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Days Of Our Lives

Ron Carlivati IN as Head Writer At Days of our Lives; Dena Higley OUT!

Photo Credti: S Bergman

In major breaking news tonight, Daytime Emmy-winning head writer, Ron Carlivati (formerly head writer for both OLTL and GH) has been named head writer at Days of our Lives effective immediately! The appointment of Carlivati as head writer in Salem also means he has replaced current co-head writer, Dena Higley!

In an restructuring of the DAYS writing team, current co-head writer, Ryan Quan will now be on board as creative consultant, as will Sheri Anderson Thomas, who served as head writer and co-head writer of DAYS back in the 80’s and the 90’s, and who had held various writing titles throughout the series tenure on NBC.  Sheri also served as head writer for Guiding Light and co-head writer of Santa Barbara.

In a statement released by the show to Soap Opera Digest on the writing change they note: “We look forward to the fresh and compelling stories these changes will bring to Salem.”

Carlivati took to Twitter after SOD broke the story relating: “Like Sands Through the Hourglass… #Honored #Excited #Grateful #GuessIHaveToGetBackToWork”

Anderson Thomas commented on her facebook page: “I was a huge fan of the show before I met my mentor, Pat Falken Smith, and was lucky enough to also be mentored by the phenomenal Betty Corday,” she wrote. “I am am thrilled, and honored, to be returning, and especially with Ron who’s a brilliant storyteller and great guy. Upwards!”

Buckle up, DAYS fans! Exciting changes in store for the long-running NBC soap opera!  More on this developing story as information comes to light.

So, excited to hear Ron Carlivati is now the head writer at DAYS! Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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last link to get DAYS firing




I agree! I was wishing for this for the past year and a half. Some good news for 2017 finally!


Yes Days Future looks brighter now. Thank God Days did not hire Jill Phelps, she is known as the soap killer. Ron should have been hired 2 years ago, let’s hope for the best for Days. Ron can save Days,. I have faith in him.

nancy dillingham

NO! He “killed” GH; now he will kill Days!


Nancy, I’m sorry, but you’re completely wrong. He did NOT kill GH, the show is still on the air. Also, he completely revitalized it when he took over and saved it from a SUREFIRE cancellation. That is not an opinion, it is a fact. I have faith that he can do the same for DAYS. I believe in him. Let me put it this way: If anyone can save this show, it is Ron Carlivati.


Rumor is Ron, wants to bring back Will Horton, Jack and Bo Brady. I hope this is true. My prediction The Dimeras kidnapped Will, Bo and Jack.

I am so torn! Most of Ron’s work on OLTL was good! He utilized all the vets…respected history, wrote a balanced show between drama and camp, and genuinely seemed to care about the show. At first his work on GH seemed promising but he proceeded to do the exact opposite of what he did on OLTL. He fired and backburnered vets, showed no regard whatsoever for the past or history, wrote ludicrous over the top stories constantly, and mocked actors and fans who spoke against him. Whatever caused such a drastic shift (a lot of reports of drunkenness and/or drugs) in his writing style and demeanor, it was bad. He left GH a gutted, soulless, barren wasteland of newbies and nobodies with its lowest ratings ever!! While on the contrary he took OLTL out on a high note and left viewers breathless for more well after cancellation. I have no idea what he will do WITh DAYS but one thing is very clear at this point……this is DAYS last chance and likely last headwriter switch. No more reboots and refreshes. This is it!! Things he cannot do…..trash a core family the way he did the Quartermainrs on GH. Days is all about family. He cannot make characters into zombie caricatures who only serve as plot points. DAYS’ characters are too strong and well defined for that. He cannot just willy nilly start bringing people back from the dead because DAYS has gone way too far in that department and fans have been jerked around too many times. He cannot make evil win all the time. Thats not what people want to see. He cannot allow characters who have grown and matured to regress into childish past behaviour or evil tendencies just to advance plot. Despite how much I loathed his work ln GH, and his shameful social media antics…I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for DAYS becsuse I care about the soap genre and care about DAYS. DO NOT let this be a vanity project for him!! Let him realize that hr has been handed a special gift as the writer who will either save DAYS…or be the last writer of it…as he was for network OLTL.. Let him focus on love and relationships. Let him write some campy over the top stuff!! Days is known for that stuff…but keep romance and couples as the focus. To his credit…he is very imaginative. Also….he is very good at weaving umbrella stories. What I am hoping is that he was not hired as just the writer to tie up loose ends! I hope he will be given a chance to boost ratings as he did during GH’s 50th! But lets not forget how that happened!! The ratings rose during GH 50th solely because of the focus on veterans and romance. Weeks and weeks went by when we didnt see any of Sonny or the mob. Towards the end of his reign when it was all Sonny and… Read more »

IIRC DAYS is the soap that had it’s star actress be possessed by the devil, and have another actress portray multiple characters of different genders (and some were not split personalities). With that history, I think Ron Carlivati’s tendency to go a little cray-cray with outrageous plotlines will be par for the course.


