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Lisa Rinna Reprising Her Role As Billie Reed On Days of our Lives!

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The hits keep a-coming from Days of our Lives, who is making an exciting and giant push under new creative head writer, and Daytime Emmy-winning scribe, Ron Carlivati.

Now making her way back to Salem is Lisa Rinna, who first gained soap-famous notoriety for her portrayal as Billie Reed, the daughter of Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow).

Rinna, who has been appearing as a series regular on Bravo’s hit reality show franchise, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, since 2014, has been back at the NBC daytime drama taping new episodes as Billie as of this week.

Billie’s return is slated for sometime in the early part of 2018. DAYS is not letting the cat out of the bag of just what will bring Rinna’s Billie into the action in Salem.  She last appeared on the series back in 2013, before Billie left Salem for a job in Europe.

So, what do you think will bring Billie back to the canvas on Days of our Lives? Comment below.

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63 Comments on "Lisa Rinna Reprising Her Role As Billie Reed On Days of our Lives!"

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Yawn!! The character of Billie ceased being relevant about three returns ago! She was so poorly written, always pining for Bo that she was never allowed to be a character, she was just more of an appendage. While I do like that many returning characters are actual vets, it gets tiresome when the returns are all about grudges that should have been over long ago. If Billie hasn’t matured this time around, at 50 years old, this should be the last go round for this worn out character. I don’t know where the ratings are at, it for me the Carlivati regime is a big fail. Characters talk with far too much exposition. Motivations don’t make sense. John and Marlena are 70 year old senior citizens. They are no longer action heroes! How many times can they be kidnapped, and imprisoned, and hauled around in sacks, and shot etc etc etc. They look ridiculous playing these types of scenes. Some parts of the show are downright painful to watch. I stick with it because I am a lifelong fan and want it to succeed. I was VERY guardedly optimistic because while I loathed Carlivati’s GH tenure, I rather enjoyed his OLTL work. So far, he is doing what he did at GH…dumbing down the characters and insulting the audience. And on a side but related note…WHY on earth would you hire an Emmy winning high caliber actor like Tyler Christopher, and make him a newbie?? So many shows do that and it always ends badly. There were any number of established characters he could have played….Nicholas Alamain, Alexander Kiriakis, Rex Brady, Max Brady, etc. Carlivati did himself no favours by mentioning Alex North either! That has been mocked and criticized and panned by critics and fans alike as possibly the worst story in DAYS history. If he was trying to be funny, it didn’t work. I swear, if I even hear the name Jan Spears mentioned… I am turning this show off for good!


The Hattie/Bonnie story is epic fail to me…we are to believe all this time these two have been locked up they have the same hair color and style of Marlena/Adrienne and their bodies are the exact height and shape?


What a joke, eh Jimmy?! My grandmother said the Marlena imposter game has been played before. Deirdre’s real life twin pulled the same stunt as Samantha, the erratic evil twin.
I am not too fond of Lisa Rinna—never was….not looking forward to her return.
We can consume the same bland soup so many times before the stomach begins to heave.
I would love to see an original storyline hitting Salem.
Furthermore, I hope Rafe develops an interest in the new Ciera—soon Rafe will be holding Hope’s purse while she leans on the aid of her cain.
Watching Rafe and Hope together is like wearing two left shoes; uncomfortable and not a match….what is wrong with this picture??
Then I have to suffer through “Hey, Doc” and “John, oh John” touch fingers through a vent with rubbery flexible slats? Never seen anything like it !!….a throwback to Michelangelo’s, ” The Creation of Man”, painting??
Oh, my Lordy Lord!!


Sorry—faux pas: should read….”The Creation of Adam”.


I love rafe and hope together they look so good together


Can anyone say “Real Housewives of Salem?” With Lisa’s return as Billie and Eileen Davidson’s numerous “Days” personas from which upon to draw, not to mention, Ron C.’s fertile mind, anything is possible!!!!!!!!


