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Michael Graziadei Set For Limited-Run Return To The Young and the Restless!



The Graz is coming home! The Young and the Restless is bringing back to the fold the talented and popular Michael Graziadei to reprise his role as Daniel Romalotti Jr.

According to who broke the news, Graziadei will be back for a limited run with the series that will coincide with the CBS Daytime drama series, 11,000th episode on September 1st.

Mum’s the word, apparently from the Y&R brass as to just what brings Daniel back to Genoa City, but could he be returning due to troubles with his mom, Phyllis (Gina Tognoni)? Michael’s return begins on August 25th.

Since departing daytime, Michael has been landing several roles on primetime series including Lifetime’s The Lottery, and his recurring role on Kingdom.  He is also currently appearing on the Amazon series Good Girls Revolt.

So, excited to know Michael Graziadei is coming home to Genoa City for awhile?  What will bring Danny back into the  story? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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58 Comments on "Michael Graziadei Set For Limited-Run Return To The Young and the Restless!"

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Blaine Stephens

I hope that new EP Mal Young will convince Graz to stay indefinitely. he is a great actor, much better than some of the newer hires ( with the exception of Michael Roark’s Travis who is exudes chemistry with Amelia Heinlie’s Victoria) .The show also needs to bring back Michael and Lauren’s son Fen back so we can have a relevant younger actor scene in Genoa City. Other suggestions: Get rid of Stitch, Luca and Hillary, release Victor from jail, and bring back Christine’s best friend Nina along with her sons Chance and Ronan( and Jaime who is supposedly residing with him in D.C.). Can Billy Miller return as Billy Abbott. I liked JT on General Hospital, but he is miscast in this role.


I agree with you Blaine. I never cared for Stitch from day one. After his mother and sister’s departure, they Should have sent him packing as well. I think they should bring back a pregnant Cloe into the mix. That would really drive Phyllis and Victoria, not to mention Kevin in a tailspin. As I said in a May post Jess Walton really needs to come back. Although her stay was much to brief, it was a much needed one. The wonderfully talented Jess Walton gave her all to that performance. I think if she comes back with her husband in tow, it could shed a whole new light on things. They could focus Lily and Cane on things other then Hillary. Jill and Cane could focus their energies on Chancellor for a while. And if they bring Cloe back, baby in tow, it could make for some terrific cat fights with Cloe and Jill. But they seriously need to “clean house” so to speak. Like I said I agree with you. Changes definitely need to be made.


It may not be possible for Graz to stay indefinitely. He has other commitments.


To Blaine,

Yes it would be nice if Graz were to stay longer but I don’t think he will. Graz only agreed to a limited run which suggests he has signed on for other projects not yet announced. I more than disagree doubt Michael Roark’s Travis. In my opinion, get rid of him asap. Victor is exactly where he needs to be in prison. That man had Jack Kidnapped. Victor then had Jack replaced with a double to do his will. If there is any justice Victor will be completely destroyed. I think Billy Miller has just signed a new contract with GH so he won’t be returning to Young and Restless.


Blaine, I cannot stand Travis. I disagree with you on him but everything else is fine by me!


Blaine, with the exception of Chance, I echo everything you’ve stated. Can’t wait for Graz to return and have been asking for Fen and Nina to return for ages. Stitch, Max, Hilary, Luca….flush ’em.


Oh, my gosh, Blaine!!!!! Yes….Chance and Ronan. That would be unreal….I am panting already.
I think that Michelle Stafford and Jeff Branson had such chemistry; such unbridled passion and sexual desire, I have not seen or felt such sparks between soap couples in a very long time. Those two exuded lust from every pore.
What do we see now? Wrinkly, Old men on Viagra to get it going, so in keeping up with women half their age; and, 40-year old men acting like teens on the threshold of first love, salivating and foaming at the mouth.


Right, all we are saying is give Chance a chance


Yes!!!! Awaiting with bated breath.
I just have one little, minuscule question? How is the mother and don thing going to work? Gina T is only 6 years older than Michael. Ah, well. Whatever!!


