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REPORT: Molly Burnett OUT At Days of our Lives!



More departures at DAYS?Β  Report from Daytime Royalty has that Molly Burnett (Melanie) who returned last year as Melanie Jonas is done at the NBC soap opera and that she finished taping back in December.

Burnett had been involved in a romantic storyline with Eric Martsolf’s Brady Black, while getting in the mix with Theresa (Jen Lilley) and Serena (Melissa Archer).

The Daytime Royalty posts reads: “As has been rumored in recent months, Molly Burnett (Melanie) wrapped up her six-month “Days” stint in December, so look for Melanie to last air around the end of May.”

With Burnett gone, in addition to other recent exits from Freddie Smith (Sonny) and Melissa Archer, the show looks to be prepping for its 50th anniversary run. The announcement of Peter Reckell (Bo) and Stephen Nichols (Patch) has excited long time viewers, who also hope more good news is on the way with other former faves set to make a return before the golden anniversary begins!

What do you think about the report on Burnett’s departure? How do you think she will be written out of DAYS? Comment below!

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279 Comments on "REPORT: Molly Burnett OUT At Days of our Lives!"

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Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

This is actually GOOD news…now maybe Days will be smart and bring back Melissa and Sarah for Maggie to fuss over—Melissa could be keeping a secret from Jen and the rest of Salem…the father of her grown son Nathan is Jack, Jen’s late husband…this could be a short story arc for the shows 50th…

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Had Melissa Archer came on as Sarah Horton they couldve still done the elephant storyline this way to tie it in with other characters: Sarah had sent many gifts from Africa to Maggie and Victor for their anniversary which included the elephant statue…Sarah had accidentally killed a man, unaware she was set up, and was blackmailed by another man who is using her to smuggle diamonds into the U.S. and some are hidden in the statue…Sarah arrives in Salem to retrieve the elephant but Maggie had donated it to a church auction fundraiser hosted by Father Eric who has returned to the priesthood…Sarah knows Eric—she worked with him in Africa and was attracted to him…Sarah arrives at the auction too late…the elephant was sold to Chad Dimera who is smitten by the older Sarah…Maggie dislikes Chad after Victor nearly looses all his money and had a heartattack after Chad tricked Victor into investing in a phoney business deal…Sarah is warned to get the diamonds back or Maggie, who is being held hostage, will be killed…Sarah breaks into the Dimera mansion to steal the elephant but Chad catches her…Chad threatents to call the police unless Sarah sleeps with him…Sarah confesses to Chad why she needs the statue…Chad finds the diamonds inside and knows Sarah is telling the truth…but will Chad give Sarah the diamonds to save Maggie’s life?

Evelyn Hodges

What are you talking about that story line is all wrong go back a look again.


u r soooo wrong Melanie is one of the reasons days is current she needs to come back!


No leave Molly on and take off Will, please Brady Black has been looking for love for along tome. I grew up on Days and why do tall always take off the ones that make Days and keep the people dont, Teresa needs her butt cut. Yall took off Samatha, EJ, Tony, you all keep on, the show will die out!


@ Evelyn Hodges – Jimh(leave it to beaver) was making up an alternative storyline, one that would have brought Sarah Horton back. I actually like his plot better than what the DOOL writers gave us. Good job, Jimh(leave it to beaver). You need to apply for a job with DOOL. πŸ™‚


Keep Molly!!! She is such a good actor. I love the chemistry between Brady and Mel. Take the guy that plays Will. He’s not very good.


I am a big fan of Melanie (Molly Burnett) she is great and the chemistry Brady and Melanie is just romantic and so lovely and sexy!!! Hope you will bring her back.
She added so much to Days of Our Lives.

Jackie McLovin

Please bring Melanie back please she was the best thing that ever happened to Days πŸ™ I’m in tears she is a very talented actress and she is so needed in your show. Take out Will he sucks as an actor and ruins the show, my TV gets stuffies thrown at it when he’s on. I’m sorry but honest. Please please PLEASE bring her back she truly makes the show and I have hooked my friends on Days due to the actress. I’ve watched Days for over 30yrs now and she is so awesome for your show, so talented, so normal and fun to watch she’s a natural. She needs to come back oh by the way you can gat that slime ball Mr Clide Westen to follow Will off the show. OK you can trade Will for her return…….
Please come back Mel


I am a fan on Melanie Molly Burnett think she is great was glad when she came back and really sorry she is leaving. Hope she comes back soon


Molly Burnett is the tie that binds two of the families. She totally makes sense to keep as a character. Big mistake to end her stay on Days. It was great seeing her more or less “grow” as an individual as the stories progressed. She overcame her past to become one of the better characters on the show. But, she still had that edgy quality…. Because that was who she was about.

