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No "Natalie" to GH? Rep says there are no immediate plans to bring Melissa Archer to Port Charles!



Jolie fans will not be happy to hear this one.   According to a rep for General Hospital (as told to ABC Soaps In Depth), there are no immediate plans to being Melissa Archer (Natalie Buchanan) to General Hospital to reunite her with long-time on-screen love interest and acting partner, Michael Easton (John McBain) after he joins the series on-air come March.

Reports have been circulating all across the web since Saturday night’s Loving Llanview event in which Easton and Archer were both a part of.  During the show, a fan asked Easton if there were plans to bring Melissa to join him on GH in which the actor reportedly replied, “Two words: May Sweeps”.

The GH rep’s official statement to SID was, “Despite us loving them, there are no immediate plans to bring her (Archer) to Port Charles.”

So what do you think of the news?  Are you disappointed that Melissa will not be joining Michael for now in Port Chuck? How will they explain Natalie’s absence after the duo finally admitted their feelings for each other at the end of One Life to Live?

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cathy trinque

I certainly don’t believe anything that ABC has to say. ABC just likes to keep the soap fans hanging anyways. Something could be in the works but not final yet. I guess we will have to wait and see.


I’m glad. Love Melissa but I think we’ve met the quota for Llanview residents relocating to PC.

Susan M.

I don’t agree with Lupe’s comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i second that!!!

LaToya N.

I so agree with you. I was never a big Natalie fan more of a JoVan (John and Evangeline) so for me I’m really happy their not bringing her to GH.


I just wish there was some way to bring the actress who played Evangeline to St. Charles so she could hook up with John again. They were the best couple on TV.

Eileen Hargis

with GH being in a precarious position of not knowingif they will be on after Sept. They will not add any more OLTL actors until they see if ratings improve with the 4 they have hired. If that proves sucessful, I’m sure they would consider adding others like elissa, J.P.Farah,


Why move them to GH at all? If ABC really liked OLTL so much, they morons would have left it on! If they move GH to 2 PM, I’m going to be really pissed! They should’ve left OLTL on & cancelled GH instead! When they start moving soaps around, they are going to cancel them! They did this to RH & GL!

Lisa Kane

I think this is really sad. You would think that RC would want all the viewers GH could get. Since it was announced that ME was going to GH fans have been trying their best to get TPTB to bring over MA too. RC prolonged the Jolie reunion for far too long, thinking PP was happening. Well we all know what happened to that. Bringing her over could have continued the story t hat was intended for them. This is a huge disappointment for fans. I wish ME had never made his comment and raised our hopes.


1000% DISAPPOINTED!!… And that’s an understatement. Melissa Archer and Michael Easton are Soap Opera magic! Jolie chemistry just oozes out of the TV any time they’re on together, whether they are kissing or fighting. Aside from that.. Melissa Archer is a great actress! GH would be lucky to pick her up. Port Charles needs to spice their canvas up, and she could do it. I’m a die hard OLTL fan, so I might be a little biased… But they need to rethink this.

Susan M.

I agree 100% with Colleen’s comment about Melissa Archer!!!!!!!!!!!!


i agree john and natalie are like todd and blair …… they are the best!!!

Patty B.

Please bring Melissa Archer to GH to be with ME. I hated him with Evangeline. Where does everyone get that they were so good together? Melissa is the only one for ME. I keep waiting for her to show up on GH. Please allow that to happen.


Very disappointed!

Susan M.

I’m very disappointed also…….They just got back together & john found out Liam is his son… Are they going to leave us hangin on that?????????? We there be phone calls………….Will John call Natlie from Port Charles or what???????? How will the writers handle that story line??????????? John & Natalie & baby Liam are a family!!!!!!I thought John & Natlie would get married once and for all !!!!!! Can’t see John with anyone else…….I wish GH would do something about the story line with Sonny!!! It’s worn out…Tired of his mob connections !!!! That needs to be changed.. It’s been going on TOOOOOOOOOOO long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Natlie & John , they should be together on GH!!!!!!!!!! These are my feelings on the subject….

patricia ponte

hi, what do i think of the news of melissa archer not going to gh in my opinion IT SUCKS!!!! they just finally got back together!!! i would LOVE natalie and john together on gh! please bring natalie to gh (melissa archer) love jolie 😀 john will not be the same with out her!

