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RATINGS: DAYS Has Most Gains! Y&R and B&B UP, While GH Down!



The ratings are out for the week of December 7th through the 11th, and it was Days of our Lives who delivered the strongest audience gains across the board in total viewers, and were also up in key demos.

Breaking it down, DAYS added +81,000 in total viewers. and increased the most viewers in the 18-49 and 25-54 womens demo categories.  Still though, the NBC soap opera remains in fourth position among all the network daytime dramas with its average tally for the week of 2,545,000 total viewers.  The series has slipped overall in recent weeks a bit after hitting some of its highest ratings mark in 2o-months.

It was also a good week for the CBS daytime dramas: The Young and the Restless which added +65,000 total viewers on average, and The Bold and the Beautiful which added the same.  B&B also gained the most viewers in the 18-34 womens demo. more than any other soap.  However, General Hospital did not fare as well.  In fact, the lone ABC daytime drama was the only soap to lose viewers -171,000 for the ratings week, as well as being down in several key demographics as well.  But, GH was up in the 18-34 category.  Even with the loss of ratings,  GH is currently in 3rd place ahead of DAYS.  View the entire ratings picture courtesy of SON here!

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,786,000 (+65,000/+28,000)
2. B&B 3,645,000 (+65,000/-125,000)
3. GH 2,645,000 (-171,000/-390,000)
4. DAYS 2,545,000 (+81,000/+90,000)

So, what do you think of the performance of your favorite soap during the ratings period? Which show is delivering to its audience the best December?  Which show is enticing viewers better than its ratings reflect? Share your thoughts on the current state of your daytime dramas in the comment section below!

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81 Comments on "RATINGS: DAYS Has Most Gains! Y&R and B&B UP, While GH Down!"

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Matthew Place

Wow! It sounds so good for DOOL — until you read the article! BTW despite “gains” DOOL still had a 1.8 overall rating, exactly like last week and last place like it says in the article. Oh well, they had gains anyway.

4ever DAYS

You’re wrong.

This week’s rating for DAYS is 1.89. Last week’s was 1.83, so you’re wrong on all counts by stating the overall rating is and was a 1.8 rating.

Also, DAYS gained the most from last week (81,000) and same week last year (90,000).

Finally, you seem to be bitter about the strangulation death of Will who was no match for the brute strength of Ben, but where were you before Will was murdered? Were’nt you constantly praising B&B the last few years?

Matthew Place

Wrong on all counts? Really? Hardy. I said Days had gains. Oh well. Why so bitter? Let’s see if your precious Days lasts another year or even two! I have never denied that I am a B&B fan. I don’t intend to do so now. So stop attacking fans of other soaps! That seems to be what you do best.

4ever DAYS

The demos are most important.

DAYS is #3 in women 18-49 this week. DAYS has seen higher positioned demos the last couple months whereas, B&B had been failing miserably!

Matthew Place

Wow, big difference between 1.83 and 1.89. Not that much. BTW B&B’s ratings hardly look like failing! B&B is firmly at #2!!!


Gains/losses are more important than placement. If you are in 3rd place but are showing losses that is bad. To be in 4th place but can show consistent gains that is the better place to be.

Matthew Place

Again, I said Days had gains!

4ever DAYS

“Those birds attacked!” Not I.

Matthew Place

OK. That statement pretty much sums up your mindset. You have been taunting me about Will Horton for years. He’s dead now, and you still keep at it. You have been trying to intimidate me and force me to post what you like or NOT post at all. You may be a die-hard Days fan, but that’s not all you are!!! You recognize my name and target me. Just. Stop. Now.


I don’t expect the gains for Days to continue unless people are tuning in to see old favorites. I think the show is an unmitigated disaster again. Characters aren’t seen for weeks at a time and there is FAR too much time spent on the recently aged untalented actors.

Matthew Place

I keep hearing the same things from people who still watch.

4ever DAYS

My comment was a denial of attacking you because I’m not, Matthew. I don’t completely understand you, but I can assure you that I do not and never did have anything against the character of Will or you. However, I didn’t like the recast.

You may be happy to know that DAYS’ Executive Producer, Greg Meng, commented a while back that Will’s story isn’t over yet. Also, there will be a big storyline involving Paul.

4ever DAYS

I now understand you after reading a post of yours further down. I wasn’t banned anywhere and I’m not a bully. I’ve only replied to you a few times on this site.

