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Melody Thomas Scott Previews After A Shocking Boozy Low, Nikki Has An Intervention On Y&R!

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Nikki Newman is going on a bender … a bad one, according to Melody Thomas Scott’s (Nikki) latest interview with TV Insider’s Michael Logan.  Apparently, boozing Nikki will finally be besieged by a family and friends during an intervention to try to talk some sense into her in the upcoming May 28th episode of The Young and the Restless!  But will it actually work?

Nikki’s intervention is actually going to be a standalone episode and comes after what Y&R promises is a rock bottom moment for the wealthy socialite on the May 27th episode which Thomas Scott previewed:  “I can’t reveal what happens but Nikki hits the skids in a way that neither the fans or anyone in Genoa City has ever seen. It’s bad. It’s low.”

As for if she hopes Nikki’s intervention is a a success, and the woman finally gets help and sobers up, Melody related: ” I do not want this intervention to be successful. I have too much fun playing her as a drunk. There is a lot of humor in Nikki’s sloppiness. And her drinking creates conflict. It’s a soap! The fans don’t want to see happiness. If Nikki sobers up and becomes June Cleaver, where is the drama in that? “

For viewers who were seeing the connection between car accident drinking buddies Nikki and Neil (Kristoff St. John) and hoping that might turn into a romance, which right now in story looks stalled, Thomas Scott also teased it ain’t over till it’s over:  “Don’t give up on that! You may get your wish. Kristoff St. John and I are so hoping for a romance. It would be the most unlikely pairing, yet it also makes sense because they share the same addiction and they’ve known each other forever.”

So, do you hope Nikki stays a drunk?  What do you think will befall her that will sink the woman to new lows prior to the intervention?  Share your thoughts below!

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79 Comments on "Melody Thomas Scott Previews After A Shocking Boozy Low, Nikki Has An Intervention On Y&R!"

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No to both!
Don’t want to watch Nikki stumbling
around in a drunken stupor.

Nor do I want more bed-hopping.
Let at least some couples on this
show stay faithful! Nikki and Victor
have already had their share of other
relationships, and it’s been nice
that for years now, it has been just
them. Want it to stay that way.

Plus, there is no chemistry…can’t
even picture them in bed, or as
anything but friends.

4ever DAYS

The writer (Charles Pratt Jr.) has full control of the storylines without anyone keeping him in check because he is also an executive producer. You get what Chuck wants to give. He’s not going anywhere.


Melody related: ”
I do not want this intervention to be successful.
I have too much fun playing her as a drunk.
There is a lot of humor in Nikki’s sloppiness.
And her drinking creates conflict. It’s a soap!
The fans don’t want to see happiness.
If Nikki sobers up and becomes June Cleaver, where is the drama in that? “
I agree with Melody ..


I don’t quite agree with her, SUoo.
Yes, fans crave conflict but we don’t crave redundancy of said conflict.
We have seen Nikki fall off the wagon more times than we can count–can’t they think of something new for this character?
Moreover, I sort of take umbrage with the actress saying that Nikki is a fun drunk. Alcoholism is a serious disease, Miss Melody Scott.


hi Harry..
you said;
”Alcoholism is a serious disease”
True it is.. but- this is soap opera, soaps are not a PSA or qualified writers to tackel all that involved alcoholism to be held to write a story intailing everything involved..
some soap fans are way over serious, they think what goes on is fact lol they may look at the ”’fictional” story as fact..
Some fans nitpick everything, they tear it apart and recreate it to suite them how they think ir should be, they analyze it, and by the time they are done they have created something different than the original intent lol..
for them tackle any ”serious” disease on soap, is not a good idea..

soaps are entertainment.. not medically correct lol
the soaps diseases are written into entertainment for ‘drama’ not for facts..


