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RATINGS: General Hospital Goes Up For The Week; Only Soap To Gain In Total Viewers!



The ratings are out for the week of May 9-13th and it was ABC’s General Hospital, following a disappointing last ratings period where it was the only soap to lose viewers, that this week turned the tide.  Now, GH was the only soap to gain viewers in the latest intel from Nielsen data. GH added +51,000 in total viewers, and showed gains in the key womens demos 18-49, 18-34, and 25-54.

Days of our Lives, while losing total viewers for the week but only -3,000, actually scored the hightest increases in the week in all key demos: 18-49, 18-34 and 25-54.  However, for the 13th straight week, DAYS has tied its all-time low in the 18-34 ratings share.

The soaps that took the biggest hits in the ratings were the CBS Daytime drama one-two punch of The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful.  While they still remain far ahead of the field as the top-rated soaps, Y&R lost the most viewers for the week with -188,000, followed by B&B which lost -130,000.  Both soaps were also in the minus column in the key demo categories for the week.  View the entire ratings picture courtesy of SON here.

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,722,000 (-188,000/-212,000)
2. B&B 3,695,000 (-130,000/-165,000)
3. GH 2,746,000 (+51,000/-207,000)
4. DAYS 2,225,000 (-3,000/-69,000)

So, which of your favorite soaps do you think is on the right track storywise?  Which is on the wrong track? Has this May Sweeps been lackluster compared to those of the past?  Share your theories and thoughts in the comment section below.

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61 Comments on "RATINGS: General Hospital Goes Up For The Week; Only Soap To Gain In Total Viewers!"

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Y&R had the biggest drop because fans hate the new Billy and Phyllis. They hate that they had sex. They cannot stand Luca and Summer. Too much Winters drama which bores us to tears! AND, Stitch and his psycho son suck! Ben is a one dimensional character and Max, well it is sickening to have a little kid commit heinous crimes!

GH had the biggest gain because fans are excited about Kevin and Laura. Fans like Finn and Griff. The Q’s have been seen lately. Jason finally WOKE UP! And even if you hate the mob stuff, The whole Julian, Alexis and Sonny stuff was interesting.

The NB should boost the ratings again. Even if it sucks and they do the same old striptease crap, fans like seeing the characters let lose!


hey Timmm .
I luv the new billy/JT and I wish Bill&Phill would have wild and crazy sex!
gawd know Jack needs blue pills and electric shock to get moving.(and I’m not alone on that one)

And, I disagree with – ”GH had the biggest gain because fans are excited about Kevin and Laura” .. I could careless about anything Laura (and I’m not alone on that one)

I agree; Sonny and Jason is good stuff .. (and I’m not alone on that one)

However GH; I’ve been sticking my finger in the light socket to stay awake.(and I’m not the only one)


Yes Laura and Kevin are dry n boring… U give them air time n leave Morgan n ava out not really feeling Jean n Shelly.


Hi su0000, I KNEW you would like Billy and Red! Okay, they have ONE fan! I agree with you, if ANYONE including, Jack wanted to bang Phyllis they would need a WHOLE bottle of BLUE meds!

There are a lot of Genie Francis fans. I can take her or leave her BUT she is on the show, tons of history, use her!

Its been the opposite for me su, I drift off to sleep everyday while watching Y&R!


Timmm…Add Dr. Meredith and Victor to the don’t like list. And more Hillary being Hillary, and the Victoria/Billy merry-go-round.

Loving Laura and Kevin. Also The Dr. O, Finn and Monica showdown is fun. You know Leizl isn’t done yet, but great to see Monica take charge.


Billy/Victoria? I don’t think so!

They were ended and Jack thrown under a bus for this big Philly affair storyline which the writers tell us is the cats meow.

This isn’t on Billy/Victoria. This is on Billy/Phyllis who were promoted out the you know what last week all over the net by the show, and the network and were a feature segment on ET and failed miserably.


I think Doc O will be into harvesting organs and blaming Finn IF Michael Easton’s contract is long term. If he is only going to be on a couple more months, he is the culprit and Liesel will be the hero!