Also, my comment regarding the magazines was a half hazard attempt at humor considering the subject. Congrats to B&B. I’m happy you are proud…as you and everyone should be.

I’ll try my best to not reply to anymore of your posts.

Lucy D.

No surprise GH is down. It was the Let’s Humiliate Liz Week.

Get a clue network peeps. Viewers want to see Elizabeth HAPPY. We’re not looking for a retread of the same old story or battle for Jason you’ve told for over a decade now. It’s all so redundant.

And did you see the interview with Becky in SOD? Even she said Elizabeth would NEVER lie like she did to Jason. Writers, please make this right or those down ratings are bound to sink even further


“…It was the Let’s Humiliate Liz Week. ”

“oh, Thank you” I – truly – was wondering why such a big drop… vs. the other 3?

no wonder I wasn’t paying much attention… My Liz will rise! I swear

shoot! I’ll stretch …. “GH” what an opportune time to flesh out… layer some… give our girl Liz some strengths… to fight and or ready herself… till the enevitable…. Jason will be back.


Plus Becky has had to carry Billy Miller for the last year if he is so bored that he has been phoning it in for the last year please do us a favor and quit. Really disgusted with these actors who are being paid a good salary and they just mumble their lines or act like they are asleep. Please hand Becky the Lead Actress Emmy and be done with it. Yes I also saw that interview she probably has to be scared for her life on the street because some fans don’t realize it’s make believe. However these are the same two HW’s that made sure Sharon Case was humiliated on Y&R.

Lucy D.

It was particularly annoying that she has to take crap from Carly who kept kids from their true parents 3 times!!! If you want people to yell at Liz, fine–but why not allow her to yell back? Very disappointing take–seriously if they don’t get a clue–this show is doomed.



“…If you want people to yell at Liz, fine–but why not allow her to yell back? ”

“exactly, my point”

argh! achingly so

minimully, right? would love for the writers to just magnate , as if she isn’t already, but with an upgrade in style, assertiveness…. prowess… clawed and on all cylinder; forward… with her boys

ok… let’s see her bring Carly and Sam down, even if she holds her own ; let’s ring in the new year with a revitalized Liz… ringing in the New Year, ALL THAT


What has been done to Liz is a travesty. But let’s give massive “props” to Becky…she is a TRUE professional.

RE: headwriters? RC concocted this mess; the current writers are just trying to clean it up.

The “fan wars” over this story seem right out of middle school, which mystifies me because this brain-damaged former hit man is NOT worth fighting over. I just do not get the appeal of Jason, or “JaSam.” Billy and KeMo are just deadly together. But look how many characters had to be ruined to “prop” them up: Liz ,Nick, Laura, Lucky. If you have to work that hard, maybe it is a clue something isn’t working.


absolutely. seeing Elizabeth dragged is very bad tv. I blame RC for starting this. this was written out of character

Lucy D.

Oh I so agree with all 3 of you.
I know Ron wrote this originally, and I get the writers are trying to clean it up. But that doesn’t mean leaving Liz without a voice. What she did was wrong. But no worse than what Carly did keeping Michael, Spencer & Christina away from their parents. So, as I said, Liz should have called her on that.

And Tristan I agree–kind of. I never understood the attraction of the old Jason–he was a killer and a Carly/Sonny lapdog. But Billy Miller’s version (due to his amnesia) isn’t that person. So I want to see him with Liz. And Billy & KeMo are more than flat.

So if the writers want to fix this they need to understand from the ratings that the viewers want to see Liz happy with Jason and to hell with those who try to interfere with that.


Of course she would lie…she has before…AND she cheated on Lucky over and over with his brother! Her recent behavior isn’t a stretch at all.

I’ve always liked Liz and still do…but I’m rooting for Sam all the way in this one.

Lucy D.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Lucky cheated on Liz first. Maxie and then I believe he and Sam had a relationship while Lucky was still married to Liz.

Yes she lied. Who in that town isn’t a liar? Sam’s done more than her share.


You kind of are wrong because Liz cheated Lucky after they fought their way back together and got engaged. Not to mention she was a complete douche to everyone when she was with Ric. And if anyone actually fully watches the show you would realize that she actually is defending her actions to everyone from Carly to Sam. She in fact blamed Sam for her situation saying it’s her failt for airing her out. I understand not like Sam but you can’t blame her for your lies.

