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Racially Diverse ‘Dynasty’ Reboot Gets Pilot Order From CW!


The Carringtons just may be back after all, in some semblance! According to TV Line on Friday, the CW has ordered a pilot for the much discussed reboot of the primetime soap classic, Dynasty.

The new version is said to be ‘racially diverse’ from Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage and Revenge producer Sallie Patrick, who know a thing or two about producing soapy fare!

The project is described as “a modernized reboot that follows two of America’s wealthiest families, the Carringtons and the Colbys, as they feud for control over their fortune and their children.

The story will unravel through the perspectives of two women at odds: Fallon Carrington — daughter of billionaire Blake Carrington — and her soon-to-be stepmother, Cristal, a Hispanic woman marrying into this WASP family and America’s most powerful class.

Good news is that Dynasty original series creators, Esther and Robert Shapiro will serve as executive producers for the reboot.

The new version of Dynasty is also promising to expose the “dark underbelly” of the 1 percent, and of “a corrupt world built on backroom deals, betrayal, and, in some cases, murder.”   

So, happy to know a Dynasty pilot has been greenlit? Do you think it will be intriguing without the those soapy shoulder pads and vixens of the 80’s? Comment below.

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Other than a few familiar character names….this sounds nothing like Dynasty and makes me wonder why they are doing it at all. Dynasty was pure campy over thr top fun. The show should pick up on the kids of the major characters…like Krystina, LB, and Fallon’s kids. Then we could have cameos by Joan Collins and all the older cast members. This sounds like a completely different concept just tacking on the Dynasty franchise name to draw viewers. These “reboots” never work unless they stay true to the original concept and characters. I dont know why every new series has to be gritty, and dark, and edgy etc. Csnt we just have a campy old fsshioned soap that we can just watch to escape for an hour or so? I will tune in…but it doesnt sound promising…and the DYNASTY sounds like it is present in name only.


Then it’s not Dynasty! Call it what you want, but it’s not Dynasty!




The timing is perfect. “Dynasty” soared as Ronald Reagan took over as the glamorous President. Now with Donald Trump moving from his gold-throned penthouse into the White House, a new version of “Dynasty” might capture the spirit of the times.


Did you just imply Trump was the new glamorous president…or was that sarcasm. I hope it was.

Lou piikes

People are entitled to their own opinion about Trump. Just let it go.


No can do. No one should… People have to snap out of it and realized what’s happening.


Hey there, Rebecca! I’m replying to you here in response to your reply to me below in this thread. That whole ageism thing… I didn’t realize how pervasive ageism is here at this site as well as elsewhere. Respect! Empathy! Now, those are worthwhile pursuits.

BTW: Love your statement: “People have to snap out of it and realized what’s happening.” Every day brings about chaos, shock, and resulting disappointment from actions and statements of the new president. I personally don’t find fascism or racism glamorous!

Take care, Friend!


this ins’t “dynasty” i’m sorry

Mark Y

This is just plain silly.

James McDonald

They better find a major star to play “Alexis Carrington”. However, only Joan Collins could play her.


The new version is said to be ‘racially diverse’
“a modernized reboot”

ahha ya sure..
Most the soap fans do not want their daytime soaps ‘racially diverse and modernized’
The loss of the Cast that was the magic of Dynasty those once in lifetime Vixens, gone..
Bottom line; it will not be anything like the soap they once loved..
I think there will be unhappy campers..
I hope the reboot will be great and y’all will love it.. I’m going to check it out.


Thank you for the photo. How I adored Pamela Sue Martin, the true Fallon, lol! I’m in agreement with the others. The show sounds like it might be interesting … but it sounds nothing like the “Dynasty” I loved.


“Thank You” I was absolutely crushed when Pamela Sue Martin… chose to leave … boy … I wish she had known… what a money maker this turned.

argh! at least I have my Poseiden Adventure, the 1972 movie she starred.

I just never warmed to Emma Samms in the role. thankfully we had Sami jo… Heather Locklear to fill the void.


Schwartz and Savage are the perfect team to bring back DYNASTY but truthfully the only primetime soap I am interested in seeing revived is KNOTS LANDING.

Lew S.

