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RATINGS: General Hospital and Days of our Lives Get Significant Bump In Total Viewers!


The ratings are out for the week of  October 23-27th, and two soap operas showed that they are on the rise in terms of their total viewership, and that is just the tip of the iceberg, as November Sweeps is here!

ABC’s General Hospital showed the most gains in total viewers for the ratings period adding +219,000 bringing their tally for the week to 2,750,000. With the return of Steve Burton, and the tale of two Jasons story beginning to unravel, and its effect on the characters on the canvas, the show perked up with the audience. GH also gained in key demos adding viewers in the 18-49, and 25-54 categories, and was up in total households.


NBC’s Days of our Lives is also on the upswing thanks to great story being generated from head writer Ron Carlivati setting up the return of Chandler Massey with the hunt for Will Horton story, Eric and Brady coming to blows after Nicole leaves town, and Bonnie being busted. DAYS added +156,000 viewers, and came in at 2,298,000 for the week.

And of note, under Carlivati, (with the show about to turn 52-years young this week) DAYS is up +116,000 viewers from last year at this time. In addition, DAYS did well in the key demos; gaining in total households. women 18-49 and women 25-54.

The Bold and the Beautiful also saw gains in total viewers adding +32,000 bringing their total for the week to 3,562,000.  Meanwhile the top-rated, The Young and the Restless was the only show to lose viewers -23,000, and also lost eyeballs in key demos 18-49 and 25-54, and continued to score all-time lows in the 18-34 and 18-49 ratings share.  View the entire ratings picture courtesy of SON here.

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers

1. Y&R 4,456,000 (-23,000/-170,000)
2. B&B 3,562,000 (+32,000/-176,000)
3. GH 2,750,000 (+219,000/+112,000)
4. DAYS 2,298,000 (+156,000/+116,000)

So, which soap operas are delivering the best daytime drama? Which soap are you enjoying the most? The least? Let is know in the comment section below!

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Loving GH. We are on the edge of our seats, yelling at our t.v. and sobbing in our tissues. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Debra m

Same here. Haven’t enjoyed GH this much in a long time. Glad to see a ratings rise. Steve Burtons return has given the show a much needed lift. His acting, those eyes, plus spot on acting by most of the actors on the show has made the show watchable again.


WOW, same here. On the EGOE of my SEAT every day this week. I watch like 2x day. GH is so AWSOME. Loving every second of it. ITs a must watch Daytime Drama. 🙂


LOVE the complete honesty –

1. @GH. I cried for the Kevin and Laura “engagement” PLUS – I am salivating and waiting for any thing.. SB Jason and Liz.

2. @DAYS. Bryan Datillo’ Lucas … is knocking me out ! with his portrait of his longing for his dead son. it’s a heart tug.. that i’ll not let go .. till they reunite

GH and DAYS long live salute


WOW I better redress

Steve Burton and/or Billy Miller w/ Rebecca Herbst… YES

I just love this..


I am unimpressed… w/ the jail cell visit between Liz and SB “Jason”

it went in three phases – ALL downhill

1. they remarked about “Jake” this was the shortest moment.. “Jason” telling Liz he’s beautiful.

2. they talked about Franco… with Liz asking “Jason” question my judgment because Carly was once involved with Franco… he tells her no matter her faults.. Carly always manages to find her way out ?!?! as HE DARES ask Liz.. why is she here ? EXPLETIVE

3. Liz SHARES that he has a twin.. so there goes another character .. helping “Jason”

they didn’t even address “Lil’ Jake” after the fact – scene end. it was like there was no reason for them to even see each other

SB can posture and SHARE bug eye all he can


@Patrick I agree with you oh gosh when is my Liz going to tell everyone they are all hypocrites and stay away from her family and her life. I do not like her with Franco romantically when they were friends fine. Burton is back to blank stare and Bernard pretending to be a tough guy my mom with a broom would be scarier .

Vickie Allen

I love Days Of Our Lives. I have watched it since the very first day.


DOOL is on fire. With the return of Sami and Will, it will only get better.

B&B is starting to getting a little stagnant. The “Sky” tower storyline is monopolizing the entire show and it has gotten boring. Where is Coco and RJ? Rick? Ivy? Sheila is going off as a cartoon character instead of making the audience understand why she has no soul. I aml looking forward to Thorne coming back and seeing Brooke front and center. I hope we do not have to watch Thorne, Bill AND Ridge pine over her.


I followed head writer Ron Carlivati from GH to DAYS and I’m so glad I did.

James R. Poissant

His work at One Life To Live was phenomenal too.


it’s a full hour of show isn’t it ?

from his inception.. I haven’t found one lull… FF.. or snoozefest

let me help your eye roll…

this show has excelled.. and is continually heating up and w/156,000 new pair of eye.

@DAYS is loaded

Francesca Bruno

Now that I am semi-retired, I must start watching Days again. I stopped watching during Marlena’s ‘Satanized’ stage, many years ago. Time does fly .

The way the conversation is going on this forum, it’s a win win.


Loving GH!! I’m all in & watching again because of Steve Burton returned.

TIna Moore

Soap Superstars Steve, Ali and Chandler bringing up those ratings

Kimberly Gill

GH is my favorite I have been watching since 1963




Correction to my Two Jason explanation… Only Robin knew the first Jason a a long time ago. Elizabeth didn’t come to town until 1997 and Jason and AJ’s accident was in 1995. Brenda knew both of the Jasons too, and Ned and Lois. and many others…


If you are referring to the fan-fiction rumor out there that Miller is the original Jason Q and Burton is Jason Morgan who was always Drew and switched years ago at the accident with AJ, that would be awful.

The story of Jason Morgan is that he is Jason Q, who in attempting to prevent his brother from harming himself suffered a traumatic brain injury, amnesia and underwent a personality change. That the golden boy, son of privilege took up with a mobster, a complete 180, is the twist. It gave us 20 years of conflict and struggle and great story. You change that story and make Jason Morgan the twin stolen by Heather and raised with the filth that is Franco, you change the pov, you make all of it an orchestrated lie, the q’s a bunch of dupes who died that way and ruin a brilliant story.

It will make those that hate Jason Morgan happy, to take away his Jason Q life and stick him with low-life Franco, but many GH fans who invested in that story, took that journey, lived through all that struggle and heartbreak, will also feel like dupes.

Why not let Miller have his own character? Why does he need to be propped up by something Burton built whether it’s Jason Morgan or the early years of Jason Q?

I will say that since this theory is around more and more, it gives me hope that it isn’t true, that the writers aren’t thinking along the same lines as viewers writing fan- fiction and that the writers understand the story of Jason Morgan and will treat that story with the respect it deserves and long time GH fans as well. Introducing a twin is additive to the story, taking Jason Q away from Jason Morgan subtracts, marginalizes and destroys a great story that other writers told.

And given the nice bump in ratings we are seeing with the return of Burton’s Jason Morgan, it would seem counterproductive to do that to the character and to long time fans.