Here’s some trivia for you guys: ‘Graziadei’ is an Italian surname which literally translates to : ‘ thank the gods’ or….’by the grace of the gods’.


Michael’s return begins on August 25th and only for a limited time/short stay 🙁
but– he is a busy guy with other project to move him up..




I am excited to see Michael, again !!


YAY!! It will be good to see him on Y&R again, if only for a little while.

James R. Poissant

Daniel is coming home to give Billy a serious ass-kicking for messing around with his mom especially while she’s married to Jack.


I hope so, James R. Billy has turned into a whiny, little eight-year-old girl.


Celia, as teenage girls are apt to say, I know, right?
I always liked Jason Patrick but his portrayal of Billy is utterly joyless.
How can this character indulge in such a sinful, tawdry affair with is sister-in-law without exhibiting at least a tiny bit of joy, lustfulness and happiness?
He acts like he has a hot date with a guillotine or something.


Great news! It will be fun to see him again!


Hopefully he is returning for Phyllis’s funeral!




You know darling, we dont like Gina’s portrayal of Red or Jason Thompson’s Billy.




Love Gina! But right now, I hate Phyllis and Billy. They’re both rather despicable. But Gina is really pulling it in as an actress.
I always thought that the actor who plays Danial would have made a great Lucky Spencer recast.


Belongs with; not to.


Well, now! The above correction makes no sense without the my comment. Do not know what happened to it.


HAHAHA doesn’t that just get under your skin too funny bean there grind that lol


Too bad there’s no postings for Big Brother on CBS talk about a hot mess of a soap opera. .weird and can’t look away wonderful lol




The actress who plays his mother is only 5 years older than him. Its going to be jarring to watch them in scenes together.


They did it for years with Ronn Moss and John MCook I truly hoe it works for them but I still only see Stafford in that role


Yeah…..Gina looks even younger than her age.
Same as Kelly Monaco and William deVry……except that ‘Sam’ looks closer to fifty.


Sorry Cee, I was comparing Gina and Michael. Gina looks great BUT looks a little older than her age says and Michael looks younger than his age. Thats why its okay that they are mother and son [We dont have a choice!] But Cee, we agree again, Gina should have NEVER been hire to play Phyllis!


Not so much. She looks older than her age and he looks younger than his.


Who looks older than her age, Timmmy? Gina or Kelly? Kelly Monaco is not aging gracefully….and ‘giving’ her William as a father ( who looks like he could be her brother) was a gross mis-step. IMO.
I think Gina looks wonderful. Not one wrinkle or flaw on her face. I always said Peter looks old enough to be her father. Why? Because age-wise he can.
Michael G may look somewhat younger than 36, but not so much that he could pass for Gina’s son….more like a boyfriend.
Gina should have never been hired for the Phyllis role…..she is simply too young. Phyllis has a lot of history; most of which does not match up to her ‘new’ age.
And, neither does a 50-or-so-year-old body match up to Gina’s perfect physique.
Don’t you think so, my Timmmy?


Not really. Gina Tognoni will pull it off and since original Phyllis(Michelle Stafford ) isn’t much older. .only by 10 years. .she would have had him at 10 years old lol… gotta love that soras/de-soras


Lol, dave….10 years is a LOT of years for a woman!!!!!!!
As I said to Timmmy, it isn’t just the face….it’s everything else that goes with it…LOL.
Of course, Gina will pull it off. No question about it. Nothing to do with the acting. But, the visuals can’t be denied. Well, unless she wears a salt ‘n pepper-colored wig and granny boots. Kidding!! HaHa.


LOL CELIA…but we ALL know in HOLLYWOOD 10 years is a drop in the bucket added to countless facial tweakings small medium and large


Yes, you said it, dave. Hollywood women all start to look the same after a while. Wide-eyed and unsmiling, otherwise their faces will crack.
Lol…I really shouldn’t talk, though. Who knows what I will do in 20 years. So, I’ll stop calling the kettle black.