She used this to the good at the end. I think morally she is a good example of strength.
Again, you should definitely bring her back.


Molly needs to come back pregnant with Brady’s child. Victor needs take Teresa’s baby so Brady and Melanie can raise him. Poor Jennifer needs a storyline where she’s not fighting someone. Her and Raif need to hook up. I think Zander and Niclole are hot together, but i want him to be good. I hate the Clyde storyline. Sonny should leave Will for Paul. Eve and JJ story was plain GROSS. These storylines are getting boring. I love watching Chad. I don’t understand bringing people back just to write them off again. Why bother? It just makes us fans mad. The writers need to write better storylines. I want to see love triangles, passion. I’m sick of seeing pill heads, drunks.




I have a hunch that chad is Abigail’s baby real father and hope those two get together and Ben goes away farrrrr away I don’t like him.

4ever DAYS

It took a while to accept her the first time around and now it will be easy to accept her being gone, hopefully 4ever!


Wow you sound bitter. Lol. Molly Burnett is a terrific actress and she decided to leave Days. Molly signed a 6 month contract. She will be back as Melanie maybe next year.

4ever DAYS

It’s because the writers ruined her.


I will miss her (she could have had a better story line this time). Would like to see her again.
Will miss Freddie Smith as Sonny -really liked him . Also really like the guy who plays Paul.


Sure hope so!!


I love Melanie and I think her and Brady are great together. I am sad to see her go and hope she comes back. Serena and Sonny leaving is great! I think Will should go next. They have never had anyone good play him but this one is the worst.


Love Molly Burnett – am really going to miss her – and totally love her with Brady – Not a fan of Teresa’s – terrible over acting –


I hope she comes back!! I like her with Brady . We will miss her…. Brady better not get with Teresa


I love Molly Burnett! I’m going to miss her and her quirkiness. I also thought that she and Brady were great together. They just “fit”…so alike, yanno? I will be glad to see Serena go though! She’s not a very good actress and never smiles! She always has this blank, constipated look on her face. And as far as Sonny leaving….DOOL should keep him and just replace Guy Wilson with a better actor to play Will! I’m sorry but, the kid cannot act very good!


Yeah I feel won’t miss Melanie at all, it’s not just the writing it’s the actress also that sucks.


@ blake, definitely true. I’m all for red heads, lol… though, I never did care for Molly Burnett’s acting choices. I’m glad her return was short-term. Hopefully, Kristen kidnaps Melanie.


agreed, Blake


Molly Burnett was one of the best actors on the show. Screw all the haters, she was up for an Emmy twice within her first 4 years on the show – that says something. I hope to see her back in the near future, if not on the big screen in movies or other T.V shows. BIG fan of her!

4ever DAYS

Her first stint started out as Melanie being tough, yet bubbly. This stint she became babbly. She should not have come back under the hack writers.

Maybe she’ll be back under the new regime.


Melanie is a good character. Molly B is a wonderful actress and has given Melanie a loveable and substantive personality. She made the character interesting. Bad choice to let her go.


I hate it that she is gone!!! She was one of my favorite characters

Steve Ungrey

It sounds like this return was always meant to be a short-term one. Always thought Molly was a great actress and I look forward to seeing her in future projects. Hopefully they leave the door open for a return, if only because I will enjoy seeing people get so mentally unhinged about her coming back.

Haters gonna hate. πŸ˜‰

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Do you live in a perfect world where you like everything…come on, you know there are things you hate too and dont like it if someone called you a hater just because you dislike something…just a friendly reply—no hate involved!!!

Steve Ungrey

Jim, the amount of hatred directed toward Molly on some boards has been nothing short of unbelievable. I can understand a little, but there are some boards where people look at you like you support Charles Manson if you’re a Melanie or Daniel fan. That’s all. πŸ™‚


You’re right, of course, Jimh. I loved Melanie before she left. I will always love Molly. But, the character lost something when she came back. I do not know what the reasoning was? Okay, she came for a visit? She does have ties in Salem. But, why would TPTB start a relationship between her and Brady?
I was starting to get really interested in this new storyline……where she seemed to be the one to figure out what has happened to Theresa’s baby. However, as usual, something always and endlessly trip up a potentially effective storyline.
Thank you for defending those of us who share our opinions freely, jimh. Isn’t it amazing how some get their boxers/panties in a twist if their opinion does not coincide with anyone else’s?
It is an opinion site, people!!!!


I love Molly and I think she was and is a great actress. Though I have to agree that they ruined the character by pretty much turning her into a Mini Maggie but given how much time she spends with the woman, guess it rubs off.

