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Stephen Nichols Opens Up About His DAYS Return, "Patch" Finding Bo Brady & Why No Sign Of Stefan Cassadine On GH!

Photo Credit: Hutchins Photo

Photo Credit: Hutchins Photo

This week on NBC’s Days of our Lives, one of the all-time greats returns when Stephen Nichols arrives back on the Salem canvas as Steven “Patch” Johnson.  In story, look for some tense moments between Patch and his longtime lady love, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans).

When “Patch” returns home, he has a lot of explaining to do, like where the hell has the guy been all of these years?  Add to the mix that DAYS has SORAS’d Patch and Kayla’s son Joey, in the form of actor James Lastovic who debuts this week), and there is a lot of familial drama that will play out over the next several months.

Nichols talked to TV Insider’s Michael Logan for a preview of Patch’s return for DAYS 50th celebration, what fans can expect, and if he was even approached to return as Stefan Cassadine on General Hospital for that daytime drama series 50th anniversary.  Here are a few interesting excerpts from the chat below!

Stephen on what kind of reception Patch receives when he sees Kayla:  “He’s not welcomed at all—by anyone, least of all by Kayla. He tells her right off the bat that he wants her back, and that he wants his family back. But she’s not having it. How can this man just take off for years and be out of contact like that? For all of Kayla’s sweetness and light, she’s not going to put up with any more s–t from Patch!”

Stephen on the MIA husbands of the women of Salem:  “We address that. Patch goes and has a little talk with Hope and sees how pissed she is that Bo (Peter Reckell) has abandoned his family. But Patch does not buy that for a minute. He and Bo were best friends since they were 16. He knows Bo would never just up and leave his loved ones without a serious reason, but he’s the only one who believes that. So Patch is determined to find him. He’s not wild about this Aiden (Daniel Cosgrove) character being with his best friend’s wife, either. Patch’s intuition tells him there is something off about that guy. But, again, he’s the only one who seems to see that. Hope and Kayla don’t trust Patch—or his intuition—because he disappeared just like Bo did. (Laughs) They are not happy with their men!”

Stephen on if there were any serious talks about bringing him back to GH to reprise his role as Stefan Cassadine: “If they were ever truly serious about bringing me back for a long-term story, then they would have made a serious offer. And there was none of that. They brought back all those great actors for the 50th anniversary Nurses Ball and they did call me for that. I said, ‘Are you kidding me?’ No, not for me. I felt slapped by that experience and I can’t believe that most of those actors went ahead with that plan. They are so talented and worth so much more than that.”

Excited to see “Patch” and Kayla again together on-screen? Do you like the Stephen’s preview that Patch will clearly realize something is up with Bo and he tries to locate him?  Would you have liked to have seen Stephan Cassadine somehow  return to GH for a stint? Share your thoughts below!

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55 Comments on "Stephen Nichols Opens Up About His DAYS Return, "Patch" Finding Bo Brady & Why No Sign Of Stefan Cassadine On GH!"

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I’m just so very happy this talented actor is back on any show!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Yep…he’s back…always good to see a familiar vet return…GH is still a mess…he is better off at Days!!!


@ Jimh,

It sounds like he’s definitely more valued over at DAYS. I prefer Stephen back in Salem, too. Like you said, perfectly, GH is a mess. Whereas, DAYS is focused and getting back on track. It’s the little soap THAT COULD.
Welcome back Stephen, DAYS needs you! And, Kayla needs answers!!! Looking forward to seeing MaryBeth and Stephen back together again.


My wish is he’d return to counsel his son on Y&R!!

4ever DAYS

Just have your doppelganger watch Y&R while you watch DAYS or watch both!!

Terry Kershaw

I am happy to see him any time any where. My first love is “Patch” though. My ex husband was actually jealous of the actor and the character. I found this very funny because I knew there was no chance in the world that Stephen was coming to Hazard Ky to scoop me up and take me away. You just have to love crazy men and their crazy ideas. Glad to see Stephen is coming back to Days.


