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Ron Carlivati Reveals First Airdate As Head Writer Of DAYS!

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The time is drawing near, and daytime fans and those in particular of NBC’s Days of our Lives are anxiously awaiting what Daytime Emmy Award-winning head writer, Ron Carlivati, has in store for the residents of Salem.

Carlivati became soap-famous for his plots and writing for both ABC’s One Life to Live and General Hospital and his upcoming storylines featuring many returning DAYS favorites already announced including: Chandler Massey, Alison Sweeney, and Eileen Davidson, have audiences excited to the future.

In his tweet, which featured the top of a script with his name on it, Carlivati noted: “4 weeks from today!   #days#myfirstepsidoe#incaseyouwerewondering#excited

Ron released a second tweet with a teaser for his first scene under his regime: “My first @nbcdays scene… #days #teaser #whathappenedtomarlena”  Check it out here.

So circle your calendars for Wednesday July 19th when Carlivati’s stories begin to air on Days of our Lives.

Excited for what’s in store on DAYS under their new head writer? Comment below.

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I am really looking forward to seeing Ron’s work. “DOOL” has been almost unwatchable the past few months. I can’t understand why the writers and spending so much time on characters that we simply do not care about or have any redeeming value (Jade). The island storyline was poorly executed, with Marlena and John stumbling on the survivors without ever letting the audience know they were searching for them. Eric and Jennifer do not have any chemistry.

I think Tripp has a lot of potential, but not as someone who is trying to take Kayla down. Does every young character have to be so unlikable before being redeemed? I am looking forward to Will/Sonny’s reunion and the return of Sami and Eve. I am hoping to see Theresa return to Salem soon.

Best of luck, Ron.


So true Ray. I have done a 180 concerning Ron. I wasn’t a fan of his during his GH days, but I am curious to see if he can make Days better. …for the reasons you listed above. Maybe Days is a better fit for Ron than GH.


You said it Jade stinks


It has to be difficult for these inexperienced actors to read all of the negative comments on social media. I did not say Jade was a bad actress. I just do not understand why the writers give so much story to a character that does not have any family ties to the show’s core families. She is simply Joey’s no-good girlfriend. It has been obvious since the teen scene came on board two years ago that most of the actors needed more training. Fast forward two years, all but Theo and Claire are left (I believe Joey is departing soon).


I don’t understand the reasoning behind elevating and propping up the teen scene. Every show does it, and most times, it is cringe-worthy and long-time viewers do not appreciate it. The teen scene does not bring in new viewers. I have not seen it to this degree, however, where the entire focus of the show has shifted to the teen scene. Not one of them can act. It’s like watching a high school play in the auditorium. Is casting blind, deaf, and dumb? The Young and the Restless is beginning to do it, as well, with the Ashby twins and Reed and his followers. It’s like nails on a chalkboard.


The show is a train wreck right now. I haven’t watched since Eileen Davidson left. Like Carrie, I was NOT a fan of Ron’s writing while he was at General Hospital; however, the only way to go from here is UP!


With this writer in question, I wouldn’t be so sure about that!….


Very true, Shay; however, the show is pretty much in the toilet right now, and I’m hoping that he leaves his cartoonish theatrics at the door, and focuses on the core values of the show. #fingerscrossed.


Hope springs eternal, dmr! For the sake of diehard DOOL-ers, I send my best wishes that this time is the charm for bringing the show back to its former glory. I know I’m still waiting for that to happen on GH!

nancy dillingham

Neither am I a fan of his.


Yes, the island story was very much a dud. And the teen scene storyline needs a makeover.


The teen scene needs to take a trip to Castaway Island, NEVER to be heard of again!

