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Sonny Proposes To Will On DAYS … What Was His Answer? Then The Two Hit The Sheets!



If you have not seen today’s episode of Days of our Lives, then don’t watch the following video later in this post! But, what we can tell you is that Sonny (Freddie Smith) asks Will (Guy Wilson) to marry him!

Sonny even has ring in hand, and went down on one knee! Now that the same-sex couple can get legally married Sonny wants to make it official and because Will is the love of his life, but how does Will answer Sonny’s proposal?

After Sonny’s proposal, the two men hit the sheets and its the first bedroom scene between the new Will, Guy Wilson and Smith.

What we can say is that it was endearing watching Freddie Smith pour his heart out and show all the love for his man with his marriage proposal.  Now watch what the scenes between Sonny and Will courtesy of MrFixIt’s You Tube account! Then, let us know what you thought of the proposal, Will’s response, and the bedroom scene!

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thank you for using my You Tube


My thoughts? All that fans seems to want from a gay tv couple is sex scenes. As many as NBC will allow (never much when Chandler was Will though of course!.. Because that’s against the rules or something or upsetting the one million bigoted housewives..)! Seeing the tweets from all of the maybe 27 Guy Wilson fans, yes, all they wanted is a hot bed scene and they are satisfied. Sad this.

Tammy Dawn

Yea, seems like every one was on the fence til he bedroom scene, now they are jumping for joy. Well played, Days.


Yes. Pretty clear that the Guy Wilson fans did NOT really care about the WilSon storyline to continue. It was only because they were hoping for bed scenes (that were basically never shown when Chandler was still Will). Well, they are happy fans now. Totally in denial about the fact that the sequence of events for WilSon, ever since Guy appeared make absolutely no sense!




DOOL trying to sell new Will by throwing in a sex scene on third appearance. How many sex scenes has there been in the last Year? Believe it or not, but some of us wanted true chemistry and connection that felt real. Seems to be an attempt to manipulate the audience. Freddie did do an awesome job. Personally, I did not feel it was real coming from Guy. So for me, it’s not working.

Tammy Dawn

Agreed. Disappointed that I am liking this change so far.

Tammy Dawn

* not liking this change


I’m not 100% convinced this was planned that way. We all know DAYS films 4 months ahead, but the writers are almost if not half a year ahead! So while the switch happened in the 2nd to last week of August, and this was all filmed in early September after their break, DAYS writers would have had to know about the timing this would all go down 2 months before it did. And I just doubt they could have planned it that way. Maybe they knew DAYS was having auditions for the new Will, but they couldn’t have known when they would have found him. CM’s contract wasn’t technically up until December, so it’s very possible they wrote this assuming CM would have played it.

I just don’t think we should easily assume things…..


Agreed Lee! I’m adamant. The show screwed this up!

Jules – not sure I understand what you’re saying. Everything went downhill when Chandler supposedly blindsided TPTB at the Emmys in June with his statement about wanting to go back to school. So the writers could right then have been told what to write for Will & Sonny in June (to air in January) by TPTB, who by then had already decided to fire Chandler in August just ‘in time’ for him not to be there anymore for the January scenes. I’m talking about the proposal and the upcoming christening. For good measure they threw in a bed scene (probably taped randomly and aired out of sequence for no real purpose other than to satisfy and convince the needy fans that Guy has ‘it’, whatever it is). It’s all premeditated. Guy fans are all excited and say that’s something that they never saw while Chandler was still portraying Will, but yes, who’s fault is that, hm?


Will you please consider replying to Ann’s comment below? She makes a good point regarding Chandler’s “people.”

I told you a while back that his agent could be the blame.


4everDAYS – I’ve already read and replied to Ann.


So happy he said No. The best thing to happen this week so far.


Loving Guy Wilson!


Loved it. I was happy with the end result too, I thought Will made a good point of why they should hold off. Plus, I just don’t see them as ready yet. It’ll come, but not the right time.

Guy is doing great too. He has just slipped into the role seamlessly IMO. Totally commendable!

