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Shanica Knowles Cast On The Young and the Restless!

Lung cancer survivor, Kathryn Joosten is honored by B&B and the City of L.A.

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Beyonce’s cousin, Shanica Knowles has been cast in the role of a singer named Simone, who crosses paths with Devon (Bryton James) on CBS’ The Young and the Restless.

Knowles, known for her roles on Hannah Montana and Awkward will appear in several episodes beginning on February 9th, according to Soap Opera Digest who broke the news.  In story, Devon hopes to cultivate Simone’s career with his music business.

So, what do you think about this latest casting news from Y&R? Share your thoughts via the comment section below!

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26 Comments on "Shanica Knowles Cast On The Young and the Restless!"

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Why? Really? C’mon…..
Where is Mac? My crystal ball tells me this will be another childish flop brought about as competition for Hilary? Love Triangle ? Devon, the stud….


I agree. Why don’t they just cut to the chase and have Devon and Hilary get back together. You know it’s going to happen sooner or later. In reference to the return of Mac, they are going to have Victoria become seriously involved with JT again so Mac can come back and complicate things. Isn’t that the way it always happens. Time will tell


Of course you’re right, soapqueenforever…..I am so tired of these overly-played love triangles. Especially with these characters….love Hilary, but Devon’s only ‘attraction’ is his money…..No substance to this storyline, I’m sure….just get it over with….
This show is turning out to be a reality show, of sorts—-I want regular people’s ups and downs. … people really live!!! Not this plastic world.
Whatever happened to the drama, so inherent to Y&R storytelling?… relative of Beyonce is going to turn my head and stare in awe……or, hold my interest.


Celia, why? Why are they torturing us?! More singers? Let’s hope she knows “These Boots Are Made For Walking”, takes a hint (and Devon), and hightails it outa town quick!


Why? Lord only knows, Soapqueenforever……as I said, Y&R had ‘Gina Roma’, a true singer.
Is this to bolster Devon as a producer? I can’t see Devon doing anything because he will never lose that boyish-look….it’s a mockery for him even being the Big Guy of a BIG enterprise…..
My opinion only…..
Re: the new singer….as I said, am not impressed. I do believe mentioning the fact that she’s related to Beyonce’ puts her in a more favorable light? That we are clamoring to see her because of that fact?
Nah….could care less about Beyonce’ and her world.


Tessa sucked, there is no realism to Devon’s music business and he sucks too!


I Hope Hillary puts her mean all over her for some excitement.
Simone is on for ”several” episodes and that’s more than a few lol, so 2 months?

One good thing- I’d assume Simone will be doing the singing and not Kim, and that I can live with ..
I’m looking forward to having someone new.


Hope it’s just a couple eps.


Most probably to cement Devon’s credibility as a music producer, bringing
about new talent should be his main focus. Hilary & Devon will eventually
find their way back to one another, its inevitable.
I certainly HOPE Mr.St.John makes it back to the show… He’s GREATLY


UGGGGGGG! Lets focus on what we have. The Chancellors, Abbotts and Newmans. Not some knock off of a VERY overrated hater/”Singer!”


I know, Timmm. Hard to believe Beyonce has more Grammys than Barbra Streisand, Carly Simon, Nina Simone, and Diana Ross combined. Guess there’s no accounting for taste.


Its always the shiniest toy!


WOW, T….I just listened to HAVANA. What a talent Camilla is.
If truth be told, I had never heard of her until now. What a beauty, and a voice to match. THAT is a voice….it, alone, carries her….unlike Beyonce’ where without the fanfare, her voice would be lost…..or singing with a group to help bolster her voice.
If her cousin has the same meowy thing going on, then….nah, not interested—or rap—please no rap!!


Oh good, another “music” storyline — you know, because the “Tessa’s music career” plot really took off.


The only good music storyline on a soap was the Ciji Dunne plot on KNOTS LANDING.


So true, Alan. Probably because Lisa Hartman could sing without riffing, distorting the melody beyond recognition, and didn’t whine all the time. I confess to buying her HOLD ON album in 1979 (ish) and it was terrific. Oh, mem’ries…


I have watched DOOL eps when Trish ( Patty Weaver) was on…. best singer on soaps, ever; other than Gloria Loring….my grandmother said SO!!!!!! What she says is gospel, LOL.
Patty was also on Y&R, as Gina Roma until only a few years ago…such a voice….that’s real talent…that’s real music.
I love some of today’s music, but I am very selective; singers such as Meghan Trainor, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, to mention a couple, are true musicians, loove, loove, loove their music.
So, if this woman is the same run-of-the-mill ‘singer’ with nothing unique to add? What can I say?…..I have an FF button?
I guess the fact she’s beyonce’s cousin, she’s talented? I am not impressed. What Timmm said.


