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Days Of Our Lives

OLTL hits #4 in Ratings with great gains – DAYS falls to the bottom!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Great news for ABC’s One Life to Live! The soap hit it’s highest ratings in a very long time placing number #4 for the week of October 4 -8, 2010.  OLTL had a gain of 256,000 viewers.  With the twisted tale of Eli, Hannah, and the perils of Starr and Tea, the show has been on fire of late, and we hear the next few weeks are only going to get creepier and even more riveting!

On the downside, Days of our Lives which had at one time this past year been heralded as the comeback kid is now at the bottom of the soap ratings with a loss of another 70,000 viewers for the ratings week.  It also tied it’s lowest rating in total households set a few weeks ago in September.

Check out the complete list from Soap Opera Network after the jump!

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,974,000 (+39,000/+29,000)
2. B&B 3,120,000 (-37,000/-138,000)
3. GH 2,571,000 (+125,000/+61,000)
4. OLTL 2,559,000 (+256,000/+157,000)
5. AMC 2,431,000 (+102,000/-42,000)
6. DAYS 2,338,000 (-70,000/-677,000)

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I’m sure Days could move back up to the top if we get Ejami. There not listening!


Days needs to be cancelled. Ejami and Safe are eating up this show. The A story is not working and Sami is on too damn much. Kill her please and let EJ and Rafe be free of that whiny witch.


This week Ej/Sami/Rafe was not the A story, actually it was the story who was the less shown. lol


What has ruined Days is all the ejami we had to watch during the summer and viewers have wanted to come back! The ratings started to fail when the writers tried to go with ejaim this summer! The writers had a good love story with Rafe and Sami and ruined that in the summer! Days lost alot of viewers when they had to endure ejami!! Having to watch ej being the victim really makes me sick! Sami and Rafe were on 1 day last week and that is the highest day for Days ratings that week! Until Ej is taken off the screen and the story stops revolving around ej and what ej wants then i will not watch! Ej is a ruthless maniac not a victim! Sami shot ej when she snapped because of her kids! Ej has tormented Sami sine the day he came to the show! I’ve watched days for for 24 years and stopped watching when they brought Ej Dimera on then the writers were smart bringing Galen Gering(Rafe) on so I had been watching since 10/31/08 but now although I’m a total Safe =Sami and Rafe fan I refuse to watch because this show has turned into the Ej show!!


The highest ratings recently were during the summer of EJami, and that’s even with many EJamis tuning out after Ken Corday opened his mouth and proclaimed Safe would be back together by Labor Day. So Safe is back together, EJ was in a coma with no dialogue while Safe sexed it up for THREE weeks and the ratings have gone steadily down the toilet since Labor Day, sorry to say.

Your couple is together, they live together, they are engaged, they are raising Sami’s children with other men, they are plotting together, they are saying I love you and having sex every day. Safe is together in every sense of the word. EJamis can tell you why they aren’t watching. Tell us again, why aren’t you?


THEY’RE listening, all right, to the fans who are not obsessed, watching episodes over and over to “see” what isn’t THERE. They made such a huge mistake trying Ejambo AGAIN because some people send food, gifts, money; and bitch and go on and on about how many! ejamos THERE are, when, in fact, THERE are only about 100 of them who are dedicated, and only about 20 who must have nothing else to do but post on a hundred message boards over and over, spam polls, and “campaign”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Hear that sound, anon? That’s the ratings swirling down the toilet as TPTB listen to you and keep Safe on our screens for the foreseeable future. The ratings have plummeted since the Safe reunion down from a yearly high during the summer when EJami were “together”. I predict 1.6 ratings by November sweeps. Enjoy your show while it heaves its last Safe-filled breaths.


lol this is good poor women chek factes befor you speek you make fool of yourself!i feel sorry for poor women like you thet dont realize this is tv there is doctor for things like oo by the wey who is the crazy ejami or you poor thing! pretend to love a couple thet you dont you need help


Bring Grayson McCouch to the show, and watch the ratings go up………………..


It can’t hurt! And there is a casting call for someone named {Paul who’s 35-45 years old. He’d fit perfectly!!!!

And then hopefully they wouldn’t gutt and ruin the character as they’ve done to the males we have onscreen currently on Days. (Rafe, EJ, Bo, etc. usually elicit a WTH response from me when they’re on right now.)

And the writing for Sami — don’t even get me started. Nothing about her is fun to watch anymore. I am so anti-her character as well as anyone around her, and she is a reason I used to love the show. She’s a goofup but she always could reason it and you kinda had to believe her. That ended completely in early September. So the actors themselves are the only thing keeping me tuning in — not the characters but the hope that someday I’ll recognize the characters I love again! Please, writers, we really want fun, romance and adventure to return to our soap. Days used to be one of the best in that regard if not THE best. What happened?


finally! everyone is waking up and smelling what oltl has been cooking for a while now. lol i use to watch all 3 abc soaps but gave up on amc when chuck pratt was writer and can’t get back into it. when i do catch amc it kinda feel like a repeat cause the same people are always doing the same thing. i am still with gh cause come on it is gh and well i love gh there better be really good story with alkazar i mean the balken ;).


Throwing Ejami together this summer pretty much killed the show and left a bad taste for many viewers. You can’t put a rapist and his victim together and expect people to enjoy watching that. I hope they can recover but EJ back to manuplating the sitution again is going to continue to hurt the show.


The Safe reunion is what killed the show. They are not suited together, no matter how much they try to make Sami a heroine she is still a spoiled brat who does what she wants. Rafe is not for her. EJ and Sami have a long and intense history together. I think because one or two of the Days staff or higher ups are Safe fans they are willing to flush the show down the toilet.


killed lol days was killd for thet rating now to put your lading man in a coma over a month and to give i em sorry not so good actor to be there all the time not smart move at all!

i will remind you ejami do not kill the show becuse the same ga thet watch ejami watched gh luke and laura they had haters to but still in the moment the show start to write a good love story for them 30 milion watched a rapist and his victim get marryed so stop blame ejami i em sick of thet!


Please Sami is with Rafe and they are on almost every days having sex and professing loving each other, raising Ej’s kids ah..and Sami/Ej on the other hand are quite enemies but the ratings are because of Ejami ?! Seriously ? Keep telling yourself that it that makes you feel better ! lol
It doesn’t change the fact that the ratings are awful and Sami is with one guy : Rafe so you don’t have to be Einstein to understand that this pairing doesn’t work Big Time.


When Ej and Sami were together this summer the ratings were better girl.


yea right. When Ej and Sami were together is when the ratings started dropping.
Now they have to get the ratings up only way that will happen is to either get rid of Ej or Get Ej out of Sami’s orbit for good!!!!!!!!!


So Ej being a schemer hurt the show ?! It is is the core of the character like Sami is also a schemer. Sami being an helpless damsell in distress who waits for a “hero” (well no comment..) Rafe to save her really HURT the show…actually it destroys Sami as a character and that lot’s of people don’t want to watch that.


Sami is no longer EJ’s victim. He is HER victim! She shot him in the head and THAT’S what people don’t want to see. They don’t want to see Sami loving the dark romantic lead on this show and almost marrying him one minute, then trying to kill him and boinking some other dude the very next minute. The majority of viewers want EJAMI. When KC declared that Safe would be reunited by Labor Day, that’s when people stopped tuning out and the ratings have sucked every since.


Funny you are blaming EJ and Sami. I didn’t see EJami “together” this summer…yes they lived together and shared a few kisses, but Sami was in love with the Rafester the whole time. Many EJami fans didn’t even tune in because Sami’s love for Rafe was so nauseating.

If anyone is hurting the show it’s the writers. Where the heck is the romance? If they think Safe is romantic…think again! They are uncomfortable to watch and always having sex at the most inappropriate time! I love Bricole, but once again, sex while poor Viv is laying in the Sarcophagus. The most romantic couple on Days, Bope, were torn apart…Bo sleeps with Carly two days later and Barly is shoved in our faces. Sad when the best love story they got goin’ is Stefano/Kate and Victor/Maggie!

I’m having a hard time tuning in these days. I loathe my favorite character on the show because she shot my other favorite character in the head and is now sexing it up with, my least favorite character…Ex Agent Hernandez. I’ve been a viewer for over 30 years, I would be so sad if Days was cancelled. So I will continue to tune in and fastforward the undesirables.


Carol, you said everything that I’ve been feeling about Days!

Ugh, Rafe is BORING. Sami and Rafe are DULL. We like Sami but the writers are doing that thing they do – writing her completely out of character – and what they are writing lately turns people off of her.

We need pain-in-the-butt Sami back. Pair her with EJ or bring back Lucas, her soul mate. He’s as big of a pain as she is when he’s in full-on manipulator mode.


EJami didn’t ruin the show and Sami hasn’t been EJ’s victim for a long time. They have both done awful things to each other. If anyone is ruining the show it’s Safe. They are boring and dull. I’d rather watch paint dry than what Safe. Rafe is just Lucas with a different name. If anyone is to blame for the mess that is Days it’s TPTB. The actors just do they’re job. Sleazy sex and lame plotlines don’t implore me to watch.


Ha that’s a joke – the ratings were up over the summer – what’s killing the show is what they’ve done to Sami and for forcing Safe down the viewers’ throats….this is not what daytime television was meant to be…..and as for your argument about the rapist and his victim..old news! Tell that to GH when they had Luke and Laura together! Besides, that’s been put to rest by Days and the actors involved in that storyline .


Ejamo does NOT have a “huge” following; they just have a loud, demanding, threatening following. TWICE, the ejamo pairing did NOT work, and to have Elvo STILL hung up on that bleached-out bimbo is ridiculous. Is AS writing this show? Because that’s what one would think, what with men falling at her feet all the time. It is AWFUL, all this Sami sami sami crap. I HATE her!

Make A Zucker the star and not this idiot bad actress. Az is the best they’ve got now. A thousand times better than AS ever dreamed of being.


Sounds like you’re the loud, demanding, threatening one. yikes.

Alison Sweeney is a wonderful actress! She can’t help it if she’s given sh!t to work with.


No wonder your signature is “anon”. This is the most tasteless post I’ve read out of the bunch and has absolutely nothing to do with the original topic of falling ratings.


How can you blame Ejami being on in the summer for the drop in ratings when 70,000 viewers were lost last week?

As a fan of Ejami, I didn’t even consider them being “together” this summer. I just watched the Summer of Fickle Sami. That coupled with the stupid sydnapping black cloud and Corday saying that Safe was coming, I didn’t want to invest my time in watching anymore.

I would like to watch to support the show because I don’t want it canceled, but it is just so slooooooooooowww. I can tune in two weeks apart and still pick up on the same conversations. It reminds me of Passions (more ways than one if you catch my drift) with how you could watch one day a month and get the jest of the whole show and pick up right where you left off.


