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Noah Alexander Gerry and Lexie Stevenson Make Their Y&R Debut As SORAS’d Ashby Twins!

Photo: JPI Studios

The Young and the Restless Ashby family just sprouted! Not because their are new additions coming into the family, but because the CBS Daytime drama series decided to SORAS (soap opera rapid aging syndrome), Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Lily’s (Christel Khalil) twins, Mattie and Charlie.

Now Genoa City has some young teens in the picture for summer storylines and for drama involving Cane and Lily. Taking on the role of Mattie is Lexie Stevenson, and taking on the role of Charlie is Noah Alexander Gerry.

Photo: JPI Studios

On Wednesday’s May 24th episode the two were introduced on the canvas in scenes with Christel Khalil, Tristan Lake Leabu, Annalisa Cochrane and more.

So, catch today’s Y&R and then let us know your first impressions of Noah and Lexie! Comment below.

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92 Comments on "Noah Alexander Gerry and Lexie Stevenson Make Their Y&R Debut As SORAS’d Ashby Twins!"

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Just saw a few minutes of today’s episode with new teen Mattie.
She looks like she could be Lily’s sister, not daughter. Pretty
crazy to SORAS the twins to teenagers, in my opinion.


Well, Nanci, you said it, my friend. Christel is about my age (30)…..the idea of having teenage kids is ludicrous.
I know soaps do soras kids, but, please; do it within reason!!
I missed yesterday’s show….but, today, I could not even concentrate on the story because I couldn’t get past the unbelievable.


That’s the thing exactly – SORAS within reason!
This is way beyond what’s reasonable, for sure.
Wasn’t it not too long ago there was a scene with
the twins sitting around the table with Grampa Neil
doing an arts and crafts project, or coloring…or something, lol.
To have the twins suddenly sprout into almost adults is too
weird, and of course changes the whole family dynamic, too.
And having more teens on the show, ugh. No interest in that!


CK/Lilly is not even 30 she looks way too young to be the mother of teenagers not sure this will work I get the feeling we are getting major outside interference in casting and storylines over at Y&R. Young people are not watching soaps they are not drawing in new viewers I personally do not care to watch all summer a bunch of teenagers. Sigh!


Lots of fast-forwarding I think 🙂


Yes, refresh your batteries!


Same thing with nuPhyllis and her son Daniel, Kay.
Good thing Michael Graziadei is off the show…he looks older than Gina ( whose character is supposedly a grandmother to a three-year old).

Mary SF

Nothing against these two young actors– but this is has to be worse case SORASing since they super aged Summer a few years back— when the daughter looks the same age as the mother something ain’t right. And it positively just looked creepy to see Cane “hugged his daughter” when he hasn’t aged with her— the twins were born in 2010 so they should be 7 while Faith Newman was born in 2009 who is older is still a little girl- plus considering Lily was born in 95 – which means she should only 22 makes the nightmare that is SORASing even worse– oh I will get used to it, like I do everytime they do this, but honestly it still annoys me to no end when they do.


Excellent comment, Mary. Took the words right out of my mouth…especially when compared to Faith! It just was not necessary.


Just goes to show how boring even the writers believe Cane and Lily are that they need to prop them by aging their even more boring kids.


I guess the writers were bored with a lot of the characters then.


Hi, Faith was actually born in 2006 and then Reed was 2007 then the twins 2010. The writers have messed this up so badly that I don’t think they can fix it. I’ve been watch since it started. And I do not look forward to thevSORAS stage of the kids on this soap. I hope they recast Faith or it be be ridiculous. Although I will miss Alyvia Alin Lind. She is a great little actress.


Thats great news, two more Winters family members sucking up Y&R air time! Lots of people burnt Chuck Pratt at the stake but really, has this show gotten any better? NO! Lets count the ways, and I am not attacking the actor but their character and their relevance.

Scott: He super sucks! He is on all the time now and is just so annoying! He looks like Kenny G and is so boring!

Cannot stand Fake Fillis or Budget Billy!

Devon, this guy makes watching ants mate, watchable!

Cane: How in the hell is this character still on the show!?

Jordan: Sorry, I lied, this guy should not be an actor, no energy or charisma whatsoever!

Reed: Wake me up when he is off my screen!

Tess: Useless and Melody, poor Melody gets wrapped into this horse crap of a story!

Its going to be a LONG summer!

