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Robert Adamson Shares Heartfelt Message As He Exits The Young and the Restless!

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Y&R will be without its Noah Newman, now that Robert Adamson is being written-off the canvas.

Adamson, who has played Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon’s (Sharon Case) son since 2012, and was put on recurring status with the show, found his character being written into a no-win situation. Noah lost his girlfriend, Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) to his half-sister, Mariah (Camyrn Grimes), and the Underground where he worked had burned to a crisp.  All of this was certainly part of the reason the young man was making a life-changing decision to leave Genoa City. On Friday’s episode, Noah announced he was going to work for Newman Enterprises Mumbai offices, half-way around the world.

On Friday on Instagram, Adamson shared a special message to his fans: “I want to say thank you for all the support I’ve received for over more than 5 years portraying Noah Newman. The cast and crew truly became my family. While I don’t believe this is officially goodbye, Noah will not be back to Genoa City in the near future. I will personally be back anytime they wish, schedule permitting. That said, as the great @russellhornsby once told me, “The Job Always Ends”. I’ve always tried to live by that Mantra and to see every end as a new beginning.  Actors start fresh every time. It’s one of the great blessings of my job.  Hope to be back as Noah one day, but looking forward to inhabiting new and exciting characters in the future!”

So, what do you think about Noah Newman exiting the canvas, and Robert Adamson leaving Y&R? Comment below.

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38 Comments on "Robert Adamson Shares Heartfelt Message As He Exits The Young and the Restless!"

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He had chemistry with all his family never have understood why they can’t write for the next generation of the newmans?


When you’re right, you’re right, Kay….The younger generation of Newmans does need to be upheld…..fresh storylines, instead of the stale, same old, same old, Abbott vs Newman and vice versa. The only difference here is Ashley’s crazy turnabout because she’s mad at Jackie for not getting her way, albeit Victor has an agenda, who is well aware of Ashley’s agenda to take over Newman’s—-then there arevtwo more co-conspirators; Victoria and Jack…..will they never learn? LOL.
It seems they are still in the playpen.
The next ‘happening’ will be the sorasing of Faith….big leap. Will she be young enough for Charlie or old enough for whatever new male character who’s in the works?
Who’s next? Connor? Christian?


This is an excellent point. Victor and Nikki, Jack and Ashley, who steps up?

Victor: Nick is too much of a pansy! Noah, he is yet too young and weak. Adam would have been awesome, especially the devilish great Michael Muhney!

Nikki: Victoria is horrible! Sharon is and would be great as the next generation Nikki!

Jack: Only Kyle and the jury is out since they are recasting the role.

Ashley: Only Abby. I love Melissa as Abby. She, like her mother just cannot find love!

*Whomever plays the next Noah or Kyle has to be older. I dont care about their historical age, if you are looking for the next big thing, they have to be in their thirties.


Celia, I’m sad about this handsome and competent actor being let go. It’s a crime that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE could come up with a decent story for Nick and Sharon’s son. Shameful. And LOL about SORASing Christian and Conner. Maybe they should really go crazy and cast them as now OLDER than Nick & Chelsea. Then, the boys could adopt the parents…they couldn’t be any more childish!


Hello, my friend,
I liked Noah a lot…loved his quiet demeanor, the easiness of his personality….just a nice guy.
And, it is a shame TPTB could not find the right “niche” for him.
As I expressed to Timmm, I think that Robert was not right for this role from the onset…..
Yeah, the children will be the adults….as I said, Charlie and Maddie are the adults….their parents certainly aren’t, with their kissy-poos and running about town, chasing down Hillary or leisurely sipping afternoon tea…
So unrealistic, Soaphound; only on soaps….
I can see all the sorased kids taking over Genoa City. LOL.


..or next generation of abbotts…or chancellors..or winters?!
the show is titled the ‘ young’ and the restless. yet theres certainly nothing young about the show. supposed young characters like lily, abby devon, and even scott come across as much older and dont act the slightest bit as most twenty somethings would, The youngest set like Reed , Charlie and maddy are total m.i.a
the last good gen of y n r teen set was the glow by jabot crew of billy, j.t , mac and co. that was twenty years ago .Only the original J. T has lasted but unfortunately the ptb killed off his true love Colleen , a legacy Abbot which was unforgivable and a huge mistake. Last weeks scenes with JT and Tracey remanicing were touching.


Absolutely, true and concise post, damien. Kudos.


Please, no more Winters!


I agree, K/kay. I really liked Mr. Adamson and the potential of Noah Newman, especially as he meshed so well with the other actors/Newmans. Sadly, Noah was done no favors by successive writing teams. I liked very much the bond Nick and Noah shared, such contrast with Victor and Nick. Am sure we will have Noah back some day. Powers that be need only to find a reason why for the longer term.


Mal jumped the shark again Sharon gets hurt this next week and he is gone what is the rush and sorry Tessa s like a limp dish rag and JT is he addicted to mds wick an qbuaer wtf


Sorry addicted to meds what is going on???

Tani Sterling

I appreciated the bond between Nick and Noah; wish it would not be lost. They are going to need each other!

Donna Dykema

This all seemed to come about SO fast. I, for one, am sorry to see him being written out. I would think with all the storylines going on he could have fit in somewhere.

