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Michael Easton Addresses Rebecca Budig's GH Departure In Heartfelt & Poetic Message!

Photo Credit: Peter Konerko

Photo Credit: Peter Konerko

It is pure and simple that Michael Easton (Dr. Hamilton Finn, GH) has been a class act throughout his daytime career, and through all aspects of his creative projects.

The soulful man has once again displayed his genuine nature in a heartfelt and poetic posting on his facebook page, in which he addresses the exit of his current on-screen lady love, Rebecca Budig (Hayden).

As GH fans know, Budig was let-go from the series and Hayden will be written-off the canvas in what has been deemed a storyline-dictated move.  That fueled speculation as to if Easton may be the next on the move from the ABC daytime drama series.

Sensing the sadness over losing one of his all-time best scene partner, Easton expressed the following below:


“THE HARD GOODBYE… Miss my friend. My partner in crime. The light at the end of the tunnel. The girl with the soulful eyes, a fighter’s heart and so much damn talent it hurts.  I know the clocks will not stop; tomorrow brings a new day but the sun will seem to shine a little less bright.”

Easton added with a photo of Budig and on the side of her on a wall a line from Charles Bukowski; “What matters most is how you walk through the fire.”

Budig wrapped her run last week on set taping her final episodes of the long-running ABC sudser.

So, what did you think of Michael Easton’s message on the loss of Rebecca Budig to GH and his kudos for his co-star? Comment below.

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77 Comments on "Michael Easton Addresses Rebecca Budig's GH Departure In Heartfelt & Poetic Message!"

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This was such a classy statement. I bet everyone likes working with him. Some are just born with hearts of gold and he is one. I wish wish wish he would jump to Days. I am more familiar with him from oltl.


He’s one of the best and always so eloquent.

Tricia Anne

It was perfectly sweet and thoughtful. Very full of emotive compassion and worded to fit the bill. LOVES to RB & ME.

Tricia Anne


Beautiful !!!


Wouldn’t it be great if MT returned to “DOOL” as Tanner and Rebecca as Molly?


Whatever that Soap is I would definitely Watch them… LOVE HAYDEN AND FINN TOGETHER ♡♡♡


Don’t care. Take ME with her & RH. Sorry want writers to focus more on longtime characters on the show.




A real snore! Hayden was so much better with Nick!


That was beautiful. So sad to see Rebecca leave. Hayden was my favorite female character on GH, and I will miss she and Rebecca terribly. It’s nice to know she and Michael have a great friendship of love and respect for one another. I wish her well as she moves forward.


Their really could have been so much potential for her and Liz to grow a bond as sisters and she sure does not yell fling her arms and spit on her co-stars that’s a big plus. Good luck to her future endeavors.


Michael Easton has always been a class act. I wish Rebecca Budig the best. Yes she is a talented performer . I found her character to be propped continually and was not a fan. She was given everything, a pairing with Nikolas, two identities, shoehorned into a legacy family, endless propping by Tracy, residence in the Quartermaine mansion, financial officer walking the hallways of GH and Finn and a pregnancy.
Yes Finn and Hayden had chemistry just not off the charts amazing chemistry in my opinion. Finn needs to be developed as a character on his own. He was shooting up for a year for Pete’s sake. He is a good guy we know. Let’s see him treating patients and interacting with others not attached to Hayden only.
Best to both actors




Michael Easton is a wonderful man and actor. GH imho sucks right now. How they let Rebecca go when they made her the sister of a major character, have her pregnant and in a major storyline with Finn is not only beyond me it is being horrible to the fans. At first, I think most of us, weren’t really sure about the Hayden character. But over time she became an integral part of GH and well beloved by the fans. Now what happens to Billy Miller since they’re bringing back Steve Burton. I never thought anyone could replace Steve as Jason but Billy Miller has done that and more. Is he the next to go? I’m really questioning after watching GH since the 70, because yes I’m that old, if it’s not time to quit.


Oh, Mick, how right you are. GH is nearly unwatchable lately, and if Billy Miller is shafted in this inane shuffle, I’m gone, too. They can keep Steve “Blando” Burton and his probably excessive salary requirements. Until he gets another “business” opportunity and says Sayonara again.


Totally agree with your comment!