Jake Martin

The problem with doing a ridiculous storyline of becoming stranded on an Island is that (aside from the writing being absolutely atrocious) they REALLY don’t have the sets to make this even marginally plausible – they don’t even have any ocean props and everyone’s hair is perfect and doesn’t even move. At least, when they do a “hospital scene” they can sort of make that somewhat believable to a degree. Plus, this show has absolutely no humor whatsoever. If Tad Martin (played by Michael Knight on All My Children) was adrift on an Island he’d make some joke reference to Gilligan’s Island or something, but these characters haven’t any humor – that was something that Agnes Nixon knew how to do, intertwine some laughter into a show (from time to time). If Days of Our Lives gets a new writer, I certainly hope it helps. Just like the Castaways from Gilligan’s Island, this show needs to be rescued…and soon!


Agreed, Ray. Ron should really get away from this precipitous Tripp theme.
I am so sick of the teens as it is, the schemes and fiendish plans for Kayla have no attraction….it will fizzle as a flat can of soda.


I think RC is perfect for days I wish him much success


I love it! He’s teasing just enough to get the audience interested, and he had the great sense to focus his tweet on John and Marlena. I’m very optimistic. Don’t let me down, Ron!


I agree Beth. I didn’t like Ron for GH, but lately I am curious to see what he is doing for Days. Days has been dark and depressing the last few years. On GH, I thought Ron was too cartoon-ish. But I would gladly welcome cartoon-ish or any kind of humor on Days now.


Carrie, I agree. I found Ron’s writing to be cartoonish and immature for General Hospital. However, Days is in the gutter, and there is only way to go from here…UP!

Kevin C

So agree with you Carrie re:Ron’s writing for GH…I will tune into Day’s to see what’s happening once Ron’s writing begins…I tuned in recently and couldn’t get through a whole episode.


Hallelujah. I am so looking forward to seeing what exciting new twists and turns Ron will bring to DOOL. I’ll definitely be watching.

nancy dillingham

If true to form, he’ll probably trash the legacy (and the legacy character) of DOOL.

John Gibson

It can’t get any worse. The show is unwatchable right now and in the last 6 months. Its more exciting to watch my tv when its off then the crap stories that Days has had under Higley. I wish it well. I’ve been watching for 30 years.


The storylines are atrocious. The show is so boring. The recasts, who is in the casting department-Abby, Dario? Good God, are they awful. I always have to laugh when I see Sonny, though. I mean, seriously, one day he is the owner of a coffee shop, then a “club,” and now he is running around town with slicked back hair like a career criminal wannabee. He looks ridiculous.

Jake Martin

I agree with that as well – he looks like a Michael Corleone wanna be, waiting to take over the Family business straight out of The Godfather – and frankly, he was more likable when he ran the coffee bar and was happy to see Will. Also, for some reason, and I attribute it to the horrendously awful writing, I don’t even care if he and Paul get together or not – I used to sort of root for them but now, it’s sooo drawn out, and there’s no believable passion between them.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Just so its really Will returning and not some fake wearing a mask-lol


Looking forward to what he has in store! 😉


Maybe I’ll want to watch again.

James R. Poissant

Ron’s here. Now the gloves come off. It’s about time!!!


totally excited about the new scripts coming…..cannot wait…..did notice that Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly is bombing in the ratings….maybe NBC will wake up and realize they spent too much money on her and could give some money to Days so they could update their sets and start filming closer to airdate……Days has proven that it has staying power after 50 years of being on the air…..c’mon NBC wake up and devote a little more to a show you know works……a soap fan can dream, right?????


I did notice that and I wont be watching her


I can’t stand Megyn Kelly either. Seems NBC is realizing what a mistake they made bringing her on. All that money for ratings that are lower than 60 Minutes reruns lol. I read that even Fox News won’t take her back, and Variety put out an article today stating that Megyn Kelly’s star is dimmer than ever.


And a richly-deserved coup de grace it is…Kelly turned her ungrateful back on the audience who made her a star in order to grab for the MSM brass ring, and she has failed miserably. Of course, FoxNews doesn’t want her back…they rebounded quite well with Tucker Carlson in her former slot. Her presence is no longer required!


How right you are, blake. The problem with Kelly is that she spoke/speaks from both sides of her mouth. She always, in my opinion, vacillated and gravitated towards the direction the wind blew on any specific day.
Hypocrite. The more people bash and criticize, the deeper the hole they dig for themselves gets.

nancy dillingham

I’m dreaming with you! 🙂


He’s so cute!!!


