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Michael Muhney OUT at The Young and the Restless!

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The soap universe was stunned today when fan favorite Michael Muhney (Adam Newman) of The Young and the Restless broke the news of his being let-go from the number one soap opera!

In a shocking development, Muhney took to Twitter to address what has happened: “I’m so sorry.  It breaks my heart to say this, but I was just let go from Y&R.  My last day on set is this Thursday.  My last air date will be Jan 30th.  I’m going to take some private time with my wife & kids, as I am most concerned for their well-being.  I have 3 final episodes to film, and because they are my last, I will be giving it everything I have. More details will follow. #xoxoxo”

Muhney took over the role of Adam from Chris Engen, who abruptly left the show in 2009 and was nominated this year for a Daytime Emmy for the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for the first time during his time as Adam!

We are hearing that Y&R will be recasting the role!  Coincidentally, Michael Muhney’s last airdate is also the last time viewers will see Billy Miller (Billy Abbott) as he opted to leave the series and finishes taping this week.

So, what do you think of the news of Michael Muhney being let-go at The Young and the Restless? Are you completely shocked?  Did you possibly see this coming?  Will you miss Michael’s portrayal of one of the most complex characters on the daytime landscape?  Sound off below in the comment section!

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411 Comments on "Michael Muhney OUT at The Young and the Restless!"

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He is a wonderful actor…..

JFP must be doing something wrong over there….

Maybe Ms.Strraford is coming back?

Do anybody think he can be a recast for Ric Lansing or a Cassadine?

I know one thing ….he is a wonderful actor!!!


“JFP must be doing something wrong over there….”

When has JFP ever done anything RIGHT?

Avelina comes from Santorini Greece
Avelina comes from Santorini Greece

Agreed CMD. She has completely destroyed the show. I feel for Michael and his wife and children. Michael seems like such a nice person and a great actor as well. I wish him all the best in his future projects and has the acting ability to really make it into prime time or even the big screen. Good Luck to him and his family. Nobody deserves this especially before christmas.

Danielle Johnson

Sharon and Adam was my favorite super couple. I bet this actor did not like the way they wrote him as a baby killer of Delia and that Chelsea women

Danielle Johnson

IM SORRY but this actor wrote me personal tweets telling me he is to busy to have fans tell him he should have Adam with any fan favorite. i thought that was rude he gone and did that and he said he would block me

Kim Huck

Michael Muhney was not always nice to fans. He wrote messages to me telling me off and not to tweet him anything to do with the show


Firing egomaniac Michael Muhney is the first thing she has done right. The guy had a Jesus Complex bigger than Kanye West and Lady Gaga combined.


I’m sorry, but if MM tweeted anything like that to anyone, it’s probably a reaction to a rude tweet from you. He is human too. I have also received tweets from him and he has ALWAYS been very kind, both about the show & normal stuff. He is a great guy who is wonderful to his fans. If you are rude to him or start crap with him, I don’t blame him responding that he would block you or ask you not to tweet him. He is human and has a right too respond to your rudeness.


Absolutely agree on that on, Didi. MM has been short before with people who are rude or act out of line with him. I’ve had several interactions with him on Twitter and they were nothing but nice and positive. But, then again, I’m not one who expects anything from the actor just because I sent them a Tweet. I don’t expect a response a re-tweet or a follow, nothing. I also don’t tweet him to complain about the writing or who Adam is paired with because MM has no control over either.


I like him as an actor but i don’t espicially like that character always playing cat and mouse games to win daddy victors love.



sorry… posters… have to be in line…

“Y&R is DEAD”



it’s finally over

carole rainville

There is no more need to watch the death of Y & R, Michael Muhney was great, Delia was adorable and there was no need to bring so much sadness, and the show has gone from great, to OK, to a terrible disgrace. RIP, Y & R,


After watching Y&R for 20 years, I am done. I hate JFP and what she has done. Michael is a great actor along with Billy Miller. There are no original stories. She copies all of them from GH. Oh well.


This was done to make salary room for veteran actor Ray Wise who will debut at the end of January as Dylan’s father. JFP knew better than to ask Eric Braeden to take a pay cut so she did the next best thing for her casting coupe. She replaced Billy with the original actor for much less and cut out Michael Muhney’s salary altogether. All for the sake of scenery chewing Melody Thomas Scott story. One bad mistake that’s sure to be in a long line to come.


Watching Y and R has become a bit of a chore (with all of the doom and gloom). Soap operas are supposed to provide a little mind-numbing rest and relaxation. If I wanted sadness and unnecessary death I’d watch the news.


“please…. NIBC – SONY – DOOL”

hire the incredible talent…. that was so misused… undervalued… and constant reel

Super human being


Loved Sharon with Adam

David G.

This actor was a little short with me when I said I was a fan of him . He wrote me telling me to knock the tweets off. I blocked him . I got to say if they fired him and he was a big role I got to ask why? Please tell the real story not this actors version

Christine Milligan

You can go to petition buzz and sign the petition to get him back! I did!!


Talented actor


With all the people they keep recasting and changing im not sure how much longer Im gonna be watching this show and Ive been watching since I was a child with my mother, its really starting to bother me and with all the people they keep changing its ruining the show everytime they change someone the show just goes down hill!!


been watching Y&R since first day on the air…that’s all done now…Michael Muhney…you deserve better than soaps anyway!!!! You’re incredible and I’ll follow you everywhere you go!! Peace be with you and your family!!!!