WOW! I am related to the Noe family in Beattyville! Small world! X


What a talent! How many actors can stake a claim in THREE different soap operas, having a front burner story line character such as Stephen. All THREE would lucky to have him and DAYS won. Thats nice especially since GH pissed all over him and Y&R didnt want him. Good to have you back Patch!


Stepehn Nichols will always be Steve Johnson over Stefan any day of the week.

nancy dillingham

I agree!


Stephen Nichols did a great job as Stefan; he was one of the main reasons I watched GH. And he’ll be just as good as Patch.


This man keeps getting better in every sense of the word.
I love what he said about going back to GH and why he declined their offer.
“I felt slapped by that experience (the Nurse’s Ball) and I can’t believe that most of the actors went ahead with that plan. They are so talented and worth so much more than that.”


Those people went ahead with it because they knew the fans would like to see them so they left their egos at the door, something that Nichols seems incapable of doing. I missed Stefan until I read that interview. Good riddance….


I find his comments on GH arrogant and elitist. They are too good for a paid work? Too good for someone to reach out and say, our fans want to see you, what is that? A little out of touch there Stephen. Our daytime vets are ALL extremely talented, but there are only three and a half hours of soaps airing right now. We can’t have everyone there. But GH tried to get as many faces in front of us as possible. If you’re not interested in short term work the appropriate response is “no thank you”. If your not interested that is your right, but don’t denigrate the show for bringing back all these faces that we WANTED to see again, or the other actors who enjoy working, or revisiting the characters.


Erick and Rose, think you both misunderstood his point.
Honestly, I would rather Duke have not come back if they were only going to kill him off after making him totally unrecognizable.
I am tired of all the vets being dusted off and trotted out for show only to be put back on the shelf again for the sake of ratings. That’s what Nichols is talking about.


Harry I respect your point. We’ll have to agree to disagree on Duke because for me the whole Duke mask-Faison has Robin- etc. story was worth it. Honestly they could’ve done whatever they wanted after that (and they did!) and it wouldn’t have mattered. Understand what you mean though about how it ended. You and I obviously aren’t the head writers so it’ll never be exactly how we want it (and sometimes it’s way worse!). I tended to prefer Carlivati over most of the previous decade of Guza, however.

nancy dillingham

Another very discerning actor–his comments about GH are spot on.
Always loved Patch and Kayla–that’s doing it right, bringing back Patch and Bo and doing family and love again. I think their ratings should soar. Are you listening, GH PTB??


Days of our Lives is certainly building some great buzz around their 50th. I will definitely be giving this soap a look see as I loved Patch /Kayla and Bo/Hope back in the day and if they do the family/romance right will stick around.


Oh I always loved this guy as Patch he always talks about his leading lady Mary Beth with such respect! What he said in the interview about the eighties is so true you fans enjoy him he is a keeper !


Hello k/kay.

have to share a couple snippets from DAYS 50th Anniversary issue.

Stephen Nichols: Did you see/feel the chemistry between you and Mary Beth before the fans did?

“All I know about that is this: Mary Beth is a unique person. She has an open and honest nature that invites you in. I was utterly charmed by her from the first time we met. We were doing the work and we had respect for one another. I think the chemistry was born out of that respect. Mary Beth and I have remained close for all these years. in fact, she is one of my closest friends. I love her dearly.”

Mary Beth Evans: “you left the show for 14 years. what was it like stepping back in to DAYS in 2006?”

“The first scene I think I had was a phone call to Caroline. I said, “Hi, Mom, it’s Kayla,’ and i started crying! One of my favorite favorite things to do is when I have scenes with my mother. When I do those scenes involving her Alzheimer’s and anything with her, I can barely get through the rehearsal. I get choked up because I just adore her. Really, I love everyone there. I feel, honestly, that every day is such a gift.”

I love this couple… of the supercouple genre… these two rank right up top.

Kayla and Steve (Patch)
Kimberly and Shane
Hope and Bo
Marlena and John
Justin and Adrienne
Will and Sonny
Julie and Doug
Jennifer and Jack


i’ve posted this numerous times… and i’ll continue to

“Mary Beth Evans” I LOVE YOU … I adore you…
as Stephen Nichols says: even I AM utterly charmed by her

she lights up my telee….


