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Guiding Light R.I.P.


Matt Bomer's Terrific Performance on Last Night's GLEE! Is there anything this guy can't do?



If you caught last night episode of the hit Fox series Glee, Matt Bomer guest starred as Cooper Anderson, Blaine’s older self-absorbed brother.  Bomer, who we all know has the handsome Ben Reade from Guiding Light, then on to his starring role on USA’s White Collar, and Broadway and television and motion picture productions in between, really showed his versatility on last night’s Glee.

From Cooper’s hilarious and arrogant masterclass in acting , where he says acting is all about pointing at the other actor and ignoring everything they say, Bomer played Cooper as a two-bit actor whose greatest claim to fame is his commercials.  However, viewers learned throughout the episode how Bomer’s Cooper has messed with younger brother,  Blaine’s (Darren Criss) confidence throughout his life.

Sadly however, this episode did score as well in the ratings!  According to, “Even thought it drew 6.7 million viewers, 2.7 adults 18-49, the musical drama fell to a season low in the adult demo, dropping 10 percent from its last original back in February. Fox points out that overall TV viewership was down 9 percent in the hour compared to when Glee last aired, before Daylight Savings Time kicked in.”

As for Bomer with his singing, acting and dancing prowess, we ask, is there anything that Matt can’t do well?  He is great at everything, and yes, he looks good while doing it.   In case you missed the climatic musical scene, we have it for you after the jump, where Darren Criss and Bomer perform their rendition of Goyte’s hit song, Somebody That I Used To Know, and we have to say, we think it was just as good or even better than the original!  Heart-tugging and beautifully performed.


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Thanks for the link here. Awesome! I will watch from my DVR but couldn’t wait.


I honestly disagree with this whole piece. While Matt Boomer is incredibly hansom and nice to look at and has a damn good voice, the episode itself to me was a flop. It has once again become the Blaine Anderson show, with over half the show being dedicated to how hard Blaine had it with his brother and blah blah blah, when in the “cliff hanger” ending prior to this episode Quinn was in a horrible car crash, and yet we get a few scenes here or there about her, no hospital scene, no reactions from the wedding goers when they get the call, it was tasteless, Quinn deserved more than what she got, as well as did Dianna.The writers for Glee lack continuity and it’s making it hard to want to keep watching this show. While I fell in love with the songs Artie and Quinn sang, because Kevin and Dianna were just amazing, I felt they were overshadowed by the 3 songs that Blaine ( Darren) sang, again taking away from what this come back episode should have been about. Don’t get me wrong Darren is a great singer, but quite honestly I’m tired of hearing his voice and seeing his face constantly on my tv screen during Glee. Also have you actually listened to Gotye & Kimbra sing Somebody That I Used To Know, because if you had, you definitely would not be saying that Darren and Matt’s version was better than the original. I’m sorry but Darren’s voice is not made for that song. End of Story. Matt did amazing on it, and I wouldn’t have minded him singing the song with someone else, though it wouldn’t have be relevant. And on the facts of relevance, you realize you had brothers singing a break up song… That in itself is questionable where the writers are concerned. Personally this episode was a flop, and I don’t think the lack of ratings was due to daylight savings time or whatever they’re trying to write it off as. I think it’s more so that people are getting fed up with the show because it’s not what it used to be. I myself was ready to turn off my tv when the episode first began because it was a huge disappointment within the first 5 minutes but I stuck through it to see if maybe, just maybe they would redeem themselves, and sadly they didn’t. I don’t know how so many people writing pieces about last nights show can be so gung ho about an episode focusing on Blaine, when in all honesty Quinn deserved the spotlight in that episode, and it seems people are forgetting that.


I was going to post something very silimlar to this. It is another case of GLEE finding a guest star they want to cram in and then doing so whether it makes sense or has any meaning whatsoever. I actually was so disappointed in GLEE last night I only flipped back and forth–step one in weaning myself off altogether. I realized I was more like”GLEE comes back tonight” SIGH, knowing how much the show annoys me, than “GLEE comes back tonight! Yay!” How I would have been back in season one.


All I can say is, “D*@*n!” I haven’t watched the episode yet, but this clip was fantastic. I think it’s the best I’ve heard all season….And I remember Matt so well from GL, especially his last storyline. He rocked it and I’m so glad to see him spreading his wings and being so successful. You asked if there’s anything he can’t do? Maybe, fail?

As for the ratings this week, I don’t think it’s that big a deal. Everyone I know is uber-busy these past two weeks. I say, bring Matt back. Yeah!

Guiding Light R.I.P.

Former Y&R, Santa Barbara, Capitol, and Guiding Light Executive Producer John Conboy Dead

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Judith Chapman (Gloria, Y&R) posted the news of Conboy’s death on her facebook page along with these sentiments: “It is with a heavy heart and a grateful smile that I called him my friend,, “BIG” JOHN CONBOY, the ORIGINAL Producer on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, left us today The Big Guy, with the BIG LAUGH, Man about Town, and One HELLUVA PRODUCER… Whether you loved him, or not ..YOU have to agree He was ONE OF A KIND! God Bless you, John. Give Jeanne a Hug from all of us.”

CBS Daytime also tweeted: “We join Judith and the CBS Daytime community in mourning the loss of John Conboy. John was a longtime Executive Producer on #YR, created Capitol and later was EP of Guiding Light. He will remain in our hearts forever.”

Conboy was the original executive producer of The Young and the Restless and remained with the show from its inception in 1973 through to 1982.  Prior to that, he served as the EP on CBS’ Love is a Many Splendored Thing from 1970-1973.  After Y&R, John next launched CBS’ new soap Capitol and stayed as the EP up through its cancellation in 1987.

John made a comeback in 1991 with the one and only Santa Barbara, where he served as the top executive of the series for a time, with the last soap he helmed being Guiding Light from 2002-2004.

Throughout his daytime career, Conboy picked up four Daytime Emmys – three for the soaps, and one for an afternoon special. (more…)

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The soap opera is available by subscription, but the service offers a one-month free trial.  In story, Hilton Head Island, revolves around the lives of the fictional Trisk family, who own the a television network.

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The cast will feature none other than former One Life to Live star, Tuc Watkins (Ex-David) and former Guiding Light star, Matt Bomer (Ex-Ben) along with Andrew Rannells, Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, and more.  The play will be directed this time out by two-time Tony winner, Joe Mantello.

The Boys in the Band centers around a group of gay men who gather in a New York City apartment for a friend’s birthday party. As the evening continues, the cracks beneath their friendships begin to show, exposing the self-inflicted heartache that threatens their solidarity. (more…)

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