So sad! What a great actor – sorry to say but Y&R is headed down the same path as many other long-gone soaps. This was the best story line in a VERY long time and the cast is dropping like flies! I would bet the girl who has made these accusations (true or not) has just killed her career as well! She wasn’t even in the same league of acting as Michael Muhney was! I sense a publicity stunt on her part!


I was never an Adam fan, but I hate to see the actor lose his job at Christmastime. And in such a cold manner! Anyway, I stopped watching the show November 1 and this reminds me why–Jill Fire’Em Phelps won’t be content until she’s taken a buzzsaw to this show and destroyed everything Bill Bell and his disciples spent 25+ years building. Perhaps they’ll recast Adam with Steve Burton…it will save $$$$, right? #sarcasm


You hit the nail on the head Tom. Phelps destroys every show she has produced. I don’t think she will be happy till all the soaps are history. If an actor doesn’t kiss her ass at every turn she fires them. Michael was an outstanding actor. I am saddened and heart sick over this bs. Merry f’ing Christmas y&r fans.


Ditto !

carole rainville

Well I will never watch again, after 30 years!

Jolene beth Morgan

I’m just curious as to why Michael Muhney was fired! I thought that he signed a new contract earlier in the year, for another 3 years or so. What did he do to warrant being fired? In any event, I wish him well, and hope that he finds another great acting job very soon. However I will continue to watch Y&R, have been watching the show for over 33 years. Mr. Muhney is a very fine actor, I’m certain that he will find another gig! Good Luck to him!


Unless he….gaslighted someone, stole someone’s baby, shot his eyes up with botox, pretended to be gay & seduce his lawyer for protection, faked a diary to frame his father for murder, terrorized an already crazy woman in a mental ward, slept with his brother’s ex wife, drop a memory card clearing said ex-wife of murder into a lake or accidentally ran over a little girl with his black SUV, there is NO good reason to fire this brilliant actor. And you will ALL miss him and his portrayal of Adam terribly. Ru-Roh!


I agree! I don’t know how they are number one when the story lines suck and they let the best actors. I have been slowly weaning myself off of watching.. after Jan 30 I am DONE!! The new writers have butchered one of the best Soaps ever..II am sure they will be losing a lot of fans very quickly! I say Fire Phelps!


Lol at recasting Steve Burton as Adam. Hilarious. you made my night.



GOOD GOD!!! Look What She Did To Several Other Soaps:

I Know It All:

NBC’s Santa Barbara

ABC’s One Life To Live

CBS’s Guiding Light – Killing Off The New Matriarch Of The Bauer Family Maureen Reardon Bauer (Ellen Parker) Twenty Years Ago!!!!!

Getting Rid Of Veteran Soap Opera Actress Beverlee Mckinsey (Iris, Another World) & Alexandria Spaulding (Guiding Light);

NBC’s Another World – Killing Frankie Frame (Alice Barrett Mitchell) So Viciously, Firing: Barbara Berjer (Bridget), David Hedison (Spencer) & Paul Michael Valley (Ryan);

ABC’s General Hospital – Putting Actress Anna Lee (Lila) Into Her Final Years By Firing Her


Instead Of Doctors & Nurses On Top Of Each Other On Some 7th Floor Nurses Station Which Is More Appealing Than The Mob In My Book.

And Now:

The Young And The Restless – Getting Rid Of:

Michelle Stafford, Billy Miller, Blake Hood, etc. And Now Michael Muhney.

This Is BS!!!!!!!!!!! To The Core!!!!


I concur, this is BS!!!!! Get rid of her!!!

Mark Y

Didn’t both Michelle and Billy leave on their own?


Yes , you are correct.


Yes, MS and BM chose to leave.


I don’t doubt for a minute that they chose to leave at the end of their contract because they don’t want to work with JP. Just because they chose to leave doesn’t mean it’s not because of her.

I did say when Michelle left that it was going to be just the beginning of all the good actors on that show opting to leave at the end of their contract. They are too good to be associated with the soap killer JP. I quit watching when Michelle left and glad I did as the blood bath is only just beginning.

mari r r-em



Horrible news about MM!!! But, Michelle Stafford & Billy Miller left on their own to pursue other opportunities.


I heard they left because of that witch!!!


Billy left because Phelps would not give him time to pursue other projects


Bev Mckinsey exercised an out-clause in her contract that let her leave with sufficient notice and JFP didn’t even know it was in the contract. I read about it in a tvguide interview.
So Bev got that witch phelps right between the eyes.


Mark…bro…I, also, read that TV Guide interview featuring Beverlee McKinsey. I read the interview on-line about 2 years ago. As far as I’m concerned, BM was a TOTAL SPITFIRE…BEAUTIFULLY!!!!! Beverlee McKinsey was TRULY ONE OF A KIND…PERIOD!!!!!


Kevin…bro…AMEN to that!!!!! Jill Farren Phelps is so DREADFUL!!!!! And, remember…JFP (in general) HATES other women and treats ANY SOAP HUNK LIKE DIRT whenever any of the soap hunks refuse to kiss her insufferable ass. Jill Farren Phelps=GOD-AWFUL Executive Producer!!!!!


