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All My Children

Susan Lucci to N.Y. Post's Cindy Adams on AMC's Cancellation: "I was incredulous. Took a year to get over it!"



The New York Post’s Page Six infamous Cindy Adams had a piece in her column today on her recent conversation with Susan Lucci who is now on Investigation Discovery Channel’s new series,  Deadly Affairs.  Adams went there and asked La Lucci how she felt about All My Children being pink-slipped off the ABC Daytime line-up after 41 years.

Susan replied, “Very sad. Disbelief, anger, tears, all of that. Hard even now for me to say All My Children in the past tense. It was a dreadful mourning period. I was incredulous. Took a year to get over it. Understand, I played Erica Kane 41 years. I started on the program’s 10th day.  Soaps served a purpose for millions of multi-generational passionate fans. Every day someone tells me they miss it. One man said: ‘Cotton is not the fabric of our lives. In our house it was All My Children. It was a constant for his wife, who he knew always watched. Back from Afghanistan, the show was their conversation starter.”

The iconic soap star then went on to say about AMC’s axing: “I’m still not sure why it stopped. I had no heads up when it was going off. I learned when everybody found out, and there wasn’t even time to collect mementos. I only managed to get a red and white T-shirt that read ‘Free Erica Kane from jail.’’

How do you feel about Susan’s comments? Have you gotten over the loss of AMC and the residents of Pine Valley?  Weigh-in!


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I still miss AMC and OLTL. I would welcome them back onto my tv in any form (daily soap, summer series, tv movies). I think that the success of TNT summer dramas, Dallas, Major Crimes, and Perception, prove that the viewing audience wants quality storytelling, not realty, talk or news programs.

susan M.

I still miss them TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie McClendon

I agree with Ms. Lucci, I know the economy is so bad and everything is affected. However, they have no idea how the soaps really takes us away. They could have done possibly a 30 min show. Hey maybe put all the Soaps on one channel, “Soapnet”. I know it may not be that simple but they could have tried other alternatives.

susan M.

Soapnet….That’s a ggod idea………You read my mind….


I agree with Debbie. There seemed to be no consideration of alternatives. Businesses sometimes fail with initatives they think are winners — New Coke, anyone? — and ABC really bombed here. The successful ABC Daytime brand was destroyed and millions of viewers were alienated and moved away.




ABC/D owns SoapNet and they plan to switch it over to Disney Jr completely. But I agree that they did not look at any alternatives.


Yeah, other alternatives! – They shouldn’t of moved to a bigger studio in Cal. They should of stayed in N.Y. and chiseled down their expenses. We didn’t care if the set was small and the clothes and furniture wasn’t the latest, we just wanted our stories!!!!!


I think she was treated like the rest of us:our feelings didn’t or never did count.

Mary Lou DeVriendt

After a year, I’m still not over it. I watch reruns on Soapnet, so I still spend time with my Pine Valley family, but I would give anything for new episodes. I want to know who J.R. shot, and so much more. I love Susan, am watching Deadly Affairs, and will watch Devious Maids, but I will never stop missing Erica Kane.


No, I have not gotten over the loss of AMC – don’t think I ever will really. These are the “people” I grew up with. I watch Soapnet re-runs daily. AMC & OLTL cannot be replaced. Praying ABC/Disney will come to their senses & put our stories back in production!!!


I still miss Pine Valley, Erica, Angie and Jessie, Liza Colby. I can not understand why they axed that wonderful soap, i can not accept this huge disrespect against Anges Nixon. AMC will always be in our heart and i hope soon enough someone realizes that it is time for this show to return in our lives


Everything Susan said describes how I felt about both shows going off the air. As a fan, I sometimes forget that the actors behind our beloved characters are missing them just as much as we are. I couldn’t imagine playing someone for 41 years, then all of a sudden, it’s just over. She played Erica Kane longer than I’ve been alive! She was a permanent fixture in my house all my life. Once, I met a girl named Erica whose mom was huge fan, lol. It’s just a shame that ABC has treated us all this way, knowing how iconic these shows ARE (not were!) and what they mean to people.

