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Days Of Our Lives

On An Emotional DAYS: Daniel's Dead & Maggie Must Choose Who Gets His Heart … Brady Or Eric?



After months of waiting to see how Shawn Christan’s (Daniel) exit from Days of our Lives would play out, viewers got their answer on Monday’s episode of the NBC soap opera.

Following the New Year’s Eve car crash: Daniel, Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Eric (Greg Vaughan) are wheeled into University Hospital neeeding urgent care, but Daniel did not make it.  Now he is being kept on a ventilator, only because he is a viable organ donor.  Fynn (Alexander Bruzt) reveals Daniel suffered head trauma and is brain dead.

When the family members are notified, DAYS showed each of the parents: John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena (Deidre Hall) –  Brady’s father and Eric’s mother, Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) and Victor (John Aniston) –  Daniel’s mother and godfather –  as well as Jennifer’s son, JJ (Casey Moss) all learning the news at the same time of the car crash, and who all rush to the hospital to be with their loved ones.


Meanwhile, Theresa (Jen Lilley), Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Nicole (Arianne Zucker) are having it out at the Basic Black New Year’s Eve fashion show party, when Nicole gets a call.  When she gets to the hospital, she learns Daniel is dead, and so too does Maggie and Victor all at the same time from Fynn.   Nicole then has an emotional goodbye with Daniel in the ICU.  When Nicole gets up to allow Maggie some time to sit alone with her son, she leaves the room.  Next, Maggie collapses on the floor in grief.  Victor then joins her so they can say goodbye to Daniel together.

Elsewhere, Marlena gets to Eric’s room where Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) questions her if she remembers any past upper respitory infections that Eric might have had.  Kayla suspects something.  Roman (Josh Taylor) comes by and joins Marlena. He informs his ex-wife that their son was drunk at the time of the accident and is the one who ran into Jennifer.  Marlena is mortified.


John wants to see Brady, but Theresa is over his bedside willing him to fight to live and come back to their son Tate, and her.  An emotional John is overcome with grief seeing his son in such peril.

At the end of the episode, Kayla and Fynn tell Maggie and Victor that both Eric and Brady need a heart, and that Daniel’s is a match for both of them.   Maggie is overcome with the knowledge that she must be the one who must decide quickly who should get Daniel’s heart …  Eric or Brady?

Throughout the episode there were some heartbreaking moments delivered, in particular kudos go to Suzanne Rogers as the mother put in an impossible situation.  As well, Arianne Zucker finally had some very emotional moments to play, and Drake Hogestyn and John Aniston also had some touching moments om the male side.

Now the question:  Who do you think will get Daniel’s heart … Eric or Brady?  What did you think of the episode  … thumbs up or thumbs down?  Whose performance had you reaching for the hankies the most?  Comment below!

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Since Shawn Christian and Greg Vaughn are leaving the show I’m going to guess that Brady will get the heart…


Good guess 🙂


Eric could still get a heart from another donor. But if they go the way of killing off TWO more characters senselessly like this, then that is just awful. Why can’t anyone just move away these DAYS?


Chrystie, I think Eric (Greg Vaughn) is also leaving the show — hopefully they don’t kill the character off (haven’t watched today’s show yet); they COULD have sent Will off to live with Sonny in Paris if they wanted the character gone. Killing the character off was stupid and useless. Days just likes killing characters off and shove new ones we don’t care about down our throats.


I agree with you, Ces. Yes. I heard Greg Vaughn was leaving. Hopefully they will use this experimental protocol on him. At least that is what they sound like they are doing, making me pretty sure that Brady will get the heart. Eric probably recovers and then moves away to find himself. They have really messed up that poor character. What a shame.

I so agree about Will. No need to kill him off and so viciously at that. A message was sent loud and clear and received. Horrible!


I sure wouldn’t want to live in Salem!!!!! Think of how may people have died tragically in the past few months. This is a little TOO unrealistic. I’d be for getting out of there. Notice too that the characters very quickly get over their over loved one’s deaths. Only a few have realistic emotions even for a short time.


Did Eric go to the Newman School for drivers featuring Summer, Adam and Noah as head faculty?