She got rid of Ryan on AW? I hated it when he left. Why is she still working?

Debra White

I’m at a lost of words, I love me some “Adam Newnan” and Michael Muhney made him!


Girlll!!!, ain’t he gorgeous!!! I love him tooo!!!

Lynda Westlake

Wishing Michael much SUCCESS in his future endeavours. I can only hope that it was HIS decision to leave and NOT the powers that be. What a truly horrible Christmas present to give to the very talented Michael Muhney & the loyal followers of the Y&R. Soon there will be absolutely no fan favourites on the show, only new recast actors with absolutely no talent. In 2013 we have lost Jeanne Cooper, Michelle Stafford, Genie Francis, Emme Rylan, Eileen Davidson, Billy Miller and now Michael Muhney to name a few. Is CBS Daytime trying to commit “daytime suicide”? We have had to put up with shoddy writing, dis-jointed story-lines that don’t make sense, actors being made to act out scenes that are TOTALLY OUT of CHARACTER, as well as so many tragedies, such as Phyllis’s coma, Sharon’s bi-polar disorder, Nikki’s MS, Delia’s death, and I could go on and on. Why not replace and fire the entire CBS Daytime upper management because whoever is running the show now obviously does not have a clue what their audience wants. I, for one will be boycotting EVERY product that is endorsed and advertised on CBS daytime. So, if you haven’t noticed, I am really upset about this. I feel really sad for the actors that are left on the show because although CBS has been bragging that the Y&R is number 1, I wonder how long that will last and the Y&R is put off the air. Once again, Michael Muhney AKA Adam Newman will be sorely missed and I wish him all the success in the world in his future endeavours.

mari r r-em

agreed killing off a
child before christmas is so sick


No, he was fired abruptly, a week or so before Christmas. Why is JFP allowed so much power? This actor was the best thing going on Y&R which has been suffering from horrifically bad writing merging with horrifically bad casting.
He was the only reason many of us, including me, tuned in from time to time.


I couldn’t agree with you more. Michael Muhney is the only reason I watch Y&R. Looks like I won’t be watching anymore.


OMG… this is too emotional

In 2013 we have lost Jeanne Cooper, Michelle Stafford, Genie Francis, Emme Rylan, Eileen Davidson, Billy Miller and now Michael Muhney to name a few.

Y&R no longer is

and it still presses to be the #1 show

i’m aghast… no other words to extol

i’ve lost all spark… and interest… this is bereavement


Agree totally. I DVR this show to watch it and Adam has been a favorite because of the casting of the character and his ability to bring it on! I will be stopping my recording and viewing as of Jan 30th. I am amazed at the butchery of the casting and writing of this show this year. There is nothing left to watch. Good luck Michael. I will be interested to see where you show up next!

Iris Richard

Done with CBS Daytime! I have watched Y&R since Day 1 (40+ years) and I have seen many of my favorites come and go, but the absolute disrespect this show has shown for fans favorites over this last year just did it for me with the firing of Michael Muhney! Y&R is completely unrecognizable, but at least we were entertained with Michael Muhney’s portrayal of the complex character Adam Newman! I can’t believe they signed this guy to a new contract this year, gave him the worst storylines and he still delivered with an acting range and depth good enough for “big screen” and these people fired him to his shock, but most importantly, to the shock and dismay of the fans! Then they are going to recast him! Why bother? I feel for the remaining staff, especially the Vets that I have watched and supported for the past years, but this is absolutely ridiculous! I am boycotting CBS Daytime and time slots where Y&R and the Bold and the Beautiful are being aired on TVGN, not just for this ridiculous firing, but for the mess they have made of my favorite and only TV drama program I watched and have the time to watch!


Iris Richard I also agree with your last post!!


I agree. Y&R is the only soap I watch & enjoy & it is mostly because of MM role as Adam Newman. I love MM!!. No one can play Adam Newman like MM. He takes this role & makes it his own. And I love him & Chelsea together too. MM is a very gifted & talented actor as are Michelle & Billy too. Cannot believe we have lost the best actors on this show not to mention they killed off Delia too. She was so adorable & a delight to watch. Doesn’t make any sense to me at all. I just watched Sharon Case’ video tribute to MM & it was beautiful. MM is blessed to have a true friend like Sharon who obviously respects & will miss him terribly. FANS, let’s do our part in letting JFP & the powers to be that we want MM rehired. Y&R is not the same without MM as Adam Newman.


You said everything I’m thinking/feeling Lynda Westlake


I Am Not Going To Watch The Young And The Restless Anymore Or Lucky Until Shes Gone For Good!!!!!!

Or Boycotting All Of CBS Including Two Other Shows I Watch Survivor & The Price Is Right.

If That’s What It Takes, I Will Do So. I Just Signed A Petition To Get RID OF HER And To Bring MM Back As Adam PRONTO.

And Send The Link To My CBS Affiliate Station Where I Live.

And To CBS You Just Lost A Precious Viewer Who Has Watched Y&R Since Birth, Who Got Hooked Into By Older Siblings & Other Family Members.

Rest In Peace Y&R.

Mark Y

WTH?! Hard to believe. He’s made Adam so complex and interesting. I can’t not watch when he’s on screen. This is a real head-scratcher.


True fo me also. MM is quality acting.