LOFL!! 70 years old and still being kidnapped. .imprisoned. ..hauled around in sacks and shot. That is so true. Like how many times can Kayla get knocked upside her head and not have permanent brain damage and STILL being a doctor! ! And what was with Angelica standing over Adrienne’s prone body on a bench at the Brady pub? Talk about laugh out loud. That place had patrons it was broad daylight and suddenly no one was seen coming or going from the pub till Hattie showed up. And old Hattie and big Ange trying to heave go Judi Evans. .poor thing. And as much as I love AZ Carlivati was stuck I think on how to write her complex character. Right now I’m more excited to see how Mal Young will form his vision of Genoa City.


That scene outside the pub was so absurd it was laughable…just like over at GH with their shoot out with the one guy with Sonny and Jason…he is aiming a gun at them but Sam walks in…so he hesitates pulling the trigger and points it at Sam instead of taking out Sonny and Jason first…Jason rushes to Sam as Sonny just stands there and watches…then the guy pulls the trigger and shoots Sam which could had been avoided if Sonny reacted quicker instead of just standing there with his eyes fixed on his true loveJason!!!


Shoots Jason not Sam…sorry for typo


Storyline is an insult to or intelligence.

Allen Saint James

John and Marlene are those kind of characters who are kidnapped and shot at and chased.


who is jan spears


She put Sean D I think it was in a cabin and/or a cage and kept him prisoner and away from belle. Don’t quote me on that but I remember the story and him chained to a bed.


well does anybody know


Now I remember it thanks for jogging my memory


Judy…Jan was a useless throwaway character in the 2000-2002 high school story with Shawn and Belle and Phillip etc. It was an otherwise great story! Then after the 2003 killer story Jan was inexplicably brought back and held Shawn in a cage for an entire summer. She was just a cartoon paycho and played by two awful actresses!




I hope she does not kiss a wall with those lips she will be stuck for life ! Why do these actresses do this???


Can’t wait! Will she move into the DiMera mansion? I don’t know what the story could be, but hope Ron has something good planned. I think Billie was wasted the last time she returned.


If they are going to bring back people from the past woundnt have to let go of some of the cast they have now. the show is get so good now cant waite till tomorrow show

James R. Poissant

I love how Ron gives us old faves!!!

Andrew Hass

When Ron Carlivati became head writer at GH in 2012 he bought old faves back then too during his tenure there.So maybe Ron knows that the best way to get viewers to start watching Days again is to bring past characters who the viewers like.

James R. Poissant

i remember that. And we still have Bobbie, Monica, and Lucy to see on that show from time to time. I love what he’s doing at DAYS so far and his episodes have only started airing a short while ago. The only thing I do hate (still) is how DAYS is 6 months ahead in production. It seems like I’ve waited an eternity for Sami and Will to return.


Days continually brings back characters from the past yet it does nothing for the ratings or for the characters and story.

How many times has Billy come back now? What about Chloe? Hattie? Etc.


4ever DAYS

DAYS has brought characters with mixed results, Paul, but Ron Carlivati’s DAYS is different!


Wrong Paul, ratings for Days has gone up 100,000 viewers already. And that’s even with the stories with Hattie and Bonnie included.


I honestly never argue on here but I’m right. Ratings go up 100,000 and then drop 120,000. “Proof is in the puddin'” since Days is in 4th place.

But my point is that they bring back all these past characters and which garner a bump in the ratings but like all bumps they are short and then you come down. I mentioned all those other characters because where are they now? Hattie will be back in prison soon and Chloe, well, she’s waiting for her next bus ticket to Salem.

The writers come up with a scenario to bring characters back but don’t think it through fulling with a beginning middle and end in sight. Then the character languishes in the background until we forget they are there.

Days may under Carliveti (spelling is way off) see ratings spike and I hope they do. But if they tell the same old stories without something new to them whatever spike occurs will surely pop and see it drop.