I agree with Melody : as well

outside of this… is she the ever devoted wife and mother… standing by their side, going unnoticed… except for the occasional Holiday(s)

if Victor nuMAN , please, is so much fun MAKING LOVE , would she be traversing downward

at the very least… WITH Neil , (PLEASE, go with this pairing) neither of them are hiding or are alone…

ie: Melody Thomas Scott and Kristoff St. John : “Don’t give up on that! You may get your wish”

these two actors… have mainstayed … and have presented themselves on par… and are certainly capable of delivery solid performances… let’s have at it

The Substitute

Might help if the actress was sober at the Emmys she and an actress at Gh sober up drink when the awards are over


Sorry to disagree, Su. But, Harry is right. It SHOULD not make any difference that it is a soap. Insensitivity, especially for those who are suffering with the disease, is never a good thing. I think, of not only the afflicted person, but also all the family members. They suffer right along with him/her.
It is the duty of TPTB to maintain full respect for this real-life drama and trauma. The writers should not fulfill their own ego, but be aware of the audience first and foremost.
I, as Harry, take umbrage with the disrespect shown to this illness.
Furthermore, I equate it to being as offensive as Louis C.K.’s monologue on SNL.


My reply is to su0000, geez, passive aggressive much? You’re saying “lol” after every reply to Harry where you basically say everything he said was bologna. Just call a spade a spade and don’t pretend not to be snarky. Passive aggressive comments are much more irritating. Should I insert a “lol” here to take the edge off? As for Harry, I think for MTS, it is fun for her to play Nikki out of control. It gives her something as an actress to bite into. Actors like to get really into the character and bring them and their issues to life. Each character has his or her weaknesses and the writers use those as their tools to drive a storyline. Yes, it seems like Nikki is drunk more than sober these days which gets old, but they’re not showing her falling off the wagon without consequences. If there were no consequences, then it would bother me, I think. I get more tired of every man in Genoa City falling in love with Sharon. Why can’t they find a way around that predictable story???


Ashleigh ..

I had 2 lol in the whole of my post.. Calm down lol <– one for you too 🙂
Harry and I have a great rapport ..
We get each other and our exchanges are always with respect..


The writers are not qualified to tackle all that is involved with alcoholism with medical facts, nor with cancer..
If one needs help with alcoholism they should not rely on a soap opera to give them what they need..
The soap diseases are written for entertainment for ‘drama’ not for facts..

have a good day..:)


Ashleigh–thank you but I am used to Su00. Usually she snarks and puts a smiley face after the snark.
I used to lose my temper with her but now she just makes me chuckle.


More of the same? How many times have we visited this hitting-rock-bottom-scenario with Nikki? It is old.
There is no positive point to Nikki’s benders….not if she never learns from the consequences.
There needs to be a moral to every storyline…but, it seems that Y&R lacks foresight in that department. It is such drudgery watching her. …..and Neil.
There is no point giving any opinion, the writers will do what they please. If they want Nikki to remain a drunk, then, that’s what will be…que sera, sera.
My suggestion is to extract Nikki from Victor and his vampire talons. That is the only way Nikki will be able to help herself.


Hi CeeCee..
Splitting Victor and Nikki is not doable..
They are old.. there is no one else for either to be with ..
Y&R runs on couples and their love gone wrong camping drama ..
Nikki and Victor will never part for more than 2 weeks because there is no one to hook them up with..
Victor and Nikki will not be having bedroom scenes or even a hot kiss between them or with any other ..
They both should drink themselves into a stupor, a WHOOPIE moment for them lol ..


You’re right, Su. I wish there were no coupling. Why do these characters always have to be coupled with someone?
Hmmmm…..this leaves me thinking…who will be coupled with Michael? The hooker?

Nikki is not old, though. Victor is. LOL…please Su, you just put a horrifying picture of Victor in my head, kissing Nikki with all that spittle puddling on the sides of his mouth….Ewww ; gross…or doing IT…Double Ewww. I wish I could beat him up.


Before everyone’s tail feathers fly in the air…kidding about beating Victor up. I am 5’2 1/2″ tall and weigh 108 lbs. It is physically impossible.LOL.

This is for Chrystie D.
I hear you. That was my point on the comment above. Nikki had hit rock bottom so many times….no amount of interventions will set her head straight. I do not know what it is like to be an alcoholic…have never known an alcoholic in my family or amongst friends. I am sure, as any other addiction, it must be hard to stop, especially for those who have no support from their family or lack the financial means.
But, this is Victor Newman’s wife…a powerful man who is focused on making more money and destroying lives, instead of seeing what is happening in his own home. Gee, any woman/wife would be driven to it. I guess it goes to show us this affliction happens in all walks of life.

