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RATINGS: GH Nudges Ahead Of DAYS For #3 Spot While Both Soaps Show Gains!



During the abridged Thanksgiving holiday week of soap viewing, November 23rd through the 27th,  only 3 new episodes could count in the ratings (Mon-Wed) as the rest of the week were repeats or pre-emptions. In the end, it was ABC’s General Hospital and NBC’s Days of our Lives that were the two soaps showing gains!

The CBS soaps of The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful showed some losses.  (NOTE: The total audience count for the Tuesday, November 24th episode for Y&R is missing, according to the latest stats from SON)

With a solid week led by more of the fallout of the Jason (Billy Miller) reveal and a Quartermaine Thanksgiving among other moments, General Hospital actually got back to third place in total viewers just slightly over Days of our Lives!  GH added the most viewers for the week of any soap at +154,000. They also showed the most gains in the key womens 18-49 demo and women 25-54.   GH tallied in at an average of 2,822,000 for the week.


Meanwhile, DAYS was playing out the aftermath of the sudden death of Bo Brady and the Bradys first Thanksgiving without him.  DAYS added +132,00 viewers for the week – making their total viewer count to 2,813,000.  In addition, the NBC soap that just turned 50, scored best in women 18-34 more than any other soap, and added viewers in the key 18-49 and 25-54 categories.

The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful while even losing some  viewers for the week, are stil firmly in the number one and number two positions.  However,  B&B tied for a new low for the second week straight in the ratings share in the women 18-49 demo.

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,796,000 (-98,000/+198,000)
2. B&B 3,508,000 (-10,000/-89,000)
3. GH 2,822,000 (+154,000/-161,000)
4. DAYS 2,813,000 (+126,000/+385,000)

So, what did you think of the performance of your favorite soap during the shortened holiday week?  Was General Hospital the best show? Was it Days of our Lives?  Did you feel that Y&R and B&B delivered the goodsm and you thus would have expected viewers being added to the positive side of the number count?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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27 Comments on "RATINGS: GH Nudges Ahead Of DAYS For #3 Spot While Both Soaps Show Gains!"

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Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Lets just be grateful all four are doing fine!




Tried to watch “Days of Our Funerals” but it was just so dark, sad, morose and depressing.


That is what I recently said, as well. We have this forum to voice opinions but in the end, I for one am happy that all four shows are still televised. I respect all the talented actors.


A little off topic, but I found People Magazine’s GH 50th Anniversary issue from 2013 at my local Dollar store today. I have to think some of you already have it, but OMGoodness it’s got incredible pictures of all of our favorites. For those commenters who think some of us are stuck in the past and miss our legacy characters, reading this mag makes me remember why it’s hard to let them go, and see them relegated to cameo appearances if they are still around. It even makes you love the younger Luke after having gone through the Fluke thing. And for Su000, lots of Luke and Laura and their adventures and wedding. As for others who have been through the halls of GH there are pictures of those who have gone on to bigger roles in their lives…like Mark Hamill/Luke in StarWars. And then there’s the picture of Ricky Martin…this would take top billing over any “CBS’s dreamy male characters” from MF recent story, or from anywhere else for that matter. I could go on and on….Just had to pass it on!


Nice post–thank you, Rose.


On Y&R, the surprise witness reveal did not absolve Adam 100% in the death of Delia. For court, I actually believed that someone else would be implicated in order for Adam to gain his freedom. But that is the way the cookie crumbles in the soap world. In reality, a real court would not look beyond the removal of the handcuffs at the hospital to overturn a sentence. Probation. Community Service. What? Christine will not file an appeal! What? No court ordered restitution! What? No wrongful death civil lawsuit! Wouldn’t a federal agency (FBI) be called in to handle cyber-attacks?


DAYS and GH are my two! I really don’t know which one I prefer right now. It’s great to see DAYS be in second place in the key demo group 18-49!

4ever DAYS

It’s also #2 in 18-34!


Days and GH both need to pick it up. Both shows are seriously just treading water. There’s nothing truly horrific airing in either right now but nothing that is all that exciting either.
The Bo story hijacked the show for weeks which has resulted in everything else just hitting the skids. The Ben storyline is dragging out way too long — start killing again, starting with several of the SORAS’d kids.
GH needs to give Laura a story besides doling out motherly advice. Find her a man. And let’s wrap the Patrick/Robin story and send them off together with their bad haircuts. However, GH needs to find a way to keep Emma with Anna. That little girl is talented.


I have to agree with you on Ben/Abigail; time in Salem is moving at record speed and they are still locked in that cabin? Thank god, looks like next week we may see some movement there.
Bored with Liz. Don’t understand why Laura is keeping this secret?! If she’s so worried it will be found out, why doesn’t she just divulge what she knows? lame!
Ciara and her grating voice ……. is very ffwdable!