The role of Stefano Dimera, will now be played by Ron Raines ex Alan Spaulding. Let’s make this happen.


Wow- never thought I would be receptive to a Stefano recast, but that does sound fascinating!!
Wish all the best for the writing team- considering I was among those fearing the worst with the Megyn Kelly hire I’ve done a turnaround and am pretty optimistic now that Mr. Carlivati has been hired.

Bob Hope

Yes, yes, yes! Best news ever. Days is a much better fit for RC than GH ever was. This is going to be great.


Now DOOL will without a doubt over take GH, wait for it !!
Ron is an imaginative YOUNG BRAVE writer..
DOOL is going to go up up up ..

RC is proven to save near death soap…


UUUUGE Happy CONGRATS Party on Ron Carlivati twitter!!!


I agree with you,. days ratings will be up. Gh better watch out because there days on ABC will be done. Days will not be cancelled now, thank you soap gods. Amen


Peter I agree with you,. General Hospital is in serious trouble. Ratings are dropping. ABC will drop GH, next year. Mark my words. Days future looks better now with Ron.

Yankee fan

Mark my words,

DOOL will be cancelled anyday now while GH will live to see another decade.

That is a fact, that is reality!

Yankee fan

DOOL fans always talk big every time they get a new writing team and always start attacking GH every time wishing it death.

DOOL is getting cancelled cause there is NO STABILITY IN THE WRITING ROOM cause no show can survive a new regime every six months. KC isn’t talking about the 100th reboot to save DOOL cause KC knows that NBC is gonna cancel anyday now.

DOOL fans need to stop wishing bad things for GH. DOOL just hired a guy GH fired for the worst ratings ever. Worry about DOOL.



“…Now DOOL will without a doubt over take GH, wait for it !! ”

I will take this… because DOOL deserves

gosh darned it… I am so peeved that TPTB deigned to rehire this sad lost trio

Frank / Jean / Shelley

loopy bar none


Days is getting better now, but with Ron it will be the bomb. Ron is a smart man and Days ratings will be way up. GH is painful to watch right now. If I WERE Genie Francis, I would leave GH AND GO BACK TO Days as Diana Coville.


Not sure what RC going to Days has to do with GH’s current ratings. Do you think GH watchers are going to go to Days because of RC? No. Will former viewers return to Days? Maybe. Odd that you all seem to wish for Days’ success at the cost of GH’s failure. How about wishing success for both? I mean, Days technically is thisclose to cancellation because of Megan Kelly. Obviously, this is a great sign that it won’t be canceled, but why don’t you all concentrate on your soap (Days) and stop wishing bad things on another soap. Very odd of many of you folks…


I will watch Days now just to see Ron’s stories. I would never abandon GH but im curious toi see Ron’s material again. To me he is the saviour of GH. I will never thank him enough for giving me back Lucy Coe.

Lew S.

AJ, I totally agree with you. Wish RC the best!


Hi Su…When I read this announcement my first thoughts went to you. I’m sure you would prefer Ron was coming back to GH. I haven’t been a Day’s viewer. May try now. Want to support all of our soaps. Mainly because from what I’ve read on MF the past few years, the show has been in a funk, and always the question would NBC renew it’s contract. While I wasn’t a great fan of everything Ron did on GH, sounds like Day’s might get some needed “energy” from his style.


He ruined GH, he will ruin DAYS!


Ron will save Days,. GH will be a goner next year. Days is here to stay.


Don’t worry Timmm, Ron will be terrific. Ron saved General Hospital ass, from being cancelled. Frank Valentini saved GH too.

Yankee fan

RC will put the final nail in the coffin of DOOL. This is the soap equivalent to asking the priest to perform last rights. Sixth different writing team in five years is a freaking joke.

Yankee fan

No George. GH will be staying and DOOL will be leaving.


This comment was made to push su0000 over the edge! I’m kidding, Ron will be great and I wish all the DAYS fans luck!


Yankee fan do you NOT realize that Ron Carlivati saved GH from a surefire cancellation when he took over? The only reason GH is even still on the air right now is because of what RC did for it.

nancy dillingham

Bite your tongue, suoooo!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Ill give him a shot…

Tomas Torquemada

Yes, but how long will you have to wait? August? They shoot so far in advance that his scripts won’t hit the airwaves for a very long time. Sadly.


I’m just hoping that this is an indication… that TPTB… NBC / Sony / @DAYS

are not giving up… and that DAYS of OUR Lives will in fact be renewed


CHEERS fellow Salem’ite

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

I know…i wish that would change but i wont hold my breath!


You are so right!! That is the main reason this show has struggled for years..They hire a big star or new regime and by the time they air, its months and months later and by then they lose all the buzz and some fans just forget.

Great move nonetheless for DOOL!!!

James R. Poissant

Balls of fire—I forgot about that. I hate they go into production so far in advance because if storylines are bombing, it takes a long time to fix it and by then, people have tuned out. In this case, we’re going to have to wait until summer to see the magic of Ron.