Tomas Torquemada

I felt the same way when Lisa Rinna (Billie) stood next to her mommy, Kate. Each recast of Kate shaved years off. The two actresses are maybe five years apart in age. Whoops.

I love love love Gina T (forever Dinah Marler). But Phyllis got younger in the recast. Oops


Y’all need to stop dwelling on age. The age of soap actors is irrelevant as far as the characters they play is concerned. Keep in mind Gina replaced Michelle–no one ever questioned the fact that Phyllis seemed too young to play Danial’s mother when Michelle was playing her. Michelle looks young for her age (about 52) and Gina simple looks her age (about 43).
To me, both actresses look to be about the same age.
If you dwell on the actors’ age and the plausibility of whether they could be someone’s parent or child you will drive yourself crazy. Trust me, I know from whence I speak.


Age doesn’t drive me crazy but I would appreciate a little more realism. MS was about 12 years older than the actor playing her son. Lauren Koslow is 10 years older than Lisa Rinna. Although not technically realistic, I can buy a decade because it is close to reality but 5-6 years is a stretch. Especially when both actors look relatively close to their age like GT and MD. They look like they should be dating instead of mother and son. Frankly, the recast was the problem. GT is too young to play Phyllis.



Given the horrible shape Y & R is currently in, I won’t expect much in terms of storyline for him since Chuck Pratt has brought this show to its creative knees!


I’ve always liked the actor and the character Daniel. Glad to see him return even if it is brief.

Brenda Garces

Billy boy better watch it.Summer called Danny and told him whats been going on with their mother and the Newmans.Billy should watch his back cause Danny boy is coming


Good point–wish he was staying. Would he not be a great love interest for Mariah?

Brenda Garces

Blaine Stephens
Billy Miller left because of negotations contract could not be met.
So he is not coming back plus he is doing a dam good job of playing Jason Morgan it will take time to fine tune but he is doing good if you ask me.Billy has a very short fuse so it woint take long.


I really don’t know how I feel about this. Generally, I don’t like short term runs. If the story is good, okay. I just hope he doesn’t bring Heather with him.


for the anniversary episode it would also be incredible to see faves like nina, danny sr, olivia, malcolm, ghost of john abbott,tracey


He will act rings around them he and Lily were gold


Yeah, kay. I miss those days so much. I was so young….I loved watching young love in bloom.

Trophy Lady

YUMMMMMM!!! Michael Graziadei is so HOT! And, on top of all that gorgeousness, he’s a superb actor!

I always wished he and Tom Pelphrey would’ve been cast on the same soap because they were two of the best in the business. Who knows? Maybe that can still happen!


Happy about his return! Yay!

Mark Y

He is a very talented actor. Hooray for Daniel’s return.

Lew S.

Michelle Stafford looks great! She looked like his older sister, than his mom.

stevie g

The good thing is when characters return for short stints, it often leads to them returning for longer at a later date. The other good thing is that the same actor is returning, as there have been far too many recasts on Y&R in recent years.


he makes me miss Michelle Stafford

this is being done to prop nuPhyllis

over JACK

“writers” seriously overlook Jack talent

I have nothing to judge nuBilly on

I love post

I get that they have to feature … Gina Tognoni and Jason Thompson

as I’ve already said

they just ruined so much of Y&R salvageable

it’ll be good to see this actor… he’s good

it was the complete of Phyllis outside of her men

Mary SF

Well personally I am thrilled they are at least acknowledging Phyllis has a son called Daniel and perhaps he will bring his daughter Lucy with him.

SORSAing has thrown the whole time line out of wrack so I’m not too concern about the fact that the actor and actress playing mother and son are close to the same age in real life. It is called acting for a reason, and as long as the two of them do their job I will not be focusing on the age difference, or lack of one, in this case, I will be focusing on the interaction between the characters

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It’s going to be a long hot summer when Hunter King reprises her role of Summer Newman on CBS’ The Young and the Restless.

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