Scott (ATWT Fan)

I admit, upon his casting, I was skeptical about how I felt about him becoming Noah Newman, but, for six years, I’ve seen him grow into the role. So, this exit is disappointing for both Robert Adamson and the character of Noah, who continues to be treated as second-class. I am hoping, that in Noah’s time off-canvas, the character can experience a reboot of sorts, and that when the time comes, Adamson can re-claim the role that it rightfully his. I’m also shocked the bisexual storyline was passed from Noah to Mariah; I’m happy we’re still getting it, but would have loved to have seen it under Adamson’s portrayal, and it would have brought true depth to the character of Noah.

Huge loss to the soap right now; maybe another can pick him up for the time being?


Very dumb move. Liked him in the role.



James R. Poissant

His exit is probably helping to pay for someone who’s getting hired. Most likely a fairly big name in daytime. That’s the only reason I can think of as to why they would write him out.


OK so the show has become slightly less boring, slightly……

Violet Lemm

This young man has always seemed like the sweetest guy, but they could never seem to find the right girl for him. Actually, I always felt he and Mariah made the best couple, but being siblings, it was of course a no no. I wish him well, and think he is a versatile actor, being able to do many types of parts.

Lew S

When will Y&R learn that you have to include the next generation? Everything can’t be Newmans & Abbotts. Bill Bell introduced new families and characters who weren’t connected. Are they afraid to age actors/characters? Sharon, Nick, Phyllis, Jack and Lauren have twentysomething year old, but they disappear into thin air.


This exit by Robert Adamson was not all that surprising. Be well Robert. May your career blossom from here on out.

Dean Morgan

Robert is a good actor and Noah is part of the Newman family. I am not sure I agree with this decision. Hopefully he returns as Noah down the road and the writers give the character the attention it deserves.


I like him as an actor but feel they have written his character of “Noah” in a lackluster manner. During his 6 years on the show, he has never had a really meaty storyline. I wish him the best of luck.


You are right, they never gave him a challenge to see what he was made of.


Sorry to see this young actor leave, but sadly the Noah character was weak and uninteresting. The character needed to be more interesting.


It’s so sad to see you go, but hope that your future holds many new adventures.

Mary Beth

So sorry to see u go, you are an amazing actor . I know where ever you go you will be good . Great job

Sandy J.

I’m sorry to see Robert being forced to leave the show, and hope he’ll find another that will provide him with storylines worthy of his talents.

For heaven’s sake, couldn’t the show have dumped Devon Hamilton instead? I find HIM boring, particularly with his love/hate relationship with Hilary. Been there, done that. Time to move on.


I agree, Devon is on everyday now and sucks the life out of every scene!


Yup!!!! Talk about righteous indignation, T. I guess Devon forgot when he stabbed Neil in the back, after opening his home, his heart, and giving him his trust. If I remember correctly, not only did Devon sleep with Tyra, Neil’s latest flame, at the time ( and he had plenty), but also, his wife/stepmom, Hilary.
So, Devon’s hypocrasy is blaring….
As far as Noah, T, I think that one of the biggest mistakes TPTB continuously make is casting older actors to play teens. Robert Adamson was already in his late twenties when cast as Noah.
How long could he go on playing the youthful, strapping son of Nick and Sharon?
I don’t know if Noah coming back in his thirties, which Robert is, will help. Kyle, in his thirties, makes more sense, considering Jack is in his sixties. Nick is only in his forties.
I think, maybe, if Noah is to ever come back, he should be younger. He is supposed to be so much younger than Mariah/Cassie….but, he looks older.
I see what you’re saying about Victoria, albeit she is one of my favorite actresses/characters…very disappointed, in that, I expected butterflies and rainbows on the horizon when JT came back. One problem after another….and, to add insult to injury, he seems to be contemplating an ungodly alliance with Ashley ( whose gone rogue a’ la typical-Jackie-boy, yet pontificating on her brother’s vices) against Victor—well, Victor ain’t no fool….
Victoria? She’s flying high within the resurgence of subliminal JT-love…oh, my, oh, my!! LOL.
Please make them all stop. …Nick is a grown man, suffering from pangs of Shell-sea love who is taking him for a ride….as I said….they haven’t made it out of the playpen yet.
And here I thought Charlie was an annoying child. The way I see it, the Winters’ kids are the most adult and the most sane, albeit I know we don’t like them much, my T. LOL.


Such sad news. I like Noah and I loved the way him & his dad interacted. I take little breaks from it every now & then simply because we lost all the young off springs. Where is Jack’s son Kyle or Lauren & Michael’s son Fen. If the writers had tried better they could have had Noah interested in Hilary. Could you just imagine Victor or even Nick’s reaction. Although I really like the new writer I think they need to think out of the box.


Kyle is being recasted and they need Max back as Fenn!


The character has never been written to its full potential as a next generation leading man and I never found Adamson to be all that exciting on screen. And let’s be honest: when your character doesn’t have an apartment set and is seen only at work you know the writers aren’t invested in you (take note, Abby).


So long, sweetie..
Perhaps we’ll be seeing you in another soap in an awesome role ..


Mumbai? Who would want to go there?

I do feel like his exit was rushed. I hope he returns.


Mumbai is quite beautiful.


Robert’s acting and hair had much improved but his stories were never there. Not his fault. He will land on one of the other two soaps, for sure.

Tani Sterling

Don’t have time to read all the wonderful comments. Noah was cast as too young for his “real” age. Wish he could stick around. Bring him back in a couple of years! He was relaxing; perhaps he could be a mediating Newman. Best to him!

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