Lisa Jaworski

I break into tears just at the thought of it. I am still so sad over losing AMC and OLTL. I purchased the tribute magazines and books and have not been able ot bring myself to look at them because it just makes me sob. I know that might sound silly to many, but when you have watched a soap for decades you really become attached not only to the characters but to the actors as well. Especially those of us who like going to the fan events. I’m just sad and very angry over it. Look how much they are willing to pay Katie Couric, but they weren’t willing to pay for the soaps. ABC made a huge error in their judgement because none of us are going to waste one second on any of their replacement shows and therefore they will ALL fail just like the Revolution did. We support GH and that is ALL!!


I totally feel how u do. Even watching reruns makes me cry a lot. Soaps were more then just soaps it was family for me

susan M.

Yes they said the soaps were too expensive to make but they could afford to make Katie show..And the money to make this show possible at sky rockin prices….But her ratings are flopping quickly…ABC are full of crap on how expensive to make the soaps…PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I support GH and that’s it for me too…


I agree. Soaps in the 60’s and 70’s had a small core cast, did not do location shooting, and had really small budgets. They made millions of dollars for the networks through the 80’s.

ABC spat in the face of everyone who spent countless hours of their lives watching AMC and OLTL, as well as the commercials advertised during those shows.

I have not watched ABC since AMC went off the air, and will continue to boycott the station. ABC went from my favorite network, to one that literally makes me sick to my stomach.

Kim A

I agree with you, Lisa. Like you, I have purchased and “obtained” some of the tribute mags (snagging them from doctors’ offices, the hair salon, etc…) and Susan Lucci’s autographed book, but have not been able to bring myself to reading them. The loss of our soaps has left a huge hole in the soap lovers’ universe, for sure. After more than of year of soap fans putting up the GOOD fight and not backing down, you would think TPTB would get a clue and start working WITH us instead of AGAINST us. Such a shame. 🙁


I still am not over it have banned all afternoon shows for abc except general hospital and wish they would bring it back it’s not fair too many talk shows on tv already and reality tv please bring back all my children and one life to live it’s not fair we are an unheard audience we need our voice back pleassssssse


As much as I feel sorry that AMC went off the air, I felt like maybe it was time. They just couldn’t find a good team to tell compelling stories. They seemed to be spinning their wheels.

As for OLTL, let’s just be honest. Carlivati was lazy and was living off past accolades. Valentini promised great stories but never delivered on those promises and they only stepped things up when it was announced it was leaving ABC for Prospect Park. If either show were to come back, it needs to be OLTL with Ron and Frank staying the heck away from it, because honestly, they had zero vision when it came to introducing new characters or bringing back old ones (Joey) The whole Dorian lesbian storyline was embarrassing. They ran out of steam and stopped caring about the fans. Ron will get lazy soon, and GH will be in even worse trouble than it was before.


OMG! I so totally disagree with your statements.


Seriously? Dislike and disagree…


I actually agree with Jim and no amount of grousing or bemoaning about what already has happened will bring them back. Focus should be on GH and making sure that the fans are vocal now while the show is still on and doing relatively well, not when it’s slipping in the ratings. My biggest complaint is that they were falsely led to believe that they were going to continue in some form and as a result, a proper send off/ending was not given.

Lisa Jaworski

Completely disagree with your entire statement!!!!!! AMC and OLTL were fantastic and many of us loved it until the end. It’s not just about the storyline, it’s also about the characters and actors that we have grown to love and care about. If there were no slow times or down times then there would also not be those exciting high points that we long for, cheer for, cry for and scream at the TV for. We who truly love our shows are there for them in the good times and the bad times. We are there for them when they changes writers, producers, directors and actors because we support them through thick and thin! We don’t throw in the towel and ask for a divorce because that’s what it means to be a devoted fan! These people work so hard to entertain us day in and day out and we will not turn our backs on them. So you my friend just don’t have the love and loyalty for the shows that most of us on here do. But just like my own marriage, I’m in it for life which includes the ups and downs and I intend to keep fighting for it.