Hey Patrick have not talked to you in forever! Miss you yes the 80’s for Days was Super Couples ! Do not forget Roman and Marlena played by Wayne Northup I still see the actor who is playing Roman now as Chris Kotischek he owned the bar he was very popular back then. I just quit watching and never started again I am going to be so busy this fall that I just pulled all of the last three off my DVR it was tough to finally give up Y&R but had to do it. I hope this pulls in the numbers and keeps Days on the air I will always have great memories of this show.


i have always loved this actor – the character i loved the most was stefan cassadine!
i really understand where he was coming from when he spoke about returning to gh for the 50th classic example is how jack wagner (frisco jones) was treated………….
i am really looking forward to seeing stephen portray patch on dool – i am so excited his is back on daytime tv!


Please, Wagner’s ego was hurt because they didn’t have Frisco swoop in and steal Felicia from Mac.


I’m so glad he acknowledged how insulting it has been for fans of GH the way the show has brought back a lot of the vets in such pointless appearances. I do hope he returns to GH now that RC is gone .

Scott (ATWT Fan)

I doubt a GH return is happening; he’s on contract at NBC.


Funny how everybody rewrites history. When those people showed up we all loved it. And if they didn’t come back for “such pointless appearances,” you would’ve said “I would’ve taken two scenes with Emily, Alan, and Rick as ghosts if only to see them again, the same with Ethan tied up on a boat.” We got those two scenes and now people look back and complain. I can point to link after link on this very site about everyone thrilled about all those people making those cameos for the GH 50th….


Preach it!

4ever DAYS

In other words…DAYS isn’t throwing him or us crumbs. We are getting a full course meal!!!!!


My favorite daytime actor EVER. I think there are certain shows who never really appreciated this talented and charismatic actor, but his fans sure do, and will follow him no matter what show he goes on. Looking so forward to seeing you Stephen. 🙂


Stephen confirmed what I suspected all along about GH. They have zero respect for the actors who made the show #1 and who kept the show #1. They did treat them like crap during the 50th and ever since. I’m happy SN told them to basically F off.


SO GLAD that Stephen Nichols is back…Patch and Kayla are a definition of a SUPER COUPLE…no one can replace SN and MBE.


Sooo it’s a slap in the face that GH called you back for the anniversary but it’s all sugar and rainbows when DAYS does?? Maybe GH was consedering keepeing you long term but wanted to see fans reaction first?? Just saying.


Yes, Ghlover, just ask Duke….oh wait, you can’t…he’s dead. Or maybe you could ask Silas….er…..on right, he’s dead too? AJ? Bueller?
I would also say to ask Felicia, Mac, Lucy& Doc but they’re no where to be found.
Stephen Nichols called it right here.


“Hope and Kayla …They are not happy with their men!”


how do you not go there
how do we not go back…. giddy excitement enthralling romance LOVE it ALL !


I would love ALL the Cassadines back on GH, they are an important family that has faded away.
I would love Stephan Cassadine back on contract.

His coming or going is in Frank’s hands not Ron’s..
So, FV should get on with bringing the Cassadines back and not just for a guest appearance.
The Cassadines are a very powerful family.


Yes they are, Suoo. Right up there with the Koch Brothers.


00oohhh no! Harry..
Republican Russian in Port Charles lol ..
The Cassidine family is very powerful and should be back in Port Charles!
And I luvs ’em all to pieces!


I plan on watching Stephen on Days for sure, but I have to admit I LOVED Stefan Cassadine! Talk about a fascinating, complex, sexy character! He was the best Cassadine ever and I really do miss him….

Scott (ATWT Fan)

Stephen is under contract at DAYS, so I doubt he’ll be returning to GH anytime soon. I’d more likely see a Y&R return before he went to GH.

4ever DAYS

Thaao Penghlis (Victor Cassadine) will be returning to DAYS next month as Andre DiMera!!!!!


Wonderful!! So what will be Thaao’s first airdate be?


