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Reports: Is Prospect Park Shelving All My Children For Now?

Photo Credit: Chapman Baehler

Photo Credit: Chapman Baehler

Today, reports, rumors, and developing stories, have popped up on the Internet as to the status of season two of All My Children suggesting that Prospect Park is shelving the series as they have with OLTL.  

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that, “insiders report that the company is officially shelving its plans to bring AMC back for a second season.  Staffers reportedly got word from PP today, and one behind-the-scenes player posted on Facebook, “It was fun while it lasted…”‘

TV Guide’s Michael Logan tweeted, “Is #ProspectPark “shelving” @allmychildren too? I’m hearing big announcement planned for this Friday. @TOLN @onelifetolive

However, On-Air On-Soaps is not sure that there will be any big statement forthcoming from Prospect Park on the situation.  It remains to be seen if AMC is temporarily on hold, or gone for good.   We will continue to bring you updates, if and when, it warrants.

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76 Comments on "Reports: Is Prospect Park Shelving All My Children For Now?"

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Alas, Prospect Park was simply not up to the task. While none of us wanted to admit it, it was obvious shortly after the premieres.


Nonetheless; PP did bring the soaps back..
And- they held #1 positions on HuLu and iTunes, a great feat was accomplished..

Perhaps we will see AMC on cable..
I doubt PP will give up ..

They both were suspended for an year, and WALLAH they were brought back in a grand showing!


Well said su0000

“… they held #1 positions on HuLu and iTunes, a great feat was accomplished..”

OH… disheartening… will labor after an official statement

James McDonald

If All My Children 2 can not get Susan Lucci back, not even for a week of guest appearances, then what is the point of continuing on?

Scott (ATWT Fan)

Truth be told, the online revival was greater without Susan Lucci and Erica Kane. The series did not need her at all. The stories were strong enough. Just poorly executed in production.


I think you need your head examined, Scott, if you think the online version was better without Susan Lucci!

Scott (ATWT Fan)

It was better Mona. And obviously her talents aren’t that amazing if she could only win ONE Daytime Emmy in how many nominations? Erica Kane was just Susan Lucci playing herself in my opinion. I never liked the character and found her over-rated!



Dzz Dee

Like Soaps Fan didn’t see this coming, From the First week they gave us the lollipop, after that, like the song “Forget you fans”.. They lost credibility from the start, OLTL needs to be brought back to Television by ABC or any other network, OLTL was the stronger of the two soaps. AMC was if -eee.


I definitely agree that OLTL is the stronger show both in terms of content and actors; but, it never received the name recognition that AMC enjoyed because of Susan Lucci. Even the online reboot of OLTL retained more familiar characters and actors than AMC.

I am heartbroken by this entire situation. I hope that the alphabet network and its parent company suffer, suffer, suffer for causing all this grief.

Tonja Walker-Davidson
Tonja Walker-Davidson

I couldnt agree more…this is a bad decision in both cases as was suing Disney because of three character disputes. No show is lost without three characters at least in a well written show. Great characters have come and gone including those I have personally played, and the show went on…


1st time around PP said they were suspending the soaps..
ALL thought they were gone for good…
A ”silent” year passed and then out of blue PP announced our soaps were back, and they were.. All thought them dead/gone forever..
I know PP will not give up on AMC..
PP has tons of blood sweat and tears invested in the soap.. And their dream to produce it..
It will soon return, when PP is once again ready and able to bring it back!!
we will awake to a SURPRISE!!

(if it indeed is on hold)


You are living in a fantasy world. The longer they wait, the less likely it will be for them to start up again. The actors won’t stick around so what are you going to do, another recast? Bottom line is that they are not making any money on them. Plus, the license to these properties are coming up. I have a feeling ABC might want them back so that at the very least they can cross over characters on GH. Mark my words, the announcement on Friday will say that they are shelving AMC and do not know when it’s coming back (meaning never).

Jack Grandeur

IF INDEED there even IS an announcement – it would be nice if our pleas were at least warranted with some kind of official response.


Where have you been? This is old news. There are things which need to happen before a show to go into production and none of them have happened since the so called season 1 ended. The lawsuit is a lame pretense, looking at the court papers there are no demonstrated damages. It should be thrown out.

It doesn’t make sense that they opened up so many new story lines when they should have wrapped the old ones up. They left so many questions unanswered and now they won’t be. And ending in a cliffhanger with Alison was horrible writing given the shows history. They owed the fans a wrap up. I hate cliffhanger endings. I have been a fan and viewer for many years, and if it does return, I won’t watch it or support it. Enough’s enough.