On a side note Becky is bringing it to these scenes and as much as people hate how disturbing Liz has become I think people forget that before Jason returned she was a boring character and just an afterthought. Now she’s right back and now a lead actress so atleast she’s got airtime again. Plus the show needs some more troublemakers who are core characters. Carly’s gone soft, Tracy is constantly chasing men who don’t want her, Nina has become too damn adorable to be menacing, Franco just runs around and is everyone’s bitch with no real story, Julian somehow escapade the mob and is life all dandy in a cabin with is fiancé, Obrecht is the freaken Chief of Staff (she’s come far from kidnapping, prison breaks and shooting people) and Hayden lost the edge she had when she was first on the show and is somehow falling for the man who called a hit on her. Only people who are slightly “antagonists” are Ava, who is just a horny woman who claims to love her children and just makes fun of handicapped people these days, Paul who is also horny and is crappy boss because he’s hot for the one employee who can expose him, Carlos should’ve stayed dead cause now all he does is dress up in different costumes as he stalks Sabrina and just comes across as creepy as hell, and Nikolas is actually bad but this character change is too unreal from who he used to be and I don’t care what Britt did but it couldn’t have caused THIS big of a change. In fact he’s the one guy i don’t want to be the antagonist. Bring in some more cassadines! Like Valentin (the one who was spoken about for a day and was told to be the worst of them all) or even Stefan, possibly Stefans offspring.

GH get your shit together


Hi Lucy…

Lucky slept with Maxie when he wasnt in his right mind. He was kidnapped, mind controlled, injured his back…and eventually became addicted to pain killers. Helis drug addiction controllede his actionds. He was then mabipulated by Maxie who supplied him and kept him strung out on drugs because she was obsessed with him. She seduced him while he was sick…I wouldnt say he wllingly “cheated.” After he tried over and over to get himself clean, Elizabeth rejected him, and turned to Jason; he then turned to Sam.
So, no. I wouldnt equate what he did to Elizabeth, of soundd mind, cheating on Lucky years later…after accepting his marriage proposal…to sleeping over and over again with Nicolas.
And yes, I do agree that the hypocrisy among our beloved Port Charles residents runneth over. Particularly Carly, who has slept her way thru the town, kept Michael from his father, cheated on Franco after he risked his life to save her and then some. She galls me…
But we’re talking about Liz. Shes not the angel that those defending her claim. She’s lied, betrayed, deceived, cheated and kept a man, Jason, believed to be dead by his wife, child, mother and friends, away from them all. She’s not a drug addictt, she doesnt have a mental disease, she’s not an alcoholic. She was fully aware that she was keeping a son away from his mother, a son away from his father, a husband away from his wife. Typical of a woman who would sleep over and over again with her fiance’s brother. That’s why I said it wasn’t such a stretch.
I find Nicolas resorting to attempted murder completely out of character. Liz xesperate enough to do what she did to hold on to Jason…not so much.


I said it before and will say it again.
J&S are a horrible match with GH, they are the wrong type of writers for GH..

GH is (was) an unique soap..
It stood alone among other soaps because it was NOT like the other soaps, never has been never should be.
GH is not a kissy kissy couples love gone wrong problems with a whimpy love guru and other eunuchs.
It is high drama, crime families among the other families, it is (was) a suspenseful, on the edge soap, not the love boat.
J&S are turning GH into what it is not and should not become, traditional boring..
People like the darkness of crime lords on GH, the thrilling adventures, the hard hitting plots, the on the edge stories, not this cheesy love-in crap.

GH has (had) ”variety” now it is one lane of lackluster..

Jason’s reveal should have been an adventurous on the edge journey of Jake finding himself and yes, Helena and Jax and others who did what was done to him.
Sonny should have been with Jason on his adventure to find the answers.
Jason should not have been serving drinks at the MC and sitting home with Liz doing nothing but playing with kids not caring who he was. HORRIBLE WRITING.

J&S will bring GH to it’s knees.. they are not writing for GH but rather some sappy crappy other type of soap.
GH has become empty of what it really is, and that is shameful ..

Many watch more than one soap… I liked that I could watch the traditional soap and then watch GH is not a traditional soap and that is what set it apart from the others., and loved for it..
I am FF through GH.. never ever have I FF while watching GH, now I need to FF to get it over

GH is becoming as other soaps, worse actually, and that is GH’s death.