Michael Muhney was the nuVictor…. incarnate….

and that’s complimenting what’s left on the show… bland.

complex, riveting, intriguing… exciting… daring… sexy… sensual… must see….

the list goes on and on…. he was genoa city… with Billy Miller…

intelligent, captivating, caring man… who made choices… to be on daytime

this is wrong…


Fresh off the presses article MM takes the blame because of him not towing the line! I guess CBS thinks he is the only one who talks on Twitter about stuff. I mean please and when was that group over there ever team players? Are we doing a soap opera or playing on a football team? Jeanne Cooper was as outspoken as ever and drunk on the set for years did they fire her? And they do plan to recast in a few months I will gurantee you it will be a buddy of JFP’s!

Linda Gloria

This is wrong. This show is no longer the great show it once was. Getting rid of the best & keeping the worst. I’ve been watching for over 20 yrs but I guess it’s time to go back to GH


GH is overwhelming great! never a dull moment, fast moving stories, excellent acting and love and suspense..
you will like it 🙂

Gh lover

Gh will keep you happy and eager for more! Leave Y&r, believe me she will kill the young like she killed all the others soaps ( hugeee damage on Another world)


OH go shake your GH pom poms else where.


i’m crying for the show


I am absolutely stunned! I guess he did not kiss JFP & SB”s ring huh! Everybody stepping on egg shells around that place. But gee folks you still have SB the cue card reader! He is a good actor but I knew there was trouble when cast members were not giving him accolades over this Delia storyline! Look at the bright side MM you will not have to do anymore scenes with that gosh awful actress ME/Chelsea who FYI has no chemistry at all with anyone!

Avelina comes from Santorini Greece
Avelina comes from Santorini Greece

Adam and Chelsea dont have chemistry. I wonder who they will pair Chelsea with now?


MM had great chemistry with Sharon Case but these TPTB losers decided to destroy again and again the Adam and Sharon’s pairing..their loss..


I think It Stinks!! What the Hell??


so this is how the ptb at this show respect there actors,,jill faron phelps is nothing but gutter trash..i say this to all the vets that are left…start standing up for each other or you will be next…this show is just appalling
to try and sit through,,no care of the hystory or characters and obviously no respect for the actors,,im just so glad i left this mess behind a long time ago….i really truely hope this show sees its demise in the near future,,,i relish the day that jill farren gutter trash is fired from her post,,,then i hope micheal muhney trips her in line at the unemployment office,,,then her dream boy steve burton can help her up and wait till she gets another show to destroy so she can give him a job…. guess you have guessed im a lil pissed over this ,,i am ,,i met muhney once and he was the nicest classiest man who was sincere and genuine as could be,,,he truely loved his work,,,who knows in the end that maybe justt what had him canned,,,

Lynda Westlake

gutter trash is too good to describe Jill Faren Phelps.


“I met Muhney once, and he was the nicest classiest man and sincere and genuine.”

I have often heard this about him, Randy–thank you for sharing.


The Writers will end this show!!

Mark Y

Agreed. Story and character must be compelling. Good acting will follow.

eileen hargis

There are NO WORDS for this horrible news! The actor nor the fans deserve this. To recast shows they arw only trying to money. Who is next?????.

eileen hargis

save money!


Good Luck! MM. It is sad for anyone to lose a constant source of income, especially during the Holidays time. It’s a thorough shame that talented men and women in the show business are unemployed or thoroughly underemployed because of struggling economy. Or is it because of the bad decisions of TPTB.


I’m so upset, I just cannot understand why they would let him go. He’s such an amazing actor, that is so full of talent. He brings an dynamic to y&r. Letting him go is absolutely dumb of them, their going to see how fast their ratings will drop. They’re going to regret letting him go, no one can replace him, and I know they will “try.” Such FOOLS!!!!


MM shows up the other actors around him . He is a much better actor than Eric Braden, and the guy that plays his son, Nick. MM is a natural, even when he is being evil. JFP is not good for any production. MM should get a prime time position.


Yes, yes and yes. Josh Morrow is that kid in your 7th grade English class who read the part of Willie Loman and basterdize the whole script with his monotonic and lifeless reading of it. He always sounds like he’s reading his lines, albeit badly.


YES! So true. There is a reason JM has not done any other acting projects other than Y&R. It is very obvious Braeden is hella jealous of Muhney’s talent & popularity. He’s kind of a joke compared to MM. You damn got that?!


Holy cow…two big losses???? that will be some quick writing…good luck with that one!! wow???


January 30, 2014 will be my last day to watch #YR. I am so done after they’ve fired Michael Muhney. He did not deserve this, especially so close to the holidays.


I agree with you, as of Jan. 30 the DVR will be turned off of YR. #YR #YRbrokemyheart


Stunned! I wonder who the recast is going to be. Probably a friend of Jill’s.


Good to know that MIchael & Billy are leaving on the same day, cuz that’s the day Y&R will be removed from my DVR. Would like to be able to support all the remaining soaps but Michael getting fired for a possible recast is the last straw. He is a phenomenal actor and I wish him nothing but good things. Hope to see him soon somewhere that his talents are honored.

Phyllis Scott

I can’t breathe. Recasting? And just where will they find this paragon of vulture? I’m done with Y&R. I was only there for the entertaining, sterling Mr Muhney.