I have been watching 15 years old episodes and there is no comparison. ABC did everything so much better than PP. It was like PP had never bothered to watch the old episodes or had a clue how to produce them. Very amateur in comparison. It is really too bad, they got everyone’s hopes up and will now likely face the ire of the fans.


I said this many times posting on this site. prospect park are playing games with us fans. to good to be true. one life to live and all my children are history again. prospect park have no funding. no money and they are flakes. i said it and i mean it. lets move on, and enjoy general hospital which is on fire right now.


no thanks.


Aj is miserable. eat your breakfast darling, maybe you will feel better. lol.


prospect park have no funding. no money

this I believe

and they are flakes (?)

why would they go thru all the trouble…

course i’m not as heavily vested….

the bottom line.. money has to be made for all concerned…why they left the ABC line-up in the first place

i’m sorry…. what a shame

geeezzzzuuuussss – in the back recesses of my mind… (help) support for the 4 remaining serials


I will continue to support Gh which I enjoy watching every day. But I still miss Erika Slezak the heart and soul of OLTL! And many others on OLTL too! I guess I will go back to watching the repeats on the soapnet channel..


After all the crap of GH having to give them back their cast members and the suit about them killing them off. They couldn’t just leave it alone if things were not going so well and our characters could have stayed alive on GH. At least Blair and Tea could have had recurring roles there too. Someone really needs to sue the crap out of them.


If you were honestly shocked that OLTL and AMC were a failure online, then you will probably be shocked to find out that the sky is blue.

jimh(leave it to beaver)
jimh(leave it to beaver)

R.I.P. OLTL and AMC…so whats PP excuse for AMC…cant blame GH for that one like they did for OLTL…


As much as I love my OLTL, I would rather see it gone than see another season of the poorest writing of the show ever.




At least we had one more season for both shows. It could have been more if it were not for the pissing match between ABC and Prospect Park. But also it would have been avoided if the former head of daytime at ABC had not been such a asshole.


If this is true and is in fact what the big announcement is, I have to ask a question as someone who has read all interviews and listened to Michael’s weekly podcasts with the cast, crew and Prospect Park folks: how did things go so off track from what Jeff Kwatinetz, Jennifer Pepperman, Ginger Smith and others said back in June and July? Were they lying then? Were they misinformed and made some unfortunate representations? Luckily, alot of fans managed to see through the promotional blather and knew B.S. when they heard it, so this is not the shocker that it might have been if fans didn’t have some, you know, common sense. But I’ve never seen people make promises about how long the shows will run for, and how many seasons there will be, and when the shows will return to production, only to break each and every promise. It’s a lesson in how not to run a business and deal with customers/fans, as well as their own casts and crews.


So disappointing. Prospect Park was supposed to be the wave of the future for online content and our night in shining armor. I can honestly say I’m more disappointed with PP and just plain tired of this back and forth more than anything else at this point. Stop with the excuses- just say what you mean to say: these shows are still too expensive and they didn’t make the money back they were hoping for. They sincerely tried, and they sincerely failed.

Robert in Jersey City
Robert in Jersey City

Like I said, it was fun to hear old friends curse! RIP


No surprise here! I’m ashamed to say after being a devoted fan of both show since 1970 I really don’t care anymore and that falls on Prospect Park. hey obviously bit off way more than they could chew. They have been playing games with the fans since day 1 and I have had enough. I will always remember amc and oltl the way they were on abc not the debacle PP made of them. And before you all attack me think about what I just said and think about what PP did these past 2 years and maybe you will agree with me too. We deserved far better than what they gave

jimh(leave it to beaver)
jimh(leave it to beaver)

No one should attack you for your comments…because you are right!

Jack Grandeur

I too have watched for years and years, and am saddened by this unfortunately not surprising News. Prospect Park refused to comment ~ and I am sure Actors were “very strongly asked” not to issue any statement as well. Thus fans were left adrift in a Sea of doubt.
I tend to not completely believe what Supermarket Tabloids report, however, we all know that, “where there’s smoke ~ there’s usually fire” so there must be some truth to the rumors that there will not be a season two for AMC.
I don’t think I will ever forgive ABC-TV for letting our show(s) go.

