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Snoop Lion To Write and Produce New One Life to Live Theme Song! Makes Guest Appearance in Llanview!

Photo Credit:Getty Images

Photo Credit:Getty Images

Snoop returns to Llanview!  It has just been announced that Prospect Park/The Online Network has partnered with Snoop Lion, aka Snoop Dogg, who has signed on to write and produce the new theme song for the serial drama, One Life to Live, premiering with all new episodes on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes on Monday April 29th.

The new OLTL theme song titled, “Brand New Start” speaks to the much anticipated series return and features soulful singer, Iza Lach, newly signed to Snoop’s Berhane Sound System label, and Snoop Lion himself.

In addition to producing and performing on the theme song, Snoop Lion will also be appearing as himself in new episodes. On the series, Snoop Lion is set to visit the fictional town of Llanview to promote his new Indie film, Reincarnated which documents his journey from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion. Snoop Lion began shooting multiple scenes with new and returning favorites including, Robert S. Woods, Hillary B. Smith, Corbin Bleu, Robert Gorrie and Kelley Missal on April 11. Iza Lach also appeared on-set to shoot the music video for the song on Wednesday, April 10.

Snoop Lion is no stranger to the cast of One Life to Live as he has made several cameo appearances as Snoop Dogg when the show previously aired on ABC.

“We’re thrilled to have the support of such an iconic artist, like Snoop Lion. To have him write and produce the theme song for this series and to have the amazingly talented Iza Lach on board, is just incredible. We are extremely grateful and excited for fans to hear the new theme song and of course catch Snoop Lion in upcoming episodes,” said Jeff Kwatinetz, Chairman and CEO of Prospect Park.

What do you think of Snoop Lion creating the new theme for OLTL? Excited to hear it?  And Snoop making another appearance in Llanview?  Let us know!



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I liked his cameo on one show, but to write something heard every show, every day, EPIC BARF!

WTF is a Snoop Lion? Snoop Calvin. Klein didn’t do so bad with that name. 😉 What’s so wrong with the old theme song? Too many changes will, just ask Ron Johnson of JCPenny’s, formally of.

susan M.

I don’t like that! It will be nothing we recognize! Completely different I bet..It will be

Joliefan Forever

Why don’t you’s wait to hear it before you criticize….


I don’t like him period. Snoop dog is trash.
The actor playing Matthew is wasted. He could have played Cole fighting to get Starr back but that’s lost anyway, right?
He’s to hot for Matthew and what’s her name.


The song has grown on me.. now I hum it all the time.

“It’s a brand new start.. I’m not scared’


hmmm, well I’m not surprised he’ll show up in Llanview, as they have had many music stars/groups over their many decades on ABC…. but hmmm, writing the new theme music? That will be interesting.

think the last music I saw on OLTL was a “friend” of Antonio’s Nelly Furtado, singing a brand new song – heard it on the radio a while later after hearing it on the show.


I always enjoyed his appearances before, I’m sure I will again. I love that he has history with Bo and look forward to hearing his theme song!

Joliefan Forever


susan M.

I don’t think I want him re-doing OLTL theme song! There are so many song writers
out there! I think this one is a bad choice. I don’t want a hip-hop theme song for OLTL it wouldn’t fit or go right for our beloved OLTL!

Joliefan Forever

Susan just because he was a Hip Hop artist does not mean that he is not knowledgeable in other types of Music. Maybe you should hear it before criticizing it? Calvin is a fan of OLTL I’m hoping the song will be good…

Joliefan Forever

OMG How cool is that! Snoop going to do the theme song!!!!!


as cool as you, NOT!

Joliefan Forever

Well no not everyone can be as cool as me! <——- SEE that is SARCASM!

susan M.


Tammy Kreiss

How funny! At the rally, I sang his old version all day & evening…”All that we have, is…OLTL…..” This will no doubt be just as awesome! Yay Snoop!!!


