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Louise Sorel Returns To Days of our Lives!

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A Days of our Lives representative confirmed to Soap Opera Digest on Wednesday afternoon, that none other than Louise Sorel has returned and is taping scenes at the NBC soap opera as the one and only Vivian Alamain.

Villainess Vivian has been on and off the Salem canvas since 1992.

The pairing of Sorel’s Vivian under DAYS head writer, Ron Carlivati certainly seems like a soap match made in heaven!  It will be intriguing to see how Vivian returns to the canvas.

Robin Strasser (Ex-Dorian, OLTL) was tweeting about her pal Ms. Sorel, when she didn’t realize that Sorel’s return to DAYS had not been announced.  Strasser tweeted: “UH OH-is it supposed to be a SECRET #Vivian will SHOW #DOOL? I didn’t know-a SECRET? Oh crap SHOUT IT-La GREAT ONE returns-BEST NEWS ever!”

So, excited for a return by Louise Sorel to NBC DAYS? Comment below.

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58 Comments on "Louise Sorel Returns To Days of our Lives!"

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@Claudio – @Celia . GROUP HUG , NO?


from ONE – Grand Dame – to ANOTHER … Robin Strasser to Louise Sorel.

“…Oh crap SHOUT IT-La GREAT ONE returns ”

“Vivian Alamain”

upper crust upper class upper only ONE


Wonderful my madam, Vivian will be back. Louise Sorel is a wonderful actress. Patrick I have a feeling Ivan her sidekick, will come back to Days really soon. Now Days need to bring back Anna Dimera pronto full time. Leann Hunley is my gal just like my Madam Vivian Alamain.


Yes Patrick, group hug my friend. Vivian is back.


Sorry, Patrick….I just noticed your post…all the way up there by your lonesome, LOL.
Yes, hugs and hugs….I have waited a long time for milady!!!!!!


Fantastic news!!!’ Happy ‘DAYS’ are here again!!!


Now bring Lee Dumont back played by Robin Strasser who claims she was legally married to the late Stephano and sole owner of the Dimera mansion and business!!!


Yes Jim,. I hope this happens. Robin Strasser is an excellent choice.




Wow wow hard to belive she was one great lady


Was? I’m sure she still is.


Best news today.

4ever DAYS

Heaven help anyone who crosses her:


Oh, yeah….gonna love it, 4ever!!


Oh, my Lord….thank you soap gods. I can’t believe it !!!! Finally, Vivian is back!!! I do hope the juciest, “meanest”, LOL. storyline is in the works for her. Can’t wait !!


Hi Celia, my madam Vivian will be back, that is terrific news. I hope Days sign Louise Sorel to a contract. Give Vivian a good storyline, and the ratings will hit the roof.


O, I know how much you love our grande dame, Claudio. Probably more than I.
There is something very magical about Ms Sorel….je ne sais quoi? Non so che? ( do you speak Italian?—-Claudio is a very, very, very Italian name, LOL) …love it !!!!
There’s a famous Italian singer (50’s-60’s), Claudio Villa … husband’s grandfather ( from Italy) has all of his music. Unbelievable voice.

Now, I have no doubt Vivian will leave us with our mouths agape….she is fascinating. And, yes!!!!!! May her sojourn last a long, long time—-indefinitely!!


You are dooo lucky, Claudio….two of the most rich historical cultures…you have the best of both worlds.
Italian is the most melodic language —both verbally and musically—lest we forget, the poetry is music in itself. ( without the thousands of dialects—regional…LOL).
Do we know if Louise has Italian in her background? She definitely has the look.
We will enjoy her to our heart’s delight. —-she is always welcome. And, yes, you are right, Ivan completes the picture. They are a hoot together.
I feel the same for Victor Kiriakis—bad boy that he is, does not matter. I love him to pieces—seriously cracks me up.


@CeeCee….Ms. Sorel was also quite wickedly fetching as Augusta Lockridge on Santa Barbara…not as maniacal as Vivian by any stretch of the imagination, but her coldly calculating—yet highly-soigne’—-presence always added much to the show’s dastardly festivities! (And as another piece of soap trivia, she was the older sis to Julia Wainwright, who was portrayed by “you-know-who?”…Hint: the person whose current GH character is my hands-down favorite to disparage!)