It would be too easy to make Burton the original and only Jason and Billy the lost twin. And also too much like the similar story line on One Life to Live. I’ve watched he’d gh since be Steve Hardy days so I’ve been on this ride a long, long time. Twisting the same old story to make them both living in Pc as Jason Morgan at different times, would be more interesting than the easy route.

And I love Franco. He is messed up cuz of how they raised him too… I think Betsy lied to him over and over, she’s nuts, Heather is nuts too. And told he was a twin to Jason when he came town. Jason having the privileged life and not his crappy one, told he was Kiki’s dad… both were lies. Then there’s that brain tumor. Would bet drew pushed him down the stairs, and maybe that’s where the tumor started…. it’s no wonder he’s messed up. I love Roger howarth, I’ll watch him in any role, but does those messed up not always doing the correct thing charchters very good. Like Todd on OLTL.


You’re spinning a yarn that I don’t think is entirely true. From every description of Jason Morgan’s past after the accident, there was no “20-year struggle.” He basically threw over the Quartermaines because he had no memory of them, and therefore no real emotional attachment, and went from a golden boy pre-med student to a wannabe assassin for the mob basically within a couple of months. I admit I’m not attached to Burton because I wasn’t watching GH then. So, I don’t see those times thru rose-colored glasses like many do.

For people like me who have only watched for the past 5 years, it’s plausible that the personality change after the first accident that “took” Monica’s Jason away is explained by a twin switch instead of an injury. It also does a good job in showing why BillyJason has such good chemistry with his mother – because she raised him and not SteveJason. Of course, this won’t help Sam one bit. But, it really doesn’t take away anything from SteveJason if he’s Drew because all of his experiences in P.C. are legitimate and his to remember, as is his animosity toward Franco. It also gives BillyJason legitimate memories and ties to the Q’s that SteveJason still doesn’t seem to want. This way they each get what they want – except for Sam and the Quartermaine money.


As Christy and Kansas Guest point out, having Miller be Jason Q would actually strengthen the history of the show. Additionally, the story could explain how “Jason Morgan” got his fighting instincts as Jason Q was rather mild- mannered.

Having watched the show since the mid 70’s, I would accept the double Jasons as final justification for the Quartermaines.


First to KansasGuest, oh, you’ve been watching for 5 years and have heard descriptions, so you say I’m spinning a yarn? Great! Thanks for your response. But a few things. First you obviously don’t know anything because you didn’t watch it. The struggle was not just his but of his family trying to come to terms with how he changed, knowing he was the boy they raised. Change that and all of those beats are lost, all that pov was wrong. The personality change was explained by brain trauma. This BillyJason/Monica chemistry whatever, Burton and Leslie Charleson have chemistry and a strong connection. Being Drew certainly does take from Steve’s Jason, he becomes the stolen twin who was stuck with low-life Franco with a suspect upbringing.If Miller is so great, why does he need to be propped by the Jason Q pedigree?

And Christy, who cares about OLTL and what anybody watched on that show? Great you love Roger. Many GH fans could care less about him, and regardless, the actor playing him doesn’t change Franco from being filth and not wanting Steve’s Jason sullied by the association. And yes let’s have Drew push Franco down the stairs to try and prop Franco even more and make him more sympathetic. Howarth is such a big star yet he continually needs to be propped up and let’s ruin Jason Morgan to do it.

The character of Jason Morgan Quartermain doesn’t need to be ruined, the story doesn’t need to be ruined to prop up Miller and Howarth. If they’re so great let them try to make their own bones on GH. Many GH fans feel that way and the fact that neither of them has ever done anything for ratings is a good indication of that. Hopefully the writers are a little better at weaving a story than the fans. And hopefully they have more respect for what was written previously and don’t care about whatever happened on OLTL.


I’ve watched GH since 1980. I pretty much tuned out two years ago because it became to unrecognizable, too many new actors and characters and GH was just lost to me.

I’ve returned for Steve Burton. To see an iconic GH Vet play an iconic GH character and to see all those connections and history revisited and expanded.

The story told of Jason Quartermaine being injured and undergoing a total personality change that had him take up with a mobster and shun his family was pure drama that played out over years. I absolutely agree that if you change that, you completely change all the emotional beats that were played out by all the characters and it does ruin the story and the character.

That the straight A student, scion of the Q family joined the mob and the mob boss became his closest friend was the basis for so much drama and conflict. If he was just Drew all the time, not only what does that do to the story, but what is interesting about that? What does it mean final justification for the Quartermaines? It sounds like final justification for people who dislike Jason Morgan or SB’s Jason Morgan or that he’s back. Since they actor and character were just brought back, it doesn’t seem very smart. And as pointed out, the Q’s are basically all dead.

It would explain things? Like how he had his fighting instincts? Why? What does that mean? So Drew was always violent? The intriguing part of all that was that he was Jason Q. It doesn’t matter if Jason Q was mild mannered, he could have always, and obviously did, have fighting instincts. They never surfaced earlier because they didn’t need to and obviously the brain injury and subsequent events had a lot to do with it. Under the right circumstances, people can become violent, instinct takes over, skills they never thought they had or had to use surface. That makes the story interesting.

The writers and producers back then did explain things and they wrote and produced fantastic drama of which the central fact was that Jason Morgan was Jason Quartermaine.

Like I said, I watched GH for over 30 years. I tuned out because I didn’t recognize the show and because I didn’t see TPTB caring about GH history and fans. Look what RC did to Luke Spencer with that Fluke mess? Luke was a mob boss in with Julian for years? Really? Make Jason Morganreally Drew who was never Jason Q and Franco’s imaginary/non imaginary friend, and you do the same kind of damage. I didn’t come back for that and I will promptly tune out if it happens.


AJQ, I think you are right–I admit I was buying the theory that Burton’s Jason was Stonecold while Miller’s Jason was Jason Q.
I think Miller was always short changed by not being given a character of his own.
Billy Miller really seems like a Drew! Moreover, Steve Miller’s Jason really fleshed out and built upon the idea of Jason Q morphing into Jason Morgan.
Let us hope they don’t muck up the character history that was carefully and methodically mapped out.


@AJQ….”The filth that is Franco!” What an excellent manner of regarding this character. No matter how much effort is expended to attempt to sanitize this deplorable creature and make him warm and fuzzy via RoHo, that will never change the basic fact that what we have here is a depraved, irredeemable individual who committed the most atrocious acts imaginable…I’m perplexed as to how anyone who saw the sickening James Franco version of him can “unsee” it now. I’m convinced that those who were diehard OLTL Todd fans can swallow this supposed conversion to relative normality solely because of their devotion to the previous character and not for any other explainable reason. As I’m not a member of that “club,” I’m under no such illusion that this character is anything but the scum that he was originally shown to be.