Su, reading your post made me sad. While we rarely share the same POV, we do share a love for our soaps. I hope you will be able to love GH once again. Hang in there.


yep. these 2 writers don’t know drama. They made Y&R a snoozefest,now their doing it to GH


Thanks, MBmomof3 .. I’m not giving up !

hi robert-
Port Charles is a highly dysfunctional city, it has crime..
GH has never been calm…huggy kissy love-in..
The GH families are dysfunctional, and some are Crime Lords, that is who they are and what they do, that is GH..

GH is high drama on the edge soap..
not this lackluster go nowhere do nothing szooooze fest..

((Jason will soon be wearing a priest collar)) ahhaaa!
I want my loved GH back !!!!


GH was nit doing well under Ron. Franco and Nina were written beyond moronic under his domain, AJ and Duke were killed off, Elizabeth abandoned AJ though she claimed to care for him, Silas was killed, Rage was killed…

U think these writers are doing a fine job. What I think they need to do us bring back a bunch if the vets that a lot if us have been asking for…and integrate the characters, new and established, with each other. Give us people we love and families we feel affection for…emotions are never outdated.


Edits: Not doing well. I think these writers are doing a fine job…. bring back a bunch OF the vets…Rate, not Rage, was killed.


su0000, you should stop here! Perfect post!


Just loving the Patchman! We need more of Steve and Kayla! Steve should also have a visit with his sister!!!!


Liz tells Jason the truth and no one cared.
They dragged this story out too long.


Leave the day time Soaps on the air!


Not surprised to see GH shed viewers. The current writing team is serving up minimal drama, no surprises, and far too much Sonny.

Lucy D.

Yes WAY too much Sonny. It’s sad the writers and network don’t get what made the rating rise–and fall and write for that and not the same old same old.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Glad they are doing well…Days isnt great but its good…shouldve kept Will and Paige and the children shouldnt have been aged,,,GHs problem is it feels disjointed when you have characters like Franco and Nina feeling like filler moments and on their own show…but i have seen Franco slighly more interesting lately…Ghs reveal of Jason was GHs last big moment and nothing much to look forward to now…just dont care about Sappys predictable storyline…Laura needs her own story…more Monica and Tracy scenes…stop dumbdowning Tracy-she was fooled by fluke and it continues with Paul…drop Sappy, Valsnore, Nina and a few others..bring in new doctors but related to established vets…liked seeing Dr O in scenes with Liz-but i find Liz annoying at times and Alexis too!!!


Unleash Franco OR release Roger!

edie bailey

Cannot agree with you more, Timmm!
Roger Howarth is the only reason I bother to keep abreast of GH at all. Having the best actor on daytime relegated to the back burner is killing me. The ridiculously long wait to consummate his relationship with Nina has basically destroyed this potential powerhouse couple; there is practically no passion left. At least, Michelle Stafford has been something of a decent story line but Roger (Franco) is left out in the cold. At this point, I wish head writer Ron Carlivati would return because it seemed he cared about Roger. For me, it is extremely painful and exasperatingly frustrating to keep hanging in there for something good to happen for Franco/Roger. It literally should be a crime to waste such an enormously talented actor like this. BTW it is also regrettable that The Flash killed off his character on that show after 4 episodes–and that no other prime time opportunities came his way for the current season.
Wake up, General Hospital and put the rightful spotlight on Roger Howarth. He deserves so so much better recognition & respect!!!


Franco and Liz : as polar opposites and “allies” could something be brewing ?

this is sizzling stuff… “LETS HAVE FUN WITH THIS” Liz could find in Franco a distraction…. LOL… a stirring one… let them duke it out with Port Charles!

Traci and Paul @the Park. Traci is falling in love ?!?!! Paul is up to the gill in crime… so… this is another slap in the face that Traci is once again heading for disaster…. she lets her gaurd down… and BAM ! just like she did with the last two men… fLUKE and Joe Scully 3rd.

edie bailey

Patrick, hope you’re on to something regarding Franco and Liz. All the spark has totally been destroyed in the Franco & Nina pairing; way too much time has elapsed without them taking thee next step!! While the new writers seem to care enough to give Nina a viable life, Franco is just languishing whatsoever to do. Even the unique little family with him, Nina and Kiki is being undermined now that Kiki may be patching things up with her mother and–OMG–about to reach out to help Sonny of all people. Given that both Franco & Liz work at the hospital, there is a myriad of juicy story line possibilities!!! Again, GH PLEASE STOP WASTING AND DISRESPECTING Roger Howarth!