I never watched that soap. But, I trust everything that comes out of your mouth, Shaybelle.
Ms Sorel simply has a natural air/talent, and it does not go unnoticed.
HaHaHaHaHa. And, I enjoy every minute of your disparaging. If the shoe fits? Or should I say, glove?


Yes Celia, I speak Italian and Greek. My father is Italian, and my mom is Greek. I hope Ivan comes back with his madam Vivian.


As for Ms. Sorel, she was simply superb as the sharp-tongued sophisticate Augusta….along with Nicolas Coster as her long-suffering hubby, the bon vivant known as Lionel…whatta couple! Very eccentric and jaded in a moneyed sort of manner, but oh-so-fun! I miss those kind of wacky, off-the-wall characters on today’s soaps, although it sounds as though they may not be so extinct in Salem!


Hi, my Shay,
Ah-ha… your Jules post….Alexis will have to make do by knitting more booties for the time being. She needs to get him out of her system….poor thing. Perhaps not having a man in her life, for a while, will make her appreciate herself; know herself; respect herself—-she is a surviver, afterall.
As far as our Ms Sorel…love her forevermore. Love the looney-tune air about her. Everything she does, her wicked thoughts, her manipulations, her ‘sins’ ….all of it….all of her kill me!!
She is the best of the best, and I never tire watching her do her thing.


Hey, CeeCee…If you ever get the chance, check out some clips of Santa Barbara…it was a fun and frothy good time….often far-fetched, but highly-enjoyable. And so many impressive soap players—in fact, far too many to mention by name, but faces that would be familiar to you from numerous other series—passed through the doors of the Lockridge and Capwell mansions, including Sorel and Coster, but also Robin Mattson as the hilarious Gina DeMott Capwell and Justin Deas as her not-so-better half, Keith Timmons! Then there was the always roguish roue’, Mason, as portrayed by Lane Davies, and the aforementioned as his long-suffering lover, Julia Wainwright. Difference is, this former character didn’t put up with untold indignities in return for a regular bedmate…she was a strong woman who stood her ground and knew when to walk away, unlike the all-too-desperate and sexually-voracious Alexis, who really does need to get some therapy to ascertain why she goes for the twisted misters with criminal pedigrees time and time again. As for knitting them booties, that would not be a bad hobby for Alexis to take up… know what they say about idle hands! Hah…and besides, I’m sure GH could use plenty of donations for their neo-natal unit…As you are undoubtedly aware, in real life, many women devote themselves to providing homemade knitwear to such institutions, and even this small step away from her usual home in the den of iniquity of one mafia kingpin after another would perhaps provide some tiny measure of the self-respect that this woman so clearly lacks!


I always like this actress. You go, girl.


Yes yes my madam will be back, I have been writing on this site for along time for Louise Sorel to come back on Days. Vivian and Ivan were hilarious together, please Ron also bring back her side kick Ivan. Please sign Louise to a long term contract, she is a wonderful actress. My dreams have finally been answered, my darling Vivian Madam is back.

Eric Buchanan

Awesome News. I am already watching every day, seeing the better dialogue and scenes like Roman (Josh Taylor) with Eric. Seeing the beginning of the use of ALL the talent available in a more ensemble way, the signature of Ron C. I read in Soap Opera Digest that he would not be creating any new characters….that was the greatest thing he could say to a long time fan like me. We don’t need Summer, Serena, Jordan, the Hernandez parents….there are 50 years of characters to bring back to the canvas. Days is already back to the top of my “must watch” list. Excited to see the coming months. GH thinks bringing back the late 90’s “Sonny Hour” is gonna bring people back….good luck…Stone who???? Focus on Valentin and Nina, the only storyline worth watching there.