Susan M.

Totally Agree with Patricia!!!!!!!!!


Finding my opinion doesn’t matter either way.




Won’t watch w/o Natalie.


agreed! you can have jon with out natalie right after they just got back together after all this time!

Susan M.

Can’t see John meeting anyone new on GH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be a disaster!!


After years of watching these two together on screen, I must say that I am not thrilled by the idea of John McBain leaving Natalie and Liam behind in LLanview and acting as if they don’t exist. I really don’t want to see John hooking up with some GH lady… my opinion, they should leave well enough alone. If we can’t have John & Natalie, then make Michael Easton a completely new character.

barbara t

yes and no ,I wish the whole cast could move to port charles ,but its not going to happen ,ok now everyone will get mad at me,I never really liked john and natalie,maybe Im not the only one who sees that ,however I do like natalie,I heard that general hospital is tanking in the ratings ,thats not good.could be that some people arent tuning in because they believe the soap killers at abc are 100% done with the soaps and katie couric the woman who has been with every network known to man is going on at 3,so that means general hospital is moved or abc s way of doing things get rid of it once and for I have to throw my favorite question at everyone ,who watches this stuff?who in the right frame of mind watches these talk shows ,there on all morning now they are taking over the whole afternoon,these crazy women that are in the audience are screaming clapping jumping up and down ,every time a word is said,they clap over the stupidest thing ,I dont know ,back to natalie ,will be interesting to explain why john is in port charles without liam and natalie,guess we will find out in march when john mcbain goes to the pc police department and we will know what brings him to town.

Susan M.

I will not watch Katie Couric Or the Chew & The Revolution… Those type of shows don’t interest me at all !!!!!!!!!!!!! They are BORING to say the least…………Example: The Revolution. Who want to learn how to make wallpaper from children’s art !!!!!! That is soooooo STUPID !!!!!!! The whole show is STUPID & INSULTS your INTELLIGENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I don’t like all these people talking & screaming all at once……….. That is not ENTERTAINMENT !!!!!!!!!! Don’t want to be talked to death……. I don’t want INFORMATION…I WANT ENTERTAIMENT…. We want OUR STORIES!!!!!! That keeps your interest & you want to watch it all the time!!!!!! ABC doesn’t get that at ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ande how about the Dr. that wears the lab coat? Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hopefully John is just away from Natalie and Liam temporarily. But as we all know, celibacy/monogamy is so hard for soap writers…every show needs at least one stable couple.

barbara t

according to tim gunn,you know the idiot that is on that stupid show the revolution ,he admitted in a article I read that he hasnt had sex in 29 years ,now that is a very long time ,and it shows how stupid that show is that anyone who would admit to that ,except to there headshrinker ,that show has one of those to I remember the apples and oranges,I still cant believe she said that,anyway ,I dont think port charles is that far away from landview.anyway ,Im suffering from the one life to live blues ,I miss it so much.I hope everyone is calling abc ,complaining ,tell them you hate there stupid new shows and wont watch them AND DONT CANCEL GENERAL HOSPITAL.


I totally agree—I like Tim Gunn on project runway but not watch the Revolution.
We don’t need any more useless information–we want to be entertained!!!!!!


I am THRILLED! There is a G*D


Who cares. I can’t stand her. This is the best news yet……….


Just curious-why can’t you stand her?


She is cheap, trailer park, and her character I could never watch. I didn’t trust her (character) and I thought she wasn’t good enough for Jawn. All she cared about was herself. She didnt care who she hurt along the way.


so we watch and hope hes means yeah in may.


Dumb is my answer IF they are continuing HIS story.


Succinct and accurate. Yes, it kind of defeats the purpose of attempting to lure OLTL viewers if you tick them off by not giving them what they want. Maybe FV/RC asked for more OLTL players but had to settle for this, and in the case of Blair, only a brief visit. “Dumb” pretty much sums up ABC management overall. Maybe that can be their next reality show.


Michael, I am saddened by this development, but find it suspicious that they use the word “immediate”. In no way does this mean she will never be brought on. I think perhaps with storyline purposes she is not needed right now . But we will not give up without a fight. As a fan of Jolie’s, we are used to fighting and we will continue to do so. Thanks for bringing this to us Michael!