Barbara t loves One life to live
Barbara t loves One life to live

They tried to save One Life To Live and All My Children so for that I can’t be pissed off at them they tried after ABC Killed the soaps and broke my heart, I have been a fan off both soaps since there beginning, PP just bit off more then they can chew and for that I am truly sorry and sad because I wanted this to work, I stayed positive till the very end, I guess it is all over now, and in the end I am still angry at ABC and will refuse to ever watch their network again except to watch General Hospital.


Ditto as well.


It was fun to watch while it lasted! I thought they said everyone watches TV online now? This proves that’s not true!




They couldn’t handle it! I said this before and I will say it again AMC &OLTL should have been on another cable channel on the t.v. I think they would have done much better. And the episodes would have had better quality … And would have endured…Again PP couldn’t handle our beloved soaps! They tried but didn’t work out….They failed miserably..The soaps weren’t the way I remembered them when they were on the t. v. But I liked seeing my favorite characters and I miss them.. The writers didn’t have the charisma with the storylines….Like the previous writers of these two soaps had….

Jack Grandeur

Whatever happened with the New Writing team they were supposed to have gotten for ALL MY CHILDREN? What happened with the so called news that the writers were “hard at work” on new scripts for AMC’s Season two?


Prospect Park you gave us hope only to crush amc fans once again. I will be cancelling my hulu service as soon as the official announcement is made.

Scott (ATWT Fan)

Would it be disappointing? Yes. But I wouldn’t cry over it. The only thing that would piss me off is demanding Kristen / Michael / Roger have new characters on General Hospital. I would’ve preferred if Starr and Todd had stayed. Though, I wouldn’t have the grace of Maura West on my screen. But if it does it, it was a beautiful trial and error journey for soaps online. I think they rushed the first seasons of both series online, and are now paying the consequences. They should’ve gone into production the beginning of 2013 and launched mid-to-late 2013, to gain time of producing quality series, instead of rushing it out and producing mediocre series.

I also think fans should be grateful they got an extra season of both series; fans of Guiding Light and As the World Turns have never gotten the chance for a reprisal of their series. I still believe a channel like FOX should’ve picked up 3/4 of the series, and become a major network. They would’ve gained major viewership and props for picking up some daytime serials. But such is life, and it’s how it ends. Life will move on and we’ll have memories to continue living upon.

Tonja Walker-Davidson
Tonja Walker-Davidson

I wish the show had picked up exactly where we left off at the end of One Life. Then we wouldnt be having this conversation in my estimation because the writers would not have been forced to reinvent the wheel. Oltl was number one when we left. Could’ve started off with more invested audience.


I don’t think this is the end.

The fact that both AMC and OLTL were top 10 on itunes and Hulu for each episode the entire season, plus the ratings bonzana they were for OWN tells me that somebody is going to do something with these shows.. they’re to valuable to sit ont he shelf. PP rushed them into production because ABC was going to take them back, as other companies were vying to do something with them since nobody had for over a year at that point.

My guess is that ABC will team up with a subsidary to produce these shows on cable, they brought in a million viewers per day(in hour blocks), which in cable is hard to come by, especially in non-night time drama.. and there will be cable channles lining up to air them: OWN, TV Guide, Oxygen, Lifetime for sure. ABC will want to keep some kind of creative control so they can avoid another frivolous lawsuit and if need be, they can use OLTL or AMC characters on GH, or visa versa.

OR, in a shocking turnaround, ABC brings one or both of these shows back to their daytime lineup, in 30 minute spots. ABC daytime has crashed and failed with everything they’ve put in there to replace these shows with no luck. The Chew is doing what AMC did numbers wise, but it’s still losing money and not performing well.

Then again, the future of these shows might be on the internet. They were a top 10 show, so there are internet viewers willing to watch and follow. They had to have made some kind of money, if PP had any business sense, they made money.

I don’t think it’s wishful thinking, I just think it’s a matter of time before these shows re-surface, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Tony Polar

I do think that ABC-TV could have trimmed the shows down and put them on in a later afternoon time slot. It’s as if they weren’t even willing to try to salvage the shows. I understand they are costly to produce, but they could have at least experimented with a shorter “model” rather than just throw in the towel.
Considering that All My Children retained some fine cast members as well as some impressive new actors (not all, I said “some”) I’m surprised the On-line version didn’t do better.


How do GH fans feel, they had to replace Todd, Starr and McBain with these cheesy ass characters that dont’ work, at this point, do you want the original OLTL characters back or continue to suffer with these subpar characters? ABC should use PP for their frivilous lawsuit and for making them replace great characters with these cheesy ones.