@jimh….You’ve succinctly summed up GH’s situation, and I couldn’t agree with you more! The interloping characters you mention simply don’t work into the rich tapestry that is the history of Port Charles, and all the tinkering in the world won’t change that reality. The sooner that fact is acknowledged and addressed, the better the show will be. I’m hoping that once the new writing regime settles into 2016, there will be an increased emphasis upon weeding out those characters that simply don’t belong and never shall. Let’s begin with Sappy and her offspring…there’s no reason in the world they shouldn’t be sent off with the real father of that child, Carrrrrr-LOS! None of these individuals has any real tie to the GH canvas, so ship ’em out and let the housecleaning begin! Ditto for Nina and her ill-fitting attempts to find a place in the scheme of all things Port Charles….it’s a futile cause, and utilizing Maxie to do the heavy lifting in that effort doesn’t make Nina one bit more likeable than before. Same for Val-Chops…she is widely abhorred and all she’s done is make Dante equally despised for his idiotic, adulterous behavior and ruination of the last viable family unit left in town….hardly a proud distinction for any character! Whenever I see any of these vexing players, my only reaction is one of is this really the best that the series has to offer? With all the legacy folks and their progeny present, should it be that difficult to keep the action flowing with some interest and excitement? It was done for years, so why should it be such a tall order now??? At any rate, like yourself, my criticisms are also directed toward some of the old guard. Tracy needs to wise up and fast where Paul is concerned….it’s shameful that such a smart cookie can be so easily fooled by the likes of her many ex-husbands, scoundrels all. As for Alexis? Oh, puhleeeeeze!….The effort to build an entire family around this most minor, unimportant and illegitimate Cassadine with her own brood of out-of-wedlock daughters is truly absurd. I’m especially aghast at the thought of putting a marital seal on her so-called relationship with Julian…the very notion that these two have this great romance based upon the extremely dubious beginnings of a tawdry one-night stand between complete strangers is patently absurd…..truly laughable. If Julian is going to become a “family man” and “put a ring on it,” then he should do so with Olivia and their son Leo….that little chap is the one who needs his father around in a permanent arrangement with his mother! C’mon, step up, Julian!


I am really enjoying Nina! They’ve finally empowered her and it’s long overdue! She’s gorgeous and I love that she’s taking her life back in a productive, powerhouse way. I’m not sure where theyre going with Franco but I love his good heart immersed in the bad boy, albeit currently dormant. Completely passionate about those he loves…Nina, Kiki…I tbink we’ll be seeing more of him.

Like Valerie too. Intersting to pit one Spencer against another. I liked her from the start. She and her mom were dragged into Luke’s drama…the stress of which caused the death of Patricia. I dont blame Valerie for gravitating to Dante…she was lost in anger and grief. Ultimately she tried to keeo her feelings for Dante under control, begged Dillon to keep her secret…didnt scheme to steal him. Gorgeous actress, model.

Sooo happy Julian and Alexis, still one of my favorites, are engaged. They just fit. We’ve seen more of an easy rappirt between them in their domesticity and they’re fun fo watch. Look great together, too!
Just hope they dont have Olivia come between them which they’ve hinted at with the silly Christmas sweater scene. If anyone’s intruding on a couple it’s Olivia!


i love you DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve been enjoying Y&R more lately. Been bored with GH. Jean and Shelly are lazy and don’t know drama. They made Y&R a snoozefest,now their doing it to GH. B&B has gotten a little bit better lately after their terrible November sweeps. DAYS needs to turn some lights on


Could not agree more.


this is what i know, i’m currently enjoying GH( although not what they’ve done to the character of liz.) beyond that,I only care about the ratings if it means GH could get cancelled, and even though everytime it does go down and one has to hear about the “fans” or non fans who start predicting its cancellation, i’m not really worry at this time. I would love GH to be watch by as many people who watch YR, but unfortunately thats not the case here, i can’t picture the audience increasing that much, the audience for daytime simply is not there. So, for now i’ll be a faithful viewer to GH, wish the other soaps the best, because if we don’t root for all to succeed then none will be around. Heres to all the soap to increase in 2016 and for GH to increase the most.


