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RATINGS: Y&R, B&B, GH, And DAYS All Down In Total Viewers



The ratings are out for the week of January 9th through the 13th and after showing a healthy increase over the holidays, all four network daytime dramas were hit hard in the minus column in total viewers.

It was CBS sister soaps, The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful who were hardest hit losing -298,000 and – 290,000 total viewers, respectively.  The two shows were down in the key 18-49 and 25-54 womens demos, but showed gains in the 18-34 category. Y&R also tied an all-time low in the women 18-49 ratings share.


As for General Hospital, they also took a hit losing – 165,000 for the week. GH also lost the most viewers in every key demo: 18-49, 18-34, and 25-54.

Days of our Lives, which just made a significant and game-changing move behind the scenes, hiring Daytime Emmy-winning writer, Ron Carlivati as the show’s head scribe by replacing Dena Higley, was also in the minus column, but lost -40,000 total viewers in comparison to their competitors who lost more.  DAYS was also up slightly in the 18-34, and 18-49 key demos, but in the minus column in women 25-54.  The show also tied an all-time low in the female 18-34 rating share.

Overall, all for soaps were down significantly from this same time last year. View the entire ratings picture via SON here.

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,686,000 (-298,000/-583,000)
2. B&B 3,783,000 (-290,000/-215,000)
3. GH 2,653,000 (-165,000/-362,000)
4. DAYS 2,351,000 (-40,000/-440,000)

So, what do you think of this ratings picture? Which soap do you think is delivering right now the best drama to its audience? Which show is serving up the worst?  Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below!

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I am mesmerized ; smitten ; in love ; taken ; IN LOVE @Days of OUR Lives

with Chad and Abs

the vibe and chemistry with this winsome twosome is their own show

they smolder me out… and yes… i’m in love with Billy Flynn acting… and this enchanting newbie Marcie Miller. My heart is real

this couple is all the hoopla they deserve

God I couldn’t be more excited that it’s still in the DiMera arena… and it’s so much FUN to see how Marcie Miller plays ABS…

these two acting gems… dang if it isn’t made better that they are young upstarts who have the acting gene inherent. YOU TWO ARE THAT GOOD

it’s a surreal experience to watch something come along… that just doesn’t happen that much… an acting skill that they’ve keyed in to and are REELING top draw

whew! I love this couple



I welcome Ron Carlivati…. you are my vengeance is mine saith the lord…
behead Frank / Jean / Shelley NOW

let’s take 3rd… and pull out all the stops


FIRST and foremost; I’d like to acknowledge Ryan Quan… because; his tenure with Dena Higley… WORKED… not all #1 but rising to the occasion… DAYS is it’s own ship ; unique and definitely a huge production team… that is LIVE

i’d like to know what he contributed … it’s nice to say that his work… delivered. when do we ever read of newbie headwriters ? few and far between

I hope that @DAYS / Sony / NBC BUILD in and around Ron Carlivati… I loved him @GH. perhaps leaving continuity and history out of the equation… is too much… but his story arcs… are in demand with short term audience piqued… this is how it goes in a genre of sort

I HOPE hes in for the long run and duration of our beloved genre.this show must go ON


I’m extremely elated about Ron, too!


”Overall, all for soaps were down significantly from this same time last year.”

the writers are too old and not writing for younger people, seems they are writing for retired peoples.
ALL the soaps are dull/lackluster, empty of intense and intriguing drama.

The writers are Not enthusiastic they seem to be just writing anything that doesn’t require imagination, new ideas, and energy.
The writers, all of them, seem to be suffering from fatigue and recycling old scripts that we all having lived through for many years..
)ie.. they simply don’t give a hot damn outside of a paycheck.
The soaps are going to their graves along with their writers.

People are tuning out because of lazy crappy writing and have decided to no longer waste their time FF ..

Soaps need Younger writers that have new ideals and energy that will actually care and write 21st century media/programing to renew interest.


I don’t know why you continue to offend. What do you get out of it? You make the same complaint over and over…soaps and soap writers are “too old.” Why watch? Soaps have been around for fifty years. Many of their viewers ARE older! And yes, they are and should be written for.

This is not a new genre. Seventy year olds aren’t complaining that MTV is written for young people. That The Flash is written for comic book fans. That BET is geared toward a black demographic.

If and when a new daytime soap is born they and if they are only going for a younger demographic they can hire all new writers, only hire younger people and you can have the soap you long for. That is not the current soap lineup. Either accept that you’re a relative newcomer to a decades old tradition/genre…don’t tune in…or resist the urge to complain to many of your fellow MF posters, who are in the age demographic you’re complaining about…that you’re not happy with all this “old” stuff. It’s “getting old.”