Cheryl, that was my exact thought as well. The key word in that entire statement was “immediate” plans. They could very well already be mulling over the idea of Natalie coming aboard in the not so distant future, which is not immediate. Many of these statements are always a play on words, so my hopes have not been diminished. Personally, I think that once GH successfully makes it passed Couric’s Sept. 2012 entry on the ABC Daytime scene, we will see more changes/additions.


Very disappointed! However… let’s hope ME is correct with May sweeps and that GH is just playing it close to the vest for storyline purposes!


Disappointed but not surprised. Having serious withdrawals from OLTL-this has been really hard. I am watching GH every single day, for better or worse, on one hand trying to be supportive but on the other afraid to get too invested. I DO NOT trust anyone at ABC/Disney & cannot help but fear the worst. I never in my life, dreamed that my shows would be gone.


So tired of ABC stringing along Jolie fans! Enough is enough, have not watched ANY ABC since Jan 13, 2012. ABC doesn’t care about what I want to watch and I don’t care about ABC. I used to watch both shows OLTL and GH stopped watching both on 1/13/12! As far as I am concerned have at it, destroy whatever it took almost a year to build up to– kill it, it’s what you do best!


No reason to watch GH now…..


They cancel OLTL to save money, but–oops!–it turns out OLTL ratings were higher with better writing and producing than GH. So they fire the head writer and producer at GH and hire the people from OLTL. They want to boost GH’s ratings with OLTL viewers as cheaply as possible because The Revolution is circling the drain in a death spiral. They hire Easton without Archer and hire DePaiva for only a couple of shows with others from OLTL, hoping this will be enough to train OLTL viewers to transfer their allegiance to GH without straining their budget.

ABC executives don’t know what they are doing and are just making it up as they go along–or more likely–they are grossly incompetent because they actually planned and approved The Chew, The Revolution, and Work It. They will say or do anything hoping to appear less than the flailing, inept morons they are, without regard for viewer preferences.

Yes, I am disappointed, but hardly surprised. These people never tire of jerking around the fans if it serves their purposes. They are so stupid not to realize they will only continue to alienate viewers with their deceptive, double-dealing games. Oh wait–my mistake–they are only looking for viewers with IQs between 18-49 who won’t notice what is going on and will watch anything.


Well, ABC, I am only watching gH because I’m hoping it will get better and have less mob garbage. But I think you’re only teasing us with the OLTL characters that are coming. I think they’ll be there for only a short time. And John without Natalie now that they finally got back together makes no sense-. This whole thing appears to be a tease. I am very untrusting of what aBC is doing. I can’t imagine ron and Frank given free reign would unite them and then give us only John. 🙁 maybe ABC really does not want us to watch, so they can more easily give the spot to Katie. We won’t watch Katie, ABC if she’s on between 1-4 pm.


How about Frank and Ron work on fixing the characters of General Hospital first? That’s what they were hired to do.

There’s a whole entire cast of talented actors and actresses, that we GH fans love as much as you OLTL fans love your characters, and they have either been misused or not used at all for a long time, and that’s where Frank and Ron’s focus should be initially.

I’m all for incorporating some OLTL characters into the show, as they’ve already done. But let’s fix the existing GH characters first, before we start talking about bringing this person, or that person from another show.


Not disappointed. We need to get the focus off of OLTLers and focus on the existing families and bring back more Quatermaines and Spencers.

barbara t

thats true the writers have to do something with all the cast on general hospital,but ,I watched all the abc soaps and for the one life to live fans that got cheated ,by loosing our soaps I think its a good idea to bring in a few landview people so gh gets more people watching.because if they dont ,katie couric will be taking over yet another,soap spot,and no one wants to see that or her.I know I dont ,so arguing over who should leave or who should show up in port charles ,general hospital needs all the help they can get.I still think that roxy could take over the spencers diner ,She can serve a mean cup of coffee and a piece of apple pie,with real whip cream.