Hi Christy…

I totally agree with you! First, I love Franco and have defended him, as well. (I also hated the last episode where Billy Miller’s Jason and Sam burst in on him, threatened him and treated him with such disdain. I’ve figured out what really irks me about this show…the “victims” even if they too are supposedly strong…never fight back and barely have anyone on their side! I’m suspecting that Liz will eventually abandon Franco, too, when she learns he lied to her and/or if she falls for one of the twins. I HOPE that doesn’t happen as I love them together.

I also am willing to go along for the ride no matter which way they turn. It’s a story that’s holding my attention, it’s been good writing so far and has kept us guessing. Just as in real life there are twists and turns…soaps are the exaggerated turn that keeps many tuning in. And I commend the writers for twisting it in such a way that it could all fall into place.

If Billy Miller turns out to be the “real” Jason Quartermaine…it doesn’t mean that Steve Burton’s Jason isn’t the one we’ve known all these years. If they were swtiched at an early age, brainwashed…then the Jason we’ve known is still the “person” we’ve known (but was really born Drew.) Perhaps Miller’s character was the real Jason Morgan as a child…swapped…brainwashed, living as someone else…then re-programmed by Helena. It’s all so convoluted now but when all’s revealed should be interesting.

LOL…I just hope at least ONE twin eases up on Franco. I’m sick of seeing him get battered around. He’s the new AJ! ( as in punching bag…)


I TRULY do not get the GH writers – especially , if it’s said that Roger Howarth is a pet

WHY WHY W H Y – is Franco… continually knocked down drag out fighting ?

@Rebecca : I hated that scene as well… this after the SB fight at the gh hospital elevator.

I started laughing at.. yes i’ll go their… Sam posturing her tough stance.. BOTH in matching leather jackets… AGAIN. adds nothing. her threats directed nothing but laughs. with Sam as the end prize.. for either or . GH CUT YOUR LOSSES…. give her to Steve Burton… I DO NOT CARE

after these two scenes… which is a propped scene to further .. that either or are sharing memories.. and that it’s so obvious a trigger to knock down Franco

I LOVE Roger Howarth presence… it’s the writing for Liz and Franco that i’m sick of.

why should Franco be the one to be shown misunderstood ? and yes, it’s exact that he doesn’t have a support system… the writers could have at least had Ava and Franco align themselves.. since they both knew what was going on. AND this was the best time for Franco to be honest with Liz.

all because he’s shown insecure that he is afraid he will lose Liz. just utter crapola.

yeah, I’m coming from the standpoint… that I want to cheer and see Franco and BM. Jason WRITTEN FOR

they both have solid fan base.. who know the talent they once shared. ie: Todd and @ Billy Abbott.

so.. to watch this unfold… IS INTRIGUING – between – Steve Burton AND Billy Miller. outside of this is where the writers falter

Roger Howarth Franco has been on the show long enough…. and the writing never does him justice


Hey Patrick..
We agree on loving Roger. And as asked “why doesn’t Franco have a support system!!!” He does. Scottie, Kiki, Liz, Dr. O, lil Jake…but no one’s ever around to defend him!!! Why is that!!!???

Unlike you, though, I really do love Franco and Liz. Liz seems much more domestic to me, more “real” with Franco then I’ve seen her in years. They’re relaxed, he’s great with her sons…and I’d love to see them painting together. How great is it to both be creative…both be artists…that in and of itself should bond them…this shared talent…this artistic way of viewing the world. In actuality, she has more in common with him than she ever did with Jason, though they had a great attraction and cared for each other.

I like how they evolved Franco When Roger took over the part he just came off as a loon. His dialog was full of sarcasm and immaturity. There was nothing about him to like. But then they matured him. We saw his complete devotion to Carly ( a lot of good that did him; she cheated on him…broke his heart), he loved Nina and risked all to save her and stand by her…and now he’s been exemplary in his relationship with Liz and her boys. But the writers insist on making him the punching bag…with Carly, Sonny, Sam and the Jasons constantly tearing him down. And that irks me to no end.

I don’t want to lose the character of Franco. I think he’s great. I want them to give him a backbone. LOL…not a psycho one. But a mouth to speak with, calling them out on their “stuff”…standing up to them (not hiding) or lying. And, hopefully, seeing Liz remain with him instead of running back to one of the Jasons. Unfortunately I do see Liz everntually abandoning him, like she’s done every other guy when she’s not happy with something they’ve said or done. The girl has no “staying power!: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Dawn D

I’m enjoying having the Jason drama and SB being back. I also love B&B and Y&R.



Thank you– Chris Van Etten GH
Thank you– Ron Carlivati DOOL

You guys are bringing it home !!!


GH is rockin!!!!!!! I don’t watch no other soap since AMC and OLTL went off the air. I am a die hard ABC soap fan. This storyline has taken the show back to its long missed glory days. Keep it up!!!!!!!

Jason Brooks Strong

Days thank you Ron and company

Becky Franklin

I have always loved Days and am ecstatic to see ratings soar. Love Chabby and ALL storylines. GH is hot as ever. Days is #1 followed by GH. YR needs something not sure what. Love Jason Thompson but character was better on GH. S/L ridiculous. Thank you Ron. Mal is not there yet with his pen


would you agree .. that – it all came together for Chad and Abs… when she was hit by that car .. and it was in the hosp… that Chad and Abs really and truly bonded and soared?

I LOVE their chemistry.. the way they respond to each other as if completing each other – just like their veteran counterparts… just a blast

this is the funnest love story


It took a while, Patrick….but, yeeesss!!!! I never thought it would happen for me, but, I see the way Chad and nu- Abbi have found their physical and emotional niche…..they’re good together.


Loving both shows right now a lot! Both are on fire. And with GH, it’s not just SB’s return, it’s the writing, the storytelling, and the superb performances from everyone involved – which is most of the cast! It feels like GH again. I hope this continues for both shows and that their ratings continue to climb!

Mark Y

Y&R is on fire right now. I cannot look away.


Apparently, you’re only one. Y&R continues to bleed viewers as Mal Young pushes storylines from the Chuck Pratt playbook. Death & destruction doesn’t seem to be cutting it anymore with Y&R’s audience. This show has been in a steady decline since January 2014. The writers & producers have come and gone, yet Y&R continues to decline. Jill Farren Phelps poisoned this show and it’s her legacy that it hasn’t survived her horrid influence. CBS needs to bring back the Bell Family to help this show make a comeback. Mal Young doesn’t have a clue.


Veronica, Veronica! (sorry, I cannot say your name without singing that Elvis Costello song).
Mark is certainly not the only one who finds Y&R riveting. I do as well just as many other folks do. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean the entire world feels the same.
That’s solipsism in action right there.


Harry, Harry! (Sorry all I can think of is Prince Harry!)

I read the ratings and Y&R continues to dump audience. This has been a dreadful year for the show. This uptick in violence and death may bring some viewers back, but the actual core of the show is rotten. I don’t see Mal Young as the show’s answer to a real revival. That’s just me.