I was thinking of that as well.




you can watch on hulu anytime you want to…………

Joliefan Forever

The shows are on at Noon starting April 29th on Hulu, Hulu plus and Itunes


Mixed emotions – Loved the last song and Kassie DePaiva’s take on it. Will give it a chance.

susan M.


Edna Barefoot

Not a fan of Snoop but anything to get OLTL back on. I don’t care what the intro is as long as I see the family I’ve been missing.


This is very exciting news. I am disappointed that my favorite theme song, “Here’s what you do when you don’t find the rainbow’s end…” isn’t being used. (I would love to hear Kassie DePaiva do a studio recorded version.) I am by no means a fan of rap or hip hop but I know that Snoop is a very well respected member of that genre and have enjoyed his many appearances on the show. The title “Brand New Start” is terrific. He is a fan of OLTL and appreciates the history and what the show and characters mean to all of us. I think he will do a very fine job.

April 29th hurry, hurry, hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott (ATWT Fan)

She already did a studio recording of the theme.


I like Snoop’s music, he’s a talented guy. However I am NOT happy they are changing our OLTL theme song. That theme is a part of the show. They should leave our theme alone.


Well, it needs a 21st century theme and it needs to leave behind the 20th century.
A new day!!!
It will be awesome!
I hope it gets a ton of younger viewers because that is the future of OL, a younger growing fan base to keep it alive.
Even in life the older step away for the younger to carry on..

this is an exciting adventure! Can’t wait for thr 29th..


You are 100 percent right and everyone needs to realize that and support it. My mother and het sisters and tens of hours ands others tuned into OLTL in th 70 s and gave it the fan base it enjoyed for ober 40 years. The same is needed now. Need to get young people who watch TV on line to tune in. We will get to watch OLTL for unbothered 40 years till we retire and grow old!


Then maybe they should drop old Viki and old Dorian plus Clint, Bo, and Nora from the old 2oth century according to your ignorant thinking. Im in my early 20s and like the last opening number just fine but im okay with Snoop doing a new theme. Hes talented and my husband is a fan and will be watching for the first time!
It does need a younger audience to keep the show moving forward but at the moment it still needs its more reliable and more faithful older fans to help make it a success. If it wasnt for some of my older friends and relatives, the show wouldnt have lasted this long and im thankful for it. They dont need to step aside for anyone, including YOU! Someday youll be up there in age…think about it…if your brainless head can!

Tammy Kreiss

Whoa Kim! Chillax! Nobody attacked anyone! As for opinions, it was suggested we get new viewers of any age, basically! I’m 45 & ecstatic we have a show back to decide who will do a theme for it! Nobody attacked you!

susan M.

They should leave the theme alone! Don’t want Snoop Lion!


So it’s Snoop Lion now?

Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion. What is wrong with the name Calvin?


awesome new’s that snoop is doing the new oltl theme song – he is a long time fan plus he made several appearances on the show. i can’t wait to hear what he comes up with……………

susan M.

I don’t think so..

susan M.

Never listen to his music!

Joliefan Forever

You never listened to his music then you really should not Judge!

susan M.

I never had any interest to listen to his music. Never was a fan of him. I prefer tho old theme I know & like so much. We shall see what he comes up with. I will still be watching OLTL no matter what(my favorite #1 soap).


Again, they are going for younger demographic why would they use an old, tired theme or re-purpose one from the 80s?! You guys need to give it a rest. If you think this is going to be the show you remember from 2 years ago, you’re going to be sadly disappointed. Just embrace the changes and go with the new, modern version of OLTL and if it isn’t your cup of tea after viewing it, then stop watching and complaining and let the others enjoy it.

Miss Tiff

I can’t wait for the new One Life To Live!! I totally AGREE with Kelly!! Obvi the last OLTL was canceled so of course they will bring a different newer version back. And I know it’s gonna be better than ever!!! I hope to see some of the older younger cast that has not been on in a while. But if not, I will take what ever!! I am so excited for OLTL to be back on!!!