Despite that, I do like her character but she was honestly great during 2008 – 2009 where she was a total bad girl and yet you couldn’t help but to love it.

I think in 2010 she was at the best state she could be, she began to reform but at the same time she maintained the tough girl that she had to become growing up.

From 2011 then on, it went straight to hell, especially after it came out that Daniel was Maggie’s son and that was when they began to ruin Melanie, throw in Gabi that made it impossible to even enjoy Mel and Chad and then it’s over.

Theresa is a bitch and Kristen is the queen bitch and if they had planned to put Melanie up against them she at least deserved for her bad girl side to return. I mean both women told her off, she barely got a word in edge wise. I would have loved to have seen Melanie grab Theresa’s arm like she did to Stephanie or throw Kristen down like she did Chelsea.

And not even going to mention that she lost all her wit. Her jokes and her insults and the way she had with words pre-2011 and especially 2008-2009 were great and sadly with these two women she barely got a word in.

I will never forget this quote. “Lets all bow down to princess Stephanie”

What happened to that? She is better off gone, don’t need another mini Maggie trying to get everyone on the high road. (No offense to Molly Burnett, she has no control over the writing, she did the best she could with what she was given. Excellent actress when she has the right writing.)


I agree with you Gage. If you go to YouTube and watch her scenes over the years you would see that given the right material, she was a great actress and is a great actress. She just doesn’t do bland and boring very well and really, why would anyone want her to? She was in her element as bad girl then turned semi good. She could go about her business but then really dish it out if you mess with her or those she loves. Molly did what she could with the script she was given, probably why she only returned briefly, the role had to have become boring for her and you can clearly see she had much more fun with it during her early years.

I’m sure the return was just to be nice and honestly, she was really used as a simple prop to “solve the mystery.” It wasn’t really necessary to bring her back for that. Abby could have easily caught on and put it together herself.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

I understand…ive been attacked because of my likes and dislikes…i have no problem if you like someone…i actually liked Melanie somewhat when she originally appeared but this turn is different…i blame the writers and director mostly…Melanie has become annoying and boring-imo-her secret when she returned and pairing with Brady was a total misfire…maybe if she returns in the future and with new writers my opinion of her might change…i hope my original reply didnt sound like i was attacking you because you like the actress-she seems like a really lovely person off screen-i just dont like how the writers had written her character…im not that kind of person who attacks someone with a different opinion and i expect the same in return…Peace!


We are completely in sync , jimh. I do not know if you directed your post to me, but I always admire the wisdom of your posts. I, for one, never considered you as a hater or belligerent poster. You give your honest opinion….. It is your right….later.


I will miss her wait for her return soon. As for Sonny let’s send Wil packing keep Sonny and Paul.


She gave Melanie an actual personality who is sharper than most.


This makes me sad…I love Melanie and love Molly Burnett! She would make a great Kiki at GH, if you are reading this Frank or Ron, get rid of that dreadful actress and bring on Molly!

Jake from NJ

I would love her at GH!!


True, guys. Molly would be a million times better than HE. I am speechless when it comes to this Kiki. I actually had thought she would do a good job. For all those who did not like Kristen, at least she did the Kiki character Justice. Her entire persona drives a screw into my brain…..OUCH !!
TPTB need to get rid of Erin ASAP. There is nothing compelling … spark of interest which denotes attention to this girl.


CeeCee…y-e-s…TPTB at GH need to get rid of that Hayley Erin chick…QUICKLY!!!!! Also, as far as I’m concerned, Kristen Alderson (over the years) has proven that she CAN A-C-T. I mean…to me, KA will ALWAYS be Starr Manning (from her OLTL days) to me. TOTALLY!!!!! Bottom Line Here: On-screen wise, Hayley Erin has NO SPARK…PERIOD!!!!! Beyond lame.

Later, CeeCee.


when are they going to say the same, about;Ben, Clyde, Daniel, and even Jennifer ?

I wish we knew the intent, of; NBC/Sony/DOOL

are we going past, September, 2016

Melanie…. really only had the best scenes with Maggie
and Maxine

her exit scenes will be after Eric and Theresa reunite with their child


I have the feeling she was just brought back as a plot point to bring in Serena (that didn’t go over so well) and to bring in the stolen embryo story. Once she didn’t really seem to get much of a story on her own (the card counting was less than a blip on the radar) I assumed she was just going to have a temporary stay in Salem.

Now I wonder how she’s going to leave — hopefully we’ll get some excitement stirred up with her exit.

