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Michael Muhney Lands Role In New ABC Drama, The Good Doctor!

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The former Adam Newman of The Young and the Restless, Michael Muhney, has been cast in a role on the new fall drama series for ABC, The Good Doctor!

Muhney tweeted the news of his casting and that he is up in Vancouver, Canada currently shooting the series.

The Good Doctor premieres on ABC on September 25th at 10PMEST/9PMCST.

No word on what episode Muhney will appear on as of yet, but On-Air On-Soaps will keep you posted as the information becomes available.

The medical drama series stars Freddie Highmore as Shaun Murphy, a young pediatric surgeon with autism and savant syndrome who works at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. 

So, excited to hear Michael will be seen on primetime soon?  Comment below!

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70 Comments on "Michael Muhney Lands Role In New ABC Drama, The Good Doctor!"

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Excellent news. He’s been MIA far too long.


Can’t wait to see him – what a great actor!

Barbara Jacobs

How exciting! I was going to watch that show already but now that he will be in I am thrilled! I hope it is more than one appearance tho. Keep us posted please!


I hope he goes on to become a series regular and wins an Emmy. F. U. Y&R!




I agree with you Timm as well.


I agree!


Me three, four and five…..etc. LOL
Yet, T, I was so hoping to see him back at Y&R, just to stick it to Chelsea….ugh!!
The Christian mystery is still unresolved, albeit I think he is Nick’s…..
Will Adam return? If so, in whose body?

Phyllis Lucas

Yesssss!!! Love Michael Muhney!!!




Shame on Y & R for letting such a great actor go. The fans love him and the ratings would have gone through the roof. Stop listening to the ones who didn’t like him and start listening to the fans. At the end of the day the fans keep you on the air.


Victor has no competition without Adam. Nick is weak and Jack has moved onto putting Billy in his place. The show is sleep inducing! The only two actresses that are worth watching on the show are Mariah and Dina! I am so sick of SICKtoria!


Right on, Nikki. Does Hunter King and Braeden ring a bell? Sad.


Yes Celia it rings a bell and the sad thing is they (Y & R) thought more of these two than the fans that made them number #1. Well thank goodness we don’t see one of them but the other one is still king of the castle. Watch out Billy your getting a bit too much time ole Vic may have to knock you down a peg or two.


Ahhh, Nikki…, what a mess!! It’s not about the fans, is it ?! When did that change? We used to have a voice.
The problem is, my friend, the industry has become completely political. Politics, as a whole, is a spoiler….stinks to high-heaven.
Furthermore, when an actor is given Infinite power to determine who stays and who goes, messes up my viscera.

Billy….poor Billy. Jason is “kinda” growing on me, but he’s one of those typically, weak-male-types who thinks with his ‘pride and joy’. Most men, of a certain age, can smell a long-lashed “rat”.
Gina’s Phyllis is not cutting it as the femme fatale….just an alley-kitty to me. She simply does not exude that sexy, sensual, come-hither-kind-of seductive sultriness. That title will always belong to Michelle Stafford to me, regardless of how many detest her.
How did Gina win the Emmy? That’s another site….another story….sigh!!
Beware of women with thin lips, I say….
Phyllis has Billy snowed, and the idiot falls far it. For all the accolades regaled upon him by Victoria; I, vehemently, disagree….he is still mommy’s little boy, who, at this age, is a jackanapes, licking Phyllis’ stilettos.
Billy is no match for Victor. Who is? You’re right, Nikki….Billy/Jason does need to watch his back.
There can only be one Emperor in GC …..or should I say CBS??


Celia, I’ve been watching Y&R for almost 40 years, so please don’t insinuate I’m “not a fan”. Clearly the guy did something (or things) VERY bad and got himself fired. Even HE admits to being an ass. he f’d up. Hence the 6 month radio silence and the day of his firing saying he needed to “protect his family”….he knew of the storm that was coming. Despite his practical begging to be back on the show, they hired SOMEONE ELSE, and still have no interest in him. Where there is smoke, there is fire. He able to get any regular work in almost 4 years. Doing low budget, indie stuff and a made for TV AWFUL “movie”. Why do you think that is? He was fired-terminated from TWO successful series’. Again. Smoke=fire.

So. No, “the fans” do not want him back on a show where he can and will wreak havoc behind the scenes. Let him go harass the cast somewhere else. I don’t want to see him on Y&R.