Ehh. GH doesn’t need OLTLers. They need their OWN characters to return like Alan and Emily and Bobbie. No more OLTL cast/characters. We didn’t wathc OLTL for a reason.

barbara t

yes they do,I m not saying bring the whole town of landview ,but a few interesting characters so the people who watched one life to live go to general hospital,Ive watched people come and go from port charles almost 49 years, these past several years Ive seen the worse stories ever, so there is nothing wrong in bringing them in, anyway all the newbes at gh are on the way out, go to abc soaps in depth ,there out the door so there is room for todd star blair and john plus the older ones are coming back holly robert anna,and I still believe roxy wound make a good new owner of the diner,how can anyone not like her?


I never liked Roxie when I watched OLTL because I’m not a fan of Irene as an actress, and Blair’s incoming is temporary. I want them to focus on GH, not OLTL-ers to GH.

D.A. Berry, Author

This news is quite a disappointment. I have been a John and Natalie fan from the beginning… They are the reason, I started watching OLTL again… Ron and Frank, if you truly want to have OLTL characters make an impact on GH, and increase the shows fan base, don’t miss this opportunity. If John’s character is long term, Natalie needs to be part of the package. After watching their last scenes together, it was quite apparent the couple has grown and learned from their past mistakes. And any writer with a vision would see the story possibilities are endless. Fans become invested in the characters you create… just as one does when reading a novel written by their favorite author. Fans form a loyal bond with these individuals. And when you are lucky enough to have achieved that, you are a true writer. Which unfortunately, it saddens me to say, many writers… weather it be for TV or novels forget… As the fans can make or break one’s career.


john and natalie are a team…… bring her on!!

D.A. Berry, Author

I have been a John and Natalie fan from the beginning… They are the reason; I started watching OLTL again… Ron and Frank, if you truly want to have OLTL characters make an impact on GH, and increase the show’s fan base, don’t miss this opportunity. If John’s character is long term, Natalie needs to be part of the package. After watching their last scenes together, it was quite apparent the couple has grown and learned from their past mistakes. And any writer with a vision would see the story possibilities are endless. Fans become invested in the characters you create… just as one does when reading a novel written by their favorite author. Fans form a loyal bond with these individuals. And when you are lucky enough to have achieved that, you are a true writer. Which unfortunately, it saddens me to say, many writers… whether it is for TV or novels forget… As the fans can make or break one’s career.

D.A. Berry

I have been a John and Natalie fan from the beginning… They are the reason; I started watching OLTL again… Ron and Frank, if you truly want to have OLTL characters make an impact on GH, and increase the show’s fan base, don’t miss this opportunity. If John’s character is long term, Natalie needs to be part of the package. After watching their last scenes together, it was quite apparent the couple has grown and learned from their past mistakes. And any writer with a vision would see the story possibilities are endless. Fans become invested in the characters you create… just as one does when reading a novel written by their favorite author. Fans form a loyal bond with these individuals. And when you are lucky enough to have achieved that, you are a true writer. Which unfortunately, it saddens me to say, many writers… whether it is for TV or novels forget…

Dani A.

Thank goodness. She’s horrible and who cares about his story. Besides do we know for sure that he is playing John McBain? Personally I do not want any of the OLTL actors on the show and Valentini and Carlivati should check their egos and realize GH fans want their favorites back, not their lame OLTL characters especially Natalie who is probably the most polarizing character from that show. Heck I was not impressed with their bringing on Easton who has sleepwalked through most of his scenes the last few years. Concentrate on GH Valentini and Carlivati, this is not OLTL 2.0. That show was cancelled.


i love john but can’t stand natalie so if she never shows up i will be happy


I wonder if he might fall for Mrs. Sam Mcall or for some
reason…she falls for the gorgeous eyes of John Mcbain…

remember Sam and Jason bond so well when she wre
pregnant with baby Lila….But I love my Jasam…

anywayy…..A quad of Sam ……Jason……Natatlie……..John

LaToya N.

I so agree with you for me John had more of a connection with Evangeline Williamson. They were the end game on OLTL they showed more emotion and had some serious eye contact going on that it was crazy. John with Natalie was bad in my opinion and I’m so glad that they didn’t bring her along to GH.


Well, I feel that OLTL made a huge mistake in not making Ryder Brody’s son and reuniting that family and just keeping Liam’s real paternity under wraps at the end of the show, because I think ABC planned to transfer ME to GH all along to put him with KeMo. Natalie and Liam are unnecessary to the GH canvas for now, anyway.