I wish Molly much luck and a more crucial role in her next project.

andrew hass

I also thought Melanie’s return was short term in a way because of how fast they put her and Brady together.However maybe Molly only agreed to come back for 6 months because she didn’t want to be tied down longer.However it wouldn’t surprise me if the show leaves the door open for Melanie to return again down the line.For example maybe Melanie leaves with a secret of sorts.


See that is what I don’t get, that scheme with the card counting, you would think that by her doing that some of her “old habits” would have resurfaced and just in proper time to really take on Theresa and Kristen.

Love Molly, great actress and I loved watching her put Stephanie and Chelsea in their places but the writers made Melanie pathetic against Theresa and Kristen.

I do disagree that she was needed for the Serena plot. Serena knew Eric back in Africa, she didn’t need an excuse to come and see him and as far as the embryo plot, they honestly could have utilized Abby for the story instead of simply making her “psychotic sex princess” all the time.


Sad to see Melanie go. She is a good character. As for Serena and that stupid elephant. Good riddens poor Melissa Archer given such an absurd storyline.


Molly Burnett only signed a 6 month contract, I am going to miss her as Melanie. She is a wonderful actress.


Me too


Can’t blame her, I’m pretty sure she found the role boring. Melanie was very fun in 2008-2009 and she was at her best in 2010 as being good but tough.

Then Daniel’s paternity came out and they began to turn her into the next Maggie and 2011 was the character slide that sent her right down.

2012? That was just a year to traumatize her for Molly’s exit, I feel safe guessing that she knew what direction the role was going and that it would have been boring and that is exactly what it became when she returned in 2014, bet she is glad she didn’t sign on for a long period.

Melanie To Stephanie “I could tear you limb from limb” Then she grabs her arm and tells her like it is.

That should have been saved for Kristen.

Then the quarantine room plot, I loved that quote.

“Thanks to me Nathan went in there a little boy and he came out a man.” Just a couple of her best lines and she had many pre-2011.

I honestly don’t understand how she became so soft, she had to be tough growing up, she had a hard life, not to mention all that has been done to her on the show since she appeared. Either she became soft due to some kind of PTSD or Maggie preached at her way to much off screen. Probably both.


I am sorry to hear this news. Characters seem to be going right and left. I wonder what the long term plan is here?


If it’s to make room for characters like Justin back on contract full-time, I am so. On. Board!!!! Cut the fat and make room for characters the audience has been begging for.


The cast is not that big.



Watching them in bed together is sick, if they marry…Will and Sonny will be husbands/step brothers. Wonder if that’s why Sonny is leaving?


I liked her both times.


me too!


I like Melanie and Molly but her return has not been successful. Her meddling in Theresa’s baby mystery has been the only positive part of her comeback because it’s been the only way the story has moved forward with Kristen off canvas. Her relationship with Brady has been so forced and not at all interesting, and I have barely felt her connection to the cast. Her Intro back to the canvas story was Days at its worst- no imagination, no depth, just basic plot. I had hoped for more with her return but instead we just get her being lectured by Daniel, groping Brady and catfightingwith Theresa. I’m glad there are only a few more weeks to endure this.


Poorly cat fighting with Theresa if you remember how she fought Stephanie and Chelsea. They shouldn’t have wasted the actresses time. She was being used as the prop for KBT plot being solved, probably because she had a job at the hospital so it seemed convenient but really the same thing could have been done with Abby, she could of solved the plot.

And her threatening to jump off the plane because that air bag thing trapped her, I actually feel bad. I feel like she was brought on as not just a prop but as a joke.


One word: Yea!

Shelley Krayer

It seems that people are leaving “Days” left and right. Is this a sign that the whole program itself will be ending? I have been watching only for the past 12 years or so; the story lines are so much better than “All My Children” which I used to watch. Keep it up Days!


It should end if they don’t do something better. Finally glad that the Eve/JJ/Paige story has finally took the big jump. They waste money by putting Rory and Cole on the show, even though Cole did serve as an important piece of the truth coming out.

Eve is a waste of time now unless they put her with Eric once Serena runs off. I always thought Eve and Eric had great chemistry, I loved their scenes, only times I’ve enjoyed watching her.

JJ and Paige…ugh I don’t know, they need to work it out and both go off to California, together or broken up, no reason not to go to their colleges.

Stephano needs to take out Clyde and Chad/Ben need to see Abby for the trash she is, dump her, and go out for boys night and die driving drunk.

Tony, Bo, and Patch are returning.

Cole goes off to where ever Bev went. Then put Abby with Tad. The guy is more deserving of a relationship than anyone and he isn’t bad looking, he’s actually cute.

Write Rory and Daphne off and send them to where ever Bev went, Obviously they stopped wasting money on her.