It would make so much more sense if the storyline would concentrate on rehabilitation instead of more ‘rock-bottoms’. Been there, done that.


I agree with your every wise word, Miss Cee Cee.
I watched Y&R today and the entire show was the Nikki Intervention Show.
It was incredibly dull (I think SU000) might even agree.
Melody is a fine actress but she is not strong enough to have an entire show dedicated to her character. The only actor who might be remotely up to that task is Tony Geary but even that would be pushing it.
Today’s show was a bust.


Take Victor’s money and hook up with Paul and send Christine packing!

Chrystie Delancey

So if whatever happens is rock bottom then I want to know where killing Diane Jenkins while drunk falls?

Even if she did not deliver the fatal blow, she pretty much murdered her. If THAT did not shock her into staying sober, then I have given up on Mrs. Newman. Heck, I am about to give up on the whole show at this point!


Good point Chrystie!! I forgot about that. Yick.


There are two women on TV who play drunks so well. Melody Thomas Scott is one of those two women. The other one is Linda Gray in her Sue Ellen Ewing face. No one compares to their skill at portraying the messiness and pathos of alcoholism. Nikki Newman is the perfect example of a woman who has too much and can’t handle it. She is married to an alpha male with no concern for any one else except himself. She has an out of control family. She has more money than she can spend. She has missed loves and more drama than you can shake a fist at. I love Nikki as a drunk. She has done her best work as one. I am excited for what will come. As her for her and Neil being a couple I just don’t get the thrill. How about we have her explore her actual emotional issues. Placing her in Neil’s bed is just not okay. But I will love Nikki in anything they place her in. Kudos to Y&R for working some of the best cast mates in new adventures.


Absolutely agree with you, Mateo. Melody does play a great drunk as did Linda Gray.
I also think the rest of your post is spot on.



right on!

mate: LOL… I love MTS for all the reasons you stated

however, i’m intrigued by the idea of Neil and Nikki possibly exploring past their friendship….

remember when Neil and Ashley tried ! I thought that was so good… and had potential…. I don’t remember why they stopped that

I know a good majority of fans… marquee : get Nikki out of the clutches, or talons, of Victor

even posting this it leaves me with angst for Nikki

pulling for, propping, pleading with the writers, this LEAD ACTRESS STARS


Robin Christopher’s Emmy-nominated drunkeness was a highlight of three different shows. How I miss Skye.


Amen BreckRoy! Maybe since GH just wiped three actors off the show Skye could returrn?


with thee “monies” saved from Anthony Geary, Jeffrey Vincent Parise, and Shawn Butler….

Robin Christopher should return to GH…along with her daughter from Lorenzo


I love Skye Chandler from AMC.


Breck Boy, Cee Cee and Timm(OH MY!).
I love “Blaze” and yes, she played a wonderful drunk.
I miss Skye Chandler very much. What a great soap character she is.


Yeah, the idea of Nikki and Neil sleeping with each other makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Victor would make Neil’s life a living hell. He already toys with Neil like a cat with a mouse. I’m really not interested in that storyline.


May 23? I didn’t know Y&R aired on Saturdays.

I do like Nikki drinking. And considering all the drama going on with Victor, Jabot, Jack, the contract, it’s no wonder Nikki is finding it hard to stay sober.

I don’t know about a standalone episode, but I will be watching. We’ll see.


Right, Mo. It has been a lifetime of drinking due to what you have just enumerated.
So, it stands to reason that Victor is the infection ….the virus in Nikki’s system. Get rid of the cause. I am glad I am not the only one who said Victor exemplifies the Alpha Man.


Right, Mo and Cee Cee. The irony here is that Nikki is Victor’s co dependent–both of them enable each other to continue with their bad and destructive behavior.
Honestly, if this were real life we’d say that this a couple who should never ever get married.


At least it’s giving MTS something good to do!
Her and St. John?????? Don’t know……….maybe it could work and maybe not!