I also feel that RC/FV is making a big mistake by NOT bringing over FL and KM as Tea and Danielle to wrap up the Two Todd Manning Microchip Mystery, because the spy element would work perfectly to bring Sean Donnelly, Robert Scorpio, Holly Sutton, Anna Devane, Cesar Faisson, and Helena Cassadine back to the canvas, not to mention revitalize the Quartermaines.


That Natalie is not coming along is disappointing but maybe the move is only long enough to tie up the OLTL Todd-Victor loose ends… an experiment of sorts for RC and Company to see if a few Llanview residents could find a home among the Port Charles familiars. GH has lost focus so much. I like seeing classic characters returning to the canvas and I hope there may be a shakedown among all the mob mess to minimize that plot foundation. Refocus the show on the H of the title, and maybe that could tie in with the inspid talk/reality ABC is giving us. An ER or GREY’S model for daytime?


I don’t believe that the few characters coming over to GH from OLTL are meant to be permanent additions to the cast. I feel they are doing this for 2 reasons…. 1) to try to get some OLTL fans to start watching GH & 2) to wrap up the storyline with Todd having “killed” Victor.

A quote from Kassie DePaiva’s website is: “Frank Valentini, GH’s EP, asked me to come out for a couple of shows in February and I’m thrilled.” So, in part I think Valentini & Carlivati are giving a gift to OLTL fans by wrapping up the story.

From the actors point of view…they saw the cast of AMC relocate to L.A. with all these promises only to end up jobless in the end. So, are they willing to also make the same move with no certainty that GH will survive? They have already been kicked twice by their show’s cancellation and PP bailing out….I am sure they are very leery of making major commitments to ABC at this point.



Kris Alderson Tweets: I Signed 3 Year GH Contract!

IMO NOTHING has been cancelled and they are signing her with the intention of GH going on!!!! I think this is great news.
So there Raven! You think you know it all with all your ‘followers’!

How’s that for being permanent?

Another Michael

Sorry, but they have to do it this way, and I don’t think it says much, one way or the other about GH’s future. They lose nothing by signing her for a longer term, since her contract, like most or all soap actor contracts, will have an out every 13 weeks, and this way, if they do decide not to cancel GH, they’ve got her for three years. (I think most soap actor contracts also have “in event of the show’s cancellation” clauses, but I might be wrong about that.)

Or to put it another way: the majority of the actors on AMC and OLTL were in mid-contract, and it didn’t stop ABC from cancelling those shows, and Kristen won’t be the only actor on GH a year from now with a contract that has time left on it. If they want to cancel GH, they’ll cancel it. If they don’t, they’ve got the actors under contract. It’s a no-lose situation for ABC.


Another Michael..what this announcement tells me is that GH has not been cancelled yet.


MA was so my fav..loved Jolie and baby Liam…perfect family that we never got to see and apparently never will.. Sad mistake…I never watched GH and after reading this I never will.

barbara t

then you are helping abc put the final nail in the coffin at general hospital,maybe she will be there in time and it will be explained that john is there because he is working on a case ( todd blair )maybe they are just feeling things out see if a little bit of landview will work in port charles,I miss one life to life its always been my favorite but general hospital needs our help to save the soaps, all of them and they way things are going there may not be a daytime soap opera to tune into any more ,I like nat to .


John McBain without Natalie and Liam??? No way! Jolie is the top couple on OLTL so how could you not bring Malissa along to GH? It could only help the ratings???? I may be biased but the chemistry between Micheal and Mallissa on screen is bar none the best whether they are fighting, talking, joking, or just looking at each other they sizzle.


I am very happy that john, blair, todd, and starr are joining General Hospital. However, I do wish they could have taken all of OLTL with them. I hope this is long term, it is hard to say what will happen if the stars are not on a long term contract. OLTL rocked and I will EXTREMELY miss it.

Another Michael

I just hope they’re not planning to have John stay in PC and then kill off Natalie and Liam at some point (offscreen) to free him up for romance with other characters in PC. That would be so poorly received by ex-OLTL viewers, in my opinion, that it would undo any good will/ratings gain they might be getting by reaching out to those viewers with the transfer of the four characters who are going over.


ok..I feel for the John Mcbain and Natalie Buchanna
fans…..funny it is being said that a major male
actor is leaving GH……some folks said It might
be Sbu…….