Many pilots are green lit, but never see the light of day. Such as Dark Shadows (2004), Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Dark Man and Clerks. Sometimes it’s best to leave the past in the past. If the EPs can remain true to the original premises, with a dash of the new, I think it could work. I watched the new series Riverdale, based on the Archie comic book, and it was nothing like the comic book, from the 50s, 60s and 70s, which is ok, but Ms. Grundy as a hot teacher, having an affair with Archie Andrews??? The lesbian kiss between Betty & Veronica?? Hey, shock value is good sometimes, but it can also turn off the loyal fans of the originals series/movies.


RIVERDALE wasn’t really all that shocking to anyone familiar with comics. For the past several years, Archie Comics has become more representative of the world its readers live in. In 2010, they introduced their first gay character Kevin Keller and began integrating other real world topics into their storytelling. Among the most recent hits for the company have been AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE (Riverdale deals with a real zombie apocalypse) and THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA (Sabrina with a real horror slant instead of the lighthearted angle the tv show took). While they still publish the classic Archie, the company is actively providing different variations of the characters to draw in new readers.

Lew S.

I am definitely going to give Riverdale a try.


Of these 80s soaps, I think Knots Landing, is the only one that could work as a reboot.


I’m not a fan of remakes. The Dallas reboot was good because it picked up where the original left off. If Larry Hagman had not passed away, it may still be on. Utilizing original actors to portray original characters was an asset. No one can play “Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter” but the wonderful Joan Collins. I’m all for diversity, in fact it makes television more true to life but create new shows rather than rewriting the history of classics. JMHO


As far as I’m concerned, this has DISASTER written all over it……….


I agree with you, Brother!

As a huge fan of Dynasty — I watched every episode — this version sounds disappointing and contrived. With regard to racial diversity, Diahann Carroll starred as Dominique Devereaux, Blake Carrington’s long-lost half-sister. So, for a short while anyway, there was racial diversity in the original cast.


This sounds awful. I’d like to see a reboot of FALCON CREST. I still miss the DALLAS reboot.

4ever DAYS

They should name it ‘Dentistry.’ It sounds as exciting as a root canal!



John Walden

As a HUGE Dynasty fan, I know that I will NOT be watching this. It doesn’t even sound like Dynasty except in name only. If they wanted to reboot the series, why not a next generation Dynasty, with L.B. Colby and Danny Carrington taking center stage, and original cast members making appearances? If they wanted to add diverse characters, then give L.B. or Danny a Hispanic or black girlfriend, but LEAVE THE ORIGINAL CHARACTERS THE WAY THEY WERE CREATED!!! I’m stunned that the Shapiros are on board with this. they must be desperate for money!


Boo Hoo Cry us a river.


Wish the old time viewers would stop their crying about its not Dynasty.

IT SAID REBOOT aka re-imagining!

Half the cast is dead or near in diapers.

I swear some viewers are so pathetic.


I respect your opinion, Y2Jin99, but I object to your crass statement “dead or near in diapers.” My father is currently in the population you denigrate. If we live long enough, we may reach that state: you and I as well… Ageism is NOT a good look…

Viewers of the original Dynasty series have a right to be protective of the legacy of that terrific show.


Couldn’t agree more, Jamesj75. Ageism is a constant on this thread…it’s just juvenile and insensitive. These “types” of people never grow up, no matter how OLD they get. I guess that’s one way of hanging on to youth….


Correction. Not on this thread…on this site. Many critiques of what people of a certain age should wear, how they should act, etc. And let’s not forget our house expert on what age the writers and actors should be.

if it’s not race, it’s religion. if it’s not religion, it’s age. Gotta love humanity! 🙂

John Gordon

Really, I agree with James – everyone gets older, I’m getting older too and it’s not polite to phrase it as “now in diapers” (no I’m not THAT old but still) – we’re ALL getting older – I don’t expect to see Linda Evans and Joan Collins battling it out still – it could be interesting nevertheless.


You may say that older fans should stop crying about the reboot but you need to bear in mind that it is those very fans that the new show is hoping to bring on board to build a viewing base thanks to their love of and nostalgia for the original. If the producers weren’t hoping to appeal to that fan base they would just create a new show from scratch and and not use the name to garner interest from those older fans.