Good luck Days fans. Get ready for lots of camp, tons of plot holes and stories with no depth that make no sense. At least you don’t have the added negative of Valentini’s heavy hand and his will to rid your show of vets and make it completely unrecognizable.

Michael (not Fairman)
Michael (not Fairman)

I have to disagree, at least in part. I think everything you’ve listed is a valid criticism of RC’s time on GH, but it does not tell the whole story. He also did some things successfully at GH: he took an incredibly dark show and added light and humor (though I do agree with you that the humor, especially the camp aspect, got out of hand in the second half of his tenure), and for a while (until ABC panicked and changed its mind), he succeeded in steering the show away from its two-decade-long mob focus and balancing the mob characters and stories with others. For the first year and half of his tenure, at least, the canvas was much more balanced, and the stories were pretty engaging. In the second half of his tenure, I do think things sort of went to hell in a handbasket, with some stories dominating while others got lost for weeks at a time, only to return to prominence when I either no longer cared or could no longer remember what was supposed to be happening. I’m not sure how much of that to attribute to RC, since most of the problems you mentioned have continued under his successors and have in some cases gotten worse. (My money is on ABC meddling as the culprit, but I don’t have any inside knowledge to support that, it’s just a guess.) I think he could succeed at Days depending on the work environment he encounters, though it’s also possible, obviously, that he will prove not to be a good fit. In my opinion, just about anybody would have to be an improvement over Higley, but we shall see.

I do hope he has learned to stay off of Twitter.


Many problems do still exist on GH and they fall to Frank and Jelly are not very engaging storytellers. But the one component that is gone is an extremely incoherent narrative, that is the technical writing and that is Ron. The camp is gone too and while Frank allowed it, that was the actual writing as well,


I mostly agree with you Michael, although I found his first year and a half at GH less engaging for sure, and especially about whose fault the latter part of his tenure can be attributed to: very likely ABC/Disney and there are plenty of facts to back that up (too many to properly call out here), but I am looking forward to seeing how his first days at Days go to further support those facts. I expect that FV is responsible for a few of the GH problems during his tenure as well, but I didn’t watch OL so I’d only be guessing.

nancy dillingham

Sorry, I don’t remember that “steering away from the mob story”! 🙁


I said almost the same exact thing on another thread and I got bashed! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I agree with you, in regards to the travesty he made out of General Hospital. However, Days is in the gutter right now. Hopefully he will focus on the core of the show…hopefully….


Go back to that site, dmr, LOL. I gave my opinion. These are the same sanctimonious people who allowed to look down their noses at others, not realizing the extend of their hypocrisy. Much like Megyn Kelly.
The same said people will admonish posters for giving an opinion, go as far as calling them not nice, yet they spew hate towards others in “high places”, as if they were not human.
If we are to have love for our fellow human beings, then “they” cannot speak with a forked tongue.
At least, dmr, we know the difference between an actor and a character.
Love and peace, my friend.


I hear BOTH of you, dmr and CeeCee!!! The extreme bias which allows only a certain privileged few to repeatedly come to these threads—particularly the GH ones—and condescendingly address the rest of us with their off-topic tangents, hysterical handwringing woes and nasty judgmental pronouncements (laced with deeply political overtones) is patently obvious and absurd….especially when those of us who would like to defend our own opposing views or express our disapproval are repeatedly denied the same rights to respond, even if it’s only to other interested parties who may share our opinions or, at the least, demonstrate the ability to civilly disagree and discuss matters in a mutually-respectful manner.


P.S. Geez Louise! I just visited the Y&R “renewal” thread….How on earth those deeply hate-filled, unhinged political diatribes have to do with anything in reference to “Genoa City” is beyond me! Yikes!


Karma, ma belle. Reversal is rearing its ugly GREEN head. Ciao.

