringing Brooke Shields on this wonderful show. She will not be accepted by me if you do. I will honestly say I may quit watching it. I was almost sick when I heard this. Catherine Bell can carry this show to completion. Move Roxie and Pam back on base and pull the team back together. Please Please Please. I love this show and have been hooked for 3 years but I will surrender watching if it keeps going this way. Thank you .


Change to a show may be good, but nobody mentioned Pamela, Roxy, and Emmalyn going separate ways, now Roland is going to do a study at major hospital? Please it is the best show in such a long time, but killing off one major character, now four more are out there in no man’s land? Oh yeah what about Frank and Joan off to again serving in our military overseas? Way too many changes to make one of the best shows a viable show to make it through this season and then return for another. Thinking someone fell and bumped their heads, should have had said head examined before all these changes.


I agree. No longer army wives. Change the name. I will change my tevo

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