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Days Of Our Lives

NBC Execs Weigh-In On DAYS Future And Remain Hopeful!


After all the rumors began circulating that NBC’s longest running dramatic series, Days of our Lives may be cancelled in favor of a new daytime talk show hosted by former Fox news anchor, Megyn Kelly who signed a lucrative deal with the peacock network, fans of the soap have been concerned.

However, on Wednesday at the network’s TCA (Television Critics Association) panel, NBC entertainment president, Bob Greenblatt addressed the future of the 51-year-old soap opera with its beloved characters and the town of Salem.

Greenblatt expressed to TV Line: “We don’t make a decision for another couple months. But I don’t think it’s over yet.”  As to how Kelly coming over to the network immediately had people thinking that DAYS’ days were numbered, the exec added:  “Everybody assumed that she would kill that show. And that’s a bad assumption.  It’s still too early to know where she’s going to be in daytime. And we have a lot of news hours in daytime, so there’s some flexibility.”

As to if Days of our Lives fans worst nightmare were to come true, Greenblatt revealed he would give the show as much notice as possible, “We would try to do that. Unfortunately, soap operas are written so far ahead of when they air… like, six months. But yeah, we would try to be respectful.”

In addition, NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke told Deadline on DAYS future, “We hope that the show comes back.”  While Greenblatt told the outlet, “I think we will know more in couple of months. As they age, these shows diminish, there is a lot of delayed viewing and very little linear viewing anymore, you have to keep looking at that.” Deadline also shared that they are hearing that the odds are in favor of DAYS getting its renewal pick-up.

So, what do you think of the thoughts expressed by Robert Greenblatt and Jennifer Salke on the future of Days of our Lives?  Will there be more DAYS ahead? Share your comments below.

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Please it’s a great show let it continue.


We don’t need another daytime talk show really . Everybody I know watches Days. I myself now at age 55, remember coming home from kindergarten and watching Days with my mom. I have continued to watch all these years . Love the show and would hate to see it go for another talk show . Believe me if NBC wants to upset a lot of viewers that is exactly what will happen if Days gets axed. Keep Days ALIVE!


I watch it all my life too I Wont watch it if it repaces days we dont need another take it all I watch on nbc anyway I still en joy the show we can ask god to save it you just have to belive


I believe in miracles,. days will be saved. I have a good feeling,. days will stay on the air amen


I know it’s a different network, but after what Brian Frons did to AMC and OLTL over at ABC, I believe absolutely nothing that comes out of the mouth of Daytime Executives. The bottom line is they don’t care. NBC will cancel DAYS without a backward glance. Frons cancelled the ABC soaps, lied to Susan Lucci after she asked TPTB point blank if the rumors were true — and laughed at the people who were outside protesting. No, I’m afraid DAYS is in its last days… SIGN OF THE TIMES


Please do not cancel this – It is great to watch — Just wish they never cancelled Another World !!!


@NBC – and – @ SONY

please… just let it alone… it’s been a staple… of your daytime lineup for … 50+ years

serials are meant to be built around

DO NOT be the one network… no matter the bottom line… to lose ground and any foundation… daytime ratings must generate some monies…



Me too Patrick,. I love Days. did say, Days has a 60 percent chance that it will get renewed for one more year. Lets hope this is true
We fans need to stick together. Days is getting better. I love that Leann Hunley is back as Anna Dimera. I adore Leann Hunley, you love her too Patrick. I always read your comments, always agree with your comments. They need to sign Leann to a contract, she is a wonderful actress. They better not cancel Days, I will be devasted if they do.


Claudio you are my hero,. I could kiss you lol. Your post is terrific. Leann Hunley is the bomb. The lady can act, and is gorgeous for her age. Leann is 62 years old, sexy mama. Lol.


Days is great, but could be fantastic again if they
Would bring back the Vets and focus on them.
I know I could never watch Megan if she replaced


Megan is very annoying,. I don’t like her at all. Days needs to get renewed and the show is getting better now. I have a feeling, that Tony Dimera is alive. I hope that I am right. Recast Sierra with Brittany Underwood ex Langston OLTL, she is a terrific actress. Get rid of Claire, she is very annoying and not a very good actress. I am sure, she is a terrific lady, but that’s how I feel. Keep Carrie and Austin, I love there acting. A suggestion bring back Wayne northrop, the original Roman Brady. Josh Taylor was miscast as Roman Brady. I also want back Calliope Jones, she was so funny and entertaining to watch.


Please let it continue we love it like a old and dear we all pray to god that it says on and may God bless you all

4ever DAYS

NBC sucks peacock if it cancels DAYS!


