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RATINGS: In A Week With Pre-Emptions, General Hospital Adds Most Viewers!



The ratings are out for the week of January 16-20, and although there were pre-emptions due to the presidential inaugural of Donald Trump, and Obama’s final press conference, it was ABC’s General Hospital who gained the most total viewers, although the series did not air twice that week.

GH added +111,000 for the rating period.  It also added viewers +1,000 in the women 18-49 demo, +8,000 in women 18-34. and  +2,000 in women 25-54.

The Bold and the Beautiful also had a good week adding + 78.000 total viewers, and +30,000 in the women 25=54 category.  However, the show was in the minus column for women 18-34 and 18-49. The Young and the Restless lost -23,000 viewers, but showed gains in women 18-34 and 25-54.

The show that lost the most viewers was Days of our Lives with -55,000 for the week. However DAYS stayed pretty much on par with last week’s ratings in the key demos, adding + 2,000 in the 18-34 womens category.

Tying all-time lows in the ratings were: GH 18-34 ratings share, DAYS 18-34 ratings share, and Y&R 18-49 ratings share.  View the entire ratings pictures via SON here.

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,663,000 (-23,000/-645,000)
2. B&B 3,861,000 (+78,000/-202,000)
3. GH 2,764,000 (+111,000/-367,000)
4. DAYS 2,292,000 (-59,000/-580,000)

So, which soap opera do you think is delivering the best drama? Which is delivering the least interesting?  What do you think of the latest ratings picture? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below.

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RC is going to have a challenge with bringing in new viewers to DOOL..
Then again- none of the soaps will be bringing in new younger viewers to mention.
The hope lies in the fans that tuned out to tun back in ..

It’s not that the soaps are adding a 1,000 New weekly viewers it’s just the regulars tuning back in – and out..
The danger will be when the numbers go down and not up, again.

All the numbers come from the Nielsen households, not from us watching or not.
So- the Nielsen people need to get young households that want to take the time to be their counted viewers to please the sponsors.

Anyways.. good to see All the soaps gained viewers for that week..
The weekly ratings are somewhat meaningless since the networks only care of the quarterly and most important the yearly September numbers.

LONG LIVE THE SOAPS!!!! they are loved !!!


The only thing I miss from GH is the awesome location shoots they use to have with Luke, Laura, Robert, Ana, Holly , Frisco and Felicia. There hasn’t been any good location shoots in awhile. GH, we need one preferable on a deadly but tropical island. Take us back!!!!!!


If they wrote the “filler” cast of Port Charles and focused on the talented veteran cast and legacy families, they would have more room in the budget to plan a location shoot, in my opinion.


Y&R is the most boring soap right now. nothing is interesting me. Billy and Victoria are boring. Nick and Chelsea have no chemistry. saint Victor is disgusting. i was expecting more with the new writing. the pacing is terrible

Yankee fan

Y&R has been a snoozefest under Sally’s writing. ZZZZZZZ


Couldn’t agree with you more. It’s lackluster and a total snoozefest. I’m keeping up through updates. Maybe when Young & Sussman get their act together, I’ll start watching again. Until then, no thanks.


the other day i realized i had 4 episodes of y n r on my pvr unwatched… and i didnt even know… or care…thats never happened… ever… not even in the worst LLM or MAB or Pratt days. y n r s new writers are sure taking their sweet time getting things back on track, in the meantime can they have at least one story thats must see?…


… but and a big BUT, Gloria, played by the ever-effervescent, Judith Chapman, is back and SHE is incredible! Peter Bergman’s scenes with her yesterday were actually enjoyable. I have become to dislike Jack because of his pompous attitude, but drunk Jack was fun.

More, more, more Judith Chapman, please!!!!


Judith Chapman is the ONLY possible reason to watch Y&R now. It’s certainly not for the writing, which is so disappointing. I really thought Sally Sussman would reignite the soap, but it’s a slog to get through one episode. There’s not one storyline or couple worth watching. The cast is sleepwalking through scenes and they know it’s bad. Mal Young better find something to get this show on track or CBS & Sony are going to pull another purge very soon. No one cares about Fenmore’s Department Store or Brass & Sassy or Hillary’s BS or Deputy Deadwood’s departure. Horrid.


I am tired of my soaps being interrupted. Trump’s been in office a week and my soaps have been interrupted three times. ENOUGH!!!!!