The 2 Jason s/l has been awesome. I thought I would not be invested in the s/l, but have to admit, it is well written and moving at a great pace. It is smart of GH to include other character’s s/l’s at the same time. For those fans that are not into the Fab four, we do get to see our favs, part of the bigger picture. Hopefully balance of different s/l and actors will bring in even more viewers. My fear is GH will be pushing this Jasoning and milk it till it becomes ad nauseam. I hope not


Forgot to mention that the writing of Chris Van Etten has been stellar. I, for one, do notice a distinct upswring with the writing and pacing of the show. Great work to all


Not to mention the coherence, Maddie! (And it’s about time!) Personally, I am enjoying the Burton return and the mystery of his character’s identity and I’m expecting some intriguing twists before we ultimately learn the truth behind the “Two Q’s.” However, whilst I agree that there should not be overkill in milking this aspect of his story, I am still finding Patient Six’s journey back to Port Charles (sans the Sonny and Carly aspect., of course……) far more appealing and palatable than the usual nonsense of Nina, Alexis and Nurse Amy! As soon as the emphasis pivots back to them, all is once again lost for me. It’s like one step forward, two steps back when that tiresome trio is trotted out in their respective “glory” for the umpteenth time with nothing new to show for their characters.


y n r is losing viewers because y n r doesnt feel like the same show viewers love
The show isnt clicking. Too many dead moments during scenes. The haunting melodic background music sometimes doesnt play for an entire show! Often the angles or scene changes are too slick and awkward.
Theres just too many couple pairings that arent reasonating with viewers either. Sharon and Scott are just o.k. , their chemistry can often be sibling like.Where in the past Nick and Sharon circle in each others orbit because they’re a y n r supercouple theres no longer those teasing moments. Nick and Chelsea is just gross. Chelsea without Adam is deadweight. Billy and Vic is so played out and need a break. Speaking of breaks thankfully Victor and Nikki are taking one. Unfortunatley now we’re forced a Nikki / Jack coupling which is so insulting considering Jack got the shortend of the deal with Phlylis and now Nikki? Gina s only worth her place as NuPhyliss paired with Billy otherwise im sorry she s not cutting it.
Ditto for Reed and Jordan. Still annoyed with why Jordan was brought on when the show should ve revisited Lily s affair with Tyler who actually had chemistry with Lily and history. He also had history with Mariah wish would ve up all these characters rivalries with Hilary. Now we have to endure Jordan and Phylis .. both can go
Days is taking advantage of all the rich characters from there past! where s Jill? Nina? Olivia? Christine? Avery? all these long standing characters need to visit genoa city to support their friends and family.
Theres really no villian either on y n r to stir the pot. Vic and hillary can only do so much damage before they become irepairable.
y n r has become too unbalanced. The Abott drama is a hit, the newman merrygoround of who hates daddy Vic is tired, The Ashby breakups a waste of screentime since Lily hasnt shown any real anger towards Cane who has stepped up while Lilys playing heartbroken. Thank god for Mariah s breakout as young star in her messy relationship with Tessa and the Abbotts.


Wow, great analysis of Y&R’s horrible situation. Have watched the show steadily decline since Jill Phelps brought in her gang of FOJ’s as she ran off great acting talents like Stafford, Muhney, & Miller. It has never regained a balanced sense of storytelling, while the production became an afterthought. Characters thrown away without a thought of its impact on the show. The writers were changed every 18 months and the continuity was destroyed. This show was the crown jewel of the industry, now it’s a sad semblance of itself. Mal Young is depending on disasters & death to pull it out of its recent spiral. So far, it isn’t working. I’d give him a few suggestions to help turn things around, but I’m sure he’s another know-it-all. He’ll be gone in 18 months.


The timing of the ratings boosts on both shows are no coincidence. Both shows are correcting the idiotic murders of core characters in recent years. Will Horton on Days and Jason Morgan on GH.

Biggest irony here is that the same writer who caused the GH disaster is now the one fixing the mistake on Days. Thank all that’s unholy that there’s not a fake Will/never before heard of twin brother running around Salem impersonating him.

Though it does seem a little bit like a “Hope/Gina” rerun, with Will working as a bartender at some dive in Memphis, seemingly unaware of who he is, and not even noticing his own father or the guy he hooked up (Paul) with shortly before his “death” were in the bar.

Send in Hope with the puzzle box…….


Ron wrote Jason off GH because the actor was leaving, not because he thought killing a core character was the way to go. And Ron was smart enough to leave the door open for Jason’s comeback at a later date…something Dena Higley didn’t do with Will on DAYS.


I still wish there was a way to resurrect A.J. Carlavati killing him off was a HUGE mistake!

DAYS deserves the jump in ratings. They got a solid leader and writer and finally are using the strengths of their cast. While most of the returns are temporary, they are using them to their best potential. I love watching Sami and Susan together. I can’t wait for Vivian to return and I love watching how they still put Stefano in the forefront even though he’s gone from this world. Bravo to DAYS for getting their shit together! GH on the other hand…..not impressed. Steve Burton is just nothing to watch on screen. He is so monotone. It’s awful. Please don’t say a word about how his eyes convey such emotion. They are blue eyes, period. Half of Hollywood has blue eyes. Certain scenes pack a punch in this plot. I loved Billy Miller when he asked Carly about how she could believe that the other guy is Jason. He showed depth and pathos and confusion in a 2 minute scene. Laura Wright is always magic to watch. That was worth it. But everytime Mr. Burton walks in, the quality goes down. He just doesn’t have any skill other than an angry pout. It just grates after an extended length of time. I am sorry but I don’t want to see him fighting all the time. All these past few months all everyone has been saying is : stop all the gangster stories with Sonny. And here we are – right back at gangster stories. Jason giving his undying devotion to Sonny. Sonny getting all excited again. Why don’t we really shake things up in Port Charles and find out that all these years Jason and Sonny have been lovers. Carly would be devastated. Now there would something fun to watch but all this I will fight to the death for you Sonny cause I’m Jason Morgan bologna…i pass….whatever….people wanted Steve Burton back for some unknown reason and they got it. I never want to hear one more person complain about the mob stories when they asked for it in the form of this character. I only hope they give Billy Miller every great scene for him to act to in his quest to find out who he is. Kelly Monaco is doing great with the material. She is underrated but then she is never really written for. If they end up pairing her with Mr. Monotone then all we will have are grunts and groans from both of them because Monotone Sam never does more than say two words with a sigh. I hope they get it together. I love the cast for the most part and the hardest thing to deal with is how they are taking one story and having it impact the whole show. Every character is reacting to Jason Morgan returning. Please, there are other stories to tell. The only good thing I am living for is Ava and Griffin. They are so fun to watch together. I don’t watch B&B except once in awhile… Read more »
Debra m

Sorry,disagree. SB as Jason, could say very little yet his eyes show such emotion. The way he looked at Sam and Carly the first time he saw them tugged at my heart. I like BM but he lacks some of that emotion.