What’s really sad is that people still keep harp on the fact that EJ raped Sami back in 2006. Does anyone, anyone remember that Sami drugged Austin back in the 90s and raped him? Austin got passed it and forgave Sami. Sami got passed the rape by forgiving EJ and coming to terms with the fact that she did the same thing to Austin.

If she can forgive EJ, why can’t the audience? Good grief, she is the character and has tried, for the sake of her children, to move on. Which is why she and EJ made love in May 2008.

Moving on from that, we need to come to terms with the fact that Sami and Rafe are not the rootable couple. Mr. Corday told the audience that they were going to be back together after Labor Day and you’d think the rating would go up from there, but they have just sunk, so we need to be honest and realize that the chemistry is not there. Sami and EJ have done some terrible things both to others and each other, however, when they come together as friends/parents, the dynamic is there and is undeniable.

Not asking the SAFE or LUMI fans to root for the EJami couple, just be honest and realize that the chemistry is there for EJ and Sami.

The storylines show no romance, no friendships, no fun…just revenge and secrets and that doesn’t make for good ratings. The ratings are going to keep tanking if some good old-fashioned romance (not just sex) isn’t brought back to the storylines. The demographics dictate that is what the audience wants. The powers that be need to just make it happen. The viewership is what makes or breaks the show and we definitely don’t want to lose DAYS because of being stubborn and wanting our own way….writers are you listening!!!


Well-said! I hope the writers pay attention.

I honestly don’t know why they are having such a hard time pulling this show together. It’s not freaking rocket science. I’ve been watching since 1981 and I could puke better storylines for them – FOR FREE. Read the message boards, writers – read the FB Fan page for DOOL. You’ll get all the ideas you need.


Mr. Corday and Mr. Tomlin need to realize that viewers do not want to be angry and disappointed constantly. Build up a story and then pay it off. We get no payoffs and stories are mired in mediocrity for weeks then take off at warp speed on the way to a big fizzle.

Every story is overlaid with a secret landmine that is just waiting to explode(sometimes for an endless amount of time) and nasty hookups have replaced real romance. Outdated concepts of one- dimensional evil characters who are clearly not wholly evil and shiny heroes who are clearly not heroic fall flat and the audience is not fooled or entertained. The characters on a soap represent real human beings who are neither wholly good or evil but rather a mix of the two. Only children think the world is so neat and simple. Children are not the desired demographic I don’t believe.

Look outside the box that is not working and see that the current formula is the wrong one. Good stories that have a beginning, middle and payoff at the end always work.


Totally agree with this post as far as what needs to be addressed.

On a personal note, though, putting James Scott in a coma for 3 weeks was the wrong move. And then waking him up and things going back to pretty much the same as it was before seems to be such a waste of our time. I don’t want to be frustrated and discouraged. The only “pairing” i like to see on the screen right now are the young kids who play Johnny and Sydney with James Scott. How sad is that? None of the other couples have writing that are interesting. The acting talent on the show is awesome, but the writing of the storylines isn’t. IMO


Excellent post Cindy. I know I don’t want to watch random couples hook up and have sex. I need romance and build up with a pay-off. Interesting and exciting stories that don’t take forever and a day to resolve keep me interested. Days has ratings gold with EJami and they won’t take a real chance and put them together. EJami fans get scraps. I want the whole feast. It angers me that Days has such wonderful actors and actresses and they aren’t given a chance to really shine with great material. The same stale, overplayed storylines bore the audience and insult are intelligence. It’s sad, I have watched Days for over 30 years and this is what it’s been reduced too.


Yes, we never see a payoff anymore! What is the deal with that? My mom and aunt have watched DOOL since it started, but they’ve pretty much given up on it and switched to GH because plotlines take forever to resolve and you never get a romantic payoff with the couples anymore.


Funny how now that OLTL has balance the ratings have gone up! Lets hope this is a trend and a good trend. Glad to see the VETS back and in a story. Please Frons wake up and smell the roses.


What has been done to Days is nothing short of a crime. For that matter, the same could be said of what has been done to Sami. Shooting an unconscious EJ in the head only to go back to sex up her boy toy was so disgusting that I can’t recall anything done by a full-fledged soap villain coming close. Higley is a horrific writer who should have been fired months ago.

Gail S

Totally agree, I have not had the stomach to watch, and when I do as soon as Sami, Rafe, Roman or Caroline come on, I ether hit the mute button or switch the channel which means I usually miss Melanie, Brady and EJ. so frustrating, I end up turning it off angry.


If only they could have give to Ej and Sami a real love story but NO they chose the predictable and boring way by pairing Sami with a dudley do right guy and the ratings are now worse and worse. Dool you made your own bed, by the way the other stories are not better. Ah and this week Ej/Sami/Rafe was not the A story, actually it was a break from this storyline..ironic isn’t it..which proves that the other stories doesn’t work either.


Dena Higley is the worst soap writer in history and she’s writing this show into the ground. Corday, HIRE SOME TALENT.


Safe is back together and the ratings have not improved. What now, Ken? Which fan base do you ‘listen’ to though. Safe’s were saying this summer Ejami was on the ratings were low. Now Safe’s on and Ejami’s are saying that’s why the ratings are low.

I’m not a Safe or Ejami fan, don’t care who they pair her up with, but I can see that they played both sides this summer. They had Sami kissing EJ, accepting proposal, then bumping into Rafe and being thunderstruck or Rafe kisses her and she kisses back – in the same episode!

I watch for other things. I’m enjoying dark Brady vs. trapped Vivian, and now Nicole’s back with him-it’s hot. I’m enjoying Maggie and Victor’s slowly progressing attachment. It could develop into a romantic comedy with Phil & Mel moving back into the mansion to bug Victor. Plus Maggie & Victor giving each other advice or working together to help Brady or the other young people in their lives works perfectly.

I hope the ratings turn around enough the pay the bills and the show to continue. Come on Days.


I’ve watched both Days & OLTL in the past year since GL went off the air. Days was shining for a while, but the writing has tanked. One bright spot is Victor/Maggie. The Chloe/Carly/Daniel/Phillip/Melanie crap has gone on WAY too long as has EJ/Sami/Rafe.

Loving OLTL – on fire! Todd & daughters, Tea, Blair, Inez/Clint/Viki/Echo/Dorian stuff is going to be hitting its stride. Great stuff.


Been checking out OLTL the last few weeks and I have to say I’m close to getting pulled back into it. Trying not to be, but the variety of the characters shown and the twist of Tea being alive is excellent! I saw a few scenes this past week and will most likely be checking in to all of it this week as the Y&R reruns are over. I was checking into those as an option to Days when I lose complete patience with it. I’m still hanging on though to it — barely. I’ll stick around till Nov sweeps but there’d better be some type of payoff in some way. I won’t be around for the same old s/l stuff through Feb sweeps though. Nov will be my personal limit.


The stories on DAYS just go on too long. EJAMI has been in each others orbit for over 4 years with no payoff. Make EJAMI a romantic couple and give Philip a true story that doesn’t revolve around a teenage girl. Move most of the stories at an even keel. WHy hasn’t Chad been on more and the revelation that he is a Dimera has almost lost its significance with how long we have known, but Stefano and EJ do not. Rafe is a bore, he will never bring excitement to someone like Sami, he waters her down. EJ and Sami say more with their eyes than Rafe can say with words. Bo & Hope have been on hiatus because of a storyline that made Hope act out of character. The show has ruined couples that we once thought were only made for each other. How many men has Sami said they are her one true love? After awhile it just doesn’t matter. Bring back romance and couples that are committed to one another. Days has wasted over 4 years with EJAMI. EJAMI as a viable couple has enough angst that they don’t need interlopers. They have the Bradys, Stefano and Kate. EJAMI could be the supercouple of old with a tinge of gray to make them more exciting.


Please either make them a couple or break them up for good and pair them up with others without revenge plots. It’s not worked so change the plan.

When I resumed watching a while before Alice’s funeral (but not long after the actress passed away), I thought Ej was the bad guy & Rafe was the hero. Rafe was never anywhere near Sami, and EJ was the sweetest guy and I couldn’t believe it! Then they announce that it would be over by Labor Day (with still a few months away) so you knew it was fake and a waste of time. The actors did a decent job but then you knew it was just baloney because of the way they wrote Sami. I could be behind Sami and Rafe if it was written well, but now that character is gutted big time. Anything good he stood for is being destroyed currently so what is left? If another shoe is to drop to make all of the stuff of the last 6-8 weeks worth it, please speed it up and reveal it so we can get through it and get on with having something enjoyable to watch again. Please.


Starting in early May, I believe, the soap mags were full of stories about EJami’s summer story, NBC was promoting EJami’s summer heat, soap editors who had never had a good thing to say about EJami were suddenly acknowledging in print the chemistry of the couple. Then, first week of June, Ken Corday, after all the EJami promotion, says he believes the viewers truly want Sami with Rafe and that’s what they’ll get after Labor Day.

Now, explain to me why anybody who liked the way the EJami story was shaping up would then have a desire to watch over the summer? The answer is, they didn’t, and ratings started going down. Then late in the summer, Mr. Corday says that Days has a plan, and we iknow that story line were accelerated so that what was supposed to take place in November sweeps was aired in Aug/Sept. Somebody had the incredibly stupid idea to have Sami shoot a drunk EJ, go back and have nasty desperate sex with her BF, who became her new fiance the day after the shooting. Somebody had the incredibly stupid idea to have Sami show absolutely no remorse or self-awareness about the ramifications of what she did. That same somebody decided that it would make a good story for Sami to let her son become an accessory after the fact, ignore all her other children, and get her FBI fiance to cover for her.

Somebody at Days apparently assumed that viewers would love this story. Well, guess what? They don’t! Not only that, Corday’s “strong heroine”, his leading lady, has become unrootable and her pairing with Rafe has fallen completely flat….and this is with people who are not pro-EJami! You have a recycled “buried alive” story, and another “who’s the daddy”. People who have watched for decades have left because there’s not one uplifting story on the show.

Somebody at Days has made some really bad decisions.


I love this post and agree 100%! It’s frustrating that they are completely clueless!

I love Days…they need to stop effing with it.


I agree 100% with this post.

J DiSandro

I completely agree with everything that this post stands for!!!! I tried to enjoy the supposed Ejami love this summer, but it was all one big joke. Once the disgusting reunion happened I just could not stomach another minute of it. James is why I watch and I continue to pray for a REAL Ejami lovestory.


I absolutely love this post!!! Sometimes it is hard to wrap my head around how completely inept tptb are. I am a lifelong viewer of Days. I miss the 80’s supercouples like Bo&Hope (were my fave and now I can’t stand the sight of Bo – thanks for that), Roman&Marlena, Steve&Kayla, Shane&Kimberly, Jack&Jennifer. Not since the 80’s has love and romance been so exciting and must-see. That is, until EJ Dimera showed up.