Oh, please no SUMMER!


agreed 90%…although i dont mind summer teen stories if they re done right. i cant see shaggy holding my attention this summer. i do like kendall though.
jordans the pitts…why would nt they bring back tyler who has history with lily and mariah and who is always nice to look at!!!
besides the dina and ash story , y n r is laking any major excitement…
the flashback of ash crying to vic about her bio dad and dina was so nice to see. im enjoying the vic / ash scenes. however it just reminded me of how crappy the new newman ranch and background music are currently. the gorgeous melodys playing from the old scores and the rich newman ranch makes the new cheap stuff look and sound embaressing in comparison and pales


Victor and Ashley sitting down at Crimson and having a real conversation was the simplest but best scene Eric has had this year. It was great dialogue!

Kevin C

Damien, I also enjoyed seeing the vic / ash scenes and hearing the classic background music…I so wish Mal and Sally see what needs to be done to get this show back to where it needs to be…I have to say it again though, I like the show better now and watching it full time since Sally and Kay returned…as us fans know to get this show back it shape it has to do with all aspects of the show…from background music, directing, sets, etc…

Dr Helen Ruth

I wanted Pratt gone, but now I am kicking myself. This is the most ridiculous SORAS’ing I have ever seen on a soap.


Sally wants the Winters family front and center BUT they are weak and boring!


This is cute. I really don’t have a problem with it because I need more Winters on my TV screen. Thanks Y&R team.

Mary SF

Yes be careful, Summer could be like Rumpelstiltskin say her name and she might reappear– Yikes– LOL


Everything you said, T. Especially Cane—I cringe when I see him. My hair stands on end.
And, Fake Fillis ( love the alliteration) needs to act her age, instead of gallivanting around the country chasing after ‘Budger Billy’, who thinks with the reproductive side of his brain, in constant phallic condition.
Then there’s Jack. I do not condone what Billy and Phyllis did; but Jack needs to come down his high horse. He did indulge in the pleasure of Jill’s insatiable arms while she was still martied to his father, John. Now, he is doing the hanky-panky with Gloria…another one of his step-mamas. Yuck!!
So, C’mon, writers…change the language. For real, Mommy???? As my son would say. LOL.


Yeah C, Gloria reeked havoc on John and shame on Jack for literally sleeping with the enemy! Does Billy know this? Probably. Fillis cannot keep her mouth shut! [Or her legs!] Billy AND Jack are wrong and should just shut up!


I have never been a fan of the “teen scene” and you would think, that TPTB would see from comments/posts (on other shows) that the dynamic never works. Longtime viewers don’t want to see this crap. While I don’t mind Reed so much, I don’t need to see him engulfed in a teen storyline. I think Mattie is adorable; but, the casting of Charlie, my God, what a total punk and the kid needs more acting lessons. Again, I don’t care to see these “wet behind the ears” kids acting on the cafeteria stage in my living room. The onslaught of having to hear how beautiful Lily is, now from her studious daughter, is just nauseating. Give it a rest.


dmr, thats exactly what I thought when Moppy caught blondie sucking face with Chuckie baby! What a bunch of crappy amateurs!


Yeah, T, beyond boring. Why all these teens, suddenly? As someone said, what happens to Faith? I’d not be too happy if we her—such a good, little actress.
I could scream!!!! I thought Cane’s smugness would soon be over and he’d be off the show with that condemning flashdrive. But, no–that was some save!!
I think Cane suffers from short torso-long legs syndrome—weird body and posture.


—if we LOST her ( Faith).


Ha ha ha! Funny, Tim.
I have to agree about Jordan. He cannot act and he sucks the oxygen out of the room.
I do like Reed, however, and think he will be a hit with teenage girls. He has that look girls in that age bracket go for.
I also like Tessa a lot.
But why oh why do they introduce duds like Jordan to the screen while keeping that other dud, Devon on front and center while Kevin has to go?
Kevin is a super interesting character played by an extremely talented actor. Plus, he has a history on Y&R.


Rhonda, you said it! I’m heartbroken about Greg Rikaart leaving, especially in the wake of hiring Lily’s siblings, sorry, children. What are they doing? ! ! I’ve just signed an online petition to keep Greg on, but it’s probably not going to help. I’ll sure miss his smile, charm, impishness, beautiful hair and eyes…darn those powers that be!


I’m tired of the Scott character. His casting is as ridiculous as the Ashby twins. He looks as old as Lauren. And the storyline with him and Sharon is ridiculous. That would make him young enough to be her son. But he looks as old as her too. The one thing positive about the Maddie actress is that she does look like Lily. Unfortunately Charlie doesn’t look like anyone. He certainly does not look biracial.


It’s one thing if kids are aged a little but going from 7 year olds to college age is stupid. It didn’t work on DAYS and it won’t work on YR. Here’s a suggestion either have the parents raise the kids or don’t have any.