Believe me, I love soaps. I want them to succeed because I’ve been watching them for 30 years. But soaps don’t tell compelling or developed story anymore and the ratings show that more fans are bored with it.


Billie returns to Salem with her husband—-Peter Blake played by Tyler Christopher!!!


unless he is too young for that role so maybe he will be Andre’s son?…or Billie knows Stephano is ALIVE!!!


There is only a 7 year difference between Jason Brooks and Tyler Christopher! I don’t see an issue with him playing Peter Blake! Of course I don’t think he will play Peter, but a connection to the canvas like this would be great! Ron is making DAYS the best soap on daytime!


have a feeling but i could be wrong that tyler will either be a recast nicholas alamain or alexander kiriakis ( the son of justin with the late anjelica )


I heard those rumors…it will be interesting to see if he is Nicholas, especially with the returning Vivian!!!

Andrew Hass

I think Tyler Christopher will be playing Alexander Kirakis and that means his character will be a part of a major family right from the start.Plus Sonny and Alexander could be rivals since they are both Justin’s biological sons and that has Justin torn between his sons.Plus since we the fans haven’t seen Alexander since he was a kid the show can do whatever they want with him without having to rewrite things.Plus i read somewhere that Christopher’s character will tied to Vivian’s return,So maybe Vivian and Alexander’s mother Anjelica have been working together but with Anjelica dead Vivian and Alexander will be working together now.


Ron created Tyler’s character.


i havent read that so he will be someone new then???


from what I’ve read… in SOD

Carlivati said… that TC character is the first – he’s created –

however.. this character does have a connection ??? to Vivian Alamaine

so… who knows… another nephew… ?? Ivan son?


I LOVE BILLIE!!! Cant wait to see what brings her back to town! Hmmmmm Billie/Rafe/Hope??


Billie will become bff w/ Kristen and they will gossip endlessly about Hope, and start some lie about Jen, together they will be the towns busy bodies, and oh wait a minute this is Days, not the Real house wife of Beverly Hills, ooops my bad. either way, w/ Ron C writing the storyline i’m sure it will be extra cheesy.. Bon appetite Dool fans…


The Real Housewives Of Salem-but wait neither Billie nor Kristen are housewives…knowing RC maybe Billie is really Stephano wearing a mask-lol

Andy G.

The Real Housewives are neither real nor housewives. Congrats to Lisa Rinna on the additional paycheck. Collagen and fillers don’t pay for themselves!!


Just one more reason to love Ron C. He is going to save my fave show, which is finally fun to wattch again! He should have dueling Billies, and bring back both Lisa Rinna AND Krista Allen- one of my faves from oh so many years ago


Hi Days fans..
I don’t watch Days but—–
How is my fav writer RC doing?
Is he bringing you excitement?


Not really…picking the dirt out of my toenails so far is more exciting-lol


I think so. I’m actually enjoying the Hattie/Bonnie storyline.


me too

4ever DAYS

I have to disagree with Jimmy, su0000.

Ron is doing great! I’m excited to tune in every and all DAYS!


i just dont like the Hattie/Bonnie story-its way too cartoonish…both have the same exact hair, weight and height of their counterparts plus these types of stories have been done to death which they never do on British soap Coronation Street…Ron depends too much on lookalikes ect to drive a story…he does have his good moment but lets get the show more down to earth like Y&R-this is why it stays at number one!!!…i know they done doubles too but Ron;s more at comic book level…that scene with Angelica and Hattie trying to lift Adrienne outside the Brady Pub with no one seeing them was just plain silly!!!


I’m envious that Days has RC and GH is stuck will Sally ..

RC is an exciting and brave writer, I miss him 🙁

4ever DAYS

Short term Billie is good, but long term Chelsea is needed!


Yes, 4ever. I can only take Lisa’s lips in small doses.

Andrew Hass

I just read that Billie’s return might just be a brief and might have something to do with her mom.So maybe Kate gets into some kind of trouble and Billie returns to help her out and then she leaves again.