That’s kind of you, jimh, but all I can say is that the good people of Salem best padlock all their mausoleums, or else they may soon discover a spate of “crypt trysts” occurring in their dearly departeds’ sacred places of eternal rest.

Tim Welles

I am happy because for the past year and a half or so, the writing on DAYS OF OUR LIVES has been dreadful – so astonishingly boring that it has become an exercise in tedium to watch – they NEED a new head writer!

Yankee fan

How many reboots can one show survive before its time to call it quits?


Wow, yes yes wonderful news,. Ron will save Days from cancellation. Megan Kelly needs to go away. Ron time to fire the teens, they cannot act
Keep Theo I like him, he can act. Sign Leann Hunley to a contract, I love Anna Dimera. Recast Sierra with Kristen Alderson or Brittany Underwood ex Langston OLTL, both ladies can act. So happy Dena got her walking papers. Days needs to change there taping schedule to 6 weeks, better work on that.


I forgot to mention, also bring back Jack and Louise Sorel. My madam Vivian.


yeah, right… perhaps Ron Carlivati respects Louise Sorel… and will give her worthy scripts.

she’s so dynamic and in the annuls of serial history.

I love Vivian Alamain… !!!!

NOW… I can only hope.. for the( other ) grand dame herself… with equal measure.. Celeste

bring out the bubbly


I love Vivian. Jack is fab too. Jen and Jack were one of my favorite couples.


Oh VIvian and her side kick Ivan. They were so funny to watch. Yes bring back, with Ivan.

Scott (ATWT Fan)

I am truly torn. I’ve never been a huge fan of Ron Carlivati’s writing, and his tenure at General Hospital was messy. Truly messy. He had [some] highlight moments but, for the most part, it was messy. Plus, I was really enjoying the joint team of Dena Higley and Ryan Quan at Days of Our Lives. But, I have a feeling, that we’ll be getting a LGBT frontburner storyline, and that we may get some insane storylines coming up. Unsure how I am feeling; willing to give it a try but, damn, yeah!


Why do you automatically assume you are getting an lgbt storyline? Hello? They have had one and still do. Sonny. Will. Paul. Ringing a bell?

Scott (ATWT Fan)

First, it would be “a LGBT”, grammatically.

Secondly, I assume so because of Ron’s history as a headwriter. He did it on One Life to Live and attempted to do it on General Hospital. If we did get a major front burner, it would be his foreseen stereotype of a same-gender “relationship”.

Michael (not Fairman)
Michael (not Fairman)

It would be “an LGBT.” It goes by pronunciation. “Give me an ell,” etc.

Well, unless it’s pronounced “ligbit,” or something like that. I guess it could be. I’ve always said it ell-gee-bee-tee-(cue) but I might be saying it wrong.

Days is (or was) already solidly established with a front-burner gay storyline; it would be nice if RC resuscitated it, if only because NBC and Sony did such a disservice in the way they ended it. And I think he would do it justice.

I liked most of his time at GH, and I really liked his time at OLTL (where he was also hired to repair the damage done by Dena the Disaster Higley) so I will probably go back to watching Days, at least long enough to check out what he’s doing.

Tim Welles

Well, about two years ago or so, the Sonny and Will storyline was great and it was made more interesting when Paul was thrown into the mix depicting gay people as having jealousy, tenderness, complications – just as straight couples do. I thought it was very innovative and progressive – and having the hotel bell hop around added to the intrigue –
then, new writers came along, squashed the gay storyline, Sonny left town, Will was strangled to death in front of our eyes – and they reverted to the same old “so and so is pregnant but no one knows who the father is” which has been done to death since ice covered the earth.
So, I am in favor of having more gay characters added to the mix and no, I don’t expect it to be “gays of our lives” but I would like them to be more than supportive players –

Scott (ATWT Fan)

I’m not saying there hasn’t been a main focus on LGBT before on the soap. I’m merely saying I see it becoming more of the frontburner it was back when Will and Sonny were introduced, etc.

nancy dillingham

Messy indeed at GH. I hear the death knell for Days!


Well I am done watching Days it seems. He almost destroyed GH (the destruction continues even now) and he will destroy Days too.


Ron and Frank Valentini saved GH, from getting cancelled. Daphne Ron will be terrific on Days.


You are so wrong. He saved OLTL and TH. He is the reason GH is still on.

nancy dillingham

Huh!!!???? So you say, but definitely not I!


No he didn’t. One of the best writers out there. I loved hi stories on GH.

nancy dillingham

Wasn’t a fan!


Nanvy, are you providing with an alternate fact? ABC was going to cancel GH unless the ratings went up. Carlivari did that. You may have not liked the show under his reign but many did as the ratings proved.


So Nancy, are you offering me an #alternatefact?