4ever DAYS

Well, MB, your post points out how great DAYS could actually be:

Ron isn’t working with Valentini, whom could’ve caused many plot holes and stories without depth. Ron’s tweet seems to indicate he’s for vets. And Sheri Anderson, a former headwriter from the glory DAYS, is acting as story consultant…implementing the history of characters she has known for decades.

Give DAYS a try!


You make great points, MB!

For the most part I enjoyed his work on OLTL.. He wrote for vets, honored show history, and kept the show moving with twists and turns. His work on GH was a totally different animal. He destroyed legacy couples, reduced some veteran charactets to non-entities, and most of his stories featured characters who were altered by plastic surgery or masks or replaced by doppelgangers. There was no emotional depth to any of his stories, he killed off AJ for no reason, and by the time he left GH he was completely out of control and GH had record low ratings. He was hostile on social media towards fans, actors, and other writers. He was writing like Jim Reilly…which is NO compliment. That is my fear for Days!! Especially seeing his first post is What Happened to Marlena? Marlena has not only a look alike named Hattie but also a twin sister. Yes…she is supposedly dead but that never stopped Ron. These are characters that are 70 years old. They are no longer agile super sleuths and they look absolutely ridiculous playing those types of scenes…especially on soaps ridiculously tight budgets. This is basically DAYS last chance at being renewed. There will be no more resets or reboots or refreshes. I hope Ron realkzes the importance of him being handed this job and writes accordingly. I pray he doesnt look at this as a vanity project like he did at GH and totally gut the entire emotional core of the show and replace it with newbies and nobodies. I am guardedly optimistic that his work wlll generate buzz and translate into ratings. I am not at all excited about Will’s return. We watched this character be brutally murdered. I dont know if Chandler’s weird facial expressions and nonchalant acting style will fit in with Ron’s life or death writing style. Ron needs to maintain the moral centre of the show around the Brady and Horton families. He needs to let the heroes win and defeat the bad guys. He cannot flood the show with male eye candy and zero actingtalent like he did at both OLTL and GH. I think the problem at GH is no one was reigning him in. Him and Valentini shared the same vision: gay, shallow, narcissistic, keep the show under budget by hiring newbies and sidelining important vets. I hope Corday cares about preserving his family legacy at DAYS and wont let Ron run wild! With all these negatives being said…Ron is masterful at interweaving all the plots into an umbrella storyline. He is very good at juggling multiple stories. He has incredible attention to detail….whether that is continuity or him. Lol. He is imaginative and creative. I think he can be the writer to resuscitate DAYS. I just hope he does…well…the opposite of everything he did at GH!

Very well put, Jenny!…GH was totally ruined under the Cartini regime and it has never recovered. So good luck to this soap, it will need it! Time to batten down the hatches as DOOL viewers should prepare themselves for a profusion of doppelgangers, poor taste antics, sacrilege and Twitter Wars with Ron….Let battle commence…..


Can you please describe the “gay” vision you mentioned? How does it go with shallow and narcissistic?

It’s Frank, not the writers, who make hiring decisions. After writing a believable way for AJ to return, Ron is to blame for Sean Kanan’s departure for the cracks about SK’s weight and the character sinking back into the tired alcoholic plot line.


And don’t forget that revolting “PickleLila” storyline, Steve! AJ—and especially Sean K.—were served up one repulsive indignity after another during his sadly-abridged final(?) GH stint.


Days is very fortunate to have RC, they are in for a helluva ride!
Ron is modern and a brave writer, the master of mystery twist & turns surprises/shockers and he has humor great humor. I miss the laughs!

(haven’t had a laugh or chuckle since J&S were put in.)

