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REPORT: NBC Cancels Third Hour Of 'Today' For New Megyn Kelly Show!

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There is a huge shake-up going on behind the scenes at NBC’s morning series, The Today Show.

According to an item on Friday in the New York Post’s Page Six, the network has cancelled the dismal third hour of the series to make room for incoming new daytime star, Megyn Kelly.

Recently, the former news anchor at Fox News made headlines when she announced she was exiting the cable outlet for NBC to anchor a Sunday night news magazine show plus a daytime series.

When the news first broke of Kelly’s arrival to NBC, rumors began to circulate that his could be a replacement for, and endanger long-running soap opera, Days of our Lives.

The report on Kelly taking over a spot on an hour of ‘Today’ offered two scenarios: 1) she will either take over the 9am slot from Tamron Hall and Al Roker 2) she will replace Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, who would then shift to the 9am slot, and Kelly would be on at 10AM.

NBC has yet to confirm this report. But with new Days of our Lives Emmy-winning head writer Ron Carlivati on board along with Sheri Anderson Thomas now steering the stories in Salem, the placement of Kelly in the third hour of ‘Today’, and upcoming revitalized story, that could just be the ticket for DAYS.

So, happy to hear the news that Megyn Kelly will be taking over an hour of  ‘Today’ and not replacing Days of our Lives? Comment below!

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Karen Clark

They are smart to leave Days alone. We are getting plenty of practice on how to Resist things we don’t like !


Days is safe, this is terrific news.


I HOPE so… and yes… I’ve been posting and sending my 2 cents…. leave us alone.

it’s just “amazing” a wonderment…that DAYS and SONY and NBC are seriously , once again… with bringing Ron Carlivati @DAYS that it’s going to be renewed.

nancy dillingham

Yes! They learned their lesson on ABC!


As a longtime Days fan of 49 years, I’m getting more than slightly hopeful that the show won’t be canceled. And, yes, I’m very happy she’s not going to replace Days. 🙂


Chloe this is great news, It looks like Days is safe. The ratings will get better now, with the hiring of Ron. I love Days, but they need to bring back Vivian Alamain and her side kick Ivan.


From your lips to Ron’s ears!!!

Michele Wolfe

I am thrilled that Megyn Kelly will be taking an hour from Today! I am so excited that Days of Our Lives is not on the ‘chopping block’!!


finally a network making a decision that makes sense good for them. i don’t watch dool, i did as a kid, so i’m glad its not getting replaced.


Wow this is wonderful news, hopefully DOOL gets renewed for 2 more years.


This is a good sign, that Days will get renewed. Days is not dead yet. Time to bring back, Peter Blake. Please hire Michael Muhney ex Adam Y&R to play Peter Blake.

Tomas Torquemada

Ron C loves dipping into the archives for former characters and drama. I would be surprised if he did NOT reach into the rich history.

Days and Y&R are both owned by Sony, right? I really like the actor but this wish may not be possible


Michael Rodrick, ex Seth Baker, GH
Michael Muhney, ex Adam, Y&R
Jason Brooks, the man himself, if he’s interested
Chris McKenna, exY&R… officer Harding

I would love for Ron Carlivati to move heaven and earth for Michael Muhney, otherwise any of the 4 above would be GREAT


Nobody is going to move heaven and earth for Michael Muhney. I’m not commenting on his guilt or innocence or how hard he was to work with or any of the issues that surround him. But there was too much controversy to think someone would go to bat for him that strongly with Sony, after he left that company under such a cloud.

Dr Helen Ruth

My hope is that Y&R will bring back Michael Muhney as Adam Newman.


DAYS would get a huge shot in the arm if it hired Michael Muhney. Sony has no issues hiring him despite what mindless parrotts spew on the internet.


I HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR MONTHS! he would be the perfect Peter Blake!!!


Wow great move NBC, it’s seems like Days is safe from cancellation.


Days Of Our Lives fans must be on pins and needles, including me. I have hope that’s Days will be renewed. I am praying right now for good news. Amen.