Linda, I agree but Maddie and Charlie are sophomores in high school, they’re not in college.


ll bet–
Not one of the teens will smoke weed …

The characters of Y&R are professional booze drinkers, always a drink in their hands.

but yet, the safer & better weed is never smoked.. ahaa give me a reality check.

Kimberly King

Lilly is 2 young to have these kids they could be her brother or sister but no her children. Cane could be the father but Lilly nope!


Well, Mattie is worth two of her parents and then some.
I like her and see her as a love interest for Reed.
Charles seems a lot like his biological grandfather, Malcolm.


Christel Kalil is literally 29 years old. I know it’s a tv show and you can take liberties, but teenaged children is a bit much.


Must be the most ridiculous aging of little kids ~~ EVER.


So, if let’s say the daughter of Lily gets pregnant, then she will be a grandma and Neil will become great grand father??? It is quite ridiculous if you ask me…


No no no…. They were 7 three months ago. If they want to age them a year MAYBE 2, Fine.. but that much come one now… Do u think your watchers are stupid… By that respect Christian should be seven or eight by now and Faith should be an old lady with grandkids if that’s the way this works…

Lou Piikes

Soap Gawds !!!!! Lily and her daughter could pass for fraternal twins. They look the same age.


They aged Victoria and Nick fast back in the day also


Hi, April,
They did age Victoria and Nick, when they returned from boarding school. The difference is; Nikki/Melody was in her mid/late thirties, (1994) I believe….and Victor has always been old. LOL.


The last thing this boring uneventful show needs is an awful teen scene…it’s bad enough they have littered the canvas with so many dull flat newbies with poor acting skills…do not compound the lack of interesting stories and lousy mismatched couples by forcing this teen fluff down my throat…got a little taste of this with Reed and Charlie talking trash at the coffee house with those silly little girls…it’s a shame they will probably fire this Maddie for looking the same age as Lily cause they couldn’t tell the difference in the bloody audition…this show is an utter boring mess with the stories and poor casting decisions…enough already with these cougar romances and endless singing at that bar.


You are so right. I think the intent of Ashley and Ravi was supposed to be excitement. All it has been is a snooze fest. He’s turned into her meditation coach and therapist. What fun is that for a young kid?


You got that right


HA! Meditation coach! Funny, DMR.


I was thinking exactly the same thing, Newmanwins.
As an educator, I would love to have these kids in a classroom atmosphere…oh, let’s say, Health and Sex Ed class. You know, ‘a day in the life of a teen’….
It seems these kids have no purpose except for petty, catty mean girls and drooling boys hanging out.
Yes, of course, they need to do that—it’s natural to want to ‘mingle’, but, I’d love to see more prductivity.
If teen are to be introduced and pudhed into a storyline, then, I feel, it is the writers’ responsibility to portray the teens in a more productive light, instead of burdening them and us with the typical, ‘snotnose’ squirts.
By the way: your last remark has me in stitches. Hilarious. AGREED. And, please, I have had enough of Tessa; Nikki catering to her; Chelsea looking for Chloe; Nick tailing her etc.
But, what sticks most to the craw is Cane. This guy has the charisma of a tick. Can’t shake him off!!


Oh, yeah…Cane means dog in Italian.


Celia, I thought making Cane devious would help, but right now, I’d like to bury that entire Brash n’ Trashy set myself. There’s no other business property in all of Genoa City? Another example of Victoria’s incompetence as a boss. Can u imagine Victor being told to fire an employee…and doing It? Don’t think so. Shows weakness and no sense of who’s running the place…Victoria or her love life?


Celia…girl…you are SO RIGHT ON about Cane!!!!! That dude is nothing but a SPINELESS JELLYFISH!!!!! Oh…and Cane worrying that Hillary and/or Juliet is gonna BLAB ALL about his sleeping with that Juliet chick…OH, GIMME A BREAK ALREADY!!!!! Gutless moron.

Later, my friend.


Newmanwins…you are so RIGHT ON!!!!! If those Y&R writers think that us longtime Y&R viewers wanna watch suddenly teenaged Charlie and Maddie and those TRULY ANNOYING teenage girls all summer long…well, then those Y&R writers are TOTAL IDIOTS!!!!! NO WAY, JOSE!!!!!



NO, do not like. Lily and Cane are too young to have children in 10th grade. That would mean the kids are 15.

I also thought it was stupid to have Zoe all of a sudden interested in another guy when she has been crushing on Reed big time. Doesn’t make sense storywise.

Big dud all the way around. Should have left them young. Didn’t they see what happened at Days???!!!