A lot of characters in the hospital right now. It’s a trend.


really sad episode


Extremely sad episode!! All acting was superb. Especially Maggie and Nicole. Just heart wrenching. Very sad to see the character of Daniel and Shawn C. leave DOOL. I really enjoyed him:(


its one thing to kill daniel, albeit so suddenly in one episode… its another to kill off eric… if these short sighted writers kill off the beautiful and talented greg vaughan as the legacy eric … im officially done with days!!!
and we know nicole was engaged to daniel, but the real love of her life, eric was also in serious condition… she didnt even peek into his room. where s the agony? , she s not even remotley torn between grieving between the two men she s in love with. lately its been all about her and daniel, with the writers neglecting the real connection eric and nicole share!…. these writers better do serious damage control to the best couple on days , ericole!!!


Don’t forget–Nicole was involved with Brady too!


Well said. I stopped watching for a few years when Eric was a priest & thought Days made a big mistake not pairing Nicole with him. Was surprised to see Nicole with Daniel when I started watching again (PR’s return). Daniel has always been a dud; with her & Jen too. A shame to let Greg V go, he is very talented.


Exactly. All these scenes of Nicole crying over Daniel .. well, it’s just not convincing to me! Considering just last summer she was all about Eric, and had been for years! And even if she did choose Daniel over Eric, why doesn’t she seem to care at ALL that Eric is lying in a hospital room dying as well?! This just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and makes me even more glad Daniel’s gone (I never liked him much, he ALWAYS slept with his patients! I’m really surprised he didn’t sleep with Eve).


Oh My God,

First we lose Serena, Paige, nearly Marlena & Will to awful Ben-the necktie killer-ugh-why kill WILL? Recast him but don’t KILL him! Then Bo-oh, words fail me here. Too horrific for words-bring him back after so long only to come home to that awful scene at Hope’s which has been swept under the rug if you ask me. I mean, that house was decimated & then hours later nothing except that little blood stain on the rug. All that was played out too fast. What about Aiden-what is the story about his first wife-did he kill her or did Chase like he told Hope? I hate loose ends. I do not like Ciara, Chase & Theo aged, at all. I also do not like Chase bullying poor Theo.

Today’s show has nearly done me in. WHY so much tragedy in this tiny town in the space of 6 wks or so? Really?

WHY kill Daniel? RECAST! He has become the rock (like Nicole said today) of that show! I loved him & he helped everyone on there. Victor lost his son seems like last week & now Maggie-think of Parker, Melanie & Chloe, not to mention this was Nicole’s first & probably last chance at happiness in her entire LIFE! What Daniel meant to Jenn & JJ, etc. I cannot stand what the writers have done to Eric-ugh-I don’t care what happens to him & I used to love him! He was beyond drunk-he was like a rag doll who was driving asleep! GOD, Nicole should HAVE TAKEN HIS KEYS!

Give the heart to Brady who has a child & a woman in his life. Put Eric on the donor registry or something. This is just too much tragedy. Why on earth involve Jennifer? Her grandson is in the hospital-that’s enough. What are the odds-Jennifer, Brady, Daniel & Eric-all in the same car wreck-even for a soap . . . . I just hate the unnecessary killing of those who could just leave town & potentially come home again.

I also detest Andre & that crazy brainwashing he did to Chad. Just hate that. I do not like Belle or Claire-send them to Maine.

I am so sad-

Crazy for Days

Jennifer’s mom was in rehab for drug addition and that’s the path Jennifer will be heading for from the accident. She will need pain meds to cope and become addicted. Next story plot.

tim S

Great Episode.. Did not guess that storyline… Yeah!!!


A tear-jerker, for sure, tim S.


Just finished watching today’s episode. It’s just too tragic. I know I’m in the minority; but, I liked Daniel and will miss him terribly. There has been way too much death on this show lately.


I liked him too. I will miss him. I don’t like that they killed him. Poor Maggie.


Suzanne Rogers was riveting!

the way she backed up and collapsed to the floor

helplessly reeling !

if she could she’d have backed out of that room , but suddenly present… the pain

oh! major tears for Maggie!

I have come to adore Suzanne Rogers so much

remember after all those characters came back to life.. and she one of?

I’ve always looked to her character as under the radar but nevertheless a constant blip torching her share of the Horton…

she… along with Alison Sweeney in DAYS bleakest years… carried DOOL

then … she met Victor… and the rest is history… a loving heart tugging couple if there ever is

I love how Suzanne Rogers characterizes and envelops her characters love for family… just a delight

with Victor recent loss of his son Bo’ and now his wife… losing her “shared” son… Daniel

oh : hard tears to swallow

this couple reigns

I adore Maggie


A very sad episode but what a great episode . Most of the episodes on Days for the last few months have been amazing from the realism , the honesty and humanity of the feelings conveyed . Days is must see tv right now . Sure its sad but life has its moments of sadness . Days is showing us that life is not always about happiness , running around , being silly , jumping into bed . I command this soap for being so raw and real . The moments of happiness will be back , no doubt about it . Let’s just embrace the quality of the acting and writing on a soap that so deserved to turn 50 .


