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RATINGS: Strong Week for DAYS, Y&R and B&B!

The ratings are out for the week of August 20-24th, 2012 and it was a very good week for daytime dramas with three shows gaining some significant viewership!

Over at Days of our Lives, they continue to rebound strong after the Summer Olympics and they have now recorded their highest week of total viewers since back at the end of January and early February of 2011!  DAYS is up to 2,771,000 in total viewers at this point in time.

However, it was the two CBS soaps gained the most viewers for the week! The Bold and the Beautiful added +213,000! And The Young and the Restless added another +194,000!  Those are solid additions especially since Y&R has been in funk of late!

The only soap not to gain viewers but to lose them was the firing on all cylinders General Hospital! The lone ABC soap lost -17,000 and remained significantly behind DAYS for the third spot.  Will GH have its chance to rebound when it moves into its new time slot on September 10th? And will viewers come on board to check out its upcoming high action adventure to be played out involving many of the citizens of Port Charles?  We shall see! You can view the entire ratings picture for the week courtesy of Soap Opera Network by clicking here!

So now its time for you to play our weekly Soap Opera Programming Executive Armchair Quarterback!  If you were to analyze why Y&R, B&B, and DAYS all increased viewership,  why would you say that happened?  If you were to dump some storylines and expand others on your favorite soaps, what would you choose to do if you had the power to make the changes?  Let us know what you feel is working on your favorite soaps  …  and what isn’t!

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The only show I can comment on is Days, since it’s the only one that I watch faithfully. I think that the lead up to Ian revealing that he had Stefano was a big part of the success last week. This week they have been utilizing more of the cast, not too heavy on some who have been getting a bit overexposed (in my opinion). I hope this week’s numbers reflect how good the show was with some of the characters that we haven’t seen in awhile being on. And a comment from me wouldn’t be complete with out me mentioning that I’d like to see more of John and Marlena. And not so much story happening off camera, like John & Marlena finding out that Stefano is alive, we should have SEEN that, not just heard about it! We tune it to soaps to SEE story, not hear it be referred to!


I agree with you on the great use of cast they’ve been utilizing these past 2 weeks. I haven’t felt it was heavy on anyone in particular, and if anything, the airtime was spread out over different characters who received little to no screentime with the last writers- especially Abe, Caroline, Jenn, Maggie, Victor, Julie, Sonny, Justin, Adrienne, Kayla. GREAT to see them again!!!

I would also add that I do think the long awaited exploration of EJami was a big draw in numbers. My personal preference aside (though in all honesty I love EJami as much as I love EJole…I can never decide!) the fact is is that EJami has a very large, very loyal, and very rabid fan base. And after years of being given no shot, I think the very possibility of the two of them rekindling their relationship was enough to draw in more eyeballs. If Tomlin goes the Safe route, I think he will be very, very sorry. But that’s JMO.

I’m happy for DAYS and glad their numbers are up! May they only continue to grow!

Oh and my comment wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t say, nah nah nah nah nah GH! The show continues to suck (poisoned city water? Premonitions [and not in a campy way like Celeste on DOOL]? More new faces in the past 3 years than a facelift’s office?). The show is in shambles, Frank and Ron can try and hide it all they want. They’ve lost me as a viewer and I’m glad others are coming to their senses too.


GH and Days will be on at the same time come Sept. 10th in my area. I hope that viewers don’t have to choose between the two if they watch both. Thank goodness for DVR’s, because in my house I watch Days, but my sister watches GH. Wonder what the new time slot will do for the shows.


GH could rebound if they get rid of what they know clearly isn’t working. SKate & Kate. Starr&Michael, Kristina/Trey. The new promo looks awesome. They should also remember this is GH not OLTL. Jerry and Alexis have chemistry galore yet they chose to have Shawn kiss Alexis? Um, okay. Redeem Jerry for a bit. Reunite Carly & Jax. Bring back Brenda. And give the audience more Sexis. GHers want GH not OLTL 2.0.