GH could definitely gain viewers…BUT this would take writers re-evaluating their work and admitting when something just isn’t working. Liz is destroyed and regardless how much people seem to love her no matter what she does, reality doesn’t work that way. You can’t flick a magic wand. Either Jason is mad at her or not, but you don’t storm out pissed one second, tell the x you don’t remember your thinking their more than friends then 2 seconds later, turn around and knock at the door claiming ur their for the kids. PATHETIC PATHETIC PATHETIC writing.


Wow..the ratings,are a,dismal

Please put Jasam back,together!


I can’t help but think that Days of our Lives ratings are always affected by the fact that it’s on at the same time as Y&R which is the top rated soap


DAYS is on in the same timeslot as Y&R in my market,and I usually choose Y&R


That’s not true everywhere. In the central time zone and in Los Angeles, Days is up against GH; Y&R and B&B generally air without competition.


You do know..
DVR watching is counted..
IF you watch a recorded soap within 7 days, it is now counted..
Watch Y&R live, record Days .. both are counted..
Most all do watch live and recorded or at the network, all counted,

Here; all 4 follow each other.. all in a row, none are aired against the other..




Maybe a Brenda return could heat up GH?


You can bring back Brenda, Holly, Luke, Lucky, whomever and if they are not written properly, it doesnt matter!


This is true, Timmm!…As much as I’ve adored seeing Robert, Anna, Robin (and Jerry!) together again, I do feel somewhat cheated by the abridged nature of their storyline. It’s very short on substance and detail because of the rushed nature required in ushering Patrick from the canvas. I realize this is not the fault of these particular writers…they’ve had a huge task in a short time to accomplish, but until they are able to get their ducks in a row—and reduce the superfluous characters already uselessly hanging about Port Charles—I’m not recommending any more brief guest appearances either….no matter how beloved the players in question may be! (And this is coming from a viewer who is generally in favor of bringing back as many legacy characters as possible!)




Days is the best and most improved soap . It’s the soap to watch and Patch and Kayla are back on too ! Bold is the most awful one of the lot , the soap to miss unless you love the endless triangles , bed hopping and drama at the office and board meetings ! GH and Young are average .

Matthew Place

B&B is a great little guilty pleasure for me and others! Yep, I do tune in for all the “hanky-panky”, that’s what soaps used to be all about! Days has lost a lot of viewers, many younger ones that count in the ratings/demos, and the new SLs aren’t earth-shaking. GH needs stories that grip the audience. Y&R needs to get the emotional beats in their SLs right. BTW Scott Elrod got picked up by Grey’s Anatomy immediately after Y&R canned him. Too bad they didn’t give him a decent SL. It’s Grey’s gain, I guess! Also, B&B named Best Soap by several major soap magazines!


Y&R wasted Elrod. was not surprised of his departure

4ever DAYS

I’m naming DAYS best soap! B&B’s lifeblood is it’s 30 minute format. It would have died many years ago as a 60 minute soap!

I hope you’re not so fragile as to think I’m attacking you with my opinions.

4ever DAYS

I hardly think ‘Incest Weekly’ and ‘Transworld Monthly’ are magazines worthy of naming what soap is best!


Scott Elrod has been added to one of the BEST prime time

this is a major mishap

Y&R loses again

they kowtow and hobnob to Eric Braedon… what a joke

Matthew Place

Soap Opera Digest, TV Guide, others. Nice you have such a vocal opinion about transgender people. That explains a lot about you. And yes, you have been attacking me and others for years. You were banned from at east one soap site for your behavior. You need to stop. It’s just a soap. Is it worth trying to hurt others while lowering yourself to that kind of behavior? Stop. Being. A.BULLY!!!

Matthew Place

Fragile? Not at all. I have always dealt with bullies like you. A bully’s biggest mistake is picking me to pick on!


Y&R seems like an auditioning platform for primetime!

Allen saint james

General hospital should be following in Days footsteps and adding some action/adventure plots alongside some mystery and intrigue. That’s the kind of show it was during its heyday and until abc realizes that I believe it will be stuck in a rut. We need stories revolving around money and power and please bring a real contract villain to the show. Days is on fire gh is not.