There weren’t enough tissues in the house! Nice touch with the phone calls. As a parent that is the one call you dread receiving. Right now it’s looking like Maggie will choose Brady because we know Shawn & Greg are leaving the show but somehow I thought they had other plans for Eric to take him off canvas (prison or priesthood again). Why kill off another legacy character??


I truly hope Greg Vaughan’ Eric… does not die

will he be kept at a respite till he gets his heart?

I certainly hope they keep the door open, should they bring him back

it’s shameful that here again… ( like Eve) another great character is wasted

it really makes you realize just how wonderful… and (choice of words) different .. perhaps not so much… in these trying times… to see just how well GV’ really is Father Eric

once again… DAYS production is really holding fast to their pace of storytelling… GV’ Eric will be gone that quickly… and we are left to assume that the lies and mistrust from both Serena and Nicole… did him in… and he never fully got over Kristen “rape”

you could truly see.. his pained expression… on that handsome face… so much more to tap

DAYS ! let up some


Death death and more death on DAYS!


I think it’s obvious Brady will get Dan’s heart. Eric is the drunk who killed Daniel. Plus, Brady is Victor’s grandson and Maggie is also very close with Brady.

Great performances from Maggie and Nicole especially. Very sad.


That is the most sound comment, Mo. Makes sense to me. As I mentioned in a previous thread, what are the chances Daniel is really Victor’s son?


Brady is also a father whereas, sad to say, Eric really has not done much with his life.


That’s what I was thinking too, Brady is a dad.

Has anyone told Maggie that Eric was driving drunk and caused the accident? Never mind having to look Marlena and John in the face if she chooses Brady, how are they going to look HER in the face knowing their drunk son killed her son.

But she is married to Victor–she needs to choose Brady. He is her family.

John coming in saying Brady can have my heart–I guess he’s a B&B fan. LOL Anyway, it’s just stupid.


OMG, Mo! When John came in and delivered those lines, Drake looked like he was parodying himself on SNL. He turned his head away as if HE could not believe he had to utter such words. 🙂


This show has little happiness,just death and plenty of funerals.

Dan S

I was really impressed with the quality of acting in this episode. Both Nicole and Maggie were heart breaking. It was one of the saddest episodes, but also one of the best.


Dear days,

Stop the killings, now please.

I am a huge DOOL and have been for 35+ years. The show is in a much better place than it was this time last year. But, the time has come for the writers to realize that you don’t have to kill every character, simply send them out of town or recast the role. It seems that since EJ died, it has been one death scene after another in a morgue or hearing all-too-real respirators. EJ, Serena, Will, Aidan and Bo all had gut-wrenching death scenes or sad aftermaths. I thought maybe it would end after the Neck-Tie killer reveal was over. I am afraid that if the show doesn’t “cheer up” soon, the audience will start tuning out because we are not seeing a balance between death versus romance and comedy. Although there were parts of the show on Monday that was touching, it once again seemed things were happening too fast. The pacing is not allowing the audience to fully feel the fallout of Daniel’s impending death and the upcoming issues with Eric and Brady. Within one episode, all of the aforementioned characters were rushed to the hospital. Daniel was basically pronounced brain dead by newbie Fynn. I did not think Kayla reacted the way an aunt would if her nephew had life-threatening injuries. I also did not feel Theresa’s pain as she looked at Brady lying in the hospital bed. Marlena seeing Eric and discovering he had an upper respiratory issue that caused heart damage. Roman revealing Eric was driving drunk. Jennifer telling JJ about Thomas. Maggie asked to make a decision about Daniel’s heart. All of these things happening in one episode was too much and lost some of its emotional impact. I do not envy the writers of shows that must write dialogue five days a week, 52 weeks a year. But, I wish that all of the aforementioned stories could have been spread out over the course of a week instead of a day. A few suggestions would have been showing Eric having a scene with Daniel or Brady and telling them about his struggles with losing Serena and her not being the person he fell in love with years ago. Then, seeing him reflecting on his year and showing him drowning his sorrows. It was not impactful to see two scenes at a fashion show watching “Father Eric” getting hammered and then getting behind the wheel. Daniel has been MIA for weeks. If there would have been love scenes, planning the wedding with Nicole, scenes with Parker, etc., it would have made yesterday’s scenes more impactful. Shawn Christian has been involved in so many storylines and seemed to have carried the show at times with Ari Zucker. Why not give him a big sendoff instead of seeing him at a fashion show, talking to Eric while driving and then boom, your dead? There have been other missed opportunities. Why is Abby not even mentioning Ben and her ordeal? Instead all she does is… Read more »