But It would be nice if she did visit John..and their
child Liam…..

But honestly I was looking forward of having
John Mcbain Sam Mcall and Jason Morgan in some
scenes….whether or not she comes isnt that

on the John and Sam ,” What If?….it said.
To be continue…..I wonder?

Eileen Hargis

While I never mind someone editing my comment for clarity or brevity I object strenuosly to having my comment edited to say something that I did NOT say at all. I commented on why Natalie and other OLTL actors weren’t being added right now to GH after the first 4. I stated that money is tight and GH will wait to see if adding these will increase viewers. You emailed me a comment where it stated that I said GH should have been cancelled instead of OLTL and that “I was pissed.” I do not use language like that and I use better grammar. If you want an entirely different comment from me than what I posted, make up your own tasteless ones but don’t put my name on them. I respect Michael Fairman and do NOT believe he is doing this to my comments. But in the future, I will be thinking twice before commenting again.


No Natalie? Isn’t that like Luke without Laura (oops), Bo without Nora, Sonny without Brenda (oops), Todd without Blair, Carly without Jax (oops), David without Dorian, Johnny without Olivia (oops) aaaaargh John needs Natalie. No Natalie no sparks the John McBain character needs his fiery muse!!!!


from my experience, it’s safer to trust the actors than the ABC reps. i believe michael easton. mellissa archer is coming for sweeps… maybe not much longer but at least then. besides, from GH’s perspective after so many years of john & natalie on OLTL they have to explain it somehow!


Detective John will make a fine job erasing the mobs who have taken General Hospital hostage for over a decade now. He doesn’t need help from Nathalie to do it.

Melissa Archer is a great but I just don’t picture her on General Hospital even if Easton is going there. Archer would fit more on Y&R.


I am VERY MAD about that!! I really, really wanted Natalie (Melissa Archer) to join John in Port Charles (GH) really bad!! That was the point of me watching General Hospital. I will DEFINATELY watch it if Natalie is on GH with her and John’s baby Liam. What’s going to happen to baby Liam if he and his mother cannot be on that show? That WILL NOT be FAIR at all!!
I may or may not watch it if just the Manning family, Tomas and John are the only ones on GH.
Natalie and Liam BOTH NEED TO BE on GH. John cannot go a long time without seeing his own son!!!! No parent does that!
So get Natalie and Liam on GH!!!!


OLTL fans waited forever for John and Natalie to get together. Finally they did and the show was cancelled. Shame on ABC. Great story lines were beginning to unfold and then a bunch of idiots decided to replace the show with The Chew and The Revolution. You got to be kidding. I NEVER have nor ever will watch those moronic shows. AMC was also an iconic show and nothing replacing them with will ever last. BIG MISTAKE ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was a huge fan of ABC. NOT ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathleen Smart

You can’t have John without Natalie! Bring her with him and watch the rating soar even more! Love John but waited too long for them to reunite!

Nancy M

Why can’t they bring back at least OLTL? That was the best soap on the air. ABC is not allowed on the tv in my house. Did not even watch the Oscars. I want my shows back asap.


I watched Jolie from the beginning years ago, then stopped watching when they weren’t. Then got involved again to watch the story unfold from 2010. I have always enjoyed them and was thrilled with them finally being reunited but if you are bring the character of John over to GH then it stands to reason that Natalie and Liam should join them as well. I will not watch GH if you slap their reunion in the face so to speak after all they went through to be together.How sad for me and many other fans that will loose their love of the character if you choose to disregard their story.


I wish they would put all of pc out of gh. GH was great with out all the others from another show. Star wines all the time.




If you don’t bring Melissa Archer, I’m done with the show. John and Natlie are two of the favorite characters, and your refusal to bring her means you don’t care about the ratings. All of us One Life to Live viewers want them both back on the air together.

General Hospital

GH Nurses’ Ball 2018 Conclusion: Anna Learns Henrik Is Her Son, Maxie Has Her Son, Ava Wows, Mike & Sonny Duet!

In the most moving and exciting episode of this 2018 GH Nurses’ Ball, all roads lead to the truth about Henrik and how he is really living his life as none other than Peter August (Wes Ramsey).  First, Robert (Tristan Rogers) who has punched out by Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) on stage drags him outside of the ballroom for his part in the cover[up.  Robert is worried about Anna’s (Finola Hughes) safety. Nina (Michelle Stafford) confronts her husband about how long he’s known who Henrik is.  She later figures out why he has been trying to whisk her and Charlotte out of the country.