They aged Theo and Ciara and they are big duds.

Lou piikes

I wish the writers would watch old clips of Danny, Cricket, Tracy and Paul when they were teens. They were involved in some pretty heavy storylines back in the day.


Nothing tops DAYS teen scene and how inexperienced those kid are; dreadful! They can barely spit out their lines while looking at each other. It’s awful. The girl that plays Ciara is the absolute worst and TPTB gave her a rape storyline. Way too heavy of a storyline for her to play. They are the reason that I don’t watch the show anymore. It’s beyond awful!


Today was Ciara’s last day, but the others are still there.

After seeing more of the aged Ashby twins, it is glaringly obvious that is doesn’t work. And we get they’re opposites. We don’t need it shoved down our throats. And yeah, throw glasses on Matilda so we’ll know she’s brainy.


Oh, my Lord, dmr. Finally Ciera is leaving. She is as monotone as Sam ( GH)… same tone in whatever she says….no expression….fixed stare….and her lips hardy move when she speaks.
Then, there’s her niece, Claire—I can’t even begin to describe this character. Bores me to death.
The only one Iike is Theo. He is such a good actor….his scenes are always on an even keel…great delivery.
Maybe we’ll get used to the Ashby twins….kind of hard though, when I cannot reconcile myself with the fact that Lily is toooo young to be mother to these High Schoolers.
Reed’s age makes sense….I never questioned it when he was sorased. Victoria/Amelia is in her 40’s.


Mo, I smell a make over!

Dr Helen Ruth

I’ve been watching soaps for decades and this has to be the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen on a soap. Lily had to give birth at age ten.

I thought we’d gotten past flooding soaps with teens in the summer months. Teens don’t even like to see teens on soaps, if they are watching soaps at all. Adults certainly don’t want to see them.

Stop the insanity, Y&R. You need to shake up your writing staff again. Don’t let this team destroy yet another soap opera.


You are so correct!

The times have changed as far as watching network TV yet the executives keep thinking doing the same thing (summer teen scene) and hoping for a different result (more younger viewers) is going to magically happen.

I got news for them, the young people watch TV on their phones, etc. They do not watch network TV when there is HBO, etc. to watch, but how many teens actually watch TV and not just Instagram these days? Meanwhile lets just go and tick off the LOYAL viewers we already have because they are not the cool people we want.

It’s disgusting.

Dr Helen Ruth

Yes it is disgusting. I love the soap genre and do not want to see it destroyed.


Helen…EXACTLY!!!!! In terms of TV viewing, I’m ALREADY dreading the summer months. Yikes.

Take care, Helen.


Kids/Teens are into their ipads and watching Netflix, they are not even interested or even heard of soaps!


The only kids that watch soaps are those under 10, albeit not consistently.
I have nieces who are 7, 9, 11and 12….the 11and 12-year olds have ipads and iphones already. So, when not doing homework, sports, dance, girl scout meetings; they are on their electronic devices.
The younger ones and even the boys, including my son, do watch soaps when they are home.
If the PTB think that kids/teens stay home during summer, well then, they must not be around teenagers or younger kids—so many activities to be had.
So, you make a great point, T.


Lily didn’t give birth to her twins. She had a surrogate–Mackenzie.


If they are looking to cut expenses because they can’t pay their top actors, then cut all of the recurring characters, the teen scene, and the newbies from the budget. Focus on the legacy characters that the longtime viewers want to see, and friendships, relationships, and real-life stories, not this crap.


I agree. GH needs to do this, as well.


Fast-forwarding, anyone……….


If they can routinely and absurdly bring people back from the dead, the kids can grow like proverbial weeds.

I am all about Y&R now but this development, tho expected, is a bit disappointing. Still, I have faith (no matter how old she is!) and believe all will be fine for the Winters in the long run.

Teen stories are not bad. It is how they are cast and written. Please no pregnancies and secret paternities!!! I loved ATWT and how they used young people through the years (Lily and Holden!) AMC was also good with its younger cast members, especially the 1990s when the gay teacher storyline was prominent and when Bianca was younger. DOOL has stumbled of late in this regard (never liked the idea WIll and Gabby slept together and had a child,or the current crop of young turks in Salem) but if writers are going to have characters have babies, then they have to be prepared to do something with the children!


Perfectly states, Iakovos…
You’re right, we are used to the kids “growing like weeds” on our soaps. It’s the parents’ youth that we have a hard time accepting. And, it was do unexpected. I was stunned and unprepared.
Am I the only one who was not aware? Was it announced beforehand?