The writing for Hayden and Finn both as a couple and separately has not been stellar. What really bothered me was how obvious the propping of HAYDEN was. No disrespect to the actress but I personally found her character always selfish and smug walking the GH hallways like she owned the place. Really? Making her a Webber provided no benefit. She was never shown to inquire about Liz and her family. She actually bad mouthed Liz and her kids. The character had to be made to almost die to garner sympathy. Too selfish.
Nevertheless I agree with Michael Fairman, Easton is a class act.

Karen Giles

Rebecca is a wonderful actress. It is the PTB and the writers. They are all lousy and do not have either the fans of this Iconic soap or the soap itself, let alone the actors best interest at heart. They Let Sabrina, Nikolas, Duke, SB go and now pulled him back in, and now Rebecca. They jump all over with the storylines and almost never develop the character. After 53 yrs of watching I am angry, frustrated and disappointed. They have botched the job but they stay. This is the worst team ever, and people thought Carlavati was bad. Valentini sucks and should be let go along with the idiot writers. No talent.


I agree. I too am an old timer. I have stopped watching altogether. When Jason i.e. Steve Burton left the show, I was heartbroken. Without Stone Cold it just wasn’t the same show. I hung in there. Now the constant dialog with Sonny and Carly drove me away. It had to have driven the actors crazy! Come on get it together GH. It just makes me sad. My soap since 1980 is going down hill. At least the storyline with Finn and Hayden had substance.


How very well put, Steph! You nailed this self-centered, obnoxious character to a “t!” As I have said before, I shall not miss her, but it was still a very thoughtful gesture on Michael Easton’s part to bid his latest co-star farewell in such a heartfelt manner. I just hope his Finn will remain on the GH canvas…drug-free, that is! (And what a timely, appropriate message that would be….)


Steph…Since Hayden hit Port Charles Rebecca has had to fill a lot of different story lines of who she was supposed to be. Blame the writers for this. I think over this time she has finally “mellowed” from her NYC attitude and was settling into GH. Attempting to be a sister and aunt…remember her babysitting day with Liz’s boy and Spencer 🙂 And I don’t think trying to help Finn is selfish. As for being smug and walking hallways like she owned the place, I can think of someone else that owns this way better.


Hi Steph…

I don’t see the character that way, at all. She evolved. Yes, when we first were introduced to Hayden she was a user. We quickly found out she was traumatized by her father’s ponzi scheme and thus started scheming on her own. But gradually, she became a loving stepmom to Spencer, a great friend to Tracy and Curtis…a wonderful girlfriend to Finn and as we saw recently had the desire to get to know LIz and her (Hayden’s) nephews…Not to mention she also saved Elizabeth’s life when they weren’t even getting along! Additionally, she had quite the conscience when she didn’t want to let anyone go and had to fire staff during the hospital crisis.

You can like the character or not but she’s certainly not going out as obnoxious or selfish.


Steph, I agree with you. Hayden was propped up since day one. The character was paired with Jake/Jason, Nikolas, helped “save” the hospital, was Elizabeth’s long lost sister, and helped Finn through detox. Also, she was a friend of Tracy’s and not too long ago, she was boarding at the Quatermaine mansion. C’mon?! We hardly see the Quartermaine Family in their own home; yet, she is receiving visitors on their property. None of this helped the character’s likeability, IMO. She was constantly trotted out with legacy characters or involved with storylines that did not concern her.


0ohh lawdy!

” Hayden will be written-off the canvas in what has been deemed a storyline-dictated move.”

that ^^ is the worst reason to rid of Rebecca over an attempt to write a story of substance, and that’s not doable by current team..
The GH stories are mostly Lame Junk Soap..

They are throwing a seasoned actress to the curb to make more Junk Soap..
(( go figure, sigh ….


Good luck to Rebecca. I was never a fan of the character. I miss quirky Finn with attitude.


Sweet sentiments by Michael Easton. Let’s face it, it has been an uphill climb after McBain exited. Finn has possibilities if written better. I hope this happens and I hope Michael Easton stays on GH if that’s what is best for him. After GH destroyed the integrity of McBain and his love for his family in Llanview my GH viewing decreased significantly.


Well said Jenn.


now that the “isolated” pairing is now defunct. why not go that step . and release Michael Easton as well?

he has no ties to the canvas whatsoever. this functioning addict is lackey. has no step that generates.

Finn is nothing more than filler.

Maureen Lynch

I agree with you. He doesn’t have Tracy either. A good actor though. Not sure what’s going on here.

Pattie B

What have you been watching ???? He is great…..


I wish they didn’t leave I have been watching GH since they were on tv. you seen a lot of people come and go. they make a good couple together.