I agree with you. AMC was going down the toilet fast five years before it got axed. I watched out of complete loyalty but it was light years way from the quality it enjoyed in the 80s. Although I hated to see it go, the writing was on the wall.


i miss lalucci– and AMC and OLTL— i will neverforgive ABC for what they did!


Me too! I LOVE Susan Lucci! Now and always.


On another note…Did anyone see Susan on the Rachael Ray show on Wednesday? It was a really nice segment and she got a standing ovation when she came out. They had a piece where they were “editing” her beach house closet. I’m glad she’s found so much work since leaving AMC.


I still miss AMC & OLTL desperately. I watched them everyday without fail. I liked them better than any night-time shows. I think we still need scripted tv in the afternoon and evening. I’m so sick of all the talk shows and especially the reality shows. They were very popular for awhile, but geez, lets get over it already. I do like some of the talent shows like American Idol, X-factor and America Got Talent but that’s it.
I’m still boycotting ABC with the exception of GH so I don’t know if they have anything good on in the evenings or not. I tried watching the new shows the first week they were on (last year and this year), and they are all terrible. I’m sick of diets, nutrition, vitamins, exercise, hair care etc and recipes. Just sick of them all !!!
Please ABC, bring back our beloved and iconic SOAPS.


I miss them so much. I have boycotted ABC since, along with Lifetime and Disney (as much as I can get away with since I have grandkids). I hope the new lead at ABC reconsiders and does something to resurrect our shows. Fronz was just an ass, thinking he knew what we wanted. Katie cost as much as our 2 shows combined!


Just like Whoopie Goldberg from the color purple: “(ABC), until you do right by us, everything you touch will turn to dust…”

Okay, I’m way paraphrasing here, but the cheap replacement shows have bombed and will continue to. Katie is a freaking joke, no one wanted to watch her at night, so who would want to watch in the daytime?


I’ll never get over their cancelation! It’s a crock that they did that. I still want to come home and watch them and I can’t. It’s nice to see some of the OLTL stars on GH and as much as I appreciate that they did that, it’s just not the same.


I’m still mourning the loss of two of my favorite shows, AMC and OLTL. When People did their commerative magizine on AMC and Soap Magazine did OLTL, I immediately purchased both of them. Every month I picked them and thumb through them just see my favorite characters. If you go to Youtube you can literally watch all of your favorite episodes in 10-12 minute clips. It takes a while to watch but at least you get to go back to Pine Valley and LLanview anytime you want.

Please bring our shows back, we are sick of talk and reality garbage!


I will never EVER get over it .. as far as I’m concerned as long as the soaps no longer exist neither does ABC.


The day they killed my soaps was the day I died too. I still write abc almost daily an it has been totally cut out of my home. We do not support abc at all an never will again. I have a lost puppy since soaps have been gone. Thank god for reruns but I need another dvr an soon so I can keep recording an saving them

cathy trinque

Still seems like a dream. I can’t believe that AMC is gone!


Almost a year but not a day goes by I don’t think and miss AMC…My escape for an hour for over 34 years. I have cancelled ABC/D and will never forgive them what they did to millions of soapfans, actors and all involved with the production of AMC.
Somehow ABC managed to find $$$ for Couric…another boring Talk Show!
The costs of promoting the many replacement shows for AMC & OLTL is crazy!!


ABC is paying a big price for the axing of both soaps, AMC and OLTL. It is a price they deserve to pay for the heartless way they notified the cast and crews of these shows. What they did not expect is that the fans would not just roll over and die when they did this. They can bring on Katie or even attempt to bring back Oprah….at this point, any show they try toput on daytime television will fail! The ratings for Katie are already bottoming out. Soap fans are the best and they will fight for what they believe in. Too bad ABC was too self righteous to see that.

Nancy Wizner

After 41 years of watching AMC? No I along with many many many other viewers will never get over it. It was axed because Brian Frons wanted reality. When the fans wanted reality, we picked up the newspaper. Soaps were ALWAYS an escape from this everyday lunacy, but Brian Frons had a dream., and it turned out to be a nightmare! There are far to many reality shows today as far as I am concerned. Soap fans long for the escape that we once had. I would watch AMC in a flash if it came back today. Maybe one day??????