Yes, it’s a reboot and yes, fans have to realize that reboots are not cookie cutter imitations of the original source material but at the same time the producers need to realize that when a series has such a loyal following any tampering they do with the original concept is going to be met with a great deal of scrutiny and criticism.


What a joke!
This isn’t Dynasty it’s really going to flop it may as well be called something else they should pick the story years on without Joan Linda and the other stars forgot it Cw


I’ll tune in and see. If it doesn’t capture my attention from the first, it will be the last time I watch it. Good luck! I’d like to see a real “reboot”.



Trophy Lady

EXACTLY!!! Shouldn’t she have been the focal point of this DIVERSITY??? She’s an original to the show! Why not focus on HER family? This is all very suspect! It’s like they’re purposely trying to imply that Dominique Deveroux didn’t exist and NOW this is the time for Dynasty to be diverse!


I am waiting to the entire cast.


Been there, done that with the real Dynasty back in the day….it was fabulous just as it was and cannot be improved upon with pointless attempts at updates or modern revisionism….so why even bother?????


I’m with you Shayster. Hollywood tries to wring every drop of money out of old shows to make new money. Racially diverse? Okay, fine, but dont F with the core families and make it unnoticeable! Did you see on Netflix they rebooted “One Day at a Time?” It is NOTHING like the classic and it triple sucks! MAGA!


I’m intrigued. I hope it get’s picked up.

Trophy Lady

Why is this version of a “Dynasty Reboot” being hailed for diversity, but it’s not focusing on Dominique Deveroux’s family? Wouldn’t that be the OBVIOUS and RESPECTFUL way to be diverse in 2017? Dominique was Blake’s sister! Why not focus on the DIVERSITY of that? Why not respect that history???


Nicollette Sheridan Made Series Regular On CW’s Dynasty!

If you haven’t caught Nicollette Sheridan’s take on the role of uber-bitch, Alexis Carrington on CW’s Dynasty, you better make sure to tune-in to the second season of the sudsy drama!

Now comes word via TV Line, that Sheridan has been upped to series regular on the reboot, which is great news for her fans, who fell in love with her as Paige Mathison on Knots Landing, then as Edie Britt on Desperate Housewives, and now all over again as Alexis.

Nicollette came on to the canvas midway through the first season in the highly sought after role, originally played by Joan Collins. (more…)

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DYNASTY Season Finale: Burning Down The House!

Any soap opera lover should have been drooling over the season finale of CW’s Dynasty. Filled with every signature staple of the genre, and delivered in delicious fashion, the episode left us hungry for what’s in store for when the series returns for its second season.

The season finale was filled with multiple takeovers of Carrington Atlantic, one coup led by Fallon (Elizabeth Gilles) and another by their newest relative, Jeff Colby (Sam Adegoke) and yet there was another one going on with Alexis (Nicollette Sheridan) using Hank (Brent Antonello) to play the long lost son, while he voted later against Blake (Grant Show), Steven and Fallon. You need a scorecard to follow this, yet the double-cross of a double-cross was fun to watch.

The centerpiece of the episode was Steven (James Mackay) and Sammy Jo’s (Rafael de la Fuente) wedding filled with unexpected guests and shockers, chief among them a visit by soap vet Kelly Rutherford, who plays Melissa Daniels. As his wedding is about to start, Melissa shows up to tell Steven that she is pregnant with his child.

Elsewhere, when Cristal (Nathalie Kelly) who has already had it with Blake and feels trapped in a marriage to him, or is she really feeling that or enjoying the cat and mouse power game, figures out that Alexis has been sleeping with Hank, angling this whole takeover from her angle. When she confronts Alexis, finally the long-awaited mega catfight on steroids occurs (watch it after the jump) and the two women battle it out, until Alexis locks up Cristal.

When Anders (Alan Dale) finds her there and goes back to get the key, none other than unstable Claudia Blaisdel (Brianna Brown) arrives toting a gun. As she is about to have her long-awaited showdown with her nemesis the image of her former husband the late Matthew Blaisdel (Nick Wechsler) keeps coming up. She sees him in her mind, but she actually shoots Cristal and leaves her there to die. (more…)

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