From the very beginning, I was amazed at the chemistry between AS/JS and saw the potential for this couple to become the first true supercouple since the 80’s glory days. I have never been so drawn to a soap couple – I am riveted every time Sami and EJ are onscreen together. Take a page from Shakespeare – a Brady and a Dimera coupling has endless possibilities and appeal. Especially this Brady and Dimera – the two characters are so alike it is if they were written for one another.

I have been waiting, patiently, for over 4 years for this couple to be given a chance. The endless Lumi pimping and now Safe pimping is pathetic. Why work so hard to push couples that don’t work when you have such a goldmine in your hands? Do they actually believe that viewers enjoy being strung along, continually built up and let down?

Most of the other s/l’s are equally as disappointing. Again, I refer to the destruction of Bo and Hope. The nighttime Hope s/l was a disgrace. They completely made this strong female character look weak and pathetic having a mental breakdown because of Bo and Carly. In no way am I trying to diminish the seriousness of breakdowns or what causes them. It was just so OOC.

Then there are the vets. Ratings picked up when Tony&Anna (love them too) and Steve&Kayla returned to the scene. I realize Days has had tremendous financial problems, but when you axe characters that people love and keep those that are really inconsequential (and there are several), it is no wonder that people are tuning out. Although I’m happy to see Kayla again, I wish Steve were there as well. I am very excited about Jennifer’s return, but what of Jack? Days needs to return to what works – love and relationships – not seedy sex/affairs and outlandish stories. JMO.


It’s the stories. They’re repetitive, boring, never ending, nonsensical. Characters constantly flip flop. The cast, with a few exceptions, are good. It’s the writing that sucks. James Scott is the only reason I watch. If he goes, so do I.



the stories are never ending & NOT well written at all. there is never a pay off for ANY fan, no matter who you love or ship. they take 3 weeks to get thru ONE DAY on the show, which is unnecessary. characters have the same conversation over and over – and the same FLASHBACK over and over – dude, it happened yesterday, we dont need 12 flashbacks to show us. thanks.

James Scott is THE ONLY THING TO WATCH ON DAYS – and what did they do? shot him in the head, and put him in a coma for 3 weeks, while Sami banged snore. What happened after that? the sucky ratings fell LOWER. then they take him off life support & he lives – but he’s not shown for the rest of the week! (which got 1.6’s every day for the rest of that week by the way) he wakes up and there’s a 1.9 – coincidence? i think not. i get that the tagging of snore in EJ’s blood was intentional, but that’s NOT the best way to get my viewership, just sayin…

no couple is happy, no super couples, no romance (like KC keeps promising) they’re not utilizing their actual talent. Where the hell is BO? Why is Philip playing house w/ a child? We made a drinking game w/ the word sarcophagus. Why is Sami acting completely soulless? Why is ralf constantly shoved in my face – i dont want him there, he’s not that good of an actor, why is he in my face? What the hell does stephanie think she’s doing? and why? the story is inconsistent & there is no continuity in the writing, which gave pause for this really to be someone’s dream – but i doubt it… we all know Dena doesnt give an eff about history – but guess what Dena – VIEWERS who’ve watched the show for 40 years DO.

i want my show back.


From this Nielsen Family – WE want EJAMI…


You’re a Nielsen family!!!! Awesome — at last your viewing counts!


If the writer’s brought EJami back all would be well. They were never given a fair shot. I can’t understand why the writer’s/TPTB would think that putting Sami with a snooze worthy character like Rafe would be anything but boring. It just amazes me!


It is not surprising to me that Days has fallen to the bottom. Any loyal viewer knows that Days is in a terrible mess right now. There is no real romance on the show and the tone is entirely too dark without any light. I happen to be an EJami fan, but regardless of the fact that I am very disappointed in the way EJami has been written, the overall show is what is the most disturbing. Storylines are either too long or too rushed. The same dialogue is heard over and over again. No one seems happy and rather than be a pleasant or exciting diversion from life’s everyday issues, Days adds to the stress by being so poorly written. I do want to say I think Days has an exceptionally talented cast with special mention to James Scott who is my entire reason for watching presently. He manages to take whatever is given to him and make it emotionally satisfying. He gives 110% to his character and I applaud him for that. There are many other talented actors and actresses on the show all of whom are being wasted with the material they have been given.

It is my opinion that the producers of the show with special emphasis on Ken Corday have misread what the audience wants in a soap opera. Due to the way Days is taped I am fearful they may not be able to change things enough to make a real difference. It would be criminal to let a show that has been on the air for as long as Days and with such a talented cast be cancelled due to meddling from the executive producer. And I have no doubt that there was interference on the part of the EP which has brought the show to the state it is in today.

It is my fervant hope that tptb wake up, smell the roses, give the audience what they want, romance, intrigue, excitment, love in the afternoon (oops that’s another network), most of all for me I would love to see EJ and Samantha have an honest chance to be together. I think they are being wasted and could be the next super couple for Days. In fact for them to have the following they do when they have never been allowed to be a “real” couple is amazing. Just imagine what it could be like if they were allowed to be together. While one couple is not going to turn the show around completely, to me this would be a good place to begin.


Actually, I think the tone of the show turned dark without making a point. The shooting scenes were shocking and violent for no apparent reason. The Safe sex scenes were revolting because they were figurativiely bathed in EJ’s blood. The character portrayed by a very popular lead actor was in a coma for nearly a month, and a popular lead actress’ character is no longer likeable on any level. Is it a surprise fans are tuning out?


No, it’s not.

the head writer blows.


Excellent post! Let’s hope people that can make a difference read these posts and get a clue. No, the audience isnt stupid, what they have done with the show has taken the heart out of it. It is all about shock factor and gimmicks. Guess what, viewers dont want gimmicks, they want romance, adventure, with a bit of humor. KC may boast of the budget cuts and how well the show has honed down the costs of the show, but he is ignorant to the fact that those same budget cuts are killing the show. It looks cheap now. Instead of spending 7 figures on HD cameras they should have hired a new head writer and built new sets. It was sad seeing the 45th Anniversary event turn into such a debacle. It fit how well KC seems to treat his show though.

First off – fired Dena Higley. She’s reduced almost every female character on that show to psychotics, sluts or alcoholics. She’s thrown so many well-loved characters under the bus just to meet her ridiculous plot-points. Every storyline’s based around “love” triangles of some sort – and very weak, uninteresting ones at that. And all those flashbacks working as filler – how many times do we really need to see Chloe having sex with Phillip? Or Sami firing that gun? Storylines are being dropped or left by the wayside for so long that we’re forgetting they exist. What happened to Chad? Did he drop off the face of the earth? Is there any real reason it’s taking Kate so long to tell Stefano that Chad is his son? Just tell him already so we can move onto something else. Sami. Right now she’s on the frontlines and she’s been so despicable it’s just been unbearable to watch her. Shooting a guy point-blank in the head before ditching the gun and heading home to have sex with her idiotic boyfriend? That’s a little too much – even for Sami Brady. And the dialogue between Sami and Rafe has been so nauseating you’d think it was written by a fifteen-year-old Twilight fanfiction author. Why am I supposed to be rooting for these two again? I SUPPOSED to be rooting for these two? Who knows. They need to get that girl out of that ridiculous triangle and back with EJ. The only time Sami seems to be her normal self is when she’s with him. The amazing chemistry between the two actors shouldn’t be wasted – that kind of thing doesn’t happen between many soap couples and now’s the time to take advantage of this. Stop wasting talent. Crystal Chappell is hovering in the background of a crummy Danloe storyline. It’s wonderful seeing Renee Jones again, but I can’t help but worry that as soon as the shooting storyline is resolved, they’re going to relegate her to being just a piece of set furniture again. The show needs to stop relying on recording devices and cellphones. Do any of these Salemites not know how to set their cells to vibrate? When the cellphones are doing more work than the actors (and the writers), there’s a problem. And why are these people unable to learn that the pier is where secrets go to die? Ken Corday needs to be gagged. Why does he insist on giving away the endings to these storylines weeks in advance (not that we can’t see the endings coming from a mile away anymore)? I still can’t believe he declared Dena Higley the best writer he’s ever worked with. He honestly needs to start owning up to his mistakes. Fix the lighting. It’s brutal. Really. They shouldn’t even have begun thinking about going the way of HD when the lighting and the sets are so terrible. Money that would have best been spent elsewhere, for sure.
Violet Smith

Gaylen Gering. AWFUL. Just awful.


It is painful to watch his scenes. If his character turns out as creepy as he comes across I will eat my words.


I think the show needs to change some basic things:
-Stop putting every character and couple in a triangle or geometric shape. There should some characters who are with the ones they are meant to be with without interlopers.
-Stop dragging out critical reveals and convoluting the stories beforehand for so long that no one is left caring about the reveal when it happens (hint hint, Chloe’s baby’s paternity)
-Stop convoluting stories and couples so much that fans are unsure who the root for couple is because you’re trying to split up fans. It makes a large part of the audience pissed off no matter what happens, And they don’t keep on tuning in, they just tune out because they’re tired of being played. (EJami fans are tuning out now in droves…it’s all tease, no pay off. No one is satisfied this way…they need to be written in a more obvious root-for way to keep fans tuning in!)
-Write characters with hearts and personalities and motivations. We need to believe in them, not find them hollow plot points. Respect their history, and give them conflicts that make sense. Sami’s current lack of conscience is horrible to watch and makes no sense, as is Rafe’s abetting of her behavoiur. Please give her her heart back!


I agree 100%!


Agree completely. Higley is the best writer he’s ever worked with? She’s written the show to the bottom of the ratings. Yep, she’s GREAT. (eye roll)

Higley’s poor writing and weak storylines are what has put the show in the toilet. That and Ken Corday’s ego, apparently. Wish the guy would show some class and step up to the plate instead of pimping his book. Newsflash, buddy: nobody’s going to be interested in that book if the show goes off the air.

It’s kind of like KC thinks that cancellation is inevitable, so he’s just rearranging chairs on the Titanic instead of actually trying to save the show. Own it, man! This thing could easily be saved, but not with the current writing. It SUCKS.


I’m sad but not surprised by the bad ratings for Days. Listen to what the majority of your viewers want and give it to them. Viewers are a show’s lifeline, the sole reason for its existence, so keep the viewers satisfied and stay alive. It’s that simple.

I can only speak for myself as one viewer. I am not happy because I have been waiting with no satisfaction. I have been waiting for EJ and Sami to rise to supercouple status, I have been waiting for smart, well-written stories for all the characters, my beloved EJami included, I have been waiting for Days to return to drama and romance the way it could and should be done.