I agree with everyone! WTF is going on Y&R ??? Do they not understand they are killing their own show with all of these great actors leaving. I have been watching this show for 30 years. I have invested time in these actors and characters. Michael is an extraordinary actor. No doubt he will find work how horrible for him. WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!


I agree! I’ve been watching Y&R for 38 of the 40 years. I’ve seen many actors and characters come-and-go along the way. But never has any of the changes upset me so much as losing Michael Muhney! He’s a fantastic actor and his skills have me mesmerized whenever he’s on camera. He truly could be the backbone of Y&R long after Eric Braeden is dead and gone. I’m sad for Michael and I’m sad for the viewers. January 30th will be the last day I EVER watch Y&R! I am sooooo DONE! I will never watch CBS programming, TV Guide programming, or Showtime programming (both owned by CBS) again! I’d rather watch Netflix and YouTube than support an organization that doesn’t give a damn about what their viewers want.


thsi really sucks, I believe that EB has something to do with this , he has wanted michael muhney gone for a long time, I dont think he can stand the competition, MM was so much better as an actor. and now that I hear they are RECASTING I am convinced of it! EB and JFP are close friends he backs her up on everything (rumor has it) and she bows to him constantly, guess she likes “it” that way……..(you know what I mean) GENERAL HOSPITAL is the soap to watch NOW! PASS ON THIS has-been Y&R, they are dissecting it piece by piece , and until EB and JFP are gone, it won’t improve, and now that Jeanne is gone what really is left, it’s a mess, storylines that don’t make sense, getting rid of actors, that fans just love! I wish Michael all the best and he is better off than going down with this sinking ship, Joshua put out a statement earlier and it sure didn’t sound like he was broken up at all, said they were thinking of the FANS, really if they were thinking of the FANS, this wouldn’t be happening………..hello joshua, GET A CLUE! GOODBYE y&r HELLO GH 🙂


I agree EB has been after him for some time next on the list Sharon Case!


EG as in Eric Braeden? Victor is the character who needs to go. He’s become a comic version of himself. I was hoping it would turn out somehow that he had run Delia over.


Peter Bergman loved Michael, and those two had an amazing bromance kind of chemistry on screen. I found it touching that Jack was the father to Adam that Victor never was. I would love to know what Bergman thinks of this. I am sure he is as despondent as the rest of us are.


I agree about EB. I stopped watching because I couldn’t take watching/listening to him anymore. It would be phenomenal for the show if he got kicked out on his ass. He needs no one else to love him because he is so in love with himself.

Toni Fitzpatrick

OMG so absolutely true!

Toni Fitzpatrick

I never want to see Eric Braeden again. This story is so worn out and his attitude is so bad that his head going to explode because of how big his ego is! I hate the character and I really dislike the actor.


EB and MTS must be kissing some major ass because their screentime has increased exponentially of late and with MM’s departure, I’m sure we’ll see them even more! Niktor is an awful couple, can’t stand either of them. With both Billy and Michael gone, it frees up airtime for Jill’s friends. If its not enough that her boy toy Burton is wasting space, she’s about to shove Cynthia Watros down our throats! She is a good actress but the character they’ve given her sucks. Another newbie I dont care about!

Laurel Twist

Bye bye!


Brilliant response, also not needed and incredibly insensitive.

Laurel Twist

Spare me. If you think bye, bye is insensitive, then I dare not post what I am really thinking!


Thank you for sparing us.


Laurel, I’d like to hear it. 🙂


Michael muhney made Adam who he was. He cannot be replaced by one of Jill farren phelps friends. This is absolutely disgusting. I will no longer watch this show. Phelps should be fired


Michael got fired, why? This is bs and very upsetting to me. in april 2013 , michael signed a new 3 year contract. jill pharren phelps needs to be fired now. she is a soap killer. I don’t trust this woman, who is she going to fire next? Maybe sharon case melody thomas or eric braeden. I really don’t care, about a ridicoulos recast. I’m fed up with jill pharren phelps, we need to lock her up with brian frons and torture hboth of them. i will send sheila carter to torture them both. lol.


We are to have a new;


( that is bad, very bad.. not my Y&R any longer..

Sharon will be the next to go, you will see…
she is being set up for the big exit..


I agree sharon case will be fired next. jill that horrible witch, needs to be fired now.


They can fire EB as far as I am concerned. They have made his character so obnoxious and self centered it’s just no longer believable . MM was such a good actor!


EB is a one-dimensional actor….just looking at him makes me sick and his “character” Victor is a megalomaniac with a God-complex…in fact, he’s so convincing that EB must be the same. Can’t stand him and FF through all his scenes!!


Ricardo…dude…AN EXCELLENT IDEA!!!!! In addition to torturing BOTH that soap-zilla W-I-T-C-H Jill Farren Phelps and that bald-headed JACKASS Brian Frons, “Sheila Carter” can also torture these annoying and unwatchable Y&R characters: That dunderhead Dylan, those GOD-AWFUL newbie characters and that VERY DREADFUL new character Kelly. HELL TO THE YEAH…LOL!!!!!


Well I guess that will be my last day w watching. Y a t r I love. Adam he is the best. He will be miss


Unbelievable!! I am in shock. I’ve watched Y&R for 40 years, and as of late the show has gone downhill. Only a few of the actors have kept me watching, but sad to say, Michael Muhney being let go is the last straw for me. WTF are they thinking?? One thing that will not be shocking, is the cancellation of Y&R. Very, very disheartening. Stay strong, Michael!