No, Frank stated a number of times that Ron wrote the stories he wanted and Frank bought in the actors he requested.
Remember the Twitter war with John Stamos? Probably not.


there was no ”war” in twitter with John Stamos and Ron..
they were just mixing it up, no big deal..
I have seen forum and twitter wars and John and Ron would not qualify, not even close..


Oh Miss Suoo, there you go again. Yes indeed Ron had a brief Twitter war with John Stamos….he also had one with Sean Kanan…..oh and one with Jack Wagner.
Based on statements from various GH actors from the past, I don’t think Ron plays well with others–certainly not with actors.


Glad you are coming back to Days! Love your role as Patch!


Thought Andre was dead as a door nail


Nothing, not even death, is certain when it comes to Andre and the rest of the Dimera family.

Kat Allen

I am thrilled that you’re back on screen, Stephen. I’ve watched all your performances on all 3 soaps but Patch tickles my fancy. I can’t wait to see what you and Mary Beth have in store. The teaser pics, articles, Mary Beth’s blog and your instagrams just adds to the build up! Bring on Friday! Hugs, Kat

nancy dillingham

Another thought: I just saw Mary Beth’s and Stephen’s interview on MB’s vlog–so refreshing to see such unpretentious actors talking genuine friendship and the mutual respect they have for each other’s talent. Such a marked contrast to the distant and strained relationship that appears to exist between Tony Geary and Genie Francis. I would say the difference is one word: EGO. Stephen and Mary Beth don’t exhibit an enlarged one whereas TG has shown that his ego is a giant, fragile one Too bad. Mary Beth and Stephen set a shining example of the give and take of a lasting professional and personal relationship whereas TG did not even exhibit a professional acting relationship with Genie Francis; he was cold and ungiving. Again, too bad.
Luke and Laura’s wedding garnered the highest ratings; Patch and Kayla the second highest according to the interview on TV Insider. But look at the difference in the fans’ reactions: all the comments were glowing and loving in response to Mary Beth’s vlog with Stephen–not so much toward Tony Geary–just a flurry of increasingly negative responses to him. I don’t think Tony Geary can repair that damage. Again, it didn’t have to be that way.
I understand that Days is going to go for the family and love stories that the fans have loved all these years and are going to reunite the lovers Patch and Kayla. Bravo!
See? It is simple enough; give the viewers what they want and they will come. Don’t give them what they want, namely the reuniting of Luke and Laura before Tony Geary left, and they WILL NOT come. Thus, the drastic dip in ratings for GH and its continued tumble. Too bad.


I remember the days when I was a huge Luke and Laura fan, but by the end I saw more passion and chemistry between Stefan Cassadine and Laura. Tony Geary had turned me off with his attitude. Stephen Nichols however, had worked his magic on me way back then and completely changed my mind on this couple.


This is correct version without spelling mistakes

It’s no secret that Tony Geary had wanted to end Luke and Laura years ago. That’s what the roll of Bill Eckert was all about. When that didn’t work out because the fans demanded a return of Luke and Laura, Tony had to think of another way. I bet Tony saw Laura and Stefan as a way to end that marriage. Tony’s attitude came, I think, from fans/ABC not allowing Luke Spencer to have a life separate from Laura. Tony’s frustration was that Luke Spencer was continually forced to remain in a marriage he no longer wanted. That is just my take.


I’m more than happy that Stephen Nichols is back on Days. But I hope they don’t have a Kayla and Patch reunion right away. That man has a great deal a great deal to answer for. Kayla and the Brady family have every reason to be both angry and distrustful of him. Patch abandoned Kayla and their marriage.


Days needs some funny and crazy characters like Eugene and Vivian to make the show more interesting. Also have some characters go on some exciting adventures. Mystery and excitment are what’s missing. Bo and Hope’s courtship was great, beautiful and exciting. Update a storyline like that and you will see how many more viewers you will get to tune in. Please consider.


Love Stephen, and Patch is well the best character on soaps!! We need him long term.

As for GH, I totally agree with Stephen. It was rather pathetic to draw out old favs for a day or two just for ratings and offer NO genuine story, certainly no substance. It was cheating both actors and the audience. The producers were teasing all, but really offering not a thing.

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