I definitely agree, Debra…… I looove Billy Miller, but I am not seeing what Stonecold was supposed to be… least, my ‘vision’ of him, as was described by posters.
Just an imitation. He’s like a Zombie, sometimes.
I do not know the original because I started watching after/or about the time Burton left, but Billy is less than what I expected…..I lack words to express my thoughts…
Steve? Well , I can’t stop singing his praises…turned me upside down; inside out.


Okay so you hate Steve and love Billy. Fine. Your other criticisms about Steve’s acting are your opinions but most including myself disagree with you. And as far as EVERYONE having scenes with Jason, that is the way it should be. You dont like him but he is a central character to the show who has many connections. If you despise Steve so much and hate mob stories, turn the channel because GH and ole blues eyes is just starting!


I didn’t say I didn’t like the mob stories nor did I say anything about GH being a bad show. So I won’t be “changing the channel”. Why is it that when someone, anyone, disagrees with the popular opinion they are attacked by mob rule mentality? ( Mob rule haha) Steve Burton is a poor actor who has only one trait. That is being monotone. No emotion no depth. I do like Billy Miller and I won’t apologize. He is an amazing actor. Jason Morgan will wear thin because he can’t carry a show on his limited back forever. But enjoy the monotony for now…I am a patient man.


I completely agree, Mateo. What others love about SB’s “emotive acting with just his eyes” always looks like he’s trying to silently pass a gallstone. His acting arsenal is limited. But you have to watch who you say that to, apparently. As for me, I’m team Billy Miller all the way.


LOL, Soaphound,
Pass a gall-stone? Too funny!! As I said to you before, I choose BM, of course. But, Steve is doing it for me. He’s a step-up from Dylan, who did prove himself in the end.
I guess I need more time with Steve….so far, I like what I see….I will always be team BM….however, I am the type who gets tired of one-dimensional characters and people in general.
Yet, if you love those people who bore you to death ( LOL), you accept them anyway.
So, I will give Steve his due. I like his entire persona/countenance….but, if he keeps up with the continuous communicating with his eyes, I will suffer from ennui.


Too funny, Soaphound! I kinda disagree about Steve…I’m loving his performance thus far…though I HATE his attitude toward Franco. HATE IT. And Sam’s and twin Jason. LOL…

Gallstone….it’s the lil words perfectly placed that getcha! 😉


GH has already slipped back in to true form – any way – Carly

as soon as she told BM Jason that she told SB Jason to visit Sam.

things are already off the rails. Sonny asking Diane… You think he’s “Jason” too

AND – Alexis asking Sam how she feels.. “I’m thankful i’m alive , dry and in one piece”


you know… we get glimpses of GH. and the props that are hired and they just shine. extras like Epiphany … Dr. Klein… LIz for godsake going to visit SB @Jail.

just standouts in and around the dullard. that is not going to change.

already SB is letting Carly mouth do all the loud gibberish as she banshees around port Charles.. acting like the lackey this time around.. till SB can get his bearings

i’m “fascinated” at how the ACTOR, BILLY MILLER.. acting choices with and @Steve Burton. just how well he’s playing being the husband of.

things are already falling in to place… and if this story does not connect the dots to Liz.. and all we have is Sam and Carly…

I like Steve Burton hair


Finally Patrick! One of the best words I’ve heard to describe Carly…banshee. On the other hand you have to love Laura Wright for what she brings to this grating character.

And I loved seeing Epiphany come into Sam’s hospital room and put everyone in their place. I remember her great scenes with Sonny when she did the same with him during his physio rehab. If anything she really represents the moral authority in Port Charles and at GH. We should see a lot more of her.

Hope they find a way to keep Dr. Klein in the story. He’s an interesting guy.

I’m not a great Liz fan, but have appreciated how she has seen the errors of her ways when Jason2/Amdrew originally came back on the scene and she deceived everyone as to who he was and wasn’t. Thought her scenes with SB at his jail cell were very good. But just can’t buy into her with Franco. And again, Roger, another actor like Laura/Carly who works hard to make questionable storylines work. At least IMO. Too bad for Roger.

Glad to see Dr. Finn/Michael Easton have a strong story to work with. And I like him with Anna. But the Cassandra thing is going to get very tense and dangerous.

Nelle…you don’t mess with Valentin! And I liked Nina calling her bluff. But I am tired of Nina’s rampages every time another layer of hubby’s past is revealed. She’s just got to accept that what you see is what you get with him.


Oh, Patrick…three cheers for you, my friend.
Banshee….I seem to recall having called Carly that when I first joined this group.
Of course, I was not familiar with either the actress or Carly, the character.
I slowly started to admire her talent ( she’s great!!), but, she does give the impression of ‘stomping’.
An Amazon….as it were. The difference was that when I “affixed” said name on her, I was unceremoniously insulted…cut off at the knee, I was…


@Patrick….Doesn’t seeing Steve Burton—and his trademark hair!—make you pine for that adorable little “Stonecold Junior” in the form of James Nigbor???? The kiddo was the absolute spooky spit of his strong, silent paternal figure….the perfect mini-me for “Jason6!”


I thought Billy Miller was great on Y&R (in spite of the material he was given) and started off good on GH but then Ron was replaced with Jean and Shelly and Billy seemed as bored with the writing as the viewers. As for Steve Burton, he’s always seemed very one note to me and has never inspired any interest on either GH or Y&R.


One-note is the perfect description, Alan….or one-dimensional, as Steve was on Y&R, albeit he turned the corner, at the end, for the better.
I really need to get to know him as Jason1, Drew, Stonecold, or whatever. So far, I only know him as Patient Six.
He, definitely, is not monotone ( one pitch sounding tone), as Sam, and at some level, so is BM’s Jason……soooo different from Billy Abbott.
As I keep saying, Sam’s atonal, one-tone, irritatingly mumbled speech rubbed off on him, LOL.
What I see in SB right now does fascinate me……perhaps it is because I was so used to Robocop, Dylan. You guys know better….you are familiar with both the character and the actor.
At the risk of sounding repetitious, I do get bored when a performer stagnates.


@CeeCee….”One note” is a most fitting way of describing Burton’s Stonecold of yore, as he rarely displayed any emotion and was as low-key as could be in pretty much any given situation. That’s why his return to the show has proved to be such a pleasant surprise for many longtime GH viewers…the intensity with which Burton has bared his character’s heart and soul has been incredibly moving and absorbing, not to mention, quite unlike anything we’ve seen him do before. He has taken “Jason?” to a whole new dimension and “fascinating” is indeed a very good way of putting it, CeeCee!!!


Mateo, toughen up! I didnt attack you. I said you have a right to your opinion but most fans are happy Steve is back and he is knocking it out of the park. You like Billy and dont like Steve. Fine. Its an opinion. I recently watched the new Dynasty reboot. It was horrible. I do not like the direction of the show. I turned it off. Thats all I am saying to you, if Steve bothers you, turn the channel. He signed a three year contract and is going to be front and center almost everyday.


