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Molly Burnett Confirms She is Leaving Days of our Lives!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

We know soap fans have heard rumblings of this, but today via Soap Opera Digest, Molly Burnett (Melanie)  of Days of our Lives has confirmed she is leaving the series, as it time for the talented Daytime Emmy nomination actress to spread her wings.   Burnett will be exiting the series at the end of June.

Burnett talked to SOD about what working at DAYS has meant to her and leaving her TV family.   “Going in, I knew it was a four-year contract and look, it’s been the most amazing experience.  Everyone is so loving and so wonderful and so supportive. It’s going to be so hard … I mean, this is my family. I came out here and I knew nothing, I knew no one and DAYS just kind of opened its arms and took me in. I look at it as four years of the best training any actor could have ever been given.”

In regards to what’s next for Molly she revealed  “I just want to go explore; see what’s up with this whole world.”  With already some primetime guest spots under her belt, we think we will be seeing a lot of Burnett on television and film projects.  

On-Air On-Soaps wishes Molly all the best in her new endeavors!  Soapers, will you miss Molly as Melanie Layton?  How do you think she will be sent off the canvas come June?   We have some a few thoughts that crossed our minds,  and one of which had us pondering if her exit could have anything to do with Blake Berris (Nick)  coming back to the show? Let us know!

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53 Comments on "Molly Burnett Confirms She is Leaving Days of our Lives!"

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I love Molly and Melanie but I have to admit i haven’t seen Days since CC left. I loved her with Crystal and i know she will go far cause she is a great person. Way to Go Moll! U’ll do great!


Sorry to see Molly, and Melanie go, but I am glad it was her choice. Maybe she shot Stefano! ha ha. I thought the same thing about Nick’s return, makes sense. I really hope that they don’t kill her off.


I will be sad to see her go.I always like Melanie very good actress.Good luck Molly


Good luck Molly in whatever you do ,we will miss you on Days.

kim delmotte

i will miss her


great actress, nice and pretty person, and i am sad to see her leave. I loved Melanie she was one of my favourites. I wish Nathan came back for her. Maybe she will go to him???


Now who will Sammi pass the torch too? IMO. i thought it was Mel. ala: Marlena to Sammi to Melanie. I agree with Jessi ^ Molly hasn’t really done anything.. since Crystal Chappelle…. Her Mother… Dr. Carly Manning… left… and her scenes with Maggie dissapeared. She’s just so likeable… Cute. Dare I say… That hot about town lil’ Vixen Abby. Jennifer better bump back in to town. with Peter in tow.

Steve Ungrey

Well, not surprised at this news. I think this closes the door for me on Days of our Lives for good. In between the actors choosing to get out while the getting’s good… and those who weren’t so lucky… I wish Days nothing but the best. I just do not think it will be around past next year.


Good for her! She will be missed.


I agree Steve, I do not think Days will last beyond its current contract and that it is a smart move by Molly to leave now while she is so young. Hollywood seems to have a bias against soap actors anyway, but especially the ones who spend many years on soaps. Good luck to her.


Sad to see Molly leave, but she is so talented and beautiful I am positive she has a very bright future ahead of her. We are lucky here in Oz we will still have her for at least another 14 months or so .. I have watched Days for 33 plus years, we need good story lines for the awesome characters and actors this show has. Days gives me the best hour of my day every day.
Good luck Molly, you are a sweetheart, wishing you all the good things life has to offer .


Nice read. Well said… She really is a sweetheart. i’ve watched DAYs as well… for almost as long. there were so many, actors who’ve come and gone.. that had that it factor… animal magnetism… Just downright likeable…. i wish they’d bring back Leann Hunley. she just oozed… charisma. for the millionth time… write story for justin and adrienne… now.. here’s another two who have TALENT. what are they doing in the kiriakis manse? hiding with Maggie? another two who had the it going on was madison (sarah brown) and Brady… they really screwed madison by having her in the office from the start and only sharing scenes with just brady… she should have mixed in with the cast from the get go… i had hoped she’d have been Maggie’s long lost egg/sperm donor… instead of daniel.. as daniel was already established. for the last time… i say this a lot… KEEP CARRIE… at least… The bradys need the family… and if Sammi is days.. then Carrie was the perfect ally, opponent, adversarie. Stefano’s getting shot…. losing Lexie, and disowning EJ… would be a perfect plot and STORY for wishful thinking, Eileen Davidson as Kristen! as well, as Jason Brooks… her brother Peter… for Jenn.