Well at least we get to see them on GH. Then not at all. Cheesy or not.


It’s very sad, but at least Prospect Park tried. It’s not PP’s fault that another network or cable channel did not want to pick up AMC or OLTL when it was originally canceled. And we can wish all we want… ABC is not interested in bringing the shows back. They are for having a collaboration of all of their former soap’s characters land in Port Charles… but not interested in producing another daytime soap.

Producing a show of any size is no easy task. Sometimes as fans we forget that. It’s easy to be an arm chair quarterback. There was no blueprint for online success or reviving a cancelled soap, but PP tried. TV as we know it has changed due to Internet and it will continue to do so. They did well on Hulu, despite some of our unhappiness with writing. I don’t think PP has been any more deceptive or cloaked in their excuses than ABC or any other network has been over other news at times. It’s the nature of the business. Many keep accusing them of playing games with fans and doing all of this on purpose. Come on.. really? They invested a lot of money in to it to intentionally want to harass fans or tank. As producers they have better things to do with their time and money. They really wanted it to succeed.

Could there be lots of things better about this situation and the 1st season of the shows? Yes. This doesn’t mean necessarily that season 2 won’t happen, as su0000 mentioned earlier. If nothing else–perhaps someone can take what they learned and apply it in the future when GH, Days, or other shows when they get cancelled.

Darryl (OLTL fan)

I’ve proposed before and here…yet again…why doesn’t ABC get them both back and produce them exclusively for their own SOAPNET channel and just charge a monthly fee to watch, like I ALREADY pay HULU for the privilege? OH, silly me, ABC is a co-owner of HULU, so EITHER way they get paid…just a complete joke!! After watching OLTL for over 40 years…I”M DONE….

Sandi Taylor

Although not surprised that they may have made this decision I am saddened that they didn’t just give the shows back to Agnes Nixon and let her people find a new home for them that would carry on the legacy of what the shows were meant to be.

jimh(leave it to beaver)
jimh(leave it to beaver)

Now GH can kill off Franco and Kiki and bring back Starr and Todd…i hope…then Blair and Tea can make guest appearances…also Silas can take Rafe and leave town, and John Mcbain can return…maybe Natalie can make an appearance as well(the change back can even happen in the same episode)…i can hope cant i?…lol

Scott (ATWT Fan)

At this point, it’d be senseless to re-configure the series once again. Plus, too many characters are tied to the current storylines. I would rather them keep the characters they have now, and just forget that their OLTL alters ever appeared within the series.

jimh(leave it to beaver)
jimh(leave it to beaver)

Im ok with their current characters…i was kinda joking around for the complainers who dont…

Mary SF

Or better yet, to make it really confusing each of them can play double roles- Silias and John; Franco and Todd, Starr and Kiki— LOL

jimh(leave it to beaver)
jimh(leave it to beaver)

I’d enjoy that…Dark Shadows actually had some of their actors play double roles in some plotlines…the late Thayer David played Ben Stokes, Eliot Stokes, and Mordecai Grimes during its 1840 flashback…


ABC/Disney has scrapped SoapNet this year. It will soon disappear replaced by another Disney channel for kids. They aren’t interested in adding soaps, because they are so expensive to produce.

I’d prefer someone else pick them up, but I don’t think it is going to happen. I don’t watch anything on ABC anymore but GH, and I’m losing interest in it. I’m in the group that thinks we’ve lost OLTL and AMC for good this time. 🙁


I am not losing interest in Gh at all. Todays episode 11/8 was another of many home runs for GH…And I still get the soapnet channel.


I still get SoapNet now as well, but it is disappearing in December 2013. 🙁

I’m glad many fans are still enjoying GH. 🙂 Just can’t say the same….

Jack Grandeur

Well after months and months of thousands of fans asking “when does the Production of season 2 begin?” and getting complete icy silence in return from Prospect Park, I think the very least PP could do is issue an Official Statement concerning the status. It doesn’t look promising, and it seems as though a gag order was in place, for none of the actors were allowed to even give a hint to the fans. Actually, the whole thing is disgraceful – not that the project failed, that’s acceptable, but the fact that Prospect Park absolutely put the Mute button on instead of stepping up to the Plate and giving a issuing a true statement. I don’t think they wanted egg on their face with yet another “we tried, we felt the timing was right, ALL MY CHILDREN is so iconic, blah blah blah….”statement. I’m annoyed, as many of us are, and dissapointed – I suppose there is still a slight chance there could be a Season 2 but what actors will be available, that would be difficult to predict.