Well, I was relieved that Carly went clothes shopping for Jason today instead of raiding Jason 2 and Sam’s penthouse apartment for clothes.
Imagine if Carly came into the jail bearing all these clothes from the boys’ husky section from Sears.


I’m especially glad for DOOL since they had the smarts to hire Greg Rikaart for next year. Also, the exciting return of Robert Scott Wilson last month…how great is this guy and why the heck couldn’t he have been cast as Scott Grainger on Y&R? He needs a full time gig NOW. Have mostly enjoyed the 2 Jasons tale but still reticent about how Billy Miller will be handled in the end. Overall, any gain in soaps is a gain for us faithful viewers.


Glad to see all shows up in ratings. That’s what we need to see
Happen in daytime


LOL. Y&R isn’t up. It continues to sink into the abyss. All-time lows in the key demos make for a very unhappy CBS ad sales organization. Y&R is a real mess.


I feel really sad about that, Veronica. Do you think Y&R is on its death-bed? I grew up with this show. Nick and Sharon were my first in-love young couple…..To a tween girl, that meant everything, LOL.
To see it perish is truly hearbreaking for me. Maybe it’s still salvageable? Some stories are picking up the pace and interest…..the Mariah dilemma has so much promise.
Cane’s whining is really getting to me, though. He makes me cringe.
I will always hold out hope for a miracle……
…so many people would be out of work. I wonder if these actors have any other skills outside of show-biz…..


was ED’ Ashley biological disclosure, playing front and center? I thought for sure this would disarm Y&R viewers.. and edge

which really is alarming.. because it’s adult fare that I thought for sure would drive

WOW – this is dire . HELLO MR and MRS. SONY… send ED to @DAYS permanently.


Well, I really am enjoying Y&R these days.
I love Dina, she amuses the hell out of me. I also loved Billy and Caine bonding the other day not to mention Billy and Jack finally making up.
Yes, I see the problems–certainly the loss of their background music which underscored the emotional tenor of the scene at hand is missed.
But no, I am not giving up on Y&R and nor should any one else.


I just felt compelled to pop in again to exult about the marvelous Dina after watching today’s show.
Today she uttered the following lines to Nikki: “You gold digging floozy!” “You take that back, you bitch!” “You gyrating strumpet!”
Peter Bergman and Melody Thomas Scott have great senses of humor and I am sure it was hard for them to refrain from roaring with ribald laughter.
More Dina please.


Veronica, I respectfully disagree.
Y&R is not a hot mess and is still number one on the ratings.
It is producing character driven stories while paying fidelity to the characters’ and core families’ histories.
There’s some misses–certainly Jordan is a big lurching bore and yes, they need to bring back the music that hallmarked the Y&R style while underscoring the emotional tenor of the scenes. But in my opinion, Y&R is providing some really terrific soapy entertainment right now.


@Harry….Sounds like Dina is on a right roll in Genoa City! When Y&R is finished with her, I wish they would send her on over to Port Charles…..she’d have an absolute field day with Alexis, not to mention a few other rather unladylike creatures strutting about town…and how satisfying would that be????


Not to mention, that Marla Adams would make a very convincing long-lost sister to Leslie Charleson’s Monica….they do have a rather noticeable resemblance and could easily pass for family.


Better writing…better stories…Papa Johns-lol

James McDonald

Now that Chandler Massey is playing “Will” alive, in the flesh, and is no longer the imagination of Lucas or Sonny, now the story line is going to get good. Lucas saw a man behind the counter in a Memphis bar that looks like Will. Susan Banks had Dr. Rolf resurrect him with the re-animator shot, but something went wrong. Lucas called out to Will, but there was no response. Somehow Will is different. Is Will deaf? Has he turned straight? Has he lost his memory? Lucas left the bar. Paul sits down and he sees Will too.
Tell every Days Of Our Lives fan you know that Lucas and Paul have seen Will alive. This is Chandler Massey playing him, not the other guy. Let’s get the ratings up.

Andrew Hass

My theory from the moment i heard Will was coming back was that he would have amnesia and not remember anything or anyone.Will having amnesia could go in a lot of different directions story-wise.For example an amnesiac Will could find himself been drawn to Paul and not to Sonny and that could complicate things.

James McDonald

Now that would be an interesting twist. I’m also keeping in mind that it was said Chandler Massey would only be taping scenes to April 2018, so I guess Chandler Massey playing “Will” is only a temporary stay. Anything could happen.


Hey, Andrew,
The “Will” at the bar? Was that a Lucas “hallucination”? Not if Paul saw the same thing, right?
So, yes, your premise is an excellent explanation……and then “some”.
I love where yor mind is going with this…!!

Karen Clark

Steve’s return has made GH must see TV! The story is rocking and #Stecky is still explosive chemistry! There is only one Jason and Steve is him! Days is also killing it. Bryan Datillo has been phenomenal in this arc. I think it’s his best work ever. Emmy worthy. I have watched both Days and GH since their premieres and this is the best they have been in decades!

Barbara F. West

General Hospital gets my vote. Welcome back Steve Burton!


#Stecky – ?

if you mean… Steve Burton – AND – Rebecca Herbst

then I say … welcome back to the show… because this is where the heart tug and heart fill begin and “end” . just culminating in raw and/or renewed energies

till the end of days.. I will continue to champion… Liz belongs with SB or Billy Miller.

I’m sorry that Franco is so saddled with mental, emotional, and psychological issue. I just do not want Liz to be stuck.

@Days – so much cheers to Lucas… as he’s stated in SOD soap opera digest… even he agrees with you . this is his best storyline… and I agree with you… his best work.


Oh, Patrick….tell me; Jason1 and our Miss Lizzie…were they good together? A likable couple? That, I’d love to see!!
And, you’re right, Liz seems sooo saddled with all of Franco’s baggage. But, she does love him…..”what we do for love….” Sigh, LOL.


Patrick, I honestly feel Franco is destined to be alone.
Lizzy and Jason always enjoyed a strong romantic/sexual chemistry, so intense that it was palpable. Remember Lizzy climbing the stairway to heaven which resulted in Jake?
I never saw the same connection between Jason and Sam despite their matching his and her leather jackets and their own special dopey theme song.
I don’t dislike Jason and Sam as a couple but honestly they never did much for me, all I feel is apathy for them.


Patrick/Harry: Franco may have issues..but don’t they all?

Both Jason’s are somewhat violent…both have been programmed…one of them is somewhat emotionally repressed…one in particular is devoted to Sonny…

and as I just wrote on another post…Liz and Franco are both artists. I’d love to see her get back into that and share that with Franco. They need some “creatives” on the show and that’d be a great match if the writers wrote for them. Matter of fact…Liz, working at the hospital, could be spending some time working or volunteering in the art therapy dept. They just dropped that passion of hers.