Donna Green

Thank you for saying that, because I feel the same way about OLTL members on GH. Don’t get me wrong love me some John McBain and would love for him to stay in Port Charles, but only if they bring back Evangeline Williamson. I think she and Alexis could make a fortune in PC. John and Sam makes no sense there is no chemistry there and come on changing the time and hiring FV and RC sounds like a set up to me. Looks like the guy that runs ABC is finally on his way to getting rid of my last fav soap that I have watched since it 1st airred. Dp what you want with the station Frons, I no longer watch it anyway.


I agree about John & Sam-no chemistry, but I want Melissa Archer on GH. I am a OLTL fan and would like more OLTL characters on GH, they were the highest rated ABC soap. Hard to get ratings up to many of us are boycotting ABC! GH had defintely gotten better tho’.


Would be nice if Evangeline was brought back, but unfortunately the writers of OLTL killed her off, after leaving her in a coma for several years….never understood this, since John & Evangeline had such great chemistry. Not to mention the chemistry he had with Natalie, but they seemed to have nipped that in the bud, by having him abandon her and his son…I tried to give GH a chance, but can’t do it. Too much mob stuff and not enough of the Quatermaines.


errrrr….Fronz hasn’t been at ABC since December 11.


All I know is if there was a way back when Another World was cancelled to have characters from another show come on to help ratings so it wouldn’t be cancelled..I would cheer and gladly accept any new characters to still have AW. I never watched GH until the OLTL characters came on, and now I’m loving it. I wish AW had the chance to survive like that.

cathy trinque

I agree John and Sam have no chemistry! Tired of people saying they do because they were on a soap together years ago. KM is so boring!
I watch Days and GH. Got to say Days was easier to transition to. I dread the storyline with Duke coming. Every soap I have ever saw him on he was a creep and a little wimp.
So hoping more OLTL characters come over to GH and the mob goes away!


agreeing with Tali, NATALIE is the woman John loves, and it is pretty pointless to have John on the show without her. Yin to his yang and all that. Same with Todd. He’s just not as good without Blair. In fact, the dearth of good love stories on GH is the main reason I’M not watching.


As a fan of Y&Y and GH, both for 30yrs..
I see no OL in the writing of GH..

Similar stories as in all the soaps whose soaps could be said be said to writing same as Ol and GH in their stories as well, at one time or another,,
But no where is the writing of GH anything as OL ,,


John and Sam no chemistry????? I beg to differ…. I am enjoying them. . I also enjoying Todd’s character.. How can you not like him? I need more airtime for Heather! Trev and Kristina..don’t really care for them.. Alexis and Shawn.. not too excited about them also… I am only watching the show because of the OLTL characters… Most of the writing has been pretty good..


John and Sam where wants together on was it Loving?When he was a vampire.Since Jason wants to go gotta have a different storyline for her.People g rip over some stupid stuff.I’d take AMC back any way I could get it.Miss it so much.Take actors from other shows to.I just got back into gh and loving it.Its was to weird and to much mob stuff before.


Mary I beleave the people that play John and Sam were on the show Port Charles and not Loving.


Victor mystery on Y&R helped. The Stefano’s return. GH Wake up people & watch!!!!!


GH will soon be doing much better in the ratings, with the better time-slot and better lead in…
Revaluation helped kill GH by being its’ lead in; it doesn’t get any worse than having the Revaluation as a lead in. and an after school time-slot…


GH should be the highest rated show.
It has no soap rivals in its timeslot, while the 3 other shows compete against each other. And yet, they all grow in numbers!
Basically, if everyone who watches any of the other 3 soaps, but not GH, were to tune in to GH as well, GH’s ratings would be through the roof!

susan M.



Did anyone see the promo for GH with Sonny talking about “his city?” It rings of the same stuff that nobody wants to see anymore…Sonny/Jason as heros. That’s why viewers are going away. It doesn’t take a rocket sciemtist to figure that out! I agree with Donna…I’m beginning to think rc and fv might be “throwing the game” on purpose for abc execs. Why else would they make such dumb story decisions. Anna/Luke scenes were the best part of this week.