Strictly your opinion.


What absolute rubbish. You write this “stuff” like you know everything. All you have done is repeat the fiction that has been on the internet for three years an perpetuated by people like you. Say it enough and it becomes the truth…wrong. The “fans” do indeed want him back and the sheer number of people posting here prove how totally wrong and out of touch you are.


I hope it works out for Michael but I still wanted him back on Y&R as Adam Newman.


Me too, Sandy. While I am happy for Michael, I am sad to hear that his Adam is not going to come back and kick that sad-sack slacker Nicholas Newman and that petulant, sociopathic little brat Faith out of his house.


Thanks, Harry, for saying what I’ve been thinking about Miss Faith. What a little tyrant! She needs a reality check (really strict boarding school) ASAP. All these “soul talks” to make her life as comfy as possible. And Victor Newman will soon need to change his name to Victor Frankenstein!


His work since Y&R has been less than impressive. Hopefully he will do well. I had planned to check it out prior to him announcing he had work so if it’s good I will still be watching when he makes an appearance.

James R. Poissant

I’m glad to see he got something but of course, I’d like to see him back as Adam on Y&R.


So glad to read this.


At least he’s with ABC.

Maybe GH next ?

We can use all the help we can get.


They let Rebecca Budig / Hayden and Robert Palmer Watkins /Dillon go. Why bring on someone else?
The show needs EP help not him. Bring Wendy Riche Back to GH


BTW, DOOL, OR B &B could Have hired him and chose not to…wonder why..


Patheic, right, Guest?
However, from yesterdsy’s little clip of Hayden writing Finn her final “funebrial” good-byes, I think Rebecca’s exit may not permanent….there’s an opening in the future?
I, also, don’t buy the miscarriage. I think it’s a way to truncate the relationship so that Finn won’t look for her. ?? Ease his pain; not realizing she made it worse??
Well, Finn got a double whammy!!


So glad to hear about his return to TV. I enjoyed his roles in the indie films SEARCH ENGINES and THE TRACK, which he played a truly evil street pimp. Isn’t it sad that the people who run Y&R didn’t listen to the fans who wanted him to return as Adam Newman? I don’t know of any actor who had such loyal fans and created a character that the audience adored watching and pleaded for his return on such a big level. With Y&R’s ratings in steep decline, Muhney’s return would have been a huge boost for the show. Big loss for CBS, big loss indeed.


A LOT of fans have NO interest in seeing him on Y&R


You speak for yourself. Many MORE fans would love to see him return.


Your so right Veronica he is so missed by his fans. Planes we’re hired to fly over Y & R as well as I don’t know how many petitions have been signed to get him back. He is loved by his fans. Big loss for Y & R . I always thought the biggest problem with that soap is the actor’s have too much say in what they want. The sad thing is with all the soap’s we lost , if this one is cancelled way down the road it is strictly the older actors fault. They don’t care because their close to retirement but should think about all the younger ones on there.

Karen R

I was going to give this new show a try. Now for sure love MM.
So glad to hear he got a job.
Like everyone else would love to see him return as Adam Newman.

Tomas Torquemada

Good for him. He’s a solid, skilled veteran actor who can make the slightest pages resonate with meaning. I wish him every success


Y&R’s loss is DEFINITELY ABC’s G-A-I-N!!!!!

Just saying……….


I hear you…

Mary SF

Is it a recurring role or a one time guest appearance? I mean work is work, but I still rather see him back on Y&R — get Adam back and have him rescue poor Sharon from the boredom that is Scott.

Dr Helen Ruth

I understand that it’s a one-time appearance. I’m sad about that. Y&R needs to bring him back. I’m sure that Eric (Victor) could handle it, though he hates Michael Muhney.


Apparently, he’s going to be on the show for longer than one episode. He’s been filming in Vancouver for two weeks.


One week.

Nancy Jakubiak

I am so happy Michael is back on TV. I hope he can do both Y&R and Good Doctor. We will have to wait and see. Seems to me his fans far outnumber the haters. He is an amazing actor and a good person. I wish him the best and hope he ends up doing what is best for him.


Wonderful! Can’t wait to see him!


I hope he’s on there as a contract player! I wanted to watch it anyway since the great, young actor who played Norman Bates on Bates Motel is the lead of the show. This gives me more reason to watch!

Dr Helen Ruth

Just one appearance, I’m afraid.