“Daniel has been MIA for weeks.” Ray, that is exactly like when they killed of Michael Easton’s character, Silas, on GH. The timing is not right and you can’t get the full emotion that you could had you watched scenes of them before their death.

Elite Advisors

You know, I just simply wrap my head around the idea that SO MANY of the most beloved characters are dead now…. was there no other way to write these story lines?

Who is left to watch? I recently read that Jack is back ( briefly) I assume that means Abby will be killed off as well….as the actress is leaving the show….

The writers on this show are turning beyond dark and sadly there’s no turning back…these young actors will not be able to carry a show…does not look promising for Days.

Thank you Kate Mansi for your exceptional work over the last few months….


It’s true. She is leaving, but will air through May, supposedly.

Elite Advisors

Have you heard if there is a recast in the works? I fear that since Jack is said to return foe a short stint that maybe its another devastating ending….I cannot think of any other reason that Jack would be back unless a tragic situation …again.


IA that it’s been too much death at this point. IMO, when you see one grieving mother followed by another and another and another for each death that’s happened over the course of the last 4+ months, it diminishes the emotional impact of the scenes for me. KDP’s Eve cried and broke down, as did AS’s Sami, as did PM’s Caroline, as did SR’s Maggie. I not only feel overly saturated with grief scenes, but I find myself comparing KDP’s acting to AS’, to PM’s, to SR’s. Same with Bryan Dattilo’s grief scenes, along with John Aniston’s, etc. And I have to say that since I prefer my soaps to be escapist entertainment from the pain and grief of the real world, I pick and choose which episodes of DOOL I watch now, since I do not want to watch more people cry and grieve in each episode. Death is a part of life, but this much death is a plot-driven error, and DOOL’s ratings of late seem to confirm that. Sure, the acting is good for the most part, and it’s definitely dramatic storytelling. No one can accuse of DOOL of passive storytelling. But IMO, this is too much, and the “wow” factor isn’t there anymore when there are this many grief scenes, one right after the other.

I returned to DOOL to watch my favorites return, but the stories for them have been less than inspiring so far, and if I have to suffer through those so-so stories and watch endless crying/grief in the process, I won’t make DOOL Appointment TV, and that’s very, very disappointing to me.


Maybe the action will switch to Newsalem.


Or I guess that was Melaswen.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

With so many killed off and leaving and with the aged teens, it already feel like a new Salem but not in the same way you mentioned…lol


Of gawd, those teen scenes yesterday were ridiculous. I did like Claire’s hair though. And who was that random friend with them? Did we even get a name? I’m sure Chad will be less than happy if he finds out about their little soiree in his club.

Allen saint james

Days IS BRING ING THE DAMN TO daytime. Soaps are at their very best when hard choices must be made, when lives hang in the balance, and especially when the emotional st ales are high. I for one enjoy watching soaps to get my cry on. I find it cathartic and life affirming. Days is spectacular with its mix of fantasy (brainwashing) intrigue/danger (john black story) crazy (eva, necktie killer) romance (patch and kayla) and all of the realness of death and despair (bo, daniel,. Great drama.


I really hate episodes like this and furthermore it brings my disgust of celebrating “New Year” to light. I have never cared for celebrating New Year’s since I became a mother and an adult. Becoming a parent makes you more aware of your mortality than anything. I always see it as “who will we lose THIS year?” because when you are lucky enough as I was to have your maternal grandparents live into their mid 90s and you live across the country from most of your family, you know that eventually you will get “the call” that someone has passed. That was me in 2009, 2010, and 2012.

This episode of DOOL just proves my point. That celebrating the New Year is fruitless because it is just another day. Yeah so you are starting a new 12-month calendar, but it is just another day. So depressing.

That being said, I believe Daniel’s heart will go to Brady because he is a FATHER. Eric will either die or get a donor elsewhere, though people driving drunk should not be bumped up on the registry just because some big wig has lots of money to throw around.