“Nobody wants to see anymore”?? Sonny Corinthos is one of the characters that helped keep GH’s ratings as high as they were for the last decade, so imo it is entirely possible that you are wrong about that. GH held onto the #3 spot in the ratings for most of the past 12 years, up until about 2009, because people were tuning in to watch Sonny and the mob stories even while other “traditional” soaps were losing viewers and being cancelled. Maybe the dumb decisions that are losing the viewers now have more to do with the attempted merger of OLTL into GH, than anything else. Just my opinion of course.


Very good for CBS and DAYS!!! Happy they went up especially Y&R but for how long???

Joan Faist

Get Sam and Jason back together now and with their baby. Don’t let Jason leave the show without knowing his newest son. It would be a travesty to all Jasam fans if this happened. I love Roger Howarth being on the show because I adored him as Paul Ryan on ATWT”S. Good luck GH, what would this world do without Sonny.

Mary Fergen

I just don’t get why GH’s numbers aren’t better than reported. This show is so good lately, with something for everybody. Favorite characters from the past, using the history of the show, a few OLTL characters to shake things up, picking up the pace of the stories; I could go on and on about all that is positive about GH! Soap fans, even if there are some things that you aren’t crazy about, please tune in to this show everyday. We are fighting like mad to keep this last ABC soap on the air!


Tell em Mary Fergen….I have come back to gh because it is better now.

susan M.

I watch it everyday.. Or if I have to be somewhere I record it…I think GH is better too…The low ratings baffle me..Once their up & then their down….You just can’t please everyone..


Notice Neilsen favors CBS soaps and plus noone over 54 is allowed to be counted.Age Discremination.Hoping someone with the knowledge will step up do something about it.This should be against the law.And Neilsen refuses to update there amount of boxes out there.


First Off, Evangeline is Dead. Layla pulled the Plug. I love LIFE Hospital.

Then, I can’t believe B and B gained viewers. I can’t stand it. Y & R is at its worst.

Days is OK, I hope the The Will and Sonny story is what people were tuning into.


I believe the writing for General Hospital has been really good. The part that I have not liked like everyone else is Kristina is awful. I love the inclusion of the older characters in the stories (they are some of the better actors). There has been way too many bedroom scenes! That’s not good for ratings especially with with the younger demo.


Neilsen favors CBS for some reason.More and more have tuned in GH with the new change.You’d think by Neilsen we aren’t watching.I’ and others are getting into GH now that didn’t watch before.Neilsen needs to go they favor CBS day and night.

gayle higginbotham

Nielsen ratings are a complete CROCK…I won’t believe any news based on their antiquated ratings system…it doesn’t even count any viewer over 54 yrs of age…


We need someone to get a class action suit against these network who want this age discremination and outdated /Neilsen.Neilsen is only around 20,000 boxes for over 100,000,000 million TV/s.They make billions and refuse to update.Things need to change.I have to pay to watch so I should be able to have imput to.


Oh come on! Neilsen doesn’t favor CBS now, any more than they favored ABC when it’s soaps were in the top of the ratings. More people are watching the CBS shows than GH, period. GH may be better for some, but that isn’t the case for the viewers who are tuning out. Why is it that the Neilsen numbers are called into question only when the shows some people like aren’t doing well in the ratings? It may be antiquated, but every TV channel, including cable, still use them.


Because antone over 54 is not allowed to be counted and neilsen has not updated the amount of boxes since the beginning.Around 20,000 boxes can tell what over 100,000,000 TV sets are watching.Don’t think so.CBS is a good channel at night.I wait alot of there show so I/m not predigue/But CBS wins no matter what they show.Watch it but also seen shows on other networks that where good but Neilen doesn’t seem to think so.T o many people are gripping about how some shows are being said by Neilsen people are not watching.Seems like People choice awards prove Neilsen wrong alot.


Happy to see DOOL doing so well post-Olympics, but I think that GH should be doing just as well, if not better. I blame the weak GAA lead-in because the show is truly on fire right now (this past Thur. and Fri. episodes were riveting!). Can’t wait for the time slot change. As much as I loathe “The Chew”, it will provide GH with a stronger lead-in.