Well, the president’s first week has been a week filled with mayhem, disorganization, confusion and hysteria so I am surprised that it’s been only three interruptions. Wow, I knew it would be bad but had no idea it would be this bad.
That said, GH is not really holding my interest right now so I am surprised its ratings are up. I do like Valentin and Anna and find Alexis’s alcoholism story to be emotionally compelling.
I am tired of seeing Franco in dog crates and in a storage locker wrapped up in bubble wrap.

Yankee fan

I am tired of Franco period! The rest of GH was good that week.

Suz tm

Tired of Franco and Alexis

nancy dillingham

Very “Trump-like,” isn’t it?


Well, since you brought it up, Trump is actually doing what voters like me hired him to do. The perceived mayhem is because no one expected him to do what we hired him to do. How refreshing it is to see a Presidebt do his job and enforce our nation’s laws. It’s sad that doing his job is worthy of outrageous news alerts, but the public hysteria in some areas just tickles people like me enough to make sure we get 8 glorious years of this refreshing change. How novel a concept! A President doing work and enforcing laws and undoing politically motivated executive actions from before. Newsworthy! Get used to it as long as this bad radical behavior funded by Soros continues until we start putting these violent “protesters” in jail. Feel free to express your opinion, even if not appropriate for a soap message board, but expect someone out here may disagree. We will stop when the Trump bashers stop. Oh, by the way, I’m a gay minority man who stopped drinking the blue tea when I learned what was in it. Gonna try the bigot card with me? I don’t think so. Stop the nonsense. People are starting to get mad.


I am so glad Trump won thank god he awsered prays


Well said!
And Judy, I agree!


@scotag….So very well put, sir! Your eloquent, to-the-point post says it all…unfortunately, there are a few regular contributors here who just cannot bring themselves to move on and let the results of the last election stand. Each day brings yet another cacophony of complaints and hackneyed, juvenile insults aimed toward our refreshing new president and his bold, essential policies, not to mention the same old personal attacks that began when a few of us dared to voice our own unwavering support for Donald J. Trump during the campaign and inaugural activities. Of course, such asides have absolutely nothing to do with most of the soap threads presented here, but at the same time, I appreciate Mr. Fairman’s willingness to provide a platform for those of us who do want to answer back to the constant nonsense these malcontents feel compelled to spew at every given opportunity.


As far as General Hospital, the only storyline that I am interested in, that I find believable and plausible is Alexis’ alcoholism storyline. Nancy Lee Grahn has hit this one out of the park, delivering on all cylinders. Alcoholism is a real, serious problem that a lot of the viewers can probably relate to and NLG has done a superb job at laying the foundation of Alexis’ despair, grief, and anger of watching her life implode. The other storylines, the insipid, stupid Lulu and her stolen embryo (falling through the ceiling at the Metro Court), Monotone Sam and Jason, Regurgitation of Sonny and Carly, Elizabeth and Franco, Dumb Kiki and Dillon, etc.-#fastforward


I agree Nancy has been great, as always, in her current story line. Just love her. But I must say adore Kiki and Dillon together. They’ve got great chemistry and they’re very “real” and relaxed. I was a fan of Robert Palmer Watkins from his start at GH and I think he’s fantastic in the role. Glad they finally got these two together; not sure how they can further their story. Each has an interesting family that is integral to the canvas so hopefully they’ll involve them in some way that keeps them around…


I like Dillon. I have never been a fan of Kiki. Ever.


I am enjoying Nancy Lee Grahn

the ONE thing; that bugs me to no end

how she answers to her daughters


she’s a grown woman with real problems

I cant stand entitled Sam… she marches to her own beat.. and it’s pure doldrum

she just noses and barges her way in on both her mother and father.

I would be sick of this

this is a grown up issue and their offspring .. allowed.. have no place in bringing this story down

I thought to myself… after that , ONE AA meeting… is this all it’s going to take.. one reasoning with Sam… and Alexis is cured ?

jeez louise… give me a break

this is between Alexis and Julian… and they … the actors are doing a suburb job

hats off

it’s a bang up job… REAL’y and TRU’ly… Nancy Lee Grahn and William DeVry deserve accolade

I am waiting with baited breath what went down with Alexis and Tom Baker

it’s a love story… and as I’ve posted … a lot of passion… perhaps “righted” by Jean and Shelley… FINALLY giving the audience layers of intrigue, layers, and emotional beats

I get it


” I ” am SO – glad – SOD hears me

ie: Valentin / Nina / Charlotte



latest SOD issue: “Nina and Valentin look at one another, it is with a passion that is almost overwhelming to behold. So it is our fondest hope that, rather than go the way of Nina’s previous couplings, her marriage will instead strengthen and grow over time… so much time, in fact that we’ll someday be able to overlook valentin’s murderous tendencies that same way we do most everyone else’s in port Charles. ”