molly burnett i am going to miss you as melanie. you really grew on me. you are a great actress. i wish you the best of luck in the future molly. hopefully you get a prime time series. you will be great in whatever role you play. movies would be good too. you are leaving at the right time. the way it’s looking days of our lives won’t be around after next year. hopefully i am wrong and days gets renewed. i love days of our lives but everyone is getting frustrated on the stupid stirylines. the only storyline that i like is will coming out and maggie and victor. sorry thats all. days of our lives need to rehire austin peck as austin. keep carrie and sarah brown as madison where on earth is sunny.


Sorry to see her go. I like Melanie and Molly. The last few months she really hasn’t had any story. I think they should recast the role, but it will be hard to find someone who has the kind of connection Molly and Suzanne have.

kim delmotte

the new kristina on general hospital i guess i have to give her a change not the same miss the other girl


A talented, adorable young lady. She has a bright future ahead of her. Good luck Molly.


sorry she is leaving but noticed less of a role for her lately. wish her the best. she is a sweet girl and good actor


Best of luck to her. I hope she goes for comedy because that really is her strength.

I do wish she hadn’t referred to DOOL as “training”. I hate when actors do that and what it alludes to. DAYS provided her with 4 years of employment, salary, consistent story, lifelong friendships, her current boyfriend, opportunities to moonlight on other shows, and 2 Daytime Emmy noms. Bit parts and odd jobs “train”. This was THE job.

Steve Ungrey

Jules, I respectfully disagree. 🙂

Not jumping to Molly’s defense, but in a sense when you’re an up-and-coming actor everything is a training ground. If you’re working your butt off in summer stock productions, it’s kind of a training ground for the lights of Broadway. If you take bit parts in movies, it’s training for if you can become a bigger, more marketable star.

I think she’ll always have a soft spot for Days, simply because of the things you mentioned above. I do wish she would take a dramatic role just to see how she’d do with the part, but like you I think a screwball comedy movie or offbeat “Scrubs”-type TV show would fit her strengths perfectly.


I’m totally going to miss Melanie Jonas! She is a natural!!! I sure hope she lands major roles soon! Anyone looking for great casting should snatch her up expeditiously! !!!


Very Very Sad, I think that Melanie is my favorite Character. I love How well molly can play her, I hope they don’t try the quick switch with another girl. like they have done a few time. Like with (Abigail) But I wish her good luck with other projects that she has in her future 😀


Molly, We’ll be watching you “Spread Your Wings”… Got to watch that Gorgeous, Sweet Smile !!!
I’m gonna tell you what I told my girls as they were leaving “Mommie’s Nest” for college…
“Stand, Hold out your arms, Close your eyes, Feel the Wind against your Face, KNOW that You are Riding on GOD’S Wings”…


I am so sorry to see you go. You are one of the ones a adore the most one the show. Best wishes to you in finding your dreams.

cassandra williams

Ill be sad to see molly go i really loved her character,but there’s a lot out there in the world for her to do.good luck and take care.


I think it is ashame that you are takeing her off she is really a good actor, as well as Will I think you should find away to keep her on so what is her 4 yr contract is up. You need to get rid of the guy Kate had an affaire with I can’t even think of his name that show how important he is to the show. I tape the show and It is pretty bad when certain actors come on and you catch yourself fast fordwing looking for a part that looks like it might be interesting. You will be missed Molley, I just can’t beleive they are going to let you go.


I am sad to hear that Molly is leaving the show.I will miss her.Good luck in whatever she decides to do.


So sorry to see Molly leave the show. What a talented, beautiful, young lady.
Her smile and electrifying personality will be sadly missed. Wishing her nothing but the best in her life.

gail bruno

LOVE Melanie. She is a great character. Don’t kill her off so she can return. Have to see her go.


Hate to see Melaine leave the show. She belongs there. Days is ruining itself by eliminating all the old & good actors. Stop changing writters so the stories play out and not being changed in mid story. Good luck Molly, we’ll miss you.