Hayden should have been paired with Curtis.


I thought that was the way it was going when they first met. They did have good chemistry.


Your crazy for letting that one slip through your fingers.
She certainly has made GH much more interesting.
We all knew you would be close behind All My Children &
One Life to Live anyway.
Oh sad.
The end of an era……


Very bad move for GH! Rebecca and Finn have chemistry and they work. I suppose this was done to make room for Burton to return. Not EVERYONE cares for his dead, boring version of Jason. I wish Rebecca the very best and may better things come her way. Michael Easton, you, sir, are such a gentleman!


Michael deserves to be in a much more appreciated television show. He has too much class and talent to be on GH. Don’t appreciate GH taking his storyline away from him. Big mistake and the ratings will drop, guaranteed.


I hope the show reverses their decision I really loved Rebecca Budig as Hayden.


What a lovely message and so damn sweet. I think GH made a mistake letting Rebecca go, they had a great pairing in Fayden and Hayden was a Webber. We never even got to explore that and her relationship with Elizabeth.


She could come back one day…but i could care less either way!


oh, that rhymes-lol


Thats just it, a forgettable character!

Janice Gundersen

It was a big mistake letting her go. I am so upset. Michael has class. Get her back please.

Daisy Day

Such a sweet gesture to Rebecca Budig. Both actors are a class act. I think this time GH has gone too far. Fans are really pissed off.

Judith Sekscenski

I read that the actress who plays Dr. Obrecht has also been let go. I think ABC is doing this because Steve Burton has been rehired. It wasn’t storyline dictated, it was BUDGET dictated to be able to pay Steve. That’s just my opinion.


I liked Dr. Obrecht. I thought the actress brought some much needed comedic relief to the show. Unfortunately, TPTB are making way for Steve Burton’s return. I can think of a few other actors to be shown the door. #cleanhouse

Eric Buchanan

Well, one the new writers came in, they had no idea how to write for Dr. O, we didn’t see the humor and emotion she was allowed to show under Ron C. She had a vendetta against Anna Devane, but supposedly she forgot all that to get into office politics at the hospital.


Lose Rebecca to gain Steve Button… Not a fair deal. I’d rather have Tyler Christopher back than Steve.


Maybe if they keep trimming the fat we will get Steve and Tyler back and have the show start resembling GH again!

Maureen Lynch

Nice sentiments. Here’s what I don’t understand about soaps, you sign a four year contract but can be released anytime, so why the contract? Just curious.


nice work if you can get it… huh?

what a generous gesture and/or offering

what platitudes of will… by a pet of Frank Valentini

Finn you are just as dull if not more so

I will reach to the heavens that you are the next to go.

and this is a big piss off… to Shelley and Frank for firing of Kathleen gati as well

it’s near time to bitch slap Shelley and Frank.

what the expletive do you two see with the dullest characters @GH

Carly and Sonny … so freaking dull… upchuck
Jason and Sam … so lifeless… dead eyes
Michael and Nelle … no person’alities
Franco …. the freak
Finn… he needs to just up and walk away from Port Charles


I hope Frank Valentini is sowing his oats (cajones) and is livid at any remarks that question his authority. Blame him


I may be in the minority here, however, I agree with you, I find Sonny and Carly extremely boring. Both actors seem to be adlibbing their lines at times, and it is not working. Laura’s “hell no” and “hell yeah” is really getting old and tiresome. She sounds like a teenager. Jason and Sam, I have always said, are very boring. It doesn’t matter to me who plays Jason, Steve Burton or Billy Miller, Monotone Sam just bores me to tears. Michael and Nelle, very boring and no spark. There are no super couples to root for anymore-no heat, no romance.

James R. Poissant

His message was beautiful but I’m still pissed about Rebecca being let go. There was no need for that whatsoever.


James…Monica did mention she had heard about Hayden being pregnant from a message Tracey sent her from Amsterdam, probably living with Luke. Maybe this is a “temporary” place they can send Hayden for the summer? Hope she will be back.




GH why are you letting all the good characters leave? You are ending a beautiful relationship before it could really get started. They are having a baby you shouldn’t end it now. We want her to stay and become a mom and Mrs. Finn.!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Rachel Bastarache

What is going on with Frank Valentini. Love the story line with Hayden and Finn. It annoys me, when actors are written off. We get wheeled in by a nice story line and then BAM, done. Favorite character is cut off. Please keep her on.