Phyllis and Billy or Philly as they’re called are nasty. People don’t like things shoved down their throats. Glad the Nielsen audience gets it.


I know, its B&P almost EVERYDAY and think about this, Jack is such a nice guy and a supportive brother, why would Billy do this to him? It is ridiculous!

Lew S.

Hey Timmm, I agree it’s the Billy & Phyllis romp!


Your right!
Y&R has really changed direction for the worse Charles Pratt n Jill are killing the soap

GH is hitting on all cylinders Ava is getting back in the picture now

B&B is always steady

Days one man show was good with Daniel C


Exactly they are killing it


“thank you” @Tae

“…Days one man show was good with Daniel C ”

Days of our Lives, while losing total viewers for the week but only -3,000, actually scored the hightest increases in the week in all key demos: 18-49, 18-34 and 25-54.


I’m so glad he’s back…. I wish and hope.. that the audience …with the behind the scenes can some how… let the rape of Ciera go away… respectfully

father and son duo of Aiden and Chase could be stirring
complete with Hope.. and Lauren Boles… back… as Ciera Alice Brady


Chuck and Patrick both of u are are smart gentlemen!!! Lol


What Timm said, and I also might add that the baby switch story involving the Pearls of Pauline (Sharon) shows no sign of letting up.
I do think folks were disgusted with Billy and Phyllis, however, those two do seem to enjoy an undeniable chemistry.
I also agree with Timm when he says the ratings went up because of Laura and Kevin–don’t think it had anything to do with Jason’s now awakening.
I am sorry–Sonny bores the hell out of me and wish he would take a long, long, long vacation.


Chemistry is subjective. I find Gina and Jason totally unappealing together


Harry, how is it that the fans know what is wrong and how to fix it but the writers sit on their hands. We have wanted Laura for so long, she signs a new deal and it is taking so long to feature her. BUT, when they do, fans come back, tune it and get excited!


ITA with you , Pratt has made Y&R totally unwatchable. I’m not surprised by these numbers at all, their key demos haven’t changed in months. Yes last week they had some gains But very small.


At least when Pratt started on the show he had all these mega disasters on the show now instead of the Underground collapsing, the show is!


DAYS of OUR Lives is “maintaining” it’s core audience ????

with Daniel Cosgrove… RETURN

YES YES and MORE …. Yum


We love our Daniel Cosgrove, Patrick!!! I sure hope he’s on contract.
However, the way in which his return was written, it’s a hard sell for me… it will take a lot of convincing of the character to win back Hope.
But, I love the chemistry between Daniel & Kristen A. He is such a gifted actor. I’m all for Aidan & Hope, it will take time though for the wrinkles to iron out, but the Rafe & Hope mix isn’t doing it for me.

Loves GH

This Jasam story is horrible, BM looks lost and KM is not a leading lady.


Amazing! The Jason memory return was Monday and Jasam Tuesday. Biggest ratings days. SMH

Mary SF

For May when most soaps are at their best I am finding story wise none of them are offering anything that compelling at the moment. I found that whole flu outbreak at Days a giant yawn— and please pairing Chad with Ciara even in a dream sequence would be a nightmare.

Y&R really misjudged the appeal of a Billy and Phyllis hook up– I tuned out most of that episode trying to avoid it. And big bad Victor huffing and puffing from jail is getting old fast.

I really don’t care for the whole Zende, Sasha and Nicole triangle over at B&B. And as much as I liked Quinn and Liam together, having Quinn pleading with him to “love her” was much more disturbing to watch than all of Quinn’s misdeeds put together. Don’t know what type of cologne Liam wears but obviously it is powerful stuff to get all these smart women mooning and fighting over him–

At least GH had some action going for it with the car crash and Carlo’s murder, might not have been great action worthy of Sweeps period but it kept my eyeballs open which is more than can say for the other three soaps right now.


Mary SF…Scroll down to Dan. My reply to you is there. iPad sometimes has a mind of it’s own.


Because the Philly affair is disgusting and aside from some people on Twitter, no one wanted to watch them or their re-written history. This pairing is sleazy and it BOMBED. Big time.