Onstage Mike (Max Gail) takes a mic, and makes a moment of saying he has Alzheimer’s and then launches into the song he remembers,“The Summer Wind.” As he sings, he imagines being accompanied by a big band as he proceeds to deliver a showstopper.  Suddenly, in reality, Mike is lost and disoriented … scared he stares around at the audience.  Sonny (Maurice Benard) gets up to the stage to help his dad by cluing him into the lyrics.  Sonny sings with Mike and gets him through the song.  They receive a standing ovation.

Ava (Maura West) who is preparing to perform her number comes across a moment between Kiki (Hayley Erin) and Griffin (Matt Cohen) backstage where they are in a hug.  Little does Ms. Jerome know that Griffin was consoling Kiki after her lewd run-in with Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva).   Then it is Maura West, who truly brings down the house for this year’s ball with her Ava’s rendition of “You Don’t Own Me.”  That tune was certainly a nod to all those that Ava feels have wronged her.  Yup! Sonny, Griffin and Kiki we think are some on her list!   Dressed in a white pant suit and accompanied by a bevy of male dancers, West knocked the interpretation of the song out of the park, to make it work for her character and the Nurses’ Ball.


Elsewhere, Maxie (Kristen Storms) has gone into labor, and Peter is right there safely delivering her baby boy. Maxie is taken by paramedics to the hospital, while Peter calls Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) at Maxie’s urging to let him know what happened.  Spinelli has just found out, through Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Steve Burton) that Peter is Henrick!

Anna is walking into a trap on the pier as she waits for Henrick. When he appears, he has no idea that Anna is his mother, and thinks it’s all been a set-up.  He points a gun to eliminate her once and for all, but Anna says she has something to tell him.

The Nurses’ Ball concludes with a touching finale of “Champion” featuring: Epiphany (Sonya Eddy), Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel), Bobbie (Jackie Zeman), Amy (Risa Dorken) and the other nurses.

So, what did you think of the final episode of the GH Nurses’ Ball 2018?  What did you think of the musical performances? Do you think Maxie’s baby will be OK? Will Anna be able to tell Henrik that she is his mom? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Ryan Paevey Sends Out Touching Tweet On The Birth Of His TV Son On General Hospital!

On yesterday’s GH, viewers saw the tender moment when Maxie (Kirsten Storms) delivered her baby, who is the bio-son of her late husband, Nathan West.

When Maxie finds out she had a boy to carry on the legacy of her beloved husband, she is overcome.

Ryan Paevey (Ex-Nathan), who left the series earlier this year, took to Twitter upon seeing the episode and the image of the little baby that is his on-screen offspring.

He expressed: “Welcome to the world, little one …. it’s a scary place sometimes, and i so wish i could have been there to show you all the good stuff. Your mother loves you,and will take care of you and teach you …. watch out for her her for me will ya?”

Aaawww.  So many GH fans have been touched by the gesture, and how nice it is that it makes the whole journey and end of Nathan’s West story heartbreaking and bittersweet.

Were you touched by Ryan’s tweet?  Missing him on GH? Comment below

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General Hospital

GH Preview – Week of May 21, 2018

The conclusion of the Nurses’ Ball brings with it suspense, game-changing moments, and impacts many couples.

Peter (Wes Ramsey) is one step ahead of Anna (Finola Hughes), who is hoping her plans to meet him on the pier work out.   However, it seems like Peter AKA Henrick Faison is not going to so easily walk into a trap, except, little does he know that Anna is his biological mother. How will this turn out?

What will happen to Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and her baby? And now that Robert (Tristan Rogers) is freed from being held hostage, will he blow the whistle on Valentin (James Patrick Stuart)?

Check out some teasers for next week’s General Hospital. Then let us know what you are hoping goes down in Port Charles when the smoke clears after the ball?

Monday, May 21

Valentin walks a fine line

Tuesday, May 22

Peter feels deceived

Wednesday, May 23

Dante has had enough

Thursday, May 24

Alexis quickly regrets her actions

Friday, May 25

Sonny is tormented

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Video du Jour

The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

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