I agree, Rebecca. I don’t buy that the problem is the age of the writers. Sometimes age is just a state of mind. Look at Bernie Sanders–he has the energy, intellectual curiosity and passion of a thirty year old.
Alas, the soaps are not affording me much delightful escapism from this dystopian universe we have suddenly been thrust into.
GH’s Lulu falling through the ceiling only to land on the wedding cake seemed stupid, pointless and destructive. In fact, that scene was cringe worthy. And yesterday Victoria from Y&R came home only to discover her teenage son making out with Tiffany Maples Trump.


Ummmm…I only watch Y&R sporadically. Ms. Maples Trump wasn’t REALLY on, was she? LOL…you WERE making a funny, right?

Actually, I thought Lulu’s fall was a wee tad amusing. Well, funnier than Michael calling Sonny dad again…


The young girl who was discovered making out with Reed looked a lot like Tiffany Trump–so yes, I was kidding.
I feel that Tiffany is the Jan Brady of the Trump Bunch.
Instead of it always being “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” It’s always, “Ivanka, Ivanka, Ivanka!”


Thank you rebecca
Ditto ur sentiments about the above
trolls continued offensive comments…i constantly cringe when i scroll past its comments….theirs a constructive way to post negative comments



I’m thankful for what few posts… acknowledge and with heart… LOVE

Valentin / Nina / Charlotte

it’s with wonderment that so few are not in the moment, caught

this cohesive knit. of Cassadine is stirring

that GH simply has something to focus on because of how complete this family

??? did Anna lose her principles because she shunned this grotesque

this is the haunt that Anna beguiled us with ? dag… bring on Seth Baker to heal all wounds and physically charge her

let bygones be bygone… and that includes the dearly ( always loved ) Duke.

Griffin needs to man up or is it too late

yeah right… he shows up to bring the church to Sonny… and now he remembers his libido and wants to give Claudette some stature

bah hum bug… it was too much … as Anna tells Valentin… ( not verbatim) Griffin is a good guy unlike YOU. REALly ? spiraled to wasteland

theres so much left to the wayside.. kicked to the curb… left abandoned.. that I can’t even recall what’s good

Nina is now leaving her mark… we can forget about her Phyllis.. and fascinate in her arrival.

because James Patrick STuart and Scarlett Herndandez fit.. in to this show

they are the best thing happening


I’m not sure how politics, inaugurals and press conferences can affect ratings when they bump the soaps from their regular schedules. But things seemed so predictable in the soap stories…Devon/crash/Hillary/etc, Quinn/Ridge, Liam being Liam, Steffy being Steffy, same old Sonny/Carly makeup, prolonging the Nelle reveal with Sonny always glaring at her. At least we were primed for Dylan/ Steve Burton’s exit, but am still waiting for the evil Valentin, in the true tradition of the Cassadines, and the promise to be the scariest of the family to make an appearance. And to not just settle into Port Charles as if the Greek island never happened.


I’ve watch yr from day 1 always love it ,but wear is all of the other children? Jacks son Paul’s girl .i would like to see nickie become a strong business woman again ,like having Jill back ,really tired of Hilary story line,please don’t let Sharon and nick back together again it’s so old ,

Yankee fan

GH had a great demo week in the Jan 3rd ratings report. Biggest gains in over nine months in all the key areas. I didn’t see any news items posted on this site about it.

Y&R is boring as hell under SSM no surprise they are way down.

B&B never does anything but recycle the same garbage so no surprise there either.

GH is getting hit hard by preemptions lately so at least they have excuse but the Franco show needs to be stopped ASAP.

DOOL is the worst soap left on the air and only reason they aren’t down more in the Jan 10th ratings report is cause they had a huge viewer erosion in the Jan 3rd ratings report. NBC is not going to renew a soap that is consistently under 400k in the 18-49 and under 100k in the 18-34. NBC is probably gonna pull the plug anyday since DOOL barely got renewed last January when their numbers were up all over. JG was fired way too soon but RC will write a fitting ending.


sad but realistic picture . the soap that is the worst is the bold and the beautiful with the silly and never ending triangles that have been done and overdone , the same stories over and over again on bold and beautiful have made this soap boring and torture to watch ! young and the restless has been boring and frankly not that interesting , sally’s writing has been so disappointing . General hospital is a bit better , Days is not all that bad . conclusion : Days of our lives is the soap to watch . but i will say that the soaps need to deliver the quality of writing and the way they were put together in the 80’s and 90’s and even the 70’s . you don’t need big location shoots and glossy wardrobes just good quality writing and storytelling with imagination , some vision , some passion , some creativity . the soap writers need to watch classic episodes of the 70’s , 80’s and 90’s to put these soaps back on track so that we the viewers are motivated to tune in .