Yuck all the way around. Is there anyone with whom Nikki has not slept?…just like every other character …golly gee, why don’t they just have a sex-fest…an orgy at The Genoa City Athletic Club a few times a week, and get it out of their system?

The Substitute

Anybody can correct me here please do if I am wrong but didn’t Phelps do an intervention for Luke on GH?

Lou Piikes

Yep!!!! she sure did, and it was Luke Spencer that needed an intervention.

Mary SF

I don’t know killing Dianne while in drunken stupor was pretty low– opps sorry, it was deemed self defense-right (wink, wink).

Chrystie Delancey



Drunk. Again. Boring! !!


Glad that Thomas Scott is getting material but I am not feeling this “designer” alcoholism. I know soneone with the disease and its not something you just turn off and on. And to be frank I’ve seen more entertaining tv drunks than Nikki or Neil. No criticism of the actors; its all in the sloppy writing.

The Substitute

Why wouldn’t they make a mockery of it? I thought Nikki had MS what a joke walking around in high heels.


Drunk Nikki is my favorite Nikki but I don’t trust Phelps/Pratt to do the story justice.


Yeah she will strip and in the middle of her set the floor will collapse and in the midst of the debris “Polo” Jack will appear! [We already have “Marco!”]

The Substitute

The thought of her stripping gives most of us vomit time


Exactly. Alan. All we are presented with is Nikki’s frustration and helplessness …oh, woe is me kind of silent chant….this is how the writers showcase this fragile disease. Disgusting. So, I agree, this story will not be handled with kid-gloves as it should be.


It’s not a booze soaked descent until she strips one more time….

I miss stripper Nikki!


Ohh gawd no!
I really do not want to see Nikki near naked doing the bump.. lol
”One more time” is bad, real bad .. lol
That is best kept as a loooong past memory ..


LOL…. you know… she had conviction courage and cajones

come on Nikki… at least look like your having fun with it… stop being so proper, formal….

sidenote: I certainly do not want to make light of this illness.. that , oy! there is so much more real going on that there’s no control, perhaps even when said persons have no resources for intervention and rehab

we’re getting more Melody Thomas Scott


I think Nikki Newman is the heiress apparent to the Katherine Chancellor character. To get there, however, I want Nikki to stop acting like someone much younger. I respectfully disagree with Ms. Thomas Scott in that I would like to see Nikki take on the challenges of taking back her life and keeping it. There have been too many upsets for me to ever accept Victor and Nikki as this great epic love story, not after all the hits they have given each other and the fact neither ever seems to stay on the high road. As for Nikki and Neil, please! Was he not once engaged to Victoria. Ewww. I love continuing drama, too. And I love Ms. Thomas Scott as she is a joy to watch. But Y&R needs a strong matriarchal character who can show she can manage and take on life’s changes and find herself. No more drinking. No more dysfunctional romance with Victor. No more rushed affairs. There can still be many adventures for Nikki. Honestly, I would love to see Nikki and Sharon end up in a situation that forces them to rely on, if not befriend each other.


Great post. I agree!


I would love to see Nikki & Sharon be best friends. That might drive Victor nuts & that’s ok too.


Frenemies! Y&R has not had anything so delicious since Katherine and Jill. Nikki and Sharon can fill that void. As family, they are tied forever but they can claw at each other too. One of OLTL’s lasting charms was its deep layered relationship between Viki and Dorian. Y&R could have something similar if we could only move forward some and let these middle-agers (ahem) grow up!

Nikki has MS, too, right? Not that Nikki needs to be noble about it or a perfect poster child, but doesn’t the drinking affect her health? Will we see consequences?


I agree with you Iakovos. “I think Nikki Newman is the heiress apparent to the Katherine Chancellor character. I love Ms. Thomas Scott as she is a joy to watch. But Y&R needs a strong matriarchal character who can show she can manage and take on life’s changes and find herself.”


She is either going to strip again or sleep with Murphy!


Both, please.


I love nikki everything about her, I like her when she drinks because I’ve had the same problem with vodka. I can totally relate!!!!