Nancy Wizner

By the way ~~ I still don’t watch ABC to this day and don’t plan on it ever again. Seem harsh? It sure is, but we were lied to and tricked more than once. What? Prospect Park? What a total lie!

Nancy Wizner

Anyone who does business in this manner does not deserve an audience.


It’s like a death to me. I still have the final 5 episodes of AMC on my DVR as well as 14 episodes of OLTL. I watch them when I’m lonely. ABC/D really pulled the rug out. Thank God GH is still doing well.

Mary Fergen

I, also, will never, ever get over the loss of AMC and OLTL. It hurts my heart to think about how much I miss them. I love GH, too, but two-thirds of my soap families are gone. Except for GH, ABC/D has lost me as a viewer forever if these two shows never return. There are millions of soap fans who feel the same way. I hope Susan knows how much she and Erica are missed!


i am one of the loyal fans that abc screwed around with….i will not watch any daytime programming except GH…which i started to watch when some of the stars from One Life to Live became part of the cast….I also boycott advertisers products that still pay ABC to push their product…

i will continue to boycott ABC daytime programming until they bring back AMC & OLTL


I still miss AMC every day! ABC needs to understand that not only are fans angry about the cancellation of the shows but also the way they treated their actors/actresses as Susan has stated above. Fans were not just loyal to ABC and the characters of the shows, but those people in real life playing those parts. The way they found out and the way they were treated is a horrible way to operate any business. Human capital is an asset – guess ABC management skipped those classes in school!

Mark F

Has it really been (almost) a year since AMC went off the air? How time flies. I think what enraged me about the end of AMC was the way it ended. A cliffhanger!! Who did JR shoot? We’ll probably never know.

I can relate to Susan Lucci’s feelings about finally getting over the cancellation of AMC. I was livid for a long time, but I’m over it now. I wish AMC were still on the air and if it ever DID come back, I’d be watching in a heartbeat; but I’ve accepted the cancellation and moved on, cuz really, life goes on even when your favorite soap doesn’t.


susan lucci should be happy that she is still working. erika slezek has done nothing. erika slezek should be the new stephanie forrester on the bold and the beautiful. come on bold and the beautiful producers hire erika slezak now please.


WAtched it all 41 years..but yeah, I’m over it. I still watch it on Soap Net…but all things in life change up. Sometimes there just comes a time and you never understand why…but have to have faith that things happen for a reason. I have had a lot more change in my life in the past few years than just a tv show, even if it was my favorite one. Getting the big picture…it’s just a small piece of the pie. it’s a job in reality…and many of us have lost our jobs, homes, families, animals, bank accts…and are struggling just to survive. So, in reality, tv plays a tiny role.


Kristyl I just hope we don’t get to the point we only have one station run by the government and they control want we see. That is why when I saw your post I got this creepy feeling inside I have been feeling this way for a long time I had not watched AMC since the eighties so I did not feel what the rest of you did but your post to me was a good one it is nice to know their are others out there that worry about what is happening outside the soap world. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.


Thank You for your response 🙂 If they take all stations off the air and whittle it down to won’t matter to me, as when my cable contract runs out, I’m shutting it off anyway. The only reason I kept it on was for AMC and then you could view it on the internet and I was under contract. I can get the news online and now that the husband left…my stereo that was off for 15 years, plays every day! 😀 Kristyl


Good for you I said a sweet farewell to Y&R a long time ago I always had to fit soaps around my work I only wish them well I hope they keep viewers happy for years for me I kissed them goodbye with sadness in my heart. I keep coming to this site to get some hope their is none for all of you fans I hope it turns around for you , And Darlin we won’t have a choice that is what bothers me my husband and I are already looking for places to escape. I was born in freedom I plan to die in freedom.


Still missing AMC! I am watching AMC reruns on Soapnet. David and the real Bianca have come back to Pine Valley. I guess I will mourn again when Soapnet is gone. Daytime television is horrible. I watch Y&R and Days but nothing can replace AMC. I still boycott ABC. I will never forget that ABC left us with a cliff hanger and then Prospect Park did not follow through with their promises. I walked through a lobby yesterday and The Chew was on,. Who is watching this show!?