I’m happy for DAYS. I dont know why GH lost so many viewers? My only guess is people are tired and frustrated on the way Billy Miller has been handled? It will get better. Scorpio is back and him and Anna, Robin and Patrick will be center stage and hopefully the TFT benefit will be entertaining? By the way, for anyone to suggest that Nina is the new Lucy is crazy! Lucy is loopy, Nina is crazy. Lucy is all about the NB. I wouldnt want her to do the TFT benefit. Nina was a good choice. They are transforming her into a Phyllis Summer’s type now if you haven’t noticed. Ironically, Phyllis worked for a magazine on Y&R. I dont mind. I like it when Michelle is a crazy and confident and cracks a few nuts!

Mary SF

When Nina had her revenge list and was inducing Ava to go into labor under RC’s writing, that Nina was crazy. This version I see more as a woman trying to grow up. She went into that coma in her early twenties and woke up twenty five years later to find herself in a mature woman’s body, but lack’s the experience and maturity those years would have given her if she had lived them. I don’t find this Nina is becoming Phyllis, Phyllis was tough as nails, she had to grow up fast, early, but Nina is naive and inexperienced like any sheltered overly protected twenty year old would be and she is trying to play catch up and figure out what kind of woman she want to be — I am enjoying watching her development. Of course the writing of this character could be so shallow that my creative side is inventing depth that isn’t there, but I am finding under these writers Nina is fairly complex and interesting, which imo is a lot better than crazy Nina that Ron created.


hi Mary SF ..
RC was turning Nina into sane and a bit cunning before he left…
He would have never kept Michelle’s talents in nutter mode..
Both Franco & Nina had their journey and change together under RC, Nina did not fall for her mother’s scam to get her money, she had her senses back under RC, also she was facing off with Ava, RC left before he could complete them. ..

If RC were writing he would have brought Nina & Franco into their power, ya betcha !


Interesting perspective. I like how they are writing Nina now. Plus I like that Crimson and some glamour is back in Port Charles. It has also given Maxie something to do that suits her style.


So true Mary. The coma deterred her from becoming an adult so yeah, we are seeing her develop right in front of our eyes.


I think I’m going to give up B&B. I started watching when Sean Kanan returned after the terrible way he was treated at GH. I stayed because of Deacon and Quinn. They are rarely on and the rest of the characters are extremely unlikeable. I can usually get through an episode in a few minutes, but after Friday’s episode with Ivy turning into the new Liam, I realize that there is little to like about this show. Just not worth my time.


I know its so frustrating right now but Brad Bell did hint in 2016 previews that there was a possible new love interest for Quinn which would mean that Deacon is probably going to be on-screen a lot more than he was this year which I’m looking forward to


Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll look out for that storyline.

Mary SF

I don’t know how many times I have sworn off B&B especially during the nightmare that was Hope, Liam and Steffy, but I always go back at some point. I swear Brad Bell must plant hidden messages in the script that brainwash us to watch when we cannot figure out why we are watching such dribble yet we do. So if you can stop watching B&B please let me know how you did it, because some days, like Friday when Ivy is suddenly declaring her love for Liam and I go WTF??? are we really going down that road again, but I still tuned on Monday– I know I’m seriously addicted and need help— LOL


This is exactly me with this soap opera. I’ve watched B&B during some of its worst storylines & even if you do stop watching for a while you always find your way back to this soap. Brad Bell always for the most part has at least one element or storyline that is enough to keep a lot of people hooked

GH Fan

My opinion the ratings are down because

1. Fluke storyline not only destroys the Luke character it destroyed the loyal fans. GH took the beloved Luke character and created a monster.

2. The deaths of AJ, Duke, Silas, and the departures of Steve Burton, Anthony Geary, Wally (Ned), Bradford Anderson, Kimberly McCoullough, Kelly Theibaud, Kristin Alderson, and now Jason (Patrick)