Days is so lucky. The show has a good number of outstanding, truly brilliant actors who can bring it, and their talent is being wasted on recycled, dull, and sometimes disgusting stories and by disgusting, yes, I am talking about Sami shooting EJ in the head just hours after saying their wedding vows and then going off to have sex with her ex and getting engaged to him the very next day. Utterly revolting. Period.

The writers at Days should read fanfics and get some ideas. Fanfics are way better than the show right now…


Fanfics are so much more imaginative than the show, it is true. Why a bunch of amateur writers can develop a story better than DOOL is mind boggling.

Why TPTB think it is great to give everyone crumbs, but never really give any couple happiness is beyond me. They stir pots and fan wars, even find unnecessary ways to insult the viewers. As an Ejami fan I can list numerous ways TPTB have directly mocked and insulted Ejami’s … not smart for trying to keep the largest fan base hanging on.


The lack of romance for any couple is disturbing. Danloe is going to blow up once news of Chloe’s affair comes out, Phelanie are doomed once Mel realizes her husband knocked up her step-mama, everyone knows Nathan is going to dump Stephanie’s whiny butt once he finds out Mel is free, safe are revolting with their constant romps in the hay as they plot the death of the father of Sami’s children, etc.

Nobody on this show seems to have a real job other than the doctors and Mel. When’s the last time Days showed us Phil and Brady actually working at Titan? Does Kate still work at Hearth & Home? Why can’t EJ conduct DiMera business in an office setting instead of a table in the middle of the DiMera living room?

Also, why does a day in Salem have to last a week or more in real time? I get that it must save quite a bit of money on wardrobe, but regardless of how poor Days is at the moment, nobody likes to watch a TV show that looks cheap, and Days looks very cheap. If we had decent storylines and dialogue for the actors, I could look beyond the production values. But if I can’t even get storylines I’m into, at least give me nice looking locations and pretty clothes for me to look at. You can’t give the audience neither.

Lastly. GIVE EJAMI A CHANCE!!! I enjoyed this summer that we got with them but like I pointed out in the first paragraph, I knew it was doomed to failure because of EJ’s big secret. Now I was still willing to tune in but I bet there were a ton of Ejami fans who couldn’t be bothered because they knew it wouldn’t be legit and EJ’s plan would blow up in his face eventually. EJ fans are tired of him being screwed over and painted as the villain time after time. The man has the looks, talent, and charisma to be the lead romantic male on this show. Let him shine with Ali Sweeney for crying out loud, what have they got to lose at this point?


Bravo Angel!!!!
DOOL has to make some major changes and soon!!!!


I couldn’t agree more Angel !!!!!!!

I support everything you said!

I also wanted to add, that there are so many talented actors/actresses on this show, that are going to absolute waste – with this pathetic writing!!!

As a fan for over 20 years. I have lost all my passion and desire for this show since Dena Higley began writing for it!

Now, James Scott is THE ONLY REASON, I continue to watch the show in Australia (which is a year behind) and continue to watch the US shows on You Tube! I’ve got to the stage in the last few months, where if EJ is not on in the episode- I do not bother to watch it!!!!

I hope TPTB can turn this mess around and bring back the ROMANCE!!!!!


I have to say every since they put Ej back in to Sami’s orbit and tried to make the GA watch them again.The ratings starting going down. There was proof.I also beleave if you go back and look at the ratings when Ej and Nicole were together and Sami and Rafe were together living there own seperate lives The ratings were way up there. Ej,Nicole and Sydney were a real Dimera Family.Nicole has always excepted everything of Ej’s life.Sami has never wanted to be with a criminal.
The writers need to go back to when there was real romance and love on days not all this stupid drama and endless depressing storylines.There is no Romance and true love anymore.
Galen and Alison Sweeney were the only reason I came back to watching Days after Sami went into witness protection.Which took her completely out of Ej’s orbit. When they put Sami back on Ej’s orbit and back at the dimera mansion I stopped watching over the summer except for when Galen was on screen.Then I would watch that day.
The writers need to get back to the core of what days was made on.
Real Love,Family,Trust,Romance and a little angst.
Not all this crap that is on the screen now. Sami deserves her happiness after all these years with the man she truely loves and that is Rafe.


If the ratings were up then because (I) was tuning in waiting for EJ and Sami to find out that Sydney’s was theirs and thought that that they were going to try to be a family. Once I saw that they were going to let Sami and her new bf have access to and raise Sydney. I (like many others) tuned out. Sami is a criminal. Her crime spree is bigger than EJs. If you don’t like certain pairings, fine, but don’t make things up and change history because of it.

Hi, Days of Our Lives is my ultimate soap!! I have watched it since I was only a teen and it has always held a special place in my heart. I returned to watching this show because of Ej and his sizzling energi with the strong willed spunky Sami Brady! They had me at their very first “Hello”! I haved watched and followed them ever since and I am totally under their spell. The good, bad and everything inbetween I have been right there supporting and loving these two, hoping one day they can be together as Day’s biggest super powerful grey couple!! Fact is there is no other couple like Ejami anywhere on TV!! Days is just plain crazy to not capitalize on the magic of Ejami!! They have all the qualities that draw in viewers like bees to honey!! Romance, love, desire, passion, family history, humour, and yes that sizzling chemistry!! They are so wonderful to watch, for viewers the intimacy is so REAL that we feel like we are invading on their privacy!! How can Days not see what we see?? NBC asked us if Sami and Ej are Soul Mates? 76% Answered YES, they are perfect for each other!! So when KC threatens to destroy best thing he has, and alienate legions of fans who have watched this couple for 4 yrs it beyond ludicrous. Seeing Sami shoot a suicidal EJ point blank in the head, then leaving him cold in his blood going off to bonk that diamond dozen looser who can’t act (my opinion sorry) and ever since she has taken her children for granted. She smugly rubs her weapon (kids) in Ej’s face despite what she did to him. Oh yes the rubber band snabbed all right, but not in half. KC snapped off 75% off his viewership from 2/9!! He crushed our Ejami hearts, and still showing the flashbacks continues to hurt us over and over. He thinks this is fun, and we like to see Sami shooting the father of her children?? Is this what grown women with children want to watch?? Does he and the writers think this is entertainment?? Come on, since then the ratings have been going down the toilet quite literally. Viewers are GROSSED OUT and REPULSED they have tunned out!! There is no romance on this show, it is all full of lies, secrets and constant push and pull of storylines, dropped storylines. Changing characters so much we don’t even recognize them anymore!! All reasons for crappy ratings. Oh and their one big reunion they were relying on SAFE has been a total fizzer. They are the worst coupling on the damn show!! I have never been so bored out of my mind watching that dribble, especially when Ej was in his deep slumber. Now Ej is awake and I am enjoying his passion and energi, his cheeky sarcasam gives me the so much need laughter I needed for so many weeks. Thank goodness for James… Read more »

The problem is the writing short and simple… . In a recent interview, Ken Corday’s intimated that pitting one fan base against the other was their ultimate goal… His interview told me that Days’ primary objective is to manipulate and agitate the audience, all UNDER THE GUISE of story-telling.

The comments to this blog is evidence that KC and company have, indeed, achieved their primary goal… Those who like Safe blame Ejami; and Ejamis defend their couple by pointing out that for a long time EJ has been the interloper for Safe… Indeed one might argue that the plummet in the ratings has accompanied Safe’s reunion and EJ being in a coma… It is also interesting to note that the relationship between Adam and Sharon on Young and the Restless appears to be that show’s attempt to tell an Ejamiesque story… They are Y&R’s EJ and Sami… It’s too bad Days didn’t take advantage of soap opera gold when it had it…

Ultimately, however, I don’t think it is fair to blame either couple, when the real problem is the underlying premises held by those who are producing the show AND the inept writing. I have no doubt that if the writing matched that of some of the other soaps, Days would have no ratings problems, regardless of which couple it went with… The actors on Days are unparalleled in all of Soaps; and given the writing that OLTL and GH have been getting, Days would shine..

Right now, I am watching Days only because of James Scott and the remarkable character he has created… IMO, James is the best actor in daytime; and EJ, its most intriguing character.. JMO


I agree, James Scott is an amazing actor and what he brings to Days as Ej DiMera is so brilliant and compelling. JS puts in over 110% into his character as Ej. He has a way to allow viewers to experience right alongside Ej his heartache, struggle to be his own person, his unconditional love for his best friend Samantha. Oh and most importantly Ej loving his children with all of his heartt!! JS really deserved that Emmy nominee last year. Thank you James/EJ for giving me a reason to watch this show right now. I have not laughed so hard when Ej told Roman does he need a nap!! Thx James for giving me the humour I needed so much. I hate to complain but there is a certain actor that has done absolutely nothing but use his one and only mono expression and hands out loads of cup of teas and conducts his interrogations at the beach!! Hmm viewers know when actors put in 100% effort, this guy is like watching cardboard and he is dragging down my favourite leading female character.


You have said exactly how I feel beautifully. Right now James is the only reason to watch Days, but I’m hopeful that tptb will read some of these posts and wake up and smell the coffee. I don’t know why I’m hopeful but its better than being down. It does make me feel good to know so many others feel the same way I do about not only Days but also EJami and James in particular.

Good post.


Storylines dragging out so long and some fans never getting a payoff is the reason for the awful ratings imo.


The ratings for Days will continue to hit rock bottom until they dish up some real Romance with a capital R for the couples that the audience is rooting for, which would be EJ and Sami, Bo and Hope, and Melanie and Nathan.

Specifically, what was done to EJami over the summer and fall was a complete travesty. And the lead female character Sami has been written into a disgusting corner, shooting a defenseless, unconscious man (whom she claimed to love on some level) in the head at pointblank range, still with no remorse or regret on the screen yet. She is completely unrootable at this point. No wonder viewers are turning the show off.

If Days is truly interested in pulling out of this hole, they need to set Sami on the path toward redemption IMMEDIATELY and have her finally embrace her love for EJ, get Bo/Hope back together asap, and finally bring the most rootable young couple (Melanie/Nathan) together too.

It’s not that hard.

I’m tired of wasting my time watching couples with no rooting value whatsoever.


Give us some real stories. Consistency. Some payoff. They have good stories, there is just no consistency. Characters motivations change on a daily basis. It’s confusing and not worth watching. I notice other soaps are using the same stories. Actors are not as good as Days’ actors, yet the storytelling is better. I watch everyday prior to EJ and Sami finding out Sydney was theirs in anticipation to them finally being together as a real couple and family. I was looking forward to Sami finally showing EJ how much she loved him and how great it was that their baby was alive and instead they have Sami and Rafe trying to immediately take Sydney away. Phillip is a great character and Jay is a great actor, yet they refuse to give him a great story, instead GG/Rafe is front and center. Who is this character? I don’t want to see him all the time. Brady Black DiMera is fnally getting some more screen time. Where are Bo and Hope? I only watch about once a week now and primarily for James Scott. So sad.