I had a friend that just recently received a double lung transplant due to cystic fibrosis. He leapfrogged a lot of people that had been waiting about a year because he only had 10% lung capacity. The transplant is based on need. If they show Eric getting a heart over someone else then it is wrong.


Now there is a report that Kate Mansi (Abigail) is leaving. She has taped her last scenes but will be onscreen through May 2016.


She probably got killed off too.


I hope it’s not true.


She just confirmed on Instagram that the rumors are true. She is leaving.


Hopefully the role will be recast.

Mary SF

Okay, I wasn’t going to watch these episodes but the soap lover in me won out, and I need to support every last soap on, even if I don’t like what I am watching. I still believe unless the powers that be are trying to give every actress and actor on the show a stunning Emmy reel, then all this death and destruction is unnecessary.

First off the shock value of an untimely death is lost when you use the same plot device over and over, in a short span of time, by the third or fourth time it’s like been there done that.

Also as a viewer you can only empathy with all this grief up to a point and then it is overload and it just becomes background noise. For example today when Nicole climbed into bed with brain dead Daniel it meant nothing, but when Sami did it with EJ the first time around, it was a tender moment.

Also, weary of the plot device of someone who died being the organ donor to another character– got nothing against organ donation or raising awareness for the cause, but in this case Daniel should have just been a donor on the list. This whole unnecessary melodrama of both Eric and Brady suddenly needed a heart and only Maggie can decide which one gets the heart is sloppy manipulation at best. unless they are planning to kill off Eric which would be a mistake after killing legacy characters Will and Bo, I am going to assume both men will survive, so why do I have to watch the character Maggie agonize over a decision that in end won’t matter. And as noble as gesture it is that John wants to give his heart to Brady, what doctor is going to kill a person in order to save another– and I doubt the show will have John kill himself– not if they want to keep viewers– so all of this all made up melodrama–as was Thomas suddenly illness– and as a viewer it insulting. There are creative and better ways to create drama on a show so frankly I think Days writing is lazy right now. But congrats to the cast if you can’t win a Emmy with these reels then it wasn’t meant to be.


Suzanne is the best. Nice to see her get some well deserved recognition. If anyone can make a Solomon like decision it is Maggie.


I think the heart will go to Brady because Eric (Greg Vaughn) has left the show.


Arianne Zucker was her phenom self of ole’

could this be the rebirth of Nicole Walker?

where else does she have to go; with the demise of Daniel and the exit of Eric?

boy was she not the most wasted character and … for all intent and purpose… languishing in Days of ole’…. overkilled to the point of saturation… with Daniel, Eric, Brady, and Jennifer…

honestly… I pretty much had written her off… and that would have been a serious remiss… because… despite the fact that her character has no family support… few friends… she is a stand alone ACT! period

Monday’ ep: showed me glimpses since thought… long gone… and I was jubilant for Arianne Zucker ! ???

with Daniel and Eric out of the picture… Brady caught up in Theresa (w/Chloe on the horizon, perhaps) and Jennifer… DOA

it’s an interesting time and hope that Days production mines Arianne Zucker Talent.

Nicole always seems to have gotten the “short end of the stick” as it were.
never had the luck of the draw when it comes to true love, romance, and children.

talk about a clean slate for this character… I Want for her mother be alive… Fay.


I feel the same as so many others, tired of all of the death the ‘new’ writers have brought to DAYS. They’ve never tied up the Clyde Weston storyline, particularly problematic because it’s never been revealed that he was behind EJ’s murder. They ruined the Aiden character, who I’d actually come to accept, only to bring Bo back to kill him? Then they ruin Eric and make him even more of an aimless drifter only now to leave him at death’s door. Truly how much are the Hortons/Brady/Kiriakis clans to take? How much are the viewers to take? Is this and NBC plot to kill the show through attrition?

I’ve watched off and on since the late 70’s when I was a child. Love the Soap genre and I hope it makes a comeback someday. Would hate to see DAYS go away, still miss the all time best show – Santa Barbara. Now if the blasted writers would just give A Martinez something to work with.

Very disappointed!

WHY are you killing off another main character? I was totally blown away at Bo’s death. Mostly how quickly it happened. He was always a fave of mine. Daniel is another of my faves. I actually liked him and Nicole together. Balanced each other out. Eric, not so much. I have done nothing but cry since Bo exited. So very sad. I hope there are more good actors in line to take their place!!!!!

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