These shows were dead the moment ABC cancelled them but fans were in denial. The online reboots had no chance . Some posters are still in denial. Soaps are a dying breed from another era in time.


I disagree about soaps being a dying breed. I rather see the stories still. Rather than these talk & cooking shows any day..The cooking & talk shows are forgettable ..


I’m not surprised. They stated that they were in the process of producing Season 2 of All My Children. Now, they used the lawsuit excuse against ABC for using the OLTL characters out of agreement, for shelving OLTL indefinitely. I’m disappointed that they brought these shows back without the same integrity and quality that the fans were use to on ABC. Both ended with another cliffhanger, just like they did in ABC. I blame Prospect Park for this as well. I hope ABC pick up both of these shows and return them to their daytime slots. They know they made a bad decision cancelling these shows in the first place. When the shows were getting good, they made the announcement of season finales. This is when I knew the shows were done for good. Also, in a previous announcement, didn’t Prospect Park state that All My Children had more hits than OLTL?? So, why not invest in this show for production of new episodes?? I’m done, thanks Prospect Park for your efforts, but clearly you had no idea what you were doing. ABC please reclaim your shows and put back into daytime so we can tune in next year, or license them to a cable network. The actors have moved on to other projects, so this would be a challenge. I’m going to continue watching GH, which is on fire. Still upset they made them change their OLTL characters, now, it was all for nothing because the show isn’t even producing new episodes.

Mary SF

Well as far as I was concerned these soaps were never really back in the first place. All PP did was a remake of a television show for the web. Just like movies that are remade, or television series are remade– a remake is a different product. I said right from the start if fan’s expected to see their old soap exactly the way it was when it was on the air they would be disappointed.
It was an experiment but honestly I think PP would have been better off if they created a whole new soap for the web rather than trying to duplicate what was on television. I know they wanted to take advantage of already established fan base to launch their venture, but in the end I don’t think they did either group justice– the web generation looking for new product to watch on their prefer platform and the television generation looking to reconnect to a product that was taken away from them through cancellation.
But PP did start a process, so those who will come after them to establish soaps on the web will learn from their mistakes, but honestly I rather see on the web new soaps, new characters, new stories rather than have my memories of my beloved television soaps tarnished by a badly produced web remake. When web production eventually reaches the same quality as television production then might be time to hit the soap vault and remake classic soaps gone by– but with new casts, true remakes, not some sad hybrid that was neither one or the another.

Ted Olson

Thank you Mary for your thoughtful and insightful response. I have to say that I didn’t feel the online inceptions of the show were quite up to par to the original ABC-TV show. I don’t exactly know why they weren’t, but somehow, they didn’t quite capture the “heart” of the original show. I watched faithfully, trying to somehow “will” the shows into being better and more compelling than they actually were, not to suggest at all that they were poorly acted – that’s not the case….the writing however did need some work. I was happy to see familiar faces and didn’t mind some new ones presented, but to my viewing eyes it didn’t quite all come together. Who knows, maybe down the road a stretch we will see our friends from Pine Valley yet again….it’s hard to say goodbye.


Bring back OLTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish! But I don’t think so..


Now I know what the sharp pain in my back is. PP twisting the knife that ABC/D put there. I canceled my Hulu Plus subscription last night.


I may be in the minority, but I did not enjoy the online versions of these two shows. They tried with what they had, but it wasn’t enjoyable for me. I really wish abcd would bring both shows back, even if they have to use 30-minute daily formats.

hot girl

The five year jump was bad not picking up from where the show ended was bad killing off marissa was bad .amc had so much to work with and did not.


I’m not willing to throw in the towel…yet. I’ve done a lot of reading about the transition of soaps from radio to TV. It was horrible, in many cases, and took a long time to get it right. I don’t confess to knowing all the “in’s and out’s” of getting AMC and OLTL on the air, but from everything I’ve read, it seems to have been a massive undertaking…and yes, more than they counted on. But there was a lot of money invested in these shows. Are the backers just going to pull out after one uneven season? There were a lot of things wrong with the shows, but there were a lot of things right. And because of that, I am hopeful that they will be back and learn and improve upon the first season. In the meantime, I want to enjoy the soaps I do have available to me. When these shows return, I will be thrilled to watch them. And if they don’t, I will always fondly remember them along with the scores of other soaps I used to watch.