ABC said it was going to cancel GH and brought in Ron and Frank as a last ditch effort. Within a year, ratings proved to be so good it could change time slots. It only started to drop off the last six months of Ron’s reign.


Well he gave it his best shot, however, his best shot with GH was pretty terrible though not as bad as Guza overall. Us poor GH fans. Don’t know how we put up with that when I return to old clips. Guard your SuperCouples and vets, Days fans!

nancy dillingham

Pretty terrible–his “shot” at GH–I so agree! Your warning is well taken.


Well I didn’t see this one coming but save our soaps. Give it a brand new twist.


What did you think of the new Jade


I love the new Jade, the original actress decided to leave the show. The new actress looks more relaxed and a better fit in the role of Jade.


I think she stinks

4ever DAYS

Judy set you up, Gary, LOL!


The new Jade is cute as a button.


I think they should have had a voiceover when the new Jade started. I think they should have let Jade exit when old Jade did. I see no point to the character.

New Jade hasn’t been on enough for me to know if I like her.

Tim Welles

I have to agree with Mo, I actually do not see any real need for the character to be honest about it. She was pregnant, lost the baby and Joey blamed himself – now, okay, what was the point of recasting someone the audience barely related to? Personally, Joey bores me to tears anyway and (although I am certainly not a teen) the teeny bopper storylines are a little thin and uninteresting – maybe I don’t relate as well to them but even at that, some of the very young actors don’t cut it and if you add to that some flimsy scripts….well, you know – they need to concentrate on the seasoned pros and
characters and keep the teen characters in school –

nancy dillingham

Not Jade!


it is good news especially with the added bonus of sheri anderson who knows the show well and worked on it during the bo hope , shane kim , patch kayla years in the 1980’s . if i was Days i would add leah laiman and tom racina to the writing team as well .

nancy dillingham

Look out, Kayla and Steve! Hope you aren’t decimated.


Thom Racina is over 80 years old!! These rotated recycled writers have no freeh ideas and thst is why soaps are in the toilet!

Vicki T

Best news for Days! Carlivatti is a GREAT writer!! Excited


thank god Higley is gone. this is obviously a hail mary to save the show. Higley played a large part in DAYS downfall. it was mind-boggling why they kept bringing her back. Higley and Griffith were part of the terrible 50th anniversary stuff

John Gordon

Oh yes, that was truly awful. This show needs to move forward and jump on some modern ideas – Have some blonde haired big mouth guy run for office on the show, someone in his late 60’s and have the town expose him for what he is. Have a character decide he is transgender and feel out of place in Salem. Have Joey shave his head and become a cloistered Monk. Have the teen actors all decide to go to an out of State College (Yay!) –
I am kidding but there ARE things they could write about other than so and so had a baby and so and so is the real mother blah blah blah – been there, done that, it’s not 1983 anymore, get with it.


OMG THIS IS AWESOME! He saved GH and was a wonderful part of the resurgence of OLTL. He will be a PERFECT fit for DAYS. His stories are a little our there, which DAYS is known for, he was too out there for GH, but this will fit him like a glove! Now reveal Will is alive, Recast EJ with Simon from ATWT, bring back Sami, Austin and Carrie. Bring back Shawn and Belle with a GOOD story. Beef up Lani, and improve the teen writing like in the heyday of Shawn/Belle/MiMi/Chloe/Philip of yesteryear. Recast Cassie Brady and bring her back. Recast Peter Blake as well. Just my short list. AND BRING BACK VIVIAN ALAMAIN!!


I would at the bear minimum see if Jason Brooks was interested in returning

posts lament and want for a villain … and not the deadbeat mobster… to carry story

this is the way to go

for that matter… since ED’ Kristen expressed her fortitude… she’s open …

i’d love to see Jon Hensley back on daytime.


I wonder would he return with Missy Reeves still there. Obvi they would have to go the route of Peter/Jennifer who were ON FIRE, IMO. Missy’s real life Hubby might not be too keen on Jason Brooks returning bc of that big scandal in the 90s. Michael Muheney would be an AWESOME Peter Blake!!! Altho, Jason Brooks is hot as hell!!!


Days Of Our Lives is the soap I watch and Y&R. Ron hopefully saves Days from being cancelled. I wish him luck. Changes need to be made, rehire Matt as Jack. Bring back Bo Brady and recast Peter Blake with Michael muhney ex Adam Y&R.


Ricardo you are a sexy man, saw your pics on Facebook. I totally agree with your comments. Matt Ashford needs to come back as Jack.


Peter Reckell does not want to come back, I don’t know how many times he has to say that for fans to get it. HE was the one that wanted them to kill him off.

That being said they could recast.


Paging Robert Kelker-Kelly!!


How would they bring Bo back to life.nn


To Richard- wasn’t Robert Kelker-Kelly accused of inappropriate behavior on the DOOL set years ago? And I also heard that he didnot get along with Kristen Alfonso.


Ron Carlivati…. with all your power.. might.. and persevere

you would be moving heaven and earth

for ALL of daytime

“Michael Muhney”


Buh Bye DAYS!