That new Phyllis is not Phyllis and I wasn’t even a big fan of the original one. This new one cannot act anymore she has fizzled out like some soap actors sometimes do. Too bad Billy had to be paired like this


Nail on the head Mark!


You mean the much anticipated, highly promoted Billy/Phyllis desecration of the Chancellor Mansion didn’t work? I’m shocked I tell you shocked.

These two recasts should not be leading this show, period. Long time audiences are not stupid.

Y&R made last week Philly week. The actors, The accounts, heck they even got a segment for their love scene on Entertainment Tonight. No one watched. Another Chuck Pratt fail.



This pairing isn’t popular. Period. The kiss promo ratings were terrible and so were these.

Mary K.

I will gladly take Jason Thompson back at GH if he wants to come back as Patrick. We miss him and Robin and Emma so much. I have not watched Jason on YandR because, I do not like who Billy the character is. Patrick on GH however is swoonworthy all the time.


Kathrine was not a saint BUT she grew into the Matriarch of the show and they pissed all over her mansion! Its disgusting! What next, a rape at Chancellor Park!


If you were going to go with the history of the characters their would never be any romance between Phyllis and Billy because of what she did by taking Baby Lucy away from them when Daniel wanted them to raise her. When Syafford left they should have made Phyllis move to New York the same with Billy just move on with the Dylan show !


Stafford oops


Because Philly are disgusting and no where near as popular as this show wants to portray them as. Villy and Phack have always and will always be more loved. This is another sleazy nasty story.


Not at all surprised at Y&R’s numbers.

Despite Y&R writing “Philly” as the biggest thing since sliced bread, they’ve not done well at all when heavily promoted.

It’s pretty abysmal when you lose this many viewers and you even got a segment on ET on CBS the night before. Yikes.


Phyllis and Billy are gross. No surprise on the Y&R numbers. Fans don’t like change. But it doesn’t say a lot for you when you are given that much promotion by the network and those are the numbers to show for them. Hope they have a back up plan.

Days continues to be horrible too. Dena must go


I’m glad GH’s numbers went up, I’ve really been enjoying the show lately. Looking forward to the Nurses Ball this coming week.

I do have to say though, I really think the Nielsen ratings are becoming an outdated, antiquated way to measure how many people actually watch the soaps. I don’t know many people that watch a show live on a week day afternoon, or record and watch the same day anymore. On the other hand, I know a lot of people that do like myself and record a show during the week and then binge watch a week’s worth of episodes on the weekend. The way I understand it, the ratings don’t reflect that. I know a lot of people that watch on Hulu and other platforms nowadays. The ratings don’t reflect that.

The way people watch television is rapidly changing. They need to come up with a better way to measure viewership that takes into account all of the different methods that people use nowadays.


Mary SF…re: Liam, I sooooo agree with you, have for years. Plus I don’t like cologne on any “real” man. For that matter, I don’t get the appeal of Steffy either.


yeah, I totally agree

i’m always behind…

which just speaks of further proof… even when we are not counted

that these shows ARE ; being watched

damned if we don’t

just adds that much more angst.. when we read of cancellations… because .. POSTS all over the place… do watch


Hi Dan
the Nielsen ratings are with the time.
People simply are not watching daytime soaps–

Nielsen adds Web viewers to its TV ratings
Updated 10:19 AM ET, Tue October 29, 2013 < <–not date

This is the latest attempt by Nielsen to catch up with current digital-media technology. Earlier this month, the company announced it was launching Twitter TV ratings, tracking the number of people tweeting about a show and how many people were reading those tweets.

In a sign of our increasingly connected age, the Nielsen Company will finally add streaming viewers to its influential ratings of who's watching what on TV. The new ratings will collect data on people who watch their sitcoms, dramas and crime procedurals on computer, tablet and smartphone screens.


The ratings are bad, very bad.
There was a lot of propping, begging and promotion.
Executives begging, writers telling the viewers they are writing specifically for a certain fan base and promos endlessly featuring the replacement couple.

Last weeks ratings will be interesting; considering Jason’s “I remember you tour” with GS glued to his side and the supposed Jason/Sonny bonding on Wednesday.