I’d love to see RC’s stories but no way can I watch 3 soaps I struggle to watch two soaps


I can’t say I am exactly happy to see Sami or Kristen back, but I can handle both of them for a season, as long as it just to wrap up some unfinished business in Salem.Therasa should return. Very happy to see Steve, Kayla, John, Marlena (???), Julie, her grandson Eli, Loni Theo, Thaao has been fun lately again FINALLY. Wally, Maggie , Victor, ..any of the long term actors and actress , I hope we don’t always have to see them in conjunction with “their” kids because there is much STILL to tell regarding many of their pasts. The youngsters are okay, but due to the lack of any depth in writing none of them have found a true place in my heart. I like Jen a lot once again, I like her with Eric too, but I don’t really expect them to be a long term couple. I figure Jack will be back at some point. I’m really good with that. In the beginning JnJ were not something that really impressed me, but I have grown to love them just like I do John(Roman) and Marlena, Steve and Kayla, Shane and Kim (who need to come back for more than 2 seconds also) I do love Ron tweet with a preview of a scene with John, Kate and where is Marlena? I still hope they bring back Anna and Carrie. Mike Horton might be another good choice as well. So much to consider. I think there are great possibilities ahead. I do hope Ron isn’t too campy. My favorite stories on the show have always touched on things that could really have AT LEAST IN PART happened. For instance Kim blindness, Kayla accident that left her deaf, Maggie not being able to walk, Marcus dealing with a trauma in his childhood that touched on discrimination


Not thrilled about the onslaught of Sami; although, I do love Kristen. Eileen Davidson can actually act, unlike the other one, IMO.


You wont be seeing much of Steve or Kayla. Ron is writing nothing for them!!!!


Darn it, I’ll be on vacation. I’ll be watching upon my return!


Generally, I like Ron’s work – but he is big on Big Explosive Umbrella stories that ultimately don’t really add up.. he’s amazing on the build up, not so great on the climax/closure. I returned to OLTL because of his writing and returned to GH because of the first year of his work… but then .. well, I don’;t know if it was his writing or if ABC brass interferred but the rest of his time on GH devolved into some seriously awful stuff (including and especially the destruction of Luke Spencer with the “I am not Bill Eckert” storyline… that was truly some awful unwatchable stuff). But, DAYS to me would seem to be a good fit – it has a history of bizarre storylines that don’t really make much sense (the whole killing of everyone in the cast story from back in the day, for example)….. not someone who watches the show regularly but keep up through sites like this. Fortunately all the GH vets that fled to Days because of Ron will now (or maybe have already) left and I’m assuming will be back to GH which by the way has finally hit a good patch of story again. I returned for HIllary/Nora and stayed for Anna/Nurses Ball, etc.

Lou piikes

What GH verts that you speak of fled GH for DAYS? Names Please! !!


I can name an entire list of so-called GH “talent” that I would love to see Ron “poach” for DOOL…like all those ineffectual newbies and intrusive “gets” from other daytime shows that were brought on to usurp the canvas from the true legacy characters of Port Charles. (Although, by all means, take NLG’s Alexis, please!!!! And Sonny, too….)



Sonny was actually palpable under Ron (probably why MB didn’t like him). He played supporting in many stories and the character was finally forced to pay for a crime (albeit a few months in Pentonville).

There’s been no mass exodus between shows. If there was, that’s an Executive Producer’s doing, not the head writer. But yes, let KC take Howarth, Easton, Buddig and Stafford if he can afford them.


@Steve….It’s true that Sonny did actually find himself biding his time (and cooling his heels) in “Club Pentonville” for an all-too-brief duration, but he was still in the frame for plenty of peripheral storylines whenever possible—which was still too often for a lot of us—since a little bit of Sonny goes a long way! As for your suggestions of whom should go to Days, I’m with you except for Easton…I love him even though it seems that the GH regime has yet to figure out how to do this actor justice in any role they can concoct. “Tis a real pity, since he had two great previous characters in Port Charles’ Caleb and OLTL’s McBain. Which tells you the problem is not with the actor, but the creative team…But I do repeat my call for Alexis and Sonny to vamoose to Salem….or anywhere else, for that matter! (Along with Nina, Hayden, Nurse Amy, Franco, and others too numerous to mention….)