If I had a ruthless husband like Victor, not to mention the heartache the various storylines through the years have put Nikki through, I think I’d be hitting the bottlevas well. Will she stay that way?I say no because she will go to the park, have a heart to heart with”Katherine” and be ok.

Lew S

No creativity, nor imagination – Same ole thing.


It certainly says very little about AA success rates… once again, instead of sending a potentially positive message to viewers who may be alcoholics, be reformed or members of AA, or even privy to those who have the disease, the writers FAIL to EDUCATE IN POSITIVE WAYS. Every stinking story lacks redemption, hope or promise!


Ron, hi
It is not nor has it ever been the responsibility of a soap opera fictional writer to educate anyone about alcoholism, they write for drama, they write stories to entertain ..
There are ””real life”’ educated people that know how to help alcoholics it’s not a soap opera’s responsibility to do that nor are they qualified to do so 🙂

((that is more than obvious with Michaels cancer story, written for drama)


Hi su0000

Appreciate your POV here; however, while in college I receiving mentoring from Bill Bell himself about writing for Y and R, and he point-blank told me the importance of creating drama that entertains as well as educates, a trait he passed along to his son at BB.

Perhaps Yand R could do a storyline on how powerful television is– you know, for some it IS real life– for good or bad, it’s how much of the world gets its perception of Americans: thru tv and film.

Chrystie Delancey

I agree with you, Ron.

I used to love the character of Nikki Newman, but now they are showing that not even murdering someone (self defense, whatever!) is enough to STOP someone from drinking … forever.

Not even almost dropping her baby granddaughter while drunk was enough. What is?

NO education, NO redemption. I totally agree with EVERYTHING you said. It is sickening. Not only all the above, but it also makes it look like the 1% can do whatever they want because there is always some cushy rehab facility at their beck and call, but they can also just rent a room and get drunk whenever they want.

If you want to show Nikki Newman drunk, how about toss her on the streets or something NEW.


Hi Chrystie– you brought up a really good point regarding Nikki: almost dropping her granddaughter AND responsible for Chris/Paul baby loss. You’d think someone like Nikki (who had an abusive father) would be ABOVE all this. The writers continue to use her as a doormat, always crawling back and always caving in to Victor. These storylines for her belittle her character. Like Sharon, give these strong and excellent actresses TWO LEGS TO STAND ON. As a man, I am appalled at how both Victor and his son, Nick, have a holier-than-thou attitude toward their wives.

I’m not sure there’s a character on the show WORTHY of Melody’s acting, someone to pair her up with. Then again, does she really need a man?


Well, years ago when it looked as if Victoria and Neil might begin a relationship, it was Nicki who was painted as a bit of a racist. Having seen that as part of the character, it might be (a Nicki/Neil pairing) a bit out of character. I have always loved Nicki, but just wish she did not always seem to need some type of ‘crutch’ to get by…alcohol, Victor, other men…X


It might be a soap but fans do like happiness and resolution once in a while. And there are many ways to make drama and conflict without writers falling back on back-to-back, sloppy drunks, or June Cleaver-type stories. Or all of the shootings on GH. And what a lousy, irresponsible thing to say about hoping Nikki’s intervention doesn’t work…for all of the people out there who might be watching, hoping it does work in their real lives. Just reading some of the feedback Jacob and Karla are getting from their transgender story on B&B shows working through all kinds of issues does have an affect on the fans…even if it’s just a soap.


I will say this: Nikki cracks me up when she is drunk and when she is fighting with Sharon.

And yes, as MTS says, it is not the business of soaps to depict perfect lives. But if I remember correctly, it was the business of soaps to bring social justice issues to mainstream audiences by writing them into storylines. We see NONE OF THAT on Y and R today. Instead we see a ton of bed-hopping.

How much lower can she fall? She already murdered someone, she almost dropped her granddaughter, she has publicly humiliated herself…what’s left? As much as she plays a great drunk, how can Nikki staying drunk be a sustainable storyline? Especially if she ends up in bed with Neil. Just because they have known each other forever? How is that a good reason? Are true friendships not sacred anymore?