Megyn is very pretty, but we need DOOL to get renewed.


The best news,. DOOL is here to stay.


Does this mean? Days will get renewed,. Let’s hope for the best.


Big rumors out there, that OLTL may come back To ABC. I hope this is true. They want OLTL back for 30 mins on ABC. Heard this on the radio this morning. On soap gossip. I live in Vancouver, BC Canada.


I hope so

Mary SF

One of the reasons CBS daytime is so successful they had strong lead ins– every show helps the next show in their line up– if NBC can duplicate that then Days has a shot — it hasn’t had a strong lead in for years. I am feeling more hopeful, but until NBC announces a renewal and how long it will be, I will still be nervous.


Excellent point,Mary. If you look at the success of “The Price Is Right,” you have to wonder if that is one of the reasons “Y&R” has remained #1 fr so long. Here is an idea. NBC should bring back “Password” and “Concentration” before “DOOL.” The nighttime success of games shows could be the answer daytime needs as strong lead ins.

Mark Y

Good for Days!


Folks, I’m just looking at this objectively and realistically, nothing more. You have to be completely naive to think that Days is 100% safe long-term. Have you seen the ratings in recent months, especially in the key demos? They’re abysmal numbers. If Days does somehow miraculously get renewed by NBC, it’ll undoubtedly be just a one year stay of execution through September 2018, and then we’ll be right back to this same game at this time next year. After all, Days was barely lucky enough to get renewed for one year last year, and it’s numbers were significantly better 12 months ago. I think any renewal for Days at this point probably has far more to do with the 5-6 months ahead that the show films, which is asinine, IMO. I believe that lag time must be eliminated for the show to have any chance to survive. How can it have a chance to if terrible, unpopular storylines drag on and on and on? As of now, the show has supposedly taped episodes airing into June (!). The show’s contract with NBC runs through this September, and TPTB probably felt that would not be enough time to properly wrap things up. One of these years, Days’ luck will run out if those numbers don’t increase, and this could be its absolute, absolute FINAL chance. Just sayin’.

As for the show hiring Ron Carlivati as head writer, really? Is NBC/Sony purposely trying to sabotage Days even more than how it’s been mishandled in the past year? His campy brand of soap writing is not my personal cup of tea. He ruined GH for me and many others I know toward the (merciful) end of his tenure by focusing on his former OLTL pets in absurd plots entirely too much, while shoving GH vets far into the background. Even worse, his ego is out of control and he too often lashes out at any fans (peons) who have the audacity to offer constructive criticism and suggestions to him via social media. What a class act!

What is it ever going to take for these soaps to stop recycling the same old, same old writers from one show to another, not even two years after getting fired?? How about some new, up and coming, young blood for a change with fresh ideas? No wonder the entire genre is heading toward being on life support.


Agreed, sadly I think this is just postponing the inevitable. If Days is somehow gifted with a renewal/extension, it will be surely be extremely short term. It won’t last if the ratings don’t improve fast. I can’t imagine that the executives at NBC and/or Sony are truly happy with the show’s recent ratings performance. They’re down across the board sharply from last year.

Do TPTB/fans really think the overrated, stuck up Ron Carlivati is going to be the savior? What a joke. And when exactly will his work start airing? July? August? Given his track record, he’ll be writing Days’ finale before you know it. He tanked GH and now he gets the head writer job on another soap so soon? Unbelievably pathetic recycling.

This whole situation is akin to putting a bandage on a broken bone.


I love Ron; he’s one of the best . Days can’t be any worse off as it is now!

Harolds Bone

I guess they have to break up nonstop hour after hour talk with something right? It may as well be a soap! I’m also cautiously hopeful that DOOL will stay.

Scott H

Days will get renewed….Megyn will last about a year then get cancelled and NBC will have to fork out a ton of money on a wasted contract…..nobody wants to watch her in daytime….it will be another Katie Couric……we are tired of the all these lame ass talk shows…here’s an idea NBC….how about some game shows from 10-12 time frame….or move The Doctors into this time frame with two new game shows….then create another soap to follow Days….seriously, daytime talk shows are not working….when will the execs realize this…maybe reboot a 30 minute Edge of Night or Search for Tomorrow…please give us back our soaps and stop with the Daytime talk shows…..