Tammy Dawn

Unfortunately, I think the proposal was about 3 weeks too late, and I don’t understand why Days did not keep Chandler around until at least after Sonny popped the question. Yes, I know that CM said he wanted to go back to school. However, he would have stayed until his contract was up; Days did not need to let him go. I have heard it said they let him go at that time because the perfect replacement came up. If Guy (AKA perfect replacement) is so gung ho about landing the role of Will Horton (good for him, btw) then I’m sure he would have waited a month or two. So, IMO, the proposal was more heart-breaking than endearing. Sorry, I can’t adjust to a new Will that quickly, and I think that the way this was handled has made it hard for some of us to move on…and continue to watch the sweet romance that Freddie and Chandler made us love so much.


I agree….and we shouldn’t be expected to. That it happened with NO warning, for neither the fans nor his castmates alike is a shame. If they would have made the effort to work with CM, he could have stayed.

But…hindsight is 20/20…..and I believe they have literally shot themselves in the foot 🙁


They couldn’t pay for two actors for the same role when only one was working at the job and the other was on hold.


Was hoping this would have been played out with Chandler. 🙁 I didn’t start watching DOOL until a few months before the Daysaster and I had read about the story with Will. I saw CM and I was impressed. Then a few days after he receives his SECOND Emmy, I read that he’s been replaced??? 🙁 Disappointed that he was so summarily recast in a role he put so MUCH heart and soul into.


Chandler’s contract was up in Dec. I am warming up to Guy and I think it was great. I think they maybe NBC is hearing us and saying if EJ AND SAMI and the rest of Salem’s sex life is always on screen than they should show more love scenes with the boys. Am I totally down with Guy yet but I think that he seems WAY MORE comfortable kissing Freddie and it seems that he kisses the way Freddie always kissed Chandler….with Passion!


I still don’t quite understand why he said no but it was good.

jimh(leave it to beaver)
jimh(leave it to beaver)

I was ok with it but the proposal came too soon…im certain most fans wouldve liked it better had the show given them more time to adjust to the new Will. But stuff like this kinda happened on soaps before…On ‘Love Of Life’ Bonnie Bartlet played Vanessa Dale who was going to marry Bruce Sterling(the late Ron Tomme)…Bonnie was in the part up until the day before the wedding…the next day it was Audrey Peters who walked down the aisle as Vanessa…they had no internet in those days to forewarn the audience so i bet that came as a shock to the shows many fans. On ‘Ryans Hope’ Jack Fenneli(Micheal Levin) married Mary Ryan(Kate Mulgrew), and after they returned from their honeymoon a different actress was playing Mary because Kate Mulgrew had left the role…so recasting has happened like this since the beginning of soaps, even when the aired on radio where listeners had to adjust to a new voice in the role…


Blah. Could care less. I do not like nuWill at all. They let Chandler go early for this guy? I don’t feel any chemistry between the two. Fast forwarded through scenes.


I think Guy is adjusting nicely. I was a bit skeptical before he started but I’m surprised how seamless the transition has been. Keep up the good work Guy! : )


Not sure about guy yet but loving sonny


Chemistry. It’s a spark or connection between people that draws them together and allows for intense unspoken interaction. It cannot be created or every attemp at super couple pairing would be successful. When it happens, it is special and a gift. It’s either there or not. It is NoT just two people kissing or having sex. It’s a feeling between the two that others see even when there is no talking or touching. Chandler and Freddie had that. It caused people to be interested in them before they made any real moves towards each other as Will and Sonny. Plus they had talent that made their acting real and meaningful from day ONE.
Sadly, that special chemistry is what is now gone, as Guy and Freddie do not have that. That is not an insult to anyone. It’s just a fact that chemistry is not controllable.

Could Freddie pair with someone other than Chandler and have chemistry? I think absolutely YES. Is Guy the correct choice for this? I think absolutely NO.
Could Guy have chemistry with another? probably. Although I personally feel his level of acting skill needs growth. Many actors are fantastic on first day. Some are not…

I think DOOL ruined a really great thing by making a quick, less than perfect choice and by not trying for a smoother transition within the story line.