I love the name of the song, but I hope the tune will be catchy,memorable and speak to younger viewers as well as older viewers. It is a “Brand New Start”, but many viewers have watched for years. I need to know it has the approval of Erika, Kassie, and of course, Agnes Nixon.

Miss Tiff

Yea that would be nice to know what Erika, Kassie, an of course MRS. Anges Nixon have to say about the 21st century version!


Kassie apparently likes the song. She tweeeted.”The new #OLTL theme song is beautiful.. Written and produced by Snoop… but sung by a lovely young artist …IZA.”

susan M.

We shall see.. I a not sure about him at all!


I can’t wait to hear the new theme song.. I love the title… the theme song has changed before… and I think it’s appropriate to have a new song for the new show! 🙂


I love Snoop so bring it on…..OLTL is back 4-29-2013….woohoo!!


I have to hear first…but im certain itll be good!

susan M.

I am not certain it will be good?


SusanM Shut up you literally commented on like 20 posts just hating on Snoop Dog if you don’t like him say it once not 58 times also we don’t care if you don’t like him because unlike you he has MILLIONS of fans who will check out OLTL bcuz of him and raise ratings he is a great artist and I can’t wait to see him on the show and hear his song.
P.S. he’s not even going to be in the song it’s not hip hop he is just writing it

Joliefan Forever


susan M.

Please don’t tell me to shut up. I woudn’t say that to you or anyone else. I have a right the express my opinions.

susan M.

Okay Edwin….


Your ‘shut up’ reply came to me by mistake, i hope, Susan! It was in my mail. I never said shut up to you…you must have meant it for this Edwin person…i understand the mixup…so no problem!


Its always best to wait and see b4 we judge…we can think we r going to like something just from reading it, then when we do see or hear it we might not, and viceversa…thats why all wait first b4 i comment!

susan M.

Yes it came to you by mistake.(jimh)! Yes it was ment for message on 3/13 at
1:53p.m. (Edwin)… I just was never a fan of his.. Will shall see what he comes
up with…

Liz Arnold

I like Snoop & like his song they used in the opening credits the last time he was on the show. I can live with it, I guess I don’t have a choice. That being said, I would love it if they would use the Peabo Bryson version. I remember when he sang it on the runway at Delilah’s fashion show at the hotel predating the Palace. That is the song that will be forever linked in my mind to OLTL. Change is difficult but it happens.


YAHHHH! The Snoop Lion WOW ,, now we have it going!
I feel the ‘younger’ new gen audience will really be in on this, the seniors will complain that it isn’t Guy Lambardo LOL j/kidding .. 🙂

I am lovin the new feel of OLTL .. It has arrived into the 21st century with a bang ..!!


But im an old geezer and i wanted Guy Lombardo or the Andrew Sisters! Better yet Frank Sinatra singing ‘Thats Life’ since like OLTL it has the word ‘LIFE’ in it!! lol!!!

Joliefan Forever

Dam Guy Lombardo LMAO!!!

susan M.

Don’t care for ‘Snoop Lion!”


There she goes again, every reply is I do not like him, we will see, don’t care for him, geez, learn new words already, complaints already, and the shows haven’t even been on yet. We all should be thankful and great full for them coming back. Bickering and negative comments on a song that u haven’t heard yet, and so what you don’t like Snoop, he is there and it is his song, get use to it!!!


Will have to wait and hear theme song before forming an opinion. Regarding Snoop, not my type of music, but his unabashed enjoyment of the show is a good thing.


Snoop has millions and millions and millions of loyal fans..
why more fans than anyone we love in OL ..
If all of snoops fans tuned in just to see/hear him, that would be awesome.

susan M.

I am not one of them…


And it stated that he partnered with PP, did you ever think Snoop might have got involved with saving the show? Nobody thinks about things like that though huh? Just likes to complain alot. #1 Snoop wrote and produced the song, #2 he will not be singing the song from what we are told IZA is. #3 it is the show we are watching, we won’t be listening to the song for a half hour!