The announcement will come between March and April.. The final show will be Christmas 2017 or just after New Years 2018.. Mark my words!!


Are you insane, stop spreading rumors. Days will be back for at least one more season, They will announce it in March.


Dave you need to stay on your meds,. Days is not getting cancelled.


Linda and Kelli…insane or sane meds or no meds..DAYS will go into that long dark night..the abyss of cancellation whether we like it or not it’s inevitable.


To davlestev1- So, you know for a fact what NBC will decide. You really must allow me access to that crystal ball of yours. Will you publicly admit that you were wrong if the cancellation announcement doesn’t come between March and April? Just wondering!


Anne if you follow along with Mr.Fairman’s site. .on a DAILY I most certainly do and couldn’t imagine it as not a part of one the daily things I look forward to.. .then you will know that with the announcement of Ron Carlivati..on this very informative site. .I gladly rescinded this post and said as much. Obviously I was having my crystal ball serviced. .hee hee..or I would have seen that coming.



4ever DAYS

If they do away with the sand, people shall and will dig up dirt on Greenblatt and Salke!! They should choose sand over dirt or their “days” could be numbered too.


This is encouraging and hopeful ..(not
;;;;;As to if Days of our Lives fans worst nightmare were to come true, Greenblatt revealed he would give the show as much notice as possible, “We would try to do that. Unfortunately, soap operas are written so far ahead of when they air… like, six months. But yeah, we would try to be respectful.”;;;;


Ikr su0000 they’re already carrying around the ashes of the final filmed script in an urn


it’s a wonderful thing… that Ryan Quan… A NEW HEADWRITER… generates a comeback… w/ Dena Higley

this show finds its way back

it’s absolute comeback and splash

along with Y& R at least I’m hoping

I pick these these two shows to share

yet @DAYS rides on it’s own… class


Execs need to stop flogging a dead horse. Promises of the return to legacy have fallen by the wayside…the veterans have either moved on or they are staying as far from this total flop as possible. Let’s be honest; the failure to replace actors who played Sami, EJ and yes Bo were the biggest mistakes made. TPTB refusal to stop this stupid filming 6 months in advance should have their head examined. It leaves no opportunity to correct errors etc. A big example of this is the possible sighting of our beloved Stefano. The actor died immediately prior to the airing of this ridiculous storyline but it was taped 6 months ago. Put this baby to rest and let us grieve it’s loss. I don’t say that easily as I am a 50+ years viewer but it is painful to watch and nothing has changed under Dena and crew.


I believe that both Kristen Alfonso and legions of fans will react very badly to the idea of another actor been given the role of Bo Brady. These fans will never stop hoping that Peter Reckell will change his mind and return to DOOL. As for Kristen Alfonso, the last time they cast another actor, Robert Kelker-Kelly, it did not end well. It’s more than difficult to stop the filming 6 months in advance since there are now six months worth of episodes that fans have no seen, if you get what I am saying. As for recasting EJ and Sami, I’m not sure about that one either.

4ever DAYS

Why don’t you give the show a rest, GramS, instead of wishing for it to be gone? Others, including me, would like it to continue. As far as Stefano/Joseph are concerned, I’m happy I will “they” will be seen again!

4ever DAYS

*I’m happy “they” (Joseph as Stefano) will be seen again in just a matter of DAYS!


It’s time to put this show out of its misery. It’s been a train wreck for several years now, and is a pale imitation of what it was in its glory days.


Eddie have you lost your mind, Days is a terrific show. I will stick with Days. The storylines are getting better now. Days needs to stay on the air.


To Eddie – if that is how you feel then simply stop watching Days. N o one is forcing you to keep watching.


thank you michael fairman for getting to the bottom of the matter . yes days has improved greatly and people need to tune back in .


I agree with you,. Days has improved. Storylines are getting better. I am sticking with Days. I am fed up with the lame cheesy talk shows. We need to watch Days, to stay on the air. They need to bring back Jack, Ej, Kristen and Sami Brady.


I hope the NBC executives seriously take into account that there will not be an audience for Megan Kelly during that time slot… I know viewership for soaps is not what it used to be but Days is the last remaining daytime serial on NBC, it has so much history and an audience that has remained loyal to it, it would be a real shame and turn me off NBC forever if it goes away for yet another daytime talk show that will likely fail with in a year or two.


I always love “corporate speaks”…”as they age, these shows diminish, there’s a lot of delayed viewing and not a lot of linear viewing anymore.” Maybe it’s just me but I get the feeling NBC is still hedging their bets on renewal. Hope I’m wrong for Days and it’s fans. Why do they write six months ahead?