Guy needs to give more life to Will but at least he does have lots of chemistry with Freddie. That’s probably half the battle right there. Hopefully he improves as Will over time.


why did will say no to sonny’s proposal or is he screwing with sonny’s head like sami would do will is no better than sami if will really ever loved sonny will should have said yes like mother like son


I don’t have nothing against the actor, but he looks to old to be Will.


It’s funny that Chandler and Freddie never did any one-on-one photoshoots together yet Guy and Freddie already have done so in the new SOD. Why is that? Why did CM never do any fan events with FS? I’ve always felt CM’s “people” were behind this and I believe it’s one of the things that rubbed TPTB and some of his now former castmates the wrong way. CM got bored with playing Will as it showed in his lazy performances over the last several months and apparently his reps felt he was better and bigger than DAYS. So far most Wilson fans love nuWill and Guy is doing a great job considering he just got started. He and FS have the chemistry already and with more time just imagine…So keep hatin’ haters because pretty soon most people will be saying Chandler who?


You are wrong about everything you wrote. Except for the part about why Freddie and Chandler almost had no photoshoots together. Reasons for that were varied.


I knew from the beginning that you were not a DAYS fan. Now I know you were never a Will and Sonny fan. You are Chandler only fan!

It’s good that you are his fan, but not at the detriment of your health.

No performer should have or expect 100% loyalty from fans. No fan should be so transfixed with a performer.

You will not accept the possibility that Chandler was railroaded by his agent and possibly his psycho fans.

What does he do for you? What has he done for you? I have a feeling that if he were to tell you it was all a combination of he, his agent and the psycho fans that resulted in his early departure, you would still believe in a conspiracy.


NuWill and Sonny had no connection at first and I felt like Sonny was cheating on Will and proposing to a stranger until the sex scene happen and Guy suddenly became will. Guy needs to give will more sarcasm and broodiness, outside of the Bedroom.


Guy is adorable and good, but it takes time to get used to someone new especially since many of us liked Chandler. It is hard to adjust when someone goes into a room one day, and the next comes out someone new. It would have been better if Will had to go away for awhile and came back a few weeks later. A bit easier to adjust with that said, we miss Chandler, but we will get used to Guy. He will grow into the role in time.


Ummm, no. WE will not ALL get used to Guy.


Sorry, did not mean to make that assumption. Just felt bad for the new actor because it must be hard to replace someone. Your point is well taken.


I think it’s great that Will has dropped his sarcasm and broodiness, towards the folks in his life. He fully understands and gets that Sonny is completely there for him AND his daughter Ari. He’s not alone and he doesn’t have to be sarcastic or broody anymore. That’s a sign of internal growth and knowing that he wants to be the guy that deserves to have a man like Sonny, who loves, supports and wants to share his life with him.

That was the entire point of the onscreen discussion that Will and Sonny had after he had said no to Sonny’s proposal. It’s also discussed during their numerous bed scenes, in affirmation of their love, Will’s determination to want to be “perfect” for his future spouse and Sonny’s vow that he would wait until Will was ready to marry him.


Guy is totally yummy. But I don’t know was sex Sonny’s consultation prize? Like “sorry no Sonny I won’t marry you, but hey let’s have sex.” Going from one to the other. It felt weird. I have tried to like Guy. I watched everything my friends said to watch and I would fall in love with him but I don’t know it just isn’t happening. He knows his line and he really is trying. But it feels like they are brothers rather than lovers.


It is not because he is new, a recast or replacing a two time Emmy winner, but this young man is really NOT a good actor and a poor recast by DOOL…Its so painful watching him paired up with the talented Freddie.


They say with Guy they matured Will. But what the heck for? Always thought Will was mature years beyond his age. NBC is trying to sell nonsense to the gullible fans. They are just happy with the bed scenes. So much more mature!


Maybe they no longer wanted the boy with the goofy grin. They need a man to fight Nick, not a whimpy kid!

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