Jenny I was recently feeling the same way until this news. So NBC IS in effect doing all they can to up the viewership. ..and Ron Carlivati’s brand of crazy story telling is well suited to what people came to love and be shocked by during the James E Reilly tenure. The fact that Sheri Anderson is there to walk him through the shows history also cements this fact. They don’t want to lose the show and this time around its do or die. .so no doubt there will be one more year extension in the hope he pulls the show up in the ratings. As bombastic as he is he for sure will do just that.


I’ll guarantee this smooth talker will entice Sami Vivienne and Celeste back onto the canvas with a resurrected will. .if nothing else is going to be one heck of a weird over the top dramatic and campy as all get out ride! !!


I disagree!


Disagree with what? ?


Now that DOOL has RC then who would be around to replace the godawful J&S ??
I had hopes Ron, at some point in time, would return to GH and once again save.
This is very bad for GH ..


No hope


it’s truly so bad for @GH

yet i’m thinking this is last call for Salem’ites

is he in to bring about a last splash

I think DAYs is so big…. a wonderment… and lights up my telee


dool can have Ron, he is not missed at GH, so please stop with the condolences, GH will be just fine, and hopefully so will Dool.

Kevin C

So agree with Aria and Yankee Fan…I like GH and I did not like Ron C’s writing for GH and I agree with what Yankee fan said about Ron’s writing being Cartoony…


Oh Aria, GH is awful right now. GH should be cancelled. It’s very painful to watch. Ron will beat GH in the ratings,. Days is here to stay, thank you Jesus.

Yankee fan

Jean and Shelly are better writers than Cartoony.

Jean and Shelly never let GH ratings fall to the lows Cartoony did.


Agreed Yankee. Jelly know how to write emotional detail and stories better. It’s the exec involvement that is problematic and influences who’s on the air most, pacing, etc.


I always love all these doomsday scenarios about GH. People that don’t like the current writers so they invent these stories to make it sound like the show is doing worse than it is. They were only 6,000 viewers behind Y&R in the 18-34 demo and 60,000 behind in the 18-49 demo in the last ratings numbers I saw. GH is going nowhere. DOOL is the show with one foot in the grave, that’s what you should be worried about getting cancelled.


Thank you dan, I so agree with you, thanks for putting it in the words I feel.

Mary SF

I heard Dena Higley is available- LOL


Send Dena and Jill Phelps on a deserted island, hopefully we will not hear from them again. LOL


I think this is so, so exciting! Ron’s writing got me into GH and I particularly loved his anniversary episodes which made every April something to look forward to. I really thought the writing from the Dena/Ryan pairing was getting interesting (but at times too slow) so I hope the pacing picks up a bit.

The only concern I have:
What does the next five months worth of storylines mean? Is it going to be slow/boring for the next five months? I would assume that might be the case if they are restructuring the writing team like this?

I just hope the next few months don’t impact any possible renewal…

The cynic in me wonders, has Ron been brought in to wrap things up? I sure hope not…

Lou piikes

Soap Gawds!!!! Thank you for this much belated X-Mas present.




Finally! Please let Ron Carlivati ‘s first order of business be to end the current horrible story line between Chloe and Nicole. I find it repugnant that Chloe would steal Nicole’s embryo in the first place and carry the fetus to full term without telling Nicole. Then to have Chloe deny Nicole access to her biological child. With this story line the current writers have turned Chloe from a loving, caring and kind woman to a heartless b@@ch.

4ever DAYS

Chloe didn’t steal the embryo, Susan. She had written permission to try as often as necessary for conception.

I don’t see Chloe as a heartless bitch. She clearly struggled through her decision making. Also, a heartless bitch would be one who hands over a baby whom could suffer in the crossfire of a criminal.

I understand how anxious the situation is, especially since Nicole has ached for a child of her own, but Chloe’s motivation isn’t malicious, it’s almost maternal. If Nicole chooses Deimos, could and would there be blood on Chloe’s hands for handing Holly over?

Regardless, the storyline will most likely be over by the time Carlivati’s DAYS begin. Hopefully, Holly will still be around.


Hopefully Holly will have been handed over to Nicole after her lawyer has destroyed Chole on the witness stand. Chloe having permission does not negate her moral and LEGALLY responsibility to have informed Nicole at the very beginning.


I like Chloe and am glad she’s back. I understand that Chloe carried the baby and feels maternal towards her and doesn’t want her to be raised by Deimos. Hey, court cases between surrogates and parents have happened IRL. I am enjoying the story and Arianne Zucker was great yesterday.

Yankee fan

DOOL is getting cancelled next month and RC was hired to write the ending.


Believe me, if the show was getting cancelled next month, they wouldn’t be forking out this kind of money now to get RC as head writer, they would have just kept Dena and let the show sail off into the sunset. Stop with the rumors and lies people.


Stop spreading lies,. Days is not getting cancelled next month. Ron will save Days.