3. Making Liz & Nic characters Evil

4. It’s called General Hospital there is one doctor & nurse left.

5. Put the vets actors on recurring status and newbies get contracts

6. Brad & Lucas come on about once every two months, fans dont care anymore

7. Nina is 50 yrs old acts like a 16 yr old

8. No romance No passion No love

9. Levi

10. Broke up Lulu & Dante for a newbie


PLEASE MONICA, LUCAS, SABRINA, EPIFANY, BRAD, ROBIN,and my FAVORITE WORTHLESS NURSE LIZ are all live and kickin, boring as ever and yes none of them HAVE CHANGED A BIT. What is missing, take a hard look. I know its hard to admit. ROMANIC ACTION, the sonny, Jason, carly, sam, spinelli, maxi, of old. They are all changed, dramatically…. Now I know, your gonna say, but no Liz has always been a pillar of virtue. No, she never has. She’s never even been a decent human being. She’s always cheated, lied, whined, pined, and oh yes, yes, always gotten away with it. I am so sick of her and her children, so sick of this baby family drama, the bipolar, dissociative-disorder phenomenons. It’s all stupid. What’s missing is the storyline. The big bad, the franco, the alcazar, the true Jerry Jax, the malicious plot, the love story, pretty much every thing that makes a good soap opera. MY OPINION WHY RATINGS ARE DOWN. LOSS OF WRITERS LIKE BOB GUZA, SUPERCOUPLES LIKE EJAMI and JASAM, FAMILIA MOB STORYLINES LIKE THE DIMERA’s VS THE BRADYs, THE CORINTHOS VS THE ZACCHARAS. RICH ACTION PACKED WRITING THAT KEPT YOU ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT DYING FOR MONDAY. THOSE DAYS ARE OBVIOUSLY A THING OF THE PAST. BUT HELL, MAYBE REALITY TV AND HOLLYWOOD KILLED THE SOAP OPERA STAR AS WELL

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Preview – Week of May 28, 2018

Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) returns to Salem after murdering a man, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) overhears that a company Stefan (Tyler Christopher) owns is developing a bionic eye that can restore Steve’s (Stephen Nichols) vision.  She asks him for help. Did she make a deal with the devil?

Rob Scott Wilson makes his return as killer Ben Weston.  How will he impact those that he once terrorized, and those that he’s trying to turn over a new leaf for?

Check out these teasers from upcoming episodes of Days of our Lives.

Monday, May 28


Tuesday, May 29

Brady is ready to decide whether he wants to be with Theresa or Eve, but before he can give an answer, he’s thrown a curveball.

Wednesday, May 30

Laura arrives to help Abigail integrate her personalities.

Thursday, May 31

Xander continues to be a thorn in Theresa’s side.

Friday, June 1

Marlena evaluates Ben and tries to determine if he’s telling the truth.

Watch the latest promo for Days of our Lives here.  So, what storyline has piqued your interest the most for next week?  Let us know via the comments section below.

Watch the preview HERE

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Days Of Our Lives

Marci Miller Shares Sentiments On Her Final Tape Day At DAYS

Today was the last day of the incredible journey of Marci Miller as Abigail Deveraux DiMera.  After two years, the actress decided to not renew her contract after receiving a Daytime Emmy nomination and playing the multiple personalities storyline of Abigail, Gabby, and Dr. Laura.

Here, she shared her sentiments via an Instagram post on her final tape day at the NBC studios in Burbank.

“And just like that, 2 very meaningful years have come and gone. I have been loved so well today. I will miss this cast. I will miss these people. I will miss this place. I am both heavy and light at the same time. Much love to all, you have left just the sweetest impression on me. Xx #Days”

What did you think about the sentiments Marci Miller has shared?  Sad to know it’s Marci’s last day in Salem? Comment below.


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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Preview – Week of May 21, 2018

Next week on Days of our Lives, Brady (Eric Martsolf) is in for quite the surprise when Theresa (Jen Lilley) shows up and turns his world upside down again. What will happen when Theresa discovers that Brady and her sister, Eve (Kassie DePaiva) are engaged?Meanwhile, Sonny (Freddie Smith) is in for surprise also, when he realizes Leo (Greg Rikaart) is going to turn the tables on him, after their steamy passionate kiss. And, Will (Chandler Massey) find a new clue in Dr. Rolf’s diary, as Kate (Lauren Koslow) learns her fate in Vivian’s death.

Check out these teasers from upcoming episodes of DAYS below, and then watch the latest promo from NBC. Tell us what storyline has piqued your interest the most via the comment section below.

Monday, May 21

Stefan threatens Abigail with Chad’s freedom.

Tuesday, May 22

Lani has a scare concerning her unborn baby.

Wednesday, May 24

Sonny’s world is turned upside down when he receives stunning news.

Thursday, May 23

Xander taunts Jennifer about her relationship with Eric.

Friday, May 25

Gabi learns a judge has overturned her conviction… but a new problem arises.

Click HERE to see the video preview!


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Video du Jour

The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

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