I rest

James Patrick Stuart / Michelle Stafford / Scarlett Fernandez



I am so over

Carly / Sonny / Jason / Sam

the are wringing out our last nerve… Morgan’s Mail. drag this out… Sonny couldn’t do it either…

dang he needs an upper lip

the mere fact that she tells Sonny she loves him… and … ugh… tells Kiki… someone should be happy… like that’s a let… for her and Sonny to find some semblance of …. DULLARD

no one cares

I will give Michael a break… as the voice of reason.. if GH fired Carly / Sonny/ Jason / Sam… I could live with Michael

what is the point of Jason and Sam again? no posts need them apparently

these two need some serious help… and I don’t think even the actors are up to it. collect your paycheck somewhere else


can I tell you there is one serious combust

in whatever capacity

straight or gay


Kristina… is GOLD a pure gem… a solid act

GIVE ME Parker… give ME Aaron

this trio smolders ignites delivers catastrophic result because someone is going to lose out ?

what the f is losing… the audience ; because Frank / Jean/ Shelley LACK

THIS IS from.. SOD.. this missing part of GH… Kristina / Parker/ Aaron



Hi, Patrick,
I like Valentin and Nina, too-and the young actress that plays Charlotte is adorable. I am tired of Sonny and Carly and the rehearsed dialogue. Also, I am exhausted of monotone Sam. Jason is much more interesting and lively when not in scenes with Sam, in my opinion. I’m not a big fan of Kristina, however. I never really have been for some reason. The shows holds a special place in my heart-from when I was younger, rushing home to watch it after school and being excited when my “favorites” were on…the Quartermaines, Frisco, Felicia, Sonny, Brenda, Ned, Lois, etc.


It’s a very curious thing, is it not, Patrick, how the viewer is reeled in by Valentin? Here is a man presumably known as a Svengali, yet we are afforded an unexpected, vulnerable side of a quasi-little boy……such a tormented soul softening the heart, and forgetting all the bad stuff we assume to know about him.
I love the way Nina is so attuned to him; so receptive to his narrative. Her tenderness towards him appeals to the senses, something which I knew Nina always possessed.
Then, there’s Anna. As I had mentioned when Anna first came face to face with Valentin, there was such a ‘goose-bumpy’ current between them, I could not help but think that there was history there.
However, I thought their backstory had been a tumultuous one….not one of kindness.
Finola and James expressed a past connection through body language, silently and effortlessly….impressive.


LOL, Patrick…Gloria can have Stitch ….no one else wants him. Ha!!


GH & Y&R have the most talented casts but Y&R has hope in the writing department, GH is screwed!


Tim I commented on your past it’s below. .my bad. Hope you read it.


Post LOL trust me I know nothing of your past hee hee



that was so funny


Too funny, dav.
I just noticed the word ‘past’……I missed the complete concept, until I read your, “hee, hee”. LOL.
OOOOOOHHHHH Timmmy!!!!! What are you hiding from me??


Tell me about it, Timmmy.
The Jack and Gloria rendez-vous was not funny…just gross!!
Now, I say…..what are the chances of a ‘Glor-ious’ pregnancy? HaHa!!


SOD – soap opera digest ; latest issue

quote unquote : “Now that Jeffrey isn’t in the picture, whom should Gloria look at to warm her bed? ” Stitch is awfully cute!” ” Chapman laughs.


EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! But then again, Sharon slept with Nick, Dylan and VICTOR! Or did her and Victor marry and not consummate it? I cannot remember.


Thank you!!!!


Hi Celia,
But now Gloria is really playing dirty with Jack, ugh.
Lying on GC Buzz…so lowdown. And it will come back
to bite her, hopefully.


Hello, Nanci,
Oh, yeah, Gloria is a snake…..a fire-spitting, vengeful dragon(ess), LOL. If she can betray her own son’s wife, she can betray anyone. She has no morals….as low as it gets.
In my estimation, she and Jack are made from the same fabric and mold. Their minds are always working overtime to hurt others. So, to me Jack deserves everything he gets. They, sort of, partnered up to take over Fenmore.
That’s what happens when your ally is the devil.Now, not only will Gloria get her comeuppance, as you say, come back to bite her; Jack will be dragged through the muck. Considering his stained past with women, this lie will be believed. As we see, it happens in real life……you know how “well-known” people are wrongly accused.
I don’t know the purpose of this? Is there a storyline in the making? Maybe Jill will take this opportunity of disruption to scoop up Fenmore? This may prove to be interesting.