Rebecca, it’s not that I dislike Franco or harbor any grudges for orchestrating Michael’s rape in prison or psyching Sam out into believing she was raped by him and was now carrying his child. After all, he had the Twinkie defense exonerate him of his crimes. Opps, I mean, the Tumor defense.
It’s that he’s at his best as a lone wolf, the troubled artist brush stroking his internal demons onto the canvas.


I get the “troubled” history (and the sardonic way) you bring in Franco’s history…LOL…but I don’t agree that Franco’s “at his best as a lone wolf.” Why?

There is barely a person (out of the main characters) that hasn’t done something horrendous. Sonny’s a murderer, Carly’s a lying, cheating, sadistic (toward AJ, Franco and others) biatch, our not-seen-for-too-long Rick Lansing kidnapped Carly when she was pregnant and held her hostage in some padded room, Nina ripped a child out of its womb, Maxi supplied drugs to Lucky, a drug addict at the time, Ava killed Connie and framed AJ resulting in his death, the list goes on and on. And!!!! Not one of them had a tumor! So one could argue that Franco might actually be the least violent of them all!

Since not many fans it seems want a lunatic running around GH, there is no point in reverting Franco back to his crazy days. Since they’ve reformed him, he’s been nothing but loving and devoted, albeit insecure, still snarky (which is his M.O. but loyal and struggling to get his life on the right track. Which he’s done…though most of the smug ahem…other “evil-doers” won’t give him a break.

I give Franco a pass. If we’re to believe the tumor defense, which I do…I don’t hold him responsible. It’s also been mentioned that he had no intention of Michael being raped, he never ordered Michael to be raped. It was the lunatic that he sent in to frighten or intimidate Michael (to send a message to Jason) that went “there.” As for Sam? Again, he played mind games. Yes. But he didn’t rape her.

In a real world, of course these are hideous acts. (Unless the brain tumor really was responsible…) But in the soap world? There’s nothing he’s done that is worse than many of the other characters who get to have lives, families…

I’m so sick of the self-righteous, judgmental characters who are criminal tearing down other characters who are trying to better themselves…AJ and now Franco.


GH: Its the “Steve Burton Show” and I love it! He has done a great job mixing in with the cast he has not seen in five years. He is Jason. Billy Miller will be deprogrammed and be Andrew. Hopefully Franco will be deleted for good!

Y&R: Mal Young has shook up the show and I give him an A! He is FF through crappy stories that have been written in the past and setting the tone for the future. ONE criticism, the Underground Fire was horrific! I dont know if that HIS way of shifting gears? He got Billy and Jack to reconcile. He had Billy make a choice between Victoria and Red. Victor gets his daughter back at Newman and daddy is coming to straighten out Reed! If thats what the fires was for, fine. It just didnt make sense that Dina was there. Then the fire department cannot get near Billy but Jack, who would never be allowed to go into a burning building is so close to Billy he holds his hand? THEN, the fire department is talking about cutting off Billy’s legs and then next you see Jack bringing Billy out of the Underground. WHAT?


If you aren’t watching Days Of Our Lives you definitely should be! The show has been firing on all cylinders since Ron C. took over as head writer!

James McDonald

Days of Our Lives is going to get even better with Louise Sorel returning as “Vivian Alamain” (perhaps on New Year’s Eve) cooking something up deliciously evil and Tyler Christopher (formerly of General Hospital) joining the cast in early 2018.
With Eileen Davidson returning as “Susan Banks” will “Kristen” be far behind? Is it possible the devilish villainess survived her fall from the castle and will she blame Marlena for falling out the window and come after her again. Did Kristen survive her fall or was she brought back to life?


Oh I am definitely looking forward to Vivian returning! She is another character that is right up Ron C’s alley! I hope she’s back for good, at least recurring.

And Eileen hinted that other characters would show up, she mentioned facial hair which would be the male character she played (Thomas?), but I really hope Kristen is back for a while also!


Both DAYS and GH’s ratings are up with stories of characters returning from the dead.

The difference is that DAYS is wisely setting up other stories to move to the forefront once the Will plot is resolved as well as playing the romance of their couples. GH is just pushing the Jason stuff with nothing else really in place (I don’t consider Amy’s brother, Laura’s engagment, or Ava and Griffin dating as real “stories” — they are springboards for stories at best).


I know that Burton should be Jason Morgan; not Miller. Also, G.H. needs to allow characters to fight back when they’re in fights with Sonny and Jason; the writers treat all the characters as if they are afraid to fight . Writers, stop favoring certain characters!


Thank You – when the outcome is continually the same.. where is the rooting value…

THAT IS WHY – I am so ready for – GH writers , REALLY and TRULY – NEED to let Billy Miller fly. this is why I love that he is acting frustrated and even angered @ Carly and Sonny …

I am buying that neither of the twin know whos whos or who’s the REAL Jason… that is an intriguing plot. that in itself… is what I’m watching; BM and SB.

NOT wanting to watch Sonny and Carly AT ALL ! what for ? till they get what they want… and then what ?

so with you : ” Writers, stop favoring certain characters “


You said it, Boop….words to live by!!


Finally, CeeCeeGirl! I was looking for a direct link to reply to you on this thread….I also remain impressed with Steve Burton and his portrayal of “Jason/6,” well, at least thus far. Compared to his previous sedate countenance and seriously understated mode of communication, he’s now absolutely Vesuvial in relaying his feelings! Whilst I shall never anticipate any grand demonstrations of emotions by this character, I do feel he has successfully managed to soulfully convey his inner conflicts without having to wear his heart on his sleeve. I found his Friday scenes with Sam most effective, and their conversation very authentic….In fact, the only false note for me was when she was explaining her “backseat origins”‘ and quite laughingly tried to equate the tawdry, one-night hookup between her then-stranger parents that produced her with the sort of deep, immediate love she once shared with original Jason. What a total crock! How much longer do we have to be subjected to this patently absurd narrative that Alexis and Julian represent some epic love story when all they really have going for them is their mutual taste for raunchy sex? The more we are force-fed this fallacious fantasy, the greater the need exists to mock it…Of course, it’s all just a prelude to the ridiculous reunion of this pair….All one had to do was see how Alexis breathlessly raced to Pentonville to know exactly what’s coming….She’s crawling back to her worthless spouse and is already whiffing and sniffing those Julian pheromones, priming herself for the ultimate explosion of her pent-up libido that is surely bound to happen….the only question is whether she will last until the prisoner’s actual release or if a conjugal visit will be required to do the horrid deed. P.S. Ava’s awesome tongue-lashing of Alexis was utterly delicious! It’s moments like that which provide me the optimum pleasure where this pathetically wanton creature is concerned, and we should see much more of it! Diane was also quite adamant on the same subject the other day, and I adored her no-nonsense take on this disgusting duo, too!!!!!!