I don’t like the phrasing from these suits. “I don’t think it’s over YET”…doesn’t sound long term promising. I love Days and want it to continue.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

i know soaps are pricey and talk is cheap but tv networks need a variety of shows in their lineup… news and talk shows and reality shows maybe cheaper but there is too much of it that tv has become very boring that i leave it off most time…as a disabled person who is mostly home all the time due to private family matters ect. and battling depression i need my daily escape…


It’s gone.. They’re not even bothering to be coy.. The decision was made.. The last shoes taped and NBC knows it and that’s too bad.. Down to three if cbs won’t take it.




Dave, Days is not getting cancelled. Rumor is Days will get renewed for 1 more year. We dont need anymore garbage talk shows. We need to support Days, and the remaining soaps.


I know the difference between a live fish on a hook and one that’s dead in the water. .”Seacrest out “!!


You are freaking out lol. Days Of Our Lives is not on the chopping block. NBC know if they get rid of Days, people will not watch the replacement shows. Meghan Kelly is a has been air head.


Irregardless of what some think of her most important is the networks view of her importance. The same they had with Katie Couric. I have been watching soaps since 1969 and have watched nunerous come and go. By now you know the lingo when it comes to cancelation. The show is over and trying to be shopped elsewhere. Which won’t happen either. Like Rachel Maddow says “watch this space”.

James R. Poissant

This is a tough one to call because we all know how the Nielsen ratings show low numbers for DAYS but at the same time, I can’t picture NBC wanting to be the one major network that doesn’t have a soap in it’s afternoon lineup. I guess we wait and see what the decision will be in a couple of months.


I don’t like megan Kelly .She belongs some where else. Pease don’ stop days. I so look forward to the show.I think that you will loose a lot if you stop the show .Megan is not a favoret of most people.


I hope it stays. Let them look to ABC to see what happens when you get rid of soaps for other shows. The grass isn’t always greener. NBC has one soap. ONE HOUR OF THE DAY! How many hours of news and talk shows do they have? Way too many. I watch a little of the Today show in the morning and I DVR Days. I don’t watch their other programming–even if I’m home. And I won’t watch Megyn Kelly. Not a show I’m interested in.


I havent watched the today show in a long time dont watch cbs a abc in the morning I Love to watch fox and friends I DVR days i still love it if it goes I wont watch NBC ever a gain dont watch nexwork tv now except for Gothem on fox They toll ed megan kelly the wound pay her what the where paying Bill O rilly and she tuned down to go to NBC what a joke I watch the whole time it been on they isnt anything left to take about we can pray that the live it on God can do wonderful thing


I just watch the morning shows (I will switch channels between ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC) while getting my dog’s breakfast ready in the morning weekdays. So it’s not like I’m sitting down ensconced with NBC Today.

There are a lot of news channels. If people want news, let them watch those. Far too many talk shows and news on IMO.


I dont think its going anywhere and megyn what’s her face isn’t worth it


She is definitely not worth it. They tell Days they have to cut costs and the DiMera mansion is relegated to one tiny room, yet they’ve got millions to spend on this gal. Ridiculous!


doesnt exactly sound encouraging

Barbara from Atlanta

While Greenblatt told the outlet, “I think we will know more in couple of months. As they age, these shows diminish, there is a lot of delayed viewing and very little linear viewing anymore, you have to keep looking at that.”

What is so hopeful about this comment??? Days is in last place of the ratings for a pool of shows where NONE of them have stellar ratings. I don’t watch Days but am not hoping that it is cancelled. However, to think the show is in a good position to be renewed seems like wishful thinking. Greenblatt’s remark is not a wholehearted endorsement for renewal but, to the contrary, contains NOTHING positive about the show.


i don t watch dool but it would be sad to see one more soap go, to me it sounded like the executive at nbc were doing a lot of double talk, plus the today show is on 4 hours sure they can give megyn the 3rd hour its not that good anyways….


The NBC exec doesn’t want to be besieged by soap fans right now so he beats around the bush. But his comments on viewership will drive the bus and Days will be canceled. I don’t think the fate is tied to Megan Kelly as much as it is tied to lousy ratings, poor demographics. TV is a business and one by one soaps are biting the dust. This year it will be Days, then GH. Maybe the CBS shows hang on another few years.

The smart soap actors have long since moved to other gigs like Cameron Mathison and Rickey Paul Goldin.


please keep DAYS on the air. Put Ms. Kelly on after days


I love Days.