Thorsten Kaye blackballed James Scott off All My Children — now, he’s gone after Michael Muhney…. hmmmmm……


What the heck are you talking about? What does Thorsten have to do with anything?


Ive never heard that before. Where’d you hear that? And why did he not like JS? And what does he have to do with Y&R when he’s on B&B?


And people seriously wonder how internet rumours start. LMAO. All it takes is one person to make a nonsensical, incoherent, completely uninformed, unsubstantiated statement like this one…and it spreads like wildfire.


Don’t worry Johnny–I didn’t understand the comment enough to spread it around anyway.


Wrong – Cameron Mathison didn’t like the fact that James Scott was out-acting him at every turn & cried to the producers – Thorsten had nothing to do with it AND he’s on B&B, not Y&R.


Thank you, Lucy Fan–adore Thorston Kaye and want to keep adoring him. Cameron Mathison? Not so much.


Harry…I, also, don’t care for Cameron Mathison. To me, CM is nothing but a whiny-ass MALE D-I-V-A!!!!! Example: Remember a while back when CM hosted that SoapNet original series I Wanna Be A Soap Star??? More and more, CM came off as arrogant, cocky and (even more!!!!!) egotistical. BLECH!!!!! Harry…I, also, ADORE Thorsten Kaye…HELL TO THE YEAH!!!!! To me, TK can easily and effortlessly act circles around that insufferable CM…BLINDFOLDED AND BEYOND…LOL!!!!! Bottom Line Here: Thorsten Kaye is THE REAL DEAL!!!!! As for that overly-inflated Cameron Mathison…No Thank You. No.


This stinks to high heaven!!! I have watched this show since it aired day one, and I read somewhere that Phelps woman wants everyone to stop watching it!! What is going on? Does she have so much power she can destroy careers and shows? Does she have a deal with someone for a replacement show?? It all sounds fishy to me! I loved MM, he is so talented! He should have no problem finding other acting jobs! He contributed so much to YR! Unfair to do this to him! And heartless to do it at Christmastime!!!


I think the Network bosses and the producers of the show must be fools!!! They are willing to let go someone as talented as Michael; is making producers and bosses from other Networks drool at the thought of him joining their shows.


I so hope so Tori…

it’s foolish of me to even think otherwise….

I’m still numb from this news…

DOOL or GH…. what a major coup he’d be

Michael Muhney was inarguably the strongest male presence on any show


Michael Muhney (Adam Newman) ‘let go!!!
what is going behind the closed doors of the Y&R.

Y&R stories have been terrible, and without the power charaters;
and others.. wow..
Y&R will eventually go under.. it is beyond me how it remains to be #1.
Tristan Rogers is returning but that can not make-up for the great losses nor will a different Billy or a recast Adam, YUCK!..
Y&R has become a huge YAWN and FF , this past year.

Angie horst

Michael is one the most interesting characters on the show. I know a lot of people that think the show will lose a lot without him. I truly think the ratings will suffer without him.


I know I’m in the minority here, but I won’t miss the character or the actor. Michael Muhney is an awesome actor who will go forward to bigger and better things. As for the character…I just never liked or warmed up to him. Maybe its the dark way he was written for so long. There was nothing to like about him. I never bought him and Sharon as a couple not even for a second. The decision to saddle Adam with the killing of Delia…whether he did it or not, I think was a ma in the coffin. The character is not one I am emtionally attached to so a recast would not bother me one bi


I found the character interesting, darkly nuance and conflicted but I can see why you didn’t like him. MM managed to rise above the horrible writing and make us care about this dark character. This man could say so much with just facial expressions.
I do agree that his own coffin was nailed with his running over Delia.

Barbara from Atlanta

If you’re in the minority, I’ll join you there. Muhney is fine. However, I don’t care for Adam either. I’ve always thought the writing for the character was very poor. No writer spent any time developing his character. How did the son of St. Hope and good Cliff, raised on a wholesome farm in the middle of rural Kansas, wind up being so devious without much guilt for the things he has done?? The character has never made any sense to me. I frequently wonder: “This is suppose to be the son of Hope???” I can’t relate to him either. Y&R has been successful due to well developed characters. Adam was never developed. I’ve never cared for him as I don’t understand him.

I’m sorry that Muhney is finding out a week before Christmas that he shortly will be heading to the unemployment office. However, the actor has talent and charisma. He’ll find a better opportunity, hopefully playing a character that is better written than Adam has been.


Barbara…you said what I was attempting to but I couldn’t get the words. Exactly…this character has never made sense. When he was gaslighting Ashley, and having sex with that male lawyer, and switching babies, etc…I was like “WHY is he doing any of this??”. Then the next thing we know, him and Sharon are in love. That was a grotesque and confounding twist that almost ruined Sharon. I kind of liked Adam in his playful early relationship with Chelsea, but then hey reverted him to Dark Knight Jr. again. It would have been so much nicer if the show had brought Adam on as a hayseed farm kid, and shown his struggle at adjusting to high society life. It could have been funny and charming and awkward. Nick could have taken him under his wing. Well…no sense wishing. However…I hope with a recast and new writers…this show will finally give Adam a purpose…a clear throughline, And let him smile once in a while. I agree…the timing is bad…right before Christmas…but Muhney will be fine and will tackle good roles in the future.