Elsa can come and kill Adrienne and frame Justin so he can go to jail and she can escape the country and leave. Put Lucas with a proper woman.

Break Chelsea and Max up, bring Max back because he and Melanie are awesome in scenes together, he was a better brother to her than Nicholas.

Then you bring back Cassie and Rex. She would make a good girlfriend for Max and Rex would be awesome with Melanie who they should keep.

Nicole and Lucas both accidentally go to a dating service and get matched up together, see how that works.

And those are the stories if I were one of the writers.


Geez. First “Sonny”, now “Melanie”. I’m losing all my favorite characters here.


Blame Lucas and Adrienne for Sonny leaving. If they get married, Will is not just Sonny’s husband but also his half brother. Very selfish of their parents not to think about that as we get tortured by seeing them in bed together.


OH I so don’t want Sonny to leave – not a Will fan – liked the original –


hopefully daniel, ben, clyde and chad will be next! sorry but if budget is an issue that deadweight needs to go! the di mera s are a shell of their former self! kirstens only back briefly and chad the imposters a joke! and cant possibly carry the torch of the di meras alone! unless peter or lexi return theirs really no point in having a watered down di mera family. with justin returning focus on the kirikasi’s! and please invest in some hlf decent sets! if the show looks cheap how do you expect viewrers to take the product seriously?!
marlena deserves her own office, hope a home , abe, roman, and john a cop station. the hospital waiting room is not an appropriate palce for the staff to air their dirty laundry either. replace the cheesy park and bring back the docks!!! and why cant eric, eve and teresa s apartments at least look modern! i doubt teresa would live in a apartment thats furnished so dowdy, she s young and cool
here s hoping for more positive changes to keep days on air for a long time!


Daniel the character will always be on the show, he wasco created by Ken Corday.


Tony is coming back. Won’t Marlena and John just be so happy? They think they have the dimera’s nearly destroyed. Not so hahaha.

Mary SF

The minute her character got romantically involved with Brady I knew she was goner- LOL


I too, was not a fan of the Brady & Melanie pairing. It felt forced, and I didn’t feel the romantic connection between them.

Tom Jenkins

I agree, it seemed like, this isn’t real – and her babbling and attempts to be cutesy were just annoying at times. I didn’t sense any real connection between her and Brady.


It was done likely because there is such a large majority of people who wanted to see them together but those people will feel cheated once again, just like we were cheated of Melanie and Chad having a chance.

With EJ and Kristen dead, Sami gone and Kate booted out, would have been great if Melanie and Chad married. Then they can take Stephano’s picture down (again!) Chad and Melanie would look so great on that wall. (Would be perfection if it was old Chad) but it would be fun.

Jake from NJ

I love Molly as Melanie…2 short of a visit πŸ™

Yolanda Arias-Arenas

I don’t like these departures, they’re usually a sign that the show is going to be cancelled. TPTB also being back soap vets to bring closure to a show. I’m going to pray that this isn’t the end of DOOL.


Oh man I love Molly Burnett/Melanie! She brought something to show its been missing. Will miss her and Freddie two of my favorites.


I follow DOOL only on occasion now-a-days, so my questions is: Why was she even brought back? Ti doesn’t seem like she was on very long, they got her involved in a romance, and now she’s out the door. What purpose did her return serve? Just curious.

Are they cleaning house so they can afford the other returns for the 50th?


She was used as a prop for the KBT story. To simply solve the mystery and because a large number of fans wanted Brady/Melanie they decided to give them a look before Molly left.

The mystery could have been discovered and solved by Abby…

Or better yet? What if Maxine was the one to take Kristen down? Sure Anne is a candidate and she is closer to Theresa but Maxine would have so deserved it.


I wish she had stayed longer. It was nice to have her return. I missed her and Melanie.

It’s like a revolving door at Days–some good, some bad.


Since Melanie has been back she has had one scene with Sonny! One! They were great friends when she was on all those years ago. Weird how they only had that one. Now Molly is leaving, then Freddie, who by the way is a great actor and will be greatly missed. Who knows what Days is up to. They have destroyed an amazing couple, Will and Sonny and now have not given Brady and Melanie a chance. I hope that Molly finds something that she can thrive in and we will see her and Freddie in something together, since they are great friends as well.


I will miss her I was so happy when she came back as Melanie.


Days always brings good characters and then lets themgo again. WWhen you are getting used to them again.Wish they would keep the faces. I really like Molly.A great actress. I wish Days would bring back the real Belle and Shawn.They were great!!


I love Belle and Shawn but bringing them back would be like how they brought Marlena and John back, they would come as a solid couple, a packaged deal unless something happened.

I would like to see Rex and Cassie brought back, their characters were not fully explored and they could be fit in anywhere.