I agree, Ces. I try, but I cannot find anything relatable with Ciara. At least, not emotionally. Her eyes and voice belie her words.
Liz needs to take a long, refreshing nap. And then, miraculously she’ll wake up an honest person, decked in morals galore. Ha!


lol! I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of Ciara on our screen unfortunately. Also, grates on my nerves when Hope screams Ciarrrrrra — annoying. Hate rapid growth on soaps; I’ll add that I don’t like Chase either. Hope he goes the say way Silas’ nephew left on GH, remember him? I can’t even remember his name but I did not like him.


Hello, Ces.
Silas’s nephew’s name was Rafe Kovich. Funny you should say that because he wasn’t liked by many, or so it seemed. Yet, when he was killed off, everyone Oooohed and awwwwed about it. I wasn’t a fan either.
I agree, Chase does grate….but, I do like Theo. Kyler Pettis plays the teen with mild autism to the letter. He’s also a looker.
Hope? Thorn on my side…..for the longest time. Now, I have two thorns. Wow!! Mother and daughter are killing me.


Ah yes, Rafe. I never liked that character or the actor. I definitely wasn’t sad when they did him in.
Although Kristian has done a great job with the work on Bo’s death, I did love her more back in the 80’s and 90’s; she looks hard now in appearance and comes off that way too. I think it all started with the Princess Gina stuff that I didn’t care for. Ciara can go!!

tim S

I have to say that the actress who is playing Abby on Days is doing a great job… she has been so believable in all of her scenes this last month.. Great job!!


When it comes to ratings;

Where you’ll see them: It’s important to know that the networks are the ones putting these 30-day ratings reports together, not Nielsen. They’re using the Nielsen-provided data and their own internal data about multiplatform or encores, which could, in theory, be manipulated in a 100 different ways. Some of the networks even tabulate their 30-day ratings differently, so there’s no consistent way to make one-to-one comparisons.

ratings don’t actually measure DVR viewership between days 8 and 30 of a given 30-day period. Meaning that even if you’re a Nielsen home, if you’re way behind on The Blacklist and plan to watch Episode 6 tonight, it doesn’t count in the 30-day ratings even though it aired within the last month. Currently, Nielsen only measures DVR viewing through the first seven days after the live episode,,,

GH is they only soap that is aired on POP for evening viewing..
And- I doubt it ever will be aired during the evening, GH is not a Sony product as the other 3 soaps..


0ohh and Get this-

Y&R has a full-time publicist, plus the backing of CBS Daytime’s social media and Sony promotional team domestic and international publicists.

B&B has both domestic and international publicists !!!

Days of Our Lives has a publicists and other media promotion..

General Hospital has a freelancer on Twitter and
Frank has to promote GH on twitter..


Sony does not own Bold and Beautiful.

Well, of course these shows should have publicists. The fact that GH doesn’t is just weird. It’s not that the other shows are doing wrong or cheating by promoting themselves, Su. Sounds like that’s what you’re getting at.


hi Dylan..
Thanks for B&B correct..
Promotion is key in media, and GH has none 🙁
If ABC would find a spot on one of their extensions to air GH at night, I think that would help..
I just would like more being done to save our precious soaps /GH <– 🙂


GH should retain third place next ratings. Liz is about to be exposed, freaking MAC WAS BACK, Monica was in TWO scenes, Dante is a major DOG and Maxie and Nina were enjoyable together.


Agree..agree..agree..on everything !


That just about sums it up, Timmm. Your short, little synopsis hits the spot. My no-nonsense guy!!


Every once in a blue moon CeeCee. I’m usually full of hot air! Ha ha!


Oh, yeah? Well, if I were next to you I’d prick you with a pin, just to see how full of hot air you really are.
Nah…I’m sure you’re not. You call ’em right 99% of the time. You did say Jason T was the nuBilly. I vehemently disagreed with you. Remember that?….just to give you one example. Bye, luv.


ABC Disney has enough outlets to air GH at night if it wanted to. It seems like they want it too fail. They own ed Soapnet for years and ran they ran GH, OLTL and AMC marathons on weekends. when OLTL and AMC were first cancelled they picked DOOLs for a while. They also ran reruns of Melrose and 90210. Then the ABC/Disney just dropped the network. I am sure this was just a tactic to get people to either pay Hulu to watch GH or justify canceling it. I am currently not working and leave the TV on for noise most Cable channels seem to just run through shows on syndication as long as they can then switch up the line up then by a new on. There is no Soap net could not have continued there programing model except Disney did not want to.


Thats a good point, why cant ABC Family show GH at night? Plus Disney is so powerful, if they believed in GH it would get more publicity and a bigger financial push. I see ALL the networks televise some of the crappiest shows EVER! Well, they are dirt cheap to air but it doesnt make it right!

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