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OLTL Poll: What Character Will You Miss the Most?


It is almost time to say goodbye to the citizens we love from Llanview and One Life to Live. So, now its time to think in your heart of hearts, “What character will you miss the most when One Life ends its network television run this Friday?”

On-Air On-Soaps have provided you with an opportunity to let your voices be heard. Cast you vote in our OLTL poll now through Friday night, January 13 2012 by 6PM PST/9PMEST. You can only vote once from one IP address, so make it count! The ballot is only for characters that must have appeared on One Life to Live from at least six months from the end of its run.

And, if there is a character you feel you will really long for on the current canvas that isn’t represented here, you can select the OTHER option. There, you can go ahead and write he or she in! Remember, this poll is for current characters in the cast, not characters who have not appeared on the series for years.

We will announce the results on Friday night’s BlazinRy and BlogTalkRadio broadcast event, The OLTL Finale Special – After the Show with Michael Fairman with special casts, Melissa Archer, John-Paul Lavoisier and Kristen Alderson live 7PMPST/10PMEST.

So after the jump vote in our OLTL Poll: What Character Will You Miss the Most?

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I voted VIki. She is the heart and soul of our beloved ONE LIFE TO LIVE, plus she’s the definition of CLASS ACT.


Me too! Damn, I’m going to so miss this show…for now! I’m looking forward to seeing OLTL again, somewhere, somehow. Long live OLTL!


I agree Jared. Viki is the heart and soul of the show. She is an amazing actress.

Patrick Trubia

Couldn’t have said it any better Jared! Viki is the best and indeed a class act! And I will miss Dorian too!


Viki… as already mentioned.. she IS the heart and soul of the show. Well said Jared.

Colleen kaleta

I couldnt pick I voted for all I dont know if that will count or not.. I am really torn up about this.. Spent all week crying and today is going to be a really hard day..


Viki! But Tina too!




hmm i voted for Tea, she is such a great actress!!


Yes, I agree jerrica, but I will miss Roxy the most. Hard to choose one.


I voted for Nora because Hillary B. Smith is the reason I started watching OLTL in the 1st. place.


What an impossible question to answer. One of the best things about OLTL was the balance of the ensemble cast. I suppose Viki because she represents the ideal spouse, mother, sister, aunt, best friend, and all-around, ethical, loving human being we all wish we had in our lives. But surely, one of the reasons for OLTL’s long-term sustainability and successful is the presence of so many endearing characters played by exceptional performers. What would Viki be without Dorian? Who could forget the arguments and passion between Victor/Todd and Tea? Who didn’t smile every time Roxy, David, or Sam appeared? I love the other characters too. Who could single out one member of their family when you love them all?


David replied January 14th, 2012 at 9:15 am
Trevor was good but Roger is THE Todd. Who knows? Trevor and the show said one thing but he appeared in the finale. Trevor may be exploring other possiblities. And with the finale, Trevor may join GH in the future.

But Trevor is a master of emotions….. I would love to see him up against Sonny on GH. Both standing there cool, calm, or going so deep you don’t know where they are going to take you to, or just playing playful.. I would love to see them opposite one another standing their calm, cool, no matter what is being played to them.


PS. Because (Sonny) Maurice Bernard is a master of emotions too. Howarth, also very complex, doesn’t have that range. He was always mostly dark (good at it) but no so multi- layered.

Tara K

I voted for Nora her and Bo are the reason i have watched the show for 21 years now

Brandi Bridges

Viki, Viki, Viki- there is NO actress better than Erika Slezak!! Love, love, love her! I can’t imagine not watching her everyday- shes always been a part of my life. So very sad!


She is the Meryl Streep of Daytime, and should go do Feature Films, and Broadway, and win Emmy’s and Oscar’s, and show those over payed actor’s in Hollywood how to act.

Brandi Bridges

Absolutely- well said! I have always thought of her as being a great combination of the best qualities of Meryl Streep and Julie Andrews! I can’t praise her enough!