The enormity of Jason remembering was a bust and should have delivered more than a 2.16


GH should jump up quite a bit more. They tell stories that move and are not filled with ridiculous plot devices like contagious viruses shutting down hospitals and doppelgangers galore — Aiden’s return, Jack Devereaux, Bo Brady, blah blah blah– so tired of the rehash of these old stories. No respect for the viewer’s intelligence. GH has it’s detractors but let’s be honest here, when Alexis had her meltdown with Julian and Sonny it was so worth waiting for. Nancy Lee Grahn is spectacular as Alexis. Jason coming to terms with who he is and finally remembering. Honoring the past with Laura going on the mission to find out the meaning of Helena’s “curse”. The scenes of her remembering the events at Campus Disco were worth it because they didn’t overreach and Kevin being there was comforting to Laura. Nik and Hayden’s story is spectacular. Intensely erotic yet never over the top disgusting. They egg each other on. It’s fun to watch. Carly and Ava bouncing off each other is always a blast to watch. Lucy Coe is fun because she has great comedic timing. I love the re-focus on the Quatermaines and Tracy is so fun to watch because she is so (insert expletive here) to watch. I loved seeing Heather again with Franco. Their chemistry together is magic. The insanity traits are so identifiable when they work together. It comes together realistically. I have to say I am enjoying watching Dylan with Kiki. They work well together because neither of the actors portraying them are solid by themselves but together they set off fireworks. Nina and whatever story are fun because Michelle Stafford is so quirky in her portrayal of Nina. History is honored with various characters and I just love the pacing of GH. Never too slow and always quality in acting. Rock on GH. So excited for what’s to come.


!. have to gavel… GH … of the 4… moves

have to gavel….. ( FUN post)

“… Carly and Ava bouncing off each other is always a blast to watch. Lucy Coe is fun because she has great comedic timing. I love the re-focus on the Quatermaines and Tracy is so fun to watch because she is so (insert expletive here) to watch. I loved seeing Heather again with Franco. Their chemistry together is magic. The insanity traits are so identifiable when they work together. It comes together realistically. I have to say I am enjoying watching Dylan with Kiki. They work well together because neither of the actors portraying them are solid by themselves but together they set off fireworks ”

there’s a lot about GH to want

1. Kiki and Dillon… yikes… these two young un’s and underlings… are smoking… I see no reason for Morgan to even bother… unless the GH writers.. “write for him” bryan Craig has that IT factor… theres no denying that… judging from his twitter accounts… he’s big… drool… OK I went their

2. Heather and Franco… as I’ve always said.. when you “are” Shakespeare… you knock it out of the park… this mother and son duo… solidify intent

GH don’t you EVER DARE not feature … Robin Mattson… Roger Howarth… LOVES her… so do we

OK.. quack is… just saying… LOL… two fine acts… (repeat) when two skilled vets… reel off of each other and REEL BIG… the audience knows… MORE please

3. Jane Elliott’ Tracy Quartermainia…

i’m stunned staggered soaked… just marveling and grinning from ear to ear… Tracy is showing EMOTIONS

not matter how much … from here on out… she laments how she’s “caring” and then some…

did you hear her… as she’s quipping to Dillon and Ned… she’s going to love her little “Edward” just as fiercely

stock up on the hankies… ( some one… tell me… he looks like Michael, right ? )


any way

throw in Aaron and Kristina
throw in wheres Olivia
throw in Franco and…. Liz
throw in Griffin
bring back Ric Lansing… NOW
bring back Mac and Felicia… pronto
Brad and Lucas… never fail

GH has that much more… MOVING ! GH Puhlease… overblown Carly and Sonny Jason and Liz… are not

Salute !


BITE… I hate it when I make errors… lessens impact

last line…. overblown Carly and Sonny Jason and SAM … are NOT


Patrick…lots of good stuff…forgot Laura and Kevin…just can’t figure what you see in Liz and Franco, especially since you are so protective of Liz and think Franc has the insanity trait.



some time soon… MF needs to have a thread… much to my chagrin… I may not like the odds

will they or won’t they… pair up…. Franco and Liz

you could see the chemistry… and the potential for …. ???

these are two solid acts… and if GH wanted to further “redeem” Franco… could Liz be his ticket to normal street . ??? as a new Roger Howarth fan… I just dig him any way we can get him.