Robert L

with all the inaugural bs last week, these numbers are not surprising. Expect more as Trump doesn’t like to share airtime!


Neither did Obama!


You can’t blame Obama or even Trump for these interruptions. The president has no authority to interrupt regular scheduled programing. This directive comes from the networks.
Since the days of Eisenhower, the “stories” have been interrupted by presidential addresses. I believe that even FDR interrupted the stories on the radio to talk to the American people.


True, Timmm.
And it’s a turn-off to pop in here and see Trump bashing
from people on a soap board. Guess it doesn’t matter that
this is about soaps…they just gotta get those politucal digs in.


Nanci, REALLY?

You see Trump bashing here? Most of us are holding back BIG time considering the shit storm he has unleashed on us.


Yes but ahem, Addison…we can blame Trump for how many times he intends to
“address us.” It’s going to be an ad nauseum all Trump, all the time. Which means I’ll be saving a lot on electricity as the TV shuts downnnnnn…


Rebecca, I beyond depressed about the horror which has transpired these last five days. However, there is some good news here which has something to do with the power of the people.
Did you know the number one book being ordered right now is George Orwell’s “1984”? There are many Americans who are re affirming my belief that Americans are essentially good and thoughtful people. The marches which transpired last Saturday and which I participated in, reaffirmed my belief that American people are inherently good. Power to the people, indeed. Let’s keep fighting.


Addison, you just did it again.
Soap lovers come in all shapes and sizes, etc
And they also come in each political party or
preference by individual candidate. But none
of those things matter when people just want to
come here to read or post about soaps.

There are Trump voters here.
There are Hilary voters here.
There are Dems who voted Trump who want
to give him a chance.
And people who just hope for unity, etc etc etc.

If you and others feel strongly against our President,
why post digs here?


All soaps are down?? At the same time??
That seems crazy.
I watch only Y and R, and am loving it…
will never stop watching.


Hey Nanci, “Lets make Soaps Great Again!”


Lol, Tim. Yes, all things are possible now, finally!


@Timmm…..That’s some lofty goal there…although it’s wonderful to realize we won’t be needing the escapism of soaps quite like we did for the past eight years now that there’s (finally) a resolute new sheriff in Americaville who’s bound and determined to fix what ails this country come h#!!, high water and yes, radical rent-a-mobs!

Mary SF

Since I cannot remember what the stories were that week for any of the soaps I think the numbers seem fair. I know in general Jan is never the best month for the soaps, and I think next week with the holiday and inauguration numbers might be even lower. I do know overall I do not mind bad story lines, but dull ones that is something else. Every soap right now is dull beyond belief— I am hoping that is because when soaps were planning their episodes they knew there would be disruptions in mid Jan so they were stretching stories longer than necessary to get pass the hump and that stories will now quickly pick up heading toward Feb sweeps.


I can only speak for two of the shows. I LOVE “The Bold and the Beautiful,” but it has turned into the Quinn show. Rena Sofer is amazing, but too many characters are not getting scene time because she is on every day, going from screen time with Eric,now to Ridge. I think Thomas, Caroline, Rick, Bill, Ivy and Katie need a new storyline that does not involve Ridge, Steffy, Brooke and Forrester Creations.

I think the Ridge/Quinn pariring feels fake and forced. Are they playing each other? Are we supposed to believe that as soon as Brooke leaves town, Ridge immediately starts having feelings for Quinn just because he sees a vulnerable side? Quinn and Eric are the best couple on daytime. For months, Quinn had us believe she was truly in love with Eric. So, al it takes is for Ridge to see her in the outdoor shower and rub her sprained ankle for her to start having feelings for him? Ridiculous.

I am very excited about the new hiring decision at “Days of our Lives.” Ron did great things at “OLTL.” I would love to see him trim the cast and get rid of a lot of dead weight. If the storyline is not working with the audience, cut it loose. “Days” has recycled too many storylines and that is the reason the ratings are falling. Stefano being alive (again), the Chloe/Nicole baby storyline seems to have been done too many times, Hope sitting in prison for months is boring.

I wish the writers would look at the success of “This Is Us” an realize that there is audience for real-life, heartfelt drama. I would love to go back to the glory days of family rivalries like Iris/Mac/Rachel, Alexandra/Alan, etc. Give us old school drama and it will bring the audiences back.