Vicki. She was like a surrogate mother. And one could tell she lives/lived her life REAL life with the same discipline that she plays her character (when the character is vicki/not the alter’s). But I have to throw a NON to Robin Strasser whom I’ve been upset she isnot in the historic picture finale. I hope they picture shop her picture into the photo. Robin poured her life blood into that show and gained ratings because of it. I will dearly miss Trevor St.John, whom it took awhile for me to warm up to him, BUT boy did he play the Hell out of that roll. Tea, I always thought she was beautiful; this year I feel in love with her acting. And by beloved newcomer Jack. I do loved those facial expressions of his. I will miss the darling Sam’s funny comments. I so wanted to watch his acting mature and see where his range would take him because of his comedic timing now…… I will miss everyone but these individuals the most. I pray the show is picked up before they scatter all over across the states.


I voted Viki. She is the reason I started watching all those years ago and she continued to be the reason I still watched. I will miss the entire ensemble but my favorite was Viki (Erika Slezak).


Viki was my first obvious choice too but what is the show without everyone else? How can we just name one character? Better if they’d asked who would we miss the least, I guess. That might still be hard, given this particularly excellent cast. This is one time I really love everyone on a show. Most times there are a few you can do without or just don’t take to but gosh, I love this group.


Trevor St. John….Can’t believe GH did not choose him over Howarth !


Exactly. If you lo look on this site, under the picture where they annouce that the Mannings are going to GH, I get into a LONG thing about that. Howarth has left the role more times than one can count, only to be found on another channel IMMEDIATELY after. St. John never left the role , and stayed on for the entire 8 years. OLTL wouldn’t allow him to stay as he wanted to stay on until the finale. They treated him as ” take a bow and be dismissed”. Howarth gets to get a new gig in sunny california while St. John and the rest of the cast are on the unemplyment line. ( I can’t get into anymore of this, it sickens me). You can find the long thing I wrote above it undet the picture and announcement on the site about them and GH. Howarth is none deserving of this.


I agree but it makes sense that it is Roger because he is Todd Manning and the other Todd AKA Victor is suppose to be dead. His connection now is Tea, Dani and Sam.

I liked Trevor much better then Roger, he is one of the best actors from that show, mean, funny, childlike, sexy he had it all!


I am heartbroken over the treatment of Trevor St. John…after all the years of true loyalty. I wish him all the best and hope he makes it as a leading actor. He is an amazing talent and I have a huge amount of respect for him. I love you Trevor !


Trevor was good but Roger is THE Todd. Who knows? Trevor and the show said one thing but he appeared in the finale. Trevor may be exploring other possiblities. And with the finale, Trevor may join GH in the future.

Linda Dowell

Todd. I’m a faithful GH watcher, so I will see am there, and am I happy about that, YES I AM, but would I prefer to see him with all of his schtick with his kids and relatives and Tea and Victor etc etc? Yes I would……


Please please please….can Erika Slezak be a recast Helena Cassadine?

Carol Graham

I will miss them all, but I voted for Vickie.


this poll made me cry. how can i choose just one?


Me, too, for the reasons you stated. She goes furthest back in my memory of the show to the very beginning, and I will miss her dearly. I hope she know how much she is loved.

Sarah Jayne

David Vickers


I will miss Vickie, because when I started watching OLTL she was the most important one to me. I will miss all of the cast and crew they were all great.


I voted Natalie she’s amazing!! 🙂


I voted for Nora. I so highly identified with her strength, her chutzpah, her devotion to her family. Hilary B Smith took Nora and ran and never looked back. Even in a 9 month coma, I never gave up and neither did Nora. Through medical turmoil, arch nemesis, train wrecks and more, she always bounced back. I think I identified with her most was when she found herself totally off guard when Daniel admitted her was gay. I was going through the same situation and the pain, the humiliation Nora shown mirrored my own. I will miss Nora most of all.