I agree with you,I really like Melanie.


Melanie (molly) has brought so much to the role.. so sad to see her go.. wishing her the best of luck!!


I have been watching DOOL for years and years and I’m so sad to see so many of the great Actors/Actresses leaving. I will not be watching the show anymore. 🙁


I am sad to see Molly Burnett go as I loved Melanie, especially her scenes with “Dan” and “Maggie.” I sure hope she comes back someday and best wishes to her for the future. 🙂


I started watching DOOL about a year ago. I’m not in agreement with everyone’s high opinion of Melanie. I find her acting to be quite painful to watch: the childish wrinkling of her nose (someone must have told her it’s cute), her attempts to show emotion with exaggerated facial expressions, the way she bites her lower lip in order to look pensive – so many bad acting habits that are usually seen in community theatre. She’s 30 years old but somehow feels the need to act the part of a 14 year old. Too bad it’s now September and she’s still there. When she does finally leave DOOL (please God, I hope it’s soon!), she might get a part in a low-budget, filmed-in-Vancouver, Lifetime cheapo flick. She can only hope. Mark my words – nobody who’s anybody will be rushing to cast her.

Please, please don’t tell me they renewed her and that’s why she’s still om DOOL! I literally get nauseous thinking of presence in next episode,


love the character of melanie..hate to see her go. but wish her the best. I have to agree >If Days doesn’t get their *stuff* together, I think we will be losing the best daytime soap ever on tv as far as I’m concerned.


I hate seeing Molly Burnett leave days. I just love her role, she is just the cutest little thing and does such a great job. Gonna miss her.


I have been a fan of Days for 40 years, but the last few weeks especially THIS Week having Will KISS his boyfriend is DISGUSTING!!!!!! You have turned many of the fans away from your show. You are sending the wrong message out to the young ones, future fans, watching the show. Speaking for myself I can not watch DAYS while they are on.

Nora Roberts

Melanie is a breathe of fresh air on the show…very sad that she is leaving…other favorite Rafe Hernandez, sure hope he doesn’t leave.
With Bo leaving also, man thesis not good.

If you can figure out a way to keep Melanie or bring her back,that would be awesome.


Not so worried about Bo leaving….he didn’t do much for the show. However, Melanie, was truly a breath of fresh air. She has much to offer elsewhere though, she needs to be on the big screen. She is an awsome actress!


Bo was a kind of shady exited that insults the intelligence. I cannot imagine that soap opera jobs are growing on trees. At least come up with a good reason.

Frank Felly

My wife and I hate to see Melanie leave Days, she is one of the brightest additions to
Days in some time. Apparently she is leaving because Nick has returned to Salem.
Best of luck to you Molly!


You gotta love EJ! I’m probably supposed to loath this character but, for me, it”s quite the opposite. Maybe because he’s not afraid to tell the truth. Hang in the EJ!


I so agree!




Double LIKE on that!


So sad, Molly is the best female actress oin the show, and I loved her personality. It will not be the same without her.


I hope to see Molly Burnett in Movies! She is an outstanding actress! Sure is way above daytime soap acting! Good Luck Molly, I can’t wait to see you on the Big Screen. Keep up the excellence in your profession! Dawn Staats


I love her on the show, she was the reason why I started to watch the Days again. I would hope Molly comes back it would have been awesome to see her and Chad get married and have it out with Gabbi so mad she got away with that aweful deed.


With Carly, Carrie and Phillip and Melanie and Nathan gone and bringing back a diff character as Eric and the changing of Taylor, I have been losing interest. However, EJ, Sami, and Brady(who was swapped for the better) are some great constants in the show.

penny toca

That is so sad but I wish her well no matter what she does in her adventures. God bless

penny toca

Best wishes and God bless. Enjoyed every scene and will miss you. Come back and visit. Hugs

Audrey Snyder

I can’t believe Molly is leaving again!!! She just came back!!! So many of the original characters left. I have been watching Days since I was 17( I am 57 this month) and I’m so dissapointed on the good ones leaving. Francis Reid played on there until her passing. Well good luck Molly and I hope you think about coming back to days and staying awhile


Days was stupid to get rid of Molly. They have made more stupid moves, but this is up there. The story line having her leave is implausible IRL as well.

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