I like how the younger viewers make fun of the older viewers(like they’ll never get old) in there comments…its so disrespectful but theyd hate it if the older viewers say anything about their opinions…if it wasnt for us old farts your stinky asses wouldnt have these shows to enjoy…and i doubt half of you will stay dedicated to them and stick around as long as we had! Some of us dont mind some of the changes and may even like the new theme more than you! Some of might like the new versions and continue to watch while some of you baby wipes might not! Cant we all just appreciate each other and support the genre we fought so hard to keep instead of making fun of someone just because their old and may not like what you like! Youth is fleeting and some day you youll be a senior too. Enjoy it while you can!!!


This is a get! Can’t wait!


yeah, i can hear it now, we all only have one life to live, so lets get stoned, because thats the only way i can bear to hear Kassie depaiva singing anywhere.

Tammy Kreiss

Wow, guess you weren’t one of millions who have bought her CD’s…JEALOUSY IS REALLY UGLY!


Oh yeah I forgot she’s a top selling artist and Grammy winner, what was I thinking ? Thanks for reminding me . NOT! Have u taken funny looking pills lately? That maybe make u hallucinate? Or are u on crack??


There are plenty of wonderful singers who will never win a Grammy or be a top-selling recording artist. Some of them will never even be famous. A Grammy or a number one hit is not the definition of talent and never will be.

You don’t like Kassie’s singing voice, that’s fine, we all have our likes and dislikes. However, if there was an award for tasteless, rude and uncalled for remarks, you’d win that award, hands down.


Perhaps we will be pleasantly surprised!!!!

susan M.

Of all the song writers in the world, why him? I hope it isn’t something weird or off the wall……The theme song I have come to like so much might be unrecognizable to me.
Don’t want a hip-hop theme song! PLEASE!

susan M.

I hope it isn’t a rapp song! Don’t like that at all!


I have never gotten the whole allure of Snoop whatever he is this week. He’s a fan. Big deal. He really brings no value added to the show. He’s nothing more than an oddity at this point. If I have to choose between seeing Erika Slezak in a scene or Snoop Diddy, snoop gets kicked to the curb every time. Since the show is now half an hour without commercials, why pad it with crappy stunt casting?

Tali(not Smith)

Hugely talented guy! Pretty excited to hear the new theme.

Miss Tiff

What is up with the new Snoop Lion?? Does anyone know if his movie is out? I would live to watch to see why the change? Is he trying to change with the time too?? Hummmmmm???? He is a major star. I would not think he would need to change anything.


HATE HATE HATE it ! Like Snoop DOGG but hate that he is writing the song.ABC owns the rights to the original theme but at least give us something similar.. If its the one I heard on their promo of the show, I turned off the sound on my computer to watch the sucked! and if that wasn’t it, it is going to suck!!!


Aria you need to shut up now. kassie depaiva knows how to sing. she has talent and a wonderful sexy voice. you have a lot of nerve to put people down. i bet you can’t sing all that great

Tammy Kreiss

Irony…Aria is a musical term, but she probably couldn’t hold a note, if it had a handle the size of Texas! I never heard of this girl but have all of Kassie’s CD’s and have sung with her and the Divas a few times.

Joliefan Forever

******Wonder how Many CD’s Aria has out??******

Tammy Kreiss

I can’t believe we got our soaps back, & how many of you are hostile and vicious even, toward A 30 SECOND THEME SONG BEFORE OUR HALF HOUR SOAP!!! ARE YOU NOT GOING TO WATCH OUR SHOW WE FOUGHT SO HARD FOR BECAUSE OF 30 SECONDS??, GET A GRIP!!!

Joliefan Forever

I can’t either! 15 days from now we will see Llanview and Pine Valley again!!! LOVE IT! Despite who writes the effen theme song!