James R. Poissant

I hope he gives us a surprise every day like he did at OLTL and GH. When he did that, you had to tune in every day because if you missed an episode, you missed alot. I loved his writing style on both shows and I know I am going to like what he brings to the table at DAYS.


WOW! Did not see that coming. I didn’t watch GH when he was head writer, but it seemed like he did some good things there. I am not liking the majority of the current storylines on Days and did think Dena needed to go so I am excited to see what Ron brings. Although with Days taping so far in advance, we’ll have to wait a while.


Bit torn. OLTL was my favorite show and much of that had to do with RC’s writing. But, he does tend to rehash certain plots ( DID, anyone? ). The one good thing is that he can be inventive. But, will Ken Corday allow that much leeway?

I can see him trimming some of the cast, especially the young adult sector. He has never really written extensively for that age group.

Really wish DOOL did not film so far in advance because it takes too long for changes to hit the screen and I think some of the atrocious story lines could drive viewers away in the interim.


Man, I sure hope this is the shot in the arm that DAYS needs. I love Ron. However, all these consistent changes at DOOL have me worried still. If you look at soap history, those shows that go through back stage changes in writers or EP’s on a constant basis, tend to see their ratings continue to slide. If DOOL goes under during Ron’s writing, he will be the one blamed and not the people who’ve been in charge for years and made these constant changes. The audiences like consistency in their writing and characters. I hope the best for Ron and the show.

Allen Saint James

Days of our lives is the perfect canvas for Ron. Its actually the only show other than gh i can imagine him writing for. Days and Gh are like distant cousins. At gh Ron often mined the rich80s heyday history for story. Days is adventure, action, romance, villians, over the top
And daring at its best. Im excited


It may be a match for Days, hope it is for your sake, but there were hardly any 80s characters featured in these 80s historical storylines and they were incredibly short arced, lame stories.


I have never gotten hooked on any other daytime soap other than days but his work on GH did get me hooked about two years. GH felt like days did in it’s hey day when Ron was writing for it. I felt like he has the same style as James E. Reiley, whom I loved.


The man is a talent but his tales tend to cross a line with me. If we can avoid the incredible resurrections, outlandish historical revisions, and sill sci-fi elements, I will remain in Salem.

As for future of DAYS, would CBS pick it up? Isn’t it a Sony property?

Troy Turner

I see you working here, but it seems like CBS is perfectly happy with the lineup they have

Joan Faist

Good not good, I don’t know?
But I am loving Day’s right now because we have the characters on the show that we adore. Love having Patch, Kayla, Marlena, John, Hope, Adreine, Justin, Lucas, Nicole, Jennifer, Eric , Maggie, Victor, Brady, Kate on the show and in active storylines . This group of people is Days of our Lives and new writers always think the viewers want to see new faces. Believe me–NOT TRUE.
Also right now the current staff will bring our other favorite characters back into storylines from time to time and we get to catch up with their lives. Love the concept of doing this. Thanks for listening!


Amazing news! He’s perfect for DAYS, I can start watching it again! Too bad we have to wait like 5-6 months for his stories to air.

And you mean Dena Higley didn’t work out? You’d think Ken Corday learned that the first time!!!


Excellent news! I loved Ron’s work on OLTL and GH and can’t wait to see what he brings to DOOL. I just wish that, given the show’s strange production schedule, we didn’t have to wait six months to start seeing his stories on air. Nice to have something to look forward to, though (GH’s loss is DOOL’s gain!).

Joan Faist

Sorry on my previous post forgot to mention the characters of Chad and Tony Dimera and Sonny.
Rest in peace to our dear Stefano.

Lisa Z

Congratulations to Ron! I loved his work on OLTL especially the final year. ABC made a colossal blunder in cancelling OLTL. They underestimated how many hard core fans existed. I enjoyed the way he wrote the characters with sentimentality and heart. I still miss Viki, Clint, Todd, Tea, and the rest. Good Luck!


Two points:

1. Days fans better hope they get “angry Michael Quartermaine” Ron and not “Wacky Denise DeMuccio” Ron.

2. Any chance they can 3 months off from filming to get thoroughly thought out scripts and close this ridiculous gap? Prime time doesn’t even film this far in advance.


This is a dream come true!! He keeps things hopping. Soooo excited!


Me too Joel,. Ron will save Days from death. Ron is very talented. Ron needs to bring back Eileen Davidson as Kristen and Susan Banks. Also bring back Jack and my madam Vivian Alamain with Ivan.

stevie g

I’d rather they didn’t bring back Jack, there’s a reason he’s been killed off various times. And his death has given so much material for his kids Abby and JJ over the years and still. He fell down an elevator shaft while saving his daughter, how could they realistically bring him back? Personally I think they need to bring back Bill Horton, Jennifer and Lucas’s Dad. Why has he stayed away from Salem for decades when his kids and grandkids and great grandkids are there?