(And get over the UFO, it could have easily been dropped by a plane with the actual UFO being designed to protect them from the fall, it would be like one big publicity stunt.)


Please don’t take her off I love Melanie her and Brady going to make a beautiful couple taking way to many of the good actors off

Mary C

I am not happy about Melanie leaving. I really like her with Brady Black.


Me as well.

Jim Anderson

Well, her character to me was initially annoying with all her stutterings and infantile behavior but as she got involved in Theresa’s problem I became slightly intrigued. I can’t say though that I will miss the character of Melanie very much. As far as the actor playing Sonny leaving goes, I think they may re-cast…although maybe the actor feels he’s gone as far as he could with the role.
I just wonder….does anyone feel that soaps have had their days in the sun? Could it be that actors are jumping ship?


Jim, I definitely agree with you with regards to Molly Burnett’s acting choices with Melanie’s return to Salem, the stuttering and the little girl hand gestures and, the mugging!!!… was just so banal. I hope that when Kristen discovers all of Melanie’s meddling, she kidnaps Melanie far away from Salem!


Jim and Jeremy, You said it perfectly. Molly is such an annoying actress.

Paula day

I love this actress, she is a natural

CP Westbrook

Unbelievable. Can’t anyone be happy…It was refreshing watching her and her new love interest.

Mary M

I don’t want her leaving again! I really love her
and perfect with Brady as well.
It’s always somebody coming and going.

Jenny Richardson

I hate that Melanie is leaving. I love her and Brady together. I love Sonny. Can’t stand the New Will tho, if they want to get rid of someone get rid of him.


THANK GOD! PRAYER DOES WORK! She is terrible, TERRIBLE every second she is on screen. I honestly thought she was on something is most of her scenes–and I’m not saying that to be mean. She seemed high as a kite most of the time. A stick and broken down bus have more chemistry that her and Brady.


yes, Nate, YES! you nailed it, man. Well said.


Molly should play either Kiki on GH, although she may be older than the part calls for. Or she should absolutely play Hope on B&B.
As a side note Days is a complete mess!


Really!!! It was so refreshing having her and Brady together and finally happy. I LOVE her! Say it isn’t so…

Kathy H.

Really…..say it isn’t so! I LOVE her. BRADY and MELANIE S relationship was a nice change for his character. No real drama. I hate that she is leaving. I was thrilled of her return to Salem.


I won’t miss Melanie but I think it has most to do with Molly Burnett playing her. Hell, as much as I don’t like the Will recast even he is not as bad as Molly. That says a lot.


Molly is an excellent actress, it all just depends on the material she is given. 2008-2010 were like her best years. She really threw out some good jokes and she had so much chemistry with Max, enjoyed those scenes.

And she really nailed it with Stephanie. They gave her great lines to work with, but it takes a talented actress to play a goody good character like Maggie and still be pleasant and entertaining, which is what they have tried to do to Melanie and it ruined her.


very diisappointed the writers did not let the romance between Brady and Melanie grow into something special. The chemistry between them was great to watch as it has been a long time seeing a couple who were happy without any drama. Now the writers have spolit a good sforyline. BRING MELANIE BACK AND LET BRADY HAVE SOME REAL HAPPINESS FOR A CHANGE. They could be the next super couple on the show .


I agree, with Julie, I too was disappointed with the writers not letting Brady and Melanie’s romance grow. I liked their chemistry and was hoping that Brady had finally found his love. I agree the storyline has been spoiled for Brady – Do bring back Melanie and have her and Brady give Theresa what she deserves – watching Melanie and Brady make it together. If Sonny is going than Will needs to go to, he is a very bad actor. Molly is definitely a loss for DOOL. I don’t know about their writers ????

Robin Severson (@RDSeverson)
Robin Severson (@RDSeverson)

Definitely a loss for sDays…Molly Burnette is fresh, funny and a bit off (like all the rest)…she has “Tenacity!”

Amber Montgomery

It’s AWFUL that Molly Burnett is leaving DAYS, as with Alison Sweeney. How can you let such great people go? You need to bring Molly back, as well as EJAMI – Alison Sweeney and James Scott. Your show truly suffers without these great actors. It’s just not the same – bringing “Steve” and “Bo: back doesn’t make up for it.

Malu Cummings

That is aweful! Brady finally has a real true woman and a friend as his lover
What a shame for Days to loose Molky Burnett. Brady is finally treated as a nan, since
his daddy is not interfering with hus life! For Gids sake..Brady is like 35 years old and his relatives always wory about him…get for real!
Melanie was the only relationship he ever had on the show that was not crazy or druggef
I have been watching days for over 35 years and they cant make one couple be
happy. Shame on. ?..