This is sad news (if indeed the news is true). As a viewer of AMC for 38 years I thought the PP version of AMC was OUTSTANDING — fresh, well-written, with actors who could really act and characters we could care about. This was the best AMC in 20 years, which makes the news all the more bitter pill to swallow.

Ted Olson

For many months the fans have been asking “when will production resume for a season 2” of ALL MY CHILDREN and with each passing week our pleas were met with icy silence that was deafening.
As it stands now, it seems that there is a slight albeit doubtful possibility that it could resurface. I do not understand why questions cannot be dignified with a response. No one is asking for every intricate detail of a Production company’s problems to be divulged but they could at least give an approximate date for production to resume, or just issue a Statement that it’s not possible at the present time.


Unfortunate/ but they were never going to strike a true chord with the faithful audience with a bunch of non-actor youths being out in the foreground. Painful to watch. Ruined it for the older actors and actresses with actual talent.


If PP does shelf AMC it does not surprise me at all. Months ago when they cut AMC and OLTL down to every other day, I said when that happened that PP wasn’t going to last and our soaps wouldn’t last. Then the crap hit the fan when the characters from OLTL appeared on GH and then their was a big ordeal with ABC and PP. I see it this way, it was great while it lasted, but it wasn’t the same, there is only so much story you can cram in a 1/2 hr and for me there weren’t that many characters. Susan Lucci was not on AMC which I’m sure was a big blow and there is no way of recovering from that and the speculation that she may or may not be coming back Thorsten Kaye recently signed on to the B&B that itself is another blow, he knew something was up and wasn’t saying anything. It’s sad it really is, if they cancel Katie I would love to see ABC bring AMC and OLTL back, but that would happen only when hell freezes over.


Say it ain’t true! Thanks for trying PP. I guess I will finish watching all the repeats on soapnet until the end of soapnet. I will be saving a few episodes. Hopefully there will always be a few episodes on youtube. I wish the best of luck to all the actors and writers. Hope to see a few more of my favorite actors showing up on the Y&R or B&B. it was fun watching on the Internet. I watch shows on the Internet all the time now. Thanks PP for opening up a new Internet watching world to me. AMC will be my favorite show forever.

Tony Polar

Some of the actors from AMC have tweeted that as far as they know, AMC
IS returning, but no definite date for production has been released.
It would seem that Prospect Park does own the shows for a while, and have
made a multi-Million dollar investment. So I guess it’s all speculative as to what
is actually going on. Maybe they will be back in the Spring, as they did last
April – I don’t know, no one seems to know. Maybe they are just on hold for a
while. The shows on-line weren’t terribly compelling but I think we were all willing
to “hang in there” to see if the writing would improve.


It’s because of that HEARTLESS DIRTBAG Brian Frons that BOTH AMC AND OLTL are no longer on the air. Brian Frons aka SOAP OPERA MURDERER!!!!! Arrogant asshole.


pp is not the enemy/they tried and really cared about about as they called iconic soap operas.but it was a big fish (abc) little fish (pp),there were rumors abc did not want 2 see this project succedd,now as usual inlife we humans blame the person who tried to solve the problem (pp) not the person who created it (abc) the lawsuit was posted online,i dont know if it still is,but pp paid through the nose for the rights to these charcters and graucoulsly allowed abc to borrow them while pp’s were in pre-production…..

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TAINTED DREAMS Season 2 To Bow December 21st!

Tainted Dreams is back with a second season offering from Daytime Emmy-winning director and series creator, Sonia Blangiardo!

Beginning December 21st, the next chapter of Blangiardo’s the soap behind a soap, will be available for streaming on Amazon and Amazon Prime. (season one is also currently available on Amazon)

This series, which was nominated for five 2017 Daytime Emmys, follows the behind-the-scenes drama of a fictitious soap opera titled Painted Dreams.  Many soap opera notables have roles in the online series including: Alicia Minshew, Michael Lowry , Austin Peck. Terri Ivens,  Walt Willey, Kelley Menighan, Grant Aleksander, Bobbie Eakes, Natalia Livingston, Marnie Schulenburg, Nathan Purdee, Colleen Zenk, James DePaiva, Tonja Walker, Ilene Kristen, and the late Larkin Malloy . In addition, Jessie Godderz of Impact Wrestling and Big Brother fame, and Dina Manzo of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, also appear.

In a statement, Sonia Blangiardo said that she is “excited to take everyone along these characters’ journeys in Season 2, as they evolve and deal with ever increasing professional and personal turmoil.”

Fore more on Tainted Dreams visit their official website here.  (more…)

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