Days is in last spot because they put ejami on the back burner and are forcing the akward coupling of rafe and sami, there is no chemistry there and sami is forcing it and its pissing me off! I have to admit i stopped watching because of that, when ejami comes back together ill watch but i have no desire to see rafe and sami suck face, ick, not hot at all, i fast forward it the first time , ugh! Love EJ and hope he puts sami in jail from spoilers ive read!


I’m responding to this post because I can not post a new comment for some reason.

What’s wrong with Days?
1. the vision – Since others have discussed the errors Ken Corday has made with this show, I will suggest that there can be only two explainyions for his mistakes: either he knows nothing about what makes a good soap, thus he is destroying the show through his ignorance, or he has more to gain by seeing the soap fail than seeing it thrive.

If he were interested in it thriving, he would do these things:
1.Hire a new writing team. The story is the vehicle which drives any show, and the show wouldn’t be in the kind of trouble it is in if it had a story line that attracted viewers, rather than alienating and angering the fans it currently has who are dropping like flies, recognizing that to watch the show is to waste time. It’s really that simple, folks. And make sure that the new writers don’t do triangles and do understand female psyche.

2. Recognize that a soap must have romance, lots of good honest romance. Having the lead female shoot the father of two of her children in cold blood while he is passed out and then rush home to have sex with her current BF while her ex-fiance lies dying is clearly not romance. Nor is it heartwarning to see Sami continue to abdicate the care of her children to her grandmother so that she can continue to have more sex with her BF.

3. Consider and use the actors’ strengths when planning the story line. Crystal Chappell is an incredible actress who’s completely wasted being a background character. She’s a powerful actress. Use her talents! James Scott is another one. He shows over and over that he can flesh out the weakest story brilliantly. Just think what he could do with a great storyline! And how about the incredible chemistry between James Scott and Ali Sweeney. Why not use this gift from the soap opera gods instead of overlooking it completely. At the same time, don’t think that a wooden actor can carry the show.

4. Stop playing fanbases against it other. It’s not working.

5. Be true to the characters’ histories. Do not destroy characters for the sake of a story. Sami comes to mind here, Ali Sweeney is talented, but whether she will be able to shake the filth of Sami’s character is anyone’s guess.

6. Reread the all of the entries posted in this column. Use them to formulate the changes that need to be made.

I hope, Michael, that you forward this column and responses to Mr. Corday and Mr. Tomlin. You will be doing them a big favor. Who knows? You might even help them save their show.



I would like to 2nd everything pugsnbugs said………..Days has for the most part an excellent cast of actors,but they alone cannot carry the show………They need talented writers that can write compelling ,interesting stories that the viewers can get invested in…………These writers drop the ball on every sl……………KC ruined our Summer by opening his mouth and destroying our enjoyment of what could have been a very romantic reunion between two of our favorite characters,and on top of that they destroyed Samis character,for what? Rafe??????he doesn’t have the talent to be a leading man,he comes up looking like an idiot next to EJ.,until TPTB at Days are replaced with people that actually care what the viewers want,we will see this show slowly sinking into a distant memory…….JMO

Lisa Greenway

How rich the ratings are EJamis fault..really>Cause ratings were better in summer!!!Till KC told the Ejamis we did not matter..what got it all..where were ALL of those who wanted it???Hmm..WHY Is DH still the writer of this show?? Thats the real issue here.If anyone of us,fumbled so badly,we would be fired!!She nearly destroyed OLTL!!!Ken Corday..sorry,but you have no clue what the key demos want..but it sure is not whats on my screen!I want love..making love,,living their life,,possibly dealing with Andre!I And Stefano!want back TANNA!!I want back Jennifer and Jack and their kids!I want the Hernandez family REMOVED from,my show!!I would LOVE to see Carrie and Austin back/I want Phillip OUT of this story,with Melanie!!NOW.Interact Kate/Vivian/Stefano/Victor..I like Brady..but this coffin biz is dull…I am not a fan of Nicole,because I was Forcefed her,all last year.I am a Bope fan..but I SEE that Barly have a great chemistry,,plus they share a great history!!DO something with it.It irks me to see others WHINE.When the Ejamis have been waiting almost 5 years with NO payoff..really,,u have the nerve to whine!!?? This is the bottom line I Iwant is good stories,with couples who HAVE REAL chemistry..I want the stories to interact,,I want consistent writing..we found out Chad was a Dimera what,two months ago>>Its nuts!We need a fresh young writer who can write romance,adventure and danger and suspense..not one convoluted plot after another!


Days is my family’s soap. I got started watching it when I still lived at home. Later, I discovered other soaps…I’ve watched every one of the six now on the air at some point and a lot that soap fans have lost in recent years. Lately, I’ve been clinging to the show by a thread, and right now it is getting pretty thin. I’ve hated that EJ and Sami aren’t together, and some of the storylines now forced on viewers are dark and very hard to enjoy. I’ve accused this show of being “mean spirited” because it lacks the kind of warmth that makes me want to tune in. There is no rootable romance. Right now, my loyalty is to some of the actors who are extremely good, and I don’t want to see Days leave the air. I know the show is capable of doing better.


What has killed the show is PLOT BASED writing instead of character and proper storyline paced writing. Why does the viewer want to tune in when characters they have loved and watched for years act different from day to day. Endless triangles and stretching out storylines without payoff for anyone is the sad state of Days. What happy couple are we seeing? Anyone? Nobody wants to watch Sami shoot an unconscious man in the head, the very man she almost married hours before. Only to rush back to sex it up, caring little for how her children were managing being ripped from their home…. I could go on and on. Remember romance, adventure, FUN? I dont think Days does either. I am hanging on to see James Scott, he is the only reason I watch anymore. Ken, if you read this, listen… people do have a tipping point, and sadly I think that point has already passed. Give away the storyline in interviews months in advance and what happens, people tune out. They dont like being angry watching Days, they have enough of that in real life.


The biggest thing killing this show is KC. Announcing the boringness of Safe reunion to start, then it was clear as day during the recent webcast that things were not going to change on DOOL. It was insulting to hear TPTB talk about how DOOL is about family and romance when we the viewers have not been seeing any of that for some time. And saying that he enjoyed having fans split and that that was the secret to success all made it clear how out of touch he is. And his praising of DH, that alone dropped my viewing time greatly (I still have to watch JS). Until they get their head out of the clouds, listen to the fans, and make some changes in the writing department there is no way the ratings will improve.


DOOL needs to get back to what works for them. Stop changing the characters already!!!! And when you bring in new characters, give them some history. Especially if they aren’t part of the Brady, Horton or DiMera families!!!!
Stop dragging the story lines on forever. Move the Salem days a bit more quickly please!!!!! And for pete’s sake, please stop re-using story lines. Come up with some new stuffs already!!!! They need to write some happiness in the show soon before they loose there whole audience.
I’ve watched DOOL for 33+ years and I never thought in a million years that I would say these words. Sami is on my “official hate this character” list right now. I soooooo hope that these PAID writers can get me to change my mind soon. I hate the fact that I’m hating Sami right now!!!
I keep fast forwarding my PVR show daily hoping beyond hope that some changes will be happening only to see it not happening. Only stopping the fast forward motion to watch James Scott, who has been a jewel to DOOL imo.
So I’ll just keep praying to the soap opera gods each and every night that my favorite soap stays on the air with what TPTB are putting on my tv screen Monday thru Friday. Because the is my biggest fear. Loosing a piece of my family for over 33 years.
And on a personal level, I want to see if Jeff Zucker’s comment that Ken Corday said at the DOOL 45th anniversary special, comes true. That DOOL be on the tv screens for another 45 years!!!!
I’m an Ejami fan but, firstly I’m a DOOL fan. And I want to see it on the tv screen for another 45 years. But keep up this type of story, all story lines being boring. I’m afraid I won’t see it on my tv screen in two years. Which pisses me off and makes me extremely sad.


From the comments on here and other boards I think Corday was wrong the fanbase for Safe is not 50% of the audience or the ratings would be higher. I would say more like 20-25%. I know about 50% of the Ejami fanbase is leaving and the ratings will keeping dropping if they insist on Sami being with Agent DULL as Dishwater in the future! Also bring back Real Romance not this Fake Couple crap they keep showing us. How many times can a couple repeat I Love You So Much, before the GA starts to believe it? A Million and One if it’s Sami and Rafe and even then I’ll NEVER believe they Truly Do Love Each Other Like EJ Loves HIS Samantha. Safe have no history and talks mostly about EJ. That doesn’t make them in Love that makes them all about EJAMI. And Dena needs to stop the Plot Point writing and write about the characters again.


Well said, Cheryl. Ken Corday said viewers wanted Safe and he delivered, with more I Love You’s and sex than ANY OTHER couple has gotten on this show for a very, very long time. Now where are all these viewers? Where is this massive Safe fanbase tuning in to watch their couple moving in together, eating tamales, reunited and ready to fight the big bad DiMeras as Team Safe? *crickets*


Oh and I forgot about the promises of romance and accelerated SL that KC is not delivering. FYI KC Vivian in a tomb until Nov. is not accelerated it’s insane, Danloe is still dragging while all of Salem knows but Daniel, and prolonging the union of Ejami, your golden couple, at a time like this is ridiculous and this is still continuation of the never ending Sydnapping SL. For the love of this show get new writers!