Don’t forget Adam, Timmmy. Sharon slept with him, too. Holy Moly!! Three brothers and a father. Who’s left?


PS. I can’t remember, either, Timmmy. Perhaps, it’s because the images of Victor and Sharon doing it, was too gross to show us. I think Sharon Case is beautiful. I can only hope to maintain myself as she, at her age. So, that visual with Victor doesn’t compute….especially because he was her ex father-in-law.
If you recall, not much ‘skin’ or ‘action’ was shown at the prison between Dr. Meredith and Victor either…we only saw the aftermath, and assumed the yuckiness that went on.
Seriously, makes my stomach roil in disgust.
That storyline, in itself, was so far fetched…….”The Old Man And The Over-The-Hill Maiden”. A doctor, no less.


Days needs RC stories on ASAP!


An easy fix bring on josh Griffith. .he’ll kill off half the cast in a serial killer murder in quick fashion hee hee. ..and a compelling one too. .not someone who runs around killing for a non existent character you never met till his come of the most insipid story lines to start off a writing tenure. Kiki just no point story wise. .an empty bus on the holidays like no one but she and Dillon would cause a bus company to go out in a snowstorm. .Franco. .if you’re going to try to redeem a character then give him a redemption worthy story. .scratching my head over the bubble wrap blanket. .Nelle. .should have long ago found out why but I love the use of Bobbi. .lulu. .just. .lulu. .nina kookoo for cocoa puffs mouthy as all get out. .that throw the kitchen sink at them wedding of Nathan and Maxie. .I thought dena Higley was bad…DAYS. .not much to say there. .a whole bunch of people cramped onto different sets spouting a whole bunch of nonsense about nonsense and shooting into crowds as if it’s a joke. .glad to see the back of Higley. .Y&R Sussman we love you but you need to bring the mystery the intrigue it’s not all about the businesses so listen to the fans. . B& get the most money in daytime. .stop taking people all over the map. .THE SAME PEOPLE. .WEDDING AFTER WEDDING…and utilize ALL of your cast. .more story for more people and less time for the carol of the triangles. That’s all.

Kevin C

Hello all and Davlestev, I too am happy for Sally and Kay to be back at Y&R and I love the character writing but I agree that they need to bring in mystery and intrigue, no wonder people are saying the are bored and it’s a snooze fest…we need excitement…I do believe it will happen, just need to give her some time. Regarding the B&B, love the show but yes, same old stories rehashed all the time with Steffy/Laim/Wyatt…where are the other characters…this is a problem with a 30 min show and not having much time to show multiple characters in a 20 min span but it could be done from day to day…we don’t see certain character’s for days or weeks. I am liking GH but no longer watch Days.


davlestev1, I would LOVE new writers on GH. We need to clean house and focus on front burner stories that move with a logical pace and explain and show the actual events as they unfold. You are 100 percent right about the empty bus! Although, they did spend the money to give us the illusion they were actually on a bus. I’ve said this before, Franco died with James Franco!

Y&R: Friday 1-27-2017 was a great show! I hope this becomes a trend. One thing they need to do and with Lauren’s sons coming on soon, they need non-Abbotts and Newmans so Abby, Mariah and Sharon can find love again. Later.


They also need somone for ashley and phylis

Mary SF

The numbers are down from last year which suggest soaps are beginning to lose their core base– when your core base begins eroding it is hard to overcome it. The weekly ratings will go up and down based on stories, but over a year’s worth of time and your overall numbers are lower, then the problem is more ingrained —right now all soaps seem to be in slump, but hopefully will pick up heading into Feb sweeps—-


GH may have had the biggest viewer increase from the previous week but it is still down more than three times that number from last year. You don’t have to be a genius to see that Jean and Shelly’s material isn’t exactly bringing in the viewers and then retaining them.

I am guessing that Y&R’s low numbers are partly due to the amount of airtime dedicated to Dylan’s exit. I don’t think viewers ever really cared about the character so they weren’t invested in seeing how he left.


Well, today’s Y&R was great today.
Loved Lauren dancing on the bar while Michael danced with her down below and as Phyllis tells Nick,”See why they’re my favorite couple?”
Also, I laughed when Jack told Gloria that it was time for her to go home and put on her flannel nightgown in order to watch,”Murder She Wrote.”
Gloria quipped,”I sleep in the nude,” to which Jack responded,”OH thank you for the visual.”
Y&R is on fire again and I surprised some folks are not getting this

Yankee fan

645,000 viewers are saying Y&R is not on fire right now…what a huge massive viewer erosion from last January—sorry but Sally’s writing style is slow boring and outdated.