I’ve never been a fan of Lisa Rinna’s portrayal of Billie. She looks like she could be Lauren Koslow’s sister, not daughter. I was a much bigger fan of Julie Pinson in the role and would have rather seen her return.

But now that Billie is back, hopefully Chelsea’s return is on the horizon! I hope the writing will be better this time than it was for Billie’s 2012 return, and hopefully she will be connected to Tyler Christopher’s new character.


Jimmy…oh, I agree. I mean…to me, Julie Pinson is a WAY BETTER ACTRESS than Lisa Rinna…period.

Have a good one, Jimmy.


Is angelica really dead


Maybe she’s just getting her acting chops wet again before she takes a stab at a casting call for Alexis on the new CW Dynasty…


Would love to see her bro Austin return too with wife Carrie. When the times right for a real story. Austin Peck thou. Carrie could mix it up again with Rafe. Lots of potential last time. He s wasted on Hope


No is not. they look so good togther


Yeeeessss, Damien!!!!!! Seeing Rafe with Hope gives me acido. Please, soap gods, break up this couple…..allow Rafe to live again!!


Sorry, not a fan. I was a fan of Billie Reed’s (Lisa Rinna) way back when, in the 90’s. I thought she had chemistry with Robert Kelker Kelly. (I liked him as Bo, too, was never a fan of Peter Reckell’s). Lisa’s last few returns were poorly written, and what is the point of bringing back all of these characters, on a short-term or recurring basis? This was done over at General Hospital too, and all that we ended up with was a very bloated cast, poor story-telling, and forgotten storylines. No thanks.


Well if Chrystall Chapell were to come back…. and with Vivian already back… hmmmm


Not interested. N-e-x-t……….


Lisa Rinna – Billie Reed – Days of OUR Lives , bio

1992–1995 – September 18, 1992 – September 28, 1995
2002–2003 – July 3, 2002 – January 8, 2003
2012–2013 – March 9, 2012 – January 30, 2013


Robert Kelker-Kelly – Bo Brady – Days of OUR Lives, bio , from Wiki

In 1992, Kelker-Kelly was chosen to portray Bo Brady, an established role on Days of Our Lives that was being vacated by the creator of the role, actor Peter Reckell. Although Kelker-Kelly was a recast, fans accepted his portrayal of Bo. The character’s pairing with Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) and reformed bad girl Billie Reed (Lisa Rinna) was a popular storyline and garnered Kelker-Kelly his widest audience. He was replaced by Peter Reckell in May 1995

pretty much from the time Billie Reed Debuted… Lisa Rinna STAR was in place and cemented. she’s been in our horizon for upwards of 25 YEARS PLUS. My GAL Pal.

I adore her energy, her spirit, her person.

every thing fell in to place.. and YES, she’s worked for that every since.

Harry Hamlin , daughters Amelia and Delilah. she’s a success story

her work @DOOL. I’m looking forward to… WITH A GOOD WRITER THIS TIME AROUND.

DAG ! for this ride.. I do wish Matthew Ashford ( the one and only Jack Deveraux ) was back on the show… these two hotted me out. otherwise.. depending on how long she’s back… GO AFTER RAFE HERNANDEZ !!!! and let Hope wallow and go backburner.

OY the fans have excellent recall… I think it goes a little too far.. ie: writers stink

OK I went their… I WOULD HAVE Preferred Christie Clark… as DAYS NEEDS that core heroine. and Carrie Brady would have been the bestest

Welcome back Ms. Rinna

it’s always a wonderment each time you REEL


OK…you know what: I have Z-E-R-O interest in that Lisa Rinna chick returning to DOOL. If TPTB really wanna bring the Billie Reed character back onto the DOOL canvas, then they need to bring Julie Pinson back to play the character again. To me, Julie Pinson was WAY MORE BELIEVABLE in the role of Billie Reed!!!!!

Hey…just saying……….


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