This is shocking news. I gave up on DOOL a month ago because it’s too slow and the stories are boring. I’ll have to go back when Ron’s stories start to air. He is a terrific writer who knows how to tell multiple stories at the same time without things getting lost. One Life to Live was on fire during his tenure. Too Days continues to tape so far in advance. From what I saw last, they need Ron’s intervention immediately.


Agree – we’re looking at what, sometime in July 2017 before his work airs? We are on a never ending “give it time, there is a DAYS reboot coming!” train. I really hope this is put-up-or-shut-up, and if Ron cannot at least make Days below average (which would be a massive improvement), NBC needs to put the Horse down for good. Remember how Josh G. was coming to save the show? Then Will got murdered, Josh mentally checked out 10 minutes after he got there, and well…………….what we have now.

John Gordon

That’s a very good point – the writing is dreadful on DOOL and brother they need a quick revamp SOON – I hope by the time Ron’s writing team takes over it isn’t already too late –


I’m surprised more people haven’t said what I was thinking: Ron has experience writing the end of a show (OLTL). It’s a 50-50 chance that he was brought in to save “Days” … or wrap it up in a blaze of glory.


Oh NO! Bring on the beef cake. 🙁


A group of Monkeys in a locked room with a typewriter would be an improvement over Dena. I will give her props though, she was always consistent. Consistent in her destruction of Days. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Dena.


Dena good riddance. thank god she is gone. Ron will save Days and the ratings are going up and up with him. Now Days need to bring back Vivian Alamain with her friend Ivan.

Sally Fields Forever

Agree, agree, agree! I remember when she was HW of OLTL. I cried every day her name showed up on the credits while the show became worse and worse.


That solidifies it for me, I will continue not to tune in-I despised his writing and decimating of characters on General Hospital-as well as, the onslaught of pointless and useless characters.


He is so smart and talented !


People credit him with saving OLTL; in reality the show hit all time ratings lows during his tenure which led to ABC’s decision to cancel the show. Right before ABC’s announcement he did get his act together and ratings started to rise but it was too late.

He has the ability to write some really good stories. Viki’s Paris, Texas storyline was great and the bullying storyline started out great but then became a campy, plot-driven mess with Stacy having plastic surgery to look just like her sister Gigi..ughh, what nonsense.

Who can forget his campy Moldavia mess, or how he botched the return of Tina or the worst of all: Dorian suddenly announces she is a lesbian in order to win the Mayoral race. Come on!!!

On the whole, he was bad for OLTL.


ABC planned to dump OLTL all along. They moved AMC to LA to save money and keep the show, then AMC’s ratings tanked and went lower than that of OLTL which had started to rise. They could not justify canceling the higher rated show so they killed them both.


That’s utter nonsense. One life’s ratings were ALWAYS better than AMC….especially over the last few years they were both on. The ONLY reason why GH was saved over OLTL is because ABC has an IRON CLAD contract with the creator of General Hospital’s children who they have to pay royalties to. Too much of a legal mess so why not just ax the second one they own.


One thing that has been very bad for DROOL is- the 6 month policy..
It is not possible to rewrite whatever is not working.. To be able to make changes for the better when needed.


I do believe in miracles! Thank you for saving the DOOL train wreck currently on air! Now can we fast-forward 5-months and start fresh!


Great news for DAYS! and to set the record straight, yes OLTL was cancelled under his writing, but when they gave him the power to write his own stories, OLTL rise to the number 2 spot for several weeks. He and Frank saved GH and I am certain his stores at DAYS will be a huge hit


This is a good sign that Days will continue. So who is going to have DID?


Marlena will have DID, and let’s hope she is poccesed again by the devil. I loved that storyline in 1995, Days went to number 2. I still remember the words. Poor Marlena girlfriend, you are a mess, you need some rest. I wouldn’t count on getting it. Lol. I need to get a life lol.


Marlena will not be possessed as long as Ron Cartoony is writing. I’m not working for that guy!


Well, I guess this confirms the rumours that NBC is trying to kill off Days Of Our Lives by any means necessary. This is the fool who got One Life to Live cancelled and damaged General Hospital so much with his cartoonish writing that it may never recover. Look for NotEve and NotPhillip to return as soon as this MoRon’s writing takes over. Along with all the other OLTL pets he can posiibly bloat the cast with. And look “forward” to storylines dominated by newbies where you might get somebody named Horton, Brady, Kiriakis, or DiMera on screen once a week (if you’re lucky).


Uh, Satan, it was not Ron who bloated the GH cast with “pets” that belongs to Frank Valentini…….


Those two worked as a team, with their ill-fated attempt to turn GH into OLTL 2.0, and then bloating the cast with newbies. Ron likes newbies because head writers get royalty payments for the characters they create, as long as those characters appear on the show. Even after the writers themselves are gone. Ron is still cashing in on his GH bloat, and all the mindless characters who descended on Port Charles during his reign.