Well, Jack’s ” visual” can’t be any better. Gravity applies to men just as much; ugh and double yuck….. then again, Jack thinks he’s in his prime. Doesn’t know what to do with a young woman. Gloria is more up his alley, I’d say. Yet, I bet her fiery personality would give him a heart attack. Go Gloria!! LOL.


I thought Monday’s ep was good too.

Kevin C

Rhonda, I so agree with you about Y&R’s Monday 1/30/17 episode…I don’t understand that so many people complained about Y&R for they were complaining when Pratt and previous writers were writing and they are still complaining with Sally’s writing…Please give Sally time to work all this out for we all said that she has years of damage to correct…I love her character writing and Yankee Fan, Sally’s writing IS NOT outdated…To me Y&R kind of feels like This is Us for it’s a show that is character driven…Sally and Kay, I cannot say it enough, I am so glad you both are back and now I am watching everyday which I haven’t since Kay left in 2006…Ok folks here it goes again, BUT PLEASE bring back the classic background music or at least some of the music score…Of course we would have to hire Jack Allocco and David Kurtz back which I wish you would hire them back to handles Y&R music again.


your 2nd para nailed it

I love so many posts who … help navigate

I can’t help but keep nailing to the cross… Frank / Jean / Shelley


i’m flummoxed

they are writing great stuff

with; Valentin and Nina and Charlotte
with; Alexis and Julian

I realize that the sole focus on some things override the whole cast

dang it!


CUT your losses… the picture would survive and tune in without; Carly / Sonny / Jason / Sam would;


Tomas Torquemada

Ugh with Sonny Carly. It’s literally one of three scenes over and over and over for three episodes a week.

I have to fast forward. There’s literally nothing to see when they are on.

I was hoping they’d go in a different direction with Jason after brain trauma 673,942. But no. Same played out stuff we’ve seen for almost two decades. Should have made him a Q. And Sam? Bless her heart…. firm no.


@Suz tm.
Hi, Suz,
I must agree about Franco. Such a lame, going-nowhere, discombobulated storyline.
However, Alexis story has meat on it– I find this plot the most interesting of any of the three I watch.
I look forward to its outcome ( sans Julian Ghoulian), and I am not bored by the events leading up to it.
Why? Nancy Grahn has captured its essence and made the story her own. She is blowing me away.
I have never been ‘close and personal’ to an alcoholic, except for the shelter In which I am a volunteer–but, in passing.
Nonetheless, Grahn’s compelling depiction of a drunk Alexis is so real and tangible to me, I gobble up every single one of her scenes.
‘They’ could not just have introduced a delicate storyline, especially for one of Alexis’ social status. So, the story needed its time to evolve. It is the fact that anyone could capitulate into such an abyss which makes both the story and the character provoking. Not boring, at all.
Nancy’s acting is not perfunctory; her every nuance, expression and movement are stellar. If this woman does not get an Emmy, these guys on top have no clue, in my opinion.


Hi babe, I think Jack and Gloria would be perfect together, age and all, but she was married to Jack’s dad and that is way to creepy!


Hi, love,
Yes, Gloria was married to John. Gross and double gross……what a mess!! Remember the skin cream debacle?
Jack is no stranger to betrayal…..he did sleep with Jill while she was married to John, so….
It’s the thing to do, it seems. All in the family, I say. Opa!!
Jack and Gloria are the right age, as you say. But, Jack likes them young… I gess he didn’t get the memo on his last birthday that he’s in his sixties. And, Gloria’s reproductive years are long gone. LOL.


Oh yeah, Jack, Jill and John! Yikes! Maybe he and Gloria will schmooze! She will take him for every Jabot dime he owns!


I hope do, my Timmmy. I want to see Jack walk into a shelter begging for food. HaHa!


Great, the ratings are UP! Now can they afford to give Franco a haircut?? Instead of constantly chopping off Griffin and Jason’s lovely locks? Hey, I don’t ask much.


Can anyone tell me what to john on day of lives the actor that play john is he out sick I sure like to know


Hi, Judy,
I think that Drake is recovering from head injuries due to a fall.


thank you so much


You are welcomed, Judy. I do hope you are doing well. I promise you, I have been keeping you in my prayers….haven’t forgotten. God Bless!!

Mister Media

I just heard Sonny on GH claim that Morgan’s death was “murder”. This is a real stretch. If drunken Morgan hadn’t stolen the car he would still be alive. The bomb was not meant for him, so it was not murder. More like suicide by stupidity.

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