The weak lead-ins for GH are a lame excuse. Before the upcoming time slot change, it had aired at 3 pm/ET on ABC for nearly its entire run. I think that people have long known when and where GH airs. Bottom line- it all comes down to the content of the show. People would consider watching it again if the show’s new regime actually gave them a reason to keep tuning in, which is not the case for the vast majority out there.

Also, GH was doing poorly last year when the stronger OLTL, its lead-in for decades, was still airing before it. Funny how so many seem to forget/ignore that. And I highly doubt that most people who watch The Chew will keep it tuned to ABC for GH. It’s two entirely different audiences and there probably won’t be much flow from one show to the next. Finally, DOOL has shown improvement in recent weeks without a strong lead-in on many NBC affiliates proving that lead-ins are overrated in this day and age.


Thank you for pointing out about OLTL being the lead in last year! I don’t know why so many people want to overlook that fact, lol.


I think GH is losing fans because of how the new writer and producer have changed the show. Fan favorites Jason and Sam have been written totally out of character and seperated. The OLTL transfers have been given to much story line too soon. Once Steve Burton leaves many more will stop watching.

susan M.

One minute everyone is happy w/the new writers when the ratings are up but when the ratings go down we blame it on the writers..I a OLTL FAN and like seeing OLtl transfers on GH…..And I don’t think they got too much storyline too soon..I enjoy seeing them. And everyone on GH get’s a fair shake in story-line…..I miss my soap OLTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree. Too many changes to GH have turned off too many viewers, and the show isn’t getting enough new viewers to make a difference.


I think that GH is not doing all that well due to the fact that the show is not drawing in very many OLTL viewers. The characters from OLTL that were brought over, were not the vets or the favorites of a good portion of the audience. Starr is not as popular as the producer thinks that she is. John has no regard for Natalie or his baby. The character of John is not what the viewers of OLTL would have expected so they don’t care to watch what happens to him. Many viewers preferred TSJ’s portrayal of Todd, so they don’t care if this Todd is on GH. I cannot get into GH. The characters seem very boring, not likeable, and just do not make me care enought to tune in. GH was already on the decline before OLTL was cancelled, and it seems like this is continuing. It would have made much more sense to keep OLTL in the lineup.

susan M.

I agree with you…Especially the last line of your comment!!!!!!!!!!!


this is true, they brought on John McBain, my favorite guy on OLTL, but they didn’t bring his heart and soul, Natalie and Liam! So now it’s just some pod guy walking around calling himself John McBain, hitting on Sam. Same with Todd, he’s just not the same without Blair. Although I do like him better than John, at least he TRIED to get Blair back, unlike John, who is going to give up on his family so he can hit that hot mess Sam.


Days is ok.. I am just waiting to see what happens when they bring Kristen back.. I am hoping that I don’t get too disappointed with the Sami and all her men storyline.. It was absurd that she has 3 guys after her … all three Men need to a life and move on.. Sami has too much baggage and attitude for all three of them to be going after her.. Come on Days writers!!! Lets hope Lucas keeps his attitude with “Good Riddance to her”!!

Nicole seems to be the gal that they should be chasing!!!


why ? Because Nicole has no baggage maybe ? lmaoooooooooooooo


I agree. While I think EJ and Nicole are soulmates, I with she and Rafe hooked up. So many people are rooting for them, and that would bring up the ratings due to their INSANE chemistry! Daniel and Nicole have expired for me. I also think a “Racole” pairing would make Sami and EJ split up and pursue the. I kind of miss Lumi, though.

Avelina comes from Santorini Greece
Avelina comes from Santorini Greece

EJ and Sami are soulmates. SAFE if they reunite should move to Stepford so Saint Rafe can control Sami any way he wants. I do agree though a Racole pairing would be great. GO EJAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think EJole are soulmates. Sami should be with Rafe or Lucas.