Krista W

Awwwww. I’m sad. I was happy to have her character back. She is fresh, fun, and tenacious. When she last left, I was sad to see her go because they had spent much time and energy allowing us to know her, where she came from, and who she could become. They need a mix of younger and more mature characters on the show especially characters that we can care about – YET – at times they do things we may not always agree with.

Lisa Priebe


Lisa Priebe

We just got Melanie back and now they want to take her away????? The perfect match with Brady who loved him enough to tell him he has a child out here. And now we get to see a very grateful Theresa thank ing Melanie for finding her child!

4ever DAYS

The actress only agreed to a six month visit…Her choice.

delios h

So sad I’m really going miss her I hope she comes back ii really wanted to see where her story was going


Don’t blame her one bit. The role probably became boring as hell to play. They took an awesome character and slowly stripped her of her own personality and turned her into Mini Maggie.

Of course, not to say she shouldn’t have changed from being like she was in 2008 and especially what Nick did to her, but she was perfectly balanced out by 2010, there was no need to strip anymore of the tough girl away but they did.


On a YouTube interview (an old interview) she stated that she had fun playing bad Melanie, not her exact words but it’s something that she vaguely implied.

Deborah A

I am really sad to see her go. I hope she makes a return in the future. Please don’t kill her off. Melanie is good for Brady and Theresa isn’t. Although, Theresa may change her entire life now that a baby is involved. I don’t want to see Melanie leave permanently. I want her to return. With what she did for Brady and Theresa, it is just beyond nice, it is just incredible. She could have been like Nicole and just lied about it, but she isn’t that way. That is so refreshing on a soap opera. Melanie chose not to keep it a secret and it truly showed how much she loves Brady. I didn’t like her at first, but she quickly grew on me and now I don’t want to see her go.

andrew hass

I could see Melanie deciding to leave to give Brady and Theresa a chance to be a family with their baby.Mel didn’t grow up with her parents around and she may not want that for Brady’s baby.So maybe she tells Brady to give Theresa another chance and if it doesn’t work out between them then so be it but he owes it to his baby at least to find out.

Jean Hendrix

If Molly Burnett is leaving drool again I think they should replace her. I’m so tired of Brady losing out of females he falls in love with, it’s time he has and not with Teresa.


Anybody who bitches and moans about a show,storyline,actor or whatever takes these soap operas WAY too seriously.Its performance art,fantasy,and occasionally real life issues like gay rights ala Paul Sonny or Will.A way to bide your time basically.


I really liked Melanie as part of the cast but agree Brady was not the right match seems forced. Need some action happening here as too many leaving and shows getting boring. Would like to see more air time for Justin and Lucas in some type of scheme with Kayla and Adrianne maybe bring in all new partners for each and create a competitive setting against each other. Justin’s lawyer skills verses
Aiden, not sure but need some type of new story line. Nicole ‘s great love her the most her character is more realistic than others. Theresa, JJ and Page scenes give us a break boring.


I kind of agree. I think they saw so many people begging for Brady/Melanie that they just decided to do it. Would have made more sense for Chad and Mel to have been in a story together, aside from the baby plot.

It’s hard to believe that Chad dumped Abby for Melanie, then took Abby back as a rebound and is obsessed with Abby. You’d think he would have become obsessed with Melanie, he chose who he liked better out of the two. I think Chad is just obsessed with being with someone period and I guess since he felt so “burned” by Melanie he has chosen Abby to be that person.

Kody Lakaeda

Haha now he wants Gabi who was responsible for having Melanie kidnapped while he thinks Abby is dead. Chad is so screwed up but honestly I think he was hoping Melanie wanted him back, just the way he acted during their one scene together.

Frances Adams

It’s a shame that when we finally get a good storyline going for Brady we have to lose his fiancΓ©. He deserves a break to get away from Teresa so please try to convince Molly to stay on. If it’s not herdoing the leaving then DOOL needs to ask Molly to stay on again. Molly makes the character of Melanie so much more than some of the other characters we have on Days.
Thanks Molly

Karen kalstein

Omg. No. She. Is. The. Best. Thing that. Is on this show im almost. 60. Bean watching since. Im. 13. I. Hate. Theresa. Brady. Is so. Happy. So in love. Please. Keep. Melanie. And. Brady. He deserves love. So much he. Is. A great. Guy. Please. Where. Did u. Get. Will. Awful. The. First one. Was great. Put paul and sonny. Together. Adrian and. Lucas. Finally. Lucas gets someone. Please. Ill. Stop. Watching. If she leaves she is a doll. Also. Jj. Doesnt. Deserve to. Lose. Paige. That eve. Donnavon. She is a good actress. Evil. Please. Keep. Melanie. Theresa with. Brady. He. Will be. So. Miserable. Is she. Melanie leaves im switching. Shows. Bring. Back. Gloria. Loring. U always. Take. Great. Characters. And. Let them go. Enough sammy. She left. I had. Enough. Melanie. Is a sweet. Great. Person brady needs her. Shevmakes him complete. Please. Thank. U. A loyal. Fan for 48. Yrs.