Camila Cabello’s “Havana” is awesome!

Kevin C

Hey Alan, WOW, Ciji Dunne / Lisa Hartman, good storyline…LOVED Knot’s Landing.

Kevin C

Even though it wasn’t a singer storyline, so miss Gina / Patty Weaver singing at Gina’s…Patty Weaver has a beautiful singing voice.


The show ‘killed’ the entire Romalotti family……..I wish ‘they’ would bring Daniel back….even at the risk of having a new actor play the part…..bring his little daughter with him. Have a good story, with a compelling plotline…..I’d rather see Lily with Daniel than Cane—so arrogant…what happen d to the humility after cheating on his wife and lying about it?? stick it to Cane with Daniel.
Ugh…Cane makes the little hairs on my nape stand on end, LOL.
You know, Kevin, I found it so strange today, when Phyllis said, ” It wasn’t like this with Summer”, as she was huffing and puffing in the kitchen, making pancakes. Well, what about Daniel?????
The PTB keep forgetting Phyllis has another child ( not much older than herself, LOL)….didn’t she make breakfast for him?


OH, GIMME A BREAK ALREADY!!!!! To me, this VERY STUPIDLY has STUNT CASTING written all over it!!!!! Not impressed here……….


Please explain to me how THIS is a stunt casting? I’m utterly confused…….. Devon is a music producer (as crappy as the writing for the story has been), so he needs an artist to produce. This young woman isn’t even a big enough name for her to be considered a “stunt casting.” She’s an actress, who happens to be a singer as well. But her career as a singer is non-existent.


To answer your first sentence (and in general)…to me, it just is.

End of story.

Take care.


I think she’s really playing his little sister…she was also a singer


Could be, Angel….the little sister grew up. But, if I remember correctly, that little girl had a biiiig voice ….she could really sing…..kept it sweet and traditional…..but, whether this new character can sing or not, is irrelevant at this point. Why more characters? Why another singer?
However, if it is Devon’s sister, then, I can see the why…if not, send her back home—or maybe Nikki will offer her home to a struggling singer, again, like the good Samaritan that she is.
But, if this is a stunt, as jaybird said, I will regurgitate….especially if the new ‘ tone’ brings the copy-cat, outrageous spin with it…these new artists all try to outdo each other instead of being unique.
I took a glance at the new talent show, THE FOUR… if we can call it that. Pathetic!! Will not last, not with Sean Combs at the helm. He thinks he is Elvis’ gift to music. Treats people so shabbily. Idiot !!
Never will watch again. Puts talent and showmanship to shame.


Oh wow…. The comments in this thread are very telling. I’m confused as to what’s wrong with Devon potentially having more than one love interest? Every other man on this show gets that chance whether it works or not (i.e. Kevin). Hell! Mariah’s been a romantic flop for what feels like decades but no one ever says “stop casting guys for her.” You can add Abby, Noah and Scott (is he young?) to the list! Devon is LITERALLY the only young adult on the canvas that has had a pairing that actually worked in damn near a decade. But TPTB have NEVER EVER actively cast a long term contract love interest for Devon! Hilary wasn’t even intended to be his love interest. She was brought in to cause angst for Lily & Cane, and then promptly pushed off on Neil to attempt to prop him as some lovable heart throb at 50, all the while TPTB downplayed Hilary’s chemistry with Devon. Hevon happened by chance and luck and were promptly destroy because TPTB didn’t intend for them to exist. Unfortunately, TPTB only see Hilary as a one dimensional character that can only cause trouble which is why she and Devon aren’t together now but Phyllis gets to be reformed and have a life and family, etc.

Give me a break! God forbid Devon have something else to do instead pining for Hilary for the next year and a half while she potentially carries another man’s baby! Bryton James is a very capable actor, and when the writing is good and chemistry is there, he can make it work, just like anyone else.

And if Devon and this new young lady actually have chemistry, and get descent writing, then Devon fans can finally have something to be happy about, and TPTB can use Hilary for whatever they wanna use her for. And if TPTB decide to do a damn triangle, then so be it! And don’t tell me a triangle won’t work because it didn’t work with Mariah. We ALL know that triangle’s failure wasn’t Devon or Hilary’s fault.

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