What is the problem with Days and why is it in last place? The useless writers who continue to write the garbage that we are being fed right now. I am an EJami fan and proud of it. I have been watching Days for 44 years and fell in love with EJami from the first moment EJ appeared wrapped in a towel, living in the apartment across the hall from Sami. Their trials and tribulations, fights and almost love affairs have me coming back and wanting more from my favorite couple. I feel that EJ and Sami have more chemistry in their little fingers than Safe have in their whole bodies! The way EJ and Sami look at each other is electrifying! When I watch them, I find myself in Salem hovering over their space and feeling the electricity and magnetism coming from them. My gosh, how can KC and the people in charge at Days deny them their right to be together. As I said, I have been watching Days for 44 years and have never seen a couple with as much chemistry and IT as James Scott and Alison Sweeney have. Their slightest touch, glance, smile make me breathless and wanting more. I watch daily, waiting for EJ to be on and hoping that I see Sami with him and not Rafe. We have Safe being pushed at us like we are non entities and don’t know what is good and right. Where are these writers coming up with such drivel as an upstanding FBI agent resigning to protect the woman he loves from being prosecuted for shooting a passed out drunk man in the head. Let alone the father of two of her children who she was about to marry only hours before the shooting. And what woman would take her children away from the man she shot, leave the children who she supposedly was going to protect from the man she shot at her grandmother’s house, go to her ex lover’s apt. “to talk” then have a continuous night of sex, take a little break to shoot her children’s father, then return for more sex. To top it off, get engaged that same night! My oh my, how much imagination and creativity went into that. The whole Dr. Dan, Chloe, Phillip, Melanie baby paternity story is so boring it isn’t funny. Not saying that the actors aren’t good, because they are; it’s just the story. It doesn’t need to drag on and on. Brady and Viv are entertaining but that’s dragging, too! That’s a funny s/l but we need to get Madam out of the sarcophagus. I’m glad Eric Martsolf is finally getting some good material to show us what he can do. I hope they don’t screw up with Nicole – Arianne Zucker is a phenomenal actor. I think Stefano, Kate, Victor and Maggie are being nicely written and they are delivering. Bo, Hope and Carly are being wasted with their non stories. My gosh,… Read more »

Mr. Fairman, do you get a chance to talk to Days producers or staff about what people are telling you concerning their favorite soaps? Do you read what people take the time to write on your site? I am blown away by the passion and incredible concern that everyone posting here has for Days. So many issues come up over and over again. It is scary to think that the show is in danger of being cancelled when, as many have said, the cast is so incredibly talented. I am a huge fan of James Scott and I think that he and Alison Sweeney have chemistry oozing out of every scene they have together. It is a crying shame that it is not being capitalized on. The shock and “ugh” writing is appalling! The producers and the writers did so much back slapping at the 45th anniversary show that you’d think that they were first in the ratings…
I only hope that someone higher up can read all these exceptional comments and pass them on quickly to TPTB. They need an intervention immediately.


Yes, an intervention is what is needed! Let’s hope the new owners of NBC recognize this and turn the ship around before it is too late.


Hello, Im from Sydney, Australia and I have been watching Days of Our Lives since I was about 10 years of age with my wonderful sister. I love all the characters and ever since James Scott came to the show, it has made it 100% excellent. I love the chemistry between him and Sami. They combust on screen and their chemistry is like no other couple on any other soap AT ALL. James Scott is the BEST ACTOR on daytime TV. He deserved that emmy 100% and all his performances are captivating. I tuned out when I read that SAFE would be reunited by September and have not been able to watch since. I watched the EJAMI wedding and the shooting but I was horrified at what they have made Sami do. Shooting the man you were supposed to marry less than 24hrs and then going to be with your extremely boring boyfriend was not a good move. I have been wanting EJAMI since I saw them on in May 2006 and they have never been given a real chance at all. EJ loves Sami- ” the good, the bad and everything in between”. He loves Sami so much. I cant watch this Sami. Sami used to be such a fun character, stopping at nothing till she got what she wanted. Now I cannot watch her. James Scott and Alison Sweeney have chemistry that no one can compare to. It should be used as Days will dominate all the other soaps. I am an EJAMI 110% and will never give up on them. Days has James Scott, an excellent actor that I bet all other soaps would die to have and they should have him with Sami as a couple and a family to their beautiful children. I hope DAYS stays on the air for many many years to come because its a great show and I cant wait to see Missy Reeves again. Beautiful Woman and great actress.
Please Please writers give us EJAMI just once as a REAL couple. The ratings would fly through the roof.
Also Michael Fairman is AWESOME!!!!


Mr Corday YOU were wrong! Shame on you for being so arrogant and disrespectful to your audience. I just hope it is not too late to change what YOU,DH and GT have done.
You are blessed with an amazing and gifted cast…James,Joe,Ali,Suzanne,John,Lauren, Ari all come to mind. I will be saddened but not surprised if and when this show gets cancelled.
Your audience is intelligent and articulate, yet you treat them like idiots. I cannot believe you think what you are dishing out is entertainment.
FIX THIS or get people in that can!


I hope that TPTB understand that if they truly paired EJami together, with Sami understanding that she has loved EJ all along, the ratings would be better. I know of many people who are not satisfied with the show right now and that is why they are losing viewers. Give the audience a true supercouple and Days will increase it’s viewership.


At this point, the only way to do that is to have it so Sami was being drugged this whole time. Her lack of visible remorse through this story has been the biggest problem. She has to show genuine remorse for shooting EJ. And act sickened with herself.

They have a lot of work to do if they want to save this story and save their one bright light – EJami pairing.

Then they have to get to work fixing the rest of the show because it all stinks pretty bad.




Nice to finally see a comment about OLTO!! Wasn’t this article mainly about OLTL?
All the comments are about DOOL, Anyway, A BIg Congratulations to OLTL.


I have to agree with those who’ve said that Ken Corday and his stupid comments are greatly to blame with what’s wrong with this soap. Firstly, back in June he states that “most people want Safe and that’s what they’re going to get”. Well guess what Kenny, “most people” didn’t want Safe and you spoiling the storyline just caused viewers to tune out.

Secondly, he gave away the ending of the story and even if you weren’t rooting for a particular couple, knowing the ending takes the interest out and people tune out.

Third, he or tptb leaked the shooting scenes early, in what I suppose was an attempt to garner interest in the ending of one storyline-beginning of another. Guess what??? FAIL. Making Sami so heartless and having Safe have sex intermingeled with scenes of EJ lying bloodied, dying on the bed was disgusting. NO ONE wanted to see that and in doing that killed Safe’s viability IMO.

Couple Ken Corday’s assinine statements with the terrible story writing and awful pacing and dreadful sets and lighting you’ve got a show that should be dead last. No surprise to me.

There were two other comments that Ken made that I think continue to turn off viewers, he stated that he loves dividing the fans down the middle and saying that Dena Higley was one of the best writers, etc showed me that Ken has no clue how to run a successful soap opera. He’s managed to ride his parents coattails all these years and managed to have writers and directors that kept the show going up to this point. I think his luck has run out.

Viewers don’t want to be divided down the middle. Fanbase wars are not the answer. Putting a couple together, all the while, systematically tearing them apart isn’t “brilliant” storytelling. Tptb put Ejami “together” this summer, all the while having the huge secret hanging over their head and Sami dreaming of and kissing on Rafe is not giving Ejami a chance. Putting Safe together then having Sami do something so unfeeling and jump back in bed to boink (and that’s all it was) was disgusting, then having Rafe compromise everything he stands for to protect this woman is not “true love” to me nor or they a rootable couple.

I think Days days are numbered. I don’t think they can fix this mess. For one thing, they film too far ahead, and another thing is Ken Corday has proven he has no idea what his viewers really want. So I see no way out of the mess they’ve created. I forsee continuing base dwelling ratings and eventual cancellation by NBC/Comcast.


Most people are incapable of murder. While some people “snap” and let their rage get the best of them, what they did makes them so sick and they feel so guilty afterward.

Not Sami. Afterward, she apparently got turned on by committing murder and boinked her boyfriend all night. Utterly sickening. They turned one of their most popular characters into a cold-blooded, cold-hearted slut who gets turned on by putting bullets in people’s heads.

They are probably sitting back scratching their heads wondering why ratings are bad. That’s how clueless and out of touch the are. Because no one in their right mind with talent and connection to their audience could EVER think THIS story would play well on the screen. Good writers make mistakes now and then but NEVER this bad.

I’m still trying to watch “Days,” mostly out of loyalty since I started watching the show with my grandmother as a child, but I find myself putting it off until the weekend, and then fast forwarding though most of the episodes. A major component in soaps is the romantic fantasy. Lately on “Days,” couples I’m told to invest in, like Melanie and Nathan, and Hope and Bo, aren’t together; and couples I’m told are doomed, like Danloe, or Mel and Phil, are together. I love Victor and Maggie, but they can’t carry the entire romantic aspect of the show. The writing is like a long, dark tunnel with no pay-off light at the end. Dana Higley should be fired, and Ken Corday should immediately fitted for a muzzle. Philip and Lexie are wasted, Chloe and Stefanie are over-used, and basically three quarters of the show is the opposite of what I want to watch. The “A” story line they’ve relied on for over two years now, has been one disappointment after another. I was really excited for the Sydney/Grace Baby Switch storyline to be revealed, but they ruined it by having Rafe, a totally uninspired character, who came out of nowhere, discover the switch and reveal the truth. Who is this Rafe guy? Not that I really care about him one iota, but who the heck is he to walk into the middle of an established show, with established core families and get in the middle of everything? It should have been EJ who uncovered Nicole’s deceptions and put Sydney back into Sami’s arms. Ok, I let that huge slap in the face slide, and looked forward to Sami finally admitting her love for EJ, and EJami making a family for their children, while being scheming, steamy-hot and totally captivating together. Did that happen? Nope, sorry! EJ is a kidnapper, who has become totally cold-hearted and unrecognizable. Don’t get me wrong, I think James Scott was amazing in the kidnapping storyline, and EJ’s pain was so palpable, it flowed right off the screen and got me caught up in the story despite my disappointment that there wasn’t an EJami reunion. So, I stuck out Sydney’s kidnapping too, mostly because of the talents of James Scott and Leann Hunley, and the joy of watching them share screen time together. They were truly amazing! I was really excited the day EJ realized he still loved Sami, and I read there would be an Ejami summer. Smack! I got blindsided again by Ken Corday, who announced to me that it was all a farce, and would be over after Labor Day. Again, due to loyalty to the show, I stuck it out, and what did I get for my loyalty? The same loser, who had stolen the spotlight during the Baby Switch reveal, swept in and revealed the truth again. It should have been Sami who discovered the truth about Sydney’s kidnapping. It’s totally unbelievable, Sami knowing EJ as she does, she didn’t… Read more »

Re: Days ratings – RIP

That’s all she wrote. Very deserved poor ratings. The show is utter garbage.

Re: OLTL’s increase – YES!!!

There are a lot of great things about OLTL and they deserve to stick around.