Mary SF

The character is STAYING, read the article– they are recasting, they aren’t getting rid of Adam, just the actor playing him. If they were getting rid of the character, I would have understood– it happens in soaps, but to fired the actor for no good reason– that is not about show, that is a personal thing that has nothing to do with the character.


Um…mary…clearly I read the article…hence why I replied to it. How about YOu read the last line of my post where I said “A recast would not bother me one bit.”. Meaning…I haveno like or emotional attachment to the character so it is a moot point to me who plays him. I stated I think Muhney is a good actor…I just don’t like the character. Don’t gt all bent out of shape because my opinion differs from yours. Lol.

Mary SF

Caught me— I apologize I only read the first few lines of your post and it sounded like you were unaware the character was staying. But I wasn’t bend out of shape about anything, — I was simply telling you the character was being recast and firing of MM had nothing to do with the character being written out, but directed at him personally. Where you get malice out that simple statement is beyond me. I don’t care if you hate Adam or MM and said nothing to dispute your opinion on the matter, so your last statement to me is unfair. The only thing I was guilty of was not reading the whole post and realizing you did understand there would be a recast. If I read that I wouldn’t have bother responding at all. Happy Holidays.


Hi Mary. Sorry…lol…we both misunderstood each other!! I never found any malice in your post. I enjoy your posts on here and agree with many of them. 🙂 Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Calling RC&FV at GH is it not time for Steven Lars to get out of prison for good behavior? Here is your recast!!!!


Or how about Lucky Spencer????????


Oh gosh I never thought about that he and the absolutely awesome looking RH tell me a dream come true. But then again he dissed TG a couple of years ago. LOL!


I can only hope’
CBS daytime is not going to do a Frons ..

Y&R is loosing the old and bringing in the new, to what end?
wonder what the game plan is for nearing a Stupid Frons..

Linda Black

I’m so distressed! Michael and Billy are the reasons to watch this show! How are we supposed to buy into two new actors in such a key storyline. Are the shows producers nuts?

With Michelle leaving and the Newman;s back burnered they really are destroying what makes the show work.

Time to blow up the Y&R Switchboard. It worked for Daniel Goddard it will work for Michael.

Stupid stupid stupid.


What the FRENCH TOAST is going on here??? Michael Muhney? REALLY???? Go to you know where JFP. You have UTTERLY DESTROYED Y & R! Angelica McDaniel you better do something and fast or all of your viewers will be at ABC watching GH!!!!!


They need to rehire michael now, or there will be hellto pay. we will all stop watching the young the restless. Poor bill bell. HE MUST BE ROLLING IN HIS. GRAVE.


Why would CBS/Sony let her do this? Without Miller and Muhney this show is unwatchable.


I stay awake for DAYS!


Seriously??? MM’s Adam is one of the few reasons I have even kept viewing this show. It has slid downhill in the last year. How many losses, of actors & characters, do they think people will stand for before they tune out. As much as I hate to see another soap disappear, it seems like JFP and her team are doing their damnedest to bring this show to its knees.

And, yes, people like MS & BM left of their own accord BUT….who is to say that it wasn’t because of behind the scenes idiocy?

RUN FOR THE HILLS is all I can say to the remaining cast.

However, MM is a wonderful actor and I hope that he has much success in the future. He is definitely prime time tv material!


What is wrong with CBS daytime top brass !! Something is wrong when all these people are leaving one show. Someone better wake and see what’s happening !! Adam is a main character love or hate him, fact !! All these storylines are going down the tubes. Just like Y & R is going.


Wil miss you Adam, best of luck


I stopped watching Y&R when JFP brought the one note Steve Burton on and fired Stephen Nichols a superior actor. Y&R is terrible under this producer who only promotes her dreary friends. Yes producers kill soaps. Stop blaming the audience for leaving when the networks hire producers to destroy the shows the viewers used to love


jt that’s when I stopped watching as well. What they did to Stephen sucked!


That is ridiculous i am not watching that stupid show anymore! Today they had ESTHER as the main focus that’s the kind of BS Jill phelps does. I have never forgiven her for ruining guiding light and another world and she has ruined Y&R !


There seems to be a click of actors at Y&R with Christian (Michael) and Greg (Kevin) at the center. And from the way they praised other actors on the show for their work with the Delia storyline, it seemed clear that Michael Muhney was not in that click. He (Michael) even made reference to this on twitter back before Thanksgiving. He apologized for his tweets, and shortly after that he took one of his Twitter breaks. And now, he’s fired and rumored to be recast.

Maybe Jill’s ass isn’t the only ass he wasn’t kissing? Not saying actors have the power to hire & fire– they don’t. But they can make or break tension & atmosphere on set.

I have mixed emotions about Jill. I think when actors choose on their own to leave a role to pursue opportunities in other mediums, you can’t blame the execs. But in this case…. who knows??

As far as recast, I think everyone’s first thought is, “What former GHer is available?” Brandon Barash (Ex Johnny)??

Michelle Nakagawa

Nooooooo!!!! Why?! I cannot believe the casting decisions being made for this show!

Jenny Brooks

Mr. Fairman, I wish you had the ability to tell us what you really know, and what you really think. You have insights into this industry that few have. I know it would probably be professional suicide though. Can you at least tell us if the CBS execs have seen the fan outcry, and how fast it has mounted? Do they ever read the Y&R social media pages? I have never seen anything like I have seen today with this news. It’s just terrible.