If the election taught me anything, it was do NOT believe the polls. I think it is crazy to believe that the ratings are as low as they say, yet 5,000 turn out for an event in Tennessee last year. If Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric can’t be successful in daytime, what makes NBC think we need another talk show? If the network would invest more money in the show for sets and other expenses, the quality and product would lead to better ratings. I am still not over losing “All My Children” five years ago. Please don’t make fans wonder whatever would have happened to Hope and Marlena the way i still think about Erica and Brooke.


I have been. DOOL fan since the very beginnng. My mom still watches it. My children watch it. My nieces watch it. And I am sure when I ever have any – my grandchildren will watch it. Great show. Love the characters. Please don’t take it off the air.


i’m going to be scared and every gamut of emotion… till it reads mine

OURS to share

long live a staple that reigned so much dream so much let so much YES this show rocks


shapero maureen

Please do not cancel Days I really love this show its exciting and the characters are well written and stories are interesting and you care about them. I really like all the mystery and all the super couples.


All Mr. Greenblatt has to consider is how ABC has fallen since cancelling OLTL.

Just Sayin .

4ever DAYS

Give us your decision, Jennifer Salke. Hopefully, you won’t become a stalkee!

I don’t like your tone, Robert Greenblatt. Let’s hope you don’t come up with a green bladder!

Renew DAYS or the voodoo begins!


Days has been on for year’s and if they take it off to put someone like Megan on in it’s place the network need’s there heads examined. She’s the last person I would tune in to watch. Thank god for cable , at least there would be something else to tune in to. Keep Days on.


Don’t watch Days. Did spend a summer with it during the Denise Alexander/Susan Martin storyline; the Susan Flannery/Laura Horton days, and the Doug/Julie/Addie triangle, but not much after that. (Was elated when Denise Alexander came to GH as Lesley Williams!) Anyway – as an avid viewer of OLTL I can say that all these proclamations from NBC execs – if you read between the lines – all sound very much like DOOL will be cancelled. Their statements come across as Brian Frons-speak. And we all know what he did. Sorry.


Barbara Bloom sounded like that new NBC exec when she cancelled ATWT and GL. Get ready Days fans — the sand may no longer flow in the hourglass. Another stupid executive that wants to put on another talk show on daytime — and a news one at that! More fake political news to confuse the public. Bob Greenblatt has a not so impressive resume so he is going to tell me what I need to watch. And Megan is in love with herself anyway – just put her in front of a mirror and let her kiss herself. OMG!


Why the hate for Meghan K. The show has had years to get the ratings up but failed. Mostly due to the stubborn refusal of the powers that be to get rid of the six month film schedule, break up their aging super couples and the failure to make hard choices as to which vets should go and who should stay. And don’t get me started on musical chairs with Dena H. Very talented cast that in the hands of the right writers could have saved the show. Its sad to see the show cancelled but all good things come to an end.

Sandy J.

Although I’m not a regular viewer of Days, I’d hate to see the show go off the air. Bob Greenblatt was incorrect, however, in assuming that all soaps tape six months in advance. To the best of my knowledge, only Days does that.

Which brings me to the best reason not to tape six months in advance: so many things can happen in and to this world in the course of half a year that the writers couldn’t possibly include in their episodes. The biggest example of that is the very sad death of Joe Mascolo and any knowledge of that fact unknown to the writers and everyone else in front of and behind the cameras at that show. Several of the characters are in Prague (the last I saw) searching for Stefano when their portrayers had no knowledge of the subsequent death of their former colleague. It’s just in very poor taste, and wouldn’t likely have happened had the producers changed the taping schedule to a more recent, and reasonable, time frame.

There are more reasons to change to a more recent taping schedule, but that’s for another day. May you rest peacefully, Mr. Mascolo.


Oh please don’t cancel Days I have been watching it for over 30 years now.Just what we don’t need another useless boring talk show.How about another soap?Not to replace Days but to ditch these awful talk shows,They are a complete waste of time.Back to Days I love Chad and the new Abby isn’t all that bad either.As far as Stephano goes I don’t know what to think. Save Days I looked forward to watching it everyday.No more talk shows.It is a big part of my days lol


I hope days continues.
But it must stop allowing divas to direct input on stories!


Days Fans, Y & R Fans, B & B Fans, and GH Fans: Cancellations are just a matter of time. We said it wouldn’t happen to the others: and it did. And when this crop of soaps are gone, you’ll realize (too late) how much time you wasted on fictional towns and fictional characters. I am speaking from experience.


Such negativity, I have been watching soaps since they aired and I don’t feel I am wasting my time.

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