There are so many reasons why this show is in the cellar of ratings
1. snail moving s/ls
2. no originality, come on coul you stop with the wash, rinse and repeats
3. plot point writing instead of character based writing. There is no point in rooting for a character or being emotionally invested if at any point in time they will do something that is completely out of character. For example, the Sami Brady I knew and love would have found Sydney’s kidnapper herself instead of waiting Agent Hernandez to figure it all out. She would have figured out it was EJ and maybe tricked him into a confession. Come on guys
4. Lame use of an amazing cast. CC comes to mind especially. She is one amazing actress but why is she getting a lame storyline???
5. No romance, no fun, no adventure, only dark and depressing s/ls. I don’t want a show that is more depressing than my life, soaps are supposed to be an escape, not a debbie downer.
6. No supercouples at all. None of them are together. Who am I supposed to root for here when I see none of them in love and the interlopers are having their day in the sun?
7. Black and white view of characters. This is 2010. There is no such thing as a pure villian and a pure hero anymore. I’m tired of the show forcing me to believe that Rafe is a pure good guy when he has done a laundry list of terrible things. But when EJ does the same thing, he should be burned at the stake. Come on. And for that matter, the writing is way too simple. The “good guy” shouldn’t always win the girl, especially when said good guy isn’t really good, and the villian isn’t all bad. These characters have human elements of regrets, remorse, fear. So let the outcome be realistic too at least.
8. Triangular writing- not necessary. Only lazy people do it. I could come up with a million differnt s/ls right now instead of the lame triangular writing that I see on my screen.
9.Finally, give ejami a chance. I hope KC understands that even though ejami hasn’t been together, the have legions of fans. We see the sparks, the chemistry, the history, the potential. And yet almost 5 years later, we got 2 kids, a bullet in the head and wasted opportunities. I loved this summer. I mean loved it!! Right up until KC opened his big mouth and ruined it all for me. I could barely watch after that. Imagine the possibilities if they were together, I mean together with no secrets. They don’t need an interloper, the Bradys and the Dimeras are just enough for that.
Moments like these make me wonder sometimes if they are trying to kill this show. The flaws are so obvious it’s mind boggling. *sigh* Thanks for this opp to let me speak my mind Michael. I hope someone at NBC reads these responses.


Will Binks be getting sl anytime soon?

I have read through so many of these comments and it’s obvious that most of them were written by ejami fans who are disgruntled because their couple is not together, and SAFE is. They seem to think that if ejami are together then the ratings will go up because this is what the fans/GA want. Honestly, do you all really believe that? Bringing back ejami is not going to raise the ratings of DAYS . In fact, the ratings were higher before they were together this spring. The ratings started to plummet when Sami moved into the mansion, and they continued to fall all summer. What helped them not be as low as they are now was the Alice Memorial and the return of all the vets people wanted to see. DAYS lost a lot of fans this summer and now it’s a matter of trying to get them back. They aren’t going to go rushing back to DAYS just b/c one couple is together. It’s going to take a lot more than that. What’s bringing the ratings down is the fact that people don’t want to see the manipulation and blackmail stories over and over and over again. They don’t want to see all dark and sadness on the show everyday. The fans want fun and laughter and happy times. Drama is important, sure, but so is romance and lightness. What happened to the fun times on DAYS? the parties, the picnics, the dances, etc? What happened to the romance? We don’t really see any of this. Even when there is a wedding, like Chloe and Daniel, it was all veiled in secrets, manipulations and lies- no real happiness. And truly, how is SAFE really together? Sure they profess their love for each other and make love and are living together, but it is all still surrounded by darkness and the constant manipulation and revenge themes with EJ. They aren’t being allowed to be a couple in love with fun times like couples used to have. And it’s not just them, it’s all the couples on DAYS. None of them are happy. In fact, I don’t know of any character that is happy. DAYS needs to improve their writing to be successful. Stop dragging out the storylines for so long. Who wants to see Vivian in that tomb for months? Who wants the Chloe story to drag out for another few months? Quit wasting the talent of Ari Zucker on being Brady’s foil. She hasn’t had a good storyline since she returned to the show. Get CC out of this BOPE mess and get them back together as the supercouple they are. Put JS with a woman who will love him for him, not Sami who has always thought of him as seconds when she can’t be with the man she wants to be with. Quit dumbing down his character– he is good as a villain, he sucks as a romantic lead, so stop trying to make him one.… Read more »

No, the ratings plummeted when a certain somebody told everyone there would be a safe reunion! I don’t think many people wanted to see that!


Gail, you need to go a little further back in history to see when the ratings were the highest, and then began a downward trend (which has continued on to now with small blips here and there). Since you like Safe, I do not think you’ll like what you find.

And honestly, Gail, yes. Yes! The majority of us do believe that if EJami were given the supercouple storyline that they deserve, then things would get start to get better. The EJami fanbase is huge. Sorry, but there’s no denying it. NBC knows it and Sony knows it. You can see evidence of that all over the place. Ken Corday, however, by pissing off (or pissing on) a huge fanbase has caused a lot of damage.

I do strongly agree with you that the bottom line is the writing and character development, and that time is running out for our show. I hope they do fix things quickly.


I was in no way implying that the ratings were at their highest when SAFE was a couple, pre- March, 2010. I guess I didn’t clarify what I meant. What I was saying was in February of 2010, before the move into the mansion, etc., the ratings were doing better than they had been. In fact, I believe they had gone up to a 2.0 and SON had even commented on their rise. No, not as good as they had been at one time, but better than they had been in the recent past. After this point, they began to decline and it was far before KC ever said that SAFE would be together.

I am not saying that Ejami doesn’t have a large fan base. They do, but SAFE also does and NBC and SONY know that, too. And that is part of the problem. They are trying to satisfy both fanbases and really, not pleasing either. I think KC made that pretty clear when he talked about stretching the rubber band.

They need to stop the triangles and move on with a couple.


The massage is loud and clear that majority of viewers are not happy with any storylines or couples playing right now. DOOL you have gold in EJAMI why are you wasting time and viewers on a couple that a lot of people don’t care about or are watching (ratings are a great proof of that). I am sure you have heard of the word boring said many times when describing Safe, and they truly are boring in every sense of the word no chemistry, no passion, just very, very dull and viewers don’t want dull from their soaps. Viewers have stopped caring or watching when that couple is on so please bring back excitement, bring back romance, and you will bring back the viewers. Give us what we want and that is EJAMI you will not go wrong, for once listen to the viewers we are telling you loud and clear EJAMI is the winner here don’t waste any more time on something that is not working and taking the show that we all love so much down with it . GO for GOLD GO for EJAMI!!!!!!

The reason why Days is in last place is due to the current storyline where Sami jumps back into Rafe’s bed and not only that shoots EJ in cold blood & leaves him to die which would of been EJami’s wedding night. Thanks to Mr. Corday for letting the fans know that Safe was going to be back together after labor day helped lots.The viewers want to see real passion, chemistry, romance, & EJami had it all. EJ loves Sami for who she is & didn’t want to change her. They were a team when they were parenting & even as a couple they are. However once again Mr. Corday assumed that’s not what the viewers wanted & paired Safe back together.. But once again the ratings have backfired in his face since this new storyline started. The viewers don’t want to see Sami being treated like a child by Rafe or her acting like a teenage fool. EJami is what viewers want to see. This whole thing with EJami could of been saved if only Sami didn’t do things stupidly. This entire past 2 years stems from the day Lucas came back from prison & found EJami in bed together. Sami is the root of it if only she would of given into her feelings that faithful night in May 2008 when EJami finally got together & conceived Sydney. Then there would not of been EJole or Safe together. Sami needs to grow up & realize that EJ is her perfect mate in every aspect of life. The day EJ woke up from his coma & EJami were united in the hospital after being shot in the head the ratings for those days the numbers went up. EJami is what people want to see on their screens… Ejami needs to be given a chance. Sony has featured them in their mosaic for the 45th Anniversary next to the other golden super couples of Days.. That says plenty to the fans where EJami are considered. Maybe Mr. Corday should stop listening to those 12 fans that want Safe together. We saw what happened when EJami weren’t paried together the ratings tanked. James Scott & Alison Sweeney are 2 amazing actors that shine when paired together. There characters have a bond that doesn’t look like they are acting on the screen. EJami should of got the love story a super couple deserves they have had enough drama & hurt in their lives because of each other.. If given that chance EJami can show what a gray couple should look like .. they can raise their kids, be together in love, married, & scheming together… I hope Mr. Corday & company come to their scenes soon enough before Days gets canceled due to the numbers since the end of August to present time. EJami never got these numbers & just proves what the viewers want.. We also think that these storylines need a little help from ghost writers because what is being… Read more »

The fact that Days is doing so horribly comes down to one simple fact. The writing is HORRENDOUS. After weeks of trying to give the show a chance, that maybe somewhere in all of this Bull, there may be something even remotely interesting or entertaining. But there is nothing there. I wish I could be enthusiastic about the show. Rush home to watch what happens next. But frankly, I don’t know who half the characters are because I can no longer recognize them. It’s still my favourite actors acting out the scenes, but I can’t wrap my mind around who they have become. What important components of who they are that were completely ignored to further a downright lack lustre plot. I’m sick of the love triangles, squares, pentagons etc. with no payoff. Couples who should be together are barely in each other’s orbit. And there’s no indication to give the viewers hope that they will eventually make their way back to each other. WHERE’S THE ROMANCE!?! I watch soaps to escape. The writing is unbelievably lazy. Where’s the heart in all of this? All the writers go for is shock and awe, that eventually fails miserably, because we fail to see the intent, the emotion, the feelings behind their big reveals etc. I’m so disappointed in this show. I feel like Ken Corday and the writing team or oblivious to what viewers really want to see. They fail to recognize that people want to be glued to their sets. They want to get lost in the storylines and find an escape. But they just are not delivering. I’m turned off, right now there’s nothing drawing me to the show. I’ve stopped caring what happens and began shopping around for another soap. I might tune in again momentarily every week or so, to see if anything has progressed, if any change has come about, and I am always let down. They need to do something soon, because their viewers are dropping like flies over the crap storylines. And once lost, its hard to regain those viewers.


I completely agree with this whole post. I’ve always DVRed DOOL and watched as soon as I got home, but lately I find the show sitting in my queue collecting proverbial dust. I had been fast forwarding through parts I didn’t like: Rafe, Nighttime Hope,and the Stephanie/Nathan mess but since Sami shot EJ with no remorse I just can’t make myself sit through an episode. I watched as vet after vet was let go without a send off. I watched when Tony was killed in a nonsensical way. I watched when EJ was dumbed down during the babyswitch s/l. I even watched while Bo and Hope were ripped apart for no apparent reason and she tried to set him on fire, but Sami shooting a defenseless EJ was it for me. I finally got it: no character/couple is sacred or consistent. My last reason for watching (my hope for a Sami/EJ romance) was dashed. Do I think one couple can make or break a show? No, but every root for couple being apart (Bo/Hope, EJ/Sami, Mel/Nathan, and now maybe even Kate/Stefano) can.

Putting aside couples; Days is also sinking because of poor, plot point, lazy writing. Great acting (and Days is fortunate to have more than a few superb actors/actresses) can only take a story so far. Gone are the days where hair models could get by because of the snappy, thoughtful, wriitng. Stunt casting and “shocking” twists are only muddying the waters- making characters I thought I knew more and more of an enigma to me. Why is Bo still with Carly and not fighting for Hope? Why is smart, sassy, Sami willing to accept knowing nothing about Rafe’s past and why shoot EJ now when she couldn’t kill him back in 2007 when she really hated him? Why won’t Kate just tell Stefano about Chad?? If the writers don’t take the time to invest in the characters and STAY CONSISTENT then why should I care about the “great” twists or the “explosive” reveals?