Tammy Kreiss



I wanted to respond to your other reply to my comments: I feel this su0000 person sometimes does attack older viewers in some of his or her comments, and sometimes sarcastcally like the Guy Lombardo remark even if kidding or not. To say older people step aside even in life for the younger people is this persons clever but not funny way of saying the soaps should be only for the younger viewers, and the older ones should not watch. Im in my 20s and feel all soaps should target all ages from 18 to 100. My mother who is currently bedridden from a massive stroke is 55 years young, and its the soaps that keep her alert and alive. She can barely speak but can say as long as shes still with us she isnt going to step aside for anyone when it comes to her soaps. Maybe i did overreact just a little but ive read that persons comments and on other occasions as well…i do agree soaps do need younger viewers to carry the show for years to come…however this su0000 still sometimes hints that the older generation isnt needed at all and i feel all group ages are needed to make these shows a ratings success, especially the older more faitfull viewers! We , old and young, no matter which soap we like or dislike, should stick together and do whatever we can to keep all soaps on the air…it wasnt that long ago we were all crying and complaining about loosing our soaps and now we should be grateful they are staying for now and two are being revived instead of wishing one or the other gets cancelled and who should be watching or not!

Tammy Kreiss

Well said, thank you! ITA Soaps are for all ages, despite Nielsen demographics! Not for nothing, but when there is a toy commercial, it may be a kid who wants it, but mom or grandma has the money!

Joliefan Forever

Hey Kim,
SU is very one sided when it comes to age and other things….She does think she is funny, I don’t personally find her or her comments about older ppl funny…..My mother is 65 & has watched DOOL since day 1, she watched OLTL and AMC since day 1, my mother still rushes home to make sure she does not miss her show, before she retired she would have my dad tape them for her……If it was not the “Older crowd” there would be NO SOAPS for the younger set to watch. So yes I agree with every point you made…..I know women and men aging in range from teens to 80 year olds that watch the soaps and some of the older older set are having their great grandkids set them up for Hulu so they can watch AMC and OLTL…..All soaps need viewers from all age ranges, that is why I never under stood the Target demographic. It’s stupid, yes only 18-49 year olds watch TV and watch Soaps!! Come on now!! Great post Kim!

susan M.

I agree with you kim! well said! The soaps are for all ages like you said.. They should change to 18-100…..I started to watch the soaps with my mom way back when. And I never stopped watching them! I am hooked on the soaps.
Looking forward to seeing my favorite soap OLTL! I alway’s liked that one the best !



susan M.

You replied to an old post I made a comment about snoop dog. Which I commented on 4/13… For comment you made on 4/28 at 1:10am. First of all
here I go again … I have a right to my own opinions…. And for your information
I am a die-heard OLTL fan for years and I will be watching it on Hulu.. I saw an interview with Erika Slezak and she said it was a good song! So I will take her
word for it. She is my #1 favorite on OLTL… And not everyone has the same likes and dislikes..Okay.

Tammy Kreiss

Yes Aria, it’s my eyes that hear nobody can sing unless they have a Grammy. Put down your own crack pipe, little one, & join us 200 yr olds to welcome back the soaps! Or let a 30 second opening ruin a half hr show. Either way you are wasting my time…Kassie has several CD’s that are soldbut how many do you sell of your voice? Oops…None


Seems music is integral to the new OLTL. Have we not read about a DJ character and Starr Manning resurrecting her pop career? As for the theme, we will likely hear precious few seconds of anything as themes and opening sequences have fallen out of favor or late. I do hope it is something more tuneful than a full-out rap song which does not seem fit here.

And many here are right… the older viewers are more faithful and stick with projects longer. Do not alienate them. TOLN!


I wouldn’t call myself a Snoop fan, however, the guy LOVES the show and he has a ton of fans. The dude could write a killer theme, or maybe not. We’ll have to see. I say the more press right now, the better.


Why don’t you look this guy up and see how many felonies he has in how many states. Why anyone would hook up with this?

Joliefan Forever

What does that have to do with his producing the theme song!??

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