Me too, Jenny. I would bet that Fairman thinks this is a horrible decision but he can’t say this. Just look at the copious amounts of comments which are procreating as we speak.


I can’t believe, I’m saying this rehire maria arena bell now. Please fire jill phelps now. rehire michael right away. i hope the whole cast unite together, and walk out of the studio and demand cbs to fire the witch jill phelps. or she will even destroy young and the restless to cancellation.


Rumor Eric Braden had a lot to do with MM being fired! IMO it’s time for the Victor to go, his time has come & gone! take JFP with you..


Sue, I have a hard time believing that EB had anything to do with this. Even if he wanted Michael gone, he doesn’t have the power. If he did, then Peter Bergman would be gone ages ago and Steve Burton (who made the mistake of Tweeting that he had never heard of Eric Braeden) would have lasted a New York minute. No, this has JFP written all over it. Let’s see who the Adam re cast will be. I am sure it will be one of Jill’s boy toys. God, she’s awful.


Harry…are you serious??? Steve Burton actually Tweeted that he had never heard of Eric Braeden??? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Harry…forgive me…I had to laugh for a moment or so. More and more, SB doesn’t sound too swift. And, most of all, SB’s acting makes me wanna emotionally GAG…YIKES!!!!! And, yes…Jill Farren Phelps is GOD-AWFUL!!!!! Dreadful woman.


Yep, Jaybird–it’s true and EB was none too pleased evidently.


I truly will miss Michael. he was one of the few actors that made me tune into Y&R after OLTL was cancelled. I enjoyed every one of his performances especially the agony he has been going through after Delia’s death. I hope that your talent will bring you something better that this job.


Big Mistake – Huge !

Days Of Our Lives

Marci Miller Shares Sentiments On Her Final Tape Day At DAYS

Today was the last day of the incredible journey of Marci Miller as Abigail Deveraux DiMera.  After two years, the actress decided to not renew her contract after receiving a Daytime Emmy nomination and playing the multiple personalities storyline of Abigail, Gabby, and Dr. Laura.

Here, she shared her sentiments via an Instagram post on her final tape day at the NBC studios in Burbank.

“And just like that, 2 very meaningful years have come and gone. I have been loved so well today. I will miss this cast. I will miss these people. I will miss this place. I am both heavy and light at the same time. Much love to all, you have left just the sweetest impression on me. Xx #Days”

What did you think about the sentiments Marci Miller has shared?  Sad to know it’s Marci’s last day in Salem? Comment below.


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All My Children

The Chew Cancelled After 7 Seasons; A Slice Of Justice For All My Children Fans?

Karma is a bitch! ABC announced yesterday that the foodie series The Chew has been axed after seven seasons. 

The Chew lost significant viewers when ABC fired main co-host chef, Mario Batali after reports of alleged sexual harassment over many years. Clinton Kelly, Carla Hall, and Michael Symon have remained the regular series hosts.

In addition, The Chew dropped 17% with women in the 18-49 demo and this has been its least watched season since its debut in 2011.  As ABC Daytime fans know, The Chew replaced iconic soap opera All My Children, when ABC made the decision to cancel the beloved soap and replace it with the food show.

So, let’s take a look at the numbers: All My Children lasted 41 years, while The Chew lasted 7 seasons. Hmm …

ABC noted that The Chew will cease production at the end of this season, but will continue to air until September with all-new episodes in June.  In addition, ABC announced that Good Morning America will expand to three hours.  Thus, switching up the ABC morning line-up.

So, are you glad that The Chew got fried?  Is this justice for All My Children fans who miss their beloved Pine Valley?  Comment below.

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Welcome To The New Michael Fairman TV: A Note From Michael Fairman

Photo Credit: Duff Images

By now, many of you have come across and seen that Michael Fairman On Air On Soaps has evolved into the new and exciting platform, Michael Fairman TV.

I hope you take the time to tour the new site, and enjoy its new look, new features, and extended coverage; which will focus on, and include, not only your beloved daytime soap operas, but primetime television drama, a slice of reality programming, as well as popular streaming and digital series.

This site has been a long time in the making, and we’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to make this transition as smooth as possible.  As with any change, we know that it will take some time for all of us, including me, to get used to it, and adjust to it.

I truly appreciate the community that we have built for the last 10 years, and I value each and every one of you.  As with any new launch, there will be small tweaks and revisions along the way that do come up.  Our goal is to make the best user experience for you, and to bring you the news, interviews, and coverage that you expect from the Michael Fairman brand.

I know many of you are already saying you miss the old Michael Fairman Soaps, but this is an upgrade, not a demolition.  That being said, Michael Fairman Soaps was no longer sustainable as is.  The site needed to grow, evolve, change, and modernize with the times. With modernization, part of that is making the site accessible, functional on mobile phones and devices, which we now are.  While some things can’t remain the same forever, we are always interested in your input.

I am very proud and excited for this new chapter.  I hope you will enjoy everything that is to come, and I appreciate all of your loyal support.  So, let’s christen this site together and celebrate turning over a new page.

With gratitude,



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Video du Jour

The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Marci Miller as Abigail

Days of our LIves

Airdate: 5-8-2018