Omg- at the risk of sounding dramatic- I am in love with Ron C. He is clearly saving my all time favorite show. Days is entertaining in a way that it has not been in years. Sorell will be great under his writing. Ron is playing a much needed homage to Salem’s rich history- and the only reason long time fans tune in. Did anyone notice that his first episode included John(so much better looking with his new hair style) and Marlena in the very first scenes? Today ‘s episode is the best so far. By having Marlena and Hattie in the duel psych ward scene, they are revisiting the LEGENDARY story whereby Marlena’s sister Samantha stole her identity and dropped her off in a psych ward- for months, just like Hattie is after Roman, Samantha was trying to steal Marlena’s then husband Don Craig. Best of all, the incredible Deidre Hall FINALLY has screen time galore and what seems to be a real story. Thank you RON. You are my favorite soap wrirter.

James R. Poissant

See everybody? I told you Ron was going to do magic. He sure is doing good in the short time he’s been at DAYS!!!


Welcome back Madam, you have been missed.


Great news!!! Ron C. is killing it with his writing and bringing back the favorites!

I hope Vivian is back long term. It’d be great if Ivan came back also.

Next can we get Celeste back? Played by the original actress of course, along with her psychic powers lol.


this would be the icing on the cake…. PURE JOY

I want her minimally to visit Theo.

God… it was FEAST when Tanya Boyd was Lexie Mother. and the arsenal she brought…. the cards do not lie.

one of my all time favorite mother/daughter pair.

Celeste and Lexie – WOW


I agree. Losing the actress that played Lexie was a big loss to the show. Lexie and Abe were great, and she played well with the DiMeras, Hope and of course Celeste.

Lou piikes

Vivien and Ivan are my favorite platonic couple. They are pure comic relief.

Tomas Torquemada

My favorite quote was when Crystal Chappelle said of Vivian: she redecorates mausoleums more than most people redecorate their living room.

I can’t wait to find out who she shoves into a casket this time.


Loved RonC on GH. My only gripe is Paulson never kiss or have lovescenes like they used to. RonC is a pro on this. The man who wrote Kish and Brucas need to focus on Paulson or will will comes back there will not be a worthwhile triangle.


See is 77 years old but good to see her back


She’s 77? Wow, she looks great!


Marlana is 74 and doug in he late 80s or 90s they have the money to look good


Looking forward to seeing what she cooks up under Ron’s writing.


AWESOME! This has made my day. I love Vivian. Some of Days most memorable storylines involved her.


I love her to.I have been wishing for this.


I guess if you want something to be a secret, don’t tell people and especially don’t tell Robin Strasser!


Oh yeah….like it was surely meant to be a secret! Come on!!! Robin did what she was told to!!


So Happy about this.. now Tyler needs to be Nicky Alamain so Aunt Viv has someone to roll with..


Oh yeah, good idea.


OMG – that’s an even better spin. Nicky and Aunt Viv.

I read that he could be Alexander Kiriakis… ??? readying him for leading the pack of the Kiriakis empire.. when UNFORTUNATELY, John Anniston readies himself retirement.

either or sounds fine to me. if this gives us more airtime with Adrienne and Justin.

oy – I can’t get your post from my mind. what a spin of immeasurable potential.


My dreams has come true .Vivian will supply us with plenty of laughs.I love Louis Sorel she will make days great again.You can also bring back her side kick to.I am so happy.


I associate her name with Ivan and the coffin. Wonderful piece of news! Under Carlivati’s hand, it’s like Nora Desmond meeting Tim Burton.

Tomas Torquemada

Spot on. Totally agree with this.


This is the best news! Maybe “Ivan” could return, too? I couldn’t be happier!!


Yeah, Vivian, Ivan and Celeste returning would be AMAZING!

Tomas Torquemada




haha! love it!




Oops, Muchael I spelled phraseology wrong ( typos happen to the best of us)…… I do hope that fact does not affect your sensitivity.
Patrick is a poet. I read his heart……


English is obviously not his first language! What an incredibly rude post!


Okay… in short order he has brought the female crazy back to DAYS….Hattie… Bonnie…Anjelica….Vivian….Kristen… Sami (who will regress 2 decades under Ron)…….can we have some balance here? Come on…..give us a reason to invest time and emotion into this!!!!!!!

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