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Nicollette Sheridan To Make Her Dynasty Debut As Alexis Carrington On March 23!

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Stand back! Here comes the new Alexis Carrington onto the canvas of CW’s Dynasty!

Knots Landing fans have been eagerly waiting to see the debut of Nicollette Sheridan (Ex-Paige) as the new “Queen B” of the show, played in the original by the one and only Joan Collins.

Circle Friday March 23rd at 8PMET to see how nuAlexis makes her grand entrance!

In an exclusive first look with, Sheridan shares: “I have always been attracted to playing the naughty girl, and for some reason, my audience loves seeing me in that role. It’s challenging to make that person likable, and I get to do it again (with Alexis).”

When weighing in on Alexis’ relationship with her daughter, Fallon (Elizabeth Gilles), Sheridan offered up:  “Alexis has the experience and the wisdom that comes with age. So as brilliant as her daughter is, she’s in trouble now. (The writers) are really exploring the mother-daughter relationship, which to me is the most complicated relationship on the planet, so I love that.”

So, excited to see how Nicollette interprets and makes the role of Alexis Carrington her own? Comment below.

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13 Comments on "Nicollette Sheridan To Make Her Dynasty Debut As Alexis Carrington On March 23!"

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I worry too little, too late. this reboot just never found traction!

Wonder if the story was allowed to be told without the “brand names,” it would be more successful. harnessing the series with legendary TV title, characters, stories, can only foster expectations and reminiscences a new show cannot shoulder.

Mary SF

I’m sorry some roles are so iconic that can never be duplicated — Joan Collins is and always will be the only Alexis for me.


“…Nicollette Sheridan (Ex-Paige) as the new “Queen B” of the show, ”

OMG – you went their… “B” ???

Nathalie Kelly – vs – Nicollette Sheridan MOVE – out of the way – COMING OUT

I am so impressed with NK as Cristol. impressed me from the get go. if this is what lies ahead

Cristol and Alexis – impressive Newbie pairing.. writing HOLD ON


I just can’t picture Alexis as a blond. Or American. I wonder why they felt like they needed to use the Dynasty name and character names. They really could have just created a new soap with a similar setup.


Nicollette was born in the UK and lived there the 1st 10 years of her life. Maybe she’ll do a British accent…


As a big-time fan of the original show, I understand the hesitancy for some viewers to accept any recast of these iconic roles. But I have quickly become a fan of the reboot, too!

For those who can’t picture Alexis as an American blonde, try these on for size:
Cristal as a Latina!
Jeff as an African-American!
Michael as an African-American!
Blake as a younger man!
And Sammy Jo as a man and Latino at that! (Sammy Jo, in particular, is quite the character!)

I believe the new show, though different, tries in some small ways (and in other major ways) to honor the original show. Some of it is over the top. But the original was that way, too. Moldavia massacre anyone? Catfights x3, x4 anyone? For me, it’s been quite the enjoyable romp so far…


I can’t wait for her to show up! I totally love the new Dynasty, and I love how they tweaked everything! I totally agree with Jamesj75!


I see I’m in good company! Thanks, linda!


You are welcome Jamesj75!

Barbara from Atlanta

Anyone else think that Sheridan would have made a great recast for Phyllis on Y&R when Michelle Stafford left?

The current actress is “okay” in the role but definitely is not up to the level of Stafford. With one trip to the beauty shop for a red dye job, Sheridan could have nailed it.


Yes, Barbara! Sheridan would have been great in that role. Y&R could use your casting advice.


Totally agree but nobody wants to do daytime anymore Gina is too young for the role and she will always be Kelly Cramer and Jason Thompson will always be Patrick Drake . Sometimes you need to let it go and not recast just st write them out. PB has been Jack for over 25 years but I still see Terry in the role


I go on you tube and see my friend Terry as Jack and I see no one else with the Jack essence and I truly adore PB just is what it is


Nicollette Sheridan Made Series Regular On CW’s Dynasty!

If you haven’t caught Nicollette Sheridan’s take on the role of uber-bitch, Alexis Carrington on CW’s Dynasty, you better make sure to tune-in to the second season of the sudsy drama!

Now comes word via TV Line, that Sheridan has been upped to series regular on the reboot, which is great news for her fans, who fell in love with her as Paige Mathison on Knots Landing, then as Edie Britt on Desperate Housewives, and now all over again as Alexis.

Nicollette came on to the canvas midway through the first season in the highly sought after role, originally played by Joan Collins. (more…)

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DYNASTY Season Finale: Burning Down The House!

Any soap opera lover should have been drooling over the season finale of CW’s Dynasty. Filled with every signature staple of the genre, and delivered in delicious fashion, the episode left us hungry for what’s in store for when the series returns for its second season.

The season finale was filled with multiple takeovers of Carrington Atlantic, one coup led by Fallon (Elizabeth Gilles) and another by their newest relative, Jeff Colby (Sam Adegoke) and yet there was another one going on with Alexis (Nicollette Sheridan) using Hank (Brent Antonello) to play the long lost son, while he voted later against Blake (Grant Show), Steven and Fallon. You need a scorecard to follow this, yet the double-cross of a double-cross was fun to watch.

The centerpiece of the episode was Steven (James Mackay) and Sammy Jo’s (Rafael de la Fuente) wedding filled with unexpected guests and shockers, chief among them a visit by soap vet Kelly Rutherford, who plays Melissa Daniels. As his wedding is about to start, Melissa shows up to tell Steven that she is pregnant with his child.

Elsewhere, when Cristal (Nathalie Kelly) who has already had it with Blake and feels trapped in a marriage to him, or is she really feeling that or enjoying the cat and mouse power game, figures out that Alexis has been sleeping with Hank, angling this whole takeover from her angle. When she confronts Alexis, finally the long-awaited mega catfight on steroids occurs (watch it after the jump) and the two women battle it out, until Alexis locks up Cristal.

When Anders (Alan Dale) finds her there and goes back to get the key, none other than unstable Claudia Blaisdel (Brianna Brown) arrives toting a gun. As she is about to have her long-awaited showdown with her nemesis the image of her former husband the late Matthew Blaisdel (Nick Wechsler) keeps coming up. She sees him in her mind, but she actually shoots Cristal and leaves her there to die. (more…)

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WATCH: Alexis In Action: ” Used or Be Used”

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