I agree!


They could bring back press your luck or card shake or tee tac toe there one cant think of the name you spin the lever and you have a chance to win the prize that comes up three in a row and if the devel come The price is right high number at 10 .00 would have to put it on a 2;00 it would wonerful if they would bring one of them back


The Future looks brighter for Days, The soap will not be cancelled.

Lou piikes

Days just got a stay of execution. The stay won’t last until their ratings tick upward.



Well that time slot is good for Megan..
GH has way too much competition that could have add to it;

1pm ct ..
General Hospital
Rachael Ray
Dr. Oz
The Talk
The Peoples Court

Richard Thurston

If DOOL needs a lead in show how about a 30 minute version of ANOTHER WORLD?
Bring back this daytime icon NBC made a big mistake cancelling it!!!


I loved another world we were talking about it at work and so many people chimed in that they loved it younger people too not just older veteran soap fans. I think the networks have made a huge mistake canceling these soaps the fans are out there


That would be a so awesome it was my all time favorite


Days Is totally safe with their production model and now this its here to stay plus Ron Carlivati on board. All good good good!!


Let’s hope this is good news for Days.


someone that I know has a friend who allegedly works for NBC and this NBC supposedly told the person that I know that NBC is looking for a new soap. That’s what I heard but don’t think its true. Who knows?


None of the networks are interested in new soapa they are barely hanging on to what they’ve got. So your “source” needs to get a new source.


perhaps they are looking for a prime time soap..
they have become very popular..


Eliminating the Tamryn Hall / Al Roker hour is long overdue!


I dont watch Days but am happy for its fans that another talk show or news show is not taking over as the Chew did with OLTL and AMC!


I am slightly confused with MKs hiring by NBC. It seems that she did not leave on the best of terms with Fox News. Her contract with NBC is to offer a more “conservative” approach to their news. I have spoken to several of my friends that are conservatives and they seem to hate her for going up against Trump. So, my question is: Who is her audience? I read that she performed well co-hosting with Kelly Ripa. If that it the type of show she is going to do than the best of luck to her. It didn’t seem to work for Meredith, Katie or Anderson. But if she is going to do the conservative version of “The View,” please do not litter our screens. We have enough people yelling at each other daily on CNN, MSNBC, Fox and the three major networks. People want an escape from all of this political talk.

As far as “The Today Show,” I think Kathie and Hoda should move to 9:00 a.m., and Megan’s show can be on at 10:00. I think the Billy Bush/Al Roker/Tamra Hall experiment was a huge flop. It appeared that Roker resented him from the very beginning. Don’t you know that Billy Bush thinks he became the scapegoat from the Trump interview? He got fired and Trump wins the election.


@Ray….I posed the same question about Megyn Kelly’s proposed NBC target audience a few weeks ago….she was never all that well-regarded on the right from the beginning, and her failed attempt to take down now-President Trump made her absolutely reviled, so who’s exactly clamoring to watch this woman? As far as I’m concerned, the only positive thing she could bring to the Peacock Network would be the displacement of Hoda and Kathie Lee from the Today Show to the curb in front of 30 Rock….cannot stand either of those two and their blowsy, nonsensical shtick, however, it doesn’t sound as though that blessed development is anywhere in the works.


They could always try moving Days to night time…..The British soaps, Hollyoaks, Eastenders, Coronation Street, all are broadcast during evening hours….and they are hugely successful…then Days could have a bigger budget and get better sets and have better production values…..just a thought!!!!


Another BUST! Her career tanked after she disrespected President Trump!


And in the meantime, Tucker Carlson is killing it in her old time slot at FoxNews, Timmm!!!



Robert in Jersey City
Robert in Jersey City

This is great. Ron will totally save Days.

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