I think it was sweet of him but whose ever idea it was to let her go that was very stupid and I mean stupid!!! Love Michael Easton


Oh this stuff happens all the time. A girl played Greenlee for awhile and then rebecca decided to come back and was touring the studio while the other girl was sick with the stomach flu barfing into a bucket in between takes. It was in soap digest I remember


Michael/ Finn/Silas/ McBain, What a Lovely Tribute to our Hayden / Greenlee, a Wonderful Actress, Loved her on AMC and really Loved the Story line with you and Hayden.. I was always Happy to see you and her on screen together… so many others I would not care to see leave.. GH seems to rid our TV screen of our favorite ones… how does a 4 year Contract turn into a 2 year Contract? … thought a Contract meant just that… I am not Happy with GH right now…. not Happy at all… Love to You and Hayden <3.


Tick tock


I honestly don’t know what the hell they are doing on General Hospital. The chemistry between Rebecca and Michael was easy and loving. The chemistry between Billy and Kelly is great too. They finally made Sabrina meld with Michael and then they killed her. They made Kiki and Morgan go through hell reunite and then they killed him. Why don’t we see more love in the afternoon instead of these ridiculous stories where a six year old kid is brainwashed into opening a toxic virus. I’m also sick of the constant inventions of romance for Jordan. She only clicks with Curtis, she sucks and is frankly unbelievable as a police commissioner. And that irritating Amy and the stupidest of stupid storyline of Man Landers. I know they had to find something for Ryan Paevy to do but really! Kind of missing days at a time and not really missing anything.


I like her with Nik, But this is wrong ten times up and down. Women are being kick around this yr. Gh you should be ashamed of yourself. Boycott GH


I adore Michael Easton and he’s a great writer…but as sweet as this is to Rebecca it sounds like a eulogy!


Yes indeed it does.

Betsy Allen

Michael Easton is one class act! Whoever made this decision is making a huge mistake. FInn and Hayden were A fresh and interesting storyline. I hope they find a way to keep the character of Finn and that they find a way for his storyline to continue. For me this is the final test. If they can’t get this right when I have an actor with Easton’s ability then they can keep having the same old storylines over and over. The whole show is getting stale and stagnant. but I don’t think the writers care what the fans think anyway.

Debra m

Michael is such a class act, He seems like such a caring, down to earth guy. I am sure Rebecca was let go to pay Burton his big salary. Unfortunately I blame the writers of GH for not establishing the characters of Hayden and Finn right. I hope Michael stays, just give him better writing and a good story. I say bring back John McBain, more story possibilities. That was his best character along with Caleb. He was one sexy vampire and he sizzled with Kelly M. as Olivia. GH does not have one hot couple.


Michael Easton I Agreed with him writers don’t care what fans and viewers think anymore.Big fans of GH watch my favorites show all the times writers should come up with news storyline instill of change or history of GH. Like Finn and Hayden start family together with baby she try to find out who hurt Finn work. Elizabeth will loss sisters Hayden another family again . Notice Michael Easton leave show too go on Days .



A class act.

Scott (ATWT Fan)

I was never a Michael Easton fan until he become Hamilton Finn, and this was the epitome of class and respect. Kudos to him!


Yes, Easton is a class act. The buzz is the he want to go, but Frank is afraid that he’d go to Days, so they’re keeping him for at least another cycle (26 weeks).

William DeVry (Julian) is out. The network did not budge on contract negotiations.

And yes, “storyline dictated” in soap terms is usually a synonym for budget cuts.


What’s with all the class act ( s) ?

Reality check. Michael easton BROODING. With his @one time looks fading. Is what appeal he had. A lot of these actors KNOW this is a dying genre AND are cashing in.

William deVry has so much more style presence and sexual appetites fulfilled


This is brass tacks time and no more pulling the wool over any one.

Holding accountable the writers executive producers and yes begging tptb to see the light

Yeah cliché and churning out product via an assembly line. This is as broke down as GH will ever get


That was a very nice gesture on Michael’s part. Maybe Rebecca will return the favor when he gets the ax!


Oh, this made me laugh! Michael hasn’t had much luck in Port Charles, as McBain, Silas, or Finn. It’s unfortunate, however, TPTB just don’t seem to know what to do with him or who to pair him with. Not for lack of trying, however…he gets quite a bit of air-time..




I’ll bet they bring her back within the year. In the meantime they cut some payroll cost.

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