I miss All My Children all the time (OLTL also). It feels like just yesterday I could watch and it feels like an eternity at the same time.
I cannot bring myself to watch anything on ABC/D except General Hospital and don’t see that changing anytime soon. Now if ABC/D smarten up (yeah, right!) and sell the rights to these shows back to Agnes Nixon – they might redeem themselves enough for me to watch again. Maybe.


ABC has not been on my TV since Sept 23, 2011 – the last day of ALL MY CHILDREN. I am fiercely loyal – which is more than I can say about ABC, which blatantly and cruelly ripped out the hearts of millions of fans who watched AMC and OLTL for over 40 years.

lynne albritton

I have not gotten over it I watched all 41 years I want AMC and OLTL back on the air I am boycotting ABC daytime except GH


No I’m not over it and I will never be!!!! ABC/Disney did all of us dirty and when I say that I mean everyone over at AMC and us fans of the show! I can feel Susan’s pain and sadness over the shows loss and not being able to take any momentos was just just plain wrong of ABC to do that to them! They should have given the actors time to take whatever they wanted! After all the actors did work there for 41 years!!!!


I think it was a horrendously poor executive decision for ABC-TV to cancel the always popular ALL MY CHILDREN. I still think they ought to combine the characters from AMC with OLTL and either come up with a meshed daytime drama or combine them for a night time continuing drama. I, like many many others watched AMC for many years and they could have tailored the shows to half hour formats but it was a mistake to axe them ~ I agree with Susan Lucci’s comments – plus, I think that Prospect Park really screwed with the fans and that is absolutely deplorable. Haven’t people had enough of absurdly ridiculous so-called “Reality Shows” that are half scripted anyway, and good grief we’ve had enough of Night time competition shows, haven’t we? Is there really NO place for afternoon or evening soaps to exist?


Am I the only one on this site that didn’t see the demise of the soap genre coming? The audience was dwindling every year. Young people weren’t coming to the soap audience in the summer when school was out like they used to. They prefer the “drama” of reality television (as horrible as they are). Frankly, OLTL was the only soap that ABC should have kept, because it kept improving and maintaining quality storytelling every year. But AMC? I watched it practically since its inception, love Susan Lucci, but AMC had fallen off the creative cliff years ago. The last two years were amost unwatchable, but I stayed with it out of faithfulness to the soap. Let it go, people. AMC and OLTL are not coming back. EVER.


I loved One Life To Live…. But honestly the abc network doesn’t seem the same without All My Children on it. I will never get over it as long as I live, but I will have to learn to get past it.
I am: 1loveABCsoaps for a reason! Go General Hospital


Besides all of the comments soap fans have had about the cancellations, the other thing that makes me really angry with ABC and other networks is how much time they devote to sports on weekends and evenings, for primarily men viewers. And we get just a few soaps left.


I hear the pain, the disappointment, the anger with ABC and Disney on many grounds. ABC and or Disney treat the soaps, the actors, the production team and writers and most important the fans with huge disrespect. Yes, Couric’s show is LESS expensive folks. Remember even if they paid her say $30mil a cast of say 20 to 30 actors, writers, wardrobe, sets, assistants and all wold be more than Couric’s show. Think about an Erica Kane type wardrobe forget location filming. Life does go on and this was or is entertainment. Still sad because yes, we really haven’t seen a lot from our faves (actors). When the likes of Erika Slezak or Jill Larsen are left with mere pittance for work – off Broadway, small town reviews or shows it says something. some have got other soap opera gigs but as we can see some aren’t working out well at all – bye bye Debbi morgan – can Darnell e far behind? Thorsten kaye has done okay. Some of the younger ingenues or pretty female actresses have gotten parts on various shows and movies but it seems like pretty actresses are a dime a dozen. Poor Susan Lucci has been working her tail off to find work it seems and has managed what some cameos on Army Wives and Hot in Cleveland and a clip in a Gloria Estefan video (okay she did look amazing). But she could not find main stream work and is forced to small cableshows like hosting Deadly Affairs and a bit part in Devious Maids (supporting I guess). Time will tell but there isn’t a lot of work out there – especially distinguishable work. That’s why actors like Robert kerker kelly from DOOL are now doing other jobs like a machinist. Acting is tough.