Nope, longer than that.


No ruby. Under 3 mins of screen time on one episode.


At least he was featured constantly in all of the promos.


Now that he has a gig please focus on auditioning and get off the begging for your job back at Y&R it’s pathetic you are better then that put the past behind move forward! Miss you like hell but once boo gate got started it was over


A couple minutes of screen time on one episode. He hardly “has a new gig”


The problem was it came to a point where some cast members didn’t want to work with MM. Fans can ask and beg all they want but when coworkers aren’t happy and willing to work with him it is another story.




Are you God’s gift to soaps, or something? Good grief!!


Good grief what is your problem? Can you imagine going into work saying I don’t want to work with so & so anymore? We would be looking at a pink slip and the door. If your right guest they should start looking at all the soap actors that are out of work or from another soap that has been cancelled.


And just where Jaromey is the charge, the accusation even about sexual harassment. If you did your would see it that whole thing was started by a deranged person..never was it an issue ..if so it would have been dealt with. CBS had to put up with lots of hatred about MMs firing..if they had that in their back pocked..LEGIT I would have came out. Michaels undoing was his attitude. ego and drive for perfectionism. It cause lots of rewrites, retakes…reshooting scenes…and his co workers and writers got sick of it..MM openly stated this. The sexual bullcrap was never in the forefront or proven.


I have a feeling and I hope I’m right. MM is doing both shows. He might not be a regular on The Good Doctor and I thought he once tweeted he would be seen in November sweeps for Y&R. Anyone think it could possible?.


Yeah, it’s possible, Sandy. …..up to Eric Braeden, I say.
Many of us, including cast members, always rush to judgment….human nature, I guess…but, none (of us) was there. And, those who were may have jumped on the proverbial band wagon.
I don’t believe for a minute that Eric did not have a hand in Michael’s termination—
Sexual harassment accusations have become commonplace. It’s the “thing” to do when all else fails. By no means am I saying it does not happen;?however, those who lie make it that much harder for those when it truly does happen to them. Why did King not file suit? That’s always bothered me.


Because the punishment for workplace sexual harassment is termination of employment.
Look up the difference between sexual harassment and sexual assault.


Excuse me????? I know the difference, thank you……was there assault involved? News to me.
We fans, on this site, respect each other, and each others’ opinions. I beg you to be civil.


Excuse me, Celia, what did I say that wasn’t civil? The dude has a very small part on ONE episode,


Gosh, Jaromy, you ask me now? Well, if you must know, you, perhaps inadvertently, remarked that I am too stupid to know the difference between sexual harassment and sexual assault. That’s what I took it to mean….the implication.
As a High School teacher, I can confidently say that I do master the English language.
I found it offensive. No worries. It’s over.


No, ABC would block him being on CBS like NBC did with Justin Hartley. The fools at Y&R blew it big time. A Muhney return would have given them a big ratings’ boost.


Yes, Tammy!!

Sandy J.

It will be wonderful to have Michael back on my TV screen! I’ve missed him, and I think he could play just about anything. If “The Good Doctor” does for M.M. what “This Is Us” did for Justin Hartley, it’s a win-win for the actor as well as for his fans. If enough of we M.M. fans tune in, it will also be a big win for the network.

That said, my wish is that all of those people who have been and still are affected by Harvey and will be affected by Irma will be safe elsewhere when the hurricane blows through southern Florida. We Canadians are following this news almost as closely as our American friends and want everyone to be far away from the danger.
an Ontario fan


He’s a guest on the show, not a star like Justin Hartley is.


What is your problem? Your hateful comments aren’t needed here. You need to move on


Yep..huge…only one not nominated for an Emmy….


Comparing MM to Justin Hartley is like comparing apples to oranges. This is Us would be lost without Justin. He is a star player and MM has a ” guest spot” on an episode from what we read so far. HUGE Difference !

Jennifer Wardle

“”This is Us” would be lost without Justin.” Hardly!!! This wonderful show has an amazing ensemble cast, which includes Justin Harley. He is by no means THE “star” of the show. To say the show would be “lost” without him is ridiculous. In fact, his role is not even the most interesting.


Kelsey Grammer had a recurring small role on Cheers to start with..YOUR POINT!!

Maryann sellmer

Loved him on YR and want him back
BUT.. also love the Good Doctor…
So happy to see him there…
Will be watching him hopefully as
A regular

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