Will he do any better under a different producer on Days? I doubt it. He won’t have the access to the characters from a dead show, but he will still have the newbie bloat, and all the endlessly recycled stories about DID and “who’s the daddy” baby stuff.


Actually, it was both, Frank and Ron, who bloated the cast. The writer wanted new characters and the producer approved the hiring. And as Satan said, the show was overrun with new characters and actors, who became the focus of stories. New characters aren’t inherently a bad thing, but they shouldn’t come in and force out the old characters, which is exactly what Ron did on GH. I predict he will use the long time characters as a backdrop to a flood of newbies, and get really angry with the Days fans who don’t like it.


Hey, Satan, if Ron appropriates some of the soap refugees who have landed without welcome in Port Charles over these past few years, he may just save GH, even if it means designating Salem as the new sanctuary city for displaced daytime actors.

Jeff Bailey

I look forward to this. I want none of them to go off. Ron is progressive and tells outrageous stories. He needs the same breakdown writers from GH like Chris Van Etten, Jean , Shelly Altman, Katherine Shock etc. Much more progressive show. They need Scott Sickles and maybe have Alison Sweeney come back to do some more directing.


well…doesn’t this throw in a wrench for a OLTL reboot !!!???

Michael (not Fairman)
Michael (not Fairman)

Not necessarily, since Ron wasn’t involved in the reboot on Prospect Park.

But is anybody seriously saying there’s going to be an OLTL reboot? I know people have been hoping for it, but have we heard something that gives such hopes a basis in reality? Because my guess is no how, no way.


I apologize that my phone didn’t capitalize LGBT. But if we are splitting hairs. If we really want to get technical, it’s LGBTQ.

As for your comment – you made it sound like because Ron is a gay man that he is automatically going to insert a gay romance, when in fact, Days already has one. He certainly could write a better story for all of the characters, regardless of their color or orientation.


With the 5 month advance in filming it could already be too.They should have hired him months ago.

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Preview – Week of May 28, 2018

Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) returns to Salem after murdering a man, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) overhears that a company Stefan (Tyler Christopher) owns is developing a bionic eye that can restore Steve’s (Stephen Nichols) vision.  She asks him for help. Did she make a deal with the devil?

Rob Scott Wilson makes his return as killer Ben Weston.  How will he impact those that he once terrorized, and those that he’s trying to turn over a new leaf for?

Check out these teasers from upcoming episodes of Days of our Lives.

Monday, May 28


Tuesday, May 29

Brady is ready to decide whether he wants to be with Theresa or Eve, but before he can give an answer, he’s thrown a curveball.

Wednesday, May 30

Laura arrives to help Abigail integrate her personalities.

Thursday, May 31

Xander continues to be a thorn in Theresa’s side.

Friday, June 1

Marlena evaluates Ben and tries to determine if he’s telling the truth.

Watch the latest promo for Days of our Lives here.  So, what storyline has piqued your interest the most for next week?  Let us know via the comments section below.

Watch the preview HERE

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Days Of Our Lives

Marci Miller Shares Sentiments On Her Final Tape Day At DAYS

Today was the last day of the incredible journey of Marci Miller as Abigail Deveraux DiMera.  After two years, the actress decided to not renew her contract after receiving a Daytime Emmy nomination and playing the multiple personalities storyline of Abigail, Gabby, and Dr. Laura.

Here, she shared her sentiments via an Instagram post on her final tape day at the NBC studios in Burbank.

“And just like that, 2 very meaningful years have come and gone. I have been loved so well today. I will miss this cast. I will miss these people. I will miss this place. I am both heavy and light at the same time. Much love to all, you have left just the sweetest impression on me. Xx #Days”

What did you think about the sentiments Marci Miller has shared?  Sad to know it’s Marci’s last day in Salem? Comment below.


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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Preview – Week of May 21, 2018

Next week on Days of our Lives, Brady (Eric Martsolf) is in for quite the surprise when Theresa (Jen Lilley) shows up and turns his world upside down again. What will happen when Theresa discovers that Brady and her sister, Eve (Kassie DePaiva) are engaged?Meanwhile, Sonny (Freddie Smith) is in for surprise also, when he realizes Leo (Greg Rikaart) is going to turn the tables on him, after their steamy passionate kiss. And, Will (Chandler Massey) find a new clue in Dr. Rolf’s diary, as Kate (Lauren Koslow) learns her fate in Vivian’s death.

Check out these teasers from upcoming episodes of DAYS below, and then watch the latest promo from NBC. Tell us what storyline has piqued your interest the most via the comment section below.

Monday, May 21

Stefan threatens Abigail with Chad’s freedom.

Tuesday, May 22

Lani has a scare concerning her unborn baby.

Wednesday, May 24

Sonny’s world is turned upside down when he receives stunning news.

Thursday, May 23

Xander taunts Jennifer about her relationship with Eric.

Friday, May 25

Gabi learns a judge has overturned her conviction… but a new problem arises.

Click HERE to see the video preview!


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Video du Jour

The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

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