My God, you act like since Erika Slezak and Susan Lucci aren’t working they’re practically paupers. The actors got paid an OBSCENE amount of money to work on these soaps. If they’re struggling at all to find work, it’s probably because of typecasting. Debbi Morgan, Susan Lucci, Darnell Williams, et al., will be fine.

Jedediah W

Yeah, it’s been a year since AMC has been taken off the air. I’m not really over it. I started watching it when I was a kid with my mom. When I found out that it was going to be cancelled, I felt very angered and sadness…


Well I am not sure they are paupers lol. However, my understanding soaps don’t pay all that well comparatively to other genres especially now but even in the past. Newer actors maybe around $100,000 but minus all the costs and fees as well as taxes there is not a lot for living a lifestyle that is suppose to show glamour. There is your manager, travel, pr, wardrobe, union dues etc and not every actor gets paid like Susan Lucci. Even her salary is debatable – was it under a million when AMC ended or was it like $3mil to $5 million as suggested by some. At her peak some say she made $7mil to $10 mil a year. Others suggest it was at $3 mil and in the end she made about $2mil a year. That is a lot still. I am sure the actors are all fine comparatively to the average Joe or Josephine but without work they will not be able to live the same lifestyle. Rumour has it Lucci is getting like $50,000 to $75,000 an episode for Deadly Affairs. She probably isn’t making the money she used too but if she saved her money she will be fine (plus her sales) but some of these actors will be hurting not starving but make no mistake about it All of America is hurting financially (well most) and these out of work actors will suffer fincially too. But my point is that there is not a lot of work for actors who like to work – that was my main point. I am not sure if Erika Slezak really has anything although one would anticipate with her abilities and name and husband she should find some theatre work like Walt Willey. Slezak you would think find tonnes of work even episodic. I was thinking she would get far more work than Lucci. Lucci will be typecast and at least Slezak looks the part for many woman of a certain age. Lucci has a look that might be hard to market now – she is over 60 so it is hard for her to portray even a 40 to 50 year old over the hill glam queen. Slezak could easily play the hardened matriarch or grandmother. Unless you want a “GLAMMA”; Lucci doesn’t have the persona of baking cookies and quilting (LOL – no offence to anyone).


Hey maybe there is some evidence even Susan Lucci is a pauper (LOL) It could be she is rather down to earth but has anyone noticed she wears the same outfit often over the eyars and even recycles things from years ago. I am highly suspicious we have seen her in those fitted black leather pants time and time. I think she wore that gold gown a few times she vamped at the Emmys about two years ago and I think or suspect that coral gown she wore this year was worn before too. We have also seen her in several cocktail dresses that keep on reappearing like that fushia frock she wore on Army Wives and the coral or orange dress she has been seen in on talk shows and Deadly Affairs. For an actress who is supposed to be glamourous maybe the pocket book is a bit tighter than we think??? Or maybe she doesn’t care that much. I always thought Deidre Hall liked the glamour a lot more than Lucci – Lucci seemed more worried about her family than the glam of tv.


Don’t watch anything except General Hospital on ABC. Not even local news! Personally, I have ignored ABC, Oprah and Disney! I hope they all lose money and bring back Agnes Nixon’s legacies!


ABCDaytime doesn’t exist to me anymore. I can’t stand to even have the TV stop on that channel, and I used to have it on that channel most of the time. To me ABCDaytime went out of business! Wonder how many fans feel that way. Who’s dumb idea was it to cancel these soaps the very same year Oprah quit? Brian? Hope they fired him. Sadly enough I don’t think they care as long as the advertisers buy the air time. Only the bottom line counts these days. I watched for 41 years. My family is dead now and I needed the AMC family more than ever. I can’t forgive ABC.


Who reads these – anyone? Anyone that can do something about this?
No, I think we are just talking to ourselves.

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Power Performance

Marci Miller as Abigail

Days of our LIves

Airdate: 5-8-2018