I agree

Beverly Wolf

Glad she is leaving. Terrible actress. Her hair is so messy looking. She makes strange facial expressions. Disgusting wardrobe. All in all – good riddance.


Remember hair and wardrobe is do ne by the show. She is a good actoress

Margie Franci

I think Melanie should really hook up with Brady, but I know she won’t. It will be the demon Teresa. She does make strange facial expressions, but her stay was interesting. There are too many story lines in Days.


Sorry to see her leave. Would have like for her and Brady together. She has that bubbling personality which added to the show. Sorry she is leaving. I do not want to see Brady and Teresa together.


Her and Brady together, brought real love and character to Days….
her love helped Brady in so many ways…..very sorry she is leaving
and hope that Days has enough sense not to put Brady and Theresa
into a romantic relatonship……I wish Theresa were leaving, shes a waste
to watch

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Preview – Week of May 21, 2018

Next week on Days of our Lives, Brady (Eric Martsolf) is in for quite the surprise when Theresa (Jen Lilley) shows up and turns his world upside down again. What will happen when Theresa discovers that Brady and her sister, Eve (Kassie DePaiva) are engaged?Meanwhile, Sonny (Freddie Smith) is in for surprise also, when he realizes Leo (Greg Rikaart) is going to turn the tables on him, after their steamy passionate kiss. And, Will (Chandler Massey) find a new clue in Dr. Rolf’s diary, as Kate (Lauren Koslow) learns her fate in Vivian’s death.

Check out these teasers from upcoming episodes of DAYS below, and then watch the latest promo from NBC. Tell us what storyline has piqued your interest the most via the comment section below.

Monday, May 21

Stefan threatens Abigail with Chad’s freedom.

Tuesday, May 22

Lani has a scare concerning her unborn baby.

Wednesday, May 24

Sonny’s world is turned upside down when he receives stunning news.

Thursday, May 23

Xander taunts Jennifer about her relationship with Eric.

Friday, May 25

Gabi learns a judge has overturned her conviction… but a new problem arises.

Click HERE to see the video preview!


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Days Of Our Lives

RATINGS: DAYS Overtakes GH And Takes The Number Three Spot!

Following their triple-crown victory of winning Outstanding Daytime Drama Series, Writing Team in a Drama Series, and Directing Team honors at the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, Days of our Lives continued their upswing when the recent ratings were released this week.

For the week ending April 30th through May 4th, DAYS moved past General Hospital as the third most-watched soap opera. Considering DAYS has been in the fourth position of all four soaps for the last several years, this is definitely worth noting.. DAYS came in with 2,301,000 average total viewers for the ratings week, while GH had 2, 288,000. In addition, GH tied an all-time low in the womens 18-34 ratings share.

As for The Young and the Restless, they also lost the most viewers for the week with -174,00, while coming in at 4,089,000 total viewers. Even though they remain at number one and are far ahead of the other three soaps, it seems the show, which in the past has hovered around 4.5 million a week, is down. In addition, the ratings reflected that B&B is now tied with Y&R for the number one show in the womens demo 18-34, and Y&R has tied some lows in total households, and the women 18-49 ratings share.

The Bold and the Beautiful remains second of the soaps with 3,227,00 viewers, but is down over 100,000 total viewers from last year at this time. View the entire ratings picture via SON here. (more…)

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Days Of Our Lives

Kyle Lowder Returns To DAYS: But What Role Is He Playing?

Kyle Lowder, who started his soap career on Days of our Lives as Brady Black from 2000-2005, has returned to the NBC Daytime Emmy Award-winning drama series.

Most recently, Lowder co-executive produced and starred in the digital drama adaption of DAYS EP Ken Corday’s novel, Ladies of the Lake, which is set to premiere its second season in June.

Now that Lowder is back on DAYS, the question remains under the creative pen of head writer, Ron Carlivati, who will he be playing given that Eric Martsolf is currently Brady Black and is not exiting the series?

Kyle took to social media sharing a video message on his arrival back in Salem expressing: “BEYOND excited to be rejoining my Days of our Lives family. See y’all soon!” SOD first reported the casting news. (more…)

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Video du Jour

The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

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