I though GH was going to go this route… and Nina will get her new lease on life with Julian @Crimson.


i’d even add Alice, Epiphany… Amy…


I love Hayden and Nick and I will say this, Haley who plays Kiki has really done a great job of remolding that character and rising above Kristen’s portrayal of Kiki!

Jay Trotter

Totally agree.

I have come to like and care about Kiki ever since HE took over the role. I really loathed Kiki and wanted her done when KA was in the role.

Jay Trotter

Hayden and Nik are the one couple that always entertains me and never bores me. I just love the cat and mouse game between them. TC and RB are doing a good job in selling this dark romance.


I really want to go their; I LOVED it for a long while…

is it fair to say… Hayden has never given one … ? … iota…

does she really LOVE Nicholas!

since it seems she was never … working for someone… she was “merely” hiding her past…

but was working for Tracy

and now wants to prove her person

why doesn’t she let up … a bit… at least once >>>> ???? Nicholas is coming across as a fool

it was just inexcusable for Hayden to be photographing and ebaying… Nicholas “family” dynasty

that’s my last straw

Tyler Christopher and Rebecca Buddig… are consummate

and I welcome their airtime… as they are … that good

most of the fans… want that sweet genteel… swell of a guy…

well… the darker side… was just as intriguing…. in fact… moreso

GH should be capitalizing on this… as he’s the most natural of all the menfolk

outside of Roger Howarth… should they write him… or can they… like the TOdd of ole… from OLTL

geez! he came on like gangbusters… and ot was REEL and all the way live

Tyler Christopher is emmied for an obvious reason… CONTINUE TO WRITE… for … HIM

dark side.. bad boy… out of the box… just magics and stimuli sweep… OK


GH is down 207k from last year. I guess that means “The Writer” was not the problem. SMDH


Does week to week really matter? I would think trends over time matter more. Y&R and B&B clearly have international followings that GH and DOOL do not. I’m guessing that makes all the difference, more so than domestic ratings.


GH may have gained but it is way short of the ratings it got last May sweeps. Even Jason getting his memory back didn’t hit 3 million mainly because they dragged it out too long.
I can’t see the Nurses Ball helping at all.


GH is terrible right now and killing Lucas at the nurses ball is a terrible move. #FireShellyAltmanandJeanPassanate

Jay Trotter

GH has been on fire right now the last two weeks and is the only soap over this span that has delivered sweeps worthy material. The past ten episodes have been very good with some entertaining, compelling, and gripping drama mixed in with some heartfelt poignant moments and explosive confrontations. I am hopeful with the nurses ball kicking off they can have another week of quality episodes.


I thought the scenes last week with NIcole and Deimos were interesting, especially when he was playing the piano. But, there was a HUGE problem. Nicole ran into Deimos’ house from the rainstorm soaking wet, and the next scene with Dario and Kate was having coffee OUTSIDE in the town square. I am also tired of seeing people wearing coats in Salem in May.

B&B is so good right now. It is such an easy watch (being 30 minutes) and with interesting stories.


GH is the best but I really think that the previous writer’s (Ron Carlivati) storylines actually saved GH from cancellation and led to most of the daytime emmy wins including Daytime Drama. Jason Thompson should come back to GH if he wants to join the emmy winners! Y&R EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Jill Farren Phelps will continue its decline. Remember he death of Maureen on GL?!


love philly on y n r , so hot
and love even more zende and nicole on b n b, so sweet


sidebar : STAT

What is General Hospital doing to the fans? The latest rumor that the soap is playing hardball with another actor has me in heart palpitations. A recent issue of Soap Opera Digest included a blind item about an actor who was struggling with his current contract negotiations with ABC.

this is from a “blog” it’s Roger Howarth!

give me an expletive break!

FIRE ! Sonny / Carly / Jason / Sam

this is going to be a huge mishap


IF they’re telling the truth they said it had nothing to do with GH or Roger. Rest easy my friend… 😉

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