Great points! I agree 100% They think the audience is stupid (at least the way they treat their viewers seems to point to that) and will completely ignore history and character consistency to sell whatever poorly written plot they desire. They notice ratings are sinking and try more stunts. Its not working…wise up Days, your audience has.

Karen H.

Ugh! Sami and her men are killing Days! Whatever they did in 2009, they need to do it again. I’m so sick of Sami and EJ/Rafe! Sick of SAMI.


There’s a lot of reasons why Days is suffering. The no.1 reason being couples that the audience actually want are not together (EJami, Bope/Bo & Carly, Mel & Nathan, Philip& Chloe just to name a few) and the couples and characters that no one cares for get all the screen time. Also there is very little to no romance on the show. And contrary to the writers beliefs, a couple sporadically having sex isn’t romantic. Another factor is that these storylines move at a snails pace with no end in sight. We go through triangle, after triangle with no real resolution. Viewers get angry and turn off the show. What’s the point of watching if you are never going to get a pay off? The show needs a better writing team who can actually write a decent story and dialogue or else risk cancellation. In this economy they do not have the luxury of angering their viewers and pandering to minority fanbases that hold no clout (and people know who I am talking about).


Saying that the couples that the” audience actually wants are not together”, is an opinion, it’s not a fact, unless you can poll everyone who watches the show regularly and get their opinions, and none of us can do this. To say “the couples that no one cares for get all the screen time” is a pretty bold statement– again just an opinion, not a fact.

I would hope that KC had his publicity people do some leg work on what the audience really wants before he changed course with the story line. I doubt he is “pandering to a minority fanbase”.

The problems with DAYS goes far beyond which couples are together and which characters are front and center. It has to do with the way the storylines are written. They are dull and never ending. Romantic triangles are OK, occasionally, but not all the time and with every couple.


Actually I do know for a fact certain couples are more popular than others and they are currently not together on screen.

KC doesn’t bother to listen to what the fans really want otherwise we would have seen major directional changes by now. In any interview he has done, he still talks about how there are more twists to come and not to worry the ratings will go up. He lives in a fantasy land.

I also believe I did mention in my post that the storylines are never ending as are the love triangles. There’s no character development. Everything is written as a plot point and the emotional beats of this storyline we have seen in particular have been left out. You are entitled to your opinions as am I. If you don’t like it, then that’s your problem.


Gail, I completely agree with your assessment. The problems go deeper than what couples are being shown. The writing is failing to grab and retain the viewers- plain and simple. We like different pairings, but have the same ideals and understanding in terms of what is happening with the show. I wish more people would take a moment and look at what has happened to the show overall- it’s heartbreaking. Playing the blame game on specific characters and couples is the fuel that feeds the terrible writing we have been getting. I think everyone, regardless of what they want in terms of pairings, need to band together and demand the basic elements that the show needs. If there is no show, there won’t be any couples to argue about- unless everyone will be satisfied arguing which couple killed the show long after it is gone. 🙁


I’m a little confused by your original post “D”. Last time I looked Bo and Carly were together. And I strongly disagree that the majority of the Days audience wants them together. I know of so many Bo and Hope fans who are no longer watching the show anymore and it’s going to take some Pulitzer Prize winning writing to get them back.

What’s killing the show is that it’s a shadow of it’s former self. Everything is triangles, quadrangles and other geometric shapes and the show in a endless series of bed-hopping and meaningless sex. You can’t get invested in any one pairing, because they’re usually torn apart or broken up within a few months. There is no real heartfelt love, romance, sense of family, genuine friendship or edge-of-your-seat adventure like there used to be and characters are introduced or returned without any real character development or back story — so why should we care two hoots about them. Characters are too grey. Heroes should be heroes and villains should be villains and turning the show’s two leading female characters into attempted murderers was an EPIC FAIL!! Stories drag on and on for way too long without any real movement or reveal or resolution and the imbalance in airtime is ridiculous. Some stories and characters are on day after day after day, while others are only on once or twice a week or fortnight. Give me the days when each episode would have three keys stories running and over the course of the week all characters airtime was roughly even. Viewers are sick and tired of the not getting any pay-off and can’t be bothered investing their precious time any more. I think they’ve simply given up. I remember Dena said a while back that they like to leave viewers a little bit annoyed at the end of each episode. Well the terrible ratings provie that viewers are more than a little bit annoyed. They’ve simply had enough!!! They’re tuning out and not coming back.


the only reason to watch dool is the daniel and chloe pairing because they have that supercouple chemistry and dool writers need to reunite bo and hope the real supercouple of dool


DOOL is currently at the bottom of the ratings heap because the scripts this year have driven them there. Many, many great stories could have been told with Peter, Kristian, Ali, James, Ari, Jay, Nadia, Molly, Nathan, Lauren and Crystal, but the ones that are airing are depressing and repetitve at best, and at worst, they’re downright vile.

Sami turning into a skanky cheater and remorseless killer is one of the lowlights in Salem history. James being boxed in as a villain who, according to Corday, will never be more than just a foil to the *good guys* is an inexplicable waste of talent, not to mention the chemistry between James and Ali. Jay is a solid actor with a substantial history playing what should be a pivotal Salemite, but Phillip is just background character in a WTD story that’s devoid of romance and dramatic tension. Molly was a welcome addition to the cast three years ago, and I could have liked Melanie with Phillip or Nathan. But her marriage to Phillip was rushed and nonsensical, and the character is unfortunately far from the enterprising schemer who first arrived in town. A decade prior, Chloe was my favorite on the Salem teen scene, now I don’t recognize the the centered girl who took on Salem High and won. Adding another offspring to Stefano’s brood might not have been original, but Chad as a DiMera could have been a shot of java for the show about a year ago – now it’s ANCIENT hat. Bo, Hope and Carly could have been a triangle for the soap history books. But DOOL started out by making a Hope a shrew & Carly a homewrecker, moved onto to having Bo discuss with Carly how wonderful life could have been if they had never parted in a public restaurant, and ended with Hope setting Bo on fire. 0_o So much damage, so little time.

To whomever said they would like the to be woken from the nightmare that has been Salem 2010, I SO agree! Days of Our Lives used to be a romantic, suspenseful, fun show – full of characters most viewers knew inside out, and for whom many felt affection. Let’s get back to that ASAP!!!


This post basically sums it up for me. You wrote it so well and succinctly. I won’t bother repeating it again in my own post because I have more respect for the readers of this blog than the writers at Days have for the viewers.


Wonderful post. The show has many talented actors whose skills are being wasted in lame stories or to prop other less compelling characters/couples.


doesnt surprise me that dool is at the last place
that soap seems to go on the road of cancellation if they dont make some change soon .Most of caracter are unrootable due to the writing .the storyline are worse than ever I keep watching waiting for an improvement and nothing …all they do is triangle and quadriangles not even well written

1.Ejami/Rafe : big Miss for me they should have put Ejami together or let Sami alone for awhile deal with the aftermath of the sydnapping revelation .. Kc said that sami will be more mature and independant well that’s not happening on screen …Sami is just throw for Rafe who is a miss caracter (not interesting)Safe reunion (puke)
2.Dan/chloe/philip etc the story should resolve between them 3 and not about how melanie will react..they should put melanie and nathan together
3.Bope/Carbo Kc kill the suspense saying that bope will reunite ..i think the writer didnt know that carbo was so popular when they start the triangle
4.Chad being a dimera was a interesting storyline Stephano Kate EJ Lexie even Victor could have been involved wish they have done that storyline in september instead of the shooting/pukefest reunion
5. what happened to Anna ?

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Preview – Week of May 21, 2018

Next week on Days of our Lives, Brady (Eric Martsolf) is in for quite the surprise when Theresa (Jen Lilley) shows up and turns his world upside down again. What will happen when Theresa discovers that Brady and her sister, Eve (Kassie DePaiva) are engaged?Meanwhile, Sonny (Freddie Smith) is in for surprise also, when he realizes Leo (Greg Rikaart) is going to turn the tables on him, after their steamy passionate kiss. And, Will (Chandler Massey) find a new clue in Dr. Rolf’s diary, as Kate (Lauren Koslow) learns her fate in Vivian’s death.

Check out these teasers from upcoming episodes of DAYS below, and then watch the latest promo from NBC. Tell us what storyline has piqued your interest the most via the comment section below.

Monday, May 21

Stefan threatens Abigail with Chad’s freedom.

Tuesday, May 22

Lani has a scare concerning her unborn baby.

Wednesday, May 24

Sonny’s world is turned upside down when he receives stunning news.

Thursday, May 23

Xander taunts Jennifer about her relationship with Eric.

Friday, May 25

Gabi learns a judge has overturned her conviction… but a new problem arises.

Click HERE to see the video preview!


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Days Of Our Lives

RATINGS: DAYS Overtakes GH And Takes The Number Three Spot!

Following their triple-crown victory of winning Outstanding Daytime Drama Series, Writing Team in a Drama Series, and Directing Team honors at the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, Days of our Lives continued their upswing when the recent ratings were released this week.

For the week ending April 30th through May 4th, DAYS moved past General Hospital as the third most-watched soap opera. Considering DAYS has been in the fourth position of all four soaps for the last several years, this is definitely worth noting.. DAYS came in with 2,301,000 average total viewers for the ratings week, while GH had 2, 288,000. In addition, GH tied an all-time low in the womens 18-34 ratings share.

As for The Young and the Restless, they also lost the most viewers for the week with -174,00, while coming in at 4,089,000 total viewers. Even though they remain at number one and are far ahead of the other three soaps, it seems the show, which in the past has hovered around 4.5 million a week, is down. In addition, the ratings reflected that B&B is now tied with Y&R for the number one show in the womens demo 18-34, and Y&R has tied some lows in total households, and the women 18-49 ratings share.

The Bold and the Beautiful remains second of the soaps with 3,227,00 viewers, but is down over 100,000 total viewers from last year at this time. View the entire ratings picture via SON here. (more…)

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Days Of Our Lives

Kyle Lowder Returns To DAYS: But What Role Is He Playing?

Kyle Lowder, who started his soap career on Days of our Lives as Brady Black from 2000-2005, has returned to the NBC Daytime Emmy Award-winning drama series.

Most recently, Lowder co-executive produced and starred in the digital drama adaption of DAYS EP Ken Corday’s novel, Ladies of the Lake, which is set to premiere its second season in June.

Now that Lowder is back on DAYS, the question remains under the creative pen of head writer, Ron Carlivati, who will he be playing given that Eric Martsolf is currently Brady Black and is not exiting the series?

Kyle took to social media sharing a video message on his arrival back in Salem expressing: “BEYOND excited to be rejoining my Days of our Lives family. See y’all soon!” SOD first reported the casting news. (more…)

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Video du Jour

The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Marci Miller as Abigail

Days of our LIves

Airdate: 5-8-2018