Hi, Shay,
Firstly, thank you again for the lovely words of sorrow and encouragement….
I am so very disappointed at the turn, or shall I say, return of the old Alexis, and her usual destructive habits. The writers are doing this character an injustice. Nancy has a role to play ( her bread and butter)…, I find the way TPTB are advocating women in this negative manner disgusting.
What happened to, ” We came a long way, baby”? This kind of nonsensical writing sets women back a few decades. Middle Ages??
And, I truly resent the fact that ‘they’ have Alexis marauding and foraging, hither and yon, like a hungry “B” ( she wolf). I, certainly, was not hoping for Alexis to fall back into the crazy world that is Julian……but, she’s b-a-a-ack….the Julian lunacy, this malady is comparable to her alcoholism, which drove her to drink in the first place.
I do believe that the writers may be succumbing to what the fans want….who are we to speak, eh, Shay?
That’s not to say I am all for what the writers are wont to do….would ‘they’ put Alexis back, smack in that horrific milieu? This would be bordering on the vacuous belief that a woman has no problem returning to the crime scene, per se.
In all such cases, women who repeatedly go back suffer from “Battered Wife Syndrome”….’tis a fact. For this reason, alone, I am so surprised the writers would dare do this. I do not care what excuse they use to exculpate Julian. As I said way back when, I cannot unsee what I saw.
And, the syndrome does not encompass physical abuse only….mental cruelty, emotional and verbal abuse, as well.
Here we are….the 21st Century and still talking about this archaic, social ‘disease’!!!!
This is love? Don’t think so. The kind of everlasting love.? Seriously? All that from a poke in the dark? In the back seat of a car?
You are right, Shay. TPTB will probably go to those tainted sheets again.
If that is to happen? Fine. Love in the afternoon? Fine. But please keep it contained…no limbs flailing and immaturish giggles blaring….not from these two.


EXACTYLY, BOOP! I literally just said that on another post. Franco just takes the crap that both Jason’s and Sam throw at him? Takes it from Sonny and Carly? Why??? Fight back! Even Julian took it to some extent…as does Ava. It’s ridiculous. It frustrates me; it’s too reminiscent of when they all ganged up on AJ. Or the constant put-downs of Scottie. They really “victimize” some of the characters on an emotional level and keep them helpless to fight back or gain respect.

Francesca Bruno

Harry, that is how I have always felt about Sam, since her first stormy appearance on GH.
I like her but she never seems to spark with any man. I saw a little bit of it with Silas, but not enough to capture my baser-self emotions.


Francesca, yes, I cannot muster any intense feelings about Sam.
She has a huge and loyal fan base so clearly they see something in Sam I don’t/.
She’s just okay, I’d give her a C.


@Francesca….You mean you didn’t see that “spark” between Sam and John McBain???? I thought they had it in spades, but then again, I had fond memories of Kelly and Michael on “Port Charles” where their characters of Livvie and Caleb had loads of chemistry!

Francesca Bruno

I did, Shay. There was a spark with Silas. Was he playing JMat the time?
Michael has played so many different roles, I can’t keep track , lol.

I do love Kelly and her character, but I would not go so far as to label her alluring.
As Harry mentioned, everything is subjective.


@Francesca…In terms of Kelly and Michael, I’ve always detected chemistry between them, no matter what configuration of their respective characters transpired….As acting peers, they simply enjoyed playing off of each other and it clearly showed! It’s just that some of Easton’s roles have been less well-defined than others….his sublime vampire Caleb was cool, charismatic and innately evil, whilst Livvie was his perfect little Goth princess who was completely besotted with him, thus their attraction was extremely palpable! The subsequent dynamics Sam shared with John McBain and Silas were vastly different in nature, yet the warmth and fondness those real-life friends share for each other were always quite apparent onscreen to me.

Francesca Bruno

Harry, you can certainly turn an innocent word into a deliciously satirical one. Twinkie?
I do agree. Franco is a joke. Love Roger, but this role crashes into his craft head-on.

Francesca Bruno

Correction. I meant to say, a delicious, satirically devilish one.

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Preview – Week of May 28, 2018

Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) returns to Salem after murdering a man, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) overhears that a company Stefan (Tyler Christopher) owns is developing a bionic eye that can restore Steve’s (Stephen Nichols) vision.  She asks him for help. Did she make a deal with the devil?

Rob Scott Wilson makes his return as killer Ben Weston.  How will he impact those that he once terrorized, and those that he’s trying to turn over a new leaf for?

Check out these teasers from upcoming episodes of Days of our Lives.

Monday, May 28


Tuesday, May 29

Brady is ready to decide whether he wants to be with Theresa or Eve, but before he can give an answer, he’s thrown a curveball.

Wednesday, May 30

Laura arrives to help Abigail integrate her personalities.

Thursday, May 31

Xander continues to be a thorn in Theresa’s side.

Friday, June 1

Marlena evaluates Ben and tries to determine if he’s telling the truth.

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Marci Miller Shares Sentiments On Her Final Tape Day At DAYS

Today was the last day of the incredible journey of Marci Miller as Abigail Deveraux DiMera.  After two years, the actress decided to not renew her contract after receiving a Daytime Emmy nomination and playing the multiple personalities storyline of Abigail, Gabby, and Dr. Laura.

Here, she shared her sentiments via an Instagram post on her final tape day at the NBC studios in Burbank.

“And just like that, 2 very meaningful years have come and gone. I have been loved so well today. I will miss this cast. I will miss these people. I will miss this place. I am both heavy and light at the same time. Much love to all, you have left just the sweetest impression on me. Xx #Days”

What did you think about the sentiments Marci Miller has shared?  Sad to know it’s Marci’s last day in Salem? Comment below.


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DAYS Preview – Week of May 21, 2018

Next week on Days of our Lives, Brady (Eric Martsolf) is in for quite the surprise when Theresa (Jen Lilley) shows up and turns his world upside down again. What will happen when Theresa discovers that Brady and her sister, Eve (Kassie DePaiva) are engaged?Meanwhile, Sonny (Freddie Smith) is in for surprise also, when he realizes Leo (Greg Rikaart) is going to turn the tables on him, after their steamy passionate kiss. And, Will (Chandler Massey) find a new clue in Dr. Rolf’s diary, as Kate (Lauren Koslow) learns her fate in Vivian’s death.

Check out these teasers from upcoming episodes of DAYS below, and then watch the latest promo from NBC. Tell us what storyline has piqued your interest the most via the comment section below.

Monday, May 21

Stefan threatens Abigail with Chad’s freedom.

Tuesday, May 22

Lani has a scare concerning her unborn baby.

Wednesday, May 24

Sonny’s world is turned upside down when he receives stunning news.

Thursday, May 23

Xander taunts Jennifer about her relationship with Eric.

Friday, May 25

Gabi learns a judge has overturned her conviction… but a new problem arises.

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Video du Jour

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Marci Miller as Abigail

Days of our LIves

Airdate: 5-8-2018