My two soaps were OLTL and GH. Then, just GH. Recently, I’d say in the last six months, I started watching B&B and I love it! Being new to the show I’m not fed up with the triangles (though I understand how it’d be repetitive and lackluster if it’s been done over and over again).

I’m probably not alone in this but I knew Quinn and Ridge would have a love/hate relationship from the minute they held hands at the fashion show and Ridge said, “I hate you,” and Quinn answered, “I know.” And, actually, I think they’re hot together! (I love Thorston Kaye from his days on OLTL…man, was he, to repeat myself, hot!) I love Eric, too. He’s an exceptionally good-looking (older) man and is absolutely one of the most endearing soap characters I’ve “met.” So, even I have a conflict! I love Eric and Quinn together…they’re soothing, comfortable, caring, nurturing, supportive…I enjoy their “us” against the world romance.

On the other hand, Ridge and Quinn are…dare I say it??? Ummmm….nah…alluring together. They’re both forces to be reckoned with and would make a steamy couple, not to mention the ripple effects upon Brooke, their son (who is a great actor), Bill, Eric, Steffie…

I’m thinking Ridge and Quinn won’t fall in love; just lust. And there the conflict begins.

As for GH, I have mixed feelings. I’m still watching, I’m very intrigued by Anna and Valentin…by Julian/Alexis/Olivia Jerome and the fallout there. So I think the writers are doing well at changing up the stories and adding intrigue and something different (even if they bring back things from the past). But I still miss the “feel” of GH…I think it’s horrendous that they’re killing off so many GH characters. Almost all the Q’s, Nicolas, Morgan… I would love them to “come back from the dead.” I don’t care how many times it’s been done…these characters are core characters and there’s not enough of them left. I think it’s ridiculous to keep teasing us with Kevin and Laura and then just sprinkle them on every two weeks for a few minutes. Mac and Felicia brought back for an occasion. Same with Robin. In essence, GH is good as a show unto itself…but not if you’re looking for the actual GH!

Let’s hope the ratings keep returning to a profitable number so whatever’s left of this genre keeps kickin’. But writers…you need to do your part. Figure out your budget in such a way that you can afford core, loved characters. Or…lose viewers…and your jobs.


Nice, read

especially para 2

I don’t know enough about Thorston Kaye… outside of his work @AMC. when he was married to Kendell… dang… I thought he ignited so much passion… that every woman and man sought . I love the idea that this is passion unrequited and if the writing goes their… that it lives

outside of that… why end this unique and camera loves this pairing… so soon? I do not… watch B&B but have always loved…Eric.. as played by the pendulum swing my way I want him… John McCook. look at him… happy … finally a woman , past Susan Flannery’ Stephanie. this is a dynamic pairing that is through the roof loaded with intrigue. because Eric is happy. let this last. Rena Sofer, with those eyes… can be feminine desirable enchanting and sexual. the gamut she brings

this 1/2 hour stuff… that brings that naysay… feel of too many cooks in the kitchen… all scrambling for attention, no matter who it is… incest. who wants that grave stone … hey… I’ve read it here. I sure miss Macy and Thorne… and that Jon Hensley. this trio would turn, for the better.

EMMY PULL : had it not been for @DAYS Billy Flynn… i’d say give it to John McCook

he’s so outside the character machinations… just the real deal


Ray, ICAM with every single word of your post. I’m very excited at the hiring of Ron Carlivati on DOOL and hope that he will write stories that interest me. I’ve been ready, willing and able to watch DOOL, but I’ve found little to no reason to watch thanks to Dena Higley’s writing.

I’m a TK fan from way back, but I’m not buying why he would find Quinn to be so “amazing” after her vulnerable moment with Ridge in the hotel room. I’m pretty sure we just saw this story with Ridge and Caroline and the whole lust/forbidden love thing they’re doing. Also, what does this say about his “destiny”, Brooke? I, too, think that Rena Sofer, great actress that she is, shouldn’t be the focal point of B&B nowadays, although I heard someone describe Brad Bell’s writing as being very female-focused in any given year, depending on the actress, whether it’s Heather Tom, or Karla Mosley, or Lindsey Godfrey, or now Rena Sofer. It’s just her turn on the storyline wheel.

I also wish that soaps would write more heartfelt, honest storylines, or more original storylines, like we see in This is Us. Not sure they want to anymore, but I’ve been enjoying Y&R since Sally Sussman Morina returned, so there is hope.