Certainly not Steve and Kayla whom he treats as mere extras! Maybe u can catch a glimpse of them once a month!

nancy dillingham

Hey, I like that–“Big, Explosive Umbrella stories”–apt–but watch out when the rain comes pouring down! 🙂


I have not watched in years but Ron writes like James Reilly which might be a good fit for Days just hope it works we are down to four soaps before it dies so I am as a viewer all for trying to hang on


Stopped watching when Reilly destroyed days. Guess that is happening again


Hurry Ron!- Save Salem from the current writing regime asap!

Phideaux Xavier

Days is very fortunate to have Ron writing. He is, in my mind, a story spinner on par with the great legend Doug Marland. I’m very excited to see what he will do with this NBC treasure!

Kevin C

I Phideaux, I respect your opinion but I don’t believe Ron is anything like Douglas Marland…Douglas Marland was a masterful story teller which and to me the only other two writers that can match Douglas is William Bell and Agnes Nixon which I miss all 3 terribly. I can only say I only turned into OLTL every once in a while and could not watch how Ron wrote GH but I am willing to start watching DOOL again to see how he does…I know a lot of people are complaining about Y&R and B&B, but I am loving Y&R again since Sally and Kay have returned and I am loving what Brad is doing with B& B…OK, here I say it again, I am longing for the classic background music to return to Y&R and I hope that the TPTB at Y&R hire Jack Allocco and David Kurtz back to handle the music score for Y&R…

Phideaux Xavier

To be honest, I never watched OLTL when Ron wrote it. But, being on GH when he came to us, I was struck by the interlocking storylines, use of history to weave the story and by his rooting of story in family. Certainly, there were some clunker moments, but having been in this biz for a loooog time, I have been struck by a few talents – Henry Slesar on Edge 77-80; Marland’s World Turns turnaround; Harding Lemay AW 1978-1980; Pam Long – end of Texas and her first year of Guiding Light. It never occurred to me that Ron would be of that caliber until I watched his GH work unfold. I stand by my opinion and I have high hopes for his Days work. Days is a cultural touchstone and deserves to be rehabilitated. I would be thrilled if he was able to make it must see TV.

Kevin C

Phideaux, Wow, I am impressed with your information on writers and time frames and I do understand what you were saying about Ron and I hope you didn’t think I wasn’t being disrespectful which was not my intention at all…I so totally agree with what you said about Days being a cultural touchstone and deserves to be rehabilitated. I use to love DAYS and hope that Ron can bring it back to must see TV.

nancy dillingham

“On par with the great legend Doug Marland”? Whoa, mule!
Say, are you the “real” Phideaux Xavier”? The same on who directs on GH. Say it isn’t so! Because you should have the inside dope. 🙂


Ron’s tenure at GH can be described by Dickens’ classic line “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”…

The good: the show was lighter, balanced. A respect for show history. Cliffhanger and water cooler moments.

The bad: reliance on over-the-top plot lines, a bit too much camp, twitter feuds. Fluke and Denise Demuccio.

mark d

Bring Erika Slezak to DAYS. I realize she lives on the east coast, but I’d love to see her play a not-so-nice character that is complicated yet not a multiple or under the influence of the Dimaras.

Tim S.

I don’t know who is writing the baby storyline with Holly… but I have to say .. whoever is writing this is the worst wrirters out there. I can’t believe how they are milking this story to go on and on and on… and the pain that Nicole is going through.. really?????? Enough… Enough… It is so awefullll!!!!! You need to be fired!! I am very passionate about this. as you can see…..


We will probably learn the judge who put Holly into foster care is working for Deimos or being blackmailed by him or whatever the case. Someone behind the scenes at Days was in love with Deimos; inserting him everywhere. When in doubt how to round out a story, insert Deimos. Ugh, the over exposure.


Well, scuttlebutt has it that Deimos dies; but not before drugging everyone—some weird scenes on the way.
I do hope Nicole will be able to get Holly back ( legally, this time). Arianne has already taped her last episode, I think? So, it will be interesting to see if mother and daughter will be reunited.


Never liked Reilly’s Passions version of Days all camp, supernatural ugh. Turned Days off for years due to that. If Ron brings that back Im losing my soap

Jame E

Now is the worst of times at Days

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