I voted for Viki, all around Viki is OLTL without her there’s no OLTL, without OLTL there’s no Viki, I cannot think of anyone that I’ll miss the most once OLTL is off the air.


Viki for 40 years has been the mom I never had. Her acceptance and compassion displayed, got me through many a dark day.


Viki has been like a mother figure I never had. Her acceptance and compassion she displayed got me through many a dark dday.

carol York

Sad Day ..One Life to Live is over..After 43 years of watching , all these actors have become like my family..They will ALL be missed dearly. I have watched since day 1…watched some grow up from a child, others mature as indeed I have over the years. I wish them All well in their private lives and know that they All will be missed!!!!! Farewell Friends!


I also voted Vicki. She is the heart of the show and has been for 40 years. The whole cast will be greatly missed. Truly the end of an era. So very sad.


i voted for vikki but i will miss all the charaters from oltl and i hope we she more oltl charater move to gh and if they move to gh they keep the same roll that they had on oltl

Kim Anderzak

I’ll miss them ALL, of course!


I will miss all the characters on One Life To Live (past and current) but mostly Vicki.


Trevor St. John is amazing!


I voted Natalie…. I miss them all… I love OLTL.




I voted for Vicki but I’ll miss them all.

RIP OLTL (1968- 2012)


I love Trevor St. John and I would of voted for him if I hadn’t kept up with Vicki so long. Trevor St. John we LOVE YOU….!!! You took the Dark character of Todd, (not easy to recast) and made him darker and better. TREVOR ST. JOHN we Love you!


We obviously think alike. Could not agree with you more.


I will miss them all, but the one who makes me laugh so much is Roxy.


So hard to choose just 1!!!!! I will miss them ALL as a whole!!! This show has REALLY helped me get through some hard times. Even when the topics did not match mine at the same time. Just knowing I had something in my life to turn to and enjoy!


It’s hard to just pick one cause I’m going to miss them all.


Vicki and dorian are the ones I will miss the most. Their relationship over the years made one life to live the show we loved. I will miss you oltl. I am not saying goodbye. I hope one day llanview will be part of our lives again.


Voted for Tea….Florencia always gives an unforgettable performance….but I will truly miss the entire cast. That’s what makes OLTL so special, unlike any other show…The entire cast is just so damn good!


There will be alot to miss. David, Nigel, Roxie, etc…

But Vicki was and always will be the heart & soul of this show.
She will be missed by me the most. She is irreplaceable!!

Jeannie McCoole



I selected Viki. Her longevity is amazing for a televison character. I remember when Erika Slezak took over the role. I also recall the first two actresses to portray Viki.
Just like all the fans of this series, I am truly saddened today.


voted Viki but ALL the characters will be missed even Jack and he cant even act!

barbara t

vicki,she has been with the show for 40 years,that says it all ,she intertwined with all the other citizens of landview,then clint he took took over the roll from clint ritchie (rip)I loved that guy and jerry verdorn came in and made clint his own ,and he did it ,this will be a very hard day for me,so sad,what was abc thinking?


I have watched the show since Day 1, I remember Meredith, Larry Vinnie, Joe even the evil Victor Lord. I despise ABC and when the lights go out in Landview, they go out on ABC as well. We don’t want talk shows, cooking shows, there’s already too many. We want what we grew up with, our OTHER FAMILY OLTL…. I know I got a little off base but I am so sad, cried all week and today I don’t know what I’ll do… My heart belongs to Todd, from the first day I have loved Todd…. love all the rest but Todd it has to be……


I voted Roxy. Just love the stuffings out of her, but I very easily could have chosen Viki or Blair. Hell, just about everyone in this incredilby talented cast.

jodi marrone

I voted for Vicki.I have admired the character as well as the actress. It was difficult choice and what I learned is that all these people are my family,imperfections and all . I will always be forever be grateful for there influence in my life.


i miss seeing viki every day i would like to see her recast helena cassadine she would played a good villainess

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