I am hoping this ratings turn is just a seasonal slump because I am liking the new and improved Y&R very much! Would love to see a consistent climb for the drama as the writing, characters, and production values continue to improve.

Kevin C

I am also enjoying Y&R since Sally and Kay have return…Some people are saying it’s boring but I find that it’s good character writing. Remember it’s just been a little over a month and give Sally and Kay a chance…

Kevin C

But again, we cannot make everyone happy.


The shows are sooo dark with little romance and lightness, too much preaching, too many stories around product placement, and constant preemption.

And what I believe to be the number one reason soap fans are dwindling: Soap Opera magazines.

In my day we were on the edge of our seats when an episode ended. And a Friday cliffhanger, forget about it, could barely wait to see what was going to happen.

With the introduction of these magazines there is no more reason to tune in everyday and there’s no more surprises! You already know weeks in advance what’s going to happen so when it does there is no shock or suspense value, it’s kind of a let down.

Remember when you didn’t actually know whether a character was going to pull through or not? Who was just going to “appear” on the show? Who was going to fall in or out of love? When we didn’t know via magazines and social media weeks in advance, the pay off and the surprise element kept people tuning in.


I buy soap mag ; however, to be honest , I forget that surprises are coming. For example, I read that Tonya Walker was coming to General Hospital ; yet, when I heard them talking about the boss is a woman, I totally forgot that the woman boss was Tonya. I was telling my friends ,”I wonder who that woman is!”


Perhaps the Spoilers are spoiling the soaps..
Ironic, yes ……………………….lol

Why watch if you know who and what will happen..
Or– read spoilers and pick a certain day to watch, that might interest a fan ..
We know so&so won’t die because we know the actor is not leaving the soap.
Actually, we are told most everything before it happened .

That is one reason I miss RC ..
He actually delivered shockers and surprises.
He held scripts close to the vest, didn’t let stuff out to spoil it.
He gave WOW moments and intriguing mysteries ..
((he will Days well))


GH has not been too bad. Valentin, Nina, Anna and that sweet sweet little girl Charlotte are dynamic. Also, I like Julian, Alexis and Liv. Once Olivia and Ava square off, it should be grand! Duke will probably turn up alive.

Y&R is horrible! I will give Sally some time but not all we see now is a clean up from Pratt. Here is my issues right now with this soap:

1: When Brass and Sassy were thrown out, why not set up shop in the basement of the Chancelor Mansion? There is a ton of space there! Ashley did say she would like her lab back!

2: So all the sudden Reed is a problem? We have never heard Victoria ever mention talking to JT about him being a problem. Victoria is overbearing. It makes her look stupid. Billy can help her. He does need to let her know what he is sharing with Reed. I dont care for the actor who plays Reed.

3: Dylan should have left after Sharon kept Sully’s secret from him. To have him go undercover is a horrible idea! Dylan cheated on Sharon. Paul and Christine look like goofs! They constantly remind us that this is Dylan’s FIRST undercover job and that Paul doesnt want anything to happen to his son! Hey guys, how about hiring a veteran detective? Why not let Dylan go undercover at a mall or a cheating spouse to get his feet wet? AND, the chief’s office would NEVER be left unlocked for ANYONE to roam in and go through the desk! Sharon made that call when she knew Dylan was undercover and it would put him in harms way! DUMB!

4: GLORIA! Great actress but needs to tone it down a bit. To cartoonish! And Jack would NEVER rub shoulders with that evil witch!

5: Devon can move on and Neil advises him to stay put! Where is Tucker? Devon can walk away free from this evil bitch and now he is dragging his feet! I did love Devon and Jill’s talk the other day. This character needs to be cut to recurring and that gossip show needs canceled ASAP. Come on Sally, lets get a move on!

Yankee fan

Makes me wanna puke.

ABC is about to bust in on GH a second time this week.

Trump is going live at 2:30 on the east.

Tomas Torquemada

Agree. Wanna know why leadership was down? Constant presumptions. Or they would roll the episode to a companion local station and the DVR wouldn’t record it because it moved.


Sometimes the episode is still up on or Hulu the same day if it’s pre-empted in just one time zone. That won’t change live Nielsen ratings. But, Hulu and ABC’s website records all views of an episode. So, the network will still know if people are watching.


terrible numbers for the soaps and i’m not surprised,the creative isn’t their. Y&R continues to lose the most viewers,Sally is probably boring a lot of people. i had high hopes for Y&R,but so far the new writing has been a disappointment. everything is moving very slow,sub-par stories,no compelling stories. the numbers could be even worse next week with the inauguration pre-emptions. looking forward to seeing if Ron can make DAYS better

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