She did the falling in bed business while drunk with a younger man with Deacon. Remember that? It was G-R-O-S-S. And back then, Victoria had also bedded Deacon, either before or after her mother did. Well done, ladies. So pairing her with Neil would be just because you have nothing else to do with two under-utilized characters.

Nikki’s battle with alcoholism is a struggle that will continue throughout her life but if they want to explore it, they need to do so intelligently. Throwing her in bed with Neil is not the way to do it.

Can Neil just find a woman his age who is not in any way connected to Devon?

The Substitute

It would be the third man she got involved with that had been previously involved with her daughter. Years ago when Victoria played by Heather Tom was engaged to Neil. Excuse me make that four Cole, Brad, Deacon and now Neil.


Lucia – I love it when Melody fights with Sharon too!


Don’t want to see Nikki with Neil. They both have so much baggage of their own, they don’t need to get together.


Yeah but it would piss Victor off and thats what we want right?


Didn’t Neil sleep with Victoria a moment in GC time? ….while she was pregnant with Cole’s baby who in turn, slept with Nikki….between mother and daughter, they slept with the same men and more men than Jezebel .
Such a foreign concept to me. Ayahyahy!!!!


If I’m not mistaken, Neil and Victoria had a baby together that was stillborn. I think her name was Eve. So Nikki and Neil together would just be blech! Just like Abby hooking up with Stitch even though she knows her mom had a fling with him. Yuck. They just ruined that mother-daughter relationship.


After all the years of Victor & his games one would think Nikki would have a breakdown. I’m sick of the same old story 1st. with or divorced from Victor, 2nd. her getting drunk. This woman is a fantastic actress. I watched her on a re-run of Walton’s mountain as a teenager. She can act around most people but they only give her two roles to play. Come-on writers how many women would have put up with Victor & his antics all these years and still been sane? Give this woman some decent material & watch her go.


Nikki, hi..
They are stuck with drunk Nikki for a story..
Nikki has no education/degree..
She has never had a job- no business career
She has never worked along with the family in business because she has never been written as anything other than Victor’s pet..
There is no direction for Nikki to go at her age and being completely zero of a career ..

Her children are grown business peoples, and she doesn’t know how to do anything outside of drinking and being Victor’s pet..
There are no viable stories for her or at her age any direction to take her..


Hi SuOOOO Yes I understand what your saying but Sharon has forgotten to take her pills how many times & landed up in Shady Oak’s yet Nikki has been with Victor through his many games most illegal he never ends up in jail & she never has a nervous breakdown.Even yesterday got me angry Phyllis says (out of the blue) “Im not the one who changed the paternity” as Nikki says “Oh yes how I would like to be a fly on the wall when Sharon finds out” then when Sharon shows up she’s treated like dirt. WHY? Phyllis tried to run over Paul & Christine, Nikki was a stripper & is a drunk, Is there anyone in Genoa City who Victoria or Nikki have not slept with? Sharon has done everything to try & make up with Victor & he treats her like dirt. I still think if Kathrine had left her company to her both favorites (Jill & Nikki) it would have made for a better story line.


Sorry Suoooo I was flitting back and fourth. I got so angry yesterday I turned it off. I’m going to watch it today but they left off where Victor tells someone they should leave. If it’s Sharon again Im in my garden. Its just to stupid to see how one man controls the whole damn town & that Nick who is a coward when it comes to daddy wont stand up for the mother of his children. OK Nuff said, guess you figured out Im angry at how its being played out.


A soap’s primary job is to entertain. If helpful information is passed along during a sl, so be it. I don’t watch soaps to find the location of the nearest AA location. If it appears at the end of the show fine. I watch soaps for the hunks and the pretty ladies and the silly stories 🙂


“The fans do not want to see happiness”. Vote here if u agree with this statement. I sure want to see happy characters dealing with the conflicts of life. life is not all drama all the time. But that would require intelligent writing…


Not the brightest comment by M.T.S. back in the 50’s June Cleaver had a lot of drama with Beaver in Leaver it to Beaver not to mention back then it was considered a very popular show. Y & R should be so lucky.


This show is a sloppy mess, forget about Nikki!


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