I missed yesterday’s show but turned in today – watching now. I thought it was a “dream sequence” storyline – e.g., Lily or Cane sleeping and thinking about the kids as they become teens.

This is bizarre….I guess it’s not a dream!!!!


Crazy. Saw it yesterday and thought….sophomores in high school when a few weeks ago they were coloring with Neil?? I can see aging a few years,,,,but, seriously??


I believe the sponsors want the teen scene through the summer..
They foolishly believe young people will tune in LOL ..


Through the summer, su? Well, these writers must be a bit short-sighted. What happens in the fall? The twins will go back to age seven?
Dumb move , all around. Foolish, is right, su.

Mary SF

No by fall they will be going to college and by next summer they will be working at Hamilton-Winters, Chancellors, Newman or Jabot as executives– LOL



Faithful watcher 40 yrs
Faithful watcher 40 yrs

No offense intended toward the newbies but this is The Worst aging I have seen. thoughtless


All I know is that it is going to be really hard to hold my interest in Y&R this summer the way the storylines and characters are shaping up.


Y&R has been the one show I don’t FF through some scenes. But with the totally
ridiculous aging of the Ashby twins, and the “mean girls” bit, there is going to be plenty of FF-ing this year. I can only dream that one day the ad agencies (that actually run everything!) will stop forcing these dopey teens down our throats and wake up to the fact that using all generations is far better. I can only see it’s just a matter of time before Lily & Cane become grandparents. Yeck!!


Lily is not old enough to have teenage children. This SORAS is one of the most ridiculous things Y&R has done ever.

Karen R

What a shock to see these children as teens. Kind of a joke.
The girl seems to be an ok actress, the jury is still out on the boy.
Lily is way to young to have children this age.
Tessa and Noah are a stretch also do not see any chemistry there.


The best thing about this absurd twist is that it could make Lily a………wait for it……GRANNY!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Grandma, you are the most flawless perfect female specimen. You rocked it at that photo shoot. We’re all so lucky to have you! *The Lily worship continues* -insert the bashful Lily chuckle* Seriously, this is completely ridiculous. They could do us a favor and have Cane wake up from a dream and wake up to see the younger twins sitting on the couch watching cartoons. None of us mind, we promise!!! Soap viewers are very forgiving!!


Good one, Ashleigh!!


And Phyllis as a blonde ten years younger with a twisted facial expression ugh


In addition to the aging of these characters not working with the age of their mother, both of the actors were guilty of tremendously over-acting in their debut episodes. Very difficult to get audience buy-in with this combination.


As SORAS goes, yes, these are definitely one of the more jarring ones! I did read that it was coming up and yet it is still pretty weird – mostly because of Lily’s age. Yet, as a soap viewer I can adapt​. Sometimes in real life we see moms who’ve had kids young, and see mother-daughter pairs that look more like sisters. I also think TPTB did this for more reasons than just to have a teen scene. I think this was done to deepen the roles of Cane & Lily, and what I LOVE is how they are dove-tailing this right into the Cane v. Billy feud (that is Victoria obviously is Reed’s parent but Billy is Reed’s ex-stepdaddy and confidant). I am finding myself pretty excited to see Reed & Mattie as a potential pairing. It will be good to see Cane in a Dad-of-teens role; it is age-appropriate for him; and his actions will affect his teens. Also, I think TPTB might be more willing to break up Cane & Lily when they no longer have cute littles to consider. I love Cane in spite of all his foolishness, like Lily, but have never liked the couple and their constant soft porn star status. 😉 😉 I love the Billy v. Cane rivalry and have since day one. So, I think this was done for the overall canvas and tho it’s weird now, I think it has potential.


I will never watch Y & R again It is crazy how they change the kids ages and yet the parents doesnt age at all I kinda forgave them for Mike and Lauren’s son but making Mattie and Charlie older does not tie in with how soaps are supposed to run As far as I’m concerned it should be about day to day lives. Anyway, fed up with the whole thing (And I have watched this soap for years)


My wife hooked me but quit watching because of stupid story lines.

deb mcmorrow


Tani Sterling

Been gone. Have almost a month to catch up on. The twins — yikes!

Jackie Zeigler

This is so ridiculous. Charlie is a child one day the next he’s making out with Zoey


Sorasing is stupid just to have a teen line on a supposedly adult show…or it used to be


I don’t have time to read through all the comments, but nowhere have I found anyone mentioning anything about the god-awful acting of the two new Ashby twins. Especially Mattie. How did she ever pass an audition? Everything she says is as though she is saying “I …am… an… actress… and… I… have… learned …these …lines …and… now… I… am ..speaking… them.” It’s painful to watch.

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