Avelina comes from Santorini Greece
Avelina comes from Santorini Greece

Disagree. EJOLE were sooooo boring and really pulled down nicoles character. I love scheming Nicole.


But they schemed when they were working on EJ’s campaign.


As much as I hate EJami, I am glad they brought up the ratings with their chemistry. I think the departure of Melanie, Dannifer’s reunion, the splitting of “Dicole”, Nicole’s baby being born, and the Nick storyline ending, will bring the ratings up even higher. But I think Bo leaving Salem could lead to a plunge in the ratings. While his character is not very interesting, I think he should stay. GH losing ratings is not surprising. It has been SO boring lately!

P.S., I also hope Will and Sonny bring up the ratings on Days.

Avelina comes from Santorini Greece
Avelina comes from Santorini Greece

So you do agree that EJAMI brought up the ratings? EJOLE were a snoozefest but I will not watch days if Gary Tomlin is going to reunite SAFE and shove them down my throat. I hope they stick with EJAMI gor a while. I Dont watch GH so I dobt know about that.


Yeah, because most people like them. I also see their chemistry. But I don’t like them. I prefer EJole. And Safe/Lumi.

Avelina comes from Santorini Greece
Avelina comes from Santorini Greece

Most people do like them. They have explosive chemistry LOL and I hate SAFE and EJOLE but I do love LUMI


Yes Lumi have more chemistry than Safe, but I think Safe has a bit more of the family dynamic Sami seems to want. EJole is hot and has a family dynamic.


EJ and Nicole
Lucas and Sami, unique and special.

Rafe he needs a new gal


Lucas and Sami have always made the ratings go UP UP UP :0


Yes, I love Lumi as much as I love EJole. I adore them and they always boost the ratings. I love Safe, too, but Lumi has so much passion and history. I am glad to see Lucas devise a plan to make EJ and Rafe feud again. I think it’ll make them both look bad to Sami and she’ll run to Lucas. I don’t care if Sami ends up with Lucas or Rafe. They’re both great for her. Though if Carrie comes back, I hope for a Cafe and Lumi endgame.


I can’t believe this. While I watch Both Days and GH I believe GH has been way better than Days lately.


Love Days. Everyone watch Days.


I have watched Days from day one and I love it always and forever ,
Lucas Lucas Lucas love him always and forever,Bryan Dittilo is the best…


I think Days is getting back it’s groove, especially with Stefano back and Rinna on the way out. Y&R – the train wreck known as Sharon Newman is what is drawing people in, I think. B&B, have NO clue. That is one really, really terrible show.

GH is head and shoulders the best right now, no doubt about it, even with the lackluster Mob Princess, et al. I don’t think Starr and Michael are bad, either. But I believe that more people watch GH on or through devices that aren’t counted by Neilsen. And that’s been true before with other shows. CBS demographic skews older and ABC skews younger and younger folks don’t necessarily – in fact, usually – watch shows as they are broadcast.
That’s true for every other network as well but particularly ABC.


I dont believe the ratings BS. Ive never had a neilsen box.GH is must see tv right now.The Y&R AND B&B ARE ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE.


“DAYS” is the best soap opera on air right now. So happy it’s climbing back up in its ratings, it deserves it. The storylines have been so amazing since its reboot back in September 2011, minus that horrific Alamania storyline.

It matches realistic times with classic soap stories. Plus, the acting company is top-notch and is really rooting into its history.

susan M.

I will stick with GH…Never watched the other soaps on the other channels…


I love Days and its the only soap I watch now,
I keep watching for Lucas and Sami,together make quite the team,they arent like any other,which makes them special and unque. 🙂


Agree I love how Lucas is just waiting patiently for the end of EJami. He knows that he is one of two men in Sami’s heart, the other being Rafe. THAT will be a great triangle! I cannot wait until EJole 4.0


Have watched Days for a very long time and glad it is climbing back up. I have enjoyed all of the stories that are going on right know, I have really enjoyed will and sonny they are cute and I feel, the writers have really done a great job on that story line. Know with Dan